Friday, September 11, 2020

The foster family - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the first part of the epic "Displacement" arc of our beloved brothers' adventures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

*** Jayden ***

Parked on a curb Jayden sits in an unfamiliar automobile. Holding tight to the door handle he gazes up at an unfamiliar house, in a very unfamiliar part of Bartlet. Jaden’s stomach grumbles, he missed dinner to babysit and was supposed to have eaten Gino’s famous hamburgers and fries, but thinking of his brother fills him with so much sadness that he focuses on his stomach pains instead; he can handle those.

“Ahem,” Barbra Birr hums. “Time to meet the Sullivan’s, Eric hates it when anyone is late. Try not to do that.” Barbra exits the car, walking around to Jayden’s side, waiting for him to follow.

Reluctantly Jayden does, making sure to grab his duffle bag from the car; Gino packed it for him after all. He can’t lose hope, he still has his brother. Jayden walks numbly along the evenly cut flowers framing the walkway, the care given to the white roses is clearly evident as such the way the house gleams in the pale moonlight, white-washed and altogether rather bland.

Barbra Birr presses the doorbell when she reaches the front stoop, the echoing chime dances behind the white painted door, a gleaming silver doorknob polished so well that it reflects moonlight shines back at Jayden temporarily mesmerizing him. “Remember dear, best behavior,” Barbra Birr clicks her tongue for emphases as the door opens.

In the doorway stands a man, more than likely it is Eric Sullivan. He’s a tall man, rather bookish, his glasses sit at the end of his rather short stubby nose, and his brown hair is shaved close to the scalp; a military cut. But what Jayden notices the most are his eyes, stormy grey, deep and thoughtful. The tight thin mouth, and the way that Eric Sullivan does not look at him, he only has eyes for Barbra Birr fills Jayden with apprehension.

Mr. Sullivan’s eyes flick briefly down to his wrist, a silver watch quietly ticks. “Did you run into traffic Barbra?” he asks in what seems to be a polite voice, but Jayden can tell by the slight tone in his voice that he is fuming.

“Conversations took a bit longer with Jayden’s brother Gino, I sincerely apologize to inconveniences you Mr. Sullivan.”

“Can’t be changed now, the boys are already in bed. He will have to go quietly upstairs, I don’t want anyone to stir,” Mr. Sullivan says warningly.

“He’s a good boy, he won’t make a peep,” promises Barbra Birr.

“Hm,” Mr. Sullivan echoes back. “We shall see.”

“I just have some paper work for you to sign…if you don’t mind?”

Jayden could tell that Mr. Sullivan did mind, he looked at his watch again and back at Barbra, and she cringes in his gaze.

“Best be quick about it then. I have an important meeting tomorrow at 9:00 am,” Mr. Sullivan steps aside letting them both in, still pointedly ignoring Jayden.

Barbra Birr walks down the corridor and into an open parlor, dimly lit. Jayden goes to follow but Mr. Sullivan puts his arm out in front.

“Wait, here,” Mr. Sullivan points to a white washed wicker chair next to the front door. Still he does not look at Jayden, but seems to be waiting for some type of reply.

“Yes, sir,” Jayden says sitting down, having a feeling that only obedience will work in his favor.

“Good boy. Touch nothing,” and with that business concluded Mr. Sullivan turns down the hallway and into the parlor pulling the double glass doors shut.

Jayden waits a minute, then takes out his phone. The cracked screen showing him a half full battery and sends a quick text to Gino, not sure how long he has.

“I want to go home. Gino, I don’t like it here. Mr. Sullivan does not want me here.”

Jayden gazes down at the screen, seeing the three telltale dots that a text is being written, and Jayden smiles upon seeing the reply.

“I’m working on that. Don’t you worry, you will be back with me by tomorrow night. I promise Jayden. Your coming home bro.”

Jayden starts to type a reply, but quickly pockets the devise as the double doors open, Barbra Birr coming out first, walking hurriedly to the exit. Jayden wishing he could follow her out.

“Here’s my card,” Barbra Birr says placing it neatly into Jayden’s hand. “Call if you have any problems, I’m your social worker after all. I’m sure that Mr. Sullivan will take good care of you.”

Mr. Sullivan’s fancy wingbacks click as comes down the hall to see Barbra Birr out. “Quite.”

“Have a good night,” Barbra Birr exits into the night, the door closing behind her. That’s when Jayden sees the locks that run up and down the white door, he counts eight in all. Mr. Sullivan locks every one of them studiously, before turning around and staring down into Jayden’s warm brown eyes.

Jayden can’t help but gulp, the grey eyes turn to stones piercing him in place. Mr. Sullivan holds the gaze for ten full seconds before stating, “You are a guest in my home. You are not my kin. While you are here you will be a good boy, follow all of the rules, and above all else…show me my due respect.”

Jayden hardly breathes as Mr. Sullivan stares at him. “I don’t trust boys, but I am good at getting them to fall into line. You will leave your things here, including your shoes. I have to inspect them, clean them, and they will be outside of your door at 6:30 am. You will be awake, showered, and dressed in one of the school regulated outfits by no later than 7:00 am. The bus will take you and the other boys to the Academy. Now empty your pockets, remove your shoes and quietly follow me upstairs where I will show you to your room.”

Trying to process all of this Jayden’s eyes flick back and forth, and he settles on what he hopes is a safe topic. “I already have a school that I go to.”

“Not anymore, all boys in this home go to the academy, where I teach. That way I can watch you, thoroughly.”

“But my friends…”

“You will make new ones. You will also have three foster brothers. They will watch out for you. Now empty out your pockets.”

Jayden thinks about making a stand, but decides that this might not be the best time to do so. Jayden does as he is told putting his wallet, house keys, the card Barbra Birr gave him and the envelope with the babysitting money on top of his duffle bag.

“That too,” Mr. Sullivan points to Jayden’s phone, which he attempts to pocket.

“That’s my phone.” Jayden states simply.

“You will no longer have any need of it,” says Mr. Sullivan.

“You can’t have it,” Jayden says, this is a battle he intends to win. He needs his phone, how else can he get in touch with his brother.

Mr. Sullivan’s blunt nostrils flail and for the first time all evening, he smiles. It’s not a kind smile, but one that chills Jayden to his very core.

“Come with me then, boys that do not do as their told face the consequences.”

Jayden thinks about backing down, but decides not to, and nods his head. “Okay, fine.”

Mr. Sullivan’s smile widens, “This way, shoes off.”

Jayden takes off one shoe, and then the other and follows Mr. Sullivan down the hallway past the parlor and into the next room down. It’s an office. Degrees, hang on the wall, and a full wall is dedicate to books but Jayden notices none of it as Mr. Sullivan points to a chair in front of his desk, “Sit.”

Jayden does.

Once Jayden sits, Mr. Sullivan turns towards a set of closet doors and opens them. The closet is curiously shallow. Only a row of six hooks are on one side and on each hook is a belt.

“I think for your first punishment I will choose the brown one, it matches your eyes. Pull down your pants and turn around so that I may give you three lashes.”

Jayden’s heart begins to thump faster in his chest as he gazes at Mr. Sullivan, the belts and the door in which they came through.

“Be quick about it, I don’t have all night.”

Jayden drops the phone on Mr. Sullivan’s desk.

Mr. Sullivan smile widens, “Good decision.” He closes the cabinet and beckons for Jayden to follow. “Now you see why all good little boys follow the rules in this house. Consider that your one, and only warning.”

Jayden drops his head and follows Mr. Sullivan out of the office, his cell phone pinging with another message.

Quietly Mr. Sullivan points out rooms as he gives Jayden a brief tour of the house, every part of it immaculate as if no one lives here; let alone a man and three other boys.

“This is your room, right across the hall are your foster brothers. I will introduce them in the morning. When you go into your room you will strip off all of your clothes and put on your pajamas that I have put on your bed. Then you will fold your clothes and put them outside your door so that they too will be cleaned. You will get them tomorrow with the rest of your things.”

Jayden just nods.

Mr. Sullivan waits.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good boy,” Mr. Sullivan says and he looks down at his watch waiting.

Jayden enters his room, well not his room. The room he is staying in for tonight. Jayden does not turn on the light, the room is dark. He strips off everything quickly, folds it and opens the door. Mr. Sullivan is not there. Jayden places his things neatly outside the door in a pile and closes the door.

That’s when he feels his arms grabbed from behind, and a hand closes over his mouth.

“Scream, and this will get far worse.” A voice warns. Jayden struggles but soon becomes aware that he’s being restrained by a much more powerful foe, then he hears breathing in another direction and realizes it’s more than one person.

Jayden is pulled hard and his body rams into a solid object then something is wrapped around his hands and they are quickly wrenched up above his head. His heart beats wildly in his chest and he makes a muffled protest into the hand covering his mouth as he finds himself standing stark naked and tied up in the dark room.

The light clicks on and as Jayden’s eyes adjust to the light he’s aware of three other figures in the stark, featureless room that he is supposed to inhabit. There’s just a bunk bed, which his hands are now tied to, a single dresser and a desk by the small window. The walls are white-washed and the closet doors are wide open revealing nothing inside except a single row of Academy uniforms hanging on one side. Jayden quickly deduces that this is where his assailants must have been hiding when he entered.

The muscular hand that is smothering Jayden’s mouth is rough and slightly tanned, a shade lighter than his own skin and Jayden glimpses a military-style buzz cut, similar to Mr. Sullivan’s, in fact it’s exactly the same haircut as the two other figures in the room. One of them, an athletic guy with pitch black hair has his ear to the door, checking that their recent commotion has not attracted any unwanted attention. With a satisfied nod of his head he spins on his heels to face Jayden.

Jayden freezes and instinctively recoils in alarm. His jaw drop wide open and he stares aghast into a pair of ghastly, blood-red eyes that seem to be boring into his soul. Jayden clamps his eyes shut, hoping to erase the terrifying image but when he dares to glimpse again, the same evil eyes are still staring back into his own. Jayden’s assailant has short, jet-black hair that is slicked back above a pale, angular face. Sharp cheek bones protrude above a chiseled jawline and the youth’s thin lips are strikingly red, like his eyes, and twisted at the tips into a sinister smile.

Suddenly Jayden realizes who it must be. He heard rumors in the changing room at the Bartlet wrestling practices about a notorious ‘Devil Boy’, a terrifying, some-say invincible wrestler with blood-red eyes that recently joined the Academy team. His terrifying, red eyes are a result of a rare genetic disorder, although many, especially those who have faced him in the ring, insist he’s possessed by an evil spirit. They say he’s immune to pain; able to endure the most crippling holds without submitting, even the illegal ball-crushing moves that the Bartlet team excel in sneaking into their matches.

The Devil Boy’s red eyes roam hungrily up and down Jayden’s athletic naked body, lingering a bit longer than necessary when they get to the fourteen year-old’s impressive flopping genitals.

“Well, well, well, I see Mr. Sullivan has brought Sam Hell a new toy to play with! Hmm now I’m sure I’ve seen your face before; you’re that new kid on Logan’s wrestling team aren’t you? You beat my buddy Scott when you faced the Academy earlier this season, you little fucker! Hmm, I bet you think you’re a real hotshot now, huh?” Devil Boy scowls, clearly not inviting a response and his tongue flickers between his lips like a snake as Sam casts his evil eyes once more downwards towards Jayden’s vulnerable dangling boyhood.

Jayden gulps as Sam swiftly closes the gap between them. His shiny-black dressing gown is loosely tied and billows behind him like a cape. Through the gap at the front Jayden can see the seventeen year-old’s angular pecs and his rippling six-pack abs. His stocky chest bulges slightly outwards giving him the appearance of as exotic fighting rooster. Sam’s evil eyes are barely above Jayden’s own, making him roughly average in height but Jayden is still growing and will likely eclipse him soon.

Sam comes to a halt a foot away from Jayden then quickly reaches down to scoop Jayden’s hefty plums into his lithe, slim hands. Jayden gulps, then shudders, under the horribly familiar feeling of an older boy groping and sizing up his virile young jewels.

“I know you’re Jayden, I saw you’re name in Mr. Sullivan’s files, but did you know our wrestling team has a special name for you?” Sam Hell smirks meanly as he fondles Jayden’s overgrown eggs, struggling to fit them both into his slim hands he finally closes his fingers around Jayden’s bigger left nut and gives it a painful tug “See kid, we call you ‘BoyBalls’ after you screamed it out when Scott put you in that nut-claw…hmm that’s quite an ironic nick-name I realize now.”

Jayden gasps in relief as Sam finally release his gonad but his ordeal is far from over.

“OK Jack, now you can let Jayden’s mouth go.” Sam smirks up at the taller figure behind Jayden “I’ve loosened his nuts up for you, and now you can show him what will happen if he screams like a bitch!”

“Sure, this be fun Hell,” and Jack with his free hand reaches between Jayden’s legs and grabs his dangling cock and balls by the root of his cock in one hand.

“That’s it, big guy! Now give Boy-Balls a little squeeze, why don’t you,” Sam grins enthusiastically as he clenches his fists.

Jack obeys, flicking Jayden’s cock away so he can wrap his powerful finger around the two dangling plums which are soon enclosed in his fist. Jack is clearly a huge guy, tall and heavily built and his exceptionally large hands are able to wrap around Jayden’s hefty family jewels with astonishing ease. Jayden can only peer down and gasp in shock! Since his latest growth spurt there are few guys that can fit both of his beefy boy-nuts in one hand. Bill, Chase even Gino have tried and failed; his teenage nads are even bigger than some of the guys on the senior wrestling team and absolutely enormous for his age but the way Jack manages to control them effortlessly in his hand makes Jayden freeze in alarm. Jack start off by squeezing both of his boy-nuts evenly, then begins to alternate, compressing one nut with one side of his hand, then switching to target the other and Jack goes back and forth in quick succession, toying with Jayden’s treasure bag.

“Now Jayden, I think you can see quite clearly that Jack can make quick work of your tender boy-balls with his famous nut-cracker he will inflict this upon you if you dare to scream. And when you’ve had enough of Jack, believe me, I can make things far, far worse for you,” Sam Hell emphasizes punching his fist into his palm.

Jayden lets out a little groan from between his clenched teeth, the pain in his groin quickly spread to his lower body. Jayden has been in this position before, finding himself tied up seems to be recurring theme of his life; although nearly every time it’s against his consent.

“Ugh! Leave my boy-balls alone or you’ll regret it! What the hell do you want with me?” Jayden growls, teeth bared and jaw tightly clenched. His young muscles clench as he squirms but despite his predicament his voice carries a dark, warning tone that makes Jack swallow in surprise and halt his ball squeezing, but his huge hand remains wrapped around Jayden’s vulnerable testicles. The idea of this fourteen year-old wrestler threatening him is so unexpected that Jack remains frozen, gaping dumbly at Sam Hell unsure if he should continue.

“I think you know Jayden” Sam Hell smirks.

Jayden’s eyebrows rise comically, “Well if you want money, you won’t find any.” he replies bravely, trying to avoid the angry gaze from Sam’s piercing red eyes. To prove his point he gazes down with more than a little pride at his naked body, his slim swimmers physique now complemented by broader shoulders and thicker arms from all the wrestling, “As you can see I’m as naked as the day I was born.”

“That…I can see,” Sam Hell grinning meanly and he walks slowly around Jayden to view him from every angle. His red eyes seem to burn from within, alit with mischief until finally he stops, and Jack shifts his position too until Jayden finds himself sandwiched between the two muscle-bound assailants who are now facing towards him from both sides. The contrast between them almost makes Jayden laugh; Sam Hell the terrifying, handsome devil and Jack his dim witted, knuckle dragging assistant. What’s clear is they both share the same passion for cruelty and humiliation and Jayden’s is in no doubt that he’s in for a rough ride.

“Well Jayden, our dear caretaker will bring your meager possessions in the morning and if there’s any money, it’s mine! You got that!” Sam grabs Jayden by the chin and turns his head so their eyes lock together.

“Fine, er, take it. I…I don’t need it,” Jayden stammers, alarmed by the Devil-boy’s soul-sucking stare. He pulls his head away, trying to avoid looking at either of them and now he gets a clearer view of the third figure in the room. The dark skinned boy looks younger, about Jayden’s age, and is sitting sullenly on the floor, head down with his back to the closet. Like the other two he’s wearing the same regulation black robe and is clearly in some discomfort, groaning quietly with one hand tucked inside his robe as he nursing his groin.

“Who’s that?” Jayden asks.

“Him?” Jack scoffs and Jayden hear his voice for the first time, a deep baritone rumble through his thick blubbery lips. “He’s a nobody! The kid arrived a few days ago but Sam and I are already getting bored of playing with him; he’s so quiet and submissive, like a fucking mouse, right Hell? Even when I squeeze those shiny, black eggs of his, he barely makes a squeak, just writhes and squirms like a worm, snarling back at us like he’s some kind of tough guy…yeah right…just a puny kid! I bet he cries for his mommy as soon as we’re out of sight; well I bet that druggy whore is as worthless as he is”

“Stop calling her that!” the boy growls quietly, but keeps his heads down and Jayden can tell his young body is shaking with rage under his gown.

Jack and Sam both laughs cruelly as they turn their gaze towards the miserable boy, enjoying his suffering and Jayden feels the anger rising within him but it’s quickly put in check as he feels Jack’s subconsciously rolling and squeezing his plump nuggets between his crude, sausage-like fingers like stress balls.

With his captors both distracted for the moment, Jayden tries to ignore his aching nuts and carefully tests his bonds. He’s become pretty adept at escaping these situations whenever he’s given enough slack and from what he can tell he may have a slim chance. Seeing how close he is to the bunk bed behind him, Jayden uses his bare feet to slowly edge himself up the post, giving himself a bit of leverage and more slack to use his legs against the two laughing boys in front of him. With careful aim, Jayden suddenly thrusts both legs outwards and upwards. The sudden movement of Jayden’s ballsac alerts Jack who looks back at him with a dumb grin; seeing Jayden’s determined face, but more concerning are the two outstretched knees exploding outwards towards him and Sam Hell.

“Hell!” Jack manages to croak just a moment too late as Jayden’s body slams into both boys, his bony knees power upwards between the slits in their gowns and crash into their pelvic bones; the impact cushioned only buy the fleshy objects caught in their paths.

A quick glimpse into Jack’s eyes tells Jayden enough, after kneeing Chase so many times in the balls he’s knows that look of a proud male who’s nuts have been crushed, so Jayden quickly turns to his remaining threat, leaving Jack to slowly slump to his knees behind him. The Devil Boy’s eyes blaze back at him more fiercely than ever, there’s a small twitch on his right cheek and his muscles are clenching beneath his robe which is now flapping open at the front. From the loud crunch! Jayden is pretty sure he nailed Sam Hell’s dick and balls and sure enough through the gown Jayden can see those satanic spawn-makers swaying from the impact. Hanging from the pole by the hands, Jayden quickly launches a second strike and this time he watches as his knee sinks home, crushing the evil orbs into oblivion with a sickening THUD!

Sam Hell turns and stumbles towards the door after Jayden’s knee assault, hands dropping to his groin and Jayden feels a momentary relief, not having to face that evil gaze, which allows Jayden to focus on his escape and he has to be quick if the Devil Boy is as tough as they say. He hears a loud crack by his feet as Jack’s forehead smacks into the floor and the big brute falls to his side, curled up in a pathetic child’s pose whining, “My balls! Oh god my balls!”

Ignoring him, Jayden’s swings his legs back to the post and he manages to find, and then stand on the lower half of the bunk bed. His brown eyes turn to the boy sitting in the back of the room, “Quick, help me escape, and I‘ll make sure these two never torment you again.”

The black boy waivers, glimpsing up to see Jack’s defeated body then he clambers to his feet and rushes forwards. Finally, Jayden gets a good look at him, and is astonished that he recognizes him.

“Leroy?” Jayden whispers urgently locking onto the boys deep, dark eyes in the dimly lit bedroom. “You, you live here too?”

Leroy’s shakes his head, “Look I’ll explain later, OK.” He reaches up and starts to untie the knots above Jayden’s head.

“No!” Sam Hell’s angry voice fills the room as his red eyes glare across “Get up now Jack, and stop them!”

Jack looks up but can only grunt as he rolls back into a fetal position, his fat, clumsy fingers nursing his groin as he gasps and whines, “I can’t, he, he crushed my nuts, ooh fuck!”

With an angry growl, Sam Hell rolls his shoulders and takes a brisk stride towards Jayden while Leroy continues to work frantically to untie the knots above Jayden’s head. Jayden can only hope and pray that Leroy succeeds, and does so quickly.

“Come on, come on,” Jayden whispers urgently up at the knots as Sam Hell glides toward them. He can’t help but glance up at his former team-mate, the black boy’s robe now flapping open at the front and Jayden is pleased to see that Leroy is developing a rather solid looking six pack. He’ll need a partner with some brawn to take on these two thugs and maybe Leroy will prove his worth.

By now Sam has advanced within striking distance of Jayden but the red-eyed demon seems in no rush to finish the boy off. The cruel grin is the only visible emotion on his striking face and he shows no outward signs that he just had his testicles crushed twice by Jayden’s knee. Frustrated Leroy groans in despair and glances up at Hell knowing he’s too late, he barely started to unravel the knots and he knows that he’s in real trouble now.

“Nice try, Jayden. You really think a runt like you can hurt me? These are balls-of steel kid” Sam Hell smirks as he slaps his groin, making his genitals sway under the dark, silky material “No-one has ever managed to crack these tough man-eggs and if you dare to try again I’ll crush your overgrown boy-balls,” threatens Hell his red eyes ablaze with anger. “And as for you Leroy, get down from there now or I’ll squeeze your black berries until they…”

Bored of the monologue, Jayden powers his foot upwards and his experienced knee finds its fragile targets again. Sam Hell had foolishly left himself wide open, not believing that anyone would be so daring to strike him for a third time. Once again his devil-nuts take the full brunt of Jayden’s knee. The fleshy orbs are hammered into Hell’s pelvic bone with a satisfying crunch!

Huuugh!” Sam Hell grunts loudly as he’s almost lifted off his feet and he lands heavily, rocking on his heels, his red-eyes blinking in shock and his fists clenched tightly by his sides then without a word he rises up to his full height staring daggers into Jayden’s eyes. Jayden gulps and lashes out again but this time Sam is expecting it, he catches Jayden’s foot and the evil grin returns to his face.

“Alright kid, let’s see if your boy-balls are as tough as mine!” Hell laughs wickedly, and draws his own leg back then fires it between Jayden’s thighs crashing into the boy’s plump nuts, smacking them hard against the bed post. Jayden’s poor nuts are now sandwiched between the post and Sam’s foot.

Momentarily stunned Jayden gasps “My boynuts!” while his eyes cross, mouth falling open as he openly moans in agony. Jayden gets no sympathy from Sam Hell who twists his foot, contorting the virile young testicles under his toes making Jayden yelp as stars flash behind his eyes. Then Sam straightens his leg outwards pressing into Jayden’s balls with all of his upper body strength behind him.

Leroy hears the commotion and looks down in horror as he sees Jayden, his former swim-teammate and friend being demolished in front of his eyes. Jayden’s nuts are bulging outwards obscenely from the force of Sam Hell’s bare foot squeeze, the skin of Jayden’s normally rosy ballsac is now gleaming white from the pressure that his poor balls are being subjected to.

With one last pull, Leroy manages to free Jayden’s wrists which immediately go to his balls to try to extricate them from Sam Hell’s devastating foot, but Jayden’s big balls are trapped like a fly in a web, and all Jayden can do is beat at Sam’s foot feebly as his nuts are being destroyed.

Leroy leaps to the ground and takes careful aim as he comes to Jayden’s rescue once more. The athletic, black skinned swimmer kicks out with his own foot, smashing it into Sam Hell’s testicles from the side, piercing the left worse than the right as his toe connects.

Sam Hell grunts deeply then turns with a shocked expression towards Leroy, his red eyes blinking, reminding Leroy of the dying Terminator. The Devil-boy stands swaying, momentarily frozen on the spot, utterly gob-smacked that this submissive brat would dare to strike his family jewels. But before Sam can decide his next move, Leroy winds up and punts him right in his devil-balls again. A satisfying crunch! reverberates around the room as Leroy’s shin bone pummels Sam’s demon-makers deep up into his bony girdle. Sam’s jaw-line suddenly clenches tighter and Leroy can see the tendons threatening to burst out of his neck but the tough wrestler just shakes his head and refuses to go down, one fist is still clenched defiantly at his side while the other hand nurses his mangled jewels.

However Leroy’s troubles are far from over as he hears Jack’s angry voice behind him “Mommy’s boy, I am going to destroy you for that!” Jack is back on his feet and Leroy finds himself in the shadow of the hulking brute, the seventeen year old dwarfs Leroy in size, and Leroy can only retreat towards the bunk beds and scramble up to the top bunk as quickly as he can to avoid him.

Chuckling Jack comes towards the bunk beds reaching up and grabbing both of Leroy’s legs. “Let’s make a wish, shall we?” Jack says as he pulls Leroy’s body toward one of the bedposts.

“No!” Leroy calls out anxiously seeing Jack arrange his legs in between the post, as his body slides along the mattress his balls being pressed up against the wooden post.

“Your own fault Leroy, you dared to defy us and now I get to hear you sing, mommy’s boy! Jack goes to pull back his arms ready to squish Leroy’s vulnerable sack when Jayden launches a ferocious uppercut from below, slamming his whole shoulder into Jack’s nutsac.

Jack seems to fold around Jayden’s shoulder, as the hulking brute groans, instantly releasing Leroy’s legs and collapses back to the ground with a heavy THUD from wince he came!

Leroy leaps down from the top bunk, his groin uninjured and joins Jayden to face the enraged Devil-boy. Fire burns behind the villain’s blood red eyes and despite their numerical advantage, both boys find themselves shuddering at the fear-some sight, trying to avoid the demons beastly glare. Before either can make a move they are interrupted by a loud yell from outside the door.

“What in the devil’s name is going on up there!” Mr. Sullivan yells up the stairs “Sam Hell! I’ve warned you! If I find you out of bed, you’ll be sent straight back to the Correction Center.”

Jayden and Leroy freeze on the spot gaping at each other, then they look back to see Sam Hell’s face has turned deathly pale. Sam Hell finally pulls his foot away from Jayden’s groin, releasing his hold letting Jayden sit down on the mattress nursing his balls. With a final accusing stare, the Devil Boy tip-toes towards the door, and mouths, “This is not over kids, I’ll be back.” Sam departs silently leaving Jack still writhing on the floor. Together the two boys drag the groaning hunk out of the door into the hallway, then quietly close the bedroom door behind them.

Jayden surprises Leroy completely by hugging him, “Man am I ever happy to see a familiar face. Thank you for helping me, I hate to think what would happen if you did not come to my defense.”

“I know what would happen,” Leroy says glumly. “Happens to me on a daily basis.”

“Really?” Asks Jayden, concern in his voice as let’s Leroy go as one hand stil nurses his pounding bare testicles.

“Yeah,” Leroy confirms handing Jayden the pajama bottoms from the bottom bunk.

Jayden quickly pulls the bottoms on, they fit him quite snuggly.

“You don’t mind if I have the top bunk,” Leroy asks. “I just feel safer up there.”

Jayden taps the bottom bunk, inviting Leroy to join him, “As long as you tell me how you got here.”

Leroy sighs as he sits down next to Jayden, “It’s a long story.”

“I have time,” Jayden says.

“We have to be up in a few hours, and you’re headed to the academy now, it’s going to suck.”

Jayden holds out his hands in emphasis, “All of this sucks. But Gino is coming for me he’s going to get me out of this.”

“Really? I thought that he hated you.”

Jayden lays back onto his pillow, “No. Our relationship is…well complicated. But he does not hate me. He loves me, deep down in his own weird and complicated way. He won’t let me end up here. Plus in a few months hopefully everything gets worked out with my Mom and she’ll be back.”

“My Mom is never coming back,” Leroy admits in a small voice, his bottom lip quivers.

“What happened Leroy?” Jayden asks again sitting up and putting his hand on his back, rubbing it in semicircles soothingly.

“She…she’s in jail,” confesses Leroy his shoulders so proud a moment before slump in earnest as the full weight of his mother’s absence grips him.

Jayden gently pulls the boy’s face against his chest and a solitary tear rolls down Leroy’s noble face.

*** Bill ***

Bill sits in the bleachers looking down at the two athletic teens facing off in the wrestling ring, both are wearing the same sky-blue, figure hugging wrestling singlets that sparkle under the spotlights.

A week earlier Doug had laid down a man-challenge to Chase to wrestle him in front of the whole class. Doug was seeking revenge on the blond swimmer for pulverizing his big hairy balls when Doug had tried out for the swim-team a few weeks before. Chase had accepted, not wanting to lose face, and the blond teen now stands in his corner, confronted by one of the biggest, toughest guys in the wrestling team. Doug is brimming with confidence as he flexes his beefier biceps to the crowd and Bill cheers wildly, knowing full well that someone is going to get their beloved balls pulverized in the ring today!

Chase!!! Bill’s nemesis and rival for Jayden’s affection is standing silently at the opposite side of the mats. Tall and defiant he watches his daunting opponent like a hawk, stone-faced, emotionless. Even Bill can’t help feeling impressed by the blond captain’s fearless appearance. Despite all his efforts Bill’s jealous eyes keep drifting back to the blond stud’s chiseled physique and the exquisite bulge around his rather generous package. Bill groans in envy at he’s reminded of Chase’s physical and sexual superiority and suddenly it seems inconsequential that the blond Adonis is not quite in the same league as super-studs like Jayden and Doug. With a scowl Bill recoils, breaking his gaze away from Chase in self-disgust as he feels his cock begin to stiffen, his finger sized boner straining upwards against the resistance of his Lycra singlet. It makes him feel sick to the core that Chase is so handsome and manly, his sculpted muscles even bigger than Jayden’s but Bill can see straight through his beauty to the dark depths of his soul. Chase is nothing but an arrogant, heartless bully and totally deserves to get his beloved testicles crushed to a pulp by Doug!

After a long stare, Chase also averts his gaze from Doug and looks up to the stands, squinting against the bright lights, scanning the rows of seats fervently. He’s looking for someone, and Bill knows exactly who he seeks because he’s doing the same thing. But no matter how hard they search, Jayden is nowhere to be found.

Bill wears a sorrowful frown as he leans forward just as one of the upper classroom strolls onto the mats to introducing the two fighters. Bill had invited Jayden to come tonight to let him witness his blond rival’s destruction and humiliation; to make Jayden see first-hand that at heart Chase is no more than a weakling and a coward but his plan has fallen apart. Bill knows that Jayden often switches his phone to airplane mode to save battery, added to which their relationship is more than a little strained now, but it’s still strange that Jayden hasn’t answered a single message all evening. The unfortunate episode at the school gym still plagues Bill’s mind, he’s still steaming mad and hurt by Jayden’s show of affection towards Chase but tonight was supposed to fix all that. A chance to talk things out, to figure out where they really stood. Clearly that was not going to happen now.

“What’s wrong baby-nuts? They still refuse to grow, huh?” Adam laughs meanly as he takes the seat that Bill was saving for Jayden.

“Screw-you, Adam,” growls Bill in his chipmunk voice. “Go sit over there with your so-called friends.”

“Sorry, Captains orders, we have to keep a good eye on you in case you try anything funny…like helping Doug out,” Adam grins as he pulls out an expensive looking, slim laptop and powers it on.

“Actually I’m going to be busy for most of the event, but I brought some friends of yours to entertain you…”

“Hey Bill! Here we are!” chirps Max, squeezing past Adam to stand next to Bill while Rex barges in from the other side, much to Bill’s annoyance, leaving him sandwiched tightly between them.

Bill’s Spidey-sense immediately perks up as he sees the expressions on the pesky twins’ faces; their trade-mark, mischievous grins that can only mean trouble. Knowing that they have something unpleasant in store for him Bill seizes the initiative and punches both fists upwards, right into both brother’s small packages.

“Oooof,” both twins groan and lean forward, grabbing their nuts.

Bill grins proudly as he sees Max grimacing as he slides his hands into his waistband and begins to rummage around inside his sweatpants.

“Ow, he nailed lefty! Oooh my nut! Wait, hang-on…aah shit, he got righty too!” Max grumbles across to his brother as he slumps heavily onto the seat.

“Dammit, bro, he got both of mine too,” Rex groans quietly as his nut-pain drops him onto the hard plastic seat.

“Well lucky I’ve got a good aim!” Bill smirks “Seeing that both of you are rather lacking where it counts. Bill stands up, taking off his sweatshirt and pulling down his sweat-pants. Underneath he’s wearing the Bartlet wrestling singlet that Gino gave him the other day, the bright red Lycra clinging to his body, his defined abs are nicely showcased as the material clings to his small, tight frame. Pointing to his crotch, Bill grins down proudly, “Feast your eyes on my growing nuts, boys. Look! They’re bigger than your puny twin-pips now. Hey Adam, you too! I bet my swelling testicles dwarf even yours now!”

Adam looks over at Rex and Max holding their sore nuts, then looks up to see Bill glimmering in bright red, his little boy bumps poking outwards as if he’s dropped a couple of small olives into his pouch.

“Oh boy!” he laughs out loud “Bill, they look like pimples! Poor kid, you really should get a doctor to check if you’re really a boy? Maybe you can get some pills to make them grow.”

The three boys laugh loudly as Bill’s face turns bright red but their voices are drowned out by the roar of the crowd as Doug and Chase begin to circle each other. The fight is on!

“Shit keep him busy, boys!” Adam commands as he turns his focus to the laptop screen, his finger swiping the mouse frantically. After a short stand-off Doug rushes forward, his war cry echoing how much he wants to crush Chase after his humiliation in the locker room. With one sharp click on Adam’s laptop, the lights suddenly go out.

Screams echo around the gym, but seconds later there’s a flash, once, twice then the lights switch on, bathing the arena in a blinding light. Bill shields his eyes as his pupils adjust and stares across at the middle of the mats where the two fighters are close together. To his dismay, Chase has got into a dangerous position behind his rival, while Doug peers around, dazed and disorientated.


A thunderous toe-punt, smashes into Doug’s hefty spuds, forcing the tough wrestler to lean forward into exactly the position Chase wants. One hand reaches around his chest while the other thrusts between his mighty thighs and Doug howls in pain as he feels them meet up in a deadly clutch around his big hairy gonads. Bill curses, knowing what comes next. The notorious crotch-lift! The same move that Jayden used on Chase at the pool-side, nearly emasculating the hunky bully and the same that Chase had used with great effect on Gino a few days before. With a manly roar and every muscle flexing on his sexy body, Chase heaves Doug skywards, high up into the air, the wrestler screaming in pain and shock, trying to break the hold but Chase knows another trick! Suddenly he lets Doug fall but it’s a short drop as Chase flexes his biceps, catching him by the balls and holding him up on tiptoes as he crushes the two hard-boiled eggs in his hands before raising him aloft again and repeating the move. The wrestlers around
the room groan and hold their balls in empathy each time Doug crashes into the nut breaking grip while the swimmers whoop with excitement and joy.

Bill cannot believe his eyes, how can Doug be losing? That’s when the computer beeps and a row of spotlights begin to twirl on the ceiling, creating a crazy mirage of racing colors around the gymnasium as the crowd watch Chase demolishing his rival.

Bill turns furiously across at Adam and yells “You! You did that?”

His mouth drops open as he points up at the lights.

“Bastards, you cheated! How much did Chase drop to install those lights?”

“Well Baby-nuts, a good show doesn’t come cheap!” Adam laughs.

Still standing, Bill starts to climb over the seat to try and intervene and take the laptop from Adam.

“No you don’t,” Rex says grabbing one of Bill’s arms pulling him back into his seat on the bleachers. Max grabs Bill’s other arm and then each boy hooks a leg opening Bill’s thighs up nice and wide displaying the equipment that he so proudly showcased mere minutes ago,

“Max I think Bill is bored of the show. How about we entertain him!” Rex grins.

Max nods his head, “Great idea bro! How about we play Go, Fish! Let’s see who can find a fish egg first!”

“And crack it open?” Rex asks hopefully.

“Only was to win in Go, Fish I’m afraid,” Max says.

“Guys…” Bill begins as each of the brother’s place their free hand on his thighs and slowly inch along the inseam of singlet the two brothers begin singing.

“The Itsy Bitsy Spider crawled up the water spout…” chorus the twins as their hands mimic spiders like the nursery rhythm dancing down Bill’s thighs until they start tapping Bill’s nuts with their fingers, tip tap tip.

“I think that we found what we were looking for,” Max smile widens.

“Shit,” Bill struggles starring down at his crotch in dread as the chills creep and spread up and down his whole body.

“These eggs are a little small don’t you think?” Rex asks his smile now just as big as his brother.

“Just a bit…maybe Bill was delusional when he said our balls were smaller than his,” Max adds.

“Looks like I got the right one,” Rex says.

Max looks up at his brother and sighs, “There is not enough of a sac for me to grab the left nut.”

“That’s too bad,” Rex says scooping the other in his hand. Bill feels his balls being rolled in Rex’s hand. “We could take turns?” he suggests.

“Naw! I’ll play with this little worm instead,” Max tugs on Bill’s half-cocked dick running his fingers up and down the shaft. Bill didn’t wear any underwear as the singlet holds his boyhood in place so well, but he is quickly regretting that decision now.

Bill gulps, “Rex, Max…I promise I’m not bored. I’ll watch the match. Promise,” Bill appeals looking first at Max and then at Rex.

“Naw…” Max repeats tugging on Bill’s dick beneath the thin silky fabric of Bill’s singlet. Bill’s penis is swelling rapidly under Max’s quick finger movements causing the prone boy to groan audibly.

“Nice work,” Rex says encouragingly. “At this rate he will spurt in no time.”

“If he can!” Max laughs, and Adam and Rex quickly join in the fun. “I’m so good at this because I have had lots of practice, right Rex?”

Rex’s ears turns pink, but he focuses his attention on Bill’s lower anatomy ceasing his rolling of Bill’s marbles, instead focusing on starting to slowly squeeze the tiny Tic Tac’s. Bill notices instantly, looking up with puppy dog blue eyes at Rex.

“Hey look, Bill’s eyes are turning blue. Maybe that’s the color they take when he’s turned on,” Rex says trying to change the subject.

“Or in pain,” jokes Max. “Think he will last longer than you 30 second squirter?”

If it was possible for Rex’s face to turn any redder he would. Even Adam pulls himself away from the match to look at Rex, a sad sorry look on his face. “That true buddy?”

Rex angrier than ever squeezes Bill’s nuts viciously making Bill jump in his seat, his body trembling in agony. Max holds him steady by tickling the sensitive under cap of Bill’s throbbing penis.

“Guys…you have to stop,” Bill bites his lips, the material around his groin starting to moisten with precum as Bill can’t help but hump Max’s fist, while Rex crushes his balls. “Fuck, if you don’t…” but Bill does not finish his sentence, it takes all his concentration to try and hold back his oncoming orgasm.

“Spoke too soon,” Max smiles leaning in and whispering to Bill, “I think that you have the longevity of poor Rex here. Too bad for you, and for Jayden. He must get so bored with this little useless worm of yours,” taunts Max as he swirls Bill’s cock head in semicircles.

Struggling against the twins, Bill moans in pleasure and pain gritting his teeth his cum boiling in his testes. “I’m…” Bill warns as he shuts his eyes knowing that he is about to cross the point of no return.

“Here comes little Billy!” Max heckles pinching the tip meanly, before going back to the classic up and down motion, his fist a swirl of movement bringing Bill to the edge.

Bill’s eyes flutter open, with one last moan he feels his whole body tremble as Max and Rex lean in leering watching him as he thrusts one last time into Max’s palm before shooting off.

“Ugggnnnnn!” Bill moans cumming for the first time by someone’s hand other than his own.

“Did it,” Max grins. “Turns out even baby nuts lasts longer than you Rex. He lasted for six minutes instead of your usual four.” Max keeps pumping as Bill soaks his singlet, his fight drained out of him as he collapses in his seat; surprisingly he still continues to cum. Bill has not orgasmed since he forced his dick in Gino’s mouth months ago and his penis still churns sending another volley outwards which starts to drip down from his singlet to the floor.

Adam, Max, and Rex are impressed with Bill’s ability to cum so much and watch in fascination as Bill starts to groan again and Max shouts, “He’s going to cum again!” rather unnecessarily.

Bill leans back breathing deeply in and out as he thrusts into Max’s hand pumping out another creamy batch, this time the amount is less spectacular but Bill’s on cloud nine in pleasure except for Rex who keeps a steady hand on his cumshooters squeezing them together, feeling the cum churning inside the tiny testes.

Exhausted Bill collapses against his seat, his tiny cock going limp in Max’s hand. Max finally let’s go and so does Rex.

The twins stare at him in amazement, clearly impressed. Even Adam stares wide eyed at the amount of jizz that came out of Bill. None of the three have ever produced so much, and they can’t help but admire Bill for this. The three look at each other, acknowledging that Bill with his tiny nuts can sure produce.

Max smiles smugly, “Something to remember us by.” Max slams fist downwards as hard as he can making sure that he knuckles smacks both of Bill’s balls, but how could he miss such tiny targets.

Bill lurches up, eyes popping open fully awake, he groans miserably and Max and Rex let him go watching him fall to the floor clutching his empty balls in utter agony.

“That was fun!” Max and Rex both high-five each other standing up over Bill in clear dominance over their beaten teammate.

Adam looks back at the match cursing himself. “Shoot I missed Chase’s finisher, and now the match is over! I blame baby nuts. Pick him up, let’s bring him over to the flag pole.”

“Great idea,” Rex and Max say grabbing Bill, lifting him up easily between the two of them dragging him down the stairs towards Chase who lets Doug finally fall to the mat, a wet puddle covering part of his singlet and the floor around him.

Bill struggles in the twins grasp as Chase walks over smiling. “Looks like Doug isn’t the only loser tonight.”

Bill looks up a face of pure hate rating towards Chase. “This is your doing to me.”

“Guilty as charged,” Chase smirks the corner of one lip moving steadily upwards. “Apparently Jayden was not here to save you, that’s too bad. Bring him to the flag pole.”

“How about, no.”

Everyone turns to stare up at Gino.

Gulping Rex and Max lower Bill to the floor, and stand on either side of Chase flanking him. Quickly, Adam joins and the four boys click their knuckles together menacingly.

“You were saying?” says Chase whose smirk has only grown in size.

Gino gives a wolf whistle, loud and piercing and three much larger boys stand behind him. Bartlet High School Wrestling jerseys shine underneath the fluorescent lighting. Kim speaks first, “We will count to five, then we are coming after you. One, two…”

At “One,” Rex and Max seem to shoot across the room heading towards the exit as fast as they possibly can. Adam takes one look at Chase, cough and runs with his tail between his legs the Bartlet High School Wrestlers giving chase to Chase’s henchboys.

“You got him?” Kim asks.

“Easily,” Gino answers.

Kim pats him on the back and turns to follow his other teammates.

“What do you want?” Chase demands.

Gino reaches down a hand pulling Bill unsteadily to his feet. “I need your help, Jayden’s in trouble.”

*** Jayden ***

After listening to Leroy’s story he helps him fall asleep in what must be the first time in a while judging by the darkened circles underneath his eye lids. “Sleep well Leroy,” Jayden murmurs as he climbs into his own bunk.

Jaden already decided that he was not going to sleep tonight. He’s not sure if he’s safe here, in fact he knows that he is not. After the skirmish with Sam Hell and Jack, they will be looking to exact their revenge. Jayden has two things on his mind, he needs his phone. Somehow he has to get it, and the envelope with the cash. He knows that he and his brother are going to be needing both.

He figures that Mr. Sullivan will be laundering his clothes around five, more than likely he put them in the washer before bed. That means around 5:45 they will be done with five to ten minutes of folding. That’s when Jayden plans on making his move, sneaking into Mr. Sullivan’s study to get his phone. With no access to an alarm clock, he has to stay awake. He paces the room and it’s then that he remembers the match.

Walking brusquely to the window he looks out at the unfamiliar setting of houses. Jayden is not sure where he is, he does not recognize this part of town, and he did not pay attention on his way over, which he kicks himself for now. “I hope you did okay Chase,” Jayden murmurs at his own reflection in the window. “I’m sorry that I was not there.” He places his forehead against the glass, closing his eyes picturing Chase beating Doug victoriously, executing the moves that the two of them practiced.

Jayden starts to chub up a bit, but thinking of Chase hurts deep within his core. And it brings back the memory of how angry Bill was, and his brother always his brother trying to fight him in endless battles of dominance and power. Could he trust Gino to save him? He’s not sure.

But then the memory of Gino looking anguished at their house alone comes back to him vividly. “No, he will come get me. I’m sure of it.”


Zeke said...

Noooo Doug should have won.

Zeke said...

Bring Doug back in another storie please. He is a good fighter, he deserved something better.

Zeke said...

Amazing chapter by the say. But Doug should defeat Chase im a future fight xd.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot to take in with this one story, great as always, but, I couldn't be the only one that expected to see a bit more of Chase's fight with Doug, the whole scene where Bill got his little tic tacs busted until he came on his little wrestling singlet by Chase's group is great and all but I would of have loved to have seen the fight between Chase and Doug, especially after it's said that he actually made him cum, which sounds super hot (of course this match was rigged as hell, so of course it won't count, at least for Doug I assume, so they could probably get a real rematch one of these days so chase can get knocked down a peg or two) but it would have still been nice

And I guess chase is off the table of suspects from being the one to call for Jayden and Gino's mom to be deported, since he fully expected him being there to see him win (And also cheat, maybe hoping that Jayden would see this and come fight him himself to avenge poor Doug and maybe... Have some fun? But that's only my imagination going wild of course)

Mr. Sullivan is just how I imagined he would have been, probably a retired general or something like that, so there's that

There's 2 new villains! Devil boy and Jack! Although I thought that his name itself was a bit too on the nose with the whole "Devil boy" and Sam Hell literally being his full name, I still very well like his description, those piercing blood red eyes and that very toned and muscular pale body sounds super hot and I can't wait for him to reveal what he was packing inside those pijamas, and I guess Jack works as his dumb assistant(The Frankenstein to his Dracula), the addition of Leroy was weird to me, on one side I like seeing some black nuts getting busted but on the other hand, the reason why Leroy is there in the first place is pretty sad and real...

I can't wait to see more of these stories!

-Anon 1

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Zeke,

I am so glad that you liked this chapter! I was really using the ballbusting fight between Chase and Doug as a backdrop for the important plot events happening. I did not realize how much you and Anon 1 wanted to see that fight; I did not anticipate that! I will be more conscientious of that in the future. In addition, I did not realize that readers actually liked Doug. I'm very surprised! I'll see what I can do to drag him back in at some point.

Dear Anon1,

I'm glad that you liked this chapter! It was a huge risk to take the series in a different direction, I am glad that you like part 1. 5 more chapters have been written and are coming out this month so a lot more reading will be coming soon!

It's true Chase was seen looking for Jayden, and was disappointed that he was not there. I do love your plot idea if Jayden showed up, got annoyed with Chase's antics and interceded on Doug's behalf. That would have indeed been fun! I swear, you guys have great plot ideas!

We absolutely have three new villain's with Devil Boy (aka Sam Hell, how he got that nickname is obvious; and corny but I slightly love the idea) and Mr. Sullivan. Jayden has his hands full.

Leroy being in that situation is sad. I wanted to give Jayden a character that he could interact with who was not awful to him, and this brings back a great character created by Reg back into the fold. He presence will effect Jayden in a big way as his heart of gold knows no bounds in trying to help others.

You won't have to wait long for the next one! With five more all due in September you may be sick of the Gino and Jayden saga by then.

Thanks for reading and responding back Annon1 and Zeke!



Anonymous said...

Any news about the next part of Family Jewels? Last one was 7 months ago...

Any other father vs son mutual ballbusting fights would be welcome as well!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

I love the Family Jewels story as well! And father vs son stories are always fun. There is a tab to request stories from Alex, I have not written either of those stories, but Alex does take requests!

I hope that you enjoyed this latest story that I wrote, take care!



Harry said...

Jimmy, thanks for keeping us all entertained while Alex is away! You're a hero for writing so many stories at once. The split-up family scenario is pretty raw, but it's cool to see Jayden stepping up and showing his character by looking after Leroy. And your new villain is great. I was sold on his name alone lol.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Harry!

I've been working on keeping everyone entertained all summer long. I'm glad that you are liking it! The story is in a much darker place, but it's just the beginning, things can get better!

I loved writing Sam Hell, Devil Boy. He's so evil, and vicious. I'm glad that you like his name!

Leroy is going to play an important role during this story, and is very important to the plot. I was happy to bring him back!

Part 2 of 6 drops tomorrow!



I hope that you like that one too my friend!

Anonymous said...

Great story as always, Jimmy, keep it up! I can't wait to see Leroy getting busted more as the stories go on, because I have a feeling Leroy will be a more important character on the series, or at least become close to Jayden after all of this trauma the two of them are going through right now

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Absolutely! How could one not become closer after an event such as this? Even after Jayden leaves the clutches of this foster family, what will happen to Leroy? We all know Jayden won't rest until he figures out the answer to that question. And if you usually become closer to Jayden, your nuts usually get knocked around quite a bit. We will be seeing a lot more of Leroy as this story goes on.