Monday, September 28, 2020

Art by White Worm: G.I. Joe (written by an anonymous reader)

Here is a wonderful little story sent to me by an anonymus reader. It's inspired by this awesome piece of art created by White Worm. Check out his amazing artwork on his twitter channel. Special thanks to White Worm and to the anonymous reader! I hope you enjoy this little tale as much as I did!

Artwork created by White worm

Joe shivered up there on that stand. It wasn’t cold - the jungle he was in was far from it - but our favorite G.I. was scared. His captors had him in a situation. His captors had him squatting completely nude with his legs and his long droopy balls tied tied to the ground many feet below. Every time he tried to relieve his sore thighs from this painful position, the rope around his balls shot searing pain into his manhood. He was quite literally caught by the balls.

Joe remembered how he got into this situation. He was sent out on a mission into the dense jungle attempting to retrieve one of his squad mates who was captured. As he neared his enemy’s camp, he was surrounded. He could barely see the aggressors through the dense jungle foliage and he was easily caught in a net. It took seconds for Joe’s enemies to get his arms tied behind his back. He was immobile and helpless. What was supposed to be an easy mission for him had turned into a nightmare. His aggressors immediately came after his uniform, ripping off his shirt and pants, leaving him in his custom G.I. Joe briefs with a comically large bulge. Joe had them custom-made, while he was definitely a manly man with his big muscles, square jaw, and chest hair, his cock definitely didn’t match up with the rest of his body. He needed a little extra padding in the front so none of his squad mates found out about his secret. It didn’t take long for the captors to get his underwear too, and when they saw what hid beneath they were stunned. Sitting in a nest of pubic hair stood two massive balls and the tiniest little penis they had ever seen. 

Everyone burst out laughing. 

This big, famous soldier had the most embarrassing secret: the tiniest cock in the jungle. 

Thus, G. I. Joe was paraded back to camp naked. Everyone got to see what once was a big man, revered by many, turned into a captured little dicked bitch. Joe was mortified, he’d never live this down. Not among his captors and not back on base. When he entered the enemy camp everyone was stunned. Here was their biggest enemy combatant, naked and defeated, with a tiny little cock. Everyone was overjoyed and ready to enact revenge. The enemy commander knew exactly what to do. 

He had G.I. Joe placed high up on a stand for visibility and then had his arms tied behind his back. Next a rope was tied around both of his balls, then lassoed around the top, a super painful position. He was then pulled by the rope through a hole in the stand into a squatting position and anchored to the ground. Every time he pulled up on the rope to relieve his burning thighs the rope painfully pulled his balls in the other direction. The enemy army below laughed at the dummy. There he was naked in front of everyone with his little cock exposed and ball crushed. From the back you could see his bright white ass and little butthole spread open amongst his blond butt hair.

This was to be only the beginning of G. I. Joe’s torment. 

He would be wipped, spanked, and fucked. His balls would be further tormented and crushed. Both his real manhood and his ego would be completely destroyed. The big dumb baddie would be finally put in his place.


shrews12001 said...

If he's too dumb to sit down then he probably deserves what's coming.

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, shrews12001! I won't argue with you... :-))

the nutcracker21 said...

I am looking to hire a artiest who dose work like this if you know what I mean ;) if there is anyone out there please feel free to reach out to me I will be posting this comment with my email so here is hoping this works and that I don't upset the site's makers and if you are upset let me know and I will try to remove this