Monday, November 3, 2014

The milkman’s apprentice

Special thanks to Carter who came up with the idea for this story.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality. And a little bit of F/M ballbusting near the end.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

“This is Jackson”, the supervisor said. “He has just finished the orientation course. Take him with you for the rest of your shift.”

Manuel nodded. “Alright.”

The supervisor left and closed the door, leaving Manuel and Jackson alone in the room. Both of them were wearing white trousers and white t-shirts.

Manuel smiled and extended his hand. He was 18 years old, a handsome, muscular Latino with a deep tan and a couple of tattoos on his arm. “Hi, I’m Manuel.”


“You made it through the assessment center”, Manuel said.

Jackson nodded. He ran his hand through his dark hair and smiled.

“With flying colors, from what I heard…” Manuel glanced at Jackson’s crotch and chuckled.

Jackson blushed. “Erm, I---“

“Oh, no need to be embarrassed”, Manuel laughed. He grabbed the big, bulging package in Jackson’s crotch and gave it a playful squeeze.

Jackson winced. His face had turned crimson. “I---“

Manuel leaned over and said in a conspiratorial whisper. “I got a friend in Human Resources.” He winked at Jackson. “I get all the videos – don’t tell anyone…”

Jackson cleared his throat.

“I’m surprised they haven’t picked you for the Intercourse Squad”, Manuel continued. “I bet you’d be a great fucker.” He smiled. “So, what made you want to become a milkman?”

Jackson blinked.

“Not much of a talker, huh?” Manuel sighed. “You know, talking is one of the most important things on the job. You have to make people comfortable. After all, we want them to come again. And again and again and again.” He let out a laugh and winked at Jackson. “And it makes them tip better, too.” He looked at Jackson expectantly.

Jackson raised his eyebrows. “Sorry, what was the question again?”

Manuel chuckled. “You got to work on your attention span… The question was: What made you want to become a Jerk’n’Drain professional?”

Jackson smiled weakly. “Sorry, I’ve come here right after school, and then it was three hours of orientation course, and, well, I guess I’m just a bit tired…”

Manuel smiled. “Yeah, company history can be quite boring…”

“To answer your question”, Jackson said, “I guess I’ve always been pretty good at it, and I was looking for a new job after school, and I thought, you know, why not?”

Manuel raised his eyebrows. “Whoa, whoa, wait a minute here – just because you’ve been playing with your peewee since you were ten doesn’t mean you’ll make a good milkman, too. It’s hard work, you know?”

Jackson nodded. “I know. I really want this job, and I’m willing to work hard for it.”

Manuel looked at him. “Good.” His face broke into a wide grin. “Actually, playing with your peewee is pretty good preparation…” He winked at Jackson. “Especially if it’s such a fat one…”

The two guys shared a laugh.

“Alright, I have one more source before my shift is over”, Manuel said. He opened a drawer, pulled out a slim file and opened it. “A young man. First-timer. Came here two weeks ago to make some money. It’s his girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow and he wants to buy her a ring.” Manuel looked up and grinned. “Looks like the ring is all she’s getting for her birthday, because we’re going to milk him dry tonight.”

Jackson chuckled.

“We applied the chastity device two weeks ago.” Manuel looked at his watch. “At his age, he should be good for a nice, big load. He’s signed up for a triple draining, so we’ll be able to milk every single drop of cum from his balls.”

Jackson nodded slowly, looking impressed.

“The name is Logan Kruger”, Manuel continued. “We’ll call him Mr. Kruger. We always call the source by his last name. Company policy. It’s kinda weird sometimes, you know, because Mr. Kruger is just as old as we are but, well, like I said, company policy.”

“Logan Kruger?” Jackson repeated slowly. “You got a photo?”

“What, you know him?” Manuel smiled and handed him the file. “There’s just the usual dick pic we take on the first day.”

Jackson looked at it and grinned. “Yeah, I know him.”

“Great”, Manuel said, putting the file into the drawer again. “He’ll be happy to see you.”

Jackson chuckled. “Well, I doubt it.”

Manuel smiled. “Trust me. A familiar face makes first-timers much more comfortable.”

Jackson grinned. “We’ll see.”

Manuel put on his plastic apron and handed another one to Jackson.

“When they come here the first time they usually ask what we do with their spunk.” He looked at Jackson. “You know the lines?”

Jackson nodded slowly. “Okay”, he said, closing his eyes. “There are almost a hundred Jerk’n’Drain Milking Stations in the United States. We pride ourselves with delivering outstanding product while treating our sources with… with the…” His voice trailed off and he looked at Manuel for help.

Manuel smiled “With the respect…”

“Right!” Jackson said. “With the respect and the care that they deserve.  Jerk’n’Drain is a supplier for a lot of renowned pharmaceutical companies and cosmetics manufacturers around the world. Our extraordinarily high quality standards are unmatched, and we hold 75% of the global sperm market, making Jerk’n’Drain the number one sperm supplier worldwide.” He looked at Manuel with a proud smile.

Manuel nodded. “And the slogan?”

Jackson had a blank expression on his face.

Manuel looked at him. “If---“

“If it’s sperm it’s Jerk’n’Drain”, Jackson said quickly.

“Good”, Manuel smiled. “A couple of days on the job and you’ll be able to recite it in your sleep.”

The door opened and an assistant peeked into the room. “Mr. Kruger is here.”

“Mr. Kruger is here”, Manuel repeated. “You ready to milk some dick?”

Jackson grinned. “Sure.”

“Alright”, Manuel smiled, “let’s get to work.”

The two guys left the room and entered the hallway. There were doors on either side, with muffled screams, yelps and moans coming from every room.

Jackson walked next to Manuel. “You seem to have a pretty big dick yourself”, he said with a grin.

Manuel chuckled. “Oh, you noticed?”

Jackson winked at him. “We Jerk’n’Drain professionals have an eye for that kind of thing…”

Manuel burst out laughing. “I like you, Jackson, you’re funny.”

Jackson chuckled. “So why aren’t you in the Intercourse Squad?”

Manuel shrugged. “I don’t know”, he said. “You’re right, with my size I’d be perfect. Well, I guess I don’t like concept. You know, our ordinary sources get the dildo treatment, but the VIPs get the Intercourse Squad. It’s just not fair.”

“You got VIPs here?” Jackson asked.

Manuel stopped and looked at Jackson. “Wanna see something?” He winked at Jackson and looked around. When there was nobody in sight, he motioned for Jackson to follow him.

They headed for an unmarked door. Manuel winked at Jackson again. The he opened the door and stepped in.

“This is one of the VIP rooms”, Manuel said in a loud voice. “We---“

“Hey!” He was interrupted by a deep, stern voice. “Can’t you see the room is occupied?”

A naked young man was lying on a massage table in the middle of the room, facing down. On top of him, a muscular Asian stud in his mid-twenties was slamming his huge, fat monster dick in and out of the young man’s ass like a battering ram.

On a wooden stool underneath the table, a freckle-faced blond was staring at Manuel and Jackson, his hands wrapped around the young man’s dick.

“Sorry, I didn’t know”, Manuel said cheerfully. “I’m showing the newbie the premises”

“Well, get out!” the muscular top grunted as he thrust his ridiculously oversized dick deep into the young man’s hole, eliciting a moan of pleasure. “We’re busy!”

“Yeah, get the fuck out of here before you ruin my fucking batch!” the freckle-faced blond chimed in.

“Sorry”, Manuel smiled. “See you later, Kim. Ashton.”

Manuel closed the door and burst out laughing.

Jackson stared at him. “Was that---“

Manuel grinned. “The big one is Kim. He’s the head of the Intercourse Squad.” He grinned. “And you’ve just seen his major asset. That’s a huge fucking dick, right? And the milkman is Ashton. The VIP sources like him because he looks so young and innocent.” Manuel rolled his eyes. “If you ask me he’s a dumb, foul-mouthed slut. And I’m sure he’s doing some business on the side. I mean, he’s got all the VIP keys – and I’m pretty certain he unlocks their dicks now and then to get an undocumented VIP load in his tight little slut hole. I’ve seen him do things with a dildo you just wouldn’t believe, and I’m pretty sure some Hollywood hunks pay him a lot of money to---”

“No”, Jackson said impatiently. “I mean the guy on the table. Was that---“

Manuel nodded, smiling brightly. “The one and only. Flew in with a copter right from the set.”

“Wow”, Jackson chuckled.

Manuel put his finger in front of his mouth. “But shhh, right?”

Jackson nodded quickly. “Sure, absolutely.”

“Alright”, Manuel smiled. “Mr. Kruger is waiting for us. I bet he’s dying to empty his balls.” He pointed at another door with a small sign that said ‘Milking 5’.

“In addition to VIP room we have six milking rooms”, Manuel explained. “Number 2 and Number 3 are closed right now. Apparently they are building some kind of high-efficiency milking machine in there.”

“Oh, man, they’ll probably lay off some workers”, Jackson

Manuel shrugged. “I don’t think our sources will like it very much.” He smiled at Jackson. “Alright, let’s give Mr. Kruger the milking he’s been waiting for.” Manuel winked at Jackson as he opened the door.

Logan was lying face-down on the massage table in the first cubicle. He was shirtless, his pants around his ankles, his muscular butt exposed. His dick was locked in a chastity cage, dangling through the hole in the table along with his big pair of testicles.

Beneath the table was a shelf with all kinds of useful instruments, and a wooden milking stool.

“Hey, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said cheerfully. “Is it two weeks already?” He smiled, reaching for a box of disposable gloves. He gave two of them to Jackson before taking two more and slipping his hands into them. “Time flies, huh?”

“Hi”, Logan said, turning his head. When he saw Jackson, he froze.

“This is Jackson”, Manuel said. “He’s new on the job and I’ll show him the ropes.”

“Hi, Mr. Kruger”, Jackson said with a big smile.

“Jackson”, Logan whispered.

Manuel chuckled. “Yeah, Jackson told me you know each other. What a coincidence, right?” He looked around the room. “We need another stool”, he said, turning to Jackson. “One second.” He stepped out of the cubicle.

Logan stared at Jackson.

“How are you today, Mr. Kruger?” Jackson said loudly, before leaning closer to Logan and whispering into his ear. “I’m going to bust your balls so hard your grandchildren will come out cross-eyed.”

Logan stared at him, his eyes widening in fear.

Manuel came back, carrying a stool. He handed it to Jackson and smiled at Logan. “So, Mr. Kruger, what will it be today? You booked a triple draining, right? You still up for that?”

Logan cleared his throat. “Erm, well, you know, I--- Is it possible that I come back another time?”

Manuel raised his eyebrows. “Oh, well, sure. My next opening is ten days from now. But I thought it was your girlfriend’s birthday tomorrow, right? I’m sure you don’t want to be wearing the cage then, right? I bet she doesn’t know, right? And the ring – well, of course you wouldn’t get any money until we have got your load…”

Logan bit his lower lip. “Damn, you’re right. Okay, let’s do this.”

Manuel smiled. “Great. We’ll make it as quick as possible. Right, Jackson?”

Jackson winked at Logan. “Right, Manuel.”

“The triple?” Manuel asked.

Logan grimaced. “The triple.”

“The triple”, Manuel repeated cheerfully while sitting down on the stool underneath Logan.

Jackson smiled at Logan, cracking his knuckles.

Logan gulped.

“Jackson?” Manuel said.

Jackson took a seat opposite Manuel, with Logan’s naked junk dangling from the hole between them.

“Did you experience any trouble, Mr. Kruger?” Manuel said and reached for Logan’s genitals. While Logan was answering his question, Manuel looked at Jackson and said, “First we unlock the cage, then we clean up a bit, then we start with the first round.” He handed Jackson the key to the chastity device. “What was that, Mr. Kruger?”

“No trouble”, Logan repeated.

“Great”, Manuel smiled. “It’s a bit uncomfortable at first, right, Mr. Kruger?” He watched Jackson unlock Logan’s fat dick. “Now you put some disinfectant on a towel and clean his junk. Yeah, just like that. Sometimes the source will spring a--- Oh, see?” Manuel chuckled at the sight of Logan’s instant erection. “This is going to be an easy one…”

Jackson grinned.

“The first load is pretty simple, why don’t you try it? I can take over if you get tired,” Manuel suggested. “Take some of that lubricant and work his dick.”

Jackson did as he was told and started jerking Logan’s dick with quick strokes.

“Easy, easy”, Manuel said, grabbing Jackson’s hand. “Go slow in the first one. Remember, he has two week’s worth of pent-up cum inside those balls. He’s desperate to release that load.”

Jackson nodded. “Okay.”

“Use both of your hands”, Manuel suggested. “I mean, you could probably do this one with a single hand, but you’ll want to work on your double-handed technique for the really fat ones.”

Logan let out a moan.

“You got a nice, big dick, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said. “Very nice to work with, good and hard.” He nodded at Jackson as he stroked Logan’s wet dick with both of his hands.

“Um, thanks”, Logan replied.

“You won’t believe the dicks I have seen, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel continued, guiding one of Jackson’s hands to his balls.

Jackson nodded and slowly massaged the two big, cum-filled orbs inside Logan’s nutsack.

Manuel nodded. “Some of them are just---“

Suddenly, Jackson punched Logan’s nuts hard. His knuckles dug into the tender flesh of Logan’s meaty nuts, making him let out a surprised scream.

“No, no, no”, Manuel said in a low voice. “Save some of that energy for the second round!” He raised his voice. “Sorry for that one, Mr. Kruger.”

Logan just let out a groan.

Manuel looked at Jackson. “On the first one, you just squeeze a bit. The punches are for the second round. After that you play it by ear. But – and this is the cardinal rule: Before you start crunching his nuts, you ask the source if he prefers the stimulation of the testicles or the prostate.”

Jackson nodded. “Alright.”

Manuel smiled. “That’s a rookie mistake. Believe me, I’ve seen guys stuff some pretty huge dildos into our source’s asses without asking on their first days.” He thought for a moment. “On the other hand, on some of our sources it actually works better if you surprise them.” He shrugged. “I guess you’ll learn how to read your sources.” He pointed upwards with his finger. “But this one wants to be asked.”

Jackson smiled. “Do you want me to stimulate your prostate, Mr. Kruger?”

“We have all kinds of things here we could stick up your butt, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel chimed in.

Logan let out a moan. “No, don’t, please.”

Jackson grinned. “You sure, Mr. Kruger? Maybe a finger or two?”

“No!” Logan repeated.

“Alright, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said. “We’ll go with the testicles.”

Logan groaned.

Jackson was jerking Logan’s fat, throbbing dick in long, fluent strokes.

“He’s close”, Manuel said and reached for the shelf. “I’ll hold the jar. You just milk it out, just like that.”

Logan let out a soft moan as his cock started erupting with a massive load of cum. Jackson continued stroking Logan’s throbbing, twitching dick, rubbing out jet after jet of Logan’s creamy juice.

“Great, you’re doing great”, Manuel said with a smile as he watched the jar fill with Logan’s cream.

“Thanks”, Jackson and Logan said simultaneously.

Manuel burst out laughing. “Yeah, you’re doing great, too, Mr. Kruger! That’s a very impressive load you’re giving us!” He looked at Jackson. “Milk him dry. Just like that. We want every little drop.”

When Logan’s first orgasm was over, Manuel put a lid on the jar. “Now make sure you don’t let it go soft”, he told Jackson. “Continue stroking. Use a little more force if necessary.”

“Can I punch his balls now?” Jackson asked with a grin.

Manuel chuckled. “You’re a quick learner… Sure, punch them.”

Jackson smiled brightly and balled his fist. Stroking Logan’s dick with his left hand, he balled his right fist and sent it crashing into Logan’s balls, making Logan shriek in pain.

“Like that?” Jackson asked.

Manuel nodded. “Perfect.” He pressed a button and said, “Once we’ve extracted the load, we call one of the assistants.”

Jackson nodded and slammed his fist into Logan’s balls once more. His knuckles sank deep into Logan’s spent babymakers, eliciting another shrill shriek.

“They usually come in right away and fetch the jars”, Manuel continued. “This is important: Don’t hold on to the jars. The whole batch might be ruined if the jars aren’t processed right away.”

With a mean grin, Jackson was punching Logan’s nuts hard again and again, making him scream and groan in pain.

“You got that?” Manuel asked Jackson after he handed the jar to an assistant.

Jackson nodded, cheerfully crunching Logan’s nuts with his fist. “Don’t hold on to the jars. Got it.” He slammed his fist into Logan’s nuts, causing him to wail from the top of his lungs.

Manuel looked up and grimaced. “My, that one’s a screamer. I better get him a ball.”

Jackson raised his eyebrows and looked at Manuel.

“Come on, those balls don’t bash themselves”, Manuel said while grabbing a blue rubber ball from the shelf. “Hit them nice and hard.”

Jackson nodded and resumed punching Logan’s massive plums with renewed energy.

Manuel got up and lifted his head in front of Logan’s.

Logan’s eyes were clenched shut and he was screaming in pain.

“Here, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said. “You might want to use this.”

Logan looked at him, his eyes teary and red. He let out another scream as his nuts were crunched once again.

“Here”, Manuel smiled and held the rubber ball in front of Logan’s mouth.

Another hard, relentless punch made Logan scream like a girl, giving Manuel the opportunity to stuff the ball into Logan’s open mouth, thereby muffling his wails.

“There you go, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said cheerfully. “That’s better.”

He disappeared under the massage table again where Jackson was wreaking havoc on Logan’s nuts, hitting them with his fist as hard as he could.

“You’re doing great, Jackson”, Manuel said. “He’s pretty close. Don’t forget to stroke that dick, though.”

Jackson bit his lower lip and nodded.

“That’s it”, Manuel said. “Try punching the head of his cock, too. I’ve found that it often works wonders, especially if it’s nice and sensitive after the first load.”

Jackson looked at Manuel.

“Go on, try it”, Manuel smiled.

Jackson held Logan’s fat shaft with his left hand. The tip of Logan’s dick was shiny red and dripping with precum. Jackson chuckled and punched it hard, making Logan yell through his gag.

Manuel winced. “Yeah, great one!” he chuckled. “I’m sure he felt that…”

Jackson grinned and sent another punch at Logan’s sensitive mushroom head, causing him to let out a muffled scream.

“Yay!” Jackson shouted triumphantly. “He’s cumming again!”

Manuel quickly grabbed another jar and held it underneath Logan’s dripping dick just in time. “Phew”, Manuel chuckled as the first jet of Logan’s second orgasm splashed against the bottom of the jar. “That was close…”

Jackson smiled proudly.

“Don’t stop punching!” Manuel said, shaking his head in disbelief. “Come on, bash that load out of his balls!”

Jackson quickly resumed pummeling Logan’s balls, making sure to give each one of Logan’s fat plums their fair share of attention and slamming his fist into Logan’s tender, contracting nuts with all the force he could muster.

Splash after splash of fresh juicy jizz found its way into the jar, accompanied by Logan’s muffled screams and the sound of Jackson’s fist hitting the young man’s gonads.

“Not bad”, Manuel smiled when all the cum was punched out of Logan’s balls. “Not bad at all, for a rookie.”

Jackson grinned proudly.

Manuel nodded at Logan’s junk while closing the jar. “Remember, don’t let it go soft”, he said sternly before calling the assistant and handing over another nicely filled jar of Logan’s sperm.

Jackson continued stroking Logan’s spent dick which started to show unmistakable wear marks. It was deep red, and there were some pretty nasty bruises along the shaft and on the head. His balls looked far worse, though, with fiery bruises all over his sac.

Jackson didn’t seem to care, and neither did Manuel.

“Okay”, Manuel said. “You might think that Mr. Kruger would like a bit of oral stimulation, now.”

Jackson stared at him, nothing indicating that this thought had crossed his mind. In fact, he looked rather horrified by the notion.

Oblivious to Jackson’s shocked face, Manuel continued, “Officially, we’re not allowed to do that because it might contaminate the batch.” He rolled his eyes. “Officially.” He looked at Jackson. “But if you want to try---“

“No way”, Jackson interrupted him, rapidly stroking Logan’s sore dick with both of his hands.

“Okay”, Manuel said quickly. “Sure, like I said, we’re not allowed to, right?” He balled his fists and sent them flying into Logan’s balls hard. “We have to stick to the rules, right?” he laughed nervously before bashing Logan’s balls once again as hard as he could.

Logan was wailing in agony, his eyes clenched shut, his body glistening with sweat.

“I mean”, Manuel continued while mercilessly crunching Logan’s swollen nuts, “I’ve heard that it might work pretty well in some situations, so theoretically you could---“

“No fucking way”, Jackson repeated.

“Okay, calm down”, Manuel frowned at him. “No need to get angry.” He scoffed and started pummeling Logan’s bruised and bloated balls like a speed bag, making Logan wail and shriek into his gag.

Suddenly, a phone rang.

Manuel raised his eyebrows.

Jackson blushed, smiling sheepishly. “Can you take over for me?”

Manuel snorted. “You know, that’s what I can unprofessional, bringing your phone with you”, he said sternly, shaking his head.

The phone kept ringing.

“It’ll just be a minute”, Jackson said.

Manuel sighed and grabbed Logan’s sore dick. “Alright, but keep your voice down or we’ll both get fired.” With an annoyed expression on his face he started jerking Logan’s dick in quick, angry strokes.

“Thanks”, Jackson said and reached into his pocket.

“Well, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said, “looks like I will be extracting your final load for today.” He grabbed Logan’s nuts with his free hand and squeezed hard.

“Yeah?” Jackson said in a low voice, holding the phone to his ear. “Oh, it’s you, babe.”

“I’m sure your girlfriend will love the ring”, Manuel continued, squishing and squashing Logan’s sore, spent nuts while stroking his bruised dick.

“Listen, I can’t talk right now”, Jackson said.

Manuel raised his eyebrows. “You know, you’d think that people would try harder to make a good impression on their first day…” He threw a vicious punch at Logan’s swollen right nut.

“Oh, you’re here?” Jackson asked.

“I mean, if you really want that job”, Manuel continued, punching Logan’s left nuts as hard as he could, “you try to make a good impression, right?”

“Listen, I’ll meet you in about ten minutes”, Jackson said.

Manuel rolled his eyes. “And you certainly don’t leave early to meet some pussy.” He slammed his fist into Logan’s nuts three times in rapid succession, causing Logan to retch and gag.

“Oh yeah, I can’t wait”, Jackson grinned.

Manuel shook his head, sighing. He continued punching Logan’s nuts and stroking his dick.

“Love you, too”, Jackson said quickly before putting his phone in his pocket again.

“We’re almost there, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said in an almost comically cheerful tone.

“Sorry”, Jackson said with a guilty smile.

“Go on, get a jar”, Manuel said.

As soon as Jackson was holding the jar under Logan’s dick, it started squirting out load aft load of cum.

Manuel made sure to continue punching his nuts with all the force he could muster while stroking his quivering dick.

Jackson and Manuel were silent, and Logan’s third orgasm was just accompanied by his own muffled yells and screams.

Finally, Logan’s balls were empty.

“You want to squeeze everything out in the final round”, Manuel explained casually. He wrapped his fingers around Logan’s balls and wrung his sac out like a wet towel, making Logan scream from the top of his lungs. Manuel did the same to his dick, eliciting another series of muffled screams.

“Okay”, Manuel said. “That’s it. We’re done. Call the assistant.”

Jackson closed the jar and pressed the button before handing the jar to the assistant.

“Listen”, Jackson said when the assistant had left. “I’m really sorry. This won’t happen again, I promise.”

Manuel shrugged.

“This really means a lot to me, and I really appreciate your work here”, Jackson continued with the most charming smile he could manage. “I’ve heard before that you were one of the best, that’s why I wanted to be trained by you.”

Manuel looked at him. A slight smile appeared on his face. “Really?”

Jackson’s eyes widened. “Hello?! You’re awesome. I learned so much today, and we had a lot of fun, right?”

Manuel smiled. “But next time you leave your phone in the lunch room, okay?”

Jackson nodded, a huge smile on his face.

“Alright”, Manuel said.

Jackson looked at his watch.

Manuel rolled his eyes, chuckling. “Okay, off you go…”

“Thanks, man”, Jackson grinned.

“But say goodbye to Mr. Kruger first”, Manuel said, adding in a low voice, “Think of the tip.”

“Sure”, Jackson smiled.

Manuel and Jackson got up.

“Mr. Kruger”, Manuel said, “we’re done. I hope it wasn’t too uncomfortable for you…”

Logan whimpered in pain, spitting out the rubber ball

Jackson and Manuel helped Logan get off the massage table. His eyes were red and puffy and he looked exhausted.

“Jackson here has to leave early”, Manuel said with a smile before Logan had a chance to pull up his pants.

Jackson glanced at Logan’s swollen, bruised genitals and grinned. “It was nice meeting you again, Mr. Kruger.”

Manuel and Jackson looked at Logan expectantly.

“The gratuity”, Manuel whispered gently.

“Oh”, Logan groaned and bent over to reach inside his pocket. He produced a ten-dollar-bill and held it up.

“Thank you so much”, Jackson smiled and grabbed the bill. “See you around.” He looked at Manuel. “See you.”

Manuel smiled as Jackson quickly walked out.

“He has a date”, Manuel grinned. “The girl is waiting outside.”

Logan didn’t look the least bit interested.

“I guess you don’t want me to apply the chastity cage again, Mr. Kruger?” Manuel asked.

Logan shook his head.

“Alright”, Manuel smiled, “well, you’ll receive your check at the reception. I’m sure it’ll buy you a nice, big ring for your girlfriend. And if you ever need some more money, you know where to find us”, he added cheerfully. “It was a pleasure working with you, Mr. Kruger.”

Logan let out a moan.

Manuel smiled at him.

Logan blinked.

Manuel’s smile widened.

“Oh”, Logan groaned again and produced another ten-dollar-bill from his pocket.

“You’re too generous, Mr. Kruger”, Manuel smiled as he took the money. “Have a nice day, and have a nice birthday party with your girlfriend…”

Ten minutes later, Logan had put on his clothes and walked out of the Milking Station. The parking lot was dark, and it seemed like ages until he had made it halfway to his car.

He passed a flashy red car and saw Jackson in the back seat, kissing a girl with blond hair. One of Jackson’s hand was deep inside her jeans while the other one was massaging her boobs.

Logan rolled his eyes and cleared his throat. He knocked on the window. “Classy, real classy! Fingering a slut in the parking lot”, he said in a loud voice, making Jackson and the girl stop and look at him.

Jackson had a huge grin on his face, but the girl looked shocked when she recognized him.

Not as shocked as Logan, though.

“Ashley?!” Logan whispered in a toneless voice.

The girl quickly got out of the car, leaving Jackson with his huge boner sticking out of his pants and an equally huge grin on his face. He licked his finger and smirked at Logan.

“Logan!” Ashley said, straightening her dress. “It’s not what it looks like…”

Logan stared at her. “What?!”

“It’s not---“ Ashley’s eyes narrowed. She looked at Logan, then at the huge ‘Jerk’n’Drain Milking Station’ sign above the door of the building, then at Logan again. “You’ve been in there?”

Logan’s mouth opened, but no words came out.

“You’ve been in there, jerking into a cup?!” Ashley hissed. “The day before my birthday?!”

“But--- I--- It’s--- I---“ Logan stuttered.

“The day before my birthday you have nothing better to do than waste your stuff and blow it into a cup?!” Ashley screamed at Logan.

“I--- But--- Jackson?!” Logan managed to blurt out.

“That’s your answer?” Ashley screamed. “That’s your answer, you bastard?! You don’t make love to me for two weeks, and I’m thinking, oh, he’s saving it for my birthday.” She let out a bitter laugh. “But you just--- You know what, I’m glad you saw me with Jackson! I’m glad!” She started walking away before abruptly turning and marching towards Logan. “By the way, Jackson is reaching places I have never dreamed of! He’s a master with his dick!”

Jackson was watching the scene, leaning back on the back seat of his car, grinning from ear to ear and leisurely stroking his fat, hard dick.

Logan stared at Ashley, a desperate, humiliated look on his face. “But---“

“Fuck you, you bastard!” Ashley screamed and sent her high-heeled shoe crashing into his groin.

Logan let out a blood-curdling scream and collapsed on the ground, writhing in pain.

Jackson pulled up his pants and sat in the driver’s seat. “Come on, babe, let’s go.”

Ashley got into the car, slamming the door shut. She rolled down the window and hissed, “You bastard.”

Jackson chuckled and started the car. “Babe, you wouldn’t believe who I saw today getting his ass plowed by a huge fucking cock…”

They sped away, leaving Logan in the dark, cupping his crotch and sobbing in pain.

“That your girlfriend?” a voice said gently.

Logan looked up to see Manuel.

The handsome Latino had changed into jeans and a t-shirt. He squatted down next to Logan.

“Ex-girlfriend, I guess”, Logan croaked.

“I’m sorry”, Manuel smiled. “She seems to have one hell of a kick… You okay?”

Logan groaned.

Manuel nodded. “Women, eh?” He spotted a piece of paper on the ground and picked it up. “That’s yours, seems to have dropped out of your pocket.” He handed Logan the check.

Logan whimpered. “Thanks.”

“Look at the bright side”, Manuel said with a gentle smile. “You don’t have to buy her a ring anymore.”

Logan let out a weak laugh.

“Oh, and maybe now that you’re unattached, maybe you’d like to reconsider our offer?” Manuel smiled. “I could slap a chastity device on your dick in no time. And two weeks from now we bash another couple of loads out of your nuts and you walk out of here with another big check.” He raised his eyebrows. “Think about it.”

Logan let out a miserable whimper.

“Well”, Manuel chuckled. “What do you think about nice cold beer? I know a place we could go.”

Logan slowly got up, rubbing his crotch. “Okay, let’s do that.”

Manuel grinned. “Okay. But you’re buying.”


Carter said...

That was amazing and hilarious. I loved imagining their faces when everyone recognized each other.
Great story. It was nice seeing Logan get his balls busted.

Anonymous said...

Loved it! I feel a little drained too myself ;) I have an idea for two sequels to this.

First, as Carter had suggested, Logan wants to fight Jackson in a wrestling match because of Ashley. Unfortunately for him, Jackson's now really good after working with Manuel, so the match ends with Logan losing and continuously cumming in his singlet. And, since Jackson's a total arsehole, I'm thinking he then hogties Logan with his own singlet in a way that his dick rests inside his mouth (like a forced self-sucking position) before draining him completely. I do feel bad for Logan though, so maybe the story ends with Ashley figuring out what happened at the clinic thanks to some remarks Jackson makes during the fight, and she apologises? Whether or not Logan accepts would be up to you, but I think he's too nice to not forgive her. Or maybe he still has his dick in his mouth during Ashley's apology and can't really say anything :P

The second story would be that same evening. Logan's dry and limping in the locker room. But Jackson's told Riley - who lost the side bet in "Never Bet Your Balls" - that Logan is full to the brim, so he shows up and tries to bust the cum out of Logan. Again, unfortunately, he fails and he just gets really, comically annoyed at Logan while trying to make him cum. I imagine this one ending with Logan mumbling about his bad luck. Maybe Jackson returns to share his expertise with Riley, though that might be too much. Or maybe Riley resorts to giving him a blowjob which Ashley walks in on and gets angry about. Again. Either way, Logan just has really bad luck and really bruised balls. And a bruised ego too :P

That's just an idea. Feel free to use or disregard as you please :) - Ibi

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

I like your ideas! I'll see if I can use them in another sequel...

Anonymous said...

Thanks Alex! Like I said, they're just ideas, so it's fine if you feel like you want to use them for other characters instead. My only request would be to save the dick-in-mouth idea for Logan only ;)

Alex said...

Thanks, Ibi, I'll keep that in mind... :-)

Carter said...

So, did Jackson and/or Ashley tell anyone about the incident?
Did Logan's friends at school hear?
How did they react?

Anonymous said...

Oh poor Logan! I hope there wasn't *too* much humiliation... at least, not without us hearing about it ;) - Ibi

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

Of course Jackson told everyone about his encounter with Logan. Ashley just told her best friends. Unfortunately, word spread fast at Bartlett High. His friends don't believe what everybody is saying about Logan. He is a very popular guy so people mostly whisper behind his back. Logan probably doesn't even know that everybody knows...

Maybe we'll explore that in another sequel... :-))

Anonymous said...

Having re-read this story yet again - I think it's becoming my favourite Alex! - I noticed that Logan's probably not had his prostate initiated on your website yet (though my "be our guest" request has that). I wonder if Jackson would like to do that in their rematch as well? Quite possibly after asking "Mr. Kruger" if he would like his prostate stimulated, when Logan's got his own cock in his mouth and can't say no ;)

Anonymous said...

Last post from Ibi, forgot to say!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, Ibi! I'm sure that we'll get to see a proper prostate milking in this series - and maybe Logan will be on the receiving end.. I'll think about it...

Anonymous said...

Sorry again for the greediness; you're spoiling us :P Loving the stories Alex, I trust your judgement more than my libido :) - Ibi