Monday, September 21, 2020

Chase's secret - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the fifth part of the epic "Displacement" arc of our beloved brothers' adventures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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*** Jayden ***

Jayden and Chase walk stoically alone together towards Caleb and Junior’s treetop club house, neither looking at the other, but both are very aware of how close each other is. The sun was high in the sky on this spring Tuesday morning, and the air was warm and light, a slight breeze gusted through ruffling the boy’s shirts and hair. Trailing behind the pair was Bill, Caleb, and Junior each of whom wanted to get their hands on Chase but reluctantly agreed not to until Jayden had a chance to speak to Chase in private.

A few minutes ago, Jayden managed to unlock the phone screen of one of the twins. Jayden sent the information from the text stream in the group chat that Chase led with Adam, Rex, and Max to his email to read later if he needed to. Jayden planned on getting the full story from Chase, and would not settle for anything less.

Jayden climbs the rope ladder first, making sure that Bill, Caleb, and Junior can watch his back if Chase tried to pull any tricks, or runaway. Chase seemed resigned to his fate and climbed up the rope ladder, entering the tree house right after Jayden.

The tree house was devoid of furniture. The space was about the size of a small shack, and inside of it was a hammock, and a few low makeshift selves containing collections of wildlife paraphernalia such as acorns, pinecones, and leaves. On each wall were wide open windows, curtains made from what looked like old t-shirts covered the windows giving the pair a bit of privacy, but not much. The treehouse, was well built but openings in the floor, walls, and roof did not make the location very private or water proof; but Jayden wanted the home turf and at the moment this was as close as he could get.

Jayden sat on one of the window ledges, feeling the warm burst of sunshine lighting up the back of his neck and back through his shirt. He eyed Chase suspiciously, giving Chase a moment to get his barring in the unfamiliar place before saying, “You were about to tell me what’s going on. You can start at any time,” Jayden emphasizes eyeing him suspiciously.

Chase sighs instead of sitting on a window ledge moves to the hammock and lays down looking up at the patchwork roof, seeing the sun above. Taking a deep breath he begins to tell his tale, pointedly staring up at the roof and not at Jayden as if that would make it easier. Jayden didn’t press the issue, but sat listening as Chase begins to tell his tale.

“It all started when your brother offered me a chance to get even with you. If you remember you had just taken my spot in the competitions for the swim team. Over Christmas break you must have hit some kind of growth spurt because you now started to swim in the pool like a fish. Coach replaced me with you, benching me for what would have been the season if you had stayed at our school, instead of transferring to Bartlet High. Because of your new weight class you did the same to Adam. Bill, Max, and Rex could never place in our lineup and were angry at you for hogging the spotlight, but for me it was personnel. No one had ever beaten me out of a spot before, and I hated you for it,” Chase admits, his eyes flicking over to Jayden momentarily.

Chase’s blue eyes pour into Jayden who watches him curiously, listening intently. “Go on Chase, what did you do next.”

Rotating his neck, Chase looks back up at the ceiling sulkily, Jayden didn’t put this together until much later, but realizes all the same. Chase was embarrassed to look at him, to meet his gaze. Losing to Jayden, to Chase that must have been one of the hardest things he has ever gone through, and there was nothing Chase could do to change that. On his next exhale Chase plods on, “Your brother knew how good of a swimmer you were, but it was not until you were telling your folks at dinner that you had replaced other swimmers, that Gino realized that other guys may not be fans of yours. So he went to the gym looking for a few of the swimmers and he found us working out in the back of the gym on the mats. Gino offered us an opportunity to face you. You would be tied up and we could each get a chance for a few bucks to hit you in the testicles. That sounded like a great plan to me. Adam, Max, and Rex followed me; like usual. I was surprised Bill came, but he did. I didn’t know than that he had this crush on you since kindergarten.”

“Wait…” Jayden sits bolt up starring at Chase. “How do you know that?”

“Its common knowledge,” Chase says rolling his eyes, as if that should be obvious.

“No, it’s not. Bill just admitted it to me a week ago, and I’ve told no one. How did you know?” Jayden’s eyes flicker back and forth trying to detect and seek the truth as his blood runs cold at the prospect of just how Chase came to learn that information.

Chase looks at Jayden, and open and closes his mouth. Finally he says “I must have overheard you, when Bill told you.”

“We were alone, you couldn’t have.” Jayden trying to comprehend the possibilities of how Chase could know this. Bill was so embarrassed when he confessed that to Jayden, and he knows that Bill would never repeat that again to anyone; let alone Chase. Bill told him at the pool right after Chase forced him to cum when he was tied up in front of Bill; one of the most humiliating moments in his life. Chase left soon after and Bill confessed his feelings towards Jayden, and they said their first ‘I love you’s.’ Chase wasn’t there, how could he have known? Jayden continues to pounder the dilemma.

“Doesn’t matter, I know.”

“Yes it does, we were alone. No one could have heard us, unless…” Jayden looks down at the phone in his hand and back up at Chase. “There is more than just text conversations on Rex’s phone.” Jayden’s heart starts beating faster as he finally begins to get clearer picture after all this time. “Chase, do you have…pictures...or videos of me on here?”

Chase stands up, “Jayden just let me tell the rest of the story, and why…”

Jayden interrupts Chase, “I don’t care why Chase! You were jealous of me. I was better in a pool than you. Than you realized that I was bigger you in both the size of my dick and nuts. So what…you took pictures of me, videos of me. To what end? What are you trying to do?” Jayden is fuming now, his muscles feel electrified, and he’s trying to keep his voice low, and even but he is failing. Anger rises to the surface, like nothing he has felt before. Jayden’s face colors in embarrassment, his neck and chest feeling warm at the idea of Chase betraying him in such a fashion.

“It wasn’t like that!”

“That’s how it sounds to me!” Jayden paces the treehouse yelling now. “You spied on me, without my knowledge or consent…”

“Now you want to talk about consent!” Chase barks standing up abruptly from the hammock, red in the face but it’s hard to tell if it’s from embarrassment or anger, or a combination of the two. “Your brother made me cum, twice! He never had my consent for that!”

“I’m not Gino!” Jayden hollers holding his arms out wide, “As if you didn’t notice!”

“But getting even with you is the best way to hurt him!” Chase admits, firing back his reply.

The two stand breathing hard and angry. Both look hurt, and it’s as if Jayden and Chase see each other maybe for the first time. “This whole time you were just trying to get even with Gino?” Jayden asks, his voice a whisper.

“Yes,” Chase admits.

“What are you…what did you do with the photos and the videos?”

“Nothing…yet,” Chase says his blue eyes darkening.

“You have plenty of ammunition I’m guessing. So why aren’t you planting them all around school?”

“Because I realized that wouldn’t work. He wouldn’t care, it was not enough. So I did the only thing that I could think of to get back at him. When he told me that you were taken away, I contacted a lawyer, but not to return you to him, but to me.” Chase turns away unable to look at Jayden. “You’re the only thing that seems to matter to him.”

“You…what? I could have gone home to him last night. But you wanted to keep me here with you…” Jayden’s brain swirls with this knowledge, his eyes dancing back and forth as he stares at the treehouse floor. Then, after gathering himself Jayden looks up. “Bill, Caleb, and Junior said that people were looking for me. You said you called my brother last night, but you never did…did you?” Jayden asks knowing the answer.

“No, I didn’t,” Chase admits standing up. “Why would I? I have you right where I want you, and there’s nothing Gino can do about it.”

“You can’t keep me here,” Jayden says shaking his head. “I’m going home, to be with my brother. I don’t understand why you thought doing this would make me pick you over my brother but I’m going home.” Jayden licks his lips, his mouth has gone dry and the motion seems to only bring more awareness to how parched he feels. “I thought that we were friends, I thought that you liked me. I thought…that you wanted me.”

“I do Jayden. Don’t you see that now? And now you’re all mine, you see I won. I beat Gino,” Chase walks over triumphant to stand in front of Jayden. “You live with me now, and Gino is alone in your old house miserable because of me. I even got you to break up with little Billy no balls. Everything has worked out perfectly.” Chase leans in towards Jayden, “Your mine Jayden, all mine.” Chase, triumphant smiles at Jayden in a smirk that reeks of smugness as he finishes his tale, jubilant in his victory as he pulls Jayden in for kiss.

Jayden stops his descent onto Chase’s lips and says “You forgot one little thing Chase,” Jayden leans in towards Chase wrapping his arms around his neck.

“Oh yeah, what’s that? You think baby nuts is going to save you down there? He always falls short, in many departments. He can’t stop me, or us” Chase grins, his blue eyes sparkling now. “Or have you forgotten every encounter that I have ever had with him?”

“Oh no, I can save myself. I don’t need a hero. You see…” Jayden nips at Chase’s ear lobe making him jump at the contact. “You’re not the only one that came prepared.” Jayden hits a button on Rex’s phone and the last thirty seconds of what Chase just said fills the treehouse. Chase halts still, his own heartbeat begins to pick up. “That’s checkmate, Chase, I’m going home to my brother and there is nothing that you can do about it, and if you try to publicize anything that you have recorded of me, I can do the same to you.” Jayden knees Chase right in between the small gap in his thighs watching as recognition clicks in his blue eyes from the impact.

Chase groans, and tries to push Jayden off, but Jayden lifts his leg again, sending his knee right into Chase’s groin pounding his knee bone into Chase’s delicate organs squishing them flat against his pelvic bone.

“Fuck! My fucking big nuts. Dammit Jayden,” Chase tries to pull away once more and manages to block the third knee twisting his legs. Chase shoves Jayden backwards and Jayden stumbles on the uneven ground and Rex’s cell goes flying.

“No!” Jayden yells as the phone disappears through a gape in the floor boards.

“Everything okay up there?” Bill yells up.

“Bill get the phone, it fell through the floor. Find it!” Jayden hollers down the hatch.

Jayden rolls over onto all fours to open the hatch to go down the ladder. Chase kicks him hard in the abs. Groaning Jayden rolls onto his back, the force of the blow knocking him over. He’s still clutching his abs as Chase grabs each of his legs extending them into the air, yanking them apart.

“Chase, don’t!” Jayden moves his hands to protect his family jewels but he’s not fast enough. Chase slams his foot down, and Jayden watches with sickening finality as the foot connects with his balls, stomping them into the wooden floorboards of the treehouse.

Groaning, Jayden whimpers, “My boynuts.” Grabbing Chase’s ankle he tries to remove it from his groin, but Chase has a firm grip on each of Jayden’s ankles and leans forward using his body weight to really crush the dangling orbs into the treehouse floor. Chase rocks his foot up and down, remembering Jayden’s lessons of how to bust an opponent in the groin, as he squishes Jayden’s nuts trapped in between his foot and the treehouse floorboards, his balls lost in between.

Chase’s blond hair is wild, his blue eyes remote and unyielding as his foot that he presses more firmly still into Jayden’s big testicles, now using Jayden’s ankles to yank backwards adding extra pressure. The truth has come forth, and Chase has to take Jayden out of commission for a few minutes so he can fix this situation. With luck the phone has been shattered and destroyed, if not it’s a liability and one that he cannot afford for it to fall into the wrong hands. Twisting his foot he manages to make Jayden’s body become rigid and moan, he feels the slippery orbs underneath his foot slowly becoming flatter under the constant weight and pressure. Chase grins from the power that he holds over his rival taking a moment to say “Give up Jayden, you already lost. The phone is gone, the sooner you submit to me, the easier things will become.”

“Never,” groans Jayden. “Not now, not ever!” His liquid brown eyes roll back, his forehead creases as the continuous compression on his testicles takes over his whole body. “Ugh, fuck!” Jayden rolls back on the floor, writhing now in pure agony. Biting his lip, he covers his face as he feels Chase rolling his foot over his nuts, slowly compressing his manhood.

The trapdoor beneath the step ladder bangs open and Caleb climbs quickly through, just as Chase turns to confront him. Caleb aims a low kick right between Chase’s legs, “Take this you dickhead!” Chase catches the foot between his thighs, too low for Caleb’s toes to make contact and Chase’s powerful thighs hold the foot in place, “Shit!” Caleb scoffs, as he is unable to pull it back.

Chase presses his foot all the way down to the floor, Jayden’s nuts slip painfully out from underneath causing Jayden to yip in pain and roll over to shield himself.

With him down, for now Chase focuses on his new opponent and grabs Caleb’s foot in both hands and aims carefully before sending his foot between Caleb’s own embarrassingly open legs. Chase’s foot slams hard and true into his developing testes and Caleb’s eyes darken, and with a whimper he pleads, “Not again. I can’t take another kick.” His arms are wild as he swings them around trying to keep his balance and not fall over, Caleb looks up into Chase’s blue eyes as he feels a second even more devastating kick annihilate his teenage gonads.

Chase pulls up the leg sending Caleb to floor next to Jayden. The air is knocked out of Caleb’s lungs as he leans down and grabs Caleb Kruger’s balls in on hand, the balls becoming locked and crunched with his grasp. “Relay this message to your cousin for me, won’t you?” Chase instructs. “Tell him that this is not the last Kruger balls I’m going to fuck up today, your brother’s are next!”

Caleb whimpers, “Shit, ugh. Ugh, my balls!”

“Yeah, they are not very impressive. Still bigger than Bill’s and the twins I reckon, but just. But maybe after today it won’t matter,” Chase twists Caleb’s balls to the right making the younger boy suck in a breath. Yanking Caleb by the balls off the floor, Chase leans in and says “Stay down, if you know what’s good for you.”

Chase drops him to the floor where he curls up next to Jayden, and Chase hurries down the ladder.

“I found it!” Junior holds up the phone waving it to Bill.

Bill smiles at him, “Great job! Is it working?”

Junior looks down thoughtfully, and sees that it’s still working, the softer landing on the grass that has not been mowed in a few weeks certainly helped the fall, but spider webs cross over the glass making the screen difficult to decipher as the phone lights up when Junior turns it. “Barely, but it works.” Junior says as he looks up and sees Chase at the bottom jogging towards Bill. “Bill, look out!” Junior warns.

Bill turns back only to be greeted with an upper cut that lifts him off his feet. Landing on the grass, Bill kisses the ground coughing. “Run Junior, get the phone to safety!” He moans, clutching himself stupidly.

Chase looks up and starts to run at Junior, whose eyes pop open in alarm, as he turns to flee towards his house.

Bill lifts his leg, catching Chase’s making him stumble and then trip over his own two feet landing hard a few mere inches away from him.

Bill’s balls are exploding with pain like fireworks but he manages to ignore the agonizing pain, and crawl over and begin to grapple with Chase, hoping to provide Junior enough time to get to his house and to safety.

“You are always in my way,” Chase growls underneath Bill. Bill and Chases are groin to groin and Bill can simply feel for the first time the size difference between the two, and it’s quite staggering. Bill’s smaller boy cock now rests along just the head of Chase’s dick and Bill thinks that just Chase’s head is the same size as his whole penis, with his own balls barely halfway down Chase’s shaft. Chase seems to recognize by the look on Bill’s face what he just discovers, and Chase thrusts his hips up grinding in Bills smaller package. “Notice anything, no nuts?”

Bill seethes with anger and struggles in Chase’s grapple as Chase rolls over and pins Bill’s wrists easily above his head. “No!” Bill says with defeat.

“And you know what happens now Bill.” Chase grinds into Bills smaller groin, emasculating the fourteen year old, as his bigger tool plumps up a bit truly showcasing how much more manlier he is. Smiling, Chase removes one of his hands that hold Bill’s wrists, and slides it down in between the two, slipping his hand across Bill’s lower abs his fingers twitching as they sneak beneath Bill’s underwear and shorts in one movement by passing Bill’s little worn and grabbing his testicles. “I can barely hold them in my hand Bill. They are so small, and with so little sac I can barely put a proper nutclaw on these!” Teases Chase as he applies the testicle nutclaw that he has threatened and squeezes Bills nuts.

Because of the sheer size of Chase’s hand to that of Bill’s nuts, they quickly become lost in Chase’s fist, the tender tiny acorns being crushed from all sides, the constant pressure quickly bypassing Bill’s threshold on pain. Bill moans in testicle agony as Chase rampages Bill’s bare balls in his underwear.

Gritting his teeth, Chase squeezes with all his might. He wants to make sure to put Bill out of commission, and quickly; so he pulls Bill’s small balls up, stretching the delicate sac that protects Bill’s tiny eggs. Groaning, Bill feels his nutsac being crushed, unable to do anything but he tries to endure the pain. “Stay down,” Chase stresses twisting Bill’s nuggets violently to the side.

Hiccupping in pain, Bill’s eyes cross comically as his body seizes, shaking in the throes of pain that ripple up and down his small body. Mercifully Chase slams his closed fist containing Bill’s testes to the ground ending his attack, with a solid punch that takes away Bill’s breath and sperm count all in one blow as Chase gets to his feet to follow Junior inside his home.

Chase opens the backdoor of the Krueger cousins, the pool behind him sending mirrored images of blue sparkling light across the glass of the door. Junior left the door unlocked and slightly ajar in his haste to get away, and Chase walks easily inside. Chase hears Junior’s voice upstairs and he begins to cross the threshold the hardwood floor creaking under his feet as moves towards Junior’s voice following the sound. Taking the stairs three at a time Chase can no longer hear the sounds of the youngest Krueger cousin but is pulled to the light at the end of the hall with a sign saying “Keep Out!” and “Only Boys Allowed Past this Point” nailed to the wooden white door. Grinning Chase turns the knob and steps inside figuring this must be one of the boy’s rooms.

Immediately, Chase is struck with a large wooden bat that swings up between his thighs smashing violently into his large bulbous balls. Junior smirks, and yanks the bat back making sure to scrap the wooden ball across Chase’s virile organs. Chase gasps in alarm, as the pain sets in and he drops to his knees grabbing his balls, but immediately regretting it as the barest touches makes his pain seem to double and intensify. Chase let’s go giving his large balls room to process the devastation that now seems to be occurring south of his navel.

“Batter up!” Junior says as he swings the bat into Chase while he is prone before him on his knees. The wooden bat that reads little league along the side swings, and slams home into Chase’s basket once more. “I think I hit another home run!” Junior says in delight as Chase drops to the ground, curling into a ball.

“Fuuuuuck!” Chase wails his tender large balls igniting in another wave of pain and agony the likes of which he has not felt in two successful blows back to back in a long time.

Junior steps over him, tossing the bat so it rolls underneath his bed. “That’s what happens to bullies like you.” Junior takes off running down the hall, and heading down the stairs snickering at the moans and groans that follow him from the blonde swim captain upstairs that he managed to take out so quickly.

Junior runs through the back door and sees Bill curled up into a ball on the grass, his brother Caleb, or Jayden have yet to escape from the treehouse. Chase must have gotten to all of them really good, but what stops Junior from trying to get to his allies is Adam and the twins. They seem to have recovered, and are itching to get back into the fight. Junior does a quick turn and tries to lock the door. Adam gets to it first and knocks it open before Junior can lock it. Junior runs through the kitchen, past the living room as Adam shouts, “Don’t let him get away!”

Max and Rex hurl themselves after Junior as they see him run out through the front door. Max gets to the door first and flings himself through trying to locate Junior as his head swivels searching both directions down the paved street. Rex gets up right behind him, grabbing his shoulder and craning his neck to look over, “Where is he?” he questions.

“Right here!” Junior exclaims as he steps out from his hiding spot on the other side of the door and now stands directly in front of the twins. Junior kicks upwards with all of his might that he can muster. In horror Max and Rex watch Junior’s leg snap up managing to crash between both sets of legs, because they were so close together Junior manages to hit all four balls. Junior feels his leg crash into testicles smooshing them into both Max and Rex’s pelvic bones.

Rex squeezes Max’s shoulders tight as the twins mew in testicular shared pain, as their balls explode with a fresh new wave of detonating explosions. “My nuts!” Max moans.

“My berry, berries!” Rex groans.

When Junior pulls his leg free, he feels two sets of bumps as he drags his foot back and toe kick first Rex’s small nutsac in the back, then Max’s feeling the small lumps booted out of his way.

“You guys have small little tic tac’s in those tiny sacs of yours, huh?” Junior asks with mirth as he laughs. “You’re even smaller than my brother Caleb. He’s a year younger than you two. That’s so sad.” Junior smirks staring at the two of them clutching each other as they slowly start to sink to the ground in the doorway.

Adam shoves the twins out of his way, “Move you two idiots, I will get him.”

Scurrying away from the entrance, Junior gets into a fighting pose, holding up his fists ready for combat.

“You got a lucky shot against Rex and Max over there,” Adam throws a look over his shouldering before adding, “You won’t against me. Give me the phone kid, it’s not yours.”

“Lucky huh? I guess it was also luck that I took out Chase too. By-the-way who says that I still have it on me?” Junior smiles ruffling his shirt up and down, exposing his tight abdomen, his six-pack already well developed, and defined. Junior’s pecks stand small, but firm as the fabric moves up and down. Then he pats own his baggy gym shorts, and even tugs them down over his underwear so Adam can see quite clearly that the phone is not hidden within his red undershorts. Adam is shocked to see that Junior’s assets trump even his own. From this distance Adam can make out at least an inch if not two longer than his own in Junior’s cock size, which curls around two bulbous nuts. With more than two years separating the two, Adam should be way bigger than Junior, but he’s not.

Junior pulls his baggy gym shorts back up, and when they fall back place his large manhood pokes out. “See? I’ve hidden it, but not before I downloaded all the data and sent it to my cousin Logan.” Junior says informing Adam that he has been played by a twelve year old as he plays trump card, crossing his arms over his chest. “Whatever was on that phone went right to my cousin Logan; and he’s on his way here right now. You should run, because when he gets here you are going to be so fucked.”

Adam has heard stories of Logan from Chase, and those encounters always left Chase on the floor, and that is when Chase had Jayden on his side to stop Logan. Adam doubts that Jayden will help the swim captain now. Gulping Adam, takes a step back and hears Logan coming down the stairs still holding his nuts with one hand.

“Adam…if he’s telling the truth, can you still fix it?” Chase inquires coming to stand next to him.

“I…I would have to get onto Logan’s email. Chase, if he has that information…I don’t think there’s anything I can do before he uses it,” Adam shakes his head in dismay.

“Now, get out of my house!” Junior yells, “Or else when Logan gets here he’s going to kick all your asses.”

“You little brat,” Chase lunges for Junior who side steps his outwards reach ducking to the side and kicking out hitting Chase in the back of his knee. Chase grits his teeth going to one knee grabbing the injured spot as Adam grabs Junior in a tight bear hug, wrapping his arms around the skinny kid.

Struggling Junior squirms in Adam’s arms, “Hold still you little runt!” Adam hisses in his ear.

“I’ve had enough out of you,” Chase comes forward and reaches out to grab the large pouch in Junior’s gym shorts, just as Junior snap kicks him again in the shin hitting the same spot. “You little bitch,” Chase curses as he grabs Junior’s leg, with one hand, and stepping on Juniors other foot so he is held aloft and vulnerable between the two bullies. “Now where is the phone?” Questions Chase, as he digs into Junior’s short pockets and finding nothing. Chase changes directions and quickly plunges his hands deeper finding the kid’s nutsac. “Maybe this will loosen where you hid the phone,” Chase says giving each nut a tentative squeeze.

“You won’t get anything out of me,” breathes out Junior defiantly as Chase clamps a nutclaw over his surprisingly large balls.

Chase’s blue eyes stare into Junior’s similarly colored blue ones, which are a hint lighter than his own, and full of defiance. “You will regret that stance,” Chase grins as he really digs deep into Junior’s nuts using his fingers to penetrate deep into Junior’s balls.

“Ugh,” Junior moans, as the first wave of pain begins to settle into his groin, his kicks from earlier were nothing but a dull throb now, but this agony brings that back to the surface with ever more severity. “My boynuts,” Junior groans, air whistling out between his teeth.

“Boynuts? Huh, you must have been the cousin that gave Jayden the nickname that he uses for his own pair of impressive nuts. I get to squeeze his own quite often, and now to get my hands on yours, the boy who nicknamed his really bring my busting full circle. You look like you’re starting to sweat kid, ready to give up the location of that phone yet?” Chase asks, his eyes dancing with danger and amusement as Junior twists and turns in Adam’s grasp trying to get freed.

“You hit like a girl!” Mocks Junior, clearly in testicle agony but still managing to put up a strong front.

Chase just shakes his head as he uses his thumb now to press solidly into Junior’s slightly large left testicle, making Junior’s eyes widen in alarm. “Do I squeeze them like a girl now?” Probes Chase, as he twists and yanks Junior’s sac one way, and then the other.

Gasping, Junior trembles in Adam’s grasp, and he has to hold the struggling boy more firmly as he threatens to break free.

“I can’t keep a hold of him Chase, hit him real hard!” Adam warns.

“I can do that,” Chase releases Junior’s nuts, and grabs the boy’s thin shoulders and powers an incredible knee right between his forced open legs. Chase’s knee crashes into one of the kid’s testes and he grunts in annoyance.

“I hate when I miss, let’s try again,” Chase grunts raising his knee back and high sending it right into both of Juniors balls this time succeeding in striking both of his balls. The knee hits Junior so hard, that he is rocked back in Adam, who manages to hold the boy still.

Chase can see in Juniors light blue eyes that this second blow really did some serious damage, as Juniors mouth slackens and he moans low in his throat the fight is yanked out of him as he slumps back still staring up at Chase.

“This is the part where you beg for mercy runt, and hope that I grant it! Now where is the phone?” Chase leans in yanking Junior’s shirt away from his chest, exposing his midriff as he drags the boy up in the air until Junior is at eye level to him.

Junior takes three deep breathes trying to get the pain under control and failing, before he answers, “After I sent the email to my cousin…ugh…ugh…I threw it into the pool.” Junior smiles weekly, “Guess it will be hard to hack into the email now, huh? I even threw it in the deep end, just in case. Go swimming dickhead!”

Chase’s eyes alight with blue fury, “You are going to pay for that!” Chase promises reaching down to grab the insufferable brat’s balls once more. “I hoped that you enjoyed these, you are not going to like them anymore when I am done with your ‘boynuts’ you little shit.”

“Get off of him,” Jayden runs through the house, but Max and Rex manage to get up from their kick before to confront him. The twins each grab one of his arms forcing them behind his back and pushing him outside. Jayden struggles to get free and get to Junior as the twins hold him steady. Jayden is about to get free but Adam kicks out at the last second his foot sinking into Jayden’s lower abs, the air whooshing out of him. Groaning, Jayden tries to recover and remember how to breathe as Rex and Max get a better hold on him, forcing his arms behind him.

Max and Rex don’t have a hand free so Chase reaches for grabbing his large balls, comparing the two types of boynuts in his hands. Jayden’s are obviously bigger, Chase has trouble holding both; but Juniors are really impressively large bigger than most of his swimmers that he swims with on his team.

“It’s funny, you two who claim to have boynuts must be obtuse in your thinking as you two are the biggest ones that I have ever held, except mine of course and Gino’s. Jayden, have you crushed his nuts yet?” Chase asks with curiosity as he rolls the two sets within his fingers.

Jayden scoffs, than grunts in response as Chase digs into his a bit more. Seeing that this didn’t get the reaction he wanted he squeezes Junior’s harder making the younger kid moan, “My boynuts…aww man!”

Chase loves to hear the first sign of weakness coming from Junior, and laps it up, making sure to turn back to Jayden to watch how he reacts to his younger charge that he babysits being mauled by him.

“When I get free…” Jayden threatens, but Chase twists his nuts downward causing Jayden to gasp at the same time he pulls on Junior.

Chase grins at both of them being held aloft by his goons, Adam, Rex, and Max all enjoying the show. Chase sees the twin’s boning up, as they hold onto Jayden their erections to dig into Jayden’s thighs. Chase can’t see Adams, but he figures he’s just as erect, loving what is transpiring here. “Sorry I interrupted you, what were you saying…some kind of threat right? Oh Jayden, the only way this is ending is with you back home in my bed. That’s where you belong.”

“Not happening,” Jayden manages to squeak out his voice hitching awkwardly on a painful squeeze.

“Yeah,” Junior agrees. “He’s going…oh. Oh!” Chase looks back at Junior and can see the boy let out a little drool from the corner of his mouth as what must be a painful wave grips him.

Chase is about to comment when Bill and Caleb start stomping through the house attempting to come to Jayden and Junior’s rescue. Chase sighs, “Hold these two. I will be right back.”

Chase goes to confront the two annoyances, his brow darkening “Well if it isn’t babynuts, and his new companion: tinynuts, here to the rescue. How quant, and utterly sad.” Mocks Chase as he heads towards them.

Bill and Caleb momentarily stop walking to look at each other, and then downwards at their own small protuberances sticking out from between their legs. Chase grins in recognition. “Are you two wondering who has the bigger set? Does it really matter? Both of you have smaller testicles than a squirrel.” Chase laughs meanly at his own joke, as he runs a hand over his own much more impressive package while Adam, Rex and Max snicker in the background.

“You are always so concerned about the size of my nutsac,” Bill says shaking his head.

“My nuts are bigger than his,” Caleb claims, “I can tell. Now you better leave my brother alone!”

“Big brothers always come to the rescue, how predictably boring,” Chase mocks ruffling his blond hair. “But before I get to your brother, I just want to do a quick comparison.”

Chase leaps forward towards Bill and Caleb, both of whom are ready and they immediately start to scuffle. Bigger than both Bill and Caleb, Chase has the upper hand and puts Bill into a headlock making sure to really tighten his arm around Bills throat making his face turn red. With his other arm he tries to do the same to Caleb but the younger boy is surprisingly agile and dodges the grab and twists Chase’s arm pinning it behind his back.

“I’m on the wrestling team,” Caleb enlightens Chase kneeing him in the back of his leg sending him to the ground. Bill cushions Chase’s fall following hard on his stomach with Chase on top of his back.

Adam seeing Chase start to lose the fight drops his hold on Junior who instantly collapses on all fours, grabbing his package. “Don’t get comfy, I will be right back.” Adam turns at the last minute and kicks Junior hard in the stomach and the boy rolls towards Jayden’s feet. Adam kicks out one more time, aiming for Jayden’s groin and nailing him perfectly. The sneaker he is wearing smashes rather viciously into his balls, a satisfying crunch reverberations in his toes. “Just to make sure that you won’t go anywhere. Hold him still,” Adam says steadily.

Rex and Max nod in ascent and each free up a hand to rampage on Jayden.

Jayden yelps by the new invasion into his shorts as the twins each grab one of his balls in their hands and start applying pressure.

Rex quips, “So who’s got the better grip, me or my brother?”

“Answer wrongly and I will be mad,” Max threatens as the twins pull Jayden to the ground to have their way with him. Jayden groans as the twins pin his arms, while toys with his testicles.

Adam rushes up to Caleb and grabs him around the middle before he is able to land, what would have been a perfect kick to Chase’s manhood which was exposed.

“Nice work,” Chase grins up at Adam as he reaches up Caleb’s shorts and into the underwear scooping up both of Caleb’s young plums. “Hmm, I’m guessing that these are bigger than Bill’s but let’s double check.” With Bill still on his stomach, and pinned to the ground, Chase easily reaches between his butt cheeks and goes into his underwear flap grasping his small nuggets. “Tough call,” Chase bemuses shaking his head, “Both sets are just so small.”

Caleb thrashes in Adam’s arms as Chase tightens his grip, “Struggle and I’ll do this!” And he constricts his hold instantly pressuring Caleb’s nuts into one mound of agonizing sharp white pain. Moaning, Caleb stops thrashing and Chase runs a finger along his shaft in amusement. “Good boy,” Chase says.

Caleb adverts his own blue eyes away from Chase as he rolls the balls in their velvety sac. “Unlike poor Bill here, yours still have a chance to grow. Bill you turn 15 soon right? That is awful. I think your manhood is done growing by then. Too bad,” Chase laughs squeezing Bill’s balls.

“Fuck you,” Bill swears trying to get out from under Chase.

“Leave them alone!” Jayden groans as the twins continue to ravage his body, pinching his nipples, rubbing his shaft, and of course smacking or punching him in the nuts.

“There is nothing you can do to stop me Jayden, I own you now. And as for your friends, after I am done with them they will have learned to stay out of my business, right Caleb and Bill?” Chase asks sweetly as he squeezes the life out of the testes he holds.

The Krueger house is full of boys moaning as Chase, Rex, and Max brutalize the boys that they have captive, Adam knees Caleb every once only adding to his agony making him shudder and moan. Junior goes to get up but Max jumps on him sending him back to the ground. He reaches his hand into Junior’s shorts to grab onto his nuts as he hears his brother yelp behind him.

Max turns toward the sound with his hands full of Junior’s nuts and sees Logan standing in the doorway, Rex knocked off of Jayden and lays still on the doormat.

“Umm,” Max turns to tell Chase but feels a fist grab him around the throat and lift him high into the air. Max unable to speak opens his mouth, no words coming out as he Logan shakes him from side to side and tosses him air born into the air. Max screams as he lands on the bottom of the wooden banister, each of his legs straddle the sides as his groin is smooshed into the wood. Max balances there on the banister starring horrified at his predicament before he slowly lowers his body to the banister his forehead kissing the wood finally speaking, “You broke my balls!”

Jayden barely able to move lifts his head starring at Max, and the agony occurring below the waist. “Junior are you…okay?” Jayden groans.

“My boynuts…” Junior bemoans. “They hurt so bad…”

“I know the feeling,” Jayden says looking up as Adam is toe kicked so hard in the nuts that his teeth slam together.

Adam falls to his knees letting go of Caleb as he clutches his nuts, “Aww fuck!” Adam curses.

Chase still sitting on Bill looks up at Logan, standing tall his chest wide, his eyes rimmed and darkened from lack of sleep as he glares heatedly down at Chase. “You come into my family’s house, and attack my cousins,” Logan explains in a quiet voice as Caleb groans behind him, Chase’s hands still full with Caleb’s and Bill’s junk.

Logan shoves Adam to the floor and with two hands pulls Chase to his feet lifting him up by his shirt pulling him close to him so the two are seeing each other eye to eye, and Chase is forced to let go of his captives. “You hurt two of my favorite people in the world,” Logan growls.

Chase gulps and tries to stand up but Logan slams him into a wall all the air is knocked from his body as Chases head thunks the wall right after. Chase grips Logan’s arms “You have one chance to tell me why I should not destroy you from this Earth, and it better be a good one.” Logan looks down between Chase’s legs, “Or you know exactly what I am going to do to you.”

Peering around the room at the devastation that has occurred, Chase considers Logan’s question. Logan and Chase are a lot alike. Both boys are star athletes, one just took the pool, while the other the wrestling mat. On top of that the two both have blonde hair, and blue eyes. Logan is prettier than Chase, while Chase has a ruggedness to his outer shell with an air of mystery, Logan looks like a movie star. Their personalities are vastly different and this is what Chase is reminded of when Logan’s asks his question. “I did it because…” Chase stares not at Logan but at the boy on the floor. His blue eyes soften while staring into Jayden’s chocolaty brown ones. Chase manages to continue, repeating himself. “I did this because it was the only thing that I could think of to get him. I love you Jayden, I wish I could have admitted that a long time ago, but I didn’t…couldn’t admit it. I’m sorry.”

Chase’s words hang in the air for a moment, before Logan says “Not good enough, not by a long shot.”

“Logan wait,” Jayden pleads, getting to his knees. “Don’t hurt him.”

Turning away from Chase momentarily, Logan looks at Jayden with surprise and then with incredulity. “You have to be kidding me. You don’t want me to nail his nutsac to the wail?”

“No,” Jayden replies getting shakily to his feet, than bending forward with a groan. “I just want to go home.”

“You live with me,” Chase says.

“No he doesn’t. You aren’t the only one with a fancy lawyer. Gino was declared his temporary guardian. Jayden’s Mom’s visa has been found, his parents are on their way home in a few days.” Logan smugly informs him lowering him to the ground. “And you’re lucky that Jayden’s so nice,” he digs a finger into Chase’s chest for emphasis.

“Now get your friends and get out of here!” Logan points to the door. “You have ten seconds, and then I will tie you up and you can be my cousins playthings until they get bored of you.

Chase, helps Adam to his feet and knows that with Adam in this state he can’t get both Max and Rex out at the same time.

“Leave Max, let’s get Rex,” Adam says.

Chase nods and they pick up the unconscious Rex as Max pleads, “Don’t leave me!” He can’t get off of the banister. The wood is too wide and tall. Max struggles as his brother and friends depart without him.

Max gulps as Chase walks over taking his belt off his jeans and tying his wrists around the banister. “Looks like your friends don’t like you too much. You’re going to be in for a rough night when my cousins get up.”

Max gulps, “Ummm can we make a deal?” he groans on the banister, his nuts still being crushed underneath his weight.

“I don’t think so,” Logan grins.

Jayden goes over to Junior and waits until he is feeling better, Logan does the same for Caleb and Bill. After Logan gives everyone a bag of ice, the boys start coming around.

“Let’s take him upstairs,” Caleb suggests.

“Oh yes, I have all kinds of games that I want to play with him,” Junior grins with mischief.

Walking up to Caleb and Junior, Jayden hugs both of them and adds in a fist pump, promising to babysit them sometime soon. The cousins wave goodbye to him, Junior runs up to give Jayden one last hug whispering to him, “Come hang out anytime.”

Not to be outdone Caleb also pulls Jayden aside whispering, “So…are you and Bill still?”

Jayden shrugs, “It’s complicated.”

Caleb’s eyebrows raise up, “Oh, of that I am sure. Good luck.” Caleb and Junior wave at them before they drag Max painfully off the banister and up the stairs Max groaning and complaining the whole way up.

Logan leaves the house first heading to his car, Bill trails after. Jayden closes the door to the Kruger house hearing a scream of agony from Max, which brings a grin to his face.

“Oh shit, you have a bat!”

The door closes muffling Max’s impending doom.

“Can I talk to you?” Chase asks in a gentle tone standing right outside the entrance to Caleb and Junior’s house.

Jayden brushes past him without giving him an answer letting his silence give Chase the answer instead

Jayden smiles waving to Logan as he heads to the car. Logan is in his car with the motor running, Chase appears to be walking back to his home, his head hanging low. Bill waits nervously near the Krueger mailbox the sun just beginning to lower in the sky. The bright spring day is slowly coming to an end.

Walking up to Bill, Jayden says “So you didn’t have sex with my brother.”

“No I didn’t,” I promise.

“Than what were you doing in my bedroom?”

Bill pauses licking his lips, “We were just…I wanted to see if I could help him blow off steam with a little ballbusting. It was nothing.” Bill adds quickly.

Jayden considers this, than smiles weakly. “You know that reminds me of what happened in the gym between Chase and I. We were just fooling around too, the only difference is I’m not mad at you. If Chase had not edited a video to make it look like you and Gino were having sex, I would not have been concerned.” Jayden puts his hand on Bill’s shoulder squeezing it, “You see, I trust you.”

“That…that means a lot to me Jayden,” Bill looks up with relief. “So are we, okay now?”

“No, Bill. No, we aren’t. You see I trust you, but you don’t trust me. And in a relationship, that can’t really work,” Jayden’s eyes glisten momentarily but then a moment later he blinks them away. “I meant every word when I said I love you, you just don’t love me enough to trust me back.” Leaning forward Jaden kisses Bill on the cheek, and follows up with giving him a quick hug. “I wish that you did, but you don’t. Jayden turns away heading to the car. “I would never have done anything with Chase without talking to you about it first, and instead of just coming to me and having a conversation you attacked me and used my own brother against me. That’s not what a good boyfriend does, I’m sorry Bill but I…I think we need some time apart.”

Dumbfounded Bill watches him go, his own tears burn hot in his eyes threatening to fall down his cheeks.

Both Bill and Chase watch Jayden drive away with Logan, each of them wanting to be right in the car with him, but Jayden wanting nothing to do with either at the moment. All he wants to do is go home. Jayden looks out the window as Logan asks, “You going to be okay?”

Jayden with a genuine smile looks up at his friend, “I’m about to see Gino, and sleep in my own bed. I’m going to be just fine. And it’s all thanks to you, I don’t know how I will ever pay you back.”

“The wresting team is more than just a team Jayden, it’s a family. Your part of my wrestling family, I would do anything for you kid. But you do owe me,” Logan grins and looks over at Jayden, “So do me a favor and cover all my babysitting duties for the next year, and we can call it even,” Logan jokes.

“A year?” Jayden blows out a breath of air, and smiles back at him his eyes twinkling. “Deal.”

“Just make sure to not call me during one of your trips, or else Ashley will literally kill you, and me, and my cousins. Let’s just not get her mad.”

“Okay,” Jayden agrees with a laugh. “I’ll confiscate all phones as soon as I walk through the door, and just to make sure you will turn yours off.”

“Good plan. And one more thing,” Logan looks out the window, putting his directional on as he pulls up in front of Jayden’s house. “The reason your home is in part because of me, but really it was Gino. He never stopped trying to get you home. He loves you something fierce.”

Grinning Jayden leans back, and unbuckles his seat belt hearing the satisfying click as it opens. “I had no idea that he did before all of this, but I’m happy that he does.” Jayden opens the car door, waving goodbye to Logan and running up the stairs to his house.

The paint may be peeling, the wood may be old and a little rotted, but there is no other house that Jayden would want to call home. As the door opens Jayden yells into the house, “Gino, I’m finally home!”


Anonymous said...

Well, I used a word in the past comments for the chapter before this: trophy. And I was so fu**ing right!! Jayden is a trophy for Chase, a way to have revenge on Gino and he used him as a mere object. He decided everything alone not thinking about Jayden's own good but only caring about his own advantage and his vindict. This is not love! This is madness. I had hoped Logan would have manhandled Chase's balls, at least a bit. Chase needs to be put in his place if he wants to grow and become a better person. I can't believe that there are still people who want to see Chase with Jay, after such a disgusting demonstration of arrogance and violence. (To be honest, I see well Chase with Adam who seems to be the only one he respects as a true friend). I can try to understand the choice of Jay to take a break with Bill, despite there is no doubt about who loves more the protagonist. But I don't understand it completely since in the chapter before this arc we have seen a Jayden who recognizes that he exaggerated and ready to give his balls to make peace with Bill (and I'm still waiting to see this ballbusting session between the two lovebirds XD). I hope this chapter cleared any doubts on who really is Chase. I'm forward to see the reunion between Gino and Jay in the next chapter (when it will be published?).

Anonymous said...

Amazing story

My heart sank to the bottom of my soul as I read that Chase's secret all this time was that he didn't wanna keep Jayden all for himself because he passionately loved him or because he was jealous of his big "Boy nuts", but because he was mad at Gino and wanted to have revenge in the most complicated way possible... I didn't wanna believe it, I was heart broken! I'm being honest, i thought the secret was gonna be him admitting to loving Jayden since the first time he saw him on their school or something cute like that, you know these stories you write are good when my heart actually broken when Chase said that! and I was ready to just join the bandwagon of just fucking hating Chase like everyone else but... But what if he wasn't lying when he told Jayden he loved him at the end? Some may argue that he just said that to save his balls from Logan's fury, but, the way he acted when he confessed to Jayden on the tree house makes you think that Chase actually lied, trying to keep him dominant persona. What if that "confession" at the beginning was just a way to avoid confessing Jayden his true and honest feelings and that he does actually love him? I still think Jayden is too good for Bill, (and I'm glad he actually called him out on his bs from the love hurts story, he deserved that) but, I don't know if chase deserves Jayden either, I love their pairing because they are hot together, but, I feel like Jayden really did deserve a break from this whole love triangle mess, and his break does seem earned, he's been through hell this entire arc and I felt really happy for him when he finally got back home, the poor boy deserves some rest, him and Gino, and... And I won't give up on Chase, I know he can still change, his tone of regret at the end of the story says to me that he's actually sorry for what he did, he didn't even confronted Jayden when he asked him to talk, he just left him leave, that must mean something, right?

I don't know why I'm saying this like it's the final episode of the arc, we still have another one! And I'm super excited to see what comes next

Ps. Poor Max XD

-That anon that still ships Jayden with Chase

Anonymous said...

I agree with you when you say Chase may change but after all the pain he inflicted to Jayden, after everything he caused to him and his friends he doesn't deserve to end up with Jayden. Maybe if the story will continue we could see them becoming intimate friends, but no more than that. According to me, it would be so unrealistic if Jay will chose him because however good may be Jay no one can tolerate all this hate and fear and pain (especially to the balls). Moreover, I don't think Chase was lying in the treehouse because he has no reason to do it. To what purpose? If he had admitted his "love" (obsession) Jay would have chosen him immediately and Chase whould have won everything. With his back to the wall he has been forced to say the truth, maybe thinking he could delete the proves. If he had admitted his love imiJaymediately Jay would have decided to stay with him without problems. With Logan he has told the excuse that could save his testicles. In fact, the too heart-gold Jay, who I consider quite fool at this point, fell for it in full.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear X,
You were right all along X, except for one part was Chase truthful in the end? He may have been too scared to face Logan as you suggest; but Chase has never backed down from a fight. Could he be feeling, dare I even suggest it, regret? Only time will tell and the next chapters.
Bill and Jayden did have that one disastrous date, interrupted by Chase; but we have not gotten to see them alone for a whole story. That could indeed still happen.
I have a feeling that you (and a lot of the other readers will really enjoy seeing the brothers back together again). That comes out on Wednesday, I can’t wait to see what you think of the reunion!
I’m going to answer your second reply here as well. You mention the tree house confession by Chase, which was all true; but again was that all of it? Chase’s second confession later on in front of Logan of his love for Jayden does put some lingering doubts for Jayden at least, if Chase actually loves him. We all know that Chase is awful at admitting his feeling, dare-I-say that he finally made a break through? And even if he did, was it far too late?
Also I agree with you, Jayden is quite naïve and it has costed him at every turn.

Dear Anon that still ships Chase,

Chase screwed up again, no one is going to deny that. Was Chase’s final confession enough to sway Jayden, who knows? Jayden’s all screwed up at the revelations. Unlike Jayden, Chase does not seem to have any role models such as Logan or even his brother to look up to and give him good solid advice. Jayden on the other hand has had those moments which has helped him to grow. Potentially someone needs to help him out in that area. Usually Chase surrounds himself with people that agree with everything he says (Adam, Max, and Rex). And if anyone disagrees or challenges him he resorts to dirty playground bullying. If anything we have seen a change in Chase, he is clearly trying to do more with Jayden, however misguided, wrong, and stupid to win Jayden in his own way. Mayne Chase does not have the skillset to try anything with a softer touch. But really, who could teach him how to do so?
Poor Max indeed, but didn’t he deserve it? : )
I’m glad that you are so invested (I am too). I’ve worked on this all summer, and I have more coming after next story in which I want readers suggestions for because it’s going to be a lot of fun; with a ton of ball busting pain as per the usual.
Thank you for writing in guys, it means a lot!


Anonymous said...

So Chase is just a straight up bad movie villain kind of idiot? That whole thread kinda just fell apart by the end. No twist or deep meaning, just a really bad idea poorly executed and inevitably crumbling under it's own weight. But he is a teenager so you don't expect him to think ahead and plan well. I guess.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Harsh criticism, but I can see your valid points; Chase's adventure is far from over. The thing with plots are, they sound great in your head, in action sometimes things fall apart like they did for Chase. Chase would have been great, with Jayden none the wiser if it was not for a lot of interference from Bill, Junior, Caleb, Logan and Gino. The only reason why Jayden found out was because of his friends and it was not easy to make Jayden see the truth, he was in denial for quite sometime. If you have concerns over what will happen to Chase, his story is far from over as you will see in the next few upcoming stories.



Anonymous said...

Great story again, Jimmy and lots of traumatized testicles which is always nice.
I still have some hope for Chase. I think his treehouse confession was very half hearted and desperate (trying to claim some kind of victory). As you mentionned he usually hides his true feelings and motives. Chase hates to admit defeat and struggles to express any feelings that could be seen as weakness, he really is that insecure. I don't doubt that he wanted to get even with Gino but I'm also sure that his main motivation was his passion and desire, even love for Jayden.
Chase has got used to buying his way to success and manipulating people but this doesn't cut the ice with Jayden. He still doesn't realise that his key to Jayden's heart is just to be a nice, normal guy and an equal partner. He also totally underestimates the power of friendship and brotherly love.
His final confession of love at the end of the story is not really a contradiction in my mind. I think this is just the real truth emerging when all his hope is lost... And if it saves his lovely teenage balls from getting crushed by Logan then it's wise to come clean at this point.
There are some great comments and analogies from other readers and it's so exciting how may people have grown to love these characters.
Keep up the great work, we can't wait to read more.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Reg,
Finishing this epic story was really cool, and I am so glad that everyone got a chance to read and enjoy it! Chase’s story is far from over and the war story that we write with them next is going to be a huge amount of fun. Can’t wait for our team-up friend! Ball’s are going to be busted and bruised and it’s the War will be a stand out tale I’m thinking!