Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Shattered family - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the third part of the epic "Displacement" arc of our beloved brothers' adventures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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*** Gino ***

Gino paces back and forth watching and listening as Logan makes phone call after phone call. Finally he simply can’t take it and walks outside sitting on Logan’s pristine stoop, the warm red bricks underneath him still hold the heat as the sun dies in the sky in front of him. Today was supposed to be the day he picks up his brother Jayden, rescuing him from the foster family. But he has failed. What’s worse is he has not heard from his brother Jayden for over twenty-four hours.

Thinking backwards Gino can’t really remember a time when neither he nor his brother were apart this long. When Jayden was younger he was always with him, and now that he is older Gino is the one that makes excuses to hang out with him. Gino never realized how fiercely he loved his brother until he was no longer there. Gino wants to be able to share with Jayden that he has been on the phone several times with his father, that things are looking good for his Mom. Their Dad is hopeful that she will be released from the detention center soon, their mother did enter the country legally, but paperwork was lost and she has to stay until that gets sorted out. He wants to sooth his brother’s worries, but he can’t.

On top of all that Barbra Birr has been dodging his calls. He can’t get a location out of the woman. Gino checked in at his brother’s old school, Jayden was not on that roster either. Not knowing where his brother is, what school he is attending, and how he is doing is killing him inside. Gino used to be Jayden’s protector when they were little before Jayden’s growth spurt, and his interest in swimming which cemented him with new friends like Leroy, Aldo, and Shane. Gino can remember skipping a class or two to make sure his brother made it to class safely, Jayden always telling him “You don’t have to do that. I can defend myself.”

Jayden’s black eyes said a different story. Jayden was no snitch and never said gave a name of his assailant. Gino figured out who they were any way, and after he was through with them no one ever messed with his brother again.

Defenseless Gino stares glumly at the sunset, the orange hews disappearing from view as the door behind him opens, Logan waving his hand in a ‘come here’ gestor, Gino obeying immediately following him inside.

“I’m going to put you on speaker phone,” Logan says, touching the speaker icon making it shine white.

“Excellent,” says the deep male voice on the other side.

“Hi I’m Gino Gomez, can you help my brother? I promised him that he could come home today,” Gino emphasizes the word today trying to exert every ounce of importance into the word.

“Today is not going to be feasible, but I am getting ahead of myself. My name is Jonathan Dunckle, and if you let me represent you I can do so under our program which helps bring displaced families back together. This is a free program, spots are limited but after Logan told me your story, and with your families finical situation, I believe that you would qualify and I can get started immediately in filling the necessary documents necessary to make sure that you could be placed as your brother Jayden’s temporary guardian under the careful supervision of his social worker. Logan tells me that Ms. Barbra Birr is the case worker for your family, is that correct?”

Gulping Gino, nods his head as he answers, “Yes. When can Jayden come home?”

“I understand your position son, and I know how worried that you must be. I can’t promise you tonight, offices are closed. I can and will submit everything first thing in the morning. I can even pull a few strings to speed up the process, even doing that the earliest that I can guarantee Jayden home is Friday morning.”

Gino pauses, his heart feeling like it stops. “Mr. Dunckle, that’s four days from now. Jayden left home on Sunday.” Gino finds Logan’s blue eyes, he has been staring intently at him since he handed him the phone. Logan gives Gino a sad little smile putting his hand on Gino’s shoulder trying to comfort him.

“Can’t you speed it up even more?” Logan asks. “Gino has not heard from Jayden. He wants to make sure that Jayden is safe.”

“I know boys, believe me if there is a way to do that I would,” Mr. Dunckle says sadly.

“I have to know that he is safe, can you guarantee that you can give me access for me to hear from him, or see him?” Gino asks, and he can’t help how desperate his plea sounds. Gino slowly lowers himself onto Logan’s couch, Logan joining him as they watch Logan’s cell.

“I’ll see what I can do,” Mr. Dunckle says. “These things take time, I’m sorry son.”

Logan thanks him, Gino barely hearing him as he puts his head in his hands. He thinks that he might cry, something he has not done since he was a small child, but the feeling feels like defeat and he is not ready to give up. Instead he grabs his hair and screams with raw rage.

Jumping up in alarm Logan stares down at Gino as the wrestler looks up, his eyes are wild and something ferocious seems to have taken over him as he kicks out at Logan’s end table sending it flying across the room which it bangs into a wall.

Gino stands up moving towards the door, Logan reaches out to comfort him; but Gino yanks his arm away. Gino crosses the room in three strides he makes it to Logan’s front door wrenching it open and steps outside the sun has finally gone to death, and the starless night feels right to Gino; which is empty and alone as he feels.

“Gino,” Logan calls after him, walking through the open doorway that Gino could not be bothered in closing behind him.

Logan turns and gives him a stare of pure anger, making Logan stop in dead in his tracks. “If you come near me, I won’t be responsible for what I might do to you.”

Logan retreats a step, putting up his hands in surrender. “I can make another call…”

“That’s the forth one you have tried. I’m done making calls, I’m getting my brother back. No matter what,” Gino turns and goes into his beat-up truck, the color of which has faded long ago.

“Don’t do anything stupid, until your parents come back you’re the only one Jayden has!” Logan yells after him pushing his blonde hair out of his face. Logan walks towards Gino’s truck ready to add more as Gino peels off, tires screeching, tail headlights cutting through the settling darkness as Logan’s attempts at stopping him fail.

Gino barely registers the drive home, the rage he felt passes into despair as he wonders what to do next. He pulls into his drive way and sees Bill at the backdoor, who must have been sitting there for some time as it takes the younger boy a minute to get to his feet.

Anxiously Bill waits for Gino to get out of his truck, he dances on foot to foot as Gino closes his the driver’s side door quietly. Gino walks toward him crunching on the cracked and broken driveway gravel.

“Any word?” Bill asks.

Gino shakes his head, his shoulders slumping, “Nothing.”

Bill moves to the side and asks, “Can I come in with you for a bit?”

“Why? He’s not here…who knows when he’ll be back.”

“Gino…” Bill pauses thinking, licking his lips. “You will bring him home, I know you will.”

Gino turns to him, some of his previous anger rages to the surface “I tried and failed Bill. I failed Jayden, he was counting on me and I can’t bring him home. Jayden was always the smart one, if this was reversed, I would have already been home by now. But it’s not, and he’s not here.” Gino walks through the backdoor, the peeling paint chipping as he bumps it open with his shoulder. The white paint chips swirl and fall like snowflakes as Gino marches down the hallway and goes into Jayden’s room.

He didn’t mean to go in there, it was unintentional but Gino stares around the room. His brother’s neatness always bothered him. Jayden’s clothes always folded and put into drawers, his hanging clothes in his closest always arranged by color. The neat rows of swimming trophies on top of his full book shelf, his books in alphabetical order with the spines so worn that words are hard to decipher if one tried.

Gino sits on Jayden’s bed, rubbing his hands up and down the bedspread spread feeling the cool texture, not really thinking anything in particular but he remembers the sound of Jayden’s voice, the funny way that it still breaks when he is not concentrating.

Bill follows Gino in slowly, hovering at the doorway, unsure if he should enter. “I know what will make you feel better, how about you… you know,” Bill spreads his legs and he thrusts out his pelvis for emphasis, his boy bulge barely discernable to anyone but him as he gazes proudly at it. “This will take your mind off things, and who knows maybe it will give you an idea that you have not thought of.”

Gino looks up, still lost in the echoes of Jayden’s voice, the smoothness of his laughter ever present, now vacant in the house. “I don’t feel like it Bill,” Gino says noticing the offer.

“You sure?” Bill asks rubbing his hands over his crotch and grabbing his own bulge, making it stick out a bit further. “I have recovered from yesterday’s incident with Max and Rex. And we both know Chase can’t hit for shit, so…what do you say?”

Gino smirks up a Bill, surprising himself that he can still smile. “No, that’s okay. You don’t have to do that.”

“But I want to,” Bill says stepping forward more so. He is right in front of Gino now as the thrusted bulge is more discernable as Bill juts it outward. Bill takes both of Gino’s placing them on his narrow hips and positioning himself so that Gino’s right thigh is in between his own legs. “Let’s do a little ball busting…for Jayden.”

“Jayden hates ball busting,” Gino says.

“He sure says that he hates it, but…have you noticed that it still makes him hard?” Bill asks pulling both of Gino’s hands to rest further down on his hips following the path of his V, slowly lowering them down to his bulge. “Jayden always says that he does not like it when you hit him in the nuts…I mean his ‘boy nuts;’ it’s quite silly that he calls those grape fruits that. But you and I both know, that Jayden starts to swell as he watches a guy get hit in the junk. Especially if it’s a guy he likes.”

Gino feels Bill’s small flaccid cock, and balls through his grey sweatpants, the tiny bulge easy to find and take a hold of if he wishes to. “Bill,” Gino starts, then pauses. “What do you want me to do here?”

“Come on Gino, you know you want to…grab my balls,” Bill states plainly looking down at Gino sitting on Jayden’s bed. “It will help both of us to remember him, now use these,” Bill shakes Gino’s hands that lay on his crotch and “Make me remember why you are the scariest ballbuster I know.”

Looking up at Bill he can feel the younger boy starting to plump up as he presses his crotch into Gino’s hands. Gino knows that this might be a little wrong, Bill is Jayden’s boyfriend but Gino’s own pants start to become a bit snuck as Bill keeps rubbing himself into Gino’s palm. “Bill we shouldn’t,” Gino tries to pull away, but Bill grabs his hands holding them firmly in place.

“Be a man Gino, grab my nuts!” Bill demands, his forehead creasing as he yanks Gino closer and fires his knee right into Gino’s exposed open crotch. Gino’s wide spread legs make it easy, and because Gino is sitting on the edge of Jayden’s bed and so close he side his thin knee fits snugly right in between, his thigh barely touching Gino’s as it strikes Jayden’s older brother right in his distended testicles nailing them against the wooden bedframe.

Gino’s eyes open wide in shock, and then his body registers the knee rearranging his junk. Gino groans opening his mouth to let it out an involuntary groan, as Bill pulls back and threatens to attack him again.

“Now do something,” Bill orders as he powers his back ready to launch it again. “Don’t just sit there, grab my…” but Bill loses the ability to speak as Gino does what Bill suggests and finds Bill’s small testes, grabbing them in one hand and lifts the smaller boy right into the air. Gino has to use his other hand hold Bill’s lower abs to keep him steady as he lifts him as high as Bill can go in his house, Gino standing to emphasize his strength and raw power bringing the smaller boy upwards towards the ceiling.

Bill’s head grazes the ceiling, his hair shooting static electricity as his hair dances while Gino rearranges his groin, his balls thundering in Gino’s grasp. Struggling Bill grabs onto Gino’s arm that squish his nuts as he tries to wiggle free and get down, his legs kicking out lamely. He tries to speak again, but a low moan escapes him instead, “Ugh!” his thin arms trying to force Gino’s arm off of his balls which the older lad holds firm and true, pinning him in place by his two tiny nuggets.

Finally Bill manages to gap “My balls!”

Gino slams Bill onto Jayden’s mattress, the smaller boy bounces right back up but the hold that Gino has on his nutsac bring him right back down. Climbing in between Bill’s legs Gino takes both of the younger boy’s hands and bring them over Bill’s head holding them in place.

Struggling more, Bill’s shirt rides up revealing his navel, his abs tightening and releasing while Gino crushes the kid’s raisins. Gino is now face to face with Bill, and he slowly lets up on Bill’s nuts choosing to squeeze them with less intensity but still holding them in place. Gino toys with Bill’s nuts with his fingers, juggling the smaller balls in his palm, while his sticks out his thumb along the outside of Bill’s fully erect, but unimpressive dick.

Bill let’s out a low moan deep in his throat as Gino let’s up on the intensity of his onslaught on his boyhood, but starts rubbing Bill’s sweet spot. “That wasn’t part of the deal,” Bill groans starring into Gino’s eyes.

“Want me to stop?” Gino asks, as flicks Bill’s penis head, pinching it slightly.

Bill shakes his head, “No.” Thinking fast he adds, “Keep going.”

“What about Jayden?” Gino questions as he starts to jack Bill through his sweat pants, his littler fingers slowly squeezing Bill’s nuts again. “I bet that when you let him Jayden can make you fire.”

Moaning, Bill writhes in pleasure against Gino’s firm body, thrusting with Gino’s jacking in rhythm. “I think I’m ready for that.”

“Good,” Gino grins. “I’ll let him finish you.” Gino stands up, letting Bill go.

“What?” Bill asks dumbly sitting up looking at Gino and back as his penis which pokes out from the grey sweatpants. “But …we aren’t done.”

“Yes, we are.” Gino says. “You’re my brother’s boyfriend. I won’t cross that line and have my ways with you. Thanks for…taking my mind off things. This was exactly what I needed.”

Awkwardly Bill gets to his feet, “Okay.” He sounds resigned as he walks up to Gino, “I guess you’re right.”

“Usually am. Good night Bill.”

Bill reaches up on his tippy toes and kisses Gino lightly on his freshly shaved cheek, his lips grazing the skin lightly. “Goodnight Gino.”

Gino walks Bill out, watching him get onto his bike and riding away, thinking that he did the right thing; and even if he is not all that happy about it, he knows that he did right by his brother Jayden. Right now, that’s all that matters.

*** Jayden ***

The first few periods blur together at the Academy for Jayden. Introductions, and meeting new teachers he is used to since he started attending Bartlet High a few months ago. If anything it feels to Jayden as if he stepped back in time. However, the Academy has a much smaller student body and the staff focuses in on him a lot more, testing him as they pepper him with questions seeing how intelligent he is. After a few minutes each of his teachers is quite pleased with Jayden’s answers, his academic knowledge, and quick thoughtful responses seem to delight Jayden’s new instructors.

Being the center of attention in each class, offers Jayden one important opportunity: to stay out of Devil Boy’s clutches.

When Jayden Gomez transferred to the Academy his scores went with him, placing him in all advanced placement or college prep courses. Jayden is used to not being with students his own age, luckily for him both Devil Boy and Jake are nowhere in his league academically and he does not see them until gym, and as the red eyed Sam Hell promised wrestling is what was taking place today.

The gym teacher’s office was directly in front of the boy’s locker room so no one bothered Jayden as he changed next to Leroy into the Academy’s bright white singlets, the emblem of three stars with one exploding on the left breast of each uniform. Jayden made sure to choose a tight fitting one. The fabric offered him more agility, even if his large boyhood was held in place, so that he could concentrate on his opponent. Jayden was planning on finally getting some revenge against Sam Hell if the opportunity arose, if not he would gladly stick with Leroy and teach him some moves.

“We just started this wrestling unit last Friday,” Leroy’s explains pulling the singlet over his crotch showing the contours of his long slim penis which is about the same length as Jayden’s, his nutsac is about average for his age and looks inviting to hit, but Jayden relents knowing that his only ally at the school should not be his target. “Naturally Sam Hell and Jake were paired up with me,” Leroy shutters at the memory of the interaction. “And as you can see, these uniforms leave little to the imagination.”

Jayden smirks, as he reaches out tracing Leroy’s long thin penis from root to tip held along his left leg. “I can see that, big boy,” the black schlong is easily discernable through the white fabric, much as Jayden’s own thicker brown dick is. Jayden’s cock and overgrown balls look almost obscene in the white singlet below his tight abs, the V leading the viewer down to his family jewels below.

Jayden looking over at Sam Hell and Jake who are changing opposite. Sam is leaning over with his back turned and beneath his pale, muscular butt his smooth genitals dangle invitingly between his muscular legs. His cock is a respectable size, drooping in front of his famously tough balls which hang low and look round and solid, like two pebbles in their leathery sac. Jayden can’t help smiling and grabbing his own balls as his eyes confirm that he clearly outclasses Devil Boy where it counts and he can’t help wondering what it will take to crack his spawn makers. And as for Jake, his genitalia looks to be even smaller than Bill’s.

Jayden whispers across to Leroy, “You know, I think that our foster brothers are a little jealous of how big we are,” he says confidently leaning into Leroy’s ear his sweet lips brushing the boy’s small earlobe.

Leroy, keeps his eyes fixed on both of the boy’s crotches as they change and leans his body into Jayden’s affirming Jayden’s response with, “Maybe that was always their problem with me, I guess I’m just packing a bit more length where it counts.”

“Yup, and they ain’t ever going to catch up either,” Jayden says with a laugh.

Sam Hell’s singlet is half on, the straps dangling down as he registers Jayden and Leroy’s laughter. He bangs his fist against Jake’s shoulder and the towering giant looks over at Jayden and Leroy as he delicately rearranges his small package, fluffing it up to try and make his groin seem more filled out. In that department all Jake manages to do is bring more unwanted attention onto himself, and his small boyhood.

“Those kids are laughing at how small you are,” Sam Hell grunts.

“Well I’m a grower, not a shower!” Jake yells, his white cheeks burning with shame.

Some of the guys chuckle, and point around the gym until Jake flexes his muscles threateningly, silencing them instantly. Jake is the tallest, and most well-built jock in the room. Jake may only be seventeen, but years of bodybuilding and one can assume muscle-building inhancements make him look several years older. Sam Hell with his shorter stature, looks up keeping his red eyes fixed on his trusted ally. “When we get upstairs to the gym floor I am going to…”

“All right ladies,” Coach Arnold says walking briskly from his office, the older man swirls his cane like a baton in one hand as the sixty year old spread his legs wide, his belly folds over his belt buckle pointing southward, and jiggles a bit as he speaks. “Wrestling is an important sport, I will pair up our more mature wrestlers with each other so you can see…”

“Coach Arnold,” Jayden says raising his hand.

“Oh yes, you’re the new kid. You have something that you want to say to the group Mr. Gomez?”

“Yes sir. I have been trained as a wrestler, and I wrestle competitively. Last year my team made state, and after that we almost won country. I would love to help out your more mature wrestlers, to bring them up to my level,” Jayden finishes his lips spreading into a grin as his brown eyes twinkle, the boys in the locker room give a “Ooooo,” response to the clear challenge that the younger boy has issued.

“Mr. Hell is your schools wrestling captain, could I be paired with him sir?” Jayden asks, blinking his innocent looking brown eyes up at the coach.

Coach Arnold loving the reaction on this Monday morning smiles in return. “I bet that Mr. Hell would love that, wouldn’t you?” Coach Arnold looks over at Sam Hell. “Will you take up young Mr. Gomez in this challenge?”

“Absolutely,” Sam’s eyes flash a deeper red and seem to be blazing as if he could shoot lasers directly into Jayden’s face. Devil Boy grits his teeth, and cracks his knuckles. “It would be my pleasure to show this former Bartlet boy how things work here on the mat.”

“Perfect! Now let’s get upstairs so we can start today’s wrestling! My assistant coach will be upstairs towards the end of the period…I just have some paperwork to catch up on,” Coach Arnold turns toward his door walking stiffy over to his desk, and more importantly his lunch which he plans on eating early.

The young men rush up the stairs, Leroy says to Jayden, “I hope that you know what you are doing. He’s going to try to destroy you up there. Coach is not even going to be watching. And the assistant that he mentioned, she’s most likely drinking coffee in the café or having a cigarette, we won’t even see her,” Leroy says with growing concern.

“Yeah well I’m counting on him being angry,” Jayden takes two of the stairs at a time as he heads towards the gym floor. “It’s time I show Devil Boy, what a Bartlet wrestler can do.”

The entire gym class surrounds the mat, leaving Jayden and Sam Hell no way of backing out now with saving face. The black haired Devil Boy, cracks his neck staring at Jayden. Jayden does some stretches making sure to jut out his bulging boyhood invitingly. Jayden knows what Sam Hell will be targeting, he’s made no secret of that. Jayden knows how to win matches, and he is used to facing older opponents. Sam Hell is slightly taller than him, with a broader chest and stronger arms. His muscles dwarf Jayden’s, but that has never slowed him down or intimidated him before. Jayden’s never wanted to win a match more than the one in front of him now.

Jayden gets into a wrestling stance, with legs spread wide, hands out, body crotched down. “Hey Devil Boy is your pitchfork as little as it looks? If so, you should make a deal with the devil to get that fixed, if they will even take a soul that’s as ugly as your face is.” Jayden remarks trying to catch him off guard.

The taunt is driven home by the gasps in the crowd, and the laughter of the gathered boys. Sam Hell slowly lowers himself into place, but pauses and holds out his hand towards Jake. “Let’s make this more interesting. Jake, pass me the device.”

Jayden wonders what Sam has in store for him now and sees a flash of light, his cracked phone screen stares at him and is alit with Gino’s name on several missed calls and text messages. At the sight of cell, his salvation the fight drains out of him and he yells, “Give me my phone!”

“You want this?” taunts Devil Boy, his red eyes flashing dangerously. “Then take it from me.” The phone drops to the mat, making Jayden wince as a new crack appears on the shattered screen.

“Oops, how clumsy of me!” Hell laughs meanly, lifting his foot into the air, taking aim over the flashing phone ready to squash the last of the life from the devise as Jayden flies at him.

Jayden catches him in the middle, flying so fast that Sam did not get a chance to stop him, or brace for impact. Being on one foot easily places Hell in a disadvantage position and the two crash to the mat with Jayden on top.

Sam Hell grunts in pain as Jayden’s shoulder slams into his midsection taking all the air out of him. Dazed Sam looks up confused as Jayden punches him in the teeth, all concept of schooling Devil Boy lost in the desire to get to his phone, and to hear Gino’s voice.

The red eyed Devil Boy’s head is knocked to the side by the blow, and Jayden follows it up with a smack from the back of his hand across the other side of Sam’s face the smack echoing around the gym. “You’re going to regret being such a dick,” Jayden growls grabbing Sam’s singlet in his fists and pulling the boy to standing. Jayden’s muscles scream as he powers him into the air and drops Sam Hell onto his knee, crashing the Devil Boy’s stones into his thigh.

Sam Hell grunts in anger, tightening his jaw and blinking in stunned disbelief at Jayden as pain begins surge in his groin, even his sturdy nuts are not immune to such a crushing blow and the pain intensifies as his body rests on Jayden’s knee. Jayden grins and punches Sam hard across the jaw making him sprawl to the mat. Jayden turns away and rushes to retrieve his phone. With fingers flying on his phone screen Jayden taps in his number and the home screen allows him access. Jayden taps on Gino’s messages and begins to type out the address of Mr. Sullivan’s home when a foot comes sailing up in between his muscled thighs crashing into his boynuts, the toe of the shoe colliding into his pelvis.

Jayden howls in despair, and the horribly familiar pain soon follows, making him keel forward and the phone slips from between his fingers. Cringing out in pain, Jayden can only watch as his phone drops again for the second time to the mat. The phone blazes as the flashlight app switches on upon impact temporarily blinding Jayden, allowing Sam Hell to wrap his arms around the boy’s waist shaking him side to side like a ragdoll before tossing him to the ground next to the fallen phone.

The phone bounces up as Jayden lands next to the device. Jayden reaches and grasps it typing in his passcode, and trying to send out the message. “Oh no you don’t,” Devil Boy leers pressing his foot over Jayden’s hand trapping it to the mat. “You’ll have to beat me if you want to send love notes to your boyfriend.”

“He’s not my boyfriend!” Jayden yells rearing back and pummeling his fist in between the Devil’s legs. Jayden gets the perfect view as his knuckles pummel the bully’s solid left testicle with enough force to deform its protective shell and traumatize the fragile sperm making organ.

“Ugh!” groans Sam, staggering backwards, every muscle clenched tight as he shoves his hands between his legs but stubbornly refuses to go down.

Jayden pulls his aching hand out from underneath Hell’s shoe and gets off his back onto his hands and knees. Before Jayden can make another swipe for his phone Jake reaches in from the crowd grabbing the phone.

“No!” Jayden whines, rushing forward trying to stop him.

“You want this, kid?” Jake laughs tossing it from hand to hand. “Well you’ll have to finish the fight first! You don’t really think you can hurt Sam Hell, do you?” Taunts Jake, as he spins the device on one finger much to Jayden’s alarm.

Jayden rears back and kicks out as hard as he can muster, his aim strong and true as his foot demolishes Jakes small testes, easily smooshing both. The big stud’s body jerks, eyes open wide, his mouth dropping open in a silent scream and the phone slips mid toss and Jayden manages to catch it barely between his fingers.

Jake crashes to his knees, whimpering “Aww shit, shit, shit…my fucking balls!” His face is pale and he looking as if he might keel over and puke.

Suddenly a hand smacks Jayden’s knocking the phone to the mat for the third time and the follow-up foot smashes into the screen with an audible crunch. Jayden watches in horror as Sam lifts his sneaker to inspect the damage. The case is cracked, the screen carved inwards blank, lifeless and fine white powder decorates the device like ash.

“No,” Jayden whines turning to look at the smug look in the red eyes of Sam Hell, his teeth flashing in a wide beaming grin.

“You really thought you could hurt my big tough nuts?” Devil Boy laughs as Jayden boils with rage before him, his eyes watering up as he glances down at the destroyed phone “It was a piece of shit anyways. Oh well, I guess your boyfriend will have to find a different cock to suck on now. Not that yours will be much good to you after I get through with your pathetic balls.”

Seething, Jayden moves to leap at Sam Hell who crouches ready for it but Jayden spins at the last moment and kicks out with his leg in a high arc striking the back of Sam’s skull sending him sprawling to the mat on all fours, groaning groggily from the solid blow. Jayden races behind his adversary and takes careful aim before he launches a full-force kick from behind aiming at the twin orbs bulging between his thighs. “Huuugh” Sam heaves and doubles over, taking a step forward to steady himself but his foot lands on the phone which slides on the mat sending him sprawling to the floor where he rolls into a ball to defend his manhood from any more blows. “You will….fucking…regret that.” Sam Hell growls in pain, and to Jayden’s disbelief the tough bully shakes his head and begins clambering to his feet, eager to finish off the annoying youngster.

Jayden leaps on top of him wrapping one arm around his neck while the other reaches down to his crotch and grabs a fistful of his tenderized devil nuts. With a warrior like roar he clenches his fist, squeezing the firm orbs with all his might. His fingers delve and dig, trying to penetrate to the core of the devils being and destroy his seed. Sam Hell thunders in anger and begins to buck and thrash as he tries to escape the boy’s emasculating grip and the watching crowd suddenly become more vocal, cheering and shouting at the grappling fighters.

“Take it like a man, Devil Boy! He can’t hurt your balls of steel!” Jake yells.

“Come on Boy-Balls, crack his little nuts!” another brave voice yells out from the back.

Spurred on by the unexpected support, Jayden changes tactics releasing Sam’s neck and plunging his free hand downward so he can punish Sam’s devil-hood with both hands. His young biceps swell impressively as the young wrestler applies all of his burgeoning power, his knuckles glimmering white as his stabbing fingers probe deeper trying to put the devil’s gonads out of commission. Jayden shakes his head in amazement, he’s squeezed plenty of testicles before, but never ones like these. Sam’s gonads are like solid, unyielding rubber under his fingers, and while the Devil boy is clearly distressed and hurting, he’s not even close to being taken out of the fight. Suddenly the tables are turned as Jayden feels strong fingers clutching his boyhood, and with a sickening moan he looks up into the red eyes of his adversary, as testicular agony rips through him. Gasping Jayden tries to squeeze harder, while snarling Sam digs in feasting on his young balls. Jayden feels his balls physically shrinking and he is about to s
cream when they are interpted.

“Stop it! That’s not how we wrestle here.”

The group of boys instantly begin to disperse as a young female in her late twenties walks over, her white sneakers tapping along the floor. Reluctantly Sam and Jayden release their nut crushing grips and stand aside to let her walk between them, Jayden bends over at the waist; while Sam Hell barely flinches to hold his devil nuts. The silver whistle bumps in between her large breasts, as she swipes at her brown bangs out of her eyes. The assistant couch would be pretty, but for the nicotine from all the cigarettes that she has smoked recently, that has yellowed her teeth but her hazel eyes dance as she assesses the situation then peers down at the ruined phone.

“Who’s phone is that? It can’t be yours Mr. Hell, your foster father took it away from you months ago. I’m going to assume that it belongs to this young boy who’s seemed to be getting the better of you on the mat. Don’t worry that does not need an answer, I can see that your busy,” she sees the look of pain and anger in Sam Hell’s eyes and smiles as he begins to massage his aching testicles.

“Ms. Gabby I…”

“Be quiet,” she snaps. “Principal’s office again I fear for the destruction of another pupil’s property. We both know how angry Mr. Sullivan will be when he hears about this. And as for you, new kid, you also have earned yourself a principal’s visit as well. Now both of you get out of my sight.”

Jayden picks up his dead phone, cradling it softly to not damage the device further and heads out of the gym and following quickly behind him is Sam Hell whose dark shadow looms over him, partially covering him in darkness heading to Mr. Sullivan’s office.

“Tattle and your dead,” warns Sam Hell when they are outside of his office door, he no longer even holds his impressively resilient satanic, demon globes.

Jayden says nothing as he awaits his fate knowing that this fight between him and Devil Boy is far from over.

The office opens after a few minutes and an angry Mr. Sullivan greets them. “I’m taking both of you home early, the belt is needed for this.” He marches out of his office looks at his secretary and announces, “I’m taking these two home, hold my calls.”

She nods her head as the three head out of the office.

Jayden stares at his broken phone in dismay in the backseat the whole way home not bothering to look out the window as he contemplates how he’s going to get out of this mess now and endlessly wondering what all of the texts from Gino might have said.

By the time they get home school at the Academy has just ended, Mr. Sullivan orders the two of them to stand in opposite corners of the room looking at the wall until dinner which Mr. Sullivan informs Sebastian the caretaker of the home to make for a very late dinner as Jayden and Sam Hell should suffer longer.

Leroy and Jake enter the home an hour later, but don’t dawdle to speak to them but go upstairs to their rooms.

Hours pass and finally a quiet dinner is had, Mr. Sullivan told everyone that at the beginning, “No word shall be spoken until after punishments, as usual.”

Jayden hardly eats, dread filling him as he awaits his punishment, but Mr. Sullivan calls for Devil Boy to go first.

“Assume the position, pants around ankles and hold the table firmly,” Mr. Sullivan says as he is handed a well-worn dark belt. “Jayden you will stand just behind Sam Hell so you may see what lashes do to the skin. This will impact on you just how awful your behavior was today and how you should immediately correct it. As for you,” Mr. Sullivan says “Nothing seems to get through to you. For the next seven days you will be lashed boy.” Mr. Sullivan swings back the belt aiming directly at Sam’s bare bottom.

Jayden looks out the window, he didn’t notice during dinner but rain falls from the darkening sky. He sees the Sam Hell’s reflection in the glass and it’s one not of the cocky jerk he is used to, but that of a scared little boy.

Looking up at Mr. Sullivan as he swings the belt wide, he sees the malicious pleasure behind his horn rimmed glasses and he can’t help but feel bad for Sam; even after everything that he has done to him so far. Without thinking, or meaning to Jayden reaches out and grasps the strap in midair as it flies forward. The belt wraps harmlessly around his suit covered arm, and Mr. Sullivan turns to scream at Jayden as Jayden kicks outwards nailing the older gentleman in the gonads with a perfect kick.

Mr. Sullivan gasps, as does all in attendance around the table as Jayden’s foot is buried to the hilt deep with the folds of Mr. Sullivan’s pressed slacks bulges around Jayden’s wing tipped black dress shoe.

“You…” starts Mr. Sullivan as Jayden pulls his foot away and kicks out a second time, his aim not quite as true but the impact on Mr. Sullivan’s left teste is terrifying when Jayden’s impact is a toe kick. The wounded Mr. Sullivan moans once, tries to walk towards Jayden but falls helpless to floor crumbling to his hands and knees.

Jayden his heart pumping wildly looks at the astonished foster brothers, Jake in avid glee, Leroy with concern, and Sam Hell that smirks up at him in thanks.

“You have gone too far!” Sebastian says bending over to help Mr. Sullivan, with one arm on his back.

Jayden shakes his head pointing, “He deserved it. You don’t treat kids this way, we aren’t animals that need a spanking.”

“I’m sending you back,” Mr. Sullivan says from the floor, his voice trembling. “As soon as I’m through whipping you.”

“Not going to happen, I’m out of here.”

Jayden turns from the table and runs.

“Run Jayden!” Leroy calls out.

Sebastian gets to his feet as Mr. Sullivan says, “Get him!”

Sebastian rips off is apron and starts to run. Leroy sticks out his floor and the caretaker trips and goes sprawling onto the floor.

Jayden looks back in gratitude at Leroy, “Go on, get out of here!”

Jayden doesn’t answer as he runs out the door into the rain.

Jayden runs down the street not knowing where he is or where he is going but knowing he has to get as far as possible from Mr. Sullivan. Jayden is drenched after a few minutes his suit jacket dripping he rips off the tie, tossing it to the ground, his wet clothes sticking to his frame, he begins a slow downhill walk looking for a landmark, something to tell him where he is.

He takes his phone from his pocket to check the time, and to check Google maps forgetting that his phone is broken, Jayden pockets it again. He walks aimlessly up and down unfamiliar neighborhoods, he wraps his arms around himself not noticing as cars pass him on both sides.

The storm seems to be increasing as Jayden walks and heads to an illuminated bus stop and pulls off his jacket wringing it out the water, in an attempt to get dry and giving him an opportunity to think about his next move. Jayden sits on the bench, cold and alone not sure how to get home, and if he should even do that when one of the passing cars slows down.

Jayden’s heart starts to thud more quickly in his chest, and he begins to sweat fearing that Mr. Sullivan or Sebastian has found him but the passenger door swings open from the inside.

“Don’t just stand there in the rain, get in.”

Jayden’s eyes look up at the familiar voice.

“Chase?” Jayden’s teeth rattle in his jaw as he sees the smiling blonde haired, blue eye’s boy starring at him.

“Come on, get in.” Chase repeats, his directional blinking in the storm.

Jayden doesn’t hesitate but leaps forward and runs to the red Corvette getting inside.

The leather seats arm warm, and heat is pulsing from the vents as Chase turns his directional to the otherside and begins to head back onto the main road.

“Chase,” Jayden starts. “Am I ever glad to see you. What are you doing here? How did you find me?” Jayden asks putting his hands right up to the vents to get warm.

“Isn’t that obvious Jayden? I came to get you. Your brother and I have it all worked out, you’re coming to live with me.” Chase smiles at Jayden, giving him a quick wink his blue eyes alight with energy and purpose. “Don’t worry Jayden,” Chase reaches grabbing the back of Jayden’s neck warmly, “I’ve got your back.”


Anonymous said...

Nice job again, Jimmy!
I loved the fight between Jayden and Devil Boy. Jay really is a brave little warrior but it will take something more to put Sam Hell out of commission!
It's wonderful to see Chase back at the end. Jayden's knight in shining armour?
This is a great set up for what will undoubtedly be an explosive ending to this arc!

Anonymous said...

Here comes Chase to save the day!

Well, out of all the people that have been suffering during this horrible situation everyone's been going through, I guess it's cute how Chase finally got what he always wanted... his date with Jayden!

Aka. The date opportunity he messed up because he crushed Bill's little tic tacs back at the end of the Love Hurts story (Hopefully he won't ruin this one too... Although, knowing Chase, I gave a feeling he'll ruin it...)

I can't wait to see the next story to see what they'll do together now that they'll be sleeping together on the same roof~!

WaterSpirit said...

This story is sóōõöôöøöõōò awesom.....maybe Jayden should go back and save Leroy (and probably the others....)
It's quite exciting to see Chase back and I'm eagerly awaiting the next exciting story of the displacement arc ....❣️🥰🌹😍

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous one,

Devil Boy has it in for our dear Jayden, and taking him out of commission is going to difficult for Jayden as proven with the last few stories. Although it looks like Jayden is going to get a reprieve from him now that he is with Chase; at least for now. I can guarantee that we have not heard the last of Sam Hell.

Chase saves the day! Right? In either case Jayden seems to be heading towards a much easier fate after staying with the Foster Family in the last few stories. He is just happy to get away from them.

Dear Anonymous two,
Hahaha, that’s true Chase finally gets alone time with Jayden, seemingly it’s what he has always wanted! Wishes do come true! In all seriousness Jayden needed some help and Chase out of all the characters in the little universe is able to save the day. Who would have thunk? Chase is really good at ruining things, isn’t he?
Next week’s chapter which comes out on September 21, will absolutely answer what the two of them get up to now that they are alone! Stay tuned!

Dear Waterspirit,

We all know that Jayden, as soon as he is able to will absolutely want to save Leroy. He would not leave him to in the hands of Sam Hell, Jake, and the cruel Step Family father Mr. Sullivan. Jayden will do everything he can to save Leroy, and we will soon see how that turns out in the next few chapters!
Chase had a pretty dramatic entrance at the end of this story, which will change the Gino and Jayden series dramatically in next week’s story! I hope that you enjoy what’s coming next!

WaterSpirit said...
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WaterSpirit said...

That's sóōõöôöøöõōò exciting to hear...... eagerly awaiting the fourth part ❤️🥰😍❣️😀

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Good evening WaterSpirit!

I was in correct! Part four comes out tomorrow, you do not have to wait long at all!