Friday, July 12, 2013

Strings attached

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Before I opened the door to the studio, I heard a strained yelp, and I instantly knew that somebody’s manhood had taken a hit. I shuddered.

The yelp was immediately followed by a shrill scream.

Great, the guys were at it again…

Since I brought my new assistant Erik into our team, our workplace had turned into a testicle cemetery. Our days were spent covering our gonads and trying to score a cheap shot on a colleague’s nuts at the same time.

Erik was the worst. He was 19 years old, with blond hair and blue eyes. He had an angelic look on him, but behind the cute fa├žade there lurked a nutcrunching monster who took every opportunity to lower our collective sperm count. Sometimes I wondered if we should all consider leaving a deposit at the sperm bank, just in case things got ugly…

I had managed to remain relatively unharmed by staying out of Erik’s way and not spoiling his fun with the rest of the team.

I sighed, opened the door and walked into the studio.

In the middle of the room, Erik was standing in a rather odd position. His knees were touching each other but his feet were a couple of inches apart. His hands were clutching his crotch and he had a miserable expression on his face. I noticed the way his mouth quivered and his eyes flickered, and I smiled.

Behind him, our prep guy and technician Vince was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Vince was 20 years old, with brown hair, a slightly geeky but cute guy. He was holding a full bottle of water, and he looked like he just scored a home run.

“Damn.” I grimaced in sympathy.

“Ick”, was all that Erik had to say. Apart from that contingently relevant comment, he was occupied with the pain in his groin that radiated through his body.

“That’s what you get for messing with our testicles all the time”, Vince said with a satisfied nod.

“Ick”, Erik repeated, his body frozen in pain. He let out a cough, his fingers gingerly massaging his crotch.

“Chad, your turn now”, Vince shouted.

I looked around the room, searching for my 30 year old cameraman. Chad was the oldest in our team, a tall, handsome stud with brown hair and a three-day-stubble. He was a ladies’ man, and one of his biggest hobbies (apart from filming and photography) was fucking the brains out of some voluptuous bimbo.

One thing I knew: Chad didn’t like getting hit in his balls. Especially on date nights.

I chuckled when I thought about what Chad was going to do to Erik. He’d probably kick Erik’s genitalia into next week… I grimaced. Chad was probably wearing his steel toes boots. Eww. Poor Erik. This was going to be painful.

A second later I knew exactly how painful it was. Chad’s boot-clad foot came up between my thighs from behind, catching both of my tender babymakers dead-on and smashing them into my crotch. The skimpy fabric of my shorts was ill-prepared to soften the blow. My balls felt like two cherries hanging from a tree, with nothing but a spider’s web protecting them from harm. And Chad’s boot was the sledgehammer that turned them into jelly.

In the split-seconds before the full amount of pain hit me, I let out a surprised gasp. Then I screamed from the top of my lungs and doubled over, clutching my crotch.

“Fuck!” I wailed, my eyes filling with tears. I reached inside my shorts, almost expecting to find my ballsack filled with cherry jam. Momentarily relieved, I clasped my hands around two healthily round – if a bit swollen – orbs that were alive and kicking and continuously sending pain signals through my system that made me want to throw up.

“We’ve been waiting for you”, I heard Chad chuckle behind me. “We almost started without you…”

I whimpered in pain. I pulled my hands out of my pants and grabbed my knees. “What the---“

“Give him another one for good measure”, Vince suggested casually.

I stared at Vince. “What?!”

Before I could get my junk out of harm’s way, Chad’s boot struck me again, crashing into my precious globes with devastating force. This time I had different things on my mind than searching for cherry jam metaphors…

My nuts exploded with earth-shifting pain and they seemed to search for a comfortable place in my stomach to hide from the gratuitous violence they had to endure.

I must have blacked out for a moment, because the next thing I knew I found myself sitting on a large table in the middle of the studio.

I felt some fresh air from the air conditioning around my balls and I knew I had been stripped naked. I groaned as I tried to fully grasp my situation.

I was sitting opposite Erik, our legs spread wide apart, our feet touching. Both of us were stark naked.

Erik stared at me, a pained smile on his face. “Hey there”, he said meekly.

I moaned and tried to move. No chance. My hands were tied behind my back, and my feet were duct-taped to the table. Erik was in the same predicament.

“Fuck”, I mumbled.

“Yeah”, Erik nodded. “We’re in deep shit…” He shrugged. “Maybe we shouldn’t have messed with their nuts…”

I stared at him. “We?! You messed with their nuts, not me!”

Erik shrugged again. “Now they are looking for revenge…” He shifted uncomfortable and I noticed a piece of rope tied around the testicle that was sitting lonely in its sac.

Not too long ago, he had sported a complete set of balls. A full-blooded lady and her high heels had diminished the contents of his fruit basket by 50 percent. The remaining nut had proven to be surprisingly imperishable.

Right now, though, Erik’s ball looked pretty miserable. It was swollen and red, and the rope tied around it was so tight that the skin looked shiny and cram-full.

I grimaced.

“I know”, Erik sighed, following my gaze and staring down at his crotch. “While you were gone, they had a bit of fun with me…”

I nodded, a sympathetic smile on my face.

“Your junk doesn’t look any better…” Erik said. Then he winked at me. “Well, apart from the fact that you have twice the number of balls in bag …”

I looked at my crotch and gasped.

Just like Erik, I had a rope tied tightly around my scrotum, making my balls bulge in their sac.

I whimpered. “What are they going to do with us?”

Erik sighed and nodded his head at a contraption that was hanging from the ceiling.

Fuck, I thought, one of Vince’s inventions…

The contraption was rather simple. It was basically a gun tackle. I saw ropes and pulleys. I didn’t understand how it worked – but I was pretty sure it was going to be painful…

“Right now, they are in the kitchen”, Erik informed me. “I guess they’ll be right back and we’ll know what this is about.”

I smiled weakly. “I guess I’d rather wait…”

No such luck. The kitchen door opened and Vince and Chad entered the studio, engaged in cheerful chatter.

“I don’t think so”, Chad said. “Two are way stronger than one.”

Vince laughed. “Yeah, but Alex’ testicles are weaker.”

“Weaker than Erik’s one lonely nut?” Chad shook his head. “No way.” He shifted his attention to me and grinned. “Ahh, you’re awake.”

Vince rubbed his hands. “Welcome to our little experiment…”

I groaned. “Vince, please---“

Vince smiled gently. “It’s really quite simple.” He grabbed the end of the rope that surrounded my nutsack and connected it to a rope in the tackle with a snap hook. Then he did the same with the rope that framed Erik’s single nugget. “If I pull here, you should feel the effect immediately…” Vince grinned, grabbed a wooden holder, and pulled hard. The ropes tightened with a sickening whirling sound, and the force translated directly to our poor, trapped genitalia.

Both Erik and I screamed in pain as our bruised balls were tugged, straining our nut cords to their limits.

I stared at my nuts, now visibly distanced from my body. I clenched my eyes shut and groaned in pain.

“That wasn’t even that hard”, Chad chuckled. “I’ve seen Vince demonstrate it on his roommate… Believe me, I have never heard a guy yodel like that…”

“Now”, Vince continued, “this is where the fun starts…” He reached under the table and produced a couple of weights, one of which he placed on the holder, creating a continuous strain on the ropes and our scrotums. It wasn’t inhumanely painful – but I could see where this was going.

I winced. “Stop this”, I said, trying to sound as resolutely as possible, even though I knew that my naked body and my comically stretched nutsack undermined my authority to a certain degree…

Vince and Chad chuckled. Vince placed another weight on the holder, making both Erik and me yelp in pain.

“I’m your boss”, I said in a measly voice, “and I---“

“Sorry, pal”, Chad interrupted me. “As my boss you should have made sure that I’m not endangered at my workplace.” He cheerfully lifted another weight and let it fall onto the holder.

My vision blurred as the pain in my nuts reached a new dimension. I let out a strained gurgle as Erik screamed from the top of his lungs.

“Fuck!” I whimpered. “What do you want?”

Vince casually dropped another weight onto the holder, smiling with satisfaction as Erik and I screamed from the tops of our lungs.

Now, four weights were continuously pulling on our genitals, filling both Erik and me with mind-numbing pain as our nuts felt as if they were being ripped from our bodies.

“What do you want?” I shrieked in a high-pitched voice.

“Apologize”, Chad said.

I groaned. “What for?”

Chad shook his head slowly. He lifted his hand and let it slam down on the holder, making the weights rattle against each other while our nuts were further separated from our bodies.

I heard Erik wail like a strangled cat, accompanied by a shrill shriek that seemed to come from my mouth.

Vince added another place to the holder, bringing the total to five.

Erik and I looked at each other. Both of us were screaming, our mouths and eyes wide open, our naked bodies wet with sweat, our genitals stretched impossibly far from our bodies.

Erik’s lone nut looked even more pitiful than my set of balls, literally hanging on to the last thread.

“Fucking apologize already!” Erik hissed. “My fucking nut is fucking ripping off!”

“Hey!” Chad barked. He balled his fist and threw a quick punch into Erik’s stretched, defenseless testicle. “Don’t talk to our boss like that!”

Erik cried out in pain, his body thrashing, causing the weights to swing back and forth, lighting another round of fireworks in my brain as my balls were stretched like never before.

“I’m sorry!” I screamed.

Chad turned to me. “What for?”

Somehow my brain didn’t seem to work properly. I opened my mouth but nothing came out.

Chad sighed and balled his fist.

“No!” I wailed. “For---“

With a precise punch, Chad nailed my poor, tortured testicles dead-on. I howled like a wounded werewolf. This time it was Erik’s turn to suffer the collateral damage as my thrashing body translated into renewed pain for my one-nutted assistant.

“For letting Erik mess with your nuts”, I whimpered. “I’m sorry for letting Erik mess with your nuts…”

Chad looked at Vince, who shrugged and nodded.

“Alright”, Chad said. “Apology accepted.”

I whimpered in relief. “Please”, I whispered. “Stop.”

“Now it’s his turn”, Chad said, turning to Erik.

“I don’t understand! Why should I be sorry? I don’t understand!” Erik blabbered.

Chad let out a bitter laugh and smashed his fist down onto the holder, making both Erik and me scream from the top of our lungs as our nuts were stretched to their absolute limits.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry!” Erik shrieked hysterically.

“I want you to promise you’ll never do it again”, Chad said, balling his fist and lifting it into the air.

“But isn’t this is what it’s all about?!” Erik cried. “The Ballbusting Boys! Why the fuck are you complaining about me hitting your nuts?!”

Chad paused for a moment. “Because team balls are off limits!” he grunted. He grabbed both Erik’s and my rope with his hands and pulled as hard as he could.

My own freakish scream was the last thing I heard before I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was lying on the couch, my naked body covered by a blanket. I kept my eyes closed for a moment, trying to remember what brought me here. It didn’t take long to remember. My nuts were sending a dull, thumping pain through my body, reminding me instantly about the ropes and the tackle and the bizarre visual of my own two testicles being stretched to their limits.

“…told you”, I heard Vince say. “His testicles are weaker.”

Chad grunted.

“That’s because I got balls of steel”, Erik said cheerfully.

“Ball”, Vince corrected him. “Don’t exaggerate.”

Erik chuckled.

I opened my eyes and groaned.

“Welcome back, sleepyhead”, Chad grinned.

He was sitting on a chair next to Vince and Erik. Erik looked surprisingly well, even though his hair was still sweaty. He had a towel wrapped around his hips, and as he shifted on his seat, I caught a glimpse of his swollen, bloated nutsack. I gulped. Probably the most positive thing to say was that from my perspective it looked like he had a very generously filled scrotum. In this state, at first glance, the lack of a nut wasn’t obvious.

I lifted my blanket and looked at my own crotch. When I saw the swollen, fiery red mess in my crotch, I groaned and quickly averted my gaze.

“Fuck”, I whispered. “You sure worked our nuts over…”

“Yeah, well”, Chad grinned. “Sorry about that, but you too needed to be taught a lesson…”

I groaned.

I thought for a moment. There was nothing that could undo the damage, so we might as well make the most of it. I looked at Chad. “Did you get it on tape?”

Chad grinned and nodded. “Sure. I’m gonna edit it tonight and it’ll be online tomorrow.”

Erik clapped his hands. “Yeah! Great!”

I turned to him and shook my head. “You should be a little more careful with your ball…”

Erik grimaced. “Okay, lesson learned. Team nuts are off limits.”

Vince and Chad smiled.

I cleared my throat. “Now, could we please get back to work?”

Erik, Vince and Chad grinned. “Sure, boss!”

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