Monday, February 28, 2022

Snapshot: The Triumphs of Doug's Hairy Nads written by Jimmy


The Triumphs of Hairy Nads

By Jimmy


A click of the lock was all Doug needed to do to see Bill and Adam flinch.

Adam is on the ground holding his privates and looking stupid.

Bill looks like he might wet his Speedos.

Doug could not be happier.

Moments before Doug sent a message to Chase, and that message was clear. ‘Get here or else I will make Bill ejaculate into his Speedo’s and shove it down Adam’s gullet.’ Come to think of it Doug was not sure if Bill could even spunk. The hairless dweeb is on all fours where Doug left him, trembling like the putz he is. Doug’s smile widens into a sneer as he approaches the beaten swimmers. He will take no pleasure from toying with Bill’s crayon, but he was resigned to the task. Bill was not going to milk himself after all.

“Stay hard, this will go faster,” Doug explains sweetly, reaching down and grabbing the back of Bill’s neck and pulls him by the scruff to standing, ignoring Bill’s complaints as he bends him back over one knee so he is splayed in front of Doug perfectly vulnerable. Bill’s abdomen is fully exposed as he faces Doug, arms overhead, and body twitching with his legs spread wide and his small package on display poking out.

“Get off of me!” Bill hollers struggling to get free.

Annoyance creeps into Doug’s features and he hammers an elbow into Bill’s midsection making the younger boy groan low and gasp in pain. Bill tries to reach up to stop him but Doug simply hits his arms away as if he was swatting at a fly.


Bill gulps back a sob as Doug reaches for his speedo bulge, the wet material sticking to him like saran wrap delicately showing every bump and curve of Bill’s bonner, the veins in the stub outlined with his little peanuts pulled up close to the hilt nestled for protection.

“Good, you’re still erect.” Doug says grabbing the tip and giving it a squeeze.

Sucking in air Bill whimpers and Doug’s smile grows as he dutifully rubs the knob between his thumb and index finger testing the capabilities of Bill’s tool. Unlike most penises Bill’s was small and stocky, and easy to manipulate because of its blunted small size. Doug easily starts to jack Bill off, Doug pointedly ignoring Bill’s moans as he desperately tries to get free as he hangs upside down over Doug’s knee the blood rushing to his head making him feel fatigued and dumb.

Not even a minute goes by and Bill’s moans turn into ones of pleasure and Doug says “Won’t be long now. You will cum…you can right?” he asks, unsure of Bill’s facilities and if he has reached puberty; it’s hard for Doug to tell.

Bill groans and his hips gyrate, but he does not answer.

“Suit yourself, I guess I will find out one way or the other.”

Adam still on the floor in a ball starts to recover as Bill is held against his will in Doug’s clutches starts to buck his hips up and down into Doug’s fist, which glides and flies on Bill’s steady erection clutching the shaft tightly as his other three unused fingers wander southward scooping up Bill’s two seeds and giving the orbs a squeeze.

“NNNNNNnnno,” Bill gasps as Doug’s fingers plunge into the centers of his tender testes.

Doug laughs and eyes Adam trying to get up.

“Just in time to see your breakfast,” Doug says as Bill wild in his arms now buck and gasps, his toes curling and he grabs Doug’s arm hard and he can’t seem to hold it in anymore.

“I’m going to cum!” Bill shouts going red in the face.

Adam gets to standing, “I’ve got you buddy!” he says on wobbly feet rushing forward to help.

Bill groans, and his hips lock in place and his penis jumps in Doug’s deft hand his erection growing firmer and pulsing ready to burst. Doug’s fingers pinches his tip, and crush his spuds at the same time and Bill loses all control.

Adam reaches forward but Doug is ready for him and kicks out when he gets within reach. Doug knocks Adam’s legs out from under him with a swift leg sweep. Adam screams in surprise and drops to his knees and Doug grabs his face and plunges Adam’s mouth over Bill’s thumb-like erection just as Bill fires.

Adam grunts.

Bill moans.

Doug laughs.

And Bill… cums.

Doug grins seeing the look of surprise and disgust on Adam’s face as he taste’s Bill’s seed flooding his mouth, spewing out of his Speedo’s and falling onto his tongue, coating it. Unbeknownst to Doug Bill does not masterbate and as such whenever he does ejaculate its always buckets and buckets.

Adam gags, but Doug holds his head firmly against Bill’s pelvis as the boy humps Adam’s jaw in the throes of his orgasm, his erection poking against the top of Adam’s mouth as he is forced to suck and slurp on Bill’s tool as pounds away.

The whole ordeal lasts no longer than fifteen, twenty seconds top when Bill stops his face fucking and squirts out his last spurts of jism and goes limp, only tiny aftershocks run up and down his thin frame, his abs squeezing and flexing will tiny drops spill from the lips of his rigid pole, still hard and oozing.

Doug shoves Bill off of him and he falls onto of Adam, Adam still sucking on his rigid dick.

Standing up, he grins down at the scene as Bill pops his dick from Adam’s mouth and stares daggers up at Doug, hatred in his gaze.

Bill tries to stand up but Doug gives him a warning look, accompanied by a swift kick hitting him in his still churning spuds.

Bill’s ocean eyes go wider the seas and he collapse’s, completely defeated on top of Adam. Bill’s white cum crusting the corners of the larger swimmers lips.

“So he can cum,” Doug says offhandedly. “I really was unclear on that.”

The door jangles, and Doug turns back to see Rex and Max pounding at the door calling his name and looking vehermous.

“Hey look, it’s dumb and dumber.”

Doug laughs at his own joke and makes sure to step on Adam’s nads ah heads to the door while Adam was preoccupied cradling Bill. Adam moans and curses at him as he squishes his nuts flat against the floor and marches to the weight room door.

“Don’t worry, you two have not missed all the fun. But where’s Chase?” he asks.

“On his way,” Max says slamming his fist into the hard wood. “You are so dead, Doug.” Max looking angry and mean, and Rex looks the same.

“Two against one,” Doug hits his face sarcastically. “Whatever shall I do?” he asks.

“Open the door, and find out!” Rex retorts hitting the glass.

Chuckling, Doug motions to the door knob. “Don’t worry, you’ll get your turns on the floor by my feet too. By-the-way did you know that Bill could cum? I thought he didn’t even hit puberty yet! Ha!”

Rex and Max narrow their amber eyes, and the lights suddenly go off in the hallway.

“Hey…where did you two go?” Doug asks.

Doug hears footsteps hurrying away from the door, and he tries to see what’s happening in the hallway from the window and that’s when the lights in the gym start to flicker and go out as well and he is plunged into darkness.

The loud speaker crackles to life and Chase’s voice fills the room.

“You looking for me ugly? Well…I’m right here.” Chase says.

Doug listens thoughtfully trying to make a plan when the lights just as quickly all go back on and he puts up a hand to shield his eyes from the sudden brightness. That’s when Doug hears a key in the door unlocking the gym.

Chase is in the doorway flanked on both sides by Max and Rex.

“Got you,” Chase says tossing the key at Doug’s chest. The metal hits him and bouncing off clattering to the floor.

“Three on one… well, well. I guess you’ll need the extra support.”

Chase glares forward and walks confidently into the room.

Max and Rex appear to do the same but are each grabbed by the back of their shirts and yanked down opposite ends of the hallway.

“Max!” Rex calls out in Sam Hell’s arms, the red eyed devil boy grinning as he holds Rex in his clutches.

“Rex!” Max calls out starring worriedly at his twin brother as the biggest, most powerful arms encircle his chest holding him tight. Max is lifted off the ground and he hears his bones crack as a bear hug is applied to upper body, his chest starting to feel like it’s in a vice. Jake sneers in his ear “Not so fast little one.”

Chase moves to go after his friends, a concerned expression crossing his beautiful features but Doug slams the door shut with one hand, leaning against the frame and keeping it held closed as his other hand grips Chase’s chin turning him to meet his gaze.

“Don’t worry about the twins, you have enough to worry about…right here. It’s rematch time, Chase.”

To be continued…


Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying this short story series. I really can't wait for this rematch of Chase and Doug. I really like how both Chase and Doug engaged their cronies but it looks like this will end up man on man. I can't wait to find out how Chase's silky smooth big-balls fare against Doug's big hairy nads.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Reg,

This should be a good one between those two. Chase has been called in, but can he take out Doug? He did do it before...but Doug seems ready for him. Monday will be an epic battle for sure!