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Special Guest Star: Justin Bieber - Revenge

Thanks to everybody who submitted their suggestions! I guess you’re looking forward to seeing Justin Bieber get his comeuppance after he ruined a young man’s sex life in the previous part of this story. Be warned, though: This story is darker and more brutal than most of my stories. If you’re not a fan of permanent damage you might want to skip this one…

For the record: I’m pretty sure this fictional version of Justin Bieber bears no resemblance whatsoever to the real Mr. Bieber whose “Love yourself” is one of my favorite songs of the summer...

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

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Update 10/15/2016: Click here to read a revised version of this story that (hopefully) improves on some of the weaker parts of this one. :-))

Justin Bieber awoke with a start. He had fallen asleep in front of the huge TV, watching one of his concerts. He rubbed his eyes and yawned.

He noticed that he was alone in the room.

Where was his entourage? Usually, he was surrounded every second of the day by a group of friends and his bodyguards. Where had they gone?

Justin got up and stretched his limbs.

Suddenly, he noticed a young man standing at the other end of the room.

Justin hadn’t seen him for weeks. Not since he had crushed the poor guy’s testicles, ruining the young man’s manhood and depriving him of the chance of ever being a father.

Justin chuckled when he remembered the nickname he had given him. “Meatballs!” Justin said, a mean smile on his face. Of course he knew the guy’s name. But Justin enjoyed giving people humiliating nicknames. And “Meatballs” was a perfect nickname for a loser like Gio.

Gio looked at his feet.

Justin chuckled. “Oh, yeah, right. No meatballs anymore.” He laughed. “No meatballs and a limp macaroni.” He chuckled.

Gio looked Justin in the eyes.

He didn’t say a word.

Justin’s eyes widened when he saw four big, muscular men behind Gio.

He turned to run and promptly bumped into another guy who was grinning at him. “Not so fast”, he grunted and muffled the singer’s scream by holding a moist piece of cloth over his nose and mouth.

Justin Bieber passed out within seconds.

When he woke up, he found himself in a large, empty warehouse. He squinted against a couple of bright lights. He tried to move but his hands and arms were tied against a wooden framework. The young superstar was stark naked and his legs were spread wide apart.

His mouth was taped shut.

Justin’s eyes widened as two men emerged from the light.

Gio looked at his former boss, a grim expression on his face.

The man who was standing next to him was older, in his early fifties, slightly overweight, with graying hair, shaded glasses and a healthy tan.

“That’s him?” the older man said.

Gio nodded.

“He looks like a boy”, the older man said.

Gio bit his lower lip.

“You let a boy do this to you?” the older man said. “A pretty boy like that?”

Gio cleared his throat. “Don Stefano, I---“

Don Stefano raised his hand. It was just a small gesture but Gio instantly went silent.

Justin watched, his eyes widening in terror, as Don Stefano took a step closer and put his hand on Justin’s thigh.

“You know what you did, pretty boy?” Don Stefano said in a calm voice. Without waiting for an answer, he continued, “You robbed my nephew’s future. You robbed my brother’s future. Thanks to you, my nephew will never have kids. Hell, he’ll never have sex. He’ll die a virgin.”

Gio looked at his feet.

“Nobody messed with my family, pretty boy”, Don Stefano said. “You know what the bible says: An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth.” He paused, looking Justin deep in the eyes. “A nut for a nut.” He leaned over and whispered into Justin’s ear. “And maybe we’ll take a little extra.”

Justin let out a muffled scream of protest, struggling against his restraints as Don Stefano turned around and nodded at Gio.

Gio nodded back at him.

“Enjoy it”, Don Stefano said.

“I will”, Gio replied sternly.

“Lorenzo! Luca!” Don Stefano’s voice echoed through the empty warehouse.

Two young men appeared from behind the lights.

Lorenzo was an athletic guy in his early twenties, tall and muscular, with shoulder length black hair. His handsome face was disfigured by a large scar on his left cheek.

Luca was heavier than Lorenzo, burly and coarse, with crew-cut black hair and a nose that had been broken at least twice.

“Do what he says”, Don Stefano said.

Lorenzo rolled his eyes. “Come on, dad!”

Don Stefano’s eyes narrowed.

“I don’t take orders from a nutless weakling”, Lorenzo said.

Luca chuckled.

Don Stefano took a step forward and reached between Lorenzo’s thighs, grabbing his son’s nuts in a vise-like grip.

Lorenzo inhaled sharply.

“You do what he says, Lorenzo”, Don Stefano said slowly. “If you don’t, I’ll personally cut your fucking balls off and feed them to your dog.” He twisted his son’s nuts sharply. “Got it?”

“Got it”, Lorenzo whispered, his face contorted in pain.

Don Stefano let go of Lorenzo’s nuts and turned to Luca. “The same goes for you.”

Luca raised his eyebrows. “I don’t have a dog.”

Don Stefano stared at him.

“Oh, okay, yeah, got it”, Luca mumbled.

When Don Stefano had left, Luca and Lorenzo brought in a couple of bags with the various tools they needed for the job.

Justin watched them, terrified, as they placed item after item on a table in front of him.

When they were done, Lorenzo turned to Gio. “Okay, nutless”, he said, smirking. “We’re ready to start.”

Luca was staring at their naked captive and scratched his head. “I think I know that guy.”

Lorenzo chuckled. “Yeah, of course you know him, dickhead.”

Luca thought for a moment. “He’s one of your rent-holes, right? The one that sucks like a hoover?”

Lorenzo laughed. “Nope.”

“The one with the worn-out hole? The DP guy?” Luca said.

“Nope”, Lorenzo grinned. “Try again.”

Luca scratched his head.

“It’s Justin Bieber”, Gio said.

Lorenzo rolled his eyes. “Oh, come on, nutless, he would have gotten it sooner or later.”

“Justin Bieber”, Luca said.

“We don’t have time for silly games”, Gio said. “I want to see him in pain. Now.”

“Justin Bieber”, Luca repeated.

“Realx, nutless”, Lorenzo grinned. “He’ll be in pain soon enough. Let’s have a little fun while we’re at it.” He walked up to Justin and smiled at the frightened singer.

“Justin fucking Bieber”, Luca chuckled. “I can’t believe we’re gonna destroy Justin fucking Bieber’s fucking nutsack!” He stood on the other side of Justin’s naked body and grabbed the superstar’s balls, squeezing the fat orbs with his strong fingers.

Justin grunted in pain.

“Yeah”, Lorenzo grinned. “We’re gonna do what millions of guys all over the world love to do.” He winked at the singer who stared back at him, his eyes filled with terror.

“You think we’re going to mess up his voice when we turn his nuts into soup?” Luca laughed, smacking Justin’s bare nuts with the palm of his hand.

Justin let out a muffled yelp.

“He’s got a pretty high voice as it is, right?” Lorenzo laughed.

“I always thought he’d have a smaller dick”, Luca said, examining Justin’s impressive member, a large, fat piece of meat that matched his plump, low-hanging balls. “You know, like a little boy dick.”

“Well, soon he won’t have a dick at all”, Lorenzo grinned cruelly, laughing out loud when he saw the horrified look on Justin’s face.

“Let’s start with one of his nuts”, Gio said. He leaned over and looked Justin in the eyes. “Which nut is your favorite?”

Lorenzo chuckled and grabbed a pair of needle-nose pliers from the table.

Justin’s eyes were open wide with terror.

“Destroy the left one”, Gio said calmly. “Someone once told me that nobody ever says ‘the right one’. Everybody likes lefty best.”

Lorenzo laughed. “Alright, bye-bye lefty.” He closed the pliers around Justin’s fat nut, causing the meaty orb to bulge on either side.

Justin shook his head violently, screaming into his gag.

“Damn, that’s a tough little fucker”, Lorenzo chuckled as he pressed the pliers shut with both of his hands.

The nosed of the pliers dug deep into Justin’s left testicle. Lorenzo was grunting with effort as he tried to split Justin’s nut in half.

Luca was watching him as Justin was writhing in agony, his face a mask of pain.

“Yeah, split that fucking nut!” Luca said, nodding slowly. “Split it!”

“Easier said than done”, Lorenzo grunted. His knuckles whitened as he tried to close the pliers with all the force he could muster.

“Just split it in half, man!” Luca shrugged. “Can’t be that hard. It’s just a fucking nut.”

Justin screamed and struggled against his restraints.

“Why don’t you try it?” Lorenzo grunted, letting go of Justin’s nut and handing Luca the pliers.

Even though he hadn’t been completely successful, Lorenzo’s efforts had placed a major dent in Justin’s hefty, plump nut. Just a couple of minutes ago, it had been the shape of an egg. Now it looked more like half-deflated balloon.

Luca shrugged his shoulders. “Sure”, he said. He was bigger and stronger than his buddy, and it took just a couple of seconds, and Justin’s nut split in half with a sickening SQUICK.

Justin was panting and screaming into his gag, his naked body covered in sweat.

Luca grinned at Lorenzo. “See? Easy.”

Lorenzo rolled his eyes. “Yeah, I softened that fucker up for you.”

Luca shrugged his shoulders. “Whatever. Lefty’s a goner now.” He looked at Justin’s nutsack with the bisected left nut and the yet unharmed right nut and chuckled. “Looks like he has three nuts now.”

Lorenzo turned to Gio. “Good work, right?”

Gio nodded slowly. “Yeah, good work.” His face broke into a grin. “I bet his left nut isn’t his favorite anymore…”

Lorenzo burst out laughing and playfully punched Gio’s shoulder. “Hey, nutless, you’re funny.”

Luca placed the pliers back on the table and looked at the other tools that were waiting to be used. He rubbed his hands and grinned. “Can we do his other nut now?”

“Make sure that the left one is dead first”, Gio said with a cold smile. “Turn it to mush. I don’t want him to find some celebrity doctor who stitches lefty back together again.”

Lorenzo chuckled and grabbed a hammer.

The sound of the heavy hammer crushing what was left of Justin’s left testicle echoed through the room.

A few minutes later, Justin Bieber’s left testicle was nothing more than useless sludge.

The handsome singer was writhing in agony, his body covered in cold sweat, white as a sheet.

“Now? Can we do his other nut now?” Luca said impatiently.

Gio thought for a moment. “I think I want you to ruin his dick first”, he said with a smile. “And then we’ll destroy his last nut.”

Luca nodded eagerly and grabbed a large butcher’s knife from the table.

Justin’s eyes widened and he struggled against his restraints, letting out muffled screams of protest.

“Wait”, Lorenzo grinned. “I have a better idea.”

Luca raised his eyebrows.

“You’re gonna love this”, Lorenzo chuckled. “It’s perfect.” He sifted through the tools on the table until he found what he was looking for. He held up a long, slender metal rod and winked at Luca. “Watch and learn, my friend. This is how you ruin a cock.”

He grabbed Justin’s fat, chubby dick and started jerking it.

“Come on, pretty boy”, Lorenzo said in a seductive voice. “Don’t you want to cum one last time?”

Justin let out a frightened groan.

Luca scratched his head. “Why are you jerking him off?”

Lorenzo chuckled. “Don’t be heartless, Luca. The poor boy is never going to have sex again. One nut is gone already, and the other one will be ruined soon. Don’t you think he should have one final orgasm?”

He turned to Luca.

“That’s gay”, Luca mumbled.

Lorenzo rolled his eye and mouthed, “I need him to be hard for this.”

It took a couple of seconds until the penny dropped. “Ohhhhh”, Luca said. “Oh, right. Yeah, he should definitely have one final orgasm.”

Despite Lotenzo’s efforts, Justin’s dick was floppy and soft.

“Let me help you”, Luca grinned and took a step closer.

Gio and Lorenzo watched incredulously as Luca took Justin’s flaccid dick into his mouth and started sucking on the meaty tool, slurping noisily as the superstar’s cock grew in his mouth.

Justin was moaning and groaning as Luca pleasured his doomed dick.

Less than a minute later, Luca let the singer’s hard cock slip out of his mouth. “Done”, Luca grinned, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. “He’s ready to have his final orgasm.” He squeezed the fat mushroom head of Justin’s dick, and a drop of precum oozed out. With a proud grin, Luca scooped up the precum with his thumb and licked it off.

“Wow”, Lorenzo grinned. “That’s an amazing skill.”

Luca chuckled. “Learned it from my cousin.” He pointed at Justin’s hard dick. “Quick or it’ll be soft again.”

Lorenzo smiled and jerked Justin’s meaty dong, eliciting soft moans of pleasure from Justin. His breathing quickened, and his last nut pulled up in his sack, announcing the impending orgasm.

As the first spurt of cum sputtered out of Justin’s dick, Lorenzo rammed the metal rod all the way down Justin’s urethra, causing Justin to scream into his gag.

His dick was throbbing and spasming but the makeshift sound prevented his sperm from leaving his cock, blocking the exit and causing a painful congestion of spunk in Justin’s twitching cock.

“Nasty”, Luca chuckled. “I love it.”

“Wait, there’s more”, Lorenzo grinned, casually grabbing a Bunsen burner, lighting it and holding the flame to the part of the metal rod that was peeking out of Justin’s dick.

Luca burst out laughing.

Justin was too preoccupied with his viciously ruined yet ongoing orgasm to notice what was about to happen until he felt the heat rise inside his dick.

He screamed into his gag, his eyes filled with terror as his dick was roasted from the inside. A couple of seconds later, steam was rising up from Justin’s rapidly reddening cock, and the appetizing smell of a barbecued steak filled the air.

“Medium or well done?” Lorenzo grinned, looking at Gio.

Justin’s shaft was as red as a lobster, and the head had taken on the color of ripe tomato, as his dick was thoroughly cooked from the inside.

“Medium”, Gio chuckled. “Let’s not get carried away…”

Lorenzo chuckled and put the Bunsen burner on the table. He grabbed a pair of pliers and pulled the glowing rod out of Justin’s hot cock.

A stream of boiling jizz ran out of Justin’s dick, coating his half-filled nutsack in a hot, sticky layer of overcooked spunk.

“And there’s the sauce”, Lorenzo dead-panned, causing Gio and Luca to burst out laughing.

Luca dipped his finger into the steaming puddle of Justin’s ruined jizz and winced. “It’s fucking hot”, he grunted.

“How does it taste?” Lorenzo chuckled.

Luca licked his finger and smacked his lips. Then he shrugged his shoulders. “I think you overcooked it.”

Lorenzo, Gio and Luca roared with laughter as Justin was writhing in pain.

His ruined cock was limp and red, and it was obvious that it would never ever be able to grow hard again.

Justin’s eyes were filled with tears. His naked body was covered in sweat.

Luca looked at Gio.

Gio nodded with a grin. “Now you can do his other nut.” He smiled grimly at Justin. “Make it special. I want him to remember what it feels like. This is something he’ll tell his grandkids about.” He paused. “Or not.”

Luca and Lorenzo laughed.

“Damn, nutless”, Lorenzo grinned. “I’m starting to like you.”

Gio chuckled.

Luca rubbed his hands. “Okay, now, how are we gonna do this?” He looked at the instruments on the table, looking like a kid in a candy store. He spotted a bright red cherry bomb and let out a laugh.

“That way his sex life would go out with a bang”, Lorenzo joked.

Gio and Luca laughed.

“What about this?” Luca picked up a gutting knife and weighed it in his hand.

The two young men went through the various items on the table, trying to come up with the perfect ending for Justin Bieber’s genitalia.

Justin was grunting and groaning, his face a mask of pain.

He looked nothing like the confident, talented No. 1 artist who was adored by legions of fans all over the world.

He looked nothing like the handsome, sexy player who attracted slutty girls and slutty boys alike.

He looked nothing like the bold and brazen mischief-maker who made headlines whenever he opened his mouth.

He looked like a pathetic, miserable young man with a ruined cock and a destroyed nut who had lost every shred of dignity.

A pathetic, miserable young man with a ruined cock and a destroyed nut who was about to lose his final testicle.

“I just can’t decide”, Luca sighed.

They had gone through every item on the table. Every single one promised a lot of fun and a highly entertaining ending for Justin Bieber’s sex life.

Lorenzo smiled at Gio. “I think I know the perfect way.”

Luca raised his eyebrows.

Lorenzo turned to Gio who was staring at Justin, a grim smile on his face.

“Hey, nutless”, Lorenzo said, putting his hand on Gio’s shoulder. “I think you should do it.”

Gio raised his eyebrows. “Me?”

Lorenzo nodded, smiling gently. “He took your manhood. Now you take his.”

Gio scratched his head. “I dunno, I’m not as experienced as you are, and---”

“You can do it”, Lorenzo interrupted him with a smile. “I know you can.” He took Gio’s hand and placed it on Justin’s right nut. “Just do it.”

Gio sighed. He wrapped his fingers around Justin’s fragile testicle. It felt warm and dense.

Gio closed his eyes. That’s what his nuts had felt like. He remembered rolling them around between his fingers in the shower. It seemed like ages ago.

Now his sack was empty. A useless bag of skin, a constant reminder of what Justin Bieber had done to him.

Gio opened his eyes again.

Lorenzo nodded at him. “Crush it”, he grinned. “Just crush it. Trust me, you’ll feel better.”

Justin let out a muffled, hoarse groan as Gio’s fingers tightened around his last nut.

Gio bit his lower lip. He squeezed harder and harder, pressing his thumbs into the tender flesh of Justin’s superstar spud. His knuckles whitened as he squashed Justin’s nut flat with all the force he could muster.

“Crush it!” Lorenzo egged him on.

“Yeah, crush that motherfucking nut!” Luca chimed in.

“Crush it! Crush it! Crush it!” they chanted together.

A bead of sweat ran down Gio’s forehead. He felt something that reminded him of sexual arousal. A tingling in his loins. His loins hadn’t tingled for weeks.

Gio let out a laugh. “Fuck yeah, I’m gonna crush it!”

Luca and Lorenzo burst out laughing.

“That’s the spirit, nutless!” Lorenzo cheered.

Gio chuckled. He was going to put an end to Justin Bieber’s sex life. He could feel the singer’s nut start to give. It didn’t feel as round anymore. It felt flatter, as if it was starting to submit to the brutal force that was crushing it.

Justin was screaming into his gag, his eyes clenched shut, his face white as a sheet.

Gio’s breathing quickened. He squeezed as hard as he could, flattening Justin’s nut, crushing it with his bare hands.

“Oh my god”, Gio groaned. “Oh my fucking GOD!”

With a sickening squelch, Justin’s last nut evaporated.

The singer let out a high-pitched squeal before his body went limp.

Lorenzo and Luca clapped their hands and cheered. “Fuck yeah!”

Gio’s body was trembling. His eyes were closed. He felt a warm, incredibly satisfying sensation. It was like an orgasm, except that it couldn’t be an orgasm. Or maybe it was?

“Good work, nutless!” Lorenzo laughed, patting Gio’s back.

Gio opened his eyes. “Thanks”, he said hoarsely, trying to catch his breath.

“How did it feel?” Lorenzo grinned.

Gio’s face broke into a smile. “Awesome, just awesome!”

Lorenzo laughed. “Yeah.”

Gio’s eyes fell on a shiny bolo knife that was on the table. He picked up the knife, an evil grin on his face.

Lorenzo looked at him and chuckled, nudging Luca in the ribs. “Look, he’s growing to like it.”

Luca grinned.

Gio stepped up to Justin and grabbed his dick by the tip. He put the knife to the root of Justin’s cock.

“Wait!” Lorenzo said. “Let’s wake him up so he can see what you’re doing…” He slapped the singer in the face a couple of times until Justin Bieber opened his eyes. His face was sweaty and pale, his eyes glassy.

In the meantime, Luca prepared the superstar’s genitalia for the final insult, wrapping a thick piece of rubber band around his dick, cutting off the blood supply to his most prized possession.

Justin’s eyes widened with horror.

Gio looked at him. “Your cock ruined already”, Gio said matter-of-factly. “We might as well cut it off. You won’t be able to use it anyway…”

Justin struggled and screamed into his gag as Gio put the knife to his dick and sliced it off with a precise, clean cut.

Justin’s severed dick landed on the ground with a wet splat as the singer screamed like a banshee.

Gio picked Justin’s dick up, holding it with his thumb and forefinger.

Detached from Justin’s body, the piece of meat look small and pathetic.

“So this is what all the fuzz is about”, Gio said, inspecting Justin’s cock. “This is what all the girls go crazy about.” He shrugged his shoulders and threw the dick to Luca. “I don’t know. Doesn’t seem special to me.”

Luca laughed. “Nope. Not special at all.” He threw Justin’s dick at Lorenzo, but he missed, and the detached dong landed square on Justin’s face.

The singer squinted, staring in horror at his cock that was right in front of his eyes.

Gio, Luca and Lorenzo burst out laughing.

Lorenzo put his arm around Gio. “I think we’re done here.”

Gio grinned. “One more thing”, he said, stepping up to Justin. He picked up the severed dick and slapped the singer in the face with it.

Lorenzo and Luca laughed.

“I bet he's done that to a thousand girls”, Lorenzo chuckled, “slapped his dick into their face before fucking them silly.”

“Now he knows what it feels like”, Luca grinned.

“Too bad he won't do it ever again”, Gio said to roaring laughter as he kept smacking Justin's face left and right with his own detached cock.

Justin let out a pitiful moan.

Gio pulled the gag out of Justin’s mouth.

Before Justin had a chance to say something, he shoved the cock into his mouth, eliciting a muffled scream of protest from Justin.

“I bet you always fantasized about sucking yourself off”, Gio said with a grin. “You’re welcome.”

The three young men walked away, chuckling.

“You know, nutless, you’re looking for a job, right?” Lorenzo said. “You sure know how to make someone hurt. Maybe we’ll find something for you…”

Gio raised his eyebrows. “You mean…”

“Well, ‘Nutless, the castrator’ – that has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?” Lorenzo grinned.

“Sounds perfect”, Luca chuckled.

Gio chuckled. “Well, why not…”

The three young men laughed as they walked towards the exit, leaving Justin Bieber behind.

The singer was passed out, his nuts destroyed, his dick cut off and stuffed into his mouth. First thing tomorrow, Lorenzo was going to place an anonymous phone call at the local papers.

By noon, everybody was going to know that Justin Bieber, the sexy singer, the arrogant artist, the object of many a teen girl’s desire, was no longer a man.


Anonymous said...

All right, so... good story as usual Alex! I love how twisted it was, how sadistic. And creative too, how Justin's dick was ruined was really fucked up... I loved it! However, what I really did not like... was that the story felt like it could have been anyone that got fucked up like that. Like, if you didn't say it was Justin Bieber, how else would we know? I feel like something like this, where it's a special guest that MANY of us are looking forward to, having the special guest tied up and gagged is kinda disappointing. I know the first part was about establishing character and the plot for part 2, but the most important part is obviously the busting, and having the guy everyone has been waiting for to get busted, just sit there and take it just like anyone else... I'm not going to lie, I'm let down. Personally, I would have prefered him get in a fight with Gio after, and Gio schooling the kid popping his boys, or the same thing that happened here, but instead of gagging JB, taking him to the woods where no one can hear his cries. Maybe it's because of how much I was looking forward to this, and it reaching my expectations would have required a Stephen King level of work. I did like it, and it wasn't a bad story... but yeah. Thank you for writing it though! I know I'm not the only one who appreciates you doing all of this and caring about what we think, so thank you Alex!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! You have a point there. I understand your criticism and I'm sorry that the story didn't meet your expectations. Thank you very much for taking the time to write down your thoughts. I really appreciate your opinion! :-))

Anonymous said...

great job! tho, I do echo the sentiments above ... perhaps it was building it up a bit too much ... my only critique is that it seemed ... idk, I would have liked it to been more forced ... it was weird to have him be tied up and be totally a victim ... I at least wanted him to have a bit of dialogue tho lol

buuuutttt I LOOOOOVEEE the darker elements, the gore, and the severed dick slap! please keep this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed the story, and I get your critique. Thank you!

Unknown said...

love it, nice tricks, nice laughing, cool ideas, hot written, please more,

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Michael! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))