Sunday, June 17, 2012

Meet the cousins

I was on the night train to Amsterdam Centraal, reading Val McDermid's newest thriller that I had bought at the main station in Hamburg. Usually, reading a well-written novel was a great way for me to relax - but my thought were wandering.

Yesterday morning, everything had been okay between my brother and me. Then, we had met an old buddy of mine at a café in Hamburg. I rubbed my crotch and grimaced. I was pretty sure Lukas was proud of himself. He had done some damage - to my testicles and to the relationship between my brother Peter and me.

The pain in my nuts wasn't what I was worried about. I had taken my fair share of nutshots - and, frankly, I should have guessed that Lukas would be up to his old tricks... He had squeezed and punched my balls in the café - and then he had left to get his cock sucked by the waitress. When he hadn't returned after 15 minutes, I left the café. The blowjob had probably led to some fucking. Lukas hadn't changed one bit.

The damage that Lukas had done to the relationship between Peter and me was a different matter, though. Lukas had told Peter about the game show I had created, and he had provided quite a lot of detail. It was news to Peter - and I was pretty sure that my prude, up-tight brother had some awful pictures in his head right now...

I had limped back to Peter's apartment, my balls aching, my mind racing, and I found my traveling bag in the hallway, ready for my departure. Peter had waited for me. It had been a very unpleasant situation.

He had confronted me with the preview pictures on my old website. They were taken from a bully revenge scene we had shot years ago, set in a locker room. Skinny skater Leo, hot actor Danny, and muscular stud Ben were stark naked, side by side, upside-down, their hard cocks looking spent, their nutsacks red and swollen, their faces dripping with their own jizz, grimacing with pain and humiliation. They were framed by Simon and George, smiling, dressed as nerds, doing victory poses, damp patches visible on their trousers. I vividly remembered the day we had shot that scene. Simon and George had shot their loads inside their trousers.

It was pretty clear that there was no use arguing. We did it anyway. I tried to persuade Peter that it was my choice to do the things I do. Peter tried to persuade me that I was a pervert. And a disgrace to the family. I guess he won the argument because now I found myself on the night train to Amsterdam Centraal, trying to read while Peter was probably busy telling my parents about my devious ways.

I had thought about staying in Hamburg with my buddy Lukas. I changed my mind when I imagined all the pain my nuts would have to go through.

That's when I phoned my cousins in Amsterdam. I hadn't seen them in years, and I was looking forward to meeting them again. I remembered them as two hyperactive teens. Now they had to be, what, 18 or 20 years old? Anyway, they had found me on Facebook a few months ago, and we had been in contact since then. They were enthusiastic on the phone when I told them that I might come by for a couple of days.

Henk and Gerrit were my aunt's sons. She had married a Dutchman twenty-odd years ago. She hadn't been very close to my mom, so the contact had been sparse.

I looked at my watch. 3 a.m. Maybe I would be able to find some sleep.

At 10 a.m. the train arrived. In Hamburg it had been raining cats and dogs. In Amsterdam, the weather was beautiful. The sun was shining, and the sky was blue. I smiled. This was what holidays should feel like.

I stood on the platform and looked at the people around me. They were dressed for the summer. The girls were wearing jumper dresses, some guys were shirtless. Slightly amused, I noticed that Amsterdam seemed to be the world capital of freeballing: I had never seen so many guys not wearing underwear in a public place like this.

I chuckled when I walked by a young man who was sitting on a bench. He was shirtless, wearing white boxer shorts with a blue pattern on them. His legs were spread wide as he looked at the display of his iPhone. His sac was hanging out the left leg opening of his boxers, allowing me - and everyone else for that matter - a nice view of his low-hanging pair of big, smooth balls. I grinned. What a nice welcome...

Suddenly, the guy looked up and I quickly averted my gaze and quickened my pace.

"Alex?" I heard a voice and turned around.

It was now that I looked at his face.

"Alex!" he repeated, smiling. "You didn't recognize me, huh?"

I smiled sheepishly. "Hi, Gerrit!"

He had a very handsome face and medium-length blond hair. His chest was as smooth as his balls, and judging from his tan, he had spent a lot of time shirtless in the sun...

Gerrit put his iPhone away and hugged me. "So good to see you! How are you?"

"Great, now that I'm here!" I replied, smiling.

"It's so good to see you!" Gerrit repeated, beaming. "Come on, let's get home. My scooter is right this way. Henk is dying to see you!"

We walked out of the station to Gerrit's bright red retro-looking motorscooter.

"Wow, nice", I said.

Gerrit grinned with pride. "The ladies love it", he smiled and deftly jumped on the leather seat.

The second he came down on the leather seat I thought that this might not been the best idea, considering his nuts were still hanging out between his thighs.

Judging from the expression on his face, he agreed...

The sound of his naked nuts getting wedged between his thigh and the leather seat echoed in my ears. 

He froze and his mouth formed an O as his knees slowly came up and his eyes watered. "Oooooh", he whispered.

"Ouch", I grimaced in sympathy.

"Ooooooh", he repeated, closing his eyes.

Slowly, he bent down, resting his head on the handlebar.

I waited for him to recover.

"Damn", he chuckled after a while, his hands buried between his legs. "That was dead on..."

"Are you ready to drive?" I asked.

"There are a couple things I'd avoid doing right now, but driving is not one of them", he said with a flimsy smile, grimacing.

I laughed and sat down behind him.

A few minutes later, we stopped. I got off the scooter and waited for Gerrit who took his time, carefully lifting his leg and adjusting his crotch.

Gerrit and his brother lived in an apartment in a very nice neighborhood near the city center.

"Henk!" Gerrit shouted when we entered the apartment. All the windows were open, and the room was flooded with sunlight.

Gerrit's younger brother was sitting with his back to us, huge headphones on his head that were plugged to the stereo.

Gerrit walked up to stereo and switched it off. "Henk!" he shouted.

His brother spun around on his chair.

He was wearing nothing put a pair of skimpy briefs that clung tight to his body, containing what looked like a very impressive set of genitals.

"Hey", Henk said, smiling. He was holding a bowl of vanilla ice cream with strawberries. Just like his brother, he had a nice tan. His blond hair was cut a bit shorter than his brother's.

"How are you?" Henk smiled.

"Guess what happened", Gerrit said, walking over to his brother. "I smashed my nuts on the scooter."

"Again?" Henk laughed. "That's just stupid!"

Gerrit grimaced. "Smashed them good and hard." He pulled his boxers down and grabbed his junk. "Seriously, I think I need some ice."

Wordlessly, Henk raised the bowl and Gerrit laughed. He dipped his nuts into the icecream.

"That feels great", he sighed.

"Ew", Henk grimaced and withdrew the bowl. "That's gross!" Nevertheless, he continued eating from the bowl.

His brother looked down at his smooth ball sac that was dripping with vanilla ice cream. "Now I just need someone to lick it off." He looked at his brother, grinning.

"You wish!" Henk laughed.

"Come on, be a good little brother", Gerrit said.

Henk rolled his eyes and looked at his brother's junk. "Here, I'll help you", he said and smashed the spoon against Gerrit's balls, making them bounce wildly, icecream splattering everywhere.

Gerrit howled in pain, jumping up and down with his boxers around his knees.

Henk burst out laughing and shoved his brother, causing him to stumble and collapse on the ground, screaming and clutching his crotch.

I placed my bag on the ground and smiled. After two days with my uptight brother, this was more to my liking...

"Welcome to Amsterdam", Henk grinned.


bbmal said...

Oh man, what a tease! I can't wait to find out what happens in the next few days between Alex and his cousins! Great job, my friend. Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Awesome opener. I can't wait either ! I'm already dying to know which cousin has the bigger balls. Reg

Alex said...

Thank you for your comments. Right now I'm thinking about how to continue the story - and this is the perfect chance for you to decide which one's balls are bigger... Also, if you have any idea where this story might lead, I'd love to hear it! I do have a plot idea but I'm always happy about fresh thoughts... :-))

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea of the younger brother being the more hung! I guess it's a hang-over from the days of David and Danny. In any case I think both brothers should believe that they have the bigger set. A bit of playful mockery and a ball to ball comparison would be awesome. I guess you're well qualified to be the judge :-) Reg

Alex said...

Thanks, Reg! Yeah, there's something about the bigger brother being the smaller one... :-))

I love the ball comparison idea, and I'll certainly use it in the next part of the story. And I'm pretty sure that both brothers love mocking each other - they are just that kind of guys... :-))