Sunday, April 1, 2012

New blog design

Today, in a sudden outburst of spring fever, I changed the blog design. I felt that the old look was a tiny bit dated (I created that design 4 years ago - and, frankly, that's what it looked like).

You may have noticed (I know I haven't been exactly shy about it...) that I have started a new blog with my friend bbmal (author of Ball Busting Tales), and in the process of designing it, I realized: "Gosh, those new looks that offers are quite nice..."

I'm very happy with the new design. I kinda like the feel of it and I tried to go a bit retro with the font in the header graphic... It may take you a little while to feel comfortable and find everything you are looking for since I divided the incredibly long left column into two columns that are on the left and on the right. But I really hope you like it...

In other news I have added a new link to the links section: It's Drew's aptly titled blog Owww.

And I have added a twitter box on the left. So if you are on twitter feel free to follow me... :-))

Right now I am working on a new part of Erik's road to stardom, and I hope I will be able to finish it this week. And who knows - maybe someday I'll come back to the US and work with Kev, Ben, Leo, the twins and all the other guys again. I'm really starting to miss them... :-))


Erik said...

hi alex,

Love the new blog design but I miss your great stories. :)

Alex said...

Hey Erik, thanks for your comment! I'm working on the next part of "Erik's rise to stardom", and I hope I'll finish it this week or next week. Right now I'm stuck halfway through but I'm sure that inspiration will strike soon...

And I'm glad you like the new design... :-))