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The Slammer: Confinement written by Jimmy


The Slammer:




By Jimmy





Laying back against the bed, Gino folds his arms across his back staring up at the ceiling.


“This sucks, man.”


Jorge shrugs “Could be worse.”


Jorge pulls off his shirt, and falls to the floor starting to do some push-ups, while in mid plank he says “Might as well make the best of it.”


Gino eyes him, looking at his form and nodding in approval.


“Alright, I’ll join you.”


The two eighteen year olds begin a push-up contest going up and down, matching each other in form and stride.


Five minutes later, both are worn out but still going. After ten, the two older teens lay prone on the ground winded, but satisfied.


Gino rolls to his side looking at Jorge. Jorge is sweaty, his eyes are closed and his hands are tucked underneath his head. He is breathing hard, but Gino’s eyes gaze is on the bulge in his pants and he sneakily smacks it aiming for the low protrubance in the bottom of his pants. The lump dents inward as a loud Thunk occurs where his knuckles crash against Jorge’s assets.


Jorge’s eyes flutter open and he reaches down grabbing his bulge, “OOOooooo fuuuuck, amigo…mi huevos.” Jorge is laughing as he rubs the contents in his pants, Gino’s gaze never falters from the gentle prodding of his bunk mate.


“My aim still good, then? I would hate to get rusty.”


“Yup! Solid, man…fuuuck.”


“I have a game to pass the time, Jorge.” Gino is thinking quickly and he sits-up, his mind going quickly as his underwear swells with the simple idea of it.


“Yeah…what’s that?”


Gino scoots over, the manly scent coming from Jorge tingles Gino’s nostrils and he inhales deeply taking in Jorge’s smell.


“You ever heard of…Roshambo?” Gino asks, like last word coming out in a whisper like a swear word that he knows he shouldn’t utter.


“Yeah of course, I used to play it with my little brother, Aldo. Nailing Aldo and watching him roll around on the floor…perfecto amigo,” Jorge makes kissing sound as his lips graze his fingers and he opens them spreading out like tossing the kiss skyward his eyes following the imaginary bits as they settle around him.


Gino laughs and climbs to his feet excitedly. “Then let’s play!”


“On one condition,” Jorge holds out his hand. Gino takes it pulling him to his feet. Jorge comes up close to him, a smile tugging on his lips as he leans in grabbing the hem of Gino’s shirt with both hands. He tugs Gino closer and as the bump chests Jorge adds “The winner gets to bust the loser’s brother’s balls. I’ll put Aldo on the line, you put up Jayden. Agreed?”


Thinking quickly, Gino finds that he loves the very idea and he does not plan on sharing with Jorge that he and his younger brother, Aldo have been having intimate relations…at least, not yet.


“As long as the loser gets to watch.”


Jorge’s eyebrows raise up, as he pulls Gino’s shirt over his head and whips it around Gino’s waist holding him close, Gino feels Jorge’s erection poking him and he smiles as they cross swords. Jorge looks down and says “Deal, mi amigo.”


Gino grinds their hips together, and takes the back of Jorge’s head and pulls in for a kiss his lips just about to touch Jorge’s when a hit from below takes his breath away. Gino’s eyes widen, as Jorge’s knee lifts him up for a moment, his feet never leaving the ground but the trunk of him sways upwards on Jorge’s extended thigh. Jorge is grinning wide and hums as gives his leg a shake and pulls back.


“Game on, Gino.”


Gino moans and lowers his hands to grab his balls, but Jorge gets there first roughly yanking his pants down which fall around his ankles.


"Now you can grab them more easily” jokes Jorge.


Rubbing his sack, Gino feels the blow. The sickening hit plastered his boys to his taint and Gino feels the throbbing underneath his fingertips but he gushes out some pre-cum straining the underwear with a small wet spot near the tip of his penis poking out.


“Not bad, Jorge.”


Jorge beams “Your still standing, Aldo wouldn’t be.” Laughing still, Jorge drops his own pants stepping out of them and tosses them onto the bed. “Boys got sea glass balls, shattered and put back together but still delicate.” Jorge shrugs, “Works for me.”


“My Jayden you will have to work on him for a while, he’s got stone made from rocks” Gino explains lifting his foot up to rub the bottom of Jorge’s sack, getting the full measure of him. Jorge grin widens a bit under the gentle touch of Gino’s foot rub, and as his toes slid up his rod Jorge hums out a low moan.


“Careful man…wouldn’t want to make a mess in my only jockeys.”


Gino grins “That would be terrible.”


Gino rears back, watching Jorge’s nuts swing around and as they swing forward towards him Gino strikes, sending his foot crashing into Jorge’s with a mean well-placed punt kick that crashes into Jorge’s undercarriage with a hard THUNK!


“aaaaAAAHHHH!” Jorge yells grabbing his nuts and bending over slightly, he’s laughing as his eyes cross. “Fuuuck…that was a good hit, man. Mi huevos ….ahhh….fuck… yeah….you got ‘em both. Hunched over, Jorge rubs his groin and Gino pats him on the back, feeling his warm skin under his touch. Gino’s cock throbs, and pulls at his underwear away from his skin like a tent. He feels like a school boy again.


“You got a good pair.”


“Si amigo, I do.”


Jorge swings up his fist, while Gino is preoccupied rubbing Jorge’s back.


“UuuuuuuuuuUUUUUuuuughhhh shiiiit!” Gino curses, folding at the waist and both are starring at each other red faced. “My fucking balls!” Gino yells and he drops down further to all fours, it’s only temporary as he shoots back up and tries to jump around, get his balls back into regular fighting condition.


“I see I’m not the only tough stallion around, amigo.” Jorge is standing up watching Gino jump, and the sneer of pain on his face as he winces.


“Fucking hell…maaannn my balls.”


Gino is laughing, but the pain is intensifying. His nuts pulse under his fingertips, and Gino moans low not wanting Jorge to see but he comes over kneeling down and rubbing his back now, slowly rubbing his fingers down his lower back and around to his abs touching his navel. “That one hurt, I can tell. Take the time you need, Gino.” Jorge says touching his stomach and coming around behind him, to use his other hand as they slip up and along his chest, tweaking his nipples.


“Whaaat are you doing, bro?” Gino asks as Jorge rubs back down his sides sending tingles to his groin as he rests his hands at his underwear’s edge. Jorge presses himself against Gino’s backside, and Jorge’s fat pecker pokes his bum. Gino’s eyes wide and he smacks Jorge back his hand just grazing Jorge’s long, thick erection. It’s bigger than he expected.


Gino’s on his ass because he turned so quickly and slipped.


Jorge takes the moment and mounts him, pressing Gino to the floor his eyes on his and Gino gulps, taken aback as Jorge leans over him his grinning mouth so close to his mouth now as he leans down his lips so close to his own. Gino dry swallows and grabs Jorge’s hips steadying him as he lowers them, the big cock grazing his belly and Gino not ready to submit yet shifts underneath Jorge as he says “You ever been fucked, mi amigo?”


“No. And I’m not today either.”


Gino lifts up his knee, and the hard crash of his muscled thigh hitting Jorge’s fat nuggets causes Jorge to suck air. He laughs, but it dies quickly as the pain hits his system and he groans long and deep above Gino in a plank position with Gino’s leg still lodged between his buttcheeks.


“Aaaawwww man, mi amigos!”


Jorge laughs then at his own joke, and his arms shake and he drops on top of his Gino, his bottom half sliding down Gino’s thigh as his crotch pushes the leg southward, his nuts squishing more as he does so. Jorge groans against Gino’s chest and one hand cups one of Gino’s pecs tweaking a nip again.


“That was…a good one.”


Gino’s heartbeat quickens and Jorge lifts his head up “I’m…having fun, Gino.”




“Oh yeah.”


Jorge laughs, and lowers his head nuzzling Gino between his pecs, and licks the center. “Soo smooth, you only got hairs here.” Jorge reaches down rubbing the small trail leading down Gino’s navel to his bulge below. “I think…” Jorge slips one hand down between Gino’s legs and circles Gino’s scrotum, his fingers lightly grazing his balls before clutching them in his fist. He is still not squeezing, as Jorge lifts up the balls feeling Gino tense under him. Jorge smile widens and he squeezes just a tiny bit and Gino shakes.


“Sensitive, I like it.”


Gino growls low “I am—noo….t!”


Jorge squishes Gino’s orbs, his fingers digging down into Gino’s tender nutsack and crushing his balls in his tight grip. He laughs as Gino moans and intensifies the squeeze with his thumb jutting into the grip and piercing right nut in the center. Using extra force Jorge presses deep into the center mass of Gino’s scrotum feeling the orb swell and squish down under the increased pressure of his might.


“Yes, you are amigo.”


“No!” squeals Gino, only revealing the truth of the matter as his back arches up and his eyes float up staring up at the ceiling as Jorge holds on tight causing Gino to grab Jorge hard around the middle pulling him tight against him.


“Too hard?” Jorge jokes, twisting Gino’s sack in hand and hearing the noticeable squish coming from his fist.


“Ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh, ugh!”


“You sound like your brother, Jayden!” Jorge points out, dropping his head down to lick Gino’s nipple and nibble at the hardened nub as he squeezes Gino’s nuts, the nutmeat swelling and poking through between his fingers. Gino’s bulge warps in Jorge’s fist, mangling to an unrecognizable blob from the prolonged squeeze of his twin assets.


Gino moans “Oh God!” The desperation fueling him, causes Gino to buck his hips as Jorge laps on his nipple, teasing it as the nub rubs between his sharp teeth nibbling the hardened nub.


Gaping Gino freezes as Jorge’s hot pink tongue swirls around the areola, tasting the tip of Gino’s nipple and latching suckling on it. The stirring in Gino’s underwear intensifies while Jorge sucks harder on his tip between his teeth, his lower grip on his boys never swaying as he crushes Gino’s balls. Jorge’s fingers act like a crab’s likes holding the prey in place and leaving his heavy claws to do the dirty work, like Jorge’s thumbs pressing deeper into the centers of Gino’s nut cores.


Shaking Gino’s body seizes up, and Gino gasps at the intensity, the flood gates fully open as pain takes over, blinding and intense like a storm bashing at his windows finally cracking and shattering the glass.


“Yes, I can feel you about to give in boy. Come on, Gino…say the words ‘I give—uuuuUUUUUGGGGggghhhhh!”


Gino’s foot smashes between Jorge’s legs, cracking his balls with a hard and unforgiving SMACK!


“I think that…it’s my turn!” Gino says, hissing between his teeth as he rolls the two of them over shoving Jorge to the ground pinning him in place. At the same time Gino peels off each of Jorge’s fingers…he’s no longer squeezing the remnants of nutclaw still smart and sting as Jorge’s finger tips slide off his balls, the finger nails scrapping as they release Gino’s pouch.


Shuddering Gino gasps, his mouth opening with a widened and pronounce ‘O’ as Gino’s balls throb in the air. Trying his best to deal with the agony, and ripeness between his thighs Gino concentrates instead on pressing his heel deep between Jorge’s legs. Jorge’s scrotum gives under Gino’s spreading toes as Gino presses down against Jorge’s pelvis loving the sensation of Jorge’s nuts squishing and burying into Jorge’s skin.


“OOOooooo fuuuuuck!” Jorge laughs a little, his eyes dark and bright finding Gino’s. “You…still have some fight left in you.” Jorge’s grin goes wider as he swings up his fist punching Gino’s balls with all his might. The boxers swing knocks back Gino’s nutsack, hammering his swelling manly meatballs like a punching bag. Gino’s nuts crashing against his ass crack and swing back down as Jorge grabs the extended and hanging fruit in his hand, closing his fist in a familiar nutgrab.


Gino shakes his head, but already Jorge is digging in, as he comes off the floor pressing his mouth against ear. Jorge kisses the nape of Gino’s neck whispering as his fingers dig in deep “You are a fighter, Gomez…but I never lose.”


“Uuuuuuuu….oooooOOOOooooo….uuugh!” Gino’s constant moan as Jorge holds onto his balls, fuels Jorge to only squeeze harder.


Gino is gasping and slowly falls on top of Jorge, his foot falling away from his direct attack as Jorge captures his balls once again. Laying on Jorge’s chest, he kinda blocks Jorge from truly getting in the best squeeze, as Gino lays across his arms and this frustrates Jorge, who eventually flips Gino back onto his back and climbs to his feet grabbing Gino’s ankles as he does so.


Knowing his fate, Gino holds up his hands waving them and saying “No, Jorge….don’t”


Lowering his foot, Jorge braces it on top of Gino’s balls his eyes on Gino and smirking. “Giving up?” Jorge presses down his foot and Gino slowly nods, his heart hammering knowing what he is doing, and who he is betraying.


“Well…alright, then.” Jorge sits back down, and using both feet captures Gino’s cock between them and begins to rub.


Gino’s eyes widen as Jorge begins to jack him off with his bare feet.


Vulnerable and turned on, Gino groans an urgency coming into his voice as he hisses out “J…Jorge, man…come on. The feet?”


A shudder runs down Gino’s spin, as his engorged head peeks out beneath Jorge’s toes as they curl and press down on the sensitive flared head. Gino gasps as Jorge traces his toes up and down his thick stock, his dark brown eyes growing hazy as he starts to lose himself to the feeling burning through his erection. Gino’s eyes widen and his mouth hangs open as he pants, Jorge rushing the foot job as Gino’s balls shelter up close to his ass.


“Fuck…Jorge…that’s so…uuuuugh!”


Jorge grins holding Gino’s ankles and preventing him from pulling back as he rides Gino like a roller-coaster. Gino’s hard cock glistens with clear pre-cum that helps coat Jorge’s feet making it even easier to play slip and slide along Gino’s hardon. Gino’s panting with Jorge’s toes imprison the tip of his enflamed reddened cock, his body quivering as he grunts ready to spill his seed.


“That’s it Gino, fucking cum!”


Gino groans, and the lament almost seems like it costs Gino more than just his dignity or what’s left of it as he arches his back, pelvis thrusting upwards with Jorge’s feet. Dark eyes cross, his inky dark iris’s flashing as Gino stares upwards as his body lip hanging open quivers and Gino breathes in and out so quickly as his cock jerks once, twice more and he spasms. Gino grunts as a flash of white slips out, shooting straight up like a small geyser and Gino fights back a scream as his orgasm comes to a head.


Jorge smiles wildly, watching Gino shooting his full potent blasts splashing his chest up and landing mostly on Jorge’s ankles. The sticky white liquid runs down his legs tangling in his leg hairs, as the stuff globs up. After ten full grunting emissions, Gino starts to wind down and the rest dribble down his still hard cock.


Gino’s heart thunders erratically in his chest and he drops fully to the floor, spent and breathing hard.


“That was wild.”


Jorge stands up, taking a swipe of Gino’s spunk and tasting it. He chuckles and lays down next to Gino, one hand on his chest and feeling his breath come quickly.


“Gino you owe me…”      


“I owe you shit.”

Gino turns and his dark eyes flash and he rolls on top of Jorge pinning him to the floor. The move was so unexpected after Gino’s defeat, and Gino grinds himself into Jorge’s stomach.


“My brother is fucking mine. I would never share him, I don’t care what I bet on, you can guarantee that I would fucking cross you. Also…your little brother is a better lover than you, Jorge.”


Jorge’s eyes widen “Wait…Aldo?”


“Yup. I’ve played with you both, and I have a favorite.”


Anger floods Jorge’s system and they pair grapple on the floor, but Gino succeeds in pressing his toes straight down on Jorge’s nuggets digging them into the floor. Jorge hollers as the door opens.


Gino rolls off panting, as Chase walks in followed by the twins Max and Rex. Leroy comes in shortly after, but it’s Chase’s wide grin that holds Gino still.


“Looks like I am helping the wrong Gomez use his get out of jail card.” Chase licks his lips, and then his attention is briefly on Jorge before he turns back to Gino “Unless you would rather stay and play hide the pickle some more with Aldo’s big brother.”


“Naw, I’m done. Let’s go get Jayden.”


“If you’re here, that means that Logan will already be at the place that I wanted to be at. Oh well, Jayden will be happy that I got you. You will need to change before getting into my car…I don’t want to stain the upholstery.”


Chase offers a hand to Gino, he takes it climbing to his feet.


Jorge is standing up to, unaided by any of them.


“You got more of those lucky get out of jail cards, Chase?” Jorge asks.


“Sorry. Used my last one.” Chase’s blue eyes sparkle with hidden intent as he comes up to Aldo’s big brother and adds “He told me what a dick you are, I wouldn’t lift a hand to help you. Aldo and I share the big brother is a dick thing. Enjoy your stay in solitary, jackass.”


Rex giggles, holding back a laugh.


Jorge fumes, and rears back to punch Chase but Gino gets there first hammer a blow to his stomach and knocking him to the floor, breathless and gasping with horrid quick wet breathes as he spits on the floor.


“Not today, Jorge.”


Chase’s jaw almost drops, Gino helping him was the last thing that he expected.


“And I wouldn’t worry about the upholstery Chase, apparently according to my little brother it wouldn’t be the first time you couldn’t get a stain out.”


Rolling his eyes Chase huffs “You don’t want to be in that smelly—”


Gino puts a finger to his lips and suprising everyone pulls Chase into a fierce hug, “Thank you.” Gino’s husky thick voice whispers into his ear. “You were going to save Jayden…I knew that you would. You even got me out. I…owe you Chase.”


Chase pats his back, not sure how to react. When they pull apart Gino’s blushing and heading to the door putting an arm around Leroy, “Good to see you bro, let’s get the fuck out of here.”


“Good to have you back, man” Leroy says as they walk out.


Jorge starts to stand up, but Rex comes in with a mean kick between his legs which snap together and his wounded dark eyes look up as he curses “You….fucker!” Jorge sinks one hand beneath his waistband cupping his bulge, the outline of his fingers against the thin material showcases the prominent bulge of his sack.


Max grabs Chase’s hand, “Let’s get out of here, and get back to Jayden. That’s a reunion that I can’t wait to see.”


Chase smiles at Max, and together the three of them head out trailing behind Gino and Leroy.


“It’s time to go back home, and get the place ready for Jayden. It’s his comeback time. I can’t wait!”







GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hey Ball Busting Boy Fans,

I am back.


Anonymous said...

Yes! The king is back! Long live king Jimmy!
That story was awesome. I hadn’t really warmed to Jorge in the previous stories but you really brought him alive here. It was awesome to see him crunching Gino’s spuds and managing to shrug off some seriously hard blows to his huevos.
I suspect Jorge is already thinking of what he will do to Jayden when he gets out…he kinda earned it in this story.
Definitely a shock seeing Chase coming to save Gino. I’m not convinced their feud is really over yet. I suspect Chase will want an apology from Gino for all the times he mocked Chase’s equipment and all the loads he busted out of his „big” balls!

Can’t wait to ready more! Awesome stuff

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hey Reg,

Thanks for the kind words, my friend!

King Jimmy…lol.

So it will be revealed in the next story but their were two groups off to save Jayden, one was Logan and the BB boys and the other was Chase and his friends. Chase and Logan figured that some shady crap might go down so Logan took up heading to the hometown of Zagan Keller.

Chase was actually being nice here by getting Gino out, and scoring some major points with Jayden while he’s at it.

Feud over? We will see.

I’m glad that you enjoyed Jorge here. He really took center stage in BB Gino, but thanks to Chase he put a stop to it.

I should have the conclusion finished by Friday. We will see.


owen said...

hay jimmy: ohmygod: so hott. Yup blue ball crisis over...well...for now... gino really took a beettin to his juicy plums. he should have been stronger though: took the stomp like a man when he gave in lol: was a trick , i knew he'd never let someone else bust jayden's boynuts: but boy did you have me going till it all became clear. Good old chase dunno what we'd do with out our swim captain ha? owen. p s ballbusting in the last part? i hope so: keep on with the good work: all bow before the might of the truly horrifying, ballcrunching, nut-shattering nard-destroyer... his roil highness King jimmy the terror of man-kind! aaaaaaaaaag- ugh, ugh, ugh, oh my boynuts! hahahah! xx.

GinoJaydenAuthor said...

Hi Owen,

Thank you for the kind words my friend!

Yeah, Gino does not like sharing his little brother. No way that he wanted Jorge to have his shot at Jayden! But…that does not mean that Jorge won’t give it a go.

Thanks for the great laugh, Owen!

Hope you like the next one!