Saturday, September 26, 2020

Video links: Pool balls


Playing pool is fun. Playing pool with your buddy's balls is AWESOME!

Here are some of my favorite videos featuring guys putting their balls on a pool table.

Let me introduce you to a brave young man who puts his balls on the line for his buddies' entertainment. I love the cameraman's commentary: "We got one ball right here, and we got a set of balls right here. [...] It hit the tip! That's two point for the tip!" Hilarious!

The cameraman in the next clip is equally gleeful about his friend's pain: "I wanna see his face as this balls sinks right in his nuts!" An additional plus is the close-up sideshot of the poor guy's bulge.

Too bad the next clip is blurred, but it's always a pleasure to see Jake Hillhouse get hit in the nuts.

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A fun way to up the ante is to drop your pants and let your ball bag dangle in one of the pockets. Ouch!

Here's another example of the bare ball dangle pool nut shot. Nice pair, buddy! It's a shame they are ruined now...

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Anonymous said...

My favorite is this!
Guy tells his friend to throw a pool ball at his balls

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment! That's what friends are for, right? :-))