Friday, May 15, 2015

From stud to dud: JUNK-A-BRO-LOOZA! (part 1)

Very special thanks to Chadfan! We co-wrote this story and had a great time exchanging emails and tossing ideas back and forth. This story is a bit different from the rest of my work, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Previously on “From stud to dud”:

Title credit: I read the phrase "From stud to dud" first in pooiu's 2010 f/m story Busting League: Day 1. Check out his excellent story blog Busted Spuds.

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

“Look! It’s the helicopter!” Shawn yelled.

Just a year over thirty, the skinny redhead was standing in the middle of the kitchen, bare naked, as he shook his hips wildly to make his long, meaty dick swing round and round.


He ran a hand over the red stubble growing on his recently shaved head and jaw, and then down into the strawberry colored fur that covered the rest of his scrappy body. With his other hand, Shawn reached beneath his swinging dick, and gave his pool ball sized nuts a squeeze. Shawn loved his new big, juicy cock - and he loved showing it off. He wanted the whole world to see his brand new dick.
“Little Shawn“, the redhead’s old dick, was a pathetic stump - the shortest cock either he or his friends had ever seen. His housemates, Bucky and Rocco, thought his stubby dick was pretty hilarious, and the few girls who had seen it, called it “cute.” But Shawn didn’t want his dick to be “hilarious“, or “cute.”

Fuck. He was a hot looking guy. He had some big nuts. A motorcycle. A tattoo parlor. All that, and still Shawn wasn’t happy. It was his stubby dick holding him back. He was sure of it. Every night he’d jerk his knob in frustration, and dream of having a massive dick to slap his buddies in the face with.

But how do you get a brand new dick?

Cue three months ago - to the day they chased Rocco’s dick all over town.

Rocco had just lost his dick in an accident with their van’s sliding door. And while they worked out a way to reattach it, Rocco’s idiot dog, Captain Crunch, ran off with the amputated cock. Shawn, Bucky, and Rocco spent an entire day chasing after Rocco’s dick - busting nuts and ruining lives along the way.

Unfortunately, Rocco’s dick fell into the hands of two maniacs - Troy, a homicidal security guard with some major penis envy, and Quint, his idiot cowboy side-kick. Both men wound up taking the blame for the day’s chaos - and ironically, lost their cocks, going to jail dickless. Served those assholes right.

Luckily, Rocco managed to get his dick back in one piece... more or less.

Luckier still, Shawn also stumbled upon a recently amputated cock.

The chase had ended in a half finished building, and Shawn found himself wandering the construction site alone. That’s where he found Rocco’s dick snatching dog, choking on something too big to swallow. Shawn kept his distance, and much to his surprise, watched the dog cough up a big floppy cock. Quint’s dick.

Captain Crunch shot the hefty cock a look of disdain, and then trotted off. Shawn wasn’t sure how Quint and his dick got separated - but there it was for the taking, just lying in the dirt. It was Shawn’s big chance.

Thinking fast, Shawn grabbed a pair of bolt cutters, and with a quick “SNIP“, said goodbye to “Little Shawn” forever. There was an ambulance nearby, so he hobbled over, holding Quint’s dick - claiming it as his own. There were a lot of dick related accidents that day - his was just one more.

Shawn repeated his lie at the hospital - telling Bucky’s brother, a perpetually stoned surgeon named Brad, the same thing. Quint’s dick was Shawn’s dick. Brad, knowing nothing about the switch, stitched Shawn up better than new.

Then it was just a matter of healing up, and having a few lame tattoos lasered off - leaving his new big dick a spotless ode to masculinity.

Shawn smiled, thinking about Quint in the prison showers - a bare spot above his big blond cowboy nuts. He hoped dickless Quint had the biggest case of blue-balls in history.

“It’s the helicopter!” Shawn laughed, swinging his dick around happily.

Shawn’s friend Bucky rolled his eyes and took a hit from his joint. Just a year younger than the tattoo artist, Bucky was handsome stoner with ruffled brown hair, furry chest, and a surprisingly compact, muscular frame. He was lounging in a pair of grubby grey longjohns, his modest genitals flopping around under the thin material. It was a warm summer morning, and the kitchen air was thick with the smell of beer, pot, and nut sweat.

Bucky scratched his pubic hair and sighed. Ever since Shawn had gotten his new big dick, he had been insufferable, running around the house naked, doing the “helicopter” or the “dunk in the donut” or the “balls-deep in your mouth while you’re sleeping” or the “step into your room while you’re banging a girl and show her what she’s missing out on.” And on top of that---

“The helicopter!” Rocco yelled, following Shawn’s example and swinging his dick around.

Bucky inhaled deeply. He was gonna have to buy more pot.

Rocco rubbed his bearded chin with the back of his hand, and flashed Bucky a wide grin. He was a huge, muscular, scruffy stud - completely naked and entirely covered in dark black hair, like a bear... A bear with a gigantic schlong and two massive, low-hanging fur covered balls. Rocco’s junk had been through a lot in the last year, and Bucky liked to see him with a smile on his face, and a fully healed cock between his legs.

Like Shawn’s pilfered cock, Rocco’s dick used to have a tattoo, although it was long gone, due to the number of times Rocco’s dick had been blown up, stitched up, stitched on... and stitched back on again - most recently by Bucky’s brother.

Brad was doubtful Rocco’s dick was even salvageable. Given all it had been through, Bucky was amazed Rocco’s cock still looked like a cock. If anything, all the damage had given it a sort of “distinguished” look. Sure there were some dents and scuffs - but it was here to stay.

“The helicopter!” Rocco and Shawn shouted in unison, their faces filled with childish joy as they moved in on Bucky with their swinging dicks.

Bucky rolled his eyes again and placed his joint on the kitchen counter. He reached into a drawer, rummaged around until he found two spatulas, took one in each hand and whacked Shawn and Rocco in the nuts simultaneously.

The double smack of hard metal against soft, tender nutmeat echoed through the kitchen, followed by a duet of low, guttural groans as Rocco and Shawn doubled over and sank to the ground.

Bucky looked down at his buddies and grinned. “Looks like the helicopters have landed“, he chuckled.

From the floor, Rocco and Shawn joined in on the laughter, even as they clutched their nuts in pain.

Bucky grabbed his joint, closed his eyes and inhaled deeply. Rocco and Shawn... they were like two big, dumb dogs - constantly getting erections at the worst times, humping everything in sight, and pissing everywhere. As a veterinarian he knew a quick “fix” for that. He had done it hundreds of times. Maybe it was time to---


Shawn’s fist collided with Bucky’s unsuspecting balls.

“Got ya!” Shawn yelled.

Bucky’s eyes opened wide and instantly crossed as he doubled over in pain, coughing and groaning. His joint fell to the ground and his hands reached inside his longjohns to grab his aching balls that sent throbbing, hot pain signals through his body.

Rocco and Shawn burst out laughing, watching Bucky fall to his knees and curl up in a little ball.

“Right in the fucking nutsack!” Shawn laughed.

“Poor Bucky”, Rocco chuckled, bending over to offer the pain stricken stoner a hand.

“Poor Rocco”, Shawn said with a mean grin.

Rocco blinked.

A split-second later, Shawn brought his fist up between Rocco’s muscular thighs from behind, ramming his hairy low-hangers into his body.

Rocco let out a strained yelp and fell to his knees, landing on Bucky.

“Nut-shot pile! Nut-shot pile!” Shawn yelled and jumped on top of Rocco.

The kitchen was filled with groans and moans as the three buddies tried to grab hold of each others’ nuts and squeeze them as hard as they could.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.

The three guys looked up, their hands full of sweaty nuts.

“Aw, gross.” A handsome face peaked through the window on the kitchen door. He chuckled as he peered down at the three men tangled together on the kitchen floor.

“Brad!” Bucky grunted. “Door’s unlocked.”

Shawn gave Bucky’s nuts a squeeze. “Dude, don’t invite him in! I fuckin’ hate your---”

The door opened and Brad stepped in, carefully looking around and guarding his crotch. He wrinkled his nose. “Fuck. Smells like balls in here, bro.”

There was a certain family resemblance between Brad and Bucky, though he was taller and broader than his younger brother. He had a long face, like his brother, and scruffy brown stubble that turned into chestnut fur at his neckline. Sometimes Bucky wondered why Brad had become a doctor. He didn’t look like a doctor at all... more like a surfer... a really dumb surfer. Brad was wearing thin scrubs, and no underwear, doing little to hide his muscular body, hefty nuts, or his very, very, erect dick.

Bucky untangled himself from his housemates, and sat up, pointing at his brother’s rock hard erection. “Dude, what is up with that?”

Shawn snickered. “Not much that I can see.”

The men in Bucky’s family weren’t known for having massive dicks - although they rarely got complaints. However Brad made up for his modest length with shear girth. Today his beer can dick was tenting his scrubs like a stubby iron rod.

Brad smiled sheepishly, looking down at his raging hard on. “I may have overdone it on the dick pills bro. It’s been like this for...” Brad thought for a moment. “, a while.”

Bucky eyed his brother’s crotch suspiciously. “Dude... A while - like a few hours?”

Brad grinned, and scratched the back of his head. “Nah, more like--- Wait. What day is it?”

Bucky shook his head. “Brad, why are you here, and not at a hospital?”

Brad fished into his pocket, and produced two crumpled envelopes. “Business and pleasure bro. I got the bills for these two.” He waived the envelopes at Rocco and Shawn, who were still on the floor with Bucky. “And, I was hoping you had some killer weed to knock this boner down.”

The living room was littered with all kinds of stuff. Neither of the three roommates was very good at cleaning up, so the floor was covered in half-empty pizza boxes, beer cans and porn magazines. Bucky knelt down and rummaged through the stuff on the floor, searching for his weed.

Brad picked up a magazine from the couch. The pages were sticking together. He looked at his brother with a half-amused, half-grossed out expression on his face.

Bucky shrugged. “Since you stitched their dicks back on Rocco and Shawn have been very... busy.”

Brad chuckled and threw the magazine onto the floor before taking a seat on the couch. “Use it or lose it dude.”

“Sometimes I wish they would.” Bucky mumbled. He craned his neck, peering into the kitchen. Rocco and Shawn were quietly reviewing their surgery bills at the kitchen table, their brows furrowed.

Brad tapped his feet nervously. “I hope you’ve got some good stuff bro.” Brad pointed with both hands at his erection. “I mean, this has been cool as fuck. My dick has seen a lot, and I mean A LOT of action over the last couple days - but there’s no way to hide him at work bro. I can’t keep taping him to my belly - I’m ripping out all my pubes!”

Bucky found a box of skunky weed tucked under a stack of Shawn’s tattoo magazines. He waived it at his brother. “This shit is pretty strong dude. I don’t think I’ve ever been hard on it.”

Brad clapped his hands. “Alright!” He lifted the waistband of his scrubs and peered at his relentless erection. “Give it up, dude! Just give up!”

Bucky rolled a joint and handed it to his brother. “Dude, you’re only a year older than me. Be careful with those pills. Stay too hard, for too long and---”

“Bro, you can never be too hard.” Brad grinned, and lit his joint - then gestured to his crotch with his lighter. “Besides, after a couple hits, this’ll be limp as a... as a limp...”

Bucky sighed, and rolled himself a joint. “Noodle?”

Brad’s eyes popped open. “Bro, you got spaghetti?”

Bucky sighed again, and flopped down on the floor. Rocco and Shawn were still reading their bills in the kitchen.

Brad took a hit, inhaling deeply. A sleepy smile crept onto his face as his free hand reached down into his scrubs. “Timmmmmmmberrrrrrr...” He mumbled.

His eyes fell on two big glass jars sitting on the coffee table, filled with milky fluid. As he massaged his erection, the contents of the jars came into focus. Two floating... sausages? No... not sausages... they looked like... Brad pulled his hand out of his scrubs with a start.

“Fuck me”, Brad blurted out. “Bro, are those-”

“Friends of your brother’s.” Shawn grinned. The redhead walked into the living room, with Rocco close behind.

Rocco had finished reading his bill. He looked at Bucky, a horrified expression on his face. Bucky reached for the bill with one hand, and patted the floor with the other, inviting Rocco to sit next to him.

Brad stared at the jars intently. “Bucky. Dude. Whose dicks are these?”

Bucky shrugged, his eyes pouring over Rocco’s bill. “Just some guys I know.”

Brad took another hit, and leaned in closer. “Gross.”

In the left jar was a big, meaty cock, bigger than Brad’s, studded with a lot of piercings. A ring went right through the bulbous head. The other cock, which was even longer, sat coiled in the right jar, and was covered in drawings. Tattoos.

“That one’s Jared, and that’s Mika.” Shawn smirked. “Bucky met them at Skinny Dick’s a while back - and then, apparently, one thing lead to another.” He sat down on the arm of the couch and chuckled, eyeing Brad’s tented scrubs. “You want to add to the collection? Get rid of your little, er, problem?”

Brad snorted. “Dude. Don’t even joke.” He took another hit, but for some reason his dick only got harder. Brad tilted his head, and squinted at the pickled dicks. “So... they were cool with...”

“Bucky lopping their dicks off?” Shawn picked up a jar and shook it, making the tattooed dick inside spin around crazily. “Totally. Those guys are hard core.” He put the jar back down, and winked at Brad. “You and your brother could start a business. He chops dicks off, and you stick them back on. Although, I don’t think Bucky got paid in the ‘traditional’ manner... unless it’s normal for doctors to get paid in head.”

Bucky had reached the end of the bill, and ran a hand through his messy hair. “Rocco... This is... pretty expensive dude.”

Rocco stared at him. “I haven’t been able to work for months“, he mumbled. “I don’t have that kind of money.” He scratched his pubic hair. “Do you think the sperm bank might---”

“Dude, even you don’t have that much jizz”, Bucky frowned at the bill. “Besides, no dick is worth this much.”

Rocco sighed and gave his dick a dejected tug. “Right... um... so do I have to give this back?”

“Dude... what?” Bucky shook his head slowly. “No. No you don’t...” He looked at the number again, still shaking his head. “But, you should definitely ask for a bill reduction.”

Rocco looked at Bucky. “You think?”

“Definitely”, Bucky said. He glanced at his brother who was preoccupied with Shawn and the two bottled dicks. “Shawn can’t afford a bill like this either... so why isn’t he upset?”

Rocco glanced at Shawn. “I think Shawn’s got some kind of...” He leaned in closer to Bucky and whispered. “...secret plan. He’s been saving all these beer cans in the garage for something.”

Bucky shook his head. “Rocco, that... that’s not a plan. That’s just Shawn.”

Rocco peered back at Shawn. “I don’t know... it’s kinda suspicious. He’s been hiding them in Captain Crunch’s old doghouse. Maybe he’s keeping money in them...”

“Dude, forget Shawn.” Bucky said in a low voice. “I know how this works. Doctors always charge way too much. How do you think my dad bought his place in the Caribbean?” He took a deep hit from his joint. “You should get at least half off.” He glanced at Brad again. “And since he’s my brother, let’s see if he’ll do ninety.”

Rocco sighed and scratched his nuts. “I dunno Bucky... I’m not sure I want to ask for any favors.”

“Look“, Bucky said. “Just trust me. Ask for ninety percent off.” Bucky grinned. “Besides, Brad’s stoned out of his goddamn mind right now. He’d probably agree to anything.”

Brad picked up the jar with the tattooed dick in it, and sat it on his crotch. “Imagine if he’s got a fucking date or some shit. ‘Sorry, but I left my dick at my friend’s house.’ Hah!” He jiggled the jar over his crotch, and squinted at it. “Is this all? I mean, it’s fucking big, but do they have anything left?”

Shawn chuckled. “They’ve still got their balls.”

Brad took another hit, and let out a wheezing laugh. “Shit, what the fuck for?”

“Apparently they aren’t sure if they still want kids some day…” Shawn laughed. “But this is it, all the way down to the root. One hundred percent.”

“One hundred percent“, Brad repeated with a stoned grin.

Rocco cleared his throat. “Mr. doctor, sir?” he said in a firm voice.

Brad and Shawn turned to face Rocco, raising their eyebrows.

“I want a reduction“, Rocco said sternly.

Brad scratched his head. “Dude... What?”

“A reduction. For this.” Rocco pointed the bill at his dick. “I’d like a reduction.”

Shawn shot a confused look at Bucky.

The stoner lifted himself up on his elbows and leveled his gaze at Brad. “Rocco’s not happy, bro.”

Brad took a hit from his joint, then looked down at the jar of dick in his lap and grimaced. “Really?” He stared at Rocco’s crotch. “Rocco, dude, you’re unhappy with that?”

Rocco took a tentative step forward. “C’mon. You have to admit it’s a bit much...”

Brad waved his joint in the air and chuckled. “To be honest big guy, I don’t even know how you live with it. I mean, sure, I could trim some off. It’s so big no one would notice... But seriously, how much are we talking about?”

“I---” Rocco inhaled deeply. “I want ninety percent.”

Brad stared at him.

“Off. I mean. Ninety percent off.” Rocco cleared his throat, and turned to Bucky for support. “Right?”

“Sounds fair to me.” Bucky shrugged, playing with his joint. “Besides, even that ten percent left over - that’s still a lot for one guy to handle.”

“Ten percent?” Brad chuckled, and put the dick jar back on the table. “That’s basically just the tip."

Rocco put his hands on his hips. "Hey, it was pretty big to start off with. Ten percent is more than just a tip.”

Brad took another hit and laughed. “Dude, not MUCH more.”

“Wait, wait, wait.” Shawn scowled at Brad. “Hold the fuck up.” The readhead pointed at Rocco. “If he’s getting a reduction, then I want one too.”

Bucky nudged Rocco with his elbow. “See, I told you those cans weren’t a secret---”

“Hey!” Shawn glared at Bucky from across the living room. “Maybe they are, and I just haven’t shared it yet. So, shut, up.”

Brad shook his head. “Shawn, you can’t be serious.”

Shawn’s face darkened. “Oh I’m serious as a kick to the nuts, Brad.”

Brad felt his dick twitch. It was still hard. He took another puff. "Dudes, this is way out of the ordinary. I can’t lop shit off left and right just like that.”

Bucky squinted at Brad. “Quit being such a hard-ass dude. We’ve both done it before.”

Brad’s wheezed out another laugh. “Bro! No, I have not!” He pointed at the jar in his lap. “Although, you’re apparently fine doing one hundred percent reductions in exchange for a blow job…”

Rocco turned from Brad to Bucky, a bewildered look on his face.“Hang on...” Rocco mumbled. “Am I giving your brother a blow job? Because I am NOT good at those…”

Shawn giggled madly. “Oh my god, yes.”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “No dude. What’s that even got to do with anything?!” Bucky pointed his joint at Brad. “Dude. I know you can do this. So don’t pretend that you can’t. Doctor the paperwork. And give the guys what they want.”

Brad took a deep hit from his joint and shook his head. “Bucky, man, I dunno...”

Bucky pointed to Rocco. "Bro, you can’t leave him hanging like this. Come. On."

Brad glanced sideways at Rocco. “Dude… You guys really want this?”

Rocco nodded. “Definitely. I think most guys in our position would.”

Brad, looked from guy to guy in the room. All eyes were on him. He sighed. “Yeah... okay. Fine.”

Rocco pumped his fist in the air. “Fuck yeah! Brad, man, you’re a life saver.”

Brad took another hit and smiled. “Dude, I never thought, in like a million years, I’d see a guy so excited about something like this.” He looked at Shawn. “So dude, how much do you want chopped?”

Shawn leaned back and spread his legs, letting his big dick flop over the edge of the couch’s arm. “Well, I took a look at mine in the kitchen. Sure it’s not as big as Rocco’s, but fuck it, if you’re doing favors - can you make the whole thing disappear?”

Brad coughed. “Dude! The whole thing?”

“Ninety’s still good for me“, Rocco chimed in. “I figure I should leave you with something.”

Shawn raised his eyebrows. “Yeah, but like I said, mine is smaller than Rocco’s - so if you take most of his off, why not all of mine?”

Brad looked from Rocco to Shawn. “Right... whatever floats your boat - or docks your cock, dude.” He grinned at Shawn. “Actually, it’s easier to just take the whole thing off.” Brad reached into his scrubs, and scratched his nuts. “Less for me to do, you know?”

Shawn grinned. “Chop it up into little pieces for all I care. I never want to see it again.”

Rocco nodded. “Yeah, and burn the pieces.”

Brad looked from Shawn to Rocco and chuckled. “Well... alright. Snip, snip dudes.”

All four guys laughed.

Brad lowered his voice. “But we’ve gotta keep this just between us dudes, amiright? I mean... other dudes are gonna ask questions... like at the gym or in the bathroom...”

Shawn wrinkled his nose. “Weird... but okay, if anyone asks about our little deal I’ll blame it on a solar flare or something.”

Rocco shrugged. “Or maybe... Obamacare?”

Brad took a long, contemplative drag. “Those stories might need a little work.” He put out his joint, and stood up, frowning at his still very erect dick. “But hey, at least you won’t have this shit to worry about.”

Shawn gave his fat cock a shake. “Hey, guys like me and Rocco don’t have to worry. If people stare at our junk, let ‘em.”

Bucky waived his older brother off. “Sorry the pot didn’t help with the hard on bro. Try rubbing a couple out.”

Rocco put a hand to his chin thoughtfully. “Right. Or maybe... get really, really, drunk? Like, black out drunk.”

“Yeah...” Brad teetered away from the couch, a goofy smile on his face. “I think... maybe I just need to go get laid... again.”

Shawn placed a hand on Brad’s shoulder, bringing him to a stop. “Brad... wait. You’ve done so much to help us... Now, let us help you.”

Brad raised his eyebrows, and turned to face Shawn. “Thanks dude, but it’s just a hard---”

Shawn swung his leg full force into Brad’s crotch, the redhead’s bony knee catching both of Brad’s dangling nuts with a loud CRUNCH!

“---on.” Brad went limp, and slid off Shawn’s knee.

He flopped to the ground, a confused mess lying on his back. Brad tried to look up over his chest to move his arms, but nothing happened.

Rocco winced. “That way works too... usually.”

Bucky rolled his eyes and took another drag.

The pain was coming now. Brad’s nuts felt like two raw hamburgers tossed onto an open grill. He groaned, and rolled onto his side. His hands moved down to his crotch, and cradled his smashed nuts.

“Dude... not... cool.” He gagged. “Ooooooohffffffffffffffffffffff....” Brad trailed off into hoarse wheezing.

Shawn stood over Brad, a bemused look on his face. “Huh. Brad still has a hard on.” Shawn kicked the surgeon lightly on the ass. “Should I try again?”


The air smelled like cheap booze and old lube. It was way too warm in here. Thankfully Bucky was just in jeans and a t-shirt. He imagined Shawn’s balls must be boiling in the tight black pants he was wearing - but even Shawn had enough common sense to come in a tank top. Rocco though... Poor Rocco. They’d only been in the club for a few minutes, and he already looked like someone who spent the previous night sleeping in his clothes, sweating big dark stains through his best, worst suit.

The three guys were standing in the middle of the “Wet’n’Wild Emporium“, a run down strip-club packed with loud and barely dressed men of all ages, shapes and sizes. Hung over the stage was a big banner: “NutJuice presents, JUNK-A-BRO-LOOZA!”

Bucky had to shout over the music pumped through the strip club’s busted PA, and he still wasn’t sure if Shawn was hearing him right. “Dude!” He shouted, pointing at the banner. “This? This is your ‘secret plan’?!’”

“What?” Shawn chuckled.

“This contest is how you’re gonna pay your bills?!” Bucky glared at Shawn.

“Hey!” Shawn barked. “This contest is how we’re gonna pay for everything! New cars. New clothes. Strippers. You name it. If your brother wasn’t such a wimp, then me and Rocco wouldn’t have to waste part of our winnings on lame-ass doctor bills.”

Bucky hefted the black garbage bag full of cans he was dragging behind him. “Oh! I see. So you, Shawn, the dude that kicked my brother in the nuts - you’re the victim?”

“No dumbass - I’m the hero!” Shawn opened the garbage bag he was carrying, and pulled out a can, waving it at Bucky. “I had to drink fucking gallons of this shit so we’d have enough cans to enter this contest!”

Bucky wrinkled his nose. The empty cans of aptly named “NutJuice” were sticky and rank. The label read, “NutJuice – 25% alcohol, 1% artificial coconut flavor, 110% fun!” Apparently Shawn had been pounding them down for the last few months, and stockpiling the empties in Rocco’s garage.

“The winner gets a lot of money“, Shawn grinned. “And, Bucky, we were born to win this contest.”

Bucky lit a joint. “This is ridiculous! What the hell is NutJuice anyway?!”

Rocco lifted his bag of cans. “I heard on the radio it’ll make your jizz turn blue...”

Shawn nodded emphatically. “Yeah, if you drink enough, it does that - plus it has caffeine, b vitamins, and malt liquor!”

Rocco smiled. “Cool.”

Bucky waived his hand dismissively. “This, ALL of this, is a terrible idea.”

“Or a good one“, Rocco grinned. “It could be a really good one, too...”

Bucky rolled his eyes. “You guys - this is just about showing off your big cocks on stage, isn’t it?”

Rocco and Shawn looked at each other. “Hell Yeah!” they shouted, before erupting with laughter.

The three buddies made their way through the masses to a little counter that was marked “REGISTRATION”.

There was one guy behind the counter. A tall, fit man in his early thirties, with brown hair and a three day stubble.

Rocco’s eyes lit up. “Chad!”

Chad looked up, a surprised expression on his face. “Rocco! Hey... Good to see you.” He noticed Bucky and Shawn, and nodded. “You here for the contest?”

Shawn grinned. “Sure he is.” He grabbed the big bulge in Rocco’s pants. “See, he brought the winning entry! And this time it’s attached!”

Rocco chuckled, and brushed Shawn away. “Technically it’s still evidence - but the police let me keep it.”

Chad nodded slowly. “Right... Glad that’s back where it belongs.” The last time he’d seen Rocco, the dumb stud was naked in the street, chasing after his amputated dick with the police following close behind. Chad felt weird thinking it, but he was a little disappointed Rocco had managed to get his cock back. He adjusted his own crotch, trying to force his growing erection to snake down one pants leg, or the other.

Rocco leaned forward slightly, and read Chad’s t-shirt. “Have you juiced today?” There was an arrow under the words, pointing down to Chad’s crotch. “Do you work for the NutJuice guys?” Rocco asked.

Chad quit fumbling with his crotch. “Huh? No. Well, yes, but normally just camera work, but the guy who runs the counter is---”

Rocco took a step forward. “Cool. Is NutJuice really made out of bull nuts?”

Chad frowned. “I think that’s just a---”

Shawn hefted his bag of cans. “What do we do with these?”

Chad blinked. “You’re entering too?”

Shawn scowled. “Of course limp dick - all three of us. It increases the odds.”

Chad frowned. “You guys do know that each of you has to sign an accident waiver, right?”

Shawn snatched a pen off the table. “Whatever. When are the chicks getting here?”

“Chicks?” Chad tilted his head. “Shawn, did you read---”

“Wait... what are the cans for?” Rocco lifted his and Bucky’s bags up.

“The cans?” Chad sighed, and pointed to some green recycling bins behind him. “They’re a fundraiser to help neuter stray dogs.”

Shawn laughed. “Poor cocksuckers!” He nudged Rocco with his elbow. “Hey Rocco, how’d you like to have dudes raise cash to cut your nuts off?” The redhead gave Rocco’s crotch a quick tap.

Rocco chuckled, and rubbed his sore nuts. “Man, it’d have to be A LOT of cash.”

Shawn swatted Rocco’s hand away, and hefted the stud’s big nuts through his tacky suit pants. “I bet we could raise a million - a million for each of them.” He grinned, rolling Rocco’s big nuts around in his palm. “That’d be worth it, right buddy? We could buy you some gold nuggets for your empty sack.”

Rocco laughed. “I don’t know...” The hairy stud flashed a wide grin at Chad. “What do you think Chad?”

Chad cleared his throat, his erection painfully shoved down his left pants leg. “Well, Bucky’s a vet, so he could---”

“Hold on.” Shawn looked around, still clutching Rocco’s nuts. “Where’d Bucky go?”


Bucky made his way to the back of the club and got himself a beer. Leaning against the bar, he scanned the crowd for possible hookups. Someone to keep him company on the floor, while Rocco and Shawn made asses of themselves on stage. Bucky picked up his beer, and waded into the crowd. Maybe he’d check the men’s room...

Suddenly another guest bumped into Bucky, spilling a pitcher of beer down the front of the stoner’s shirt and jeans. Bucky scowled at the culprit - only to see a young biker with short blond hair and a black leather jacket covered with various sewed-on badges.

“Trip!” Bucky grinned.

“Bucky“, Trip said with a smile. “Shit, sorry about the mess.” He pulled a rag out of his back pocket, and kneeled down, drying off Bucky’s shirt. When he got to Bucky’s jeans, Trip gave Bucky’s crotch a firm squeeze, before standing back up.

“Er, thanks dude.” Bucky smiled.

Trip leaned in closer. “Glad to be of service.”

Bucky felt his dick stir. He couldn’t help but glance at Trip’s crotch. When they first met, Trip had an extra nut, filling his sack with three big, juicy balls. Unfortunately, on the very same day they met, Trip lost two thirds of the triplets to a dog bite, leaving him with one single nut dangling between his thighs.

“So... What’re you doing here tonight?” Trip asked, eying Bucky’s growing erection.

Bucky adjusted his crotch. “Oh, you know, Rocco and Shawn are entering this stupid dick measuring contest. Shawn is positive Rocco will have the biggest dick in the room, and they’ll get the grand prize or something.”

Trip nodded his head toward the stage. “Sure, but they have to make it though all the challenges first.”

“Challenges?” Bucky stepped around the spilled beer on the floor, and tried to get a better look at the darkened stage.

Tip grinned. “Nut busting challenges.” He adjusted his own crotch. “I saw this show last year. They select the three guys on stage with the biggest dicks, and then bust their nuts all night.” He stepped behind Bucky, and slid his hand down the front of the stoner’s jeans, grasping his stiff cock. “The last man standing gets the cash.”

Bucky turned his head to kiss Trip, and noticed a musclebound barback mopping the spilled beer behind them. The barback was in his mid-twenties, wearing jeans, a denim shirt and leather boots. Even with a dirty apron on, he looked a lot like a cowboy.

“Oh shit“, Bucky whispered, “Quint.”

Trip smiled. “The barback? You know him?” Trip leaned closer to Bucky and whispered in his ear. “I heard he used to strip here, dressed as a cowboy - until he shot his dick off by accident.”

“Yeah...” Bucky nodded, “I heard something like that too.” He pulled Trip deeper into the crowd, slipping away before Quint noticed them.

Trip looked over his shoulder. “Too bad he couldn’t get his dick stitched back on like Rocco, right?”

Bucky gulped. “Yeah, I guess he must’ve lost it.”


Shawn and Rocco left Chad at the registration table, chuckling to themselves.

“‘The Stoner With The Tiny Boner,’” Shawn snickered. “It’s gonna be a hoot!”

Rocco laughed. “He’s gonna hate it.”

“You bet he will!” Shawn said with a grin.

Bucky pushed his way through the crowd, pulling Trip beside him, and almost barreled into Shawn.

“Guys!” Bucky panted. “Quint’s here! He’s out of jail, and working the bar!”

Rocco grinned. “Awesome - maybe we can get free drinks.”

Shawn’s eyes lit up. “Yeah... maybe we can.” He adjusted his crotch, and peered over the the heads around him, looking for Quint. “This night is gonna be legendary.”

Rocco noticed Trip and waved cheerfully. “Hey there, Trip. Still got one nut?”

Trip frowned. “It’s not like I can just go pick up a couple extra.”

Shawn looked over his shoulder at Trip and grinned. “You could always ask Quint - he’s got two he’s not using.”

“Dude“, Bucky hissed, pointing at Shawn’s crotch. “What if Quint finds out you have his ‘you-know-what’ and decides he wants it back?”

“Dude“, Shawn mimicked, pointing at his crotch. “I hope that asshole finds out, so I can wave his cock in his dumb, dickless face.”

Trip raised his hand hesitantly, and pointed at Shawn’s crotch. “Did... did you guys steal that barback’s dick?”

Shrill feedback from the loudspeakers filled the club, cutting off further discussion. The lights dimmed, and all eyes turned to the stage.

“Test. Test“, a loud voice filled the room. “Testicles. Testicles.” A brawny, dark haired and bearded man climbed onto stage. He was around 30, wearing nothing but a red kilt, a pair of huge, heavy black boots, and a headset. His face appeared on two big screens, flanking either side of the stage, sporting a wide, mischievous grin.

“Hey assholes! Welcome to JUNK-A-BRO-LOOZA!” The man shouted.

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

“Thank you! Thank you! It’s good to be back!” the man continued. “I’m The Bush and I’ll be your host for some balls to the wall action - TONIGHT!”

Rocco noticed Bucky was still frowning, and nudged the stoner with his elbow. “This guy seems nice.”

Shawn was tilting his head sideways, trying to catch a peak under the Bush’s kilt. “Look at the size of his boots. I bet his dick is huge!”

On stage, the Bush continued with his act. “You know, I love gay dudes.” He winked. “But you guys... you just don’t make glory holes in a size for us straight dudes.” The Bush lifted his kilt with both hands, flashing a dense thicket of pubes, two huge, round balls, and a ridiculously stubby cock.

The audience laughed and cheered.

Shawn whistled, and smacked Trip on the back. “Oh my God, it’s shorter than mine used to be.”

“Gay dudes - you got some big dicks!” The Bush chuckled. “Not like us straight dudes. You know how I found out I was straight? I tried sticking my dick in a glory hole“, he raised a finger, “ONCE... in college.”

The audience laughed as the Bush inched forward, thrusting his stubby cock through an imaginary glory hole.

The Bush looked down at his dick. “And the guy on the other end said we’d need a thinner wall!”

The audience let out a collective “Awwwww!” of mock-pity.

The Bush nodded emphatically, dropping his kilt. “Yeah, I know! It’s sad! I cry whenever I manage to see it.” He placed his hands on his hips. “And lately, it’s gotten even smaller...” The Bush let out an exaggerated sigh. “I thought steroids were supposed to make you bigger!”

The crowd laughed.

“He’s funny!” Rocco chuckled.

A stage hand gave The Bush a stack of papers. “Okay, wieners“, The Bush continued, “we have five candidates for tonight’s contest. Each of them drank enough NutJuice to be legally dead - so let’s give them a warm welcome!”

The audience broke into a loud cheer.

“Our first candidate is Matty“, The Bush read, “and his battle name is, ‘The Hulk!’ Come up here, Matty!”

The crowd cheered and clapped as a big, bulky, bald thirty something joined The Bush on the stage. His battle name was no exaggeration: He was shirtless, wearing a pair of tight pants that looked like they were about to burst any second because of Matty’s incredibly muscular legs and the big bulge at his crotch. The outline of his chubby dick and his huge balls were visible, and he looked like an XXX-version of the comic book hero.

“Next up, Jack!” The Bush announced. “Battle name, ‘The Jackhammer!’”

Again, the crowd erupted in cheers and applause as Jack made his way up to the stage. He was a tall, scruffy guy in his late twenties, the kind of slacker that lives in a basement and plays video games. Well muscled but lanky, covered in coarse blond hair, and freeballing in a pair of shorts that did very little to conceal his equipment. Apparently, Jack was pumped to show off his hammer, as the huge tool was rock hard and straining against the thin fabric of his shorts.

“Put your hands together for Rocco!” The Bush shouted. “Battle name---” He looked at the piece of paper and shrugged. “Rocco.”

“Nice battle name“, Shawn laughed.

“I think I got confused.” Rocco chuckled before pulling off his suit-jacket and shirt. Now just in his pants, Rocco joined the other two candidates on the stage, accompanied by the cheers and applause of the audience.

“Give it up for Shawn!” The Bush yelled. “Battle name, ‘Long Shawn Silver!’”

“Good luck“, Bucky mumbled.

“You too.” Shawn winked, and took of his tank top, making his way to the stage. “Yeah! Long Shawn Silver! Fuck yeah!”

Trip leaned close to Bucky. “‘You too’?”

On stage, The Bush squinted at the entry forms. “And last... but not least...”

Bucky’s stomach dropped. “Oh, fuck you, Shawn…”

“Bucky!” The Bush announced. “Battle name---" He let out a laugh. “Oh, I love this one!” He raised his voice and yelled from the top of his lungs, “THE STONER WITH THE TINY BONER!”

Bucky froze.

“You entered?” Trip said, raising his eyebrows.

“No, dude.” Bucky said slowly. “I didn’t.” He took a deep hit from his joint.

“Hey, Stoner With The Tiny Boner!” The Bush shouted. “Where are you?”

“He’s over there!” Shawn shouted, pointing at Bucky near the front of the stage.

Bucky shook his head emphatically.

“Come on up!” The Bush yelled. The big man leaned over, looping his arm under Bucky’s shoulder, and hauled the smaller man up onto stage.

“Yeah, come on up, Stoner With The Tiny Boner!” Shawn chimed in as Bucky was deposited on stage.

Bucky steadied himself, turning to glare at Shawn and Rocco.

“Stoner! Stoner! Stoner!” The Bush yelled, and the audience joined in. Soon, everybody in the hall was chanting.

Bucky looked at Trip, who shrugged, and joined in on the chanting.

Bucky rolled his eyes, brought his joint to his lips and inhaled very, very deeply before throwing it to the ground and stomping on it. “Alright, alright.”

The audience erupted in cheers and applause.

“Looks like we have an early favorite“, The Bush chuckled.

Bucky stood next to the other candidates.

“Would you mind taking your shirt off, Stoner?” The Bush grinned.

Bucky sighed and took of his t-shirt, revealing his hairy upper body.

“Wow!” The Bush shouted. “Looks like Stoner is a shower! Look at those abs!” He ran his hand over Bucky’s surprisingly well-defined six-pack.

The crowd went wild.

Bucky smiled sheepishly. “Thanks“, he mumbled.

“Now“, The Bush said, walking behind the line of candidates. “We have five candidates - but only three can make it into the competition.” He grinned. “You know how it is, in the end it all comes down to size...”

The crowd erupted in cheers.

“But first, let’s hear the candidates introduce themselves.” The bearded host grinned. “Rocco, why don’t you go first?”

The Bush handed Rocco the microphone, and then walked behind the hairy stud.

Rocco looked down at the microphone. “Well, okay, um---”

Suddenly, The Bush planted a powerful kick into Rocco’s nuts from behind.

Rocco’s eyes bulged and he let out a series of coughs, dropping the mic.

The audience roared with laughter.

“What did you say, Rocco?” The Bush chuckled, handing Rocco the mic again. “I didn’t catch that.”

“I... Rocco“, Rocco groaned. “My name’s Rocco.” He doubled over in pain, clutching his crotch.

The Bush looked at him expectantly.

“I’m Rocco“, Rocco repeated, his face contorted in agony.

“Yeah, well, we know that“, The Bush chuckled. “Tell us a bit about yourself.”

“I’m Rocco“, Rocco grunted, “and my nuts... fucking hurt.”

“That’s because I kicked you in the balls“, The Bush grinned, glancing sideways at the audience.

“Yeah... My nuts fucking hurt, because you kicked me in the balls“, Rocco moaned, cradling his crotch.

The Bush stared at him for a moment. The he addressed the audience. “Looks like we have a genius here, folks!”

The audience roared with laughter.

“Let’s see your dick, Rocco“, The Bush grinned.

Rocco grimaced, undoing his belt. He dropped his pants, exposing his enormous dick. It was half-hard, heavy and thick, swinging lazily above his gigantic furry sack.

A murmur went through the crowd.

“You are one hairy dude“, The Bush chuckled. “Just look at those nuts.” He grabbed Rocco’s dong and gave it few rapid tugs. “Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!” He glanced back at the audience. “This woulda been a big winner - last year.” He winked, knowingly.

Rocco smiled proudly. He looked down at his dick with an almost loving expression on his face. “Yeah“, he sighed. “It’s awesome.”

The Bush laughed. “Let’s see what the other guy’s have to offer.” He walked up to Shawn and gave him a swift front kick in the nuts.

Shawn’s eyes bulged and he let out a yelp as The Bush’s boot connected with his big, juicy balls.

“Oh, fuck“, Shawn groaned, doubling over.

“Introduce yourself, Long Shawn Silver“, The Bush chuckled.

Shawn grimaced and tried to shake of the pain in his balls. “I’m Shawn, and I’ve a got a huge fucking schlong.” He had a bit of trouble opening the fly of his jeans due to the pain in his nuts, but eventually he succeeded in whipping out his long, fat dick. “Look at this! Yeah! It’s fucking fantastic!” He grabbed the base of his long, chubby dick and waved it at the crowd.

“Not bad.” The Bush chuckled. “But anything’s better than this…” He lifted his kilt and exposed his short, pathetic cock, drawing cheers and laughter from the audience. “Anything else you want to share with the audience, Shawn?”

Shawn scanned the crowd once more, and finally saw what he wanted - Quint, the dickless barback. “Yes, I do.” Shawn smirked. “I’d like to let the audience know... that we are some thirsty dudes up here! Anyone wanna buy us some beers?”

The crowd broke into a loud cheer, and the bar was suddenly overrun with orders for the guys on stage. After a short commotion, Quint was sent through the crowd with six bottles of beer on a tray.

Bucky frowned, watching Quint’s approach. He looked over to Shawn who gave him a cheery thumbs up.

Quint hefted the tray up to the edge of the stage, and Shawn kneeled down to get it, shaking his cock in Quint’s face.

Rocco leaned forward and gave a friendly wave. “Hey Quint! I’m sorry you lost your dick!”

Quint turned his face away from the eyeful of cock, and scowled at Rocco.

“Thanks man!” The Bush yelled, grabbing a beer.

Shawn chuckled and winked at Quint. “Yeah, thanks man.” He shook his hips again.

Quint’s eyes widened as he watched Shawn’s cock swing back and forth.

Shawn chuckled to himself, and took the remaining beers, leaving Quint with the empty tray, speechless.

The Bush had moved on to the next candidate, Bucky. “Your turn, Stoner“, The Bush said cheerfully before bringing his leg back and smashing Bucky’s nuts with his boot-clad foot.

Bucky’s eyes lost focus as he let out a wheezing groan. “I’m Bucky“, the stoner grunted, as he doubled over, cupping his balls. “I don’t really want to be here.” He groaned. “Fuck! Dude, that hurt!” His face scrunched up as a new wave of pain hit him. “I don’t even know what this is about!”

The Bush grinned. “Oh, you’ll know soon enough.” He pointed at Bucky’s crotch. “Come on, let’s see your tiny boner, Stoner!”

Bucky grimaced and dropped his jeans, revealing his untrimmed pubic hair, his hairy sack that contained his low-hanging balls, and his modest dick.

“Oh, that’s so cute!” The Bush chuckled.

The crowd went “Awwwww!”

“But seriously, it isn’t exactly tiny, is it?” The Bush grinned. “At least it’s bigger than this!” He lifted his kilt again, exposing his short, stubby dick, driving the crowd wild with cheers and laughter.

The Bush patted Bucky’s shoulder and grinned. “Stoner, I mean it when I say that I’d happily trade dicks with you.”

“Weirder things have happened dude.” Bucky mumbled, and watched Quint walk back to the bar. He turned his attention to The Bush. “Thanks, I guess?”

“You’re welcome, Stoner“, The Bush chuckled, and smacked Bucky in the nuts with the back of his hand.

The Bush laughed along with the audience as Bucky coughed and cupped his balls, doubling over in pain once again.

“Looks like we have an early entry in our contest!” The Bush announced. “Only two more guys to go – the first contestant is Stoner!”

The crowd erupted in cheers and applause.

Rocco and Shawn stared at each other.

“But he’s smaller than us!” Shawn protested.

The Bush winked at Shawn. “Yeah, he is.” He turned to the audience. “SURPRISE! This year we’re looking for the three guys with the SMALLEST dicks on stage!” The audience broke into loud drunken laughter. The Bush turned to Bucky, grinning broadly. “And I’m happy to tell you, Stoner, you’re in!”

The crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

Bucky stared at The Bush. “Fuck, dude“, he mumbled.

“Let’s see who we have here“, The Bush continued, moving on to Matty The Hulk and walking behind him.

The huge muscle-stud grimaced in anticipation, clenching his eyes shut.

The Bush brought his leg back and kicked Matty in the nuts from behind. His boot-clad foot collided with the bulging package and rammed his nuts into his body, making him double over and groan in pain.

“Introduce yourself, please“, The Bush chuckled.

Matty let out a guttural moan, cupping his aching testicles. “I’m Matty“, he said hoarsely. “I’m The Hulk.” His attempt at flexing his muscles while dealing with the pain in his nuts was met with roaring laughter from the audience. “I have---” A coughing fit ended his less than impressive introduction.

The Bush chuckled. “Why don’t you show us your cock?”

Matty fumbled with his fly, his face contorted in pain, and dropped his pants, revealing a huge, thick trouser snake that reared its bulbous head and slapped against his belly.

“Wow“, The Bush chuckled and gave Matty’s cock a playful squeeze. “That thing is huge!”

Matty grinned. “Biggest I’ve ever seen.”

“Biggest so far... so…” The Bush took a step back and kicked Matty in the nuts with all the force he could muster. “You’re OUT!”

Matty’s eyes crossed and his mouth opened in a comical grimace as he dropped to his knees and fell to his side, curling up in a ball. The high-pitched whimpers and pathetic sobs of the big, muscular hunk were drowned out by the laughter and the applause of the audience.

“Oh, fuck“, Jack The Jackhammer groaned when The Bush stood in front of him. “I’m out, I’m out, I’m out“, he said quickly, pulling down his shorts, making his ridiculously long schlong and his heavy sack of balls flop out.

The Bush raised his hands. “Hold on... hold on.” He bent down, and investigated the slacker’s huge, uncut dick, and massive, swinging nuts. They were covered in coarse blonde fur, like the rest of his lanky body. The Bush stood back up. “Jack, that is one big dick. It makes Rocco over there look like he’s got a little hamster cock.”

Rocco frowned. “Hey.”

The Bush grinned. “No, I’m serious.” He pointed at Jack. “This dude, has a truly huge dick. Yours, Rocco, looks pretty scrawny by comparison. I mean, if they got in a fight, Jack’s dick could swallow your little cock whole.”

The audience laughed, and Rocco covered his crotch, looking embarrassed.

Jack’s scruffy face broke into a smile, laughing with the audience. His dick got even harder, rising up slowly to his chest.

The Bush gave Jack a slap on the back. “You got any big plans for tonight?”

“Nah“, Jack grinned, “Probably just play some Xbox---”

“Good.” The Bush grinned, and smashed his boot-clad foot into Jack’s crotch, flattening the scruffy slacker’s nuts like pancakes with an audible CRUNCH!

The audience went wild.

Jack groaned, collapsing on the ground next to Matty, and clutched his battered nuts. He kicked a couple times, his dick convulsing, before a thick rope of jizz launched from his enormous cock, and spattered on his scruffy face.

The Bush turned to the audience. “He’s out!”

“Oh... fuck.” Jack moaned, blinking though his own jizz. He grabbed at his sore nuts, and felt both tumbling around in his sack. He shuddered with another convulsion as his big dick shot out a second goopy slug of cum. “Dude, I think you broke--- oooooooh.” Jack let out a long moan.

Jack and Matty were dragged off stage by a couple of stagehands, Jack leaving a trail of thick cum behind him.

“Awesome“, Shawn grinned.

Bucky turned to The Bush with growing concern. “Dude, are his nuts gonna be okay?”

The Bush ruffled Bucky’s hair. “Stoner, don’t worry about it.” He motioned to the screens on either side of the stage. A huge dollar sign popped up on each one, as the sound of tumbling coins rumbled from the PA system. “All you dudes need to worry about is: WHO will be the one to take home the BIG MONEY?!?!”

The audience broke into thunderous applause.

“So here they are“, The Bush announced. “Our three contestants, the three smallest cocks in the game! Bucky - ‘The Stoner With The Tiny Boner!’” Applause. “Shawn - ‘The Not SO Long Shawn Silver!’” Applause. “And Rocco... the... um...” His face lit up. “‘Hamster Dick!’” Wild laughs and applause.

Rocco frowned, and looked at Shawn. "So wait, we’re in the contest still, right?

Shawn grinned. "Yeah, Hamster Dick, we are."

Rocco frowned. "But... my dick’s not really small, right?"

Shawn chuckled. "It’s the biggest on stage."

Rocco smiled. "Oh... right."

“Guys“, The Bush grinned, walking up and down the stage. “We have a series of tests for you. There’ll be three rounds. In every round, the loser gets eliminated. If you make it through the final round, you’ll get the trophy and the cash.”

“Yeah!” Rocco and Shawn roared over the cheers from the audience.

“Are. You. Ready?!?!” The Bush shouted.

“YEEEEEAH!” Rocco and Shawn screamed from the top of their lungs.

“STONER!” The Bush yelled, pushing the mic into Bucky’s face. “I can’t hear you!”

“Alright, dude“, Bucky mumbled. “Let’s do this.”

The crowd went wild with cheers and applause.

“Let’s get ready for round one!” The Bush yelled as thumping, loud music started playing.

to be continued


BBcrusher said...

Thanks Alex, I love this Series, such a adventure and all character is fun and great How many balls explode this time? Can't wait to read next part, hot and fun story.


Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, BBcrusher! I'm very glad you enjoy these stories! There are going to be more testicular casualties in part 2 (coming tomorrow) and part 3 (on Tuesday)... :-))