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Ninjas go nuts (Yuri meets Logan)

Special thanks to Yuri for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who enjoys film fights) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

“Ooooh, this is exciting!” Yuri smiled, his eyes sparkling with joy. He was 18 years old, a handsome young man with natural good looks and a friendly smile. Born in Eastern Europe, Yuri had moved to the US with his parents 14 years ago. Now he was a high school senior at Bartlet High, a good student with an interest in combat sports.
He shared that interest with Logan, another 18 year old. Blond and blue-eyed, Logan was an All-American boy, attractive and charming, popular with teachers and students alike.
“Oh yeah, awesome!” Logan smiled back at Yuri, and the two young men high-fived.
Their teacher had just announced that they were partnered for a class project. The assignment left a lot of room for creativity: They had to create a short film, 4-5 minutes, about a subject of their choosing.
“We’re gonna create a masterpiece!” Yuri exclaimed. He raised his hand for another high-five but Logan went low instead, delivering a perfect sack tap to Yuri’s bulge.
“Ouch! Right in the masterpiece!” Logan quipped as Yuri doubled over, groaning and laughing at the same time.

They shared the same sense of humor, and Yuri had tapped Logan in the dingdong often enough to not take Logan’s sack attack personally.
He walked it off, chuckling and moaning and rubbing his groin, as they made their way through the hallway, planning their film project.
Over the next couple of weeks, Yuri and Logan met almost every day after school to talk about their project and make plans.
They came up with “Ninjas go nuts!” as the title for their project, and they had a great time choreographing the fights that they were about to do. Logan showed Yuri some wrestling holds and reversals – even some illegal ones that they both found particularly effective on male fighters – and Yuri showed Logan some judo moves.
The two friends spent a lot of time practicing, training their flexibility and using the wooden swords, the nunchaku and two shurikens that they purchased for the video.
More often than not, a night of practice would end with at least one pair of sore testicles, as both of them loved to set each other up for a friendly sack tap, a swift, hard kick to the dick or a knuckle-knock to the cock.
The friendly fire didn’t distract them from their assignment, though, and on a sunny Sunday morning they met on the Bartlet High theater stage to shoot their film. Logan had gotten the permission, using his charms and his popularity, without actually telling anybody about the content. “No spoilers”, he had said with a wink as he collected the keys.
Now the stage, the theater and rest of the school building were empty except for Logan and Yuri.
Both of them were dressed in black ninja clothing, with Yuri wearing a red belt and Logan having a golden print on the back to tell them apart.
They started filming with each of them standing on opposite ends of the theater. Logan was on the stage, and Yuri was in the back of the house, behind the very last row.
There was no need for dialogue because they were going for a fast-paced action cut accompanied by upbeat music.
It was all about poses and attitude and fun. They started by throwing the stars at each others’ groins, hitting each other again and again in increasingly absurd positions that would make for a very funny montage. Even though they had agreed to wear protective cups for this part of the film (and only for this part), the impact hurt nevertheless.
“Go for the tip of the dick!” Logan yelled as he got into a spread-eagle handstand position.
It took a few attempts until Yuri scored a hit, and he clapped his hands and cheered as Logan groaned in pain.
When they were done with the throwing stars, they moved on to the nunchakus.
Logan reached inside his pants and pulled out his cup. “I guess this means goodbye for Logan Junior”, he quipped with a wink as he threw the cup away.
Yuri hesitated. “You sure?”
“That’s what we agreed on, right?” Logan shrugged his shoulders. “Future kids be damned.”
Yuri sighed and complied, removing his protective cup and dropping it to the ground. “The movie is called ‘Ninjas go nuts’, so I guess you are right.”
Logan laughed. Then he brought his leg back and snap-kicked Yuri in the nuts.
Yuri let out a surprised yelp and doubled over in pain.
“Cupcheck”, Logan announced cheerfully.
Yuri moaned and pointed at the cup that was lying in front of him. “But I just removed it”, he whispered in a toneless voice that was filled with pain and distress.
Logan shrugged his shoulders again. “Just making sure you’re not wearing another one.” He spread his legs with a grin. “Wanna check mine?”
Yuri brought his foot up between Logan’s thighs in a nut-crunching kick that made Logan gasp and groan in agony as he folded in the middle.
“Checkmate”, Yuri said with a crooked grin.
A moment later, they were ready to shoot the nunchaku sequence.
Staying true to comedy tradition, the nunchakus were used to crack their own pair of nuts, with both Yuri and Logan showing off a complicated choreography that ended with simultaneous nutshots.
Fortunately, they only had to repeat the scene half a dozen times until they had the timing right and crunched their own nuts at exactly the same time.
Their eyes crossed simultaneously and they moaned in perfect harmony as they sank to the ground, clutching their groins.
Next up was the sword fight scene, and they managed to hit and smack and poke each other in the crotches dozens of times until Yuri disarmed his buddy, sending him to the ground and smashing him in the nuts by using the sword like a golf club, hitting a perfect hole-in-one and making Logan scream from the top of his lungs.
The final part of the film was a no-holds-barred weapons-free fight that showed off the fighting skills that Logan and Yuri had taught each other.
Fast hands, quick elbows, high kicks mixed with acrobatic flips and stunts that looked great on camera – and took their toll on the two young men’s genitals.
Every other move was directed at a ballsack, and with their cups gone, their nuts were rapidly swelling inside their loose-fitting ninja gear.
Both of them were blessed with vigorous, tough testicles, and their youth added a level of levity with regard to their ability to precreate. They attacked each others’ manhood mercilessly but in good humor, laughing off even the hardest sack attack and having a lot of fun going for each others’ most prized possessions.
They had come up with several major set pieces, boldly choreographed scenes that had them jumping from the stage, fighting while they stood on the backrest and armrest of audience chairs, and on the stairs to the stage.
The final fight took part on the stairs between the stage and the upper circle. They went back and forth, hitting each other and punching each other.
At first it looked like Yuri was going to have the upper hand but then Logan landed a picture-perfect nut kick that sent Yuri to the floor.
Logan towered over him, looking down, a wide grin on his face.
The grin quickly turned into an mask of pain when Yuri sent his fist up between his thighs, hitting him square in the crotch and making him double over in pain.
Yuri ran down the stairs, putting a little space between himself and Logan, but Logan was hot on his feet, sliding down the handrail on his feet.
In a surprise twist, Yuri kicked the handrail so hard that Logan lost his balance, crashing down nuts-first, racking himself on the rail. His face scrunched up in a comical grimace, his eyes and his mouth wide open, his eyes slowly crossing before he slid to the ground.
He regained his composure, chasing Yuri across the theater. Despite a quite pronounced limp, Logan got to him before he reached the upper circle, pulling him to the ground before turning him on his back, grabbing his feet and spreading his legs apart. He stomped down hard, eliciting an anguished wail.
Yuri kicked his legs up, making Logan stumble back.
When Yuri got up on his feet, Logan was right behind him, kicking him down a few stairs before attempting to stomp down on him a couple of times.
Yuri skillfully avoided getting any of his more valuable body parts getting crushed under Logan’s foot by rolling back and forth. After half a dozen attempts, Logan managed to stomp down on Yuri’s crotch, crushing his nuts viciously and making him scream in pain.
With Yuri curled up in a ball, clutching his precious jewels, Logan went for the finisher, a jump stomp from the balcony. He jumped up and managed to grab the ledge. Dangling from the balcony, he slowly pulled himself up.
In the meantime, Yuri got up and jumped onto the handrail. He ran up the rail and leaped into the air, grabbing Logan and holding on to his midsection before they both tumbled down, crashing down onto the seats in a spectacular stunt that was worthy of a Christopher Nolan movie.
They were panting, hurt and exhausted, their faces contorted in pain as they stared at each other.
A few seconds passed.
Then they lunged at each other, kicking and punching and hitting and screaming, crashing into each other and struggling against the wall.
Suddenly, in a dramatic turn of events, the lights went off.
In the dark, the fight continued, with both Logan and Yuri screaming and squealing, moaning and groaning as the sound of kicks and punches echoed through the theater.
For the final moment of their film, right after the lights went on again, Logan and Yuri prepared three alternate endings.
Ending 1 saw the lights go on again to show both of them lying on the ground, knocked out cold.
Ending 2 had both of them switch clothes and stand, staring at each other, flabbergasted, before the screen went black.
They saved filming the third ending for last.
Ending 3 had Yuri and Logan kissing and groping each other passionately in a hilarious send-up of the tired Slap-Slap-Kiss trope of romantic comedies. Just like the fight, the kiss was only half-staged, and the comically growing tents inside their ninja gear as they made out were very real boners.
The lights went down again when Logan and Yuri simultaneously reached into each other’s pants…


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hey Alex,

What a great story! Yuri is such a fun new character, and as I was reading this I could tell how much you loved writing the two of them. Glad to see you back, we all missed you!



Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Jimmy! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))