Friday, September 4, 2020

Surf buddies (Jimmy meets Logan and Michael)

Special thanks to Jimmy for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who likes some painful fun between friends) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Featured in this story: Logan and Michael (click for pictures)
“Oh fuck!” Logan screamed, his legs on either side of the surfboard, his nuts crushed between the board and his body, squashed flat by his own weight. “My nuts!” he added, his face a mask of pain, before sliding off his board and into the water.
His friends roared with laughter.
The day had been fun so far, a perfect surf day, sunny and breezy, windy but not stormy, and the three studs had been surfing for hours.
Logan was 18 years old, tall and blond, a handsome young man, muscular and athletic. He was a high school wrestler with several trophies under his belt but he enjoyed surfing just as much.
Michael was 22 years old, blond and blue-eyed just like Logan. A professional gymnast, Michael’s body was just as athletic and muscular as Logan’s.
At 24, Jimmy was the senior in the group. He had dark brown hair and green eyes and a juvenile sense of humor that made him seem like a teenager at times. But apart from that he was a full-grown man, and the massive bulge in his tight wetsuit proved it…
“My nuts”, Logan croaked after he had made it to the beach, clutching his crotch as he doubled over in pain.

“Looks like you crushed them good”, Jimmy chuckled.
“Yeah, I think I smelled peanut butter out there”, Michael chimed in. “Salt, seaweed and peanut butter…”
“Fuck you”, Logan groaned. “It’s not funny.”
Michael and Jimmy looked at each other. After a moment of silence, they burst out laughing.
“It is”, Jimmy laughed. “It really is.”
Logan glared at him.
“And you know what makes it even funnier?” Jimmy grinned. “The fact that you went on and on about Ashley’s promise to give you a blowjob tonight.”
The mention of Logan’s girlfriend and the thought of her talented lips on his aching manhood made Logan groan as he rubbed his groin.
“I guess you can kiss that blowjob goodbye”, Michael laughed.
“I bet that sucks”, Jimmy quipped.
Logan grimaced as both of his friends burst out laughing.
Logan’s eyes went from his buddies’ faces to their crotches and he stopped the merry amusement with a double whammy of a sack whack, punching them both in the nuts at the same time, turning their laughter into gurgling coughs of surprise and pain as they doubled over in pain.
“Yeah, that sucks”, Logan grinned, preemptively covering his crotch with both of his hands to shield his bulge from any further attacks. “I hope you didn’t plan on using your junk tonight because your junkyards are closed for business…”
It was a lame joke, and neither Jimmy nor Michael thought it was very funny.
They were cupping their crotches, groaning in pain.
Logan thought the worst was over – but an accidental nutshot was one thing, a deliberate attack on your friends’ precious plumbing was another.
Logan’s friendly fire had opened pandora’s box, and now it was open season on all of their beautiful gift boxes.
As soon as Logan let his guard down, Michael’s foot sailed up between his legs, hitting poor Logan straight in the unmentionables and eliciting a stream of obscenities delivered in a comically high-pitched voice.
“Good one, Mikey”, Jimmy laughed, clapping his hands. “Kick him right in the---”
Now it was Jimmy’s nuts that were on the receiving end of Michael’s hard, swift kick.
Michael’s foot slammed into Jimmy’s crotch, flattening his big, bulging crotch and making his eyes bulge and lose focus as his cheeks puffed and he sank to the ground.
“---nuts”, Jimmy whimpered in a tiny voice.
“Sorry, man, you know I hate that nickname”, Michael said matter-of-factly.
“And you seem to hate my future kids”, Jimmy groaned, massaging his nuts.
Before Michael had a chance to reply, Jimmy’s fist connected with his ball bag, ramming his tender testicles into his body and flattening them like pancakes.
“No kids for me, no kids for you”, Jimmy groaned with a crooked grin despite the pain that was clearly visible on his face.
Even though his balls were hurting like hell, Michael hadn’t lost his sense of humor. “Goodbye, Mikey Jr.”, he croaked as he sank to the ground.
“Goodbye, Jimmy Jr.”, came Logan’s voice from behind Jimmy.
Jimmy’s eyes widened but it was too late.
Logan’s fist shot up between Jimmy’s legs from behind, nailing him squarely in the plums.
Jimmy let out a gurgling grunt as he joined Michael on the ground, clutching his crotch.
Logan laughed, looking down at them, but his glee was short-lived when, in a move not unlike what Logan had performed on Jimmy, Michael’s fist shot up, crushing Logan’s nuts and bringing him to his knees as he moaned in agony.
With all the parties on the ground and clutching their parts, the nut-crunching came to a halt. All three of them were moaning in pain, nursing their battered balls.
A few minutes later, they were standing upright again, grimacing but grinning.
“Friends?” Jimmy asked, extending his hand.
Instead of shaking his hand, Logan shook Jimmy’s family tree with a well-placed kick to the crown, hitting both of his dangling apples dead on and turning them into compote.
Jimmy’s face contorted in pain and he let out a strained groan as he doubled over in renewed pain. “That means war, buddy”, he howled.
Now that Logan had refused the olive branch, Jimmy targeted his olives with the force and the rage of an injured warrior.
Jimmy’s hand shot up, hitting Logan square in the crotch. His own testicles were hurting like hell, but Jimmy gritted his teeth and grabbed Logan’s shoulders before ramming his knee into Logan’s crotch, crunching his nuts with all the force he could muster.
Michael grimaced in sympathy. “Looks like somebody is angry”, he mumbled, taking a step back as he watched Jimmy attack his buddy’s balls.
Logan let out an anguished wail as Jimmy drove his knee into his nuts again and again and again.
After half a dozen knees, Jimmy threw Logan to the ground and grabbed his ankles. Spreading them in a wide V, he looked down at the bulging target between Logan’s thighs.
Then he raised his foot and stomped down hard.
Logan’s bulge was flattened under Jimmy’s sole, and Logan screamed from the top of his lungs.
Jimmy had a mean grin on his face as he twisted his foot, crushing Logan’s nuts as if he was stomping out a cigarette butt, trying to extinguish the fire in Logan’s loins.
Logan was grunting and groaning in pain as Jimmy busted his balls, stomping down as hard as he could, squishing and squashing his nuts.
Michael watched his friends, grimacing in sympathy.
“Help!” Logan groaned, shooting Michael a pleading look.
Michael thought for a moment. “Okay, I’ll help.”
But instead coming to Logan’s rescue, he assisted Jimmy, holding Logan’s ankles and spreading them as Jimmy stomped down on his nuts.
Adding variety to the testicular assault, Jimmy brought his leg back and kicked Logan’s rapidly swelling balls, eliciting a high-pitched squeal from the blond high school wrestler.
“You know, you might want to pull those nuts out into the open”, Michael suggested with a grin. “Those neoprene pants offer far too much protection…”
“You are right”, Jimmy chuckled, pulling down Logan’s pants and exposing his genitals.
Logan’s nuts were swollen and bruised, and Jimmy gave them a playful slap with his pants, making Logan scream in agony.
Then Jimmy kicked Logan’s nuts as if he wanted to score a field goal.
Logan screamed at the top of his lungs, making both Jimmy and Michael roar with laughter.
“Wanna have a go?” Jimmy smiled at Michael.
“Fuck yeah!” Michael laughed.
They took turns kicking and stomping Logan’s nuts, eliciting all kinds of funny noises from Logan as they attacked his rapidly swelling sack of spuds.
Soon, the handsome blond’s balls had turned an angry shade of red, which inspired his buddies to try something new: use his balls as a speedbag.
Michael grabbed the neck of Logan’s sack, making his purple balls sit on top of his fist in the perfect position for a pristine punching.
Logan screamed and squealed as Jimmy pummeled his balls, using both of his fists to make Logan’s balls bounce wildly.
After a while, Michael took over, and Jimmy propped Logan’s nuts up.
Speedbagging Logan’s balls was a fun thing to do, and Michael and Jimmy took turns hitting his balls, trying out combinations and routines as Logan screamed in pain.
When they grew bored, they went back to kicking and stomping, squishing Logan’s balls under their bare feet until they were swollen to the size of overripe tomatoes – with the color to match…
“I think he’s had enough”, Jimmy said cheerfully after delivering a particularly nasty kick to Logan’s gonads that made his eyes roll back into his head.
“I know just the way to end this”, Michael grinned as he stepped back a few feet, stretching his limbs.
“Careful, or you’ll end his sex life in the process”, Jimmy quipped, making Michael laugh out loud.
With a running start, Michael performed a stunning run-up, backflip, summersault combination to land perfectly on Logan’s beaten balls.
Logan’s upper body jolted up and his eyes opened wide. His mouth opened wide, too, but no sound came out of it.
It was a silent, anguished scream, his face a mask of pain, as Michael stood on his battered, ridiculously swollen balls, flattening them like pancake as he used them as his exercise mat.
Jimmy roared with laughter as Michael, with a cheeky grin on his face, twisted his foot as he stood tall in the final position like an Olympic gymnast, cruelly squishing Logan’s balls.
Logan found his voice again, screaming at the top of his lungs.
Logan’s voice mixed with Jimmy’s laughter, until Michael stepped off of his nuts, allowing poor Logan to curl up in a ball, clutching his balls.
“I don’t think he’ll be in the mood for a blow-job tonight”, Jimmy quipped.
“Nope”, Michael chuckled. “Not tonight, and probably not tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow for that matter…”
They roared with laughter.


WaterSpirit said...

This story is sóōõöôöøöõōò góōõöôöøöõōòd......I loved it......Next part pls

Mickey said...

I absolutely love this. Though I have to say, I wish there was more surfboard and balls action.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Alex,

What a great story! Lots of ballbusting action, and as always a delight to see some favorites going at each other! Poor Logan did not make it out of that fight looking so hot. More than likely Ashley will be very upset with him because of this.
I've been thinking for a while that it would be interesting for Ashley to go after all the guys that ruin her and Logan's sex life. I'm not interested in M/F myself but it would still be a great story and one to consider visiting.
Great to see you writing as always!



Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))