Monday, September 7, 2020

Best of the busts: August 2020

August is over, and it's time to look back at the last month. You probably know our ratings feature that allows you to leave feedback quickly and easily. At the bottom of each post you can rate it on a scale from awful (1 star) to excellent (5 stars).

Many of you have left their votes and I encourage you to use the feature because it helps me understand which posts you like and which posts you don't like. Of course I'm always trying to make my readers happy, and you can count on my desire to give you more of the stuff you like and less of the stuff you don't like... :-)

Now let's have a look at last month's posts. If you haven't read every single one of them you might want to check out one of the top picks...

The five top rated stories of August 2020:

Fun at the gym
(Brock meets Parker and the twins)
average rating: 5.00/5 (10 votes)

Vince goes wild - part 2:
Zach's challenge
(written by Xander)

average rating: 4.88/5 (8 votes)

Pankration - match 5: Karma
(written by Harry)

average rating: 4.83/5 (12 votes)

Love hurts -
a Gino and Jayden story
(written by Jimmy and Reg)

average rating: 4.71/5 (17 votes)

Worst babysitter ever -
a Gino and Jayden story
(written by Jimmy)

average rating: 4.25/5 (16 votes)

The five top rated "Video links" posts of August 2020:
Cup test (4): 4.80 (5 votes)
Sack taps and dick slaps (17): 4.67 (6 votes)
Comedy gems (25): 4.50 (4 votes)
Nutball mania (10): 4.50 (4 votes)
Shovelled: 4.25 (4 votes)

Honorable mention (for posts that don't fall into either category):
The B Factor - season 2: Your suggestions: 5.00 (7 votes)
What's the story? (7): 5.00 (4 votes) Original Videos: 
Cock crushed, balls busted - Extended trailer: 4.00 (4 votes)
Cock crushed, balls busted - Your opinion: 3.86 (7 votes)

My personal pick:
Last month I was especially thankful for the wonderful guest writers who contributed their stories to this blog. Without your help this blog would not exist! Thank you so much!

  • Thank you, Jimmy! You Gino and Jayden stories are absolutely fantastic! Last month's Worst babysitter ever - a Gino and Jayden story (average rating: 4.25/5 (16 votes)) is a prime example!
  • Thank you, Reg! Your collaboration with Jimmy on Love hurts - a Gino and Jayden story (average rating: 4.71/5 (17 votes)) resulted in ann extraordinary, epic adventure!
  • Thank you, Harry! Your Pankration series continues to be a crowd please - I just can't get enough of it, and Match 5: Karma (average rating: 4.83/5 (12 votes)) is absolutely wonderful!
  • Thank you, Xander! I love your Vince goes wild stories, and I especially enjoyed Part 2: Zach's challenge (average rating: 4.88/5 (8 votes))!

And what's your personal pick?
As I said, I always try to make my readers happy. Let me know what you liked about last month's stories, and I'll try and give you more of the same! What's your favorite story of August 2020? And what did you like about it?

Just leave a comment or send me an email (

And don't forget to rate the posts. It's just one click. :-)


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

My dearest Alex,

We had a great month last month!

So many fun stories, so many great videos, and fantastic ways for our community to interact. Thank you Alex for your commitment to our community and bringing us all together. I know that I speak for all of us when I say I appreciate it, and you!



Alex said...

Thank you so much, Jimmy! :-))

Buster said...

Totally agree with Jimmy! Awesome blog and your daily updates are a great escape these days. Please keep it up, bro ;)

Jamie said...

Hey Alex!

So my younger brother and I decided to start a ballbusting YouTube channel, and were wondering what kind of clips you think we should do? It’s going to be mainly me getting the busts, because it’s my thing, not his. But of course, he jumped at the idea when I told him! Any excuse to hit me in the nuts.

Anyways, we haven’t started making vids yet, because we want to make sure they’re worthwhile. For example, if people like ten minute videos of endless kicks, we’d do that. Or if people prefer a short video with one unique type of hit. Any ideas?


Jamie said...

I should add that we’re both in our twenties and share an apartment in Toronto! In case you were wondering

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys!

I‘ll take a break this month but I‘ll be back with daily updates when I return. :-))

That sounds fantastic! Why don‘t you send me an email ( or a DM on twitter (@ballbustingboys)? I have a few ideas that I would love to discuss with you. :-))

Anonymous said...

Could you please drop the link for your channel?