Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Video links: Testicle trick shots

Lately I have been fascinated by trick nut shots, those elaborate stunts that end in one of the brave stuntmen lying on the ground, curled up in a little ball, while the rest of the crew is laughing and cheering and celebrating the awesome shot.

Here are some of my favorite videos featuring nut trick shots.

If I remember correctly it all started - how else could it be? - with the Jackass guys and an awesome compilation from their movie Jackass 3.5. It was like a battle cry, like a challenge to young men all over the world to show off their testicle trick shots. Think about Johnny Knoxville and his lads whatever you will, one thing's for sure: These guys know how to stage a great nut shot!

When the Jackass boys have done something it's pretty safe to assume that the Misfits Stunt Crew has tried it as well. Here they are showing off their skills with basketballs and manballs.

Here's another group of boys copying Jackass and trickshoting their nuts into oblivion. 5 fantastic minutes of testicular trick shots - I love these guys!

What I love most about the next clip is that it looks (and sounds) like the guy getting hit is laughing louder than his mate. Nut trick shots are just hilarious!

Finally, here are three videos that you have probably seen before (I'm pretty sure I have shared them on this blog) but they are definitely worth watching again. The ingenuity and the accuracy of these enterprising young men's nutshot is only matched by the unadulterated joy they feel after each and every nut-crunching trick shot.

Do you think we'll find enough videos of guys doing trick shots with their nuts for a follow-up post? Send me your video links by leaving a comment or sending me an email ( :-))



Toothpick said...

Ever see the one with frisbees? I'm afraid i dont have time to look it up right now but it should be easy to find on youtube

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Toothpick! I remember that clip! I'm sure I'll find it, and I'll include it in the next instalment of "Testicle trick shots"! :-))