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Threesome (Daniel P. meets Danny and David)

Special thanks to our reader Daniel P. for the idea and a lot of hot details for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who doesn’t really like this blog that much but reads a story now and then!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Contains graphic homosexuality.

Featured in this story: Danny and David (click for pictures)

“I think he’s hot”, Daniel said.

He was 26 years old, a tall and muscular young man with blond hair and a handsome face. He had known Danny for a couple of years, and they were good friends.

“Eww, please”, Danny shuddered. “He’s my brother.”

The two guys were sitting on the couch in the living room of Danny’s apartment.

Daniel chuckled. “I see. He’s your brother that’s why he can’t be hot…”

Danny rolled his eyes. “Oh, shut up.”

Daniel shrugged. “I just think he’s hot.”

“He’s an asshole”, Danny mumbled.

Daniel let out a laugh. “Yeah, I know. You told me about that a thousand times.” He imitated Danny’s voice, “Boo-hoo, he’s treating me like shit. Boo-hoo, he makes fun of me in front of my friends. Boo-hoo, he has kicked me in the balls.”

Danny glared at his friend and slapped his balls with the back of his hand.

Daniel winced and covered his groin, laughing his ass off.

“So you’ll do it?” Danny asked.

Daniel looked at him with a stern expression on his face. “You want me to kick your brother’s ass and humiliate him so that you can get back at him.” He let out an exaggerated sigh. “That’s not a very nice thing. I really don’t know if I can do that for you…”

Danny frowned at him. “Oh, come on! I already paid you for it!”

Daniel raised his eyebrows. “I don’t know if one blowjob is enough.”

The indignant expression on Danny’s face made Daniel laugh out loud.

“Of course I’ll do it!” he chuckled, playfully punching Danny’s shoulder. “I promised you!”

Danny grinned. “Awesome!”

A little while later, the door opened, and Danny’s brother David stood in the doorframe.

He was 19 years old, a handsome young man with black hair and green eyes. He was shirtless,  wearing just a pair of tight-fitting black dress pants. His muscular chest was hairless and smooth. He had some black piece of clothing in his hand.

Daniel eyed him from head to toe. He was hot. The only thing that was slightly irritating was the blatant smirk on his face.

“Hi”, Daniel said, smiling brightly. “Nice to meet you.”

David ignored him, looking at Danny, tapping his bare feet on the ground. “I told you to iron my shirt.” He threw the black dress shirt at Danny’s face.

“I did”, Danny mumbled.

David raised his eyebrows. “Oh, you did? Well, you did a lousy job. Look at it! I’m not going to the opening party like that!”

“You’re David, right?” Daniel said cheerfully.

David stared at Danny. “Come on, get moving!”

Danny mumbled something unintelligible and started to get up.

Daniel grabbed his arm and pulled him back before standing up and extending his hand.

“Hi”, he said with a smile, “you’re a dancer right?”

David stared at him. He looked like he had only just realized that there was another person in the room. “Who are you?”

Daniel put his hands in his pockets. “I’m Daniel. I’m a friend of Danny’s.”

David let out a laugh. “Wow, really? Danny has friends?”

“Nice to meet you”, Daniel smiled.

“Daniel”, David said slowly. “You’re a friend, huh? You sure you’re not a figment of Danny’s imagination? I mean, maybe there’s someone else hiding behind the couch. He’s probably called Dan. And I bet there are some Donnys, Bennys and Mannys somewhere else in our apartment…”

“Yeah, our names are similar”, Daniel said. “You’re funny.”

David’s eyes narrowed. “Get out of my way, ‘friend’, I’m talking to my brother.”

“You know”, Daniel smiled, “I used to be a dancer myself. Back in my teenage years.”

David stared at him. “Sorry, have I missed something? Did you hear me asking about your personal background? Do I look like I’m interested in your childhood?”

Daniel chuckled and looked at Danny. “He’s funny.”

“Listen, ‘friend’, just because you ran around in a tutu as a kid doesn’t mean that we have anything in common, you know?” David said with a cold smile.

Daniel laughed. “You’re probably right. I bet you look much hotter in a tutu than me…”

David frowned at him. “You---“

“Even without a tutu you’re hotter than I imagined”, Daniel smiled.


“Look at that chest”, David smiled and lifted his hand to touch David’s nipple.

“Get your hands off me!” David barked and took a step back.

“Oh”, Daniel feigned surprise. “I thought you’d appreciate bluntness. You seem to be a blunt person yourself.”

“Oh, fuck off”, David said with an icy sneer, “before I kick your ass.”

Daniel let out a laugh. “You think you can kick my ass?”

“Just fuck off, ‘friend’”, David replied with an annoyed sigh.

“Really, you think you can kick my ass?” Daniel insisted.

David rolled his eyes. “Want me to show you?”

Daniel shrugged. “Yeah, why not.” He took off his t-shirt, revealing his naked, muscular chest, and started unbuttoning his jeans.

David stared at him. “What are you doing?”

Daniel looked up at him while he was taking off his jeans. “What does it look like? I accepted your challenge.”

David blinked. “My what?”

“You challenged me to a fight, right?” Daniel said. “So let’s fight.” He put his hands on his hips, showing off his muscular body. He was wearing nothing but a very tiny white thong that did very little to conceal his massive endowment.

Daniel’s dick was average size but balls were huge, and David couldn’t help but stare at the two massive bulges in Daniel’s thong.

“Like what you see?” Daniel grinned.

“Fuck you”, David mumbled. “I’m going to kick your ass, ‘friend’.” He took off his shoes and pants. He was wearing black briefs that hugged his junk tightly. Above the waistline, a glimpse of David’s pubic hair was visible.

David cracked his knuckles. “Let’s go, get ready to get your ass kicked.”

Daniel chuckled. “Oh yeah, sure.”

David glanced at the bulging package in Daniel’s thing. “And watch out for those big balls of yours. I’ve learned that those can be quite a weakness…”

Daniel grinned. “You’re telling me that you’re fighting dirty?” He turned his head to Danny who had been watching his friend and his brother from the couch. “You didn’t tell me about that”, Daniel said with a wink.

David grinned back at him. “Fuck you.” With that, he brought his leg back and brought it crashing into Daniel’s groin.

The tip of his bare foot connected with Daniel’s huge, juicy balls and rammed them into his pelvis.

Daniel let out a soft groan and doubled over, grabbing his groin.

Danny winced in sympathy as his muscular friend sank to the ground.

David laughed. “Loser.”

Daniel brought his fist up between David’s thighs, catching the handsome dancer by surprise and crunching his nuts hard. Instead of withdrawing his hand, Daniel grabbed hold of David’s balls and squeezed with all the force he could muster.

David let out an anguished grunt and grabbed Daniel’s wrist, trying to pry his hand away from his groin.

But Daniel held on to David’s balls, and David’s pulling just caused more pain as David’s balls were squeezed, yanked and twisted at the same time.

“You fucking loser”, David whined as his testicles were squished in Daniel’s tight grip.

Daniel yanked down hard, causing David to sink to his knees.

“Fuck you”, David cried. He let go of Daniel’s wrist and grabbed hold of his huge plums with both of his hands.

Daniel threw his head back in pain.

The two opponent were kneeling opposite each other, holding on to each other’s nuts and squeezing the soft orbs like their lives depended on it.

They were grunting and groaning, each of them trying to outdo the other by twisting and kneading the delicate eggs in their hands.

Daniel threw a punch at David’s face with his free hand, causing David to roar in pain and anger.

He fell to his side, pulling Daniel with him by his balls, and the two hot guys rolled around on the floor, still squishing and squashing each other’s balls.

Suddenly, Daniel shouted, “Hey, do I feel a boner rising?”

David’s eyes widened. “What?!”

A slight grin appeared on Daniel’s pain contorted face. “I think you’re turned on by this.” He twisted his hand, causing David to yell in pain.

“You fucking bastard”, David screamed in a high-pitched voice, pressing his thumbs into Daniel’s huge, meaty balls.

Daniel’s eyes bulged and he squealed in agony but he managed to stay focused on David’s balls.

Suddenly, there was a loud ripping sound.

“What the fuck?!” David screamed.

Daniel lifted his hand, holding up the shredded remains of David’s briefs like a trophy while regaining a hold on David’s bare balls.

David’s anguished grunt was followed by another ripping sound and a high-pitched squeal from Daniel.

His white thong was reduced to nothing more than a cleaning rag (for a very small room) and David threw the torn piece of underwear across the room.

It landed right next to Danny who raised his eyebrows. He stared at his brother and his best buddy as they rolled around the room, bare-naked and squeezing each other testicles.

This was definitely not what he had had in mind when he had asked Daniel to help him.

“It is a boner!” Daniel shouted triumphantly as the tip of David’s big, wet erection slapped against his nose.

“Fuck you!” David screamed.

“Wow!” Daniel chuckled. “Danny told me you were an asshole, but he didn’t tell me you were an asshole with such a big dick! I’m---" He didn’t finish his sentence but screamed from the top of his lungs as David threw a hard punches at his huge, naked meatballs.

Squealing in pain, Daniel lowered his head and sucked David’s balls into his mouth. He sank his teeth into David’s tender testicles, making the black-haired dancer throw his head back and let out an ear-piercing shriek.

Daniel managed to throw David onto his back, straddling him while he was chomping on David’s nuts with all the force he could muster.

Danny watched the two guys with growing chagrin. They were in the 69 position, and from Danny’s perspective, it almost looked like they were sucking each other off. He noticed a stinging pain in his chest.

David was screaming from the top of his lungs.

Finally, Daniel let his balls drop out of his mouth. He looked down at David’s erection and couldn’t resist licking the glistening head of David’s hard dick, eliciting a furious scream from David.

“I like the taste of your cock”, Daniel grinned, “your balls, too. After I’m done busting them, I think I will play with them for a bit. You're to hot just to bust--we should have some fun too!"

“Fuck you!” David squealed.

Suddenly, there was an angry roar.

David and Daniel turned their heads.

Danny was standing in front of the couch, his head the color of a ripe tomato.

“I think someone is angry”, David said slowly.

“I think someone is jealous”, Daniel added.

Danny took off his shirt and let his chinos drop to the floor, revealing his naked body.

“I didn’t know you were freeballing”, Daniel deadpanned.

With an angry grunt, Danny jumped at David and Danny, making both of them scream in surprise.

There was a lot of noise as everyone tried to get the upper hand.

The room was filled with ear-piercing screams, anguished groans and wails of agony, as fat balls were viciously squeezed and punched, dripping dicks were brutally yanked, and loose scrotums were stretched to their absolute limits.

For quite a long time, nobody was able to come out on top.

It was a hot pile of naked, sweaty guys going for each other’s balls in a testicle-shattering frenzy, each of them trying to lower their opponents’ sperm counts with hard, brutal attacks.

Danny’s rage made him brutally crunch his best friend’s nuts, sinking his fist into his ridiculously fat globes again and again, before turning on his brother and kneeing his balls with all the force he could muster.

Since it had worked to well on David, Daniel tried successfully to get Danny’s balls into his mouth and treated them like ersatz chewing gum, scrunching them between his teeth, while squeezing David’s swollen testicles as hard as he could.

David kicked his legs, managing to land a couple of vicious blows to his brother’s balls while punching Daniel’s balls with his fist whenever he could pry them from Danny’s hands.

Shrieks, screams and wails echoed through the apartment as three beautiful pairs of young, juicy nuts were relentlessly crunched and brutally crushed.

Finally, David managed to crawl back, catching his breath for second, grimacing in pain as he watched Danny and Daniel wreck each others’ sex lives. He groaned as he got up, cupping his bruised and swollen balls, and grabbed Danny’s ankles, pulling him back on his stomach and lifting his lower body up.

With an angry scream, David brought his foot back and kicked his brother’s naked nuts as hard as he could.

Danny screamed in pain as David’s bare foot connected with his nuts, ramming them into his body. He tried to twist his body, but David maintained his hold on his ankles, spreading his legs wide apart, leaving his dangling, battered balls exposed and vulnerable.

Leaning back against the couch, Daniel winced in sympathy as he watched David kick Danny’s nuts again and again.

David’s cock was rock hard and pointing at the ceiling, slapping against his taut abs as he assaulted Danny’s balls with the energy and precision of a football player scoring a field goal.

Daniel was rubbing his sore nuts, trying to catch his breath, his own erection dripping with precum.

After more than a dozen of hard, nut-crunching kicks, Danny was reduced to a whimpering mess.

“I think he has enough”, Daniel said slowly, grimacing in pain.

“You think so?!” David shouted, letting go of Danny’s legs and allowing him to curl up in a ball, sobbing and whimpering and clutching his groin. “You think he has enough?” He turned to Daniel, his big, hard boner swinging with every step. He grabbed Daniel by the hip and brutally turned him around, making him bend over the couch.

“Hey, Danny”, David shouted, causing his brother to lift his head. “Look at this.” With a mean grin, he parted Daniel’s ass cheeks and lined up his big, hard dick with Daniel’s puckered hole. “How do you like that, huh?”

Danny stared at him, his face a mask of pain.

Daniel cleared his throat, turning his head to look at David. “Um, don’t you want to ask me---“

“Shut up”, David said with a cold smile before sliding his dick into Daniel’s hole.

“Oh, fuck!” Daniel moaned.

David chuckled and sank his dick all the way into Daniel before thrusting in and out, fucking Daniel hard, making Daniel’s hard, dripping dick slap against his body while David’s balls smacked against Daniel’s thighs.

David grimaced every time his balls slammed into Daniel’s body, but he continued fucking him with deep, hard thrusts. “Yeah, do you like that, Danny? Take a good look! Do you like watching me fuck your ‘friend’?”

Danny stared at them.

“Holy shit, your brother knows how to fuck”, Daniel moaned. “Come on, harder!”

“Shut up!” David muttered as he continued plowing Daniel’s hole.

Danny let out a whimper and got up, placing his hand on David’s shoulder and trying to pull him away.

David turned his head and quickly brought back his hand, grabbing Danny’s sore, swollen nuts and making him gasp in pain and surprise.

Squeezing Danny’s balls hard, David pulled his cock out of Daniel’s hole and grabbed Daniel’s hair with his free hand. He guided Daniel’s head down to his glistening cock and said with a grin, “Suck it.”

Daniel licked his lips and opened his mouth wide. His lips closed around David’s wet dick and he started bobbing his head back and forth.

David chuckled. “Yeah, suck my cock!” He squished Danny’s balls hard while keeping his other hand on Daniel’s head.

“Come on”, David said suddenly, pulling out his dick from Daniel’s mouth.

Daniel looked up, spit dribbling down his mouth.

Danny yelped in pain as David led him to the middle of the room before yanking down hard and making Danny collapse on the ground.

David told Daniel to kneel in front of him, facing Danny, and started fucking him doggy style.

“Wanna have a go at his balls?” David grunted as he thrust his cock into Daniel.

Daniel let out a soft moan and reached for Danny’s bruised, battered jewels.

“Come on, pound the cum out of his nuts!” David sneered. “I know you want to!”

Daniel chuckled. “You sure know how to have fun…”

“Shut up. I want to see you punch his nuts while I fuck you”, David said, grabbing Daniel by the hips and increasing the force and the pace of his thrusts.

Daniel grinned and grabbed Danny’s swollen nuggets. He chuckled before balling his fist and slamming it into Danny’s nuts.

Danny let out a guttural groan. His dick was rock hard, its head slimy with precum.

Daniel’s body was rocking back and forth as David pounded his hole. He punched Danny’s nuts again and again, until Danny’s cock erupted with a big, creamy load of cum that flew up into the air and hit his chin before running down his chest.

Jet after jet of jizz shot out from Danny’s dick as Daniel continued pounding his nuts, and David continued pounding Daniel’s hole.

Within seconds, Danny’s body was covered in cum, and he looked like he had taken a bath in sugar icing.

“Fuck!” David grunted and pulled his cock from out of Daniel’s hole. He quickly made his way around Daniel and grabbed his kneeling brother by the hair. He pulled his hair back and made him face his throbbing dick. “You missed a spot”, he said with a mean grin. He threw his head back and aimed the first jet of cum at his face.

Danny’s eyes were clenched shut as spurt after spurt of sticky sperm landed on his face, coating his handsome features in cream.

Daniel got up and started jerking his dick, watching David unload his spunk on Danny.

“Oh my fucking god”, Daniel mumbled before adding his own special sauce to the mix.

Both David’s and Daniel’s cocks were shooting what looked like a gallon of spunk on poor Danny’s face, covering his face completely in jizz and making him gasp for breath.

When David’s orgasm had subsided, he grabbed his clothes and left the room, slamming the door shut behind him without another word.

Daniel’s dick continued hosing Danny’s face with cum, before he finally sank to the ground next to Danny, breathing heavily.

He looked at Danny who was completely covered in spunk, and burst out laughing.

Danny stared at him.

“You should see yourself”, Daniel laughed.

“Fuck you”, Danny mumbled.

“Oh, come on”, Daniel grinned and grabbed his friend’s shoulder.

“That wasn’t what we had planned”, Danny mumbled.

“No?” Daniel chuckled.

Danny raised his eyebrows. A big drop of spunk landed on the ground.

Daniel laughed. “Well, maybe things didn’t exactly go according to plan…”

“I’ll say”, Danny said, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

Daniel pointed at Danny’s groin.

His dick and balls were red and bruised.

“That looks like it hurts”, Daniel grinned.

Danny scoffed and pointed at Daniel’s own crotch.

His huge balls had swollen to almost surreal proportions.

“That doesn’t look any better”, Danny smiled weakly.

“Wanna see something really bad?” Daniel asked with a cheeky grin.

Danny raised his eyebrows. Another drop of cum landed on the ground.

Daniel turned around and spread his ass cheeks, giving Danny a good look at his gaping hole.

“Ewww!” Danny grimaced.

The two guys burst out laughing.

They sat in silence for a while.

Finally, Daniel pointed at Danny’s cum-covered face. “You know, this really looks good on you”, he dead-panned. “You should always put this on before you go out.” He scooped a bit of cum up with his finger and looked at it.

“Looks tasty!” Daniel grinned and stuck out his tongue, licking his sticky finger. He scooped up more of the creamy spunk and brought it to Danny's mouth. “Want a taste?”

Danny broke out laughing. “Fuck you!” He playfully slapped Daniel’s bruised and bloated nuts, making him shriek in pain while he was laughing.

“Ow ow ow ow ow!” Daniel shrieked, trying to fend off Danny’s hand. “Too soon! Too soon!” He slapped Danny’s swollen, red balls in turn, making him let out a grunt.

The two friends were laughing their asses off, trying to slap each other’s balls.

Finally, they stopped, lying on their backs on the ground next to each other.

“Shower?” Danny asked.

“Yup”, Daniel said.


Anonymous said...

Hi Alex! This is Daniel! :)

This story was so amazing and so hot! Thank you for keeping it light hearted, and keeping my character so close to the real me! The amount you pay to detail and put into your stories is crazy hot!

I LOVED everything about this story! You are so amazing, and thank you for welcoming me as a guest! Danny and David?--They can play with me anytime! :)

Alex said...

Thans for your feedback, Daniel! I'm very, very glad you like your story! I had a lot of fun writing it! Thanks again for sharing your ideas and taking part in this little project... :-))