Thursday, April 9, 2009

Logan’s high school diary 4

Previous chapters: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

After having seen three videos that 18 year old high school wrestler Logan had filmed for his high school diary, I was curious when I discovered the fourth part in the mail today.

Again, just like he had done for the third part, Logan had set up the camera in the gym’s locker room. Apparently, it was hidden on top of one of the lockers.

Within seconds, the room filled with Logan’s wrestling team.

I immediately recognized some familiar faces that I had seen in the third instalment of Logan’s diary: Kim, the Asian kid with black hair and a muscular body; Gary, the cutie with dark blond hair and brown eyes; Dash, the black-haired bully whose balls were far less robust than I had imagined; Leroy, the well-endowed African-American with curly black hair.

Among the boys was another one I recognized: Cody, a cute boy with red hair. He hadn’t been at last week’s training, and I hadn’t figured him for a wrestler, because he wasn’t very muscular. Well, apparently my assumptions had been wrong. He seemed to be part of the team. I had seen him sport a nose piercing, but apparently he taken it off during training.

The boys undressed and got ready to hit the showers, laughing and joking, slapping each other’s naked butts and occasionally threatening to grab each other’s nuts.

When they came back, their hair dripping wet, their bodies glistening, Dash stood behind Cody as he bent over to reach for his trousers.

The bulky bully grabbed Cody’s hips and laughed, “Hey, Cody, what about a nice, hard fuck, huh?”

Cody ignored him and continued searching for his clothes.

“Hey”, Dash said, slapping Cody’s ass. “Come on, we all know you like it up the---“

Dash was interrupted rather cruelly as Cody kicked his heel up between Dash’s thighs, lifting Dash’s body off the ground and making the black haired boy’s eyes bulge in surprise and pain.

Cody didn’t pay any attention to him as he blinked, let out a miserable groan and collapsed on the ground, cupping his crotch.

The rest of the boys cheered and clapped while Dash was writhing on the ground, moaning and groaning, gasping for air.

Cody grinned and turned around, “You know, Dash, if I wanted someone to fuck me I’d like it to be someone with a bigger cock…”

The rest of the boys laughed as Dash’s face blushed crimson.

Cody looked at Leroy and winked.

Leroy smiled and looked down at his fat cock that was hanging limply between his thighs. “Are you asking me out on a date?” he grinned.

“Oh yes”, Cody cooed in an over the top seductive voice.

The boys laughed and cheered.

Logan was sitting by himself, buck naked. His cock was almost as big as Leroy’s as it hung leisurely down between his legs.

“Hey, Logan”, Gary said suddenly, “you won again, today, didn’t you?”

Logan grinned.

“What else is new?” Cody said, shrugging.

“You know”, Kim chimed in, “I think it’s time to ask some questions…”

Logan stared at him.

Kim grinned. “Why do you win all the time?”

Logan laughed. “Well, I---“

“Or”, Leroy interrupted him, grinning, “what do you do to win all the time?”

Logan raised his eyebrows.

Some of the guys were chuckling. All of them – except for Dash who was down on the ground, whimpering in pain – were watching Logan, knowing that something was about to happen.

“Maybe”, Gary grinned, “we should make sure you don’t use illegal substances.”

The boys formed a semi-circle in front of Logan who laughed nervously.

He scratched his head and smiled, “Guys, I---“

All of a sudden, the boys erupted grabbed Logan, shouting and cheering, lifting him off the ground.

Logan was struggling, but he didn’t have a chance against the team effort of his friends. They held him suspended in mid-air, with Leroy and Gary spreading his muscular legs wide apart.

Kim stood in front of him, grinning and balling his fists.

Logan’s dick started to grow, probably because of all those hands grabbing his young, trained body. His big cock rose steadily until it was rock-hard and pointing at the ceiling, granting Kim a full view at his meaty, dangling testicles.

“Come on, guys”, Logan pleaded, smiling nervously, “let me down…”

Kim shook his head and brought his arm back before sending it smashing into Logan’s crotch.

The young Asian’s knuckles connected with Logan’s hefty balls with a sickening thud, making Logan’s body jolt and his eyes squeeze shut.

He screamed from the top of his lungs while his friends erupted in cheers and laughter.

Cody was standing behind Kim, looking at Logan’s crotch as Kim pounded Logan’s poor balls once again, eliciting another agonized scream from Logan’s lips.

Punch after punch connected with Logan’s juicy testicles.

After a dozen hits, Kim paused. “Hey”, he said cheerfully, looking Logan in the eyes. “What’s the deal with you and Joanne? You together again?”

Logan was panting and moaning, grimacing in pain. “Sort of”, he croaked.

“Well, I think we have bad news for her”, Leroy mused.

“Yeah”, Gary chimed in. “No stud service tonight…”

The rest of the boys laughed as Kim powered another vicious punch at Logan’s babymakers, making Logan squeal in agony.

His dick was twitching, its tip glistening with precum.

“Hey, Logan”, Gary said, laughing, “why don’t you give us a little sample of your juice so we can make sure that you are not on steroids?”

Kim punched Logan’s nuts again, making Logan howl in pain. His cock quivered again, and a drop of precum oozed out of its tip.

“We have an sperm expert here, don’t we?” Leroy grinned, looking at Cody.

Cody laughed. “Well, I’m hardly an expert…”

“Come on”, Leroy said, “drain his balls and tell us if his juice tastes normal…”

Cody rolled his eyes. “You can’t be---“

“Come on!” Gary chimed in. “We all know you love to taste his cum…”

Cody grinned.

Everyone’s eyes were on him.

“Okay”, he said cheerfully, trading places with Kim.

Logan groaned and grimaced, his legs spread wide apart, his cock pointing up and glistening with precum.

Cody knelt between Logan’s thighs and looked up at him, winking.

Logan chuckled, groaning.

“At least you got an expert cock sucker”, Cody said, grabbing Logan’s fat cock and jerking it a couple of times. “You won’t even know I got teeth…” He grabbed Logan’s balls and squeezed hard, causing Logan to jerk his head back.

Cody licked his lips and opened his mouth wide.

Holding on to Logan’s nuts with both of his hands, he buried Logan’s dick in his mouth.

Logan moaned.

Soon, Cody’s head was bobbing up and down on Logan’s cock, accompanied by the cheers and laughter of the rest of the team.

While sucking on Logan’s cock, Cody kneaded Logan’s balls in his hands, squishing and squashing them, causing Logan to shriek in pain between moans of pleasure.

Suddenly, Logan’s body tensed.

“Here it comes”, Gary grinned.

The slurping sounds of the blow-job filled the room.

Cody let go of Logan’s balls only to ball his fist and send a nut-crunching uppercut between Logan’s thighs. His knuckles connected with Logan’s plums, ramming them into his body.

Logan threw his head back and let out a gurgling scream.

Cody was gurgling too, but for a different reason.

His cheeks puffed as Logan’s jizz filled his mouth, running out the corners of his mouth and dropping onto the floor.

Logan’s balls tightened as they pumped load after load of cream into Cody’s mouth.

Cody’s eyes were closed as he swallowed as much of Logan’s spunk as he possibly could.

The redhead clenched his fist again and punched Logan’s busy balls hard.

Logan yodelled in pain.

Finally, Cody let Logan’s cock slip out of his mouth. It slapped against Logan’s abs with a wet sound as the last jets of cum spurted out of it, coating Logan’s naked body.

Cody gulped and licked his lips. He grinned and playfully slapped Logan’s nuggets with the palm of his hand.

“Everything’s alright”, he announced, Logan’s cum running down his chin and his neck. “The boy’s clean. No illegal substances…”

The rest of the wrestling team laughed and let Logan down.

Logan curled up in a ball, clutching his nuts and moaning in pain.

Cody stood and grinned. He was sporting a major erection and stroked it a couple of times.

“Hey”, he grinned. “We could run doping tests every week…”

The guys laughed and returned to their clothes.

Five minutes later, the locker room was empty except for Logan, Cody and Dash.

Dash was whimpering in pain, cupping his balls, lying down on the ground.

Logan had recovered remarkably quickly. He was putting on his shirt.

Cody was waiting for him, all dressed, smiling.

“Fuck”, Logan moaned, rubbing the bulge in his jeans.

Cody chuckled. “Sorry”, he grinned.

Logan turned around and pointed at the camera. “You know what the best thing is?” he said. “I got it on cam…”

Cody paled. “You mean you’re going to press---“

“Nah”, Logan chuckled. “I mean you can get the tape and jerk off to it as often as you like…”

Cody hesitated. “You’re not---“

“Oh, come on”, Logan said, climbing on top of a bench and reaching for the camera. “Let’s go and have a beer to wash all that cum down y---“

The camera was turned off.


bbmal said...

Holy shit, that was the hottest thing I've read in a long time! I love getting to read about Logan getting his balls busted. It's even hotter that while he's straight, he doesn't mind flirting a bit with Cody.

Awsome, awsome, awsome.

Anonymous said...

Cool story, but I miss the regular updates to this site. I really hope you continue the site even if the stories are less frequent. I can't wait for the next one-on-one stories and the next Olympics. There are some great ideas there ! Thanks

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback!

@ bbmal:
I'm glad you like the story! I'm pretty sure that Logan will get busted again... :-))

@ anonymous:
Thank you! At the moment I'm very busy. I haven't written a word for almost two weeks... I hope that I'll find the time to continue soon...

Anonymous said...

We love what you have done with this site! Plus I have to say the Logan diaries are a huge favorite ofmine, can't wait to read about the next time Logan gets his nuts squeezed!


Alex said...

Thanks, Jimmy, I'll try and include some nut-squeezing in the next story featuring Logan... :-))

Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to an update to this site. Please keep this going, it would be sad if the site dies without a finale !

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I haven't had the time to continue writing for this blog but I hope I'll be able to write a nice finale...

Carter said...

I miss Seth, I just love guys with glasses and stubble, but this was still hot. I love Logan getting busted so much.

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! I'm working on a story that involves Logan getting busted quite a bit... :-)) It might take a little while until I'll be able to publish it, though...