Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Homeward bound - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the final part of the epic "Displacement" arc of our beloved brothers' adventures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Jayden steps into his home, the front door closing behind him having just announced his presence in his home for the first time in days, but what feels like weeks; when he hears Gino return his call, “Jayden?!”

Gino comes barreling out of Jayden’s bedroom, staring at his younger brother taking him in. Jayden’s a mess. He’s covered in dirt from his scuffles, his shirt is torn in the back, the fabric swaying, his shorts have grass stains but his smile is as big as Gino as ever seen, and he knows it’s all for him. Gino covers the distance in three short steps burying his younger brother into his chest, “You’re home.” Gino squeezes his younger brother to him as tightly as he can, trying to convey how happy he is that he is finally home.

Gino breathes in Jayden’s scent a mixture of sweat, dirt, and Chase’s fancy shampoo. Underneath all of the other smells is Jayden’s own unique signature, and the comforting aroma bring a smile to his handsome face.

“You have no idea how much I missed you,” Gino sighs squeezing Jayden tightly to him, using both arms to hold him tight; never wanting to let him go.

“I missed you too,” Jayden whispers back into his brother’s chest. “Some part of me thought that I would never make it back to you.”  Jayden admits, his concern which is both real and still ever present as he closes his eyes finally able to let his guard down in the safety of his brothers embrace.

Gino pulls away, but only for a moment so he can look into his brothers warm chocolatey brown eyes. “I would never, never let that happen,” he promises. “Ever,” he adds sincerely.

“It’s just surreal that I’m home,” Jayden says smiling, dropping back into Gino’s chest clutching his brother as tightly as he can, as a small rumble escapes his stomach making the two laugh.

“I’m going to make you dinner, you missed the last one that I made. And who knows what you have been eating” Gino pulls away from Jayden’s embrace, but Jayden stays right at his side following him into the kitchen, still clutching his brothers forearm.

“I’ll help,” Jayden grins not wanting to be away from his brother, even for a second.

“No way, take a shower. You really do smell, and not in the good way.”

Jayden pulls his t-shirt away to take a sniff, “Yeah your right, wow I’m surprised you could hug me for so long. Towels clean?”

“I’ve had a lot of time at home, you bet they are. Your favorite blue one is on your shelf,” Gino informs Jayden turning to the refrigerator getting ready to start dinner.

Jayden pauses watching his brother gathering the ingredients and cooking utensils to begin the kitchen prep. Gino is in front of him, here. He looks the same to Jayden, but there is a tiredness about his movements and Jayden spots the darkness underneath his eyes. Gino must have not been sleeping to get those circles upon his usually unblemished appearance. Jayden puts his arms around his brother from behind grasping Gino’s around the middle halting him in his efforts to make dinner. “I love you,” Jayden says his voice soft and light.

Gino stops, his own arms curling around his younger brothers. “I love you so much Jayden,” Gino echoes back, his own eyes getting moist.

The two stay in the embrace until Jayden pulls away heading to the bathroom, pulling off his clothes, and tossing them to the floor. For the first time in a long time, he feels close to his brother again. Leaving home has changed their relationship, Jayden can feel it in the air. They are both more careful around each other, and Jayden is both thankful for the change, and also unsure of how this new development will playout. The water turns on and he feels the warmth of the spray as the water cascades downwards into his face.

In the kitchen, Gino hears the water turn on, and Jayden stepping into the shower a few rooms down the hall away from him. The preparations of making macaroni and cheese takes Gino’s mind off of Jayden’s plight which he wants to hear in full details as he lines up the ingredients and starts to whip up the cheesy concoction, Jayden’s hug seems to stay with him. The presence of Jayden in the house warms him and makes him feel finally at ease. He has his brother back, Jayden is finally where he belongs: home.

A half hour later Jayden emerges from his bedroom, dressed only in a pair of sleep shorts, which ride low on his hips, the thin well-worn fabric clings to his body highlighting his long thick penis, and rotund balls. Jayden’s bare chest has water droplets still clinging to his light brown skin in a few places, the water trembling as he beams up at Gino, his movements across the room both fluid and graceful. Jayden moves to setup the table as Gino places one of his favorite meals on the kitchen table.

“That looks delicious,” Jayden smacks his lips approvingly as he sits down in his favorite chair, the familiar seat cushion fitting him snuggly.

“I even made a salad,” Gino says passing him the bowl.

“You hate vegetables,” Jayden laughs mockingly, “I didn’t even think you knew where the vegetable draw was in the fridge.”

“For you I made an exception. Also I know where that drawer is, I just never go into it.” Gino sticks out his tongue in disgust, making Jayden laugh.

Jayden smiles wide at his older brother as they dig in. Neither can quite stop looking at the other, both just so overjoyed to be in each other’s presence.

“But you have to eat all of it, I might break out in hives or something if I eat one of those little leaves. I think that I’m allergic” Gino admits with a smile. “You, and your rabbit food.”

Jayden rolls his eyes in response and digs in with gusto.

After dinner, Jayden and Gino wash and dry the dishes together each taking one of the roles before sitting together on the big comfy leather couch to watch a movie in the living room. The furniture does not match, but comfort was addressed and each of the three sofas looks inviting but the two brothers ignore the other two couches but choose to sit next to each other instead. Over dinner, the two shared their experiences away from each other and the difficulties that they both faced. Mutually they agreed that the loneliness was by far the worst, Jayden kept some of the worst experiences to himself. He just didn’t see the need of burdening Gino with the wickedest of it. He knows how guilty Gino already feels that he couldn’t get him, he felt no need to add to that burden.

“Hey,” Jayden asks poking Gino in the middle. “I want to ask you something…but I don’t want you to laugh at me.”

“I promise,” Gino swears laying back into the soft sofa, putting his hands behind his head.

“Could I…could we…sleep in the same room,” Jayden looks shyly out at Gino. “Just for tonight,” he adds quickly his eyes flicking back at the television in case Gino gave him an answer he did not want to hear.

“You remember that I snore,” Gino reminds him.

“Like a chainsaw, even still.”

Gino considers for a minute, “We don’t have two beds in the same room, not anymore. We outgrew those bunk beds years ago.”

“I could pull my mattress into your room,” Jayden offers hopefully.

“My room, as always is a disaster,” Gino sighs shaking his head. “How about you stay in my bed, yours is too small even for you; so we could not share that one even if we tried. Plus your feet stick out, they won’t in my bed.”

“Just remember, I move a lot in the night, a lot. You won’t mind?”

Gino groans, “Don’t remind me, or I might say ‘No.’” But Gino’s eyes betray him, and Jayden knows that he does not really mean it.

“Okay,” Jayden grins playing along, “Slumber party!”

“You are such a dork,” Gino slams a pillow into Jayden’s stomach.

“Uff!” Jayden complains trying to snag the pillow from Gino’s clutches.

“Hey, that’s mine!” Gino protests yanking the pillow back. The two begin to tussle pulling on the pillow for a few minutes until Gino jumps on top of his brother tickling his sides, digging into his younger brother’s abs making Jayden seize with laughter.

“Stop, you’ll make me pee!” Jayden laughs uncontrollably, screeching every now and then in a high pitch voice.

“Liar,” Gino says blowing a raspberry loudly on Jayden’s stomach.

“Oh, no!” Jayden says squirming underneath his brother as he trails wet raspberries down his stomach, making Jayden buck his hips and bang on Gino’s back with his fists trying to dislodge his brother’s attacks. “I can’t take it anymore,” he giggles uncontrollably shaking with laughter.

“Then you’ll agree, the pillows mine?” Gino questions blowing a big wet raspberry on top of Jayden’s belly button.

“All yours!” Jayden screams in a hoot, “Just stop, please.”

Gino finally relents pulling off of his brother, making sure to dramatically pull his pillow back behind his head.

“Ugh, that’s so gross,” Jayden wipes his hand over his stomach, his tight abs have small marks of spit left behind by his brother. “You are nasty!” He tries to wipe the spit on Gino’s shirt but Gino catches his hand holding it away.

“I think you have learned your lesson,” Gino says smugly.

Jayden narrows his eyes at him, searching him up and down looking for a weak point. “If you are not going to fight fair,” Jayden says slowly “How about I…” Jayden trails off as he sneaky yanks the pillow away as fast as he can.

Gino goes to attack, but Jayden slams the pillow into his face and dives on top of him. The two wrestle for a bit with Jayden on top until Jayden pins Gino’s arms above his head, taking half of Gino’s shirt with it, the two brothers lay together breathing hard staring into each other’s eyes, the skin to skin contact of their belly’s touch as they heave in air both momentarily exhausted.

“I missed this,” Jayden says simply.

“I missed you,” Gino grins up at him. “I love you, little bro.”

Jayden’s heart melts, and he surprises both of them by planting a kiss on Gino’s cheek feeling Gino’s rough stubble along his brother’s cheek bone graze his lips. “Since you rescued me…”

“I didn’t rescue you,” Gino loses his smile, his eyes softening. “But I really wanted to.”

“You did Gino,” Jayden sits up on his brother’s lap, hitting him lightly on the stomach. Gino grunts, Jayden ignores it and goes on. “You were my rock Gino, you were the only thing that kept me sane. I knew that no matter what happened, you would be here when I got home. Gino, you were my beckon in the night, my hope through the darkness.” Jayden’s mouth goes dry, and he knows that he sounds ridiculous even to his own ears, but he means every word. Suddenly and without warning his face feels hot and he can’t help it as his eyes watering. “I’m such a doofus,” he says rubbing his face as he makes fun of himself.

“No, well…. Yes, you are. But you are my doofus,” Gino sits up hugging Jayden again. “And your home now, everything that you went through, it happened but it’s all over now; in the past. And it might not be over here,” Gino taps his forefinger on Jayden’s temple. “But in here,” Gino presses his hand over his brother’s heart, “You know that your home.”

Jayden looks deeply into his brother’s eyes, his brown eyes searching “Who knew you were such a softy?”

“Am not!” Gino denies, but smiles timidly. “But you being away, it does put some things in perspective,” admits his older brother.

“For me too,” Jayden agrees. “That’s why I wanted to give you a little offer.”

Gino raises an eyebrow up, and bounces Jayden once on his lap. “Well don’t keep me in suspense.”

“I want to give you a little present,” Jayden reaches back putting both hands softly on top of Gino’s thighs. “How would you like to have a little ball busting session?”

“You mean it,” Gino reaches forward to grab Jayden’s pump boynuts, which rest atop of his abs. Gino could not help but eye his brother up and down all evening in those shorts, with his chest bare. Gino wants to grab them, but he stops when Jayden shakes his head.

“Not my balls, yours. I know that I said I wouldn’t months ago. But I changed my mind,” Jayden bites his lower lip as he runs his fingers up Gino’s thighs feeling his brothers muscles and short hairs along his skin. “Count it as an early Christmas present,” Jayden says gruffly his voice growing husky.

Both Gino and Jayden know that its spring, and far from the Christmas holiday but the wrong date doesn’t seem to matter to either of them as that’s when their little ballbusting experiences first began. Gino’s breathe hitches, his pupils dilate growing fuller as he answers, “Only if you want to.”

“I do. You in?”


The two get up and head towards Gino’s bedroom, without speaking; but before they get there Gino stops and turns, giving Jayden his puppy dog eyes. “How about I put my singlet on,” Gino offers, grinning.

“Go for it,” Jayden grins back their smiles so much like the other as he pushes Gino into the bedroom.

“And, can you wear yours?” Gino asks.

“Fine, but no straps. I’m hot.”

“You know it,” Gino smacks Jayden in the butt as he heads to his own room. “You are my little brother. You are a ladies killer…I mean boy killer. You slay the boys. After all you get your good looks from me.”

Jayden just laughs waving him away, “You are so weird and that’s not how that works, like at all.”

Inside of his bedroom, he sees a deep dent in his mattress, clearly where his brother has been camping out, waiting for him to return home. The thought of Gino alone in the house brings out a deep sadness, but he’s home now and nothing can change that. Jayden drops his sweats, he never bothered to even put on underwear. His cock and balls tumble out swaying slightly, he strokes his penis absentmindedly as he looks through his singlets. He pulls out his favorite, the one that he always wears to his matches and pulls it on. The material clings to his thighs, and it cups his naked balls so well. Jayden slowly covers his growing erection, pointing it upwards, excited that he is about to have a go at his brother, and that for once it’s going to be what they both want.

Walking down the hall towards his brother’s room, the top half of his singlet sways around his waist as he knocks on his brother’s open door, the singlet riding low below his navel just above his bare pubis. “May I come in?” he asks already stepping inside the small bedroom.

Gino turns to face him. He’s wearing his one piece wrestling singlet, the tight-fitting material in the matching scarlet red Bartlet uniform clings to Gino’s every muscle, curling over his chest and stretching over his taught back. The red uniform highlights Gino’s ample assets and looking at the two wrestlers, one can plainly observe the sheer size difference in the brothers. Gino is close to six feet tall, his chest broader and more defined. His nipples are erect poking out as the singlet stretching over each nub, but the major difference between the brothers is the magnitude of Gino’s large cock which curves down his right thigh, the veins of the massive member are easily discernable as are his plump testicles which cling underneath his schlong.

Jayden admires Gino’s body, as his older brother does the same. Each of them have seen each other naked plenty of times, but all the same, Gino and Jayden have equal admiration towards each other’s manly physic.

“Looking good,” Jayden says favorably.

“You too little bro,” Gino flatters him with praise. “You would make Dad proud with the size of your manhood.”

“That’s because we are both bigger than him,” Jayden snickers.

“Yeah, but we will never admit that to him.”

“Nope, never. That would hurt his feelings.”

“Do you ever stop being nice?” Gino queries walking up to Jayden and presenting himself, legs spread nice and wide in front of him.

“You can answer that after I play with these,” Jayden says reaching forward and running his fingers slowly down Gino’s abdomen counting in his head the ab muscles as he ascends to Gino’s waist. “Hmm, no underwear,” Jayden muses.

“It would just get in the way,” Gino confesses, “I wouldn’t want you to have any trouble locating the goods.” Gino says with a wink.

Jayden’s eyebrows raise, and he laughs. Climbing down on the floor on his knees so he is face-to-face with Gino’s package.

“What are you doing down there?”

“Well, you are so worried that I may not be able to find your nuts I figured I should get a closer look,” Jayden says with a smile as he blows hot air from between his lips directly at the head of Gino’s cock.

Gino’s breathe hitches, “That was not a part of the deal.”

“You sure?” Jayden asks innocently moving closer in so that he is only an inch away from Gino’s cock head as he blows another gust of warm, hot air from his mouth starting at the root of Gino’s penis, and following its length all the way to the tip. Jayden can’t help but smile as Gino makes a raw undefinable noise in the back of his throat as Jayden ends the breath with running his teeth ever so gently along Gino’s glands concentrating on the tip just where his foreskin scar ends.

Gino almost jumps at the touch, and grunts deep in his chest and lets out a little moan. “Just…the nuts, I think,” Gino says all breathy.

“As you wish,” Jayden agrees offhandedly and flicks the space between Gino’s balls with his finger.

Again Gino jumps at the touch, “You’re teasing me, that’s not nice.”

“No, it really isn’t,” Jayden decides flicking the same spot again. “But you accused me of always being nice, I’m showing you that I’m not.”

“Come on, hit me.”

“Be patient!” Jayden commands grasping Gino’s cockhead and giving it a squeeze.

“Ugh! We talked about that,” Gino groans, giving his hips one thrust forward, his body taking over.

“Then be a good boy, and be patient. All good things come to those that wait.”

Gino sighs, as Jayden let’s go of his cockhead and moves over to his nutsac grabbing one with each hand. Jayden does not immediately begin to squeeze, but gently rolls the testes within their sac lightly stroking the cords that move and twist within as he toys with Gino’s nuts.

“Oh god,” Gino moans craving more. He is impatient for the pain to begin, the need to be grabbed and squeezed overwhelms his senses and he craves for Jayden to pick up the pace.

Jayden isolates each of Gino’s large nuts, and pulls them closer to his face watching Gino’s impatience as he puts each thumb in the center, tapping the nuts three times before he asks, “Ready?”

“Yes, Jayden. Do your worst!” Gino snarls feeling Jayden’s hands tightening on his nuts, his careful placement on the center of each of his family jewels, and then tap, taps as if to measure out how best to strike.

Jayden blows a gust of hot air again at Gino’s cockhead which has risen to its full height as it obscenely sticks straight out, stretching the fabric of his singlet to the max. Gino stops breathing as his cock throbs, his first drop of pre-cum staining the red material. Gino goes to speak with annoyance that again Jayden teases his rigid penis when Jayden’s thumbs alone plunge into the dead center of his right and left gonad.

Gino groans in both relief that it has finally began, and the need for it to continue as the pleasure pain mixture trigger his endorphins to release which begins to travel from the dead center core of his nuts, to his lower abdomen.

Using his thumbs Jayden rotates and experiments with seeing how far he can make his thumbs go into Gino’s nuts. This makes Gino go still, feeling Jayden digging into his balls, piercing each one with his thumbs. “Oooh fuck,” Gino moans, as his legs start to shake.

Jayden watches Gino start to sweat, and he yanks the balls downward roughly, forcibly Gino to lower his body with the motion letting out a long staggering breath, grunting it from between his lips. Jayden let’s Gino’s balls snapback to the base of cock. Groaning, Gino reaches to cradle his hurting testicles but Jayden gets there first driving his fist straight up in an arching uppercut.

“Not ready!” Gino pleads as he braces for impact. Jayden’s knuckles crack into his brother’s big plump nuts slamming them against his pelvis. Gino bends over reflexively and feels Jayden wrap his hand around his pulsing balls once more, squeezing them again.

“Fuuuck,” Gino groans out loud dropping to his knees next to Jayden. “My balls,” he adds with a whimper.

Jayden leans in, his hand still holding Gino’s manhood firmly in one hand, grips the back of his brother’s neck pulling him towards him. “We are just getting started,” Jayden promises.

Gulping Gino looks into Jayden’s warm chocolatey brown eyes, alight with mischief. Jayden licks his lips, “Come on, and enjoy it. This is what it means to be a bustee after all.”

Jayden let’s Gino’s neck go and jumps on top of him so they both go sprawling onto the hardwood floor. The breath is knocked out of Gino temporarily, giving Jayden ample time to aim his knee bone, planting it firmly against Gino’s bulging pouch in his tight singlet. Holding both of Gino’s arms firmly by his sides he grins down at his older brother, “Ready for this?” Jayden teases thumping his knee on the underside of his precious pouch.

Shaking his head, his black hair falling back from his face Gino moans, “I need a second to recover.”

Jayden considers the request, as he slides Gino’s muscly arms away from his body stretching him out in the shape of the letter T on the floor. “Maybe, you would rather we play a different game,” Jayden says huskily lowering his knee and raising his pelvis with Gino’s and grinds into him with his own thick elongated erection, the two penis’s are now side by side as Jayden rubs the two together. Jayden uses his own engorged cock to battering against Gino’s as it slides across the fabric of the singlets which moves easily sliding up and down as Jayden swivels his hips. “Or is this still off the table?” Jayden asks putting more pressure on Gino’s trapped cocked, sheathed in its red singlet prison.

Gino looks at him with desire and moans, just as Jayden drives his knee as hard as he can into the small space between his brothers thighs. Jayden’s knee knocks hard into both of Gino’s balls until the bone of his knee clacks horribly against the bones in Gino’s pelvis.

Gino opens his eyes wide in shock as his body is wracked with a fresh wave of ball pain. “My god, my balls!” Gino groans, whimpering into Jayden’s chest. “Oooo, how did you get this good at busting a guy?”

“I had a good teacher,” Jayden grins, as he rears his knee back, and sends it surging home again up between Gino’s thighs striking the bottom of the singlet with deadly accuracy.

Gino’s cock swells, and the second knee forces another batch of his pre-cum out, streaking down his singlet creating a rather large wet spot as his balls flash, and then throb in agonizing nut shattering pain.

With a mighty shove Gino, pushes Jayden off of him and curls into himself holding onto his nuts to shield them from another blow. “Oh god…fuck…my fucking nuts,” Gino berates as one fist pounds the floor of his bedroom. Gino squeezes his eyes shut, turning into a moaning mess.

Crawling over to sit by his side, Jayden puts a hand on his brothers shoulder which trembles at the contact, “Your nuts had enough? They must have gotten softer since I left. I could have sworn you could take more than that the last time.”

Gino only groans from his prone position on the floor. Jayden ends up staying with him for several long minutes as Gino nurses his boys back into fighting shape.

“Want me to go back to squeezing them instead?” Jayden suggests. “I will go easy on them, promise.”

“I can’t take any more,” Gino complains rolling onto his back, his hands still clutching his tender nuts.

Jayden rubs his abs, making slow methodical strokes, trying to ease the pressure. Gino breathes out a heavy sigh as Jayden strokes his abs with his hands and eventually pulls Gino into his own lap, legs stretched out on either side so Jayden can really need Gino’s sides and ab muscles.

Gino sighs, starting to relax in Jayden’s lap as Jayden rubs up, and down his body his fingers going a little lower on each downward stroke until they reach the root of Gino’s cock. “Hmmm,” Gino exhales, his breath hitching in his throat, as Jayden’s fingers retreat up his abs, and circling his pecks, twisting around the nipples before slipping down the singlet fabric reaching towards Gino’s groin again.

“Move your hands,” suggests Jayden rubbing Gino’s abs, his fingers dancing over his brother’s skin. “I promise, I will be gentle.”

Jayden almost thinks that Gino will refuse him, but ever so slowly Gino removes both hands, his heartbeat Jayden can feel is elevated, thumping more wildly in his chest. Jayden takes extra care to slowly descend his hands and grazes over Gino’s throbbing penis, and his very full balls; stimulating them slowly before crawling back up over Gino’s abs, and then his chest before he plunges his hands back for one final sweep where he scoops up each of Gino’s nuts in a hand and starts to slowly roll the balls once more.

Looking up at his younger brother, a stirring in his loins begins to occur as Jayden masterfully goes between teasing his brother’s thighs again, grabbing and squeezes his rigged erection, stroking the head up and down carefully giving little jerks of his hand when he gets to the tip. Gino groans, as he surrenders to Jayden’s expert hand job making full, swift strokes on his boner from the outside of his tight and silky singlet. Squirming, Gino feels a concentration of pressure building from within and he knows that he is getting closer to a pleasurable release. It’s then that he realizes that the pressure is also growing in his nutsac which Jayden has already begun to squeeze more tightly in his fist.

“Am I hurting your nuts?” Jayden asks quietly intensifying his grip squashing the two nuts together.

Gino tries to speak but only groans, his hips starting to buck craving a deeper grip on his penis. He can’t seem to talk anymore, the time for words has long past, as his toes begin to curl in and the feeling mounting in his groin overwhelms him. Taking one last deep breath Gino begins to grind his hips surrendering into Jayden’s hand in earnest, and Jayden seems to answer the call by rotating and rubbing his hand up and down Gino’s throbbing nob building a crusado of speed as his fist blurs with action.

Trying to announce his upcoming release Gino opens his mouth but all faculties fail him as his body grows taut, he manages one last groan as he thrusts sending him over the edge. Jayden sensing and seeing Gino’s upcoming eruption squeezes Gino’s balls tightly balling them together a bit making the strong feeling occurring in Gino’s loins last a bit longer as he tries to delay Gino’s orgasm. With one last shudder, Gino announces, “I’m fucking cummmmmming,” as his penis explodes firing his load up and out spreading over his singlet as he unloads a generous hot, thick blast of sweet creamy cum. Gino thrusts into Jayden’s hand spewing forth his volleys all over his abs, his body electric and burning with intensity, grunting out mews of desire. As Gino’s emission slows to a trickle, his fucking motion also reduces, and within a few seconds his body drops against his younger brother, spent and exhausted. The smug content upon his face brings a smile to Jayden’s face.

“I had no idea…that, that’s what you wanted when you came home,” Gino manages to express, his chest rising and falling his singlet soaking with his semen.

“I wanted my homecoming to be special,” Jayden muses ruffling Gino’s hair. “Why don’t you take a shower, and get cleaned up.

“What about you?” Gino asks reaching backwards and feeling Jayden’s strong, firm fully erect dick tube.

“I wanted to do a bit of self-exploration actually tonight,” Jayden grins down at his older brother still rolling his brothers penis, which is quickly shrinking back to its placid size.

“Can I watch?”

“Nope. No go shower, you’ll stain that singlet if you don’t get it in the wash.”

Gino groans, “Fine!” He sits up and Jayden finally releases his hand hold on his brother’s nutsac. “Details tomorrow?”

“Maybe,” Jayden grins with a wink watching his brother exit the room. Jayden stands and stretches and moves over to the vanity, and smiles more broadly as he pulls out the secret camera lens whispering into it, “I hope that you enjoyed the show Chase, it’s the last one you will ever see.”

Quickly, Jayden pulls down his singlet grasps his firm rigged erection and begins pumping, “I bet you wish you were here.” And Jayden, taking out Gino’s phone hits some buttons and with a few clicks of the screen the red light goes out on the lens just before it looks as though he would cum.

*** Chase ***

“Dammit!” Chase yells banging his fist on his laptop as all of his cameras begin to slowly wink off throughout Gino and Jayden Gomez’s house their screens so crisp and clear wink out and turn to black, one after the other. Chase watches Jayden holding a device walking into each room seemingly using it as a beacon to locate and find each hidden surveillance camera that he has painstakingly paid Adam to set-up for him. Jayden goes into his bedroom last the camera’s tucked into a large box. Chase watches with annoyance as Jayden writes Chase’s full name on the box before going to the last hidden camera in which he recorded Gino and Bill ballbusting each other and with one last wave Jayden deactivates the last one.

Chase stands up, his own erection painful in his jeans. He was waiting for Gino to finish Jayden off, so he could get off and now Jayden seemed to figure out his game. Moaning Chase walks over to his bed and flops down on it opening his phone and calling Adam.

But before he can hit send a light banging interrupts that thought. For a moment Chase can’t tell where it’s coming from but he turns his head hearing the sound again. Looking over his shoulder he sees a tiny pebble strike and a tap tapping at his bedroom window draws his attention. He watches a pebble flicks up and strikes the glass pinging it. More annoyed than ever he walks over, his erection bobbing up and down, Chase is completely naked as he pulls the window open peering out, “What?” he calls out into the night.

“Come let me in,” a familiar voice answers.

Chase looks down at Bill standing underneath his window sill.

“What do you want?” Chase says bored already.

“Come let me in, and you’ll find out,” Bill yells up, just as impatient.

Rolling his eyes Chase grabs his gym shorts and pulls them on, ignoring his elongated rigid penis and heading down the stairs, his cock swaying and pumping his sides as he steps down the stairs. Chase can’t seem to fathom what Bill wants, or why he is here. He just wants him to go away.

“What,” Chase says looking down his nose at Bill.

Bill goes to move into the house, but Chase holds up an arm preventing him from entering.

Huffing Bill asks, “May I come in?”

Chase thinks about slamming the door in Bill’s face, and he would have if only baby nuts was a bit closer and stood to the right some more so the door knob could hit him squarely in his tiny testes. “Make it quick,” Chase agrees moving aside to let Bill in.

Bill notices Chase’s crotch, and holds back a smile. “I want to team up with you,” Bill states plainly.

“Well that’s too bad, I don’t even want to be on the same swim team as you, let alone as a pair.”

Bill crosses his arms, purses his lips and says, “I think that you will change your mind after you hear my plan. But first let me tell you this, did you know that Leroy was staying with Jayden at Mr. Sullivan’s house?”

For the first time all evening Chase looks at Bill with genuine interest, “How did…”

“I know that? Simple Leroy tells Aldo everything. Aldo tells me anything that has to do with Jayden because I am Lucy’s partner in biochemistry and Aldo wants to tap her so bad. Long story short, we share information. Anyways, Aldo called me earlier. Leroy is going to be leaving Mr. Sullivan’s home, and is temporarily going to be staying with Gino and Jayden.”

“What?” Chase’s jaw drops open. “That’s not possible!”

“It’s a temporary arrangement to get Leroy away from Mr. Sullivan, but I don’t know about you, but after everything that they went through I can see why Leroy left. But I worry that something might occur between the two. To be honest with you Chase after everything that we have both been through with Jayden and each other; Jayden should really be with at least one of us.” Bill finishes, dropping his arms from his chest and walks in a small circle around the hall explaining his points.

Chase eyes Bill thoughtfully, “I’m not worried about Jayden and Leroy. Isn’t he into Aldo?”

“Obvious to everyone but Aldo.”

“I would hate for Leroy to toy with Jayden, only to move on to Aldo when Aldo finally wakes up to Leroy’s feelings, hmmm.” Chase says thinking.

Bill looks quizzically at Chase, momentarily stunned, “Do you actually have genuine compassion for someone else besides yourself, that’s…wow. I didn’t think that was possible.”

“Listen, baby nuts…”

“That was not an insult!” Bill interrupts him. “I just thought that you saw Jayden as a conquest, nothing more. I didn’t realize that, you really have feelings for him.”

Chase’s cheeks color pink, “Bill, isn’t that obvious?”

“Ahhh no. Not to anyone, least of all me.”

“You said that you have a plan, that’s why you came here,” Chase says sounding bored again.

“Oh yeah, it’s a simple one, we are going to take Leroy hostage, lure Jayden to us, and go to war with him and his allies.”

Utterly flabbergasted Chase just stares at Bill, before bursting out in a fit of laughter. “You’re crazy!”

“Do you want to win Jayden back or not?” Bill asks punching his fist into his hand.

“How is us fighting with Jayden going to win us his affection back? I didn’t think that your brain was as small as your acorns in your little sac but it looks like they might actually be bigger than your brain.”

“Chase we need to make a big move, and we both know that Jayden has a hero complex, we can use that to our advantage. Once Jayden knows a friend of his is in danger, he will come running. Now if you add a few more hostages, you and I for instance, Jayden will drop everything to come rescue all of us,” Bill explains.

“And who is supposed to do all of this kidnapping and holding us hostage?”

“Devil boy and Jake of course,” Bill says rolling his eyes.

“How do you know about that?” Chase interrupts him with icy cold hard glare, his blue eyes flashing warningly.

“Rex might have let a few things slip when I was squeezing his nuts, earlier about your plans” Bill says offhandedly.

“This is a massive operation Bill, and we might lose.”

“No, we won’t. Because we already both know what it’s like to lose Jayden. We are going in with the mindset that this is our last chance to win him back, because maybe it is.”

One blonde eyebrow moves up on Chase’s chiseled face.

“Yeah, Sam Hell…the Devil Boy captures all of Jayden’s love interests and holds them hostage, and Jayden is the only one to save us all. The whole swim team was forced to watch and was threatened to have their balls banged up if they didn’t help him. Jayden will eat that up, he has a hero complex. You and I can help Jayden and his band of friends after they rescue us, we will be heroes in Jayden’s eyes by the end of the war. Come on Chase, we may have lost a battle today with Jayden, but we can still win the war. Are you with me?” Bill asks holding out his hand.

Chase shakes his head, and thinks of Jayden. “I’ve done crazier things.” Chase sighs and against his better judgement he agrees, “Okay, let’s do this.” Chase grabs Bill in a firm handshake, and the two most unlikely of allies form a pact to win Jayden back.

*** Jayden ***

“So he was watching us? How long?” Gino asks.

“I don’t know,” Jayden admits sitting next to his brother who is freshly showered, with a towel around his waist. The fresh scent of deodorant and soap waft off of Gino as his wet hair drips down his bare shoulders.

“Will that thing work that you setup on my phone?” Gino asks, looking at all the small little video equipment that Jayden has gathered around the house.

“Yes,” Jayden says simply.

“Are you okay?” Gino places a hand on his shoulder.

“No, not really. Gino I know that this sounds crazy but, I’m in love with him.”

“You two were dating for a while, that’s natural.”

“No. I’m not talking about Bill, even though that’s over. I’m talking about Chase, Gino. I love Chase,” Jayden’s brown eyes find Gino’s and he can’t help but see the wanting that lives in them.

“That is crazy. Jayden after everything you should want to be far away from him Jayden, any sane human would,” Gino says flabbergasted.

“There’s just something unfinished between us, I don’t want it to be over,” Jayden stands up picking up the last of the video surveillance equipment and tosses the whole bundle in a box. “I wish that he could be normal, for a moment and say what he is feeling. He never needed to do all of this crazy stuff to get me to like him.”

“Jayden,” Gino pulls his younger brother back down on the bed and looks him full in the face. “Now you listen to me, Jayden. Chase is…I don’t know what. But after everything he put you, and me through? Enough is enough. You need to let him go.”

“I can’t,” Jayden flops on the bed hands grabbing tufts of his hair in utter frustration. “I want him so much.”

Gino looks at him, and shakes his head. “You are so in love, but with a lunatic.”

Jayden groans in affirmation.

“In other news, Leroy is coming over to stay starting tomorrow.”

“That’s a good thing, thank you for that. For agreeing, it means a lot to him and to me. Mr. Sullivan is not a nice man.”

“You know how I am with new people…I’ll need to check him out, it’s kind of my thing,” Gino grins slyly, his eyes betraying his excitment he is to get his hands on a new guy.

“Oh good, god!” Jayden bemuses. “Do you have to?”

“Well someone wouldn’t let me play with their nuts tonight,” Gino says rubbing his hand over Jayden’s protruding basket, the singlet that he still wears shows Gino exactly where each of Jayden’s nuts reside. “Oh wait…I know why now, you plan on getting lucky with Leroy! Admit it!” Gino exclaims giving Jayden’s nuts a tentative squeeze.

Jayden bats his hand away, “I’m going to get changed for bed.”

Gino laughs, as he pulls on his boxer shorts climbing into his bed. A few minutes later Jayden comes in also in boxer shorts, and Gino can’t help but laugh. He turns over onto his back, pulling the sheet down with one motion revealing to Jayden that they are wearing the exact same brand and style.

Giggling, Jayden climbs into Gino’s bed. “It’s almost like we planned it,” he says.

“I like that we didn’t,” Gino grins stupidly at Jayden, pulling the sheet back up and reaching over his younger brother to turn off the light.

They sit in silence next to each other, listening to their breath and Jayden turns to face Gino in the dark.


“Yeah, Jayden?”

“Have you ever been in love?”




“Someday you will,” Jayden whispers rubbing a hand across Gino’s cheek. He notices that Gino’s skin is smooth to the touch, he must have shaved right after his shower.

Gino says nothing back, but feels Jayden’s hand glide across his cheek landing on his shoulder. He closes his eyes, enjoying the closeness between the two.

“Hey Gino,” Jayden murmurs.

“Yes, Jayden?”

“I’m kind of still…hard?”

Gino reaches out to feel for it and his hand feels Jayden’s hip, and he slowly glides it down until it rests on Jayden’s knob. “Hey. Yeah, so you are.” Gino gives Jayden’s erection a quick squeeze, “That can be a major bummer. Hard to go to sleep when you’re hard,” Gino says matter-of-factly reaching pulling Jayden’s underwear away from his body so it snaps back against Jayden’s abs, making him jump.

“Gino!” Jayden laughs at the sound. “Can you help me out, here?” his voice dies down to a husky whisper. “With my little problem?”

“Now that’s, a problem that I can solve,” Gino answers his teeth shinning in the moonlight as he goes underneath the sheet.

Jayden goes to speak but feels Gino take him all at once into his mouth, pushing his underwear down past his thighs.

Moaning Jayden arches his back, as he kicks his underwear down and off of his legs. As he loses his shorts he feels his balls fall helplessly into Gino’s hands as he whimpers, “Not, those!”

Gino gurgles a response, which is lost around the full shaft plunged down his throat.

“Oh fuccck!” Jayden groans, as Gino seizes control of his boynuts, squeezing them as hard as he can, as he deep throats his brothers cock down to the hilt, suckling both loudly and proudly.

Overwhelmed by the sensations occurring below his navel, Jayden clings to Gino’s head as he bobs up and down on his erection, all the while rolling and squeezing his virile boynuts. Gino gets the wicked idea to separate the twin family jewels in Jayden’s sac, and pull the two apart as far as they can go while squashing them tightly in his fists, making sure to really dig into the firm nutmeat.

Shuddering, Jayden moans, his hips unwillingly begin to buck up to meet Gino’s mouth, as underneath the sheets his big brother gives him his first brotherly oral sexual experience. Jayden’s eyes cross, as his lips part to groan again the feeling overwhelming and wild which grips Jayden as he twists his hands in the sheets; his balls screaming from his loins.

“You can’t…” Jayden tries to speak, his words trailing off as euphoria courses through his lower half, and he thrusts faster. “Ughh!” he groans his hips a flutter of movement.

“MMMmmm,” Gino mumbles sending vibrations down the root of Jayden’s cock which tingles and quivers making his cock pulse inside of Gino’s mouth. Jayden’s balls throb painfully as Gino changes tactics, squeezing the right teste with all of his might, then switching to the left before returning to the first.

Jayden digs his toes into Gino’s thighs as his hips give one last thrust, his lower body going completely rigid, with his thighs locking in place. Gino admires Jayden’s abs that flex, his whole body locking in place, in anticipation of release. Jayden’s older brother feels Jayden’s knob give one last jolt before discharging Jayden’s semen.

Jayden screams in ecstasy, and pain as he fires his first batch of cum down Gino’s suckling throat. “Gino!” Jayden calls out as he bangs one fist into the mattress, and putting the other into his mouth to stop his scream of pleasure, worried his neighbors might hear him.

All the way Gino sucks down Jayden’s volleys, eagerly taking his brother’s boy juice down his throat as he squeezes his brother’s boynuts much more gently feeling them churning out his seed.

Finally Gino takes the last of Jayden’s liquids down, managing to drain Jayden of his seed as he gives Jayden one last powerful suck making Jayden gasp, before coming off of Jayden’s still throbbing penis and emerging from beneath the sheets and dropping down on top of Jayden’s chest.

The two brothers, huff and puff as they try to get more air into their bodies.

“God, that was good,” Jayden whimpers as Gino still holding his nuts gives them a gentle squeeze. “Sooo sensitive, bro,” Jayden whimpers.

“I know,” Gino says with a grin.

“You’re such a brat,” moans Jayden as Gino squeezes them harder. “Oooo, fuck.”

“Welcome home brother,” and with one last ringing out squeeze that makes Jayden gasp, Gino rolls off of him and pulling him close in a spoon position.

Jayden pulls up his underwear, finding it at the bottom of the bed and holding his throbbing boynuts as he feels Gino’s arm wrap around his waist.

“Still love me now?” Gino asks.

“Not as much,” Jayden moans.

Gino moves to reach down Jayden’s abs to get to his nuts, but Jayden back thrusts with his foot connecting perfectly with Gino’s balls slamming them into his abs.

“Ooof!” Gino moans into his shoulder.

Grinning, Jayden says. “I think I felt my future nephews getting their balls busted there.”

Jayden holds his brother’s hand in place, bringing the wandering hand back to his abs to rest there instead. “If you want your kids to be able to have erections I wouldn’t even think about it,” Jayden warns.

“Okay,” Gino says nursing his now sore nuts. “Good night bro.”

“Goodnight Gino,” Jayden yawns before settling in to sleep safely in Gino’s embrace.


Next month: War!


Anonymous said...

Welp, let's go, I wanna give you my opinion of all the arc and this story with this one comment, so, here we go!

Lovely story as always! And as a whole, This arc was a fucking ride start to end, all the pain, drama and suffering on this story was intense! We had new characters! The return of old characters! Leroy became an important character for the series! Chase finally got his date with Jayden! CHASE FINALLY CONFESED HIS LOVE TO JAYDEN! And let's not forget this story with the brothers' reunion, this story was so sweet (with a sour middle, but we'll get to that) and it was so satisfying to see the two brothers finally together after all the trauma they've been through, poor Gino didn't sleep for days trying to bring Jayden home to him! Jayden went through hell (literally) and back before he finally got home!

Those were some of the best parts of the arc and the Chase's bedroom scene was a scene I've waited for a long time, which I hope that wasn't the last time they'll both... "Hang out together"

The Devil Kid and Jack were weird additions to me, like, they didn't really feel like actual villains to me, and I know it may sound weird since we all saw what they did to Jayden through his stay with Mr. Sullivan but hear me out, I think that's the intention, I don't feel like Sam really wanted to be evil, he just plays the part because he grew up in such a toxic environment, like, we saw his true colors when he was about to be Punished with the belt, he may look intimidating and creepy as hell, but deep inside, he's just a scared little boy (With a pair of really strong balls) and I feel like Jack, as dumb as he may be, has stuck to Sam because they were both stuck together with this fucking abuser that belt his children like animals, the two of them had to stick together to survive this torment together and I feel like that's pretty sweet (Again, that's just my theory)

And I guess Bill was there too... Honestly, this arc made me hate Bill more... The fact that he expected Jayden to apologize after the events of the "Love Hurts" story made me so mad! Bill turned into this excessive boyfriend that wouldn't let Jayden even look at another man without his permission, like he owned him or something, just like he showed with his plan to manipulate Jayden once more into loving him

You know your plan is fucking nuts when CHASE says it's fucking crazy, how are you gonna defend Bill after that?! And that's considering the fact that Bill thought of this plan right after Jayden called him out on his manipulative ways! And now Bill is doing the exact same thing but now is bringing poor Leroy into this whole mess! Chase should have busted Bill's tic tacs at his front door before he could even say a word

And yeah, maybe Chase did accept Bill's plan, but, I have hope that with his new character development and after learning that making complicated plans to manipulate Jayden ALWAYS backfire on him (especially on his big balls) , he'll see that this plan is fucking crazy and he'll betray Bill and expose his evil plan, because it IS evil! Or at least I hope he thinks about this because he already betrayed Jayden's trust horribly, after the incident in the Krueger's house, he Must see how this plan is fucking horrible for Jayden's poor mental health, right?! The poor boy may have trust issues in the future, that is if he doesn't have them already...

Poor Leroy just wanted to live calmy for once and now he's tied on all of this mess... Can't wait to see more with him!

Welp! I can't wait to see what happens on the next story next month, I really wanna thank you, Jimmy, for all the stories during this month, I know you probably spent a lot of time on them, so I wanted to thank you!

-Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Dear Jimmy, I'm X and I wrote the final comment to this arc but it is too long to post it here, the blog doesn't accept it, so if you give me you email, if you want, I can send it to you directly and we can confront trough email. Kisses

Nud said...

Finally got a chance to read it through.

i think Bill was always this manipulative right from the start. It's just that his "good guy" persona help masking it. He's really brave when there're people to help him and he's really quick to play the victim card. Bill also have this interesting thing where all the things he accused Chase of being, is actually what Bill is. Bill sees Jay as a conquest. To think from his perspective, being Jay's boyfriend is his pride. He's a smaller boy and Jay is a right stud. So that's what he's trying to preserve. Bill is treating Jay as his status symbol.

Chase is quite a contrast to Bill on that regard. He already built his own status and then have feeling for Jay. Chase has a quality of being forward. Seeing how when his plan was exposed he just accept it. He's not happy about it but he accept it. In this arc he tried to keep Jay from Gino to spite Gino. But his feeling for Jay kept flaring up. And the fact that Jay finally admit, much to Gino's displeasure, that Chase would actually have an easy shot at Jay if he was just being more normal. I know I said Jay doesn't need to end up dating Chase but Jimmy keeps teasing it.

Chase has one of the best character development on here. He went from a typical bad guy from the time he first appeared, and now there's somewhat of an emotional attraction between him and Jay.
Bill is also great character. He kind of went in an opposite way of Chase. He started as a good guy but does have that villainous quality. Other people are just tools to him. He's good at manipulating people's emotion and use them to do his bidding. He's so good that we, the readers, thought he was a good guy.

I do share Anon 1's view of Sam and Jake. They don't feel like villains. Sam physical appearance is just primed for being picked on as well. That combined with Sully's abusive home, it's not a surprise if he felt that he had to minimize the amount abuse he would get by making people afraid of him. And now they're about to be manipulated by Bill's plan.

I was hoping Chase would open up to Jay more in this arc. Perhaps more chance for him and Jay to finally bare it all to each other in the future. Keep in mind that Chase still has no idea that he doesn't need to do all this to get Jay. Jay doesn't know if he can really trust Chase to know his true feeling for him. Chase doesn't know if Jay will see him as weak if he dropped the bad boy act in front of Jay.

It was a great read, Jimmy. Not having the time and just read it all in one go was a great experience. Looking forward for more.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anon 1,
I am so excited that you really loved the story! Emotion was so high in this arc, and this story in particular of Gino and Jayden coming together was so important for the brotherly relationship.
I’m glad that you loved the Chase and Jayden scene, it was one of my favorite ones to write truthfully, plus I knew how it would play out in my head for months it was wonderful to finally write it.
I think that most villains should not see themselves as the villains. Everyone is the hero of their own story, and Sam Hell, the Devil Boy and Jack see themselves as that, the heroes. Clearly, they are not. You hit the nail on the head that both of them have had poor upbringings which has impacted how they treat others, and sadly they took out that aggression on Jayden and Leroy. You have a unique view on the two friends, and I love and appreciate your insight into them as characters. You put a lot of thought into your response and I really appreciate it!
Bill had quite a chip on his shoulder going into his first interaction with Jayden, which did not go well at all. My favorite part that I wrote for Bill was how he was there for Gino, it was to me his kindest moment in a while; but still when the shit hit the fan he did try to step up. A little too late for him to reconcile at this moment with Jayden, but he will have other opportunities. However, going to War with Jayden might not be the best approach…and I am so glad that you got on to that if Chase thinks it’s a bad plan than it must be really bad!
You propose that Chase might betray Bill…huh…would he do that? ; )
You will see a lot more of Leroy in the next story!
With War, it’s going to be a lot of combat and bringing the “good” vs the “evil” characters; let me know if there is anything that you would like to see!

Dear X,
I can’t wait to see your comments! My email is
Sometimes if your message is too long it won’t take all of it. It’s why I always write my messages and post them after in case I have to break it up!

Hi Nud,
I think a lot readers forgot how Bill originally came into the series, he paid Gino money to bust Jayden’s nuts. That was our first introduction to Bill. While Bill has changed and progressed throughout the series he started off a little deviously. What makes him so relatable in my opinion is that he is not the strongest guy in the room, he’s typical, he does not stand out and he has a crush on the cutest guy at school. I think that Bill is still a little star struck by Jayden and expected him to either cheat on him or dump him; neither of which Jayden would have done.
Chase is very well developed and in a very different social dynamic than Bill. Chase could have easily gotten Jayden’s attentions if he went about it in a more gentler touch; but then he would not be Chase. Chase is used to “winning” things, and Jayden is not a thing to be won. Chase began to have some real remorse in Chase’s Secret Story and tried to fix things with a break through moment of expressing his love for Jayden. It didn’t work in that moment, really how could it? But clearly it Jayden is still thinking about it as he told Gino about his feelings for Chase.

We will learn a lot more about Sam Hell the Devil Boy and Jake in the next story as they will be featured pretty heavily.

I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT YOU READ IT ALL IN ONE SETTING! That’s like over a hundred pages, but I am so glad that you enjoyed it! And thank you for posting your comments.


Harry said...

DAY-UUM!!! All this time I was feeling badly about wanting to shove Boring Bill and his Babynuts into a locker---and it turns out that's how I should have been feeling all along! The under-performing villain that he is lol.

Shoot tho Jimmy huge props to you for this series. The cliffhangers in the last episode were legit, but I don't think I had time to comment because you've written so freaking many stories! I'm gonna pawn my kindle since I won't have time to read anything other than your stories.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...


Hahaha, you are the best!

It took me all summer to write these six stories. This gave Alex a break (which he needed, and it kept his blog updated with new content) really a win win.

Currently I am working on War. It's going to be the longest story yet!

I am so glad that had fun with this series. They did come out fast, so it's okay that you did not have time to comment on each one as we all do have lives outside of our little community.

Bill is certainly pushing the envelope. He has his own little plans now, and they are going to be really interesting in the next chapter for sure!