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Lord of the Rings: I Must Protect the Ring written by Jimmy and i DUN n Osir


Lord of the Rings: I Must Protect the Ring

Written by Jimmy and i DUN n Osir


This story was written a long time ago, a draft really. I polished it up, it was never published before. I am happy to finally have it posted. I hope that you all enjoy! Also, if you are out there, I DUN n Osir I would love to reconnect.





Frodo's eyes burn open, while he tries to intake his first conscious breath, Frodo staggers and coughs up from the hot steamed smoke surrounding him.  The room slowly comes into view Frodo begins to understand just where he is, and how much trouble he has gotten himself into.


 Legolas was just arriving at the castle, word had spread fast that Frodo had finally been found, talking to various soldiers on the way he was given the status that the ring had not been found, but because he was dragged up by a spider web it may have fallen out, there were people out searching for it as they spoke.  Legolas smiled evilly "He will tell us where the ring is," as he continued up the tower stairs.


 Frodo began to sweat trying to think of a way out of what he guessed was the Tower, when his arms would not move.  Sold chains of unnaturally hard metal bonds to his arms, and as Frodo began to struggle he realized that his feet were bound with the same metal material as well. "I have to get out of here," Frodo mumbled.  "I have to get to the ring..."


Legolas had talked to the guards outside, and they made a plan. The guards were to throw him inside as though he was another prisoner, if Frodo still thought him as a friend maybe he would be more willing to share his secret.


Frodo's mind raced for a solution to this madness tearing at his binds with both wrists trying to escape the metal clasps.  While Frodo fumbled with his chains they began to tighten even more until they threatened to cut them off.  Frodo eased up his attacks as they loosened.  ‘Someone will come for me,’ Frodo thought, ‘Someone must know that I am here.’


"Sam..." Frodo said...and he knew that he would be saved.


Just then Legolas was thrown into the room by the soldiers, and he immediately began to pound on the door to be let out, he had already set up a password he would say when he really wanted to be let out.  Legolas leaned against the fall and then slid down till he was sitting.


" that you Legolas?" Frodo asked trying to look up from his position.  "Are you trapped in here too?"


Legolas immediately jumped up and ran over "Frodo?! Are you ok?!"


"Legolas...we have to get out of here...and try not to look down...I'm kinda naked," Frodo blushed, he was after all so small already being one of the little people. The guards must have taken off all of Frodo’s clothes when they searched him.


Frodo kept talking trying to keep Legolas eyes above his waist, "Can you help me break these chains?"  Hoping against all hope that Legolas had some sort of tool on him to help him escape.


“They took everything but the clothes off my back Frodo…there has to be someway we can get you out of these, can’t you squeeze your wrist though?" Legolas asked this more to make sure once the torture started he wouldn’t be able to break loose.


"I've tried!  But theses mystical chains tighten every time that I try! There has to be another way out of here...and how did they capture you anyways...I thought you were dead.  I can't believe that you’re alive....and thank goodness for that!" Frodo looked up at his friend smiling, "Try to find a pointed rock, a really sharp one, which should do the trick. There are a lot of rocks in here I just can't reach them."


Legolas decided to use this time to try to make Frodo blush "Excuse me sir, but you seem to have a pointy rock yourself" Legolas smiled as his eyes quickly darted down to Frodo’s erection.


"Oh what..." Frodo's face flushed scarlet as he tried to conceal himself, but, he should not have bothered the attempt.  "It's not know erect it's just how it usually is..." Frodo searched desperately for something better to say before the words stumbled out of his mouth, but all Frodo managed to do was avert his eyes fro Legolas gaze.


Legolas pretended to try to pick up rocks but struggled too much and went back over to Frodo "I’m sorry sir, the rocks won't move, it’s as though some enchantment is keeping them on the ground."


"Damn," cursed Frodo.  "Well we can't just stand here!  We have to do something," Frodo said with panic rising in his throat.  'Search my clothes over there, I have a knife and some other attack weapons!" Frodo exclaimed, hope filling his insides.  Now they would escape.  "See there that's the handle of my knife," Frodo said as he tried to point at his boot.  "We are as good as freed now!"


Legolas went over to his clothes but taking the handle it turned out only to be his water jug.  Legolas brought it over to him to show "I’m sorry but unless you want to drink your way out of those chains I don’t think will be of much help."


Frodo's hope seemed to have burst in his heart.  He tried to search the room again before he gave up allowing his head to fall back down on top of the stone.  "We truly are doomed now," Frodo whimpered. Frodo stared down his own small frame with his penis catching his eyes as he stared at his feet.  "What can we do now...?"


"Legolas, can you cover me," asked Frodo staring enviously at the three shirts his friend was wearing. "I just feel so naked," and if those soldiers come back in here I don't want to give them any ideas about what they could do with a hobbit…if you know what I mean."


"Frodo we don't have time for this! The ring… that’s what important… do you still have it?"


"The soldiers would have taken it from me if I did...the ring if safe though, although I can't say where," Frodo finished his envious stare did not leave his stunningly bright blue eyes.


“When I escape I will make sure it remains safe till I can get help here for you," Legolas explained.


"There are too many spies for me to even whisper the where about of that ring, especially here in the dungeon of the tower! Nothing but the ring matters now, can I please have a shirt it may be warm in here but know...."


"Frodo just whisper to me softly my superior elven hearing will hear sounds the others can’t," Legolas suggested coyly, coming up next to the hobbit and sitting next to him, putting a reassuring hand on his bare shoulder.


 "And you know as well as I do that just me mentioning the whereabouts of the ring could be dangerous for all.  Besides you’re still trapped in here with me.  What good will it do?" Asked Frodo, motioning with his hands towards Legolas.  "Shirt. Please."


"Maybe I’m not making myself exactly clear… you are going to tell me where the ring is,” Legolas said, his grip on Frodo’s upper arm tightened.


"Why Legolas, you will risk the enemies that we have knowing where the ring is, you don't want that do you?"


"Everything will be fine after you tell me where it I, I promise." Legolas’s eyes seemed to


"How?" Frodo was starting to get a bad feeling about this, his friend seemed to be acting dangerous and extremely reckless, ‘What was he thinking?’


"Trust me, after all I am your friend" Legolas was beginning to get very impatient with this hobbit, if he didn't give him the information soon he was going to have to resort to more drastic measures.


"I would if I could.  But I can't," Frodo began to remember his promise.  "And you know that."

"Mr. Baggins I insist for your own safety to tell me where the ring is located."


Frodo's heart began to pump really fast as sweat from his hairline poured into his eyes.  Frodo tried to ignore his friend maybe he was delirious or maybe just maybe....No!  He refused to believe that Legolas had turned on him, and the fellowship.  He would not.  Frodo closed his eyes trying to keep the sweat from blinding him.  "I can't see Legolas," Frodo begged him as he tried to shake his head and move the water surrounding his eyes.  "Help me."


"Give me a shirt."

Legolas had enough and he scoffed at Frodo "Here this will help you" Legolas leaned over and opened the window right next to Frodo a cold icy wind blew in, the tower being so high in the air got all the cold air, very cold air. Legolas knew that this would make Frodo feel good for the first couple minutes or so, but after that he would start to get a little cold… and colder and colder and colder unless someone closed the window


"Oh that feels so nice," Frodo said.  The cool air past across his naked body relieving him from the sweat that had been pouring across his body.  Frodo kept his eyes closed.  "The window is not big enough for escape is it?" Frodo questioned already knowing the answer.  Frodo breathed in the crisp cold air, as he laid across the warm stone beneath him.  “Thank you."


Legolas smiled, he knew it didn’t too long for the stone table on which Frodo was laying on begins to cool and then get cold and eventually makes it feels as thought someone is getting stabbed with needles all over their body. "There my friend, that should help…Now more important matters, I may be able to scale out that window and be able to escape and get us help!"


"Take me with you," breathed Frodo.  "We can leave together."


"Did you find a way out of the chains?"


Frodo tried to laugh, to lighten the mood.  "You know what I meant," Frodo's cold breeze that felt so refreshing and crisp had started to lash out at him and below him the stone began to freeze.  Frodo had forgotten how cold it was in the middle of winter but as he shuttered and his teeth cackled together he now remembered.  "Legolas you can close the window now, I have had my fair share of the cold air.  I'm freezing now."


"I’ll close it on my way out." Legolas went over to the window and was prepared to climb out if that’s what it took… "Now my friend tell me the location of the ring."


"I cannot Legolas," Frodo whispered through the cold wind, "You may as well ask me to break these chains by myself." Frodo shook again with the shivers running up and down his spine and he watched sadly as his small penis shrunk even smaller and his balls become tight in his nutsac. "Legolas look at what's left of my package close the window...please.”


"Here let me help you with that" Legolas roughly grabbed Frodo’s nuts in his hand and then began to pull them down towards his knees. "How is this?"


"Argghhh!  My balls," Frodo hollers as his wrists wrestled with his restraints trying to save his precious marbles as he watched helplessly and felt his ballbag pulled and tugged downward.  Frodo closed his eyes hoping this to be but a dream but…" My balls..." groaned Frodo..."Let go....."


"I better tug a little more to make sure they stay out" Legolas said as he pulled even harder and now began to tighten his grip around his balls.


"Oh please...don't!" Frodo's pain became limitless soon nothing mattered not the wind or the cold only Legolas's hand around his balls....


"I hope this is helping sir," Legolas says with a wicked grin.


"Ugh, ugh ugh!” moans the hobbit. “Why are you doing this," Frodo pleaded, his knees turning in and buckling towards each other.  "I'll do anything just please stop!" Frodo watched as his balls became lost in Legolas's tight fist.  The fingers wrapped around his balls ached such as nothing he has ever felt before. Lego's eyes crossed as he moaned deeply and uncontrollably.  "My balls....ugh…my balls....ughhh!"


"Oh I’m sorry is this hurting you?" Legolas said as he roughly gripped tighter nearly being able to close his fist. Legolas could feel Frodo’s balls churning, they were swelling as he hold them he only could imagine what would happen when he let go.


Frodo thought his balls must certainly be broken by now, as he felt his balls being squeezed and crushed.  Frodo rolled back and forth across the stone table feeling himself tugging at his own nutsac, but he had to try to free himself.  Nothing else mattered!  "You know that you are, you….oh god… bastard!" Frodo managed to say before he groaned again his balls threatening to burst, but would not.


"Now tell me… where is the ring?"


"The'll never....ever," Frodo moaned exhaustively, "You will have to kill me first, you traitor!" Frodo banged his head against the stone tablet trying to make himself go unconscious, sure enough his balls would force him to reveal the whereabouts...he would have to do this, and with another sickening thud darkness swirled around him, which was pleasant and peaceful as his dick rose in pleasure before him.  Frodo could not understand, or cared. He would now fall to sleep.  His balls still ached, which barely kept him awake.


Legolas picked up Frodo’s clothes and then placed them behind his head so he wouldn’t cause any permanent damage, he reached into his pocket and took out a handful of herbs which he broke apart and then waved them under the hobbits nose waking him up instantly. "Frodo… you’ve put up a good fight… you help on much longer then I thought you would, but don't you want the pain to just stop? Do you think I like doing this?"


"No..." Frodo began but his balls were in so much pain, he would not even wish himself to hold them, but as he started to stir another throbbing sensation occurred below his belly button.  His dick throbbed for attention, and he wished for nothing else but for his dick to stop.  He was already ashamed of having trusted Legolas seeing him naked, being his friend, and what he did to his balls.  But now his dick hardened and would not retreat.  Frodo tried to keep himself from thinking what his fellowship brother would do to him now that he was fully awake again.  And if Frodo had been out for a long time he did not notice his balls burned within his sac. And Frodo could only look at Legolas and wonder what his next plan of attack would be.


"I think it has gotten too dark in here for eyes to see properly, I think this will best be fixed with some candles, what do you think?" Legolas went to the door and said the secret password so that the door was open and then told the soldiers to get him some lit candles, and a bucket of water. Once he received these items he closed the door once again and he walked over to Frodo with a candle stick holder with 8 burning candles, he put the bucket of water down at the end of the bed. "Mr. Baggins are you sure I can’t convince you otherwise… I do promise you that I will not stop even if I have castrated you… I will keep going until you tell me the location of the ring.


Frodo's eyes bugged from his forehead...and he knew that he would die here.  His balls stopped aching, and his body must have went into survival mode as he mustered all of his strength together and spit his largest loogie ever and watched the smile fade from Legolas's face as the large lop of spit splashed across his face.  "Fuck you, you bastard!" Frodo hollered, and his dick grew harder than ever as if it would stand up ready to fight.  "I will never tell you!"


Legolas quickly wiped his face and then with all the strength he could muster he began to punch Frodo rapidly in the nuts, this wasting time technique was also good for the hot wax to gather, to be used soon.


"Oh fuck!" Cursed Frodo as the blows slammed his balls into his pelvic bone over and over again.  His knee's bent further inwards and his arms tried and failed in his utter desperateration to release himself and protect his fucking aching sack!  "Please stop!  You are a…ugh! Ughhhhh!  Know what you’re doing..." Frodo begged and groaned uselessly and screamed higher than usually.  His dick bouncing up and down, throbbing to be touched and caressed.  "I'll do anything for you, take my clothes, my house, my money, just stop hurting my nuts!"




"Just kill me instead," whined Frodo, taking a moment to finally breathe since Legolas stopped. "Please just kill me." Frodos balls throbbed and blazed with intense sharp pain that ripped through him.


"Tell me where the ring is and I’ll do whatever you wish, Frodo you can live in a palace with all your friends, just tell me where the ring is…?”


"You will kill everyone and everything I know, you liar.  I may be a humble small Hobbit, but I will take this to the grave, I made a promise and I intend to keep it!"


"But there is no need to be humble Frodo… if I promised you right now I would let you take anyone you knew with you to live some place far away from all this war and bad stuff, you could live anywhere you wanted, a palace your own palace you would be lord of the manor, you would never have to worry about anything again… this is a promise I make to you."


"You cannot make that promise, and I know it, I am not stupid.  No matter what you think of Hobbit's I will not be tricked by you again," Frodo's head rolled on his soft clothes his balls were killing him and he was losing a battle that can not even fight.  Please let death reach him then a thought occurred to him...but he would have to be sneaky.  "You really do promise?"


"I give you my word and my honor."


"Okay...I want my village spared...I don't care what happens to me but spare them..."


"If you help us find the ring not only will we spare you village but we will help you rebuild and repair anything needed, we will help you farm the land, you will have control over all of it and none of this bad world will ever go in" Legolas looked down at him but was completely honest with his promise to Frodo.


"Will you close the window now," Frodo asks. “And about that shirt...."


Legolas looked at Frodo and then covered him with one of his shirts and then leaned over and closed the window "Is that more comfortable?"


" nuts are aching though, Frodo was now just trying to by time, time to be rescued for a plan anything.  "Could you rub them, make them feel better?"


"I will not play these games you are either going to tell me where to find the ring right now or else I’m going to give the whereabouts the location of your village and they will not only destroy and burn it down but they will kill everyone that they find, and it will not be a pleasant killing either, you think what I am doing to you is bad you have no idea how bad these soldiers are, they have no compassion and no sympathy, you have exactly 5 seconds to tell me or else I’m going to pour this bucket of water over you and then open the window and let you cool down and maybe think more clearly. What is your answer?"


"The more you torture me the less I want to tell you the answer," spat Frodo once more at Legolas.  "You have no idea which village I live in, and I know that they have all went into hiding, we Hobbit's are good at that.  And it is too far away the battle rage on close to the Tower.  You will lose. Your empty threats of attacking my village don’t intimidate me," Frodo stopped abruptly staring at him.  "Why are you doing this?"  This he wanted to know.  "Why have you changed sides, what did we ever do to you?"  Frodo questioned him still trying to by time as his dick unable to control himself dry humped his jacket. It was a Hobbit's greatest curse and his greatest pleasure.  His penis would not fall until he released his built up semen, which would be for a long time apparently.


Legolas ripped the jacket off of Frodo and then reopened the window allowing the cold air to come back in.


Legolas reached to the bucket and using the sponge he wrung it out over Frodo's chest and privates.


"I have business to attend to, I will let you lay here alone and hope you come to your senses, I meant my promise to you, just remember, everyone you know and love will be safe with you."


Frodo drew his breathe in rather fast as the cold water was poured on top of him.  "Please Legolas," Frodo again reduced to begging shivered once more.  Frodo shivers took hold as his nipples hardened, his dick ached, and his balls shrank smaller than before presenting a very easy target.  "Release me..."


"Tell me the location of the Ring."


Frodo swallowed hard and lied through his teeth..."I dropped it when I was taken coming here."


"They have already searched the area time and time again, they are positive that you did not have it with you once you were captured."


"They are stupid soldiers," Frodo had no choice but to continue with his lie.  "They would never find it if it was right in front of them. They could not even take the ring from me and I am but a mere Hobbit."


"You are the luckiest hobbit I’ve ever met, but that’s about to all change, I myself have searched the area and it is not there."


Frodo hoped what he was saying sounded believable, but the wind whipped across his freezing chest, his privates were beginning to chill and his nipples grew harder than ever before.


"You slept next to me and could not steal the ring, the fact that you could not find the ring does not surprise me, and you are as stupid as them."  Frodo was sure to regret these words the pain, the cold, and the torture...Frodo knew these were a prelude of what was sure to come.


Legolas walked away and walked out of the door, finally coming back after 15 minutes of Frodo freezing on the cold stone.  With him he also had something in a jar, it looked like a spice of some sort.  "Have you thought anymore of what I said?"


"Legolas is that you," Frodo's teeth clattered so, he was numb everywhere but his still his raging hard on persisted, and here came his worst nightmare.  "Leave me....let me die..."

"I will not let you go so easily… I promise you I’m going to continue to torture you until you give me the information we want, you must realize all I have to do is ask Merry Or Pippin the name of your village and where I can find the people there.. he still thinks we are friends, after I find out this information I’m going to come back here and give them the location of the fellowship and THEN we will go to your village... OR... you can save everyone you know and love… it’s your choice… "


"You..." Frodo lost his voice for second but managed to continue on after clearing his throat. "But every other will destroy...I will tell you nothing, you miserable prick," Frodo's voice wilted and his left hand slipped almost sleeplessly out of the chain.  Hi tinier wrist fell of the stone tablet and Frodo was alive again, but he also knew that Legolas had seen this latest escape attempt.


Legolas sighed, he knew the chains wouldn't work they needed the cuffs. Legolas went to the door and called the soldiers in to hold him down and cuff him to the table so that his wrists were securely fastened, after all the next round of torture was going to be even more painful then the first.


Frodo fought the guards valiantly, but with his only useable arm it made the process rather predictable of an ending. However the method was rather crude. One of the soldiers uppercuted Frodo so violently in his nuts that he lost all strength.  His finger tips balls touched his icy frozen package as his arm was secured once more in it's binding and Frodo screamed at the soldiers some more as they laughed at him and followed Legolas back across the door leaving Frodo's thighs gently cradling his sore nutsac.


Frodo knew that Legolas must have ordered them only to attack his vulnerable nutsac, and the damage was awful and he knew binding stretched his hands together in a more secured metal hinges and chains.  The cuffs were both at his wrists and around the muscles in his arms.  Frodo would not escape again, not without help.


Legolas went over to the jar that he had brought and smiled evilly reaching inside only when his fingers were protected by a handkerchief. "This my friend is a habanero pepper… one of the hottest peppers we have on middle earth."


"Oh no!" Frodo gasped..."He is going to make me eat it!"  Frodo locked his jaws together and closed his eyes...’I hate this,’ Frodo thought if there was only something I could do to free myself.


Legolas laughed "No, I’m not going to make you eat it… however… you may wish that I did" With saying that Legolas went over to Frodo’s engorged cock which had been spilling pre-cum, Legolas rubbed the pepper in the pre-cum, it collected oil and very slowly began to burn, and then Legolas did the unthinkable, he striped off the skin of the pepper and placed it inside Frodo’s cocks slit, the hot oils immediately began to burn the sensitive membranes and down his urethra.


"Oh God!" Frodo screamed in absolute agony his throbbing member now the source of his agony.


Nothing could have prepared Frodo for what Legolas had just done, his whole cocked burned in a fiery unsatisfying pain.  Frodo tried to move his aching cock from Legolas, while he laughed at Frodo's feeble attempts.  "Please....mercy..." Frodo started to cry and tried spitting at his own dick, trying to stop the fire burning from within.


Frodo rolled his head around uncontrollably, his penis, though small, is his pride and joy next to his tiny balls and both were attacked today and both would surely be destroyed.  "Antidote...ughhhh...."Frodo groaned as the pain set into a normal burn that his body had no choice but to except.  Frodo's face crinkled as he hollered and moaned in his binding restraints.  Frodo was helpless to stop him.


"I’m sorry" Was all Legolas said before he once again very forcefully grabbed Frodo’s nuts again and began squeezing them, watching it make his dick burn, the more pre-cum that came out the more it burned, just the smell of the pepper was able to burn the inside of Legolas nose, he couldn’t even imagine what it would be like for the hobbit.


Frodo thought that he knew pain as Legolas generally on focused on one part of his body but now his so easily accessible scrotum was grab in one quick grasp, and the nut pain was back, except that it seemed to make Frodo's dick worse and worse, if only Frodo could cum, surely that would make him feel better.  The pain was so uncontrollable that Frodo's body convulsed as he tried to have the most pain orgasm possible. Frodo's body rose above the stone into the air, which caused Legolas to get an even better grip on Frodo's balls.  Frodo could no longer scream, his mouth lay open in silent terror, and continuous agony.  Frodo tried to hump the rock, trying to make himself feel, even for a second, a moment’s release but nothing seemed to be working.


“Are you trying to pleasure yourself?” Laughed Legolas, a streak of blonde hair falling over one shoulder as he squeezed, and gripped Frodo’s scrotum all the tighter. “You cannot, nothing that you can do Frodo is going to end your misery but telling me the location of the ring.” Legolas tightened his hand, Frodo’s frozen marbles rolled in his fist as he squeezed the acorns as hard as he could.


Frodo gasped, his dazzling blue eyes crossing comically as he moaned his balls throbbed and pulsed in Legolas’s fist pulsing with agonizing stinging pain. Gritting his teeth Frodo’s eyes rolled back in his skull, and his hips raised and fell, his pelvis thrusting trying to alleviate the burning sensation that seemed to sizzle around his cock head.




Legolas laughed cruelly, and twisted his wrist and yanked Frodo’s balls making the ball cords taut and strain admiring Frodo’s balls turning white in his sack from the pressure.


Yells were heard outside the door, and Legolas turned as the door burst open.


Sam was here along with some friendly soldiers that rushed to Frodo’s side. Sam ducked around them and came up to Frodo as the battle raged above.


“Mr. Baggins!” Sam gasped. “What have they done to you?!”


“My privates…oh god…the pepper!” Frodo gasped.


Sam saw the problem, and went for the water jug only to find it empty. “I’m going to have to do something…unconventional sir!” Sam said, his cheeks reddening.




Sam took a deep breath and plunged his face right into Frodo’s groin.


Frodo’s erection was quickly sucked straight down to the hilt. Sam wasted no time on deep throating Frodo’s throbbing tool and sucked as hard as he could trying to get the fiery essence off of Frodo’s skin.


For the first time since Frodo entered this dingy prison he froze, this time not in…pain. Sam’s mouth immediately removed the oily essence from the pepper and now Sam was pleasuring him. Frodo tried to muster the strength to tell Sam that he could stop but all that came out was a long low groan. Frodo’s cock pulsed, and his body react immediately thrusting and penetrating Sam’s willing gullet and he could not help but let out a tiny gasp of pure pleasure.


“No!” Legolas said fighting against the guards. Legolas saw the look of pleasure in Frodo’s lightening blue eyes as Sam on his knees on the side of him suckled at his erection moving up and down in quick succession. Frodo’s balls slipped further down his sac and seemed to almost bounce on the stone and Legolas in utter rage slipped past the soldiers and reared his foot up and down. Legolas’s boot slammed home into Frodo’s nuggets, crunching them flat against the stone a cruel smile coming to his lips.


“Won’t give me the ring!?” Legolas sneered, “Then no orgasm for you!” He twisted his foot ruthlessly Frodo’s nuggets squishing against the unrelenting stone.

Frodo’s eyes widen and he screamed, his body arching up, while all the while Sam sucked and slurped his dong lovingly. Sam took that as a sign to keep going and he nursed Frodo’s erection, loving the way it pulsed and throbbed in his throat. Frodo was so hard that he pondered if his erection would ever go down. Frodo humped for all he was worth, while his balls were being crushed and he could not feel anything but the sharp crisp agonizing pulsations from his testes.


“My baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaals!” Hollered Frodo.


Finally the soldiers removed Legolas’s foot and pulled him from the room and Frodo’s balls plumped back up and he almost passed out, but Sam’s sucking continued and as his tongued swirled around Frodo’s tip his tongue wiggling along the opening Frodo’s body convulsed and he started shooting.


“Uggg!” he gasped as he came and he spit streams of semen down Sam’s mouth as the hobbit gently cradled and squeezed his nuggets and Frodo thought he would scream again but the pressure in Sam’s hand eased more cum to be released and kept on shooting until finally he fell spent to the stone.


Sam suckled a few moments long before he came up for air, Frodo’s cock popping from his mouth with a tiny ‘pop.’


“Sam…?” Frodo croaked.


“All better Mr. Baggins?”




“The ring safe?”




“Very good, let’s get moving.”




“Yes sir.”


Frodo groaned and as Sam started undoing his binds, he pushed him back between his legs…he was still hard. “One more time Sam…?”


Sam gazed up at Frodo and grinned, “Very good Mr. Baggins, and he bent down and Frodo felt his warm breath before he felt the warm wet embrace of Sam’s lips covering his crown once again.


“Oh,” he gasped and ran his finger through Sam’s hair. “Don’t forget…my balls.”

Sam briefly looked up, with twinkling eyes and grabbed Frodo’s orbs making him gasp.


“Yeah…like that!” Frodo moaned as he put his hands behind his head to enjoy round two.







Anonymous said...

Excellent story premise that I rated good but only needs a little additional work to be an epic tale.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks for your comment. I made this one years ago with an old writing friend, it needed heavy updates, but it was fun to share with everyone. I agree it could use a bit more work, maybe I will take that up again someday!