Monday, September 10, 2018

Art by Champ: See what happens...?

"See what happens...?" - artwork created by Champ

This is a short story inspired by Champ's awesome artwork seen above. For more like hot art like this check out Champ's Art Locker. Here's the story blurb by Champ:

That one time Rusty cost the team the college state title and Coach just hauled off and decked him in the balls in front of everyone. Then he let Bud fuck him with his beer can dick right there on the mats.

And here is my little story that expands on Champ's theme:


Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Coach‘s fist connected with Rusty‘s big, bulging nuts and the handsome redhead howled in pain. He doubled over and grabbed his meaty nuggets, clasping them with both of his hands as the pain spread from his nuts to his abdomen and his gut, setting every single fiber of his body on fire.

The hot little redhead‘s eyes were clenched shut and he roared in agony.

His team mates watched him, some frowning, some jeering, all of them rock hard in their skimpy singlets.

Coach nodded at Bud. He wasn‘t a man of many words, but Bud instantly knew what he had to do.

Bud grabbed Rusty‘s singlet and ripped it apart, exposing Rusty‘s perfect bubble butt and his tight little hole.

"No!" Rusty gasped as he felt Bud‘s thumbs spread his hole apart. "No! It‘s too big!"

Bud looked at Coach.

Coach nodded at Bud.

"Don‘t worry", Bud said, slapping Rusty‘s ass with the palm of his hand. "I‘ll make it fit." He looked at his team mates who roared with approval.

Then he pulled his thick, meaty beer can dick through the leg opening of his singlet, spat into his palm, lubed the fat schlong up, and rammed it all the way into Rusty‘s hole, burying it to the hilt and filling Rusty to capacity.

The look on the readhead‘s face was priceless, a weird, contorted mask of pain. His team mates clapped and cheered wildly as Bud started fucking him hard and deep, one hand on his hip, the other hand squeezing Rusty‘s plump, fat balls to keep him in place.

Bud‘s balls slapped against Rusty‘s thighs with every thrust as Rusty grunted and groaned, whimpered and moaned in pain and pleasure.

Bud increased the pressure on Rusty‘s nuts while banging his butt like a pro. Very few people were able to take Bud‘s big, fat dick, so Bud didn‘t get to fuck as often as he‘d like. He thrust his dick deep into Rusty‘s tight hole, masterfully slamming that hapless ass.

Bud grabbed Rusty‘s neck with both of his hands as he increased the pace of his thrusts, banging him harder and harder, heading into the home stretch.

His team mates were watching, stroking their dicks, shouting obscenities, occasionally slapping or kicking or punching Rusty‘s nuts.

Despite the pain in his balls and his butt Rusty‘s dick was hard as a rock, straining the fabric of his singlet.

Finally, Rusty screamed from the top of his lungs as Bud flooded his insides with a huge batch of creamy stud sauce.

At the same time, Rusty creamed his singlet with an even bigger batch of spunk.

Coach looked at his watch. "Gotta go", he muttered. "Can‘t be late for dinner again." He turned to Bud. "Make sure he learns his lesson."

"Yes, coach!" Bud replied as he pulled his thick dick out of Rusty‘s hole, causing a river of spunk to run down the exhausted redhead‘s legs.

Coach nodded at Bud and turned to go.

"I’m gonna take his mouth now. Who wants to fuck his ass?" he heard Bud ask, followed by riotous yells from his team mates. "Guys, guys - calm down! Everybody gets a go."

A loud thud and a muffled scream indicated that someone had kicked Rusty in his spent balls as Bud shoved his beer can dick into Rusty's mouth.

Coach smiled as he heard Bud tell his team mates, "Line up, guys. We won't leave until everybody is satisfied."


For more like hot art check out Champ's Art Locker!


Anonymous said...

Fuuuuuuck, Alex. So diesel, so fucking hot! Love it! Love it! Thanks for whipping this up, holy shit! Fuck yea!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Champ! I‘m glad you like the little story. As always, your awesome art is inspiring and superhot! :-))