Monday, September 14, 2020

Devil boy - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the second part of the epic "Displacement" arc of our beloved brothers' adventures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.


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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

*** Gino ***

Gino sits at the kitchen table next to the two most unlikely people, which makes this a very unique group. Bill and Chase look at Gino apprehensively neither trusting him, or each other. The tension in the small kitchen is very high, and it’s surprising that the three boys made it this long without hitting each other. Bill used the bathroom earlier to clean up after the twins Max and Rex forced him to cum earlier that night, and he sits at the table in one Jayden’s old gym shorts and an oversized t-shirt, the back of which clings to his skin still a bit damp from the quick shower. He’s still quite sore, and very tired but Jayden is in trouble according to Gino and after hearing the story Bill has to agree.

“So what are you going to do?” Bill asks tentatively.

“I’m hoping that Chase might be able to help with that,” Gino says.

A blonde eyebrow raises up, “Me?” Chase asks a small smile appearing on his face. “What can I do?”

“You have money. Money fixes all problems. I need you to get in contact with your family lawyer and get me court appointed to be Jayden’s temporary guardian. Then all of our problems of Jayden being stuck at a foster family house disappear. See, it’s really quite simple.” Gino splays him hands on the table.

“I’m not sure if that’s a good idea,” Chase answers.

“Why not?” Bill asks perplexed. “Gino is his brother, the only family that Jayden has in this country,” Bill emphasizes his point by pointing rather unnecessarily at him as if someone in the room did not know that he was in fact kin.

“Because, baby nuts, leaving Jayden alone and under Gino’s care is not exactly safe. We all know that Gino would love to get his hands on Jayden, especially if he has him all alone with no parents around. Right Gino? You just couldn’t stop yourself,” Chase crosses his arms over his chest starring at Gino rather defiantly.

“You don’t get it. Jayden’s cell went dead two hours ago. He’s not answering me. He’s at an unfamiliar house with strangers. He could be hurt for all I know!” Gino stands up and begins pacing the kitchen. “Look, I may be a dick sometimes, but I would never do anything to hurt him; especially now. Our Mom in custody. My Dad gone. I’m all he’s got Chase. Our family has been shattered, and I’m trying to pick up the pieces. If you’re really his friend you’ll help, we just don’t have the money.”

Bill looks between the two and says, “Chase, we’re Jayden’s friends. We have to help him.”

“You’re still his friend?” Chase asks thoroughly surprised. “I thought that you two were finished.”

Bill moves uneasily in his seat, “That’s none of your business.”

“Well the rumors in the swim team are that you two haven’t talked since…well, that time when you and Gino ambushed us on the wrestling mats” Chase says glaring at Bill jabbing his index finger into the boy’s skinny chest. “He’s.” Poke. “Messaged.” Poke. “You.” Poke. “Every.” Poke “Day.” Poke. “Since.” Poke.

Bill hits Chases hand away, standing up from the wooden table, “Stop poking me!”

“Well, everyone’s waiting for you to answer him Bill. You should just admit that your little romance is over!” Chase challenges.

“Why? So you can make a move on him?” Bill demands looking just as angry now as Chase.

“Obviously! And you know Jayden can’t resist me” Chase stands up and walks up to Bill, grabbing him on either side of Bill’s collar. Bill gulps as he see the blond bully’s biceps begin to bulge under his white T-shirt and before he can protect he feels his feet dangling in the air several inches above the pealing vinyl floor tiles.

“Let me go,” Bill says struggling in Chases clutches.

Chase grins proudly admiring his own strength then clicks his tongue, “Admit it, Bill! You and Jayden are finished. I’m more of a man than you in every way!” Kicking Bills feet apart wider in the air Chase places his knee in between Bills thighs. “Last warning,” Chase says warningly.

“No!” Bill yells.

Chase shrugs and drops Bill making the younger boy gasp as he lands on Chase’s knee, his legs splayed and straddling Chase’s thigh, his tiny balls sandwiches and crushed between his own bony pelvis and Chase’s well-muscled thigh.

Bill groans, his eyes crossing as he slumps against Chases chest, “Fuck me.”

“Nope, not interested,” Chase chuckles. “Now, answer me!”

Bill groans, his tiny spuds blazing with pain, his balls already a dull ache from earlier bursts with fresh white searing pain. “Oooh, your hurting my balls,” Bill moans grabbing Chase’s sides as his body registers the new pain while his tiny nuts continue to explode with pain as his body rocks helplessly, still straddling Chase’s thigh.

Chase grins as he lifts the smaller boy up into the air again, it’s hardly a challenge for his chiseled guns as he centers Bill’s body before dropping him once again onto his thigh, making Bill scream in agony until Chase casually pushes him to the floor. “Bill I’m warning you, if you don’t give him up I will take your phone and do it for you,” Chase warns the boy. Bill curls up into a ball at his feet his hands protecting his gonads from any more abuse.

“That’s enough Chase, we have more pressing matters.” Gino says.

Chase just shakes his head putting his hands on his hips pulling his light swim team captain jacket to the sides showing his wrestling team singlet from the waist up, the Lycra clinging to his sporty body, very muscle beautifully defined by years of swimming and working out. “Not according to me. This is stupid. Just let the system work its magic. I’m sure Jayden will be fine.”

“Chase,” growls Gino showing his teeth.

“You can’t pummel me into helping you, also I can’t borrow the family lawyer you idiot. I’m fifteen. I would need my parent’s permission, and I can guarantee…they won’t help. And until this loser admits that Jayden is out of his league, I’m out!” Chase turns on his heel heading towards the door, he clicks the automatic car starter as he goes to exit ready to make a quick departure.

“Come back!” Gino says, a plea that Chase can’t help but not notice. “Please Chase…Jayden…he’s all I have left.” The raw emotion in Gino’s appeal reveals his desperation, but Gino does not care, his only concern is for his little brother that can no longer call this place home.

Chase turns back, “Maybe if you weren’t an asshole you would have friends to help you, but you don’t,” Chase says meanly his eyes narrowing, with his chin held up high. “Jayden was the only good thing about you, and he’s gone. You’re fucked now.” The door slams behind him and Gino deflates instantly sitting in the kitchen chair with Bill still moaning on the floor at his feet, gazing at Gino unsure how to help or what to do next.

The following day at wrestling practice Gino makes sure to skip his last class so he can be in the Bartlet High gym first. Every few minutes he checks his phone, and it’s still the same thing: no message from Jayden.

The time clicks slowly by until finally the door of the gym opens, the metal creaking as Logan enters. He’s not alone, he’s with Ashley and she looks pist.

“I hate your cousins, they always mess up our sex life, but they are not the only ones. Let’s count the ways you keep ruining our sex life,” Ashley ticks off on her hand. “You have your cousins, then your wrestling team, your friends, and that stupid job with Alex at why is that everyone always seems to kick you in the nuts? Don’t they know that they belong to me?” Ashely throws her blonde hair over one shoulder as she stares at Logan looking into his eyes.

“It’s a guy thing, babe, you wouldn’t understand.” Logan says blushing waving her concerns off.

“Well, they certainly will be after I meet with them!” Ashely says defiantly.

“I’m the captain, do you know how lame that will sound, my girlfriend defending my manhood? The guys will laugh at me,” Logan shakes his head. “Not happening, babe.”

Ashely reaches down and grabs the much taller boy’s nuggets one in each hand, “You should be more worried about what I’m going to do to you if you can’t perform because these little things aren’t working. Got it?” Ashely asks squeezing Logan’s beefy nuts really hard using her long nails to impale Logan’s nuts from multiple angles.

“Ash...” Logan groans. “I’m already sore from last night.” A note of desperation creeps into his voice as he pleads for mercy from his own girlfriend.

“I can help him with that,” Gino calls across the gym startling Ashley. Ashley lets go of her boyfriend’s testicles allowing Logan to shield himself and bend over from pain.

“Who are you?” Ashely asks looking Gino up and down, from his dark hair, to his dark brown eyes his white alabaster skin so different than Jayden’s light brown. Ashely admires his broad chest, his well-muscled abs and his bulging equipment poking out obscenely in his tight singlet. “I would remember seeing you before,” Ashely ogles him again with her eyes feasting on the delicate treats nestled between his thighs.

Gino holds out his hand, “My names Gino, I’m new to Bartlet. However, I can make sure that while he’s here at wrestling practice no man will go after...what did you call it? ‘Your property?’ You have my word. What’s your lovely name, I’m new to the school and to the team, but already I have made quite a name for myself.” Confidence reeks off of him, and Ashley eats it up as she follows through with the handshake.

Ashley tilts her head, with his hand in hers. “Ashley, and if you do that, I would be most grateful.”

“It will come better from me, that way we don’t paint an even bigger bullseye on him,” Gino winks, letting her hand go.

“Well, I’ll leave you to it,” she smiles at him. Her smile falls off her face when she turns back to Logan. “We go to your uncle’s house next. I have no qualms about kicking Caleb and Junior’s nuts in. Then we go straight to Alex at his studio. We are going to have a very busy day. Have fun at practice Gino, and thank you!” Ashley turns on her heel heading to the women’s locker room getting ready to practice cheerleading.

“I owe you,” Logan says shaking his head, one hand still holding onto his gonads.

“No you don’t, you’re going to pay me back for it immediately. I’ll protect your jewels, and you will help me get back my brother. If you didn’t notice he was not here today,” Gino explains.

Logan looks quizzical as he says, “I did actually. Mr. Smith wanted to compare anatomy of an animal to that of a human, and who do you think he wanted to compare it with?”

Gino smiles a bit, but his heart is not in it as he answers “Jayden. It’s always Jayden.”

Logan crosses his arms and says, “So tell me. Where is he?”

For the next few minutes Gino fills in Logan about his younger brother, other wrestlers start to file in. Logan directs them to the locker room, telling them to wait for Gino and him downstairs as he listens in to Gino’s story. After Gino’s done, Logan looks thoughtful and concerned as he replies, “How can I help?”

“Do you have a lawyer?” asks Gino.

“No, I don’t…but I can help you get one,” Logan says.

“I don’t have much, but I can sell my truck. I might get a grand for it. I can most likely scrap together fifteen hundred. After that…I don’t know,” Gino says, his eyes downcast. “I can’t leave him there, you know? I have not heard from him and it’s almost been 24 hours. I talked to the social worker, and she says that’s normal. He’s adjusting.” On the last two words Gino does air quotes, looking annoyed and frustrated.

“Let’s get practice started. I’ll put Kim in charge, and you and I can head out of here,” Logan says.

The two boys head to the lockers room, Gino stops Logan, grasping his shoulder tightly, trying his best to put emotion into his grip. “Thank you Logan, this means the world to me. Jayden isn’t just a brother to me…he’s my best friend, although I never show it.” Gino is not used to asking for help, the words seem both wrong and foreign coming from him, but he means them all the same. The eighteen year old tries to smile warmly at Logan, but he cannot manage to do so; there’s nothing to smile about while Jayden is gone.

Logan smiles warmly back at him, understanding in his deep blue eyes, “Jayden knows man. Why else would he come to this school, fight so hard to get you on this team? I don’t know any other brothers closer than you two, except maybe my cousins. Jayden knows that you love him, and it’s obvious how much he loves you back.”

Gino surprises both of them by hugging Logan quite fiercely, and very quickly almost as if his brain registers what his is doing, he regains his senses letting go. “I’ve got to get him back home, where he belongs.”

Logan clasps Gino’s shoulder giving it a squeeze, “You will.”

*** Jayden ***

Waking up in darkness to an unfamiliar room was strange, and a little frightening to Jayden. His consciousness came back slowly, as he watches the sun burst from behind the trees outside his bedroom that he shares with Leroy. The orange hue colors the blank room making the white walls seem to glow with orange color. Starring up at the bunk above he listens carefully as Leroy snores gently in sleep, awareness makes Jayden both hungry from not eating dinner the night before, and anxious to get his laundered belongings that Mr. Stevens promised the night before would be outside his door. He needed to get his hands on two very important objects: his phone which presumably was still in the study and the envelope of cash from babysitting. Somehow he must have fallen asleep the night before and he curses himself now for letting that happen.

Creeping quiet as possible, Jayden sneaks towards the door grasping the handle, a brief look at Leroy seeing him still fast asleep he turns the handle. The handle turns smoothly in his hand, the cool metal rotating until a tiny click within the lock mechanism inside the wall springs the door open. Looking both ways down the hallway, Jayden sees no one, looking down he sees his a sad sight, what should have been neatly folded clothes was haphazardly searched and gone through; a white envelop on top clearly empty was disregarded.

“Shit,” mouths Jayden, grasping the white envelop in one hand and looking hopefully inside, wishing that he got up earlier. The envelope was still empty after a quick scan. Jayden pulls the rest of his things into his room, dumping them quietly next to the door before he begins tip toeing down the hallway.

Much louder snoring comes from the bedroom closest to the stairway, and Jayden thinks maybe if things go well with securing his phone he might try and search it. If he was going to lose one of the two items, he would much rather lose the cash. He has to get his hands on his phone. Gino is his ticket out of this place, he needs to be able to call him.

Thankfully Jayden gets a break. The carpeting on the stairs and walkway muffle his bare feet help minimizing the noise level as he slowly descends careful to not make a sound or breathe to loudly, just in case. At the bottom Jayden listens, he can hear someone far off on the first floor. Jayden thinks that he recognizes the familiar sounds of someone cooking, he could be wrong but the delicious smell of bacon in the air makes his stomach grumble audibly, which decides it for him. Grasping his abs, trying to shush his tummy, Jayden moves on hoping that Mr. Sullivan is far too busy in the kitchen, wherever that is on the first floor to venture out into the corridor near the front of the house. Carefully Jayden creeps to the study, and grabs the handle. Unfortunately, the door knob does not turn, it’s locked. A keyhole beneath the door showcases an old fashioned lock denying him entrance.

Cursing the old man, and his predicament Jayden heads towards the kitchen thinking the best thing to do is to at least get some breakfast. Maybe a hearty meal will help him to think. Unsure of where the kitchen is, Jayden continues down the corridor, using his sense of smell to guide him. The hallway turns to the left and an open double doored room leads to a huge kitchen.

Mr. Sullivan is sitting in a kitchen chair, drinking tea from a white rosy cup, a tea pot nearby. Behind him is a youngish man, flipping pancakes, a fresh plate of bacon next to the counter. Mr. Sullivan eyes him immediately and tuts, “Remember what I said boy, showered and changed in your uniform before breakfast.”

Jayden stops dead starring at Mr. Sullivan, and tries to gulp back the salvia that floods into his mouth, “I just thought…” he starts before he is interrupted.

“You thought wrong. Upstairs, you don’t want to get on the wrong side of me this early in the morning, it won’t go well for you. I always use the leather strap for those wayward boys that need reminders, you aren’t going to be one of those kind of boys. Are you Jayden?” Mr. Sullivan asks, putting the tea cup down in his saucer, testing him.

The young man at the stove turns, placing a stack of four fluffy buttery pancakes on the plate in front of Mr. Sullivan, and pours a rich amount of thick golden brown maple syrup onto the stack, adding a heaping serving of butter on top. The young man looks to be in his early twenties, with dark brown skin; a shade or two darker than Jayden’s own. He’s handsome with a square jaw, thick eye brows and a very delicate small nose. His brown eyes never leave his work as he places next the full plate of bacon to the right of Mr. Sullivan. Jayden notices now that only one plate is on the table, the other places only have bowls and a lumpy mixture bubbles on the stove; the unmistakable smell of porridge is also now in the air after the young man pulls the lid off of the pot to stir.

“No sir,” Jayden says. “I’ll go do that now.” Jayden turns to go, his stomach makes another loud grumble as he does.

“Sebastian, take Jayden upstairs. Make sure that he can find the towels, and toiletries,” Mr. Sullivan orders picking up his newspaper.

The young man named Sebastian answers, “Of course.” He lowers the heat on the porridge and follows Jayden out of the room taking the lead. “This way,” he says.

Jayden follows, his feet dragging now that he realizes he won’t get to eat right away. He’s going to take a very fast shower he promises himself.

Sebastian walks Jayden into his and Leroy’s bedroom, shaking his head at the mess on the floor. “Is that how you usually put away your things?” he asks.

Blushing, Jayden bends down and starts picking them up, “No. I was in a hurry to get to breakfast.”

“Your closest is next to the bunk bed, Leroy is already in the shower it seems, steam coming out from underneath the bathroom door. You will find towels in there along with all the items that you will need to look presentable. Make sure to comb your hair, and brush your teeth. Mr. Sullivan is known to check,” Sebastian says, smiling his eyes are warm and Jayden instantly takes a liking to him, appreciative of the warning that Sebastian gives.

“I’ll do that,” Jayden promises starting to put his clothes away.

“Let me know if you have any questions, or if you need anything. Mr. Sullivan can be pleasant if you follow the rules, make sure that you do. He was not kidding when he said that he uses the belt,” warns Sebastian.

Jayden doesn’t answer but continues to fold his clothes. Sebastian, taking that as dismissal, leaves closing the bedroom door behind him. When he’s done folding his clothes he does not put them into the dresser, but rather repacks them in his rucksack, tucking it at the back of his closet, closing the door. He’s not going to be here long after Jayden surmises.

The bathroom door opens and Leroy walks out, steam flooding into the small bedroom, the sun higher in the sky showcases the water droplets all over Leroy’s chest, his black nipples look hard as Leroy sees Jayden and smiles. A white and black stripped towel is firmly around his waist tied loosely below Leroy’s naval. Leroy asks, “How did you it go?”

“Alright,” Jayden shrugs. “How was your shower?”

“The water pressure is good,” Leroy says, taking off his towel to dry his hair and Jayden can’t resist checking out the boy’s long, slim cock as it sways between his thighs with each movement of the towel. It looks more impressive than Jayden remembers from their swimming days, perhaps even longer than Chase’s pride and joy! Behind this baby python, Leroy’s shiny black balls jiggle delightfully at the base of their long silky sac. They seem to be about average in size, not in the same league as Chase but way bigger than Bill’s for sure.

“Wow Leroy, you’ve really grown!” Jayden chuckles then whistles between his teeth.

“Oh! Um… really? Do you reckon?” Leroy blushes slightly as he sees Jayden eyeing his genitals then he smiles shyly and reaches down to fondle his family jewels “Thanks Jay, well that’s quite a compliment coming from a stud like you! I guess my balls still have some growing to do but I have to tell you, these little guys feel much safer with you around. Those bastards usually like to wake me up the hard way if you know what I mean.”

“I can imagine,” Jayden says thinking back to how he once woke up Gino on Christmas morning over a year and a half ago. “Although I was not on the receiving end, my brother Gino was. It’s a long story,” Jayden smiles at the memory of his first time cumming and the awakening of a very different relationship between him and his brother.

“Sounds intriguing, maybe you can tell me later!” Leroy winks back across at him.

Jayden chuckles as he starts to disrobe, first pulling his pajamas over his head and dropping it to the floor. Then he pauses and gulps. The sight of Leroy’s naked, athletic body has made him chub up considerably and there’s no avoiding the fact that his throbbing cock is forming a rather large tent beneath his waistline. With a shrug he pulls off his pajama bottoms and hears Leroy gasp as his impressive cock and balls tumble out into the open. His penis is rapidly climbing to half-mast and is soon poking straight out like a missile ready to fire. Jayden’s body is so used to him rubbing one out every morning before school, but he had no time this morning and he’s feeling horny as hell. In embarrassment, Jayden turns away to shield his growing erection from Leroy’s hungry gaze. “So, we, where do I put my dirty clothes?”

“In the hamper than we leave it in the hallway for Sebastian to pick up when we go down to breakfast. Hey can I ask you something?” Leroy says.

“Sure,” Jayden turns, his chees flushed as he holds his crumpled clothes in front of his crotch to cover his boyhood.

Leroy walks closer to him dropping the towel over one shoulder, his cock swaying back and forth tapping his thighs. “Well as you can see… I’m uncut. What does a cut cock feel like? I’ve always wanted to know,” Leroy asks with a cheeky smile.

“Oh! Er… I don’t really know” Jayden says thoughtfully thinking. “The only guys I’ve ever touched were all uncut… Bill… Gino…and Chase.” Jayden blushes after realizing what he has said. “Oh and please don’t tell anyone that I said that, right?”

“Nope, as long as you let me find out what a cut cock feels like,” Leroy winks.

“Oh ok…I mean, if you really want to.” Jayden offers taking his clothes away from his privates, blushing a bit as he gives full access to Leroy. “So you really want to touch it, huh?”

Leroy smiles, “Oh yeah, Jayden! Actually I’ve wanted to do this for ages.” And he reaches forward tentatively towards Jayden’s long fully erect dick. Jayden gulps, and Leroy smiles at him. “Are you nervous?”

“Maybe… I don’t know,” Jayden looks out the window. “A bit I guess”

“Why, it’s not like it’s your first time. Right?” Leroy says.

“True…it’s just. No one has ever asked for permission. It’s kind of different. I always thought that you were straight, Leroy?” Jayden asks with interest.

“I am…well kinda…,” it’s Leroy’s turn to blush. “There is this one guy.”

Jayden smiles at him, “Aldo, right?”

In shock Leroy drops open his mouth, “How did you know?”

“I could tell. I mean, it was a little obvious.” Jayden says smiling at him.

“You won’t say anything to him will you. He’s not gay, like not at all. I mean we all know his track record with girls,” Leroy says.

“My lips are sealed, now are you just going to hang on to my thing forever or what?” Jayden chuckles and raises an eye-brow.

Leroy grins as he peers downward to examine Jayden’s boyhood. His own sleek black cock is now rock hard, jutting upwards and flicking rhythmically against his hard abs like a magic wand. Licking his lips, Leroy bend’s Jayden’s rigid flagpole downwards so it is pointing straight at him and then does the same with his own boner until the two horny teenage cocks are stretched out side-by-side.

“Man Jayden, you’re so fricking big.” Leroy gasps excitedly as he looks down at Jayden’s thick bell end that is now pressing firmly up against his dark sculpted abs. Leroy’s own sleek black wand stretches out to an impressive length too, and its dark tip is gently prodding Jayden’s beefy balls. Both cocks are remarkably long for their age certainly enough to shame most fully-grown men but in terms of girth, poor Leroy is way out of his league. Jayden’s rod looks to be at least twice as thick and its huge unsheathed head looks impressively manly next to Leroy’s rather boyish, tapering tip.

“Look who’s talking, Leroy!” Jayden laughs “Look at that python of yours…finally I’ve found a guy my age that can match me in length! As you know your captain, Chase, has a real beauty but even that falls a little short next to mine. I reckon mine might be a little thicker than his too.”

“Yeah, I would say so!” Leroy grins as his fingers probe Jayden’s shaft to feel its width, making Jayden blush even redder than before.  Then Leroy takes a firmer hold of his erection, and an involuntary moan escapes from between his lips as Leroy wraps both hands around the thick shaft. “Look, even when I stretch my finger’s I can wrap around this beast” Leroy says admiringly at Jayden’s girth. “Fuck, that’s huge. And the head feels different, not as I expected at all. Mine has a wet slick feel as it’s usually in its sheath. Plus you’ve got this mark here,” and Leroy rubs his thumb nail down Jayden’s scar, and back up twisting his thumb nail in a zigzag pattern that makes Jayden shutter.

To steady himself, Jayden grabs onto Leroy’s trim waist, his thumb falling into the shallow V that runs down the bottom of Leroy’s abs for balance. “Shit,” Jayden bites his lip seeing a drop of pre-cum form on the tip of his dick.

Leroy sees that too, and he quickly uses the droplet to make slow methodical circles around Jayden’s cock scar, causing him to tremble, while his penis flex’s in Leroy’s grasp. “I wonder if we have time to see if I can make you cum,” Leroy says.

Jayden pants, “Can’t…Bill and I…ugh.” Jayden squeezes Leroy’s sides as his penis throbs.

“I thought you two broke up?” Leroy questions, his eyes on Jayden’s junk. One hand continues to dance over Jayden’s tip while the other reaches down grabbing one ball, rolling the orb between his fingers and then the other.

Jayden shakes his head, disentangling himself from Leroy, bending at the waist. “Fuck, I got to cum now,” Jayden complains grabbing himself and starts to jack off.

“Can I watch?” Leroy asks cautious. “I promise not to touch, unless you want me to.”

Biting his lip, the skin turning white he moans. “That should be okay,” Jayden murmurs. “At least I think it should be,” Jayden grunts as his dick throbs. He walks over to the bunk, laying down. Leroy walks over sitting in between Jayden’s legs, with a full view of Jayden touching himself, groping at his own stiffy.

“That’s so hot,” Leroy adds watching Jayden pleasuring himself. He reaches forward with both hands, separating each of Jayden’s nuts into his palms, rolling the orbs delicately. “Damn, how did you grow nuts this big! Is it okay if I do this?” Leroy asks rolling his thumbs in circles on Jayden’s plump balls, gently feeling the bare skin of Jayden’s smooth sac slide between his fingers.

Jayden groans out a grunt at the touch, “Yes!” as he begins to pick up speed.

“I’ve never seen another guy shoot in real life,” Leroy admits watching the hot swimmer buck his hips into his fist to gain a bit more friction. Leroy starts to hold Jayden’s nuts a bit tighter, seeing the strain in Jayden’s brow, the creasing of his skin somehow knowing a bit of pain can add another dimension to an orgasm. “When you pummeled Aldo’s nuts, I was so mad…because I wanted to do that for years.” Leroy admits. “God, it was so hot when I got to hold his balls, as I ‘checked’ to see if they were okay.”

Gazing at Jayden’s nuts, he goes on. “Aldo’s cojones have grown pretty big too…they’re smaller than these puppies of yours, but they felt so perfect in my hand, all warm and squishy. I couldn’t resist giving them a little squeeze, but I really wanted to do this!” and Leroy digs his thumbs deep into the center of each of Jayden’s balls making him jump on the bottom bunk.

“Fuck,” Jayden groans. “I’m getting closer,” Jayden growls his voice deepening as he jacks himself, his right fist a blur, as his left hand moves up his chest and pinches his right nipple between thumb and forefinger.

“I’ve always wanted to hear Aldo scream ‘My huevos!’ at the top of his lungs!” Leroy lost in fantasy bares down even harder on Jayden’s cum tanks, making Jayden grit his teeth as pure pain starts to travel to his lower abs, which he clenches the lines between them more pronounced as he gets closer.

“Leroy…not so…ugh!” Jayden loses the ability to speak as his orgasm becomes imminent, his balls lost in Leroy’s hands, the boy digging into his boynuts from all angles as he gives a tug, pulling Jayden’s nuts away from his body as the testicles try to descend for the approaching orgasm that is beginning to occur.

“My…my…” Jayden’s mouth drops open, his back arches and his eyes begin to roll as he feels himself throb his boy juices about to erupt as the door to the bedroom bangs open.

Jayden and Leroy immediately let go of Jayden’s cock and balls, causing Jayden to whimper as his orgasm is just on the brink, ready to go off at any moment.

“What do we have here?” asks Sam Hell dressed in his navy suit, and red tie the academy’s logo a sword and shield blazing on both tie and jacket acknowledge his presence in belonging to his school. Sam Hell has chosen to wear his dress shorts, which end above the knee, his seventeen year old package fills out the blue pouch nicely, and his plump cock resting against his left leg is easily noticeable.

Following Sam Hell into the room, Jack looks less put together, his tie is not straight and his suit jacket bulges in the middle, below the belt his blue slack shorts register a much smaller set of genitalia. Maybe he is a grower, not a shower, but Jayden highly doubts it. He tries to pull the sheet up to cover his erection but with both Leroy and him on the bunk he places a pillow instead over himself.

“Looks like they are doing gay shit,” Jack answers him. “Devil Boy, I think that they are in love.”

Jayden stands up, pillow still in place. “Get out of here, this is our room, not yours.”

Sam Hell and Jack look at each and start laughing, “Let’s listen to the naked boy, he’s obviously in charge.” Devil Boy marches over to Jayden, his red eyes even brighter and more eerie in morning light as he knocks the pillow away from Jayden and hammers a kick right in between Jayden’s thighs. The audible smack of naked flesh off of the well-polished dress shoe is heard all around the room. Leroy cringes in sympathy as Jayden groans falling to his knees before Sam Hell.

Lifting his foot into the air, Jayden flinches shielding his junk from another attack as a bell rings from downstairs.

“You’re lucky,” Devil Boy leers down at Jayden. “But you won’t be next time,” Sam slams fist instead deep into Jayden’s unprotected abs knocking him back against the post.

“Ugh,” Jayden groans as the bullies march out of the room.

“You okay?” Leroy asks climbing off of the bed and kneeling down next to Jayden.

“I’ve had worse,” Jayden moans as Leroy helps him to his feet.

“You better shower, I’m going to get dressed. If we are late to breakfast we don’t eat,” Leroy explains as he dresses.

“I’ll be fast,” Jayden agrees ignoring his throbbing erection and blue balls going into the bathroom to shower. After Jayden figures out how to turn on the shower he starts washing himself on autopilot as he takes in the small bathroom. It’s a standing shower, no tub. A small toilet is outside of it, with a small round mirror above a tiny sink with one cabinet below. The bathroom, like his and Leroy’s bedroom is painted white, with white tiles on the floor.

Jayden’s shower takes him no longer than five minutes, he dries quickly and begins to dress in his academy suit, with a white button-up dress shirt, which clings to him tightly. The dress shorts look similar to Sam Hell’s except Jayden can barely get the zipper to close, his equipment feels rather squished inside and he can’t wait to ask for a bigger size when he gets downstairs to breakfast. The black wing backs and dress socks are next, the problem is the tie. Jayden has never been able to do one, Gino always doing it for him. He leaves it around his neck undone and dresses in his suit jacket, putting it on as he walks down the hallway.

Downstairs everyone seems to be done with breakfast, the table seems to be cleared already and Mr. Sullivan tuts. “Thought that you were hungry? Oh well, you will have to wait to lunch at the school then. I will make sure an alarm clock is put into your room to help you be on time from now on,” Mr. Sullivan stops talking and eyes Jayden’s tie. “That’s not how you wear a tie in this house.”

“I don’t know how to tie one,” Jayden explains.

Both Jake and Sam Hell scoff under their breath, and even Mr. Sullivan breaks into a rare, but mean little smile. “Aren’t you old enough to dress yourself?” he asks. “Perhaps I should have Sebastian check to see if you put on your underwear the right way too.”

Shaking with laughter Sam Hell and Jake laugh much more openly now, Sebastian does not stop washing the dishes ignoring the conversation completely. “Should I have him check?”

“That’s not necessary,” Jayden answers.

“Not necessary…”

“Sir,” Jayden adds.

“Sebastian give Jayden a lesson on how to tie his tie before the bus comes. I hope that you are a fast learner Jayden, or else you won’t eat in this house. Only properly dressed children get meals. Sam, Jake, and Leroy go to the bus stop to wait; it won’t do to keep Mr. Brinks waiting. Let’s hope Jayden does not have to walk to the academy,” Mr. Sullivan pats Jayden’s head like how you would a dog as he leads the boys outside. Leroy gives Jayden a worried look as he passes.

“Don’t you worry,” Sebastian says smiling. “I can give you a quick lesson, and more importantly teach you an easy trick to make sure that this stays tied…if you know what I mean,” Sebastian lifts an eyebrow.

Jayden’s unsure of his own voice, his mouth has gone dry but he manages to shake his head in affirmation.

“Good lad,” Sebastian says. Sebastian goes slow showing Jayden the technique, but finishes rather quickly saying, “You only have a minute to catch the bus. It’s about to pull-up. Go, go!”

Jayden runs out of the house, and gets to the other three slightly winded.

Mr. Sullivan pulls out of the driveway waving at the boys, and he turns down the road just as the bus pulls to the sidewalk.

“Come sit next to me,” Leroy says as he goes on first.

Jake gives him a mighty shove towards the back of the bus. “Naw… Jayden’s going to sit with us.”

“But…” Leroy starts.

Jake gives him another shove, and two other boys, just as large as Jake seem to grab Leroy pulling him to the back as Devil Boy leers in delight.

Jayden looks back at him and he gives a head tilt towards the very back of the bus. Jayden does as he is told heading to the back of the bus accepting his fate. Much to his dismay both Jake and another kid sit on either side of him.

The bus is full, with lots of laughter, phones buzzing and pinging with a very elderly woman with bottle sized eyeglasses squinting as she drives, no one seems to notice Jayden being shoved into a seat or when his arms are hooked behind the back of the seat as Jayden sits down. Jayden struggles to free his arms, each held by someone Jayden can’t see, he’s unable to stand back up his heart beats wildly as Devil boy crams himself in the seat going in between Jayden’s legs, knocking them wide open. “Hold his legs,” orders Sam Hell, his eyes casting a look side to side as Jake and the other unknown assailant comply, leaving Jake and the other guy with one free hand.

Jayden in within seconds is stretched across the seat, sandwiched between two older kids, legs spread-eagled, making it impossible for him to protect himself. Jayden’s heart beats faster within his chest, but he grits his teeth; he’s not a coward he only has eyes for Devil Boy, his brown ones stare into the creepy smiling face of the red eyed boy who reaches out with ease towards him, he starts at Jayden’s collar and slowly flicks each button open, leaving Jayden’s chest bare, his heart racing, and he can’t seem to get enough air as Sam Hell swirls Jayden’s navel with a finger.

With Jayden’s legs spread out like they are, his groin protrudes from his academy dress pants, his underwear seam is raised above the top of his pants as Sam Hell drinks in the sight of the easily discerning testicle, and how his plump dick is crammed down his left thigh. “He’s really big,” Jake grins, “Let’s show the guys just how big our new foster brother is.”

Jayden gazes fiercely back, his brown eyes cutting into Jakes, which is ignored as Jake starts to unbutton the top of Jayden’s dress slack, the button pops open easily and the zipper slides down as Jayden struggles against the boys gripping him hoping to escape. “Let’s check him for cash,” says the unknown guy next to Jayden, a lame excuse as he reaches out and starts to paw at him in search of lunch money as he runs his hands up and down Jayden’s bare chest, the boy’s giggling behind Jayden like jackals begins to do the same. The boy’s pull Jayden’s white dress shirt and jacket down low as Jayden struggles against his attackers as they pinch his nipples, tickle his belly, and punch his shoulders which makes Jayden suck in breath trying to keep his composure as Sam Hell leans in his face mere inches from Jayden’s as he says, “I think I see his lunch money, his coins are right here.” Sam Hell slams his fist right into both of Jayden’s testes, burying his fist in Jayden’s groin which deforms underneath his knuckles.

Jayden groans, showing his first sign of weakness and the bullies laugh as Jake adds, “Let me help you find those coins Hell,” and he begins alternating punching Jayden with Sam Hell. Just as Jayden begins to recover another punch slams into his groin. Jayden tries to pump his pelvis up and down, and side to side to avoid the blows but the movement is minimal and ineffective. Sam Hell and Jake seem to ease up on their punches after a few minutes, changing tactics to smacks with the backs of their hands.

Jayden’s inviting targets seem to be used as bullseyes as each boy alternates smacking Jayden in the balls, until Jake says, “Hey look, I think he is getting hard!”

Moaning, Jayden shakes his head, “I’m not hard.”

The group laughs as Jake reaches his hand along Jayden’s left thigh, his hand rubbing his fingers along Jayden’s shaft. Jayden’s breathe hitches, and he quietly coos out a guttural groan from deep within.

“I think someone’s lying, I call jackpot right here,” and Jake swirls the head of Jayden’s outlined cock making Jayden’s hips start rocking into the pressure. Sam Hell does not let up his slow, and methodical smacking of Jayden’s balls, the other guys still feeling Jayden up from all side, his nipples being pinched or flicked. Jayden’s head swirls from pleasure and pain from multiple sides, the tickling of his ribs and the dance of finger tips along his cock make him start to leak, creating a dark spot in his slacks where the head of his dick resides.

Jayden is going nuts in his tormenters grasp, his composure gone, as he writhes and struggles. Jayden flexes, his entire body shaking, making his abs tighter and more pronounced as he rides the roller coaster of pleasure mixed with pain, and can’t help but bite his bottom lip every so often groaning at a particularly hard smack or a swish of Jake’s hand on his penis. Sam Hell keeps rapping the back of his fist into his crotch over and over again with increasing severity, but not too hard. That’s way too much for the crowd of tormentors to handle and all hell breaks loose. All five lean in closer to get more of Jayden. Everyone’s pawing him, tickling him, twisting his firm brown nipples or smacking him in the groin. Sam Hell the evident leader of the group, and captain of the wrestling team encourages everyone with, “We have to find some of his coins somewhere, keep searching boys.”

“That erection of his looks hard as a rock,” laughs Sam Hell meanly watching Jake fondling Jayden’s dick. “It would be a shame if Jayden ruins his dress slacks, be careful not to make a mess Jayden.” Sam Hell grins, making all the boys around him laugh.

Jake wraps his fingers around Jayden’s easily discernable boner, jutting the erection up and down in the unmistakable self-pleasuring masturbation. Jake is feeling the warmth through the layers of material of his briefs and slacks. Jake is amazed at Jayden’s size and thickness and he can tell that Jayden has a real fat one. Jake has little difficulty in rubbing Jayden’s piss tube and cock head the trapped erection throbs beneath his touch, and Jayden leans back in his seat groaning harder. Jake starts rubbing Jayden’s sweet spot, causing the him to really moan out, real loud making all of the guy’s chuckle all the while he keeps it up, the guys looking around making sure that no one bothers them.

Everyone goes back to playfully working him over.

So he’s getting his nuts thwacked medium-hard, his nipples rubbed and pinched while his arms and chest are alternately being fondled and punched. And he’s getting the tip of his boner buffed through his pants, which must be really doing a number with Jayden’s head. He’s writhing between his tormenters and turned on all at once. The five don’t do it all that long, and don’t hit his balls super hard, but the constant attacks on Jayden’s manhood really add up. By now his struggling has pushed his briefs up so that the top few inches of waistband peek out from under his slacks, which is sexy as Hell. The blond ninth grader peels the boy’s tank top up until it’s hiked up around his chest. With his bare abdomen exposed, his elastic waistband gleams blindingly white against the dusky skin stretched tightly over his ripped abs, which is even sexier.

Everyone gets caught up in the carnal opportunities of the moment. The two Latino brother’s behind Jayden, and the blond kid next to Jayden ditch the pretense of roughing up Jayden and blatantly feel up the smooth, exposed skin along his arms and lower torso. Jake keeps pulling on the stoic boy’s cock head and massaging his sweet spot. Jayden is being given now the complete pleasure treatment, by everyone. But it’s not just a walk in the park for the kid. The lone bullying holdout, Sam Hell earns his title as Devil Boy, continues rapping his knuckles against Jayden’s bulging scrotum, laughing softly. Jayden doesn’t cry out during his erotic, somewhat sadistic ordeal.

“Hey should I pants him or what?” Jake asks. The guys all laugh at his resistance as Jayden shakes his head, his eyes glazing over.

Just as Jake reaches for the Jayden’s open fly, Jayden their captive groans out loud for the first time and Jake smiles up at Devil Boy feeling Jayden’s cock beginning to pulse strongly under his probing fingertips. Jake is about to announce that Jayden’s about to blow a wad but it’s blindingly obvious, even to the boys without their hands wrapped around Jayden’s ridded pole. Jayden’s biting his lower lip, shuddering back and forth in these spasmodic jerks until he finally jolts against the guys restraining grip. The guy’s chuckle as Jayden starts barking out these soft moans as he frantically humps against Jake’s hand pressing down on his crotch. Then Jake spews for about twelve long seconds. Jake feels the cock pulsing around six times or so under his fingers. The guys falling silent as a growing jizz stain darkens the front of his pants. Everyone laughing openly, as Jayden hangs his head in shame as the guys jeer the size of his growing stain on his pants.

Sam Hell doesn’t ease up thumping Jayden’s captive’s balls, though. Hell just stares intently at the climaxing boy’s face. Then Devil Boy starts really bearing down. It must have been hellish to take, even in the throes of spewing a load. Finally Jayden finishes climaxing. The wrestling captain swings his arm all the way back and jeers, “Here’s something to remember us by, stud,” then he slams the back of his fist like a club as hard as he can right into the Jayden’s fourteen year old bulging ball sack. THAT gets a gasp out of the Jayden. He jolts in the combined grasp of the bullies, moans in anguish then melts down as the blow sinks in. Jayden still didn’t wuss out though, even though he was obviously in a lot of nut pain, piled on with the whole post-ejaculation letdown and all.

Jayden can feel all eyes on him as everyone stops what they were doing and enjoys the moment, while Jayden’s balls throb in agony. Jayden writhes hunches over in the guy’s grasp, nearly undressed from above the waist, his underwear and pants wet, his balls blazing hot, as the big clotting jizz stain gums up the insides of his briefs and seeping out along the entire length of his gooey cock through his snug fitting Chinos. Controlling another boy so completely really gets Sam Hell rocks off, and anyone can tell from the smug, half-glazed, smirking expressions from his face, as he looks around at his gang.

“You’re on my tuff Jayden, and you better fall into line,” Sam Hell grabs Jayden by the jaw forcing him back up from his hunch over position. “Or these balls,” and Sam grabs Jayden’s damp underwear covered nuggets, his hand too small to hold both grasps the larger one. “Are going to be suffering every damn day. Leroy is not going to be our third, he couldn’t handle it. Can you?”

Sam Hell gives the ball in his hand a quick squeeze.

Gasping Jayden hurtles the spit that flooded his mouth post ejaculation right into Devil Boy’s face. “No,” Jayden scowls. “Not going to happen.”

Rubbing the spit off of his face, Sam Hell rears back to deliver another punch, as the bus comes to a stop. Pausing, Sam Hell leans forward instead grabbing Jayden by the back of his hair. “To be continued loser, just wait until gym. I’m going to make you cry like a baby.”

Sam Hell releases Jayden’s head, and stands up, his own erection straining his dress slacks, Jayden notices and smirks.

“I guess you’re just jealous because I’m bigger than you where it counts, Devil Boy,” Jayden scoffs.

Sam Hell’s eyes burn and smolder as the red blazes with anger. “Bullshit! I’m a real man and you’re just a stupid kid, and for that you deserve this!” And Sam puts his foot directly over Jayden’s balls, the underwear wet with cum sloshes as Hell smooshes Jayden’s groin down to the seat. “Second period, see you then.” With one last twist of his ankle, and a very satisfactory grunt made by Jayden, Devil Boy leaves the aisle, his gang following him.

Leroy rushes up, and goes to Jayden’s side. Jayden’s a mess, but still he gets to his feet somehow.

“You okay?” Leroy asks concern covering his softer features as Jayden closes his shirt, making sure the longer white shirt covers the stain; he leaves it untucked.

“Not even a little, but I’ll make it.”

“He’s going to try and get you again,” Leroy says.

“Alone on the mat without his cronies, I can’t wait.” Jayden gets to his feet, his wobbly legs follows the rest of the kids out of the bus, Leroy right behind him as he gazes up at the Academy, never being here before. Jayden hopes that this will be his last day on this campus.


Anonymous said...

Jayden and Leroy were adorable together in this story (I'm lowkey shipping them together now) , the fact that Leroy is the only one that actually asked permission to touch Jayden is really telling, not even Bill asked for permission when he mangled Jayden's "Boy balls", and he's supposed to be "Jayden's true love"

The beginning part made me remember why people hate Chase so much, I mean, I think he went a bit too evil to be honest, since he loves Jayden I thought he would have ignored his rivalry with Bill to help Jayden get out of the foster home back to him, not make this all about him and torture Bill to confess that Jayden is out of his league and admit to break up with him, although calling him out about not responding to Jayden's messages makes him kinda deserve his punishment after all that happened in the gym, but then there was the things he said to Gino, I mean, I don't know what to think of Chase anymore, he's so fucking bratty, i started to like Chase and actually rooted for him on the "Love Hurts" story, but then he doesn't even try to help Jayden or show any concern for his safety on the foster house, I want to give Chase a chance but he sure loves being a fucking spoiled brat sometimes... Or who knows, maybe he's actually worried for him I have no idea how his stupid bratty mind works

Anyway, these stories are great, keep it up, bye!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'm so glad that you like Jayden and Leroy together. They were having such a great time together until they were interrupted.

Chase is always a difficult character to predict, especially when he thinks he is not getting what he wants. You will not have to wait long for the next chapter which drops tomorrow!

Thank you for taking the time to tell me what you think!



Anonymous said...

Awesome story, Jimmmy.
It's great to see Leroy back and he makes a great disrupter...will the Jayden-Bill-Chase love triangle now become a square?
As for Chase, it was always a long shot for Gino to get him on board considering their history. Chase is more of a leader than a follower so no surprises there.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

My dearest Reg,

I agree, Leroy is such a welcome addition to the story, and a well needed light in the darkness here during such a dark period in Jayden's life. Only time will tell on that one Reg, lol!

Gino and Chase working together? Getting that possibility to happen was always going to be difficult especially with Chase not leading the cause. Chase des not forgive or forget easily; that's for sure!