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Fun between friends 2 (Raul meets Logan)

Special thanks to our reader Raul for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who checks this blog every day, hoping to see a new story!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

“I’m so sorry, I’ll pay you back, I promise”, Logan said, looking miserable. The 18 year old stud ran his hand through his short blond hair and sighed.

Raul shrugged. “Don’t worry, I’m sure we’ll find a way to work things out.” He was 3 years older than Logan, an attractive young man with muscles in all the right places.

Yesterday, the two had met by coincidence after they hadn’t seen each other in a couple of years, and Raul had helped Logan get some beer for a party. Logan had planned on paying Raul back today.

They were sitting in Raul’s apartment, and Logan slowly shook his head. “I can’t believe it’s gone”, he mumbled.

“I guess there were a lot of people at the party?” Raul said, pouring Logan a glass of coke.

Logan nodded. “It was just crazy. I mean, we had a great time. I didn’t notice it was missing until this morning.”

“There wasn’t a lot of cash in it, right?” Raul asked.

Logan shook his head. “Maybe 10 bucks. But my credit card, my driver’s license, a picture of--- Damn!”

“Your girlfriend?” Raul asked.

Logan looked up, a pained expression on his face. “Ex-girlfriend. She broke up with me.” He sighed.  “I guess I can't just ask her for a new picture...”

There was brief moment of silence.

Raul cleared his throat. “Well, I'm sorry about the picture. But you can get a new credit card and a new driver’s license”, Raul said.

“I know”, Logan said. “But I wanted to give you your money back today.”

Raul nodded. “Yeah, you promised me.”

Logan looked mortified.

Raul laughed and patted Logan’s back. “What about this: You can win back what you owe me if you beat me in a little match.”

Logan looked at him. “Sounds good.”

“And I’m even giving you a little advantage”, Raul grinned. “Since you’re such a good nut-puncher we make this a no-holds-barred match.”

“You mean we’re allowed to go for the balls?” Logan chuckled.

Raul smiled at him. “What do you say?”

Logan laughed. “I seem to recall that you’re not so bad at crunching nuts yourself…” He stood and pushed the couch out of the way.

Raul joined in the laughter. “Maybe you’re right. You scared?” He grabbed a chair and put it away. Now there was enough space in the center of the room.

Logan scoffed. “Scared?! Come on, I have cracked more nuts than a line worker at Jif’s!” He lowered his upper body, facing Raul.

Raul grabbed the big bulge in his jeans and chuckled. “You think you can crack these, too?”

The two guys started circling each other on the beige carpet, both of them in attack position.

“Believe me, I’ll try”, Logan grinned.

“A lot of people have tried”, Raul winked at Logan. “Most of them are still walking funny…”

Logan chuckled.

Raul loosened the top button of his shirt.

Logan seized his chance and kicked Raul’s nuts hard. His sneaker-clad foot connected perfectly with the impressive bulge in Raul’s jeans.

Raul let out a surprised yelp that was instantly followed by an anguished groan before he doubled over, his knees turning inward, grabbing his crotch.

“What was that you said about people walking funny?” Logan quipped with a cheeky grin.

“Oh, fuck, you really crunched them”, Raul moaned.

Logan grinned. “Yup. That’s what I did.”

Raul massaged his crotch, grimacing in pain. “Oh, fuck.”

Logan chuckled. “Get over it, man, this is just the beginning…”

Raul laughed. “You bet!”

He lunged at Logan, but Logan quickly took a step back. Instead of punching Logan’s gut, Raul just managed to catch hold of Logan’s t-shirt. Logan tried to kick his groin, but Raul avoided another blow to his testicles, pulling and yanking on Logan’s t-shirt until it ripped right in the middle, exposing Logan’s defined chest and his washboard abs.

Logan quickly slipped out of his torn t-shirt and threw it away.

At that precise moment, Raul threw a vicious punch at Logan’s balls. It was too late for Logan to turn away, and Raul’s fist crashed into the soft mound in Logan’s jeans.

Logan gasped for air, his eyes widening, and Raul followed up with another hard, nut-crunching blow. His knuckles sank into Logan’s big bulge, flattening it and making Logan let out an agonized wail.

“Yes!” Raul shouted triumphantly, shaking his fists, while Logan was nursing his battered genitalia, his face contorted in pain.

“Holy shit”, Logan groaned, cupping his crotch with both of his hands, “my nuts…”

“Yeah”, Raul chuckled. “Those were your nuts… Now they’re just two cracked shells with a cream filling…”

Despite the pain in his balls, Logan let out a laugh. “Where did you get that from?”

Raul grinned. “I don’t know. You like it?”

Logan grimaced. “Nah, not particularly.”

The two guys circled each other.

Raul wiped his forehead with his arm.

“You sweating?” Logan grinned. “Have you stopped working out or what?”

Raul unbuttoned his shirt and threw it onto the couch, grinning. “This fight is getting too hot…” He wiped his hand over his muscular upper body.

Logan chuckled. “Well, I got something to cool you down!” He jumped at his buddy, throwing him to the ground and landing on top of him.

Raul grunted in surprise as Logan pinned his shoulders down and rammed his knee between Raul’s thighs.

“Fuuuck!” Raul wailed in agony.

Logan kneed Raul’s balls twice more before turning around and sitting on his chest. He unbuttoned Raul’s jeans and reached into his fly, pulling out Raul’s junk. Raul’s dick was nice and fat, just like his balls. Logan grinned. In the locker rooms, Raul had always been a little bit above average in every aspect.

Raul was squirming and screaming as Logan grabbed his naked nutsack by the base, pulling the two hefty plums towards him so that the skin of his scrotum was stretched to the limit.

“Time to polish the jewels”, Logan chuckled and playfully slapped Raul’s naked balls, making his body convulse in pain. Then he balled his fist and slammed down hard, flattening Raul’s balls like two very meaty pancakes.

Raul screamed from the top of his lungs. He tried to shove Logan off of him, but Logan managed to punch Raul’s balls again, making him throw his head back and yodel in pain.

Finally, Raul was able to wrap his arms around Logan’s waist, searching for his fly and trying to reach inside his jeans.

Logan sensed the danger that his testicles were in. He punched Raul’s nuts one more time, eliciting an anguished squeal, before getting up and trying to get away.

There was just a brief moment, when he was straddling Raul’s body, after he had gotten up and before he was able to step away, that Logan’s crotch was exposed. And despite the pain he was in, Raul’s timing was perfect.

With an aggressive roar, Raul slammed both of his fists upward between Logan’s legs, ramming them into Logan’s big bulge and knocking the wind out of the 18 year old wrestler.

Logan’s eyes crossed and he let out a hoarse groan. He tried to stumble away, but Raul managed to grab Logan by the foot, causing him to fall flat on his face.

Both guys were panting and groaning in pain.

Logan tried to crawl away, and Raul reached for Logan’s feet. Hegrabbed Logan’s sneakers, but Logan slipped out of them. At the last second, Raul managed to catch hold of the ankles of Logan’s jeans. He spread his legs and stomped his socked foot in between Logan’s thighs, gaspedalling him.

Logan screamed in pain, writhing and trying to get away.

Raul withdrew his foot for a second before ramming it back into Logan’s balls, eliciting an agonized shriek.

Logan twisted his body, trying to shake Raul off, but Raul maintained the grip on his jeans. Quickly, Logan unbuttoned his jeans and slipped out of them, crawling away and curling up in a ball, leaving Raul with his jeans in his hands.

Raul threw them away and slowly got up, grimacing in pain and massaging his naked genitalia that was hanging out the fly of his jeans. He started stuffing his junk back in, but he the pain that shot through his body made him realize that maybe it wasn’t such a great idea to compress his by now swollen balls into the confines of his jeans.

“Damn”, Raul chuckled and took off his jeans.

Logan looked up at Raul who was bare naked except for his socks, now. “You’ve grown”, Logan managed to croak while he was rubbing his junk inside his boxer briefs.

Raul looked down at his crotch and chuckled at the sight of his raging erection.

“Do you give up?” Raul asked, provocatively putting his hands on his hips, his dick swinging majestically up and down.

Logan looked up, grimacing in pain. “Are you trying to intimidate me with that thing?” He got up and took off his underwear, exposing his own hard cock that was slightly bigger than Raul’s.

Raul laughed. “Now I should feel intimidated, huh?” He shook his head. “Sorry, Logan, I’ve seen bigger ones…”

Logan chuckled. “I never imagined we would be comparing our cocks…” He grinned cheekily. “Well, I win.”

Raul smiled. “But you won’t win this fight…” He got into attack position again.

Logan followed his example, chuckling. “We’ll see..”

They circled each other, their hard cock swinging between their legs.

Suddenly, Logan lunged at Raul.

Raul just lifted his knee, and Logan ran into it at full speed. Raul’s bony kneecap connected with Logan’s big, swollen babymakers, ramming them into his body.

Logan’s eyes opened wide and his jaw dropped. He let out a long, wheezing moan as the pain washed through his body.

Raul chuckled and brought his knee up again, smashing Logan’s nuts once more and making him let out a guttural groan.

Quickly, Raul dropped to his knees and balled his fist. He threw a mean, hard uppercut at Logan’s balls, brutally smashing the two tender orbs into his pelvis.

Logan’s eyes lost focus and his lips started trembling.

“Ooooh”, Raul grimaced in sympathy before punching Logan’s balls again.

An agonized moan came from deep within Logan’s throat.

His cock started twitching violently.

“Wow”, Raul chuckled. “Now look at that!” He brought his fist back and punched Logan’s balls again, eliciting another moan and causing a tiny bit of precum to drop out of Logan’s twitching dick onto the carpet.

Raul let out a laugh. “Looks like I’m winning.”

Logan’s body was frozen, his face a mask of pain.

Raul got up and brought his leg back. “This should do the trick”, he chuckled and launched a hard, nut-crunching kick. His socked foot connected with Logan’s balls, ramming the two tender orbs into his body and brutally flattening them.

That broke the spell and violently brought Logan back to earth.

With an ear-piercing scream he collapsed on the ground. At the same time, his cock started spurting like a fire hose. Jet after creamy jet of Logan’s precious spunk shot out of his dick while Logan was writhing in pain, causing his spunk to fly in all directions, creating lots of sticky puddles on the carpet.

Raul watched him, his own dick throbbing and leaking precum.

“Do you give up?” Raul asked with a grin.

Logan was busy screaming, kicking his legs and squirming on the floor while his cock soaked the carpet with his seed.

Raul chuckled. He knelt down next to the blond wrestler, his hard dick pressing against Logan’s thigh. Logan’s dick continued spurting what looked like gallons of jizz, some of it landing on Raul’s naked body.

Raul reached between Logan’s legs and managed to grab Logan’s contracting balls and squeezed hard. “Do you give up?” Raul asked again with a grin.

“Fuck, yes!” Logan screamed.

Raul let out a deep groan as his dick let go of a massive spurt of cum that shot up into the air and splattered down on Logan’s face.

Logan gasped in surprise as another load splashed into his face, coating his handsome features in a thick layer of Raul’s cream.

Another six or seven spurts of Raul’s cum rained down on Logan before Raul sank on his back, lying down next to Logan who looked like the star of a bukkake video.

The two naked guys were breathing heavily, lying next to each other, their chests rapidly going up and down.

“Wow”, Raul finally said.

Logan turned his head and grinned at him. With a soft groan, he straightened and reached between his legs and cradled his nuts in his hands. “Damn, you really worked me over…”

Raul lifted his upper body, resting on his elbows, and nodded at his groin. “You did a pretty good job, too.”

Logan grimaced and let out a chuckle. “Well, looks like we’re both pretty good at cracking nuts…”

Raul laughed. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Logan looked at the carpet that was covered in wet, sticky stains. “What a mess. Sorry I ruined your carpet…”

Raul grinned and pointed at Logan’s cum-covered face. “Sorry I ruined your face…”

Logan chuckled and wiped his forehead with the back of his hand.

“Wanna take a shower?” Raul asked.

Logan nodded.

Half an hour later, Raul and Logan were sitting on Raul’s couch.

Both of them were fully dressed, and Raul had given Logan one of his t-shirts.

“About the money”, Logan said, smiling weakly.

Raul shrugged. “You lost.”

Logan bit his lower lip.

Raul chuckled. “Well, maybe I’ll give you another chance. What about next Friday?”

Logan grinned. “I’m gonna crunch your nuts so hard you’ll be spitting peanut butter!”

The two guys broke out laughing.


Anonymous said...

So, so hot Alex! Probably your best one yet - until the next story comes along! Kudos to Raul for the idea as well :D I really love Logan, he's an absolute sweetheart and his attitude - laughing and grinning after the cum busted out of him - is so endearing. You've really drawn your characters so well. Always a pleasure to read - Ibi

Anonymous said...

*the cum is, etc. etc.

Carter said...

Man poor Logan seems to be getting his nuts worked over a lot lately. I am loving it. Especially stories like this where he agrees to it before hand. Great syory, really loved it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, he's been a consistent target lately. Not complaining :P - Ibi

Alex said...

Thank you, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story!

guy787970 said...

Again, it's so awesome to get to read this! And it was really hot, I absolutely loved it! Thank you, lol.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, guy787970! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! I had a lot of fun writing it - thank you again for sharing your idea! :-))