Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Coffee break

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My new assistant Erik stirred things up at the office. The cute 19 year old blond was a constant source of trouble. It was not that he wasn’t doing what he was told to do. On the contrary, he was a diligent worker and a huge help for me, doing the bookkeeping and grooming our twitter and facebook accounts, making coffee and caring for all the little things that had been a nuisance for me when I had been alone in the office.

But when he wasn’t working he made sure that neither of us were. My cameraman Chad, a studly 30 year old with scrubby brown hair and a three day stubble, had learned to keep an eye on him when he was walking around the office.

Vince, our technician and prep guy, was less suspicious. He was 20 years old, looking way younger than that, and maybe he was just too naive, he just didn’t remember to protect his junk when Erik was on the warpath.

Erik had turned busting balls into his favorite hobby. And he was getting very good at it. More often than not, one of us would leave the studio walking funny after 10 hours of work and getting booted in the nuts a couple of times.

“Hey Chad”, Erik said cheerfully, walking past our cameraman on his way to the kitchen. “How are things?”

Chad spun around, a terrified expression on his face, his hands covering his crotch. “What?!”

Erik burst out laughing. “Calm down, dude!” he grinned and walked to his desk, sitting down next to me.

Chad grunted something unintelligible and refocused on his work.

“Man, that guy is jumpy”, Erik observed.

“Oh, you noticed”, I deadpanned.

Erik looked at me and shrugged.

I turned to my computer screen and continued reviewing job applications.

After going through what felt like a thousand pictures of naked or half-naked guys showing off their bulges, presenting their nuts and letting us know they were eager on getting their balls bashed at our studio, I felt tired. The pictures of two thousand nuts whirled through my head and I needed a cup of coffee. My cock was straining my pants but my underwear did a pretty good job of hiding my erection. I resisted the urge to adjust my junk in front of my colleagues and walked into the kitchen.

I filled my cup and opened the fridge, searching for some cream to put in my coffee. I grabbed the milk with my free hand and slammed the fridge shut with my hip in an elegant turn of my body.

There he stood, a mischievous grin on his face. Erik.

“Hi there”, he cooed. His eyes wandered down my body, stopping at my crotch.

I was wearing loose chinos that offered virtually no protection to my genitals. What was even worse: The recent inspection of our applicants’ pictures had inspired me so much that the head of my cock had slipped under the waistband of my underwear, apparently desperate to see the sun. Now, having deflated on my way to the kitchen, it was trapped by the waistband with nowhere to go, leaving my two precious jewels dangling jovially right in the line of fire.

“Erik, I--- I’m just getting a cup of coffee”, I stammered, my cup of coffee in my right hand, the bottle of milk in my left hand. I gingerly lifted my knee, trying to protect my crotch with my thigh. I must have looked ridiculous, like a timid flamingo.

Erik chuckled and took a step towards me.

I let out a tremulous yelp and backed against the refrigerator, momentarily forgetting about the flamingo tactic that was the only way of protection my manhood.

That moment was all it took for Erik. With a well-placed snap kick, he struck my plums, ramming them into my body. He got both of them with the tip of his foot.

Erik was wearing sneakers and the tip was just wide enough to make a dent in both my testicles.

They had nowhere to go and I could only imagine them trying to get out of harm’s way, searching for somewhere to hide, looking up to their faithful companion, my dick, whom they could always rely on in times of need. He’d protect them, he’d stand up for them! Not this time. No, not this time. My cock, wedged between my body and the waistband of my boxers, stood idly by as his two chubby pals were crushed flat. They were compressed to a fraction of their usual gauge, and they did what they did best in those situations: sending frantic shock waves to the brain.

I stared at Erik, blinking.

Erik’s grin widened.

“My nuts!” I croaked.

My hands were shaking, stretched to the side, holding on to the cup and the bottle as if they were some prized possession that I needed to hold on to.

Meanwhile, my genuinely prized possessions took another beating. Erik’s sneaker-clad foot came up between my thighs in a thunderous kick, hitting my nuts with his instep and sending fresh waves of pain through my system.

I whimpered pathetically. “My nuts”, I whispered in a high-pitched voice.

Erik snorted with laughter while I was trying to remain standing, balancing the coffee cup and the milk bottle like a circus artist.

My knees buckled and I slid to the ground, holding on the things I was holding in my hands heroically.

My knees met the ground and I looked up at Erik, my thighs parted to keep my balance. Unfortunately, this position was nothing short of an invitation to Erik.

In my head, I heard my testicles scream at me as they dangled vulnerably between my thighs. But those noises were quickly drowned out by the incredible agony that rocked by body when Erik planted a powerful kick into my crotch.

I doubled over, howling in agony. Thankfully, Erik took the cup of coffee and the bottle of milk from my hands so I could grab my precious, traumatized babymakers. I cradled them in my hands, rocking back and forth as I screamed from the top of my lungs.

Through my tear-filled eyes I saw the door open a crack and Chad’s head peek in. When Erik greeted him with a cheerful wave, he quickly closed the door again.

I reached inside my underwear and freed my trapped cock – not that it was going to be any use now – so that it could snuggle up to its two hurt mates.

Erik had taken a seat and watched me, making no effort to hide his amusement.

“Do you want me to bring you some ice”, he asked, taking a sip from my coffee.

“No”, I said hoarsely.

Erik chuckled. “I guess you’ll be out of commission for a while…”

I shot him an angry look.

“I hope you didn’t have anything planned that included using your stuff”, he added with a grin. “No sex for you, buddy.” He thought for a moment. “Well, not as a top, anyway…” He chuckled. “Isn’t that great? You can always take it in the ass…”

I groaned.

Erik took another gulp from my coffee, winking at me.

“Listen”, I said huskily, slowly getting up and taking a seat as far away from Erik as I could. “You can’t---“ A fresh wave of pain had me stop mid-sentence and double over, clutching my crotch.

Erik chuckled.

I inhaled deeply and took a second approach. “You can’t run around hitting us in the junk like that.”

Erik smiled at me. “I can’t?”

I cleared my throat. “Well, you can’t run around hitting ME in the junk like that”, I clarified.

Erik thought for a moment. “Why?”

I was at a loss of words. “Why?! Because I’m your boss!”

“But you’re also a friend”, Erik said, shrugging. “And friends let friends hit them in the junk.”

I stood and grabbed my coffee cup from his hands. I tried to ignore the pain that was still radiating from my groin and left the kitchen as dignified as I possibly could.

When I walked past Chad I noticed him looking at me expectantly. “Did you have a word?”

“Sure”, I said. “Everything is fine.”

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