Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Logan’s high school diary 5: Wednesdays suck

I’m sorry for the lack of updates recently. I have been extremely busy, and there is no end in sight – but I managed to spare a couple of hours today and wrote this little story. I hope you like it.

Previous chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

It’s been a little while since I had received a video from Logan. A while ago, the 18 year old high school wrestler had started a video diary, chronicling the adventures of him and his friends at Josiah E. Bartlet High. Logan was a very attractive, charming guy, and I was very happy when I received an e-mail from him. When I clicked on the link that he had sent me, the screen filled with what I immediately recognized as the school’s locker room.

Logan looked into the camera and smiled. “It’s Wednesday, ladies and gentlemen, and we have a wonderful little tradition here on the wrestling team… See for yourself…”

Logan stepped back and grinned at his buddies. I recognized the three guys he was with from previous videos.

Cody-Jeremy, nicknamed CJ, was a cute guy with red hair and a nose piercing. He was shirtless, with a smooth, hairless chest, wearing only a pair of shorts.

On his left, muscular Asian hunk Kim was smiling at the camera. Next to Kim was Gary, a handsome guy with dark blond hair and brown eyes.

Kim, Gary, and Logan were fully dressed but their hair was wet. Apparently they had just showered after finishing their training.

“Every Wednesday after practice”, Logan explained, grinning, “our buddy CJ here---“

CJ waved at the camera.

 “---likes to practice his oral skills”, Logan continued.

Gary chuckled and adjusted the visible boner in his crotch.

“Every week”, Logan continued, smiling, “CJ chooses one of us to be the lucky winner.” He adjusted his crotch. “Last week it was me. Now, who will it be this week?” He pointed at CJ with the exaggerated smile and posture of a game show host. “Over to you, CJ!”

The guys chuckled.

Kim and Gary were smiling like kids in a candy store, both of them hoping that CJ would pick them and anticipating his hot lips around their throbbing cock.

CJ rubbed his hands and grinned. “Alright, let’s get to work!” He fell down on his knees and licked his lips. He looked up at his three buddies, his lips slightly parted, his eyes twinkling.

Kim bit his lower lip, his pants tenting with an obvious erection. Absentmindedly, he ran his finger over the damp spot on his crotch where his dick was leaking precum.

Gary ran his hand through his dark blond hair and adjusted his boner again, winking at CJ.

Logan watched his two buddies and grinned.

“And this week”, CJ said slowly, “the lucky winner is going to be…”

Logan chuckled as Kim and Gary were holding their breath.

“Logan!” CJ exclaimed.

Logan blinked.

“What?!” Kim gasped.

“But you did him last week!” Gary objected.

CJ shrugged. “Sorry, guys”, he said. “I need something big today”, he smiled seductively at Logan. “I need a big fat piece of meat in my mouth. And frankly, your weenies can’t compete with Logan’s fucking monster.”

Kim’s jaw dropped. “What?!”

“Logan’s cock isn’t that much bigger than mine”, Gary mumbled.

Logan cleared his throat. “Listen, CJ, you sucked me off last week. Don’t you think---“

CJ shook his head and started unbuttoning Logan’s jeans. “It’s your cock that I want, big boy!” He winked at Kim and Gary. “You can watch if you want, losers.”

CJ pulled Logan’s jeans down to his knees, exposing his blue boxer briefs.

Logan smiled nervously. “Really, CJ, it’s only fair to let Gary and Kim get a shot…”

“Yeah!” Kim and Gary said in unison.

“Even if their cocks are too small”, Logan added.

“What?!” Kim glared at Logan.

“Your cock isn’t that much bigger than mine”, Gary mumbled.

“Why don’t you try taking both of them in your mouth, huh?” Logan suggested. “Maybe that’s enough to fill your mouth…”

Kim and Gary stared at Logan.

“Just an idea”, Logan shrugged.

CJ yanked down Logan’s boxer briefs. Logan’s pubic hair was neatly trimmed and his meaty cock was flaccid, hanging down in front of his big pair of testicles.

CJ licked his lips and weighed the heavy pair of nuts in his hand.

“Mmmm”, he cooed. “That’s---“ He stopped, looking confused. “What the fuck?” he whispered slowly.

Logan blushed.

“You can’t be serious”, CJ mumbled. He weighed Logan’s balls in his hand again, a concentrated expression on his face. “Empty”, he said in a toneless voice. “They are empty!”

Logan gulped.

CJ let go of Logan’s nuts, gingerly grabbed the base of his cock, leaned forward and sniffed at the tip of the meaty dick.

Logan’s face was beet red.

Kim and Gary looked confused.

CJ leaned back and let go of Logan’s dick. “You stupid fuck!” He slapped Logan’s nuts with the palm of his hand.

Logan groaned.

“You jerked off?!” CJ grunted. “On a Wednesday?!”

Logan cleared his throat.

CJ drew his hand back, balled his fist and sent it smashing into Logan’s unprotected junk. His knuckles dug deep into the soft tissue of Logan’s mighty balls, flattening them like pancakes and sending a meaty slap echoing through the room.

Kim and Gary cringed in sympathy as Logan doubled over, clutching his crotch.

“I’m sorry”, Logan groaned.

“Why the fuck would you do that?” CJ asked.

Logan moaned. “You know, it’s almost two weeks since I’ve seen Ashley. This morning she sent me a picture of herself. A naughty picture, you know. I was so horny that I ran into the men’s room and rubbed one out.”

CJ stared at him, an incredulous expression on his face.

“Two, actually”, Logan added meekly.

“You just dropped them onto the floor”, CJ whispered.

“Into the toilet, actually”, Logan mumbled.

“Those loads were mine”, CJ said in a toneless voice.

“I’m sorry”, Logan grimaced, rubbing his sore, empty testicles. “I know I owe you a load and I promise it’ll be a big one…”

CJ didn’t respond.

Logan sighed. “But not today.” He looked up and pointed at Kim and Gary. “I know their dicks are not as big as you like them but I’m sure they’ll be happy to let you suck them.”

CJ looked at Gary and Kim.

Gary scoffed. “No way!”

“Fuck you!” Kim chimed in.

“You wanted Logan and nobody else”, Gary added. “Now this is what you get: a pair of dried tomatoes.”

Kim laughed.

“I bet there’s not a drop of cum left in them”, Gary grinned.

“Serves you right, talking about our dicks like that!” Kim said.

CJ turned to Logan, a determined look on his face.

Logan smiled weakly. “I’m sorry, buddy.”

CJ looked back at Kim and Gary. “I’m going to get my batch of jizz today.”

“Not from us”, Kim said, shrugging.

CJ sighed. He looked at Logan’s genitalia. His limp, meaty cock was dangling in front of his balls.

“Alright”, CJ said, rubbing his hands. “I’m sure I can squeeze another load out of those nuggets.”

Logan’s eyes widened. “What?”

Kim and Gary chuckled. “Sure! It’s worth a try!”

“Nonono”, Logan said quickly. “They are completely dry, believe me, there’s not a drop left in those suckers.”

CJ grabbed Logan’s big nuts with both of his hands.

“When did you shoot your load?” Kim asked.

“Um, two hours ago”, Logan said in a strained voice as CJ started squeezing his tender testicles.

“Two hours, wow”, Kim grinned. “Well, superstud, I’m sure that your little sperm factory has started producing again…”

CJ closed his fingers around Logan’s nuts, digging his fingertips into the tender flesh and making the meaty gonads bulge between his fingers.

Logan groaned in pain. “Ow, fuck, CJ, please…”

“Go on, CJ”, Gary clapped his hands. “Milk him! Squeeze that jizz out of those suckers!”

CJ started twisting Logan’s nuts and pulling them away from each other, making Logan scream in agony.

Kim and Gary laughed.

“Yeah, that’s it!” Gary shouted.

CJ bit his lower lip, concentrating hard on compressing Logan’s poor plums as tightly as possible.

“You’ve got to tenderize them before you get the juice out of them”, Gary said, grinning.

Kim looked at him questioningly.

Gary shrugged. “My father was a grapefruit farmer…”

Kim laughed.

CJ grabbed Logan’s balls with his left hand, closing his thumb and his index finger around the neck of the sack, pulling them down until Logan’s plump meatballs were bulging at the bottom. Then he balled his right fist and smashed it into the trapped testicles.

Logan’s mouth opened wide in a silent scream and his eyes crossed as the pain washed through his body.

“Yeah!” Gary laughed.

Kim covered his groin in sympathy.

CJ punched Logan’s nuts again as hard as he could, smashing the delicate orbs into his palm. Logan’s nuts flattened like a pair of water balloons hitting the ground.

“Ouch”, Kim dead-panned, “that looked painful.”

Logan was gasping for air, his handsome face contorted in pain.

CJ ground his knuckles into the tender flesh of Logan’s most prized possessions, twisting his hand and making Logan shriek like a pig in a slaughterhouse.

“Look!” Gary shouted and pointed at Logan’s cock.

A small droplet of clear precum was visible at the very tip of Logan’s limp dick.

CJ eagerly lapped it up and grinned. “It’s working”, he said joyfully.

Logan didn’t seem to be able to appreciate the success of CJ’s actions. He was howling in pain as CJ flattened his poor balls between his palm and his knuckles with renewed passion.

Even through Logan’s cock remained soft, another drop of precum appeared and was quickly licked up by CJ.

CJ threw another hard, cheerful punch into Logan’s rapidly swelling balls that brought tears to the young stud’s eyes.

“I guess they’re tenderized enough now”, CJ mumbled and grabbed Logan’s bright red plums with both of his hands.

Logan gasped for air as CJ’s fingers closed around his bruised and battered balls, squishing them like a pair of stress balls.

CJ’s eyes were fixed on the tip of Logan’s dick as he kneaded Logan’s fat nuggets, squishing and squashing his tender orbs so hard that his knuckles turned white.

Another drop of sticky fluid ran out the head of Logan’s cock, and CJ quickly lapped it up like an eager puppy. Then another drop of fluid appeared. CJ hummed happily and continued squeezing Logan’s testicles.

Suddenly, a deep, gurgling groan escaped Logan’s lips. Even though his cock remained flaccid and soft, his body buckled as a painful, forced orgasm washed through his body.

CJ engulfed Logan’s dick with his mouth, closing his lips around the limp dick while continuing to squeeze Logan’s poor nuts.

It wasn’t more than one gulp, but apparently the taste was alright. CJ beamed with joy as he swallowed the juice that he had worked so hard to get.

Logan was whimpering, his eyes scrunched shut, his face glistening with sweat.

The orgasm lasted more than a minute, with CJ sucking hard on Logan’s cock and driving his thumbs into Logan’s empty, sore balls to get every last drop of cum out of them.

Finally, CJ let Logan’s cock slip out of his mouth, exhaling slowly with a satisfied smile on his face. He licked his lips and grinned. “Thanks”, he winked at Logan. “I really needed that. It wasn’t as much as I usually get – but thanks anyway.”

Logan stared at his throbbing red balls and his limp dick, a look of horror on his face.

Kim and Gary chuckled.

CJ looked up at Logan and laughed. “Oh come on”, he said and playfully slapped Logan’s bruised and spent nuts.

Logan shrieked like a little girl, causing the rest of the guys to break out laughing.

“You know what?” Gary said, reaching into his pocket. He produced an iPhone and held it in front of Logan’s crotch. “What do you say we send Ashley a naughty picture?”

“Oh, no”, Logan groaned.

Kim clapped his hands and laughed as Gary took a picture of Logan’s bruised genitalia with CJ smiling and giving two thumbs up.

Ten seconds after he had sent the picture, Logan’s phone rang.

Kim, Gary and Logan laughed hysterically as Logan looked mortified at the prospect of explaining his girlfriend what had happened to his balls.

Logan glared at his buddies who ran out of the room.

“Fuck you!” Logan shouted. “I’m going to get back at you!” Tentatively, he adjusted his naked genitalia, wincing at the touch of his hand. Then he picked up the phone. “Baby?” he said weakly.

Then the screen went black.


bbmal said...

Poor Logan. At least he's a good sport about it! I'm hoping CJ took care of Gary and Kim after the camera shut off. Great story man, thanks for posting it!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, bbmal! I'm glad you liked the story - and I'm sure that Kim and Gary managed to satisfy CJ's needs after they finished laughing about poor Logan... :-))

guy787970 said...

That was really hot. I missed Logan.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you like the story! I'm working on a new story with Logan right now. :-))

Carter said...

God that was great. And nice twist too, I thought for sure he'd get busted by his jealous friends.

Alex said...

Thank you, Carter! Yeah, logan's friends are unpredictable... ;-)