Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Video links: Hockey nuts

Have you ever seen those warning signs at ice hockey arenas that tell you to watch out for flying pucks? Well, someone should have told these guys' testicles!

Here are some of my favorite clips of guys getting whacked in the nuts by hockey pucks, balls or sticks.

Let's start with bang. This is a wonderful clip from reliable scrotum smashers Nub TV. They filmed a little skit called Hockey Puck Nut Shot back in 2012, and there's so much to love about it: The hit is hard and right on target. The hockey players are cheering the testicular destruction as if they had just won Olympic gold. Ben heroically high-fives the hockey players after one of them wrecked hislittle love pucks. And a wonderful little detail I missed on my first viewing? After the devastating hit, the next player is lining up the ball, visibly eager to go on and deal a death blow to poor Ben's chances of ever fathering little hockey players. It doesn't come to that - but I have a feeling that even without another hit fathering children was not on Ben's agenda for quite a few days...

There's something oddly fascinating in the smile of the hockey player in the next clip after he has hit the goalie in the nuts. He looks happy and satisfied, a little embarrassed but definitely proud. And he has every right to be proud: It's an awesome hit!

I love the way this young man cheerfully announces the wonderful little trick he is about to do ("This is the hockey stick to the dick shot. No protection down there!") - and then breaks down crying after the stick hits the dick. Hilarious!

Imagine you're standing in front of your friend. He's sitting, his leags spread, waiting for you to hit him in the nuts. You are holding the hockey stick. The ball is right in front of you. You are hesitating. Do you want to send your buddy's sex life into detention? Well, there's only one answer to that, and it's perfectly phrased by the cameraman in the next video: "Go go go go go. Go. Go!"

Finally, here are two awesome comilations of NHL nutshots. I'm sure you'll agree: Sometimes it might seem that professional athletes are overrated and overpaid - but after watching these clips I think these brave men deserve every penny they get...

What's your favorite hockey nut shot? Let me know by leaving a comment or by sending me an email (!



Anonymous said...

one of the vids has been taken down ;(

Alex said...

Oh no! Thanks for letting me know. Unfortunately there‘s nothing I can do about it... :-((

Anonymous said...

Great post!

Here's a related link on a Canadian show called Road Hockey Rumble.

Basically two captains face off in a hockey game, and the loser gets a punishment. In this case, the punishment was a kick in the nuts by some professional high kickers!

The funny part is the loser is slowly being hoisted up for his nuts to be the most vulnerable, and the kickers don't hold back! The guy is in obvious pain and the audience is erupting in laughter!

Alex said...

Thank you so much for that awesome link! I love that video! :-))