Tuesday, September 1, 2020

From the web: This poor cricketer got hit in the nuts THREE TIMES, and the mics caught it


Apparently I am not the only one who watched sports mainly for the nutshots... Here is an article from sbnation.com about a cricketer who got hit in the nuts not once, not twice but THREE TIMES.

The first clip wasn’t captured, but the second broadcast him loudly screaming “OHHHHH!” as one would expect when a bouncing cricket ball careens into your testicles at a high rate of speed. Keep in mind this was the second shot of the night.

Then it happened again.
The article has several videos and embedded tweets, and the footage is pretty funny. The commentators can barely hold it together, and the article goes on:

I don’t blame the announcers for losing it on commentary. They’re only human. Nut shots are funny enough inherently, let alone seeing the same man continue to be hit in the knackers and screaming in pain with live audio accompaniment. 
Read the full article on sbnation.com

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