Friday, September 18, 2020

Jayden saved? - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the fourth part of the epic "Displacement" arc of our beloved brothers' adventures. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

*** Gino *** 

Gino is heading to bed when he gets a phone call from Logan.

Logan: “Gino, there’s a problem with Jayden.” Logan says ignoring a polite formal greeting. The word problem makes Gino weak in the knees and sits back on Jayden’s bed, still reeling from his encounter with Bill.

“Please tell me that he’s okay,” Gino states his mouth running dry, his tongue tasting like sandpaper, a cool sweat appearing on his brow.

Logan: Takes a breath on the line before he goes on, “The lawyer called…and…how do I put this…”

“Logan! Spit it out!” Gino demands, frustration overruling his terror.

Logan: “Jayden assaulted both Sebastian the house keeper and Mr. Sullivan his foster father and is on the run. If he comes to you Gino you have to turn him in, otherwise you will be committing a crime by harboring him.”

Gino pulls the phone away from his ear starring in disbelief at the screen. “Jayden would never do that! He’s a good kid. You know him Logan, he would not hurt anyone without good reason, let alone two adults!”

Logan: “You don’t have to convince me. I trust him to babysit my two favorite cousins.”

Standing up Gino heads to his truck, “I have to find him.”

Logan: “No. Stay put. Most likely he is going to you. You need to be there when he shows up Gino.”

Gino closes the front door, but stares out the window as the storm picks up. “Can you go look for him Logan?”

Logan: “Already ahead of you, and so is the whole wrestling team. Everyone’s on high alert. We will find your brother Gino, I promise.”

*** Jayden ***

In the unfamiliar bathroom Jayden is reminded just how rich Chase really is. The luscious bathroom is covered in glossy marble tiles, each one gleams back Jayden’s wet reflection as he rubs the steam off of the bathroom mirror. Jayden is standing in Chase’s bathroom finally warm after taking such a long, hot shower. The various jets Chase set for him warmed him up all over. Jayden dries himself with the warm dry towel, the florescent glow of the lights dim, reflecting off of the bits of gold in the decorative tile.

Jayden can’t remember a better shower, or smelling this good in a long time. He opens the bathroom door, steam pooling out around him the towel hangs low on his waist just above his pubic area. He casts his eyes around looking for Chase, the warm glow of the shower still tingling his light brown skin. Jayden’s deep chestnut brown eyes discover a grilled cheese with tomato soup on Chase’s bed, his belly growls at the sight. His savior is busy typing on the computer at the other end of the room.

“I had Esmeralda whip up you something, I can tell by looking at you that you must be hungry, poor thing,” Chase says warmly closing the silver laptop and walking over to join Jayden on the bed.

“That was very thoughtful of you, and her. I will have to thank Esmeralda when I meet her,” Jayden says sitting on the bed carefully so his towel does not fall off.

“You can tomorrow. She’s gone for the evening,” Chase says putting his hand on Jayden’s cheek. “You had an eyelash right here, just wanted to fix it” Chase flicks something away and he rubs Jayden’s cheek his fingers running down to Jayden’s neck giving his shoulder a quick squeeze. “I was worried about you, Jayden.”

“Really?” Jayden asks genuinely looking thoughtful into Chase’s twinkling blue eyes.

“Everyone was. I made sure to contact everyone, you do not have to worry about a thing,” Chase grins. “Now eat up. And don’t worry about the confrontation that you had with your foster family, I took care of that too.”

Jayden’s burning to ask more, but acquiesces to Chase’s instance upon eating. The meal is delicious, the grilled cheese melty in his mouth, and the richness of the tomato fills his belly with warmth. He finishes the meal in about two minutes and Chase takes the tray away putting it on his bedside table as Jayden lays back against the pillows of the queen size bed. “Do you mind if I just rest my eyes a bit?” Jayden asks. “It’s been such a long day, and the night before I hardly slept a wink, I was a bit…ah tied up.” Jayden finishes with a large yawn.

“Go right ahead,” Chase says watching Jayden close his eyes. “You can sleep right here in my bed.”

Jayden’s brown eyes flutter open, he bites his lip before stating “I don’t want to take your bed.” Jayden tries to sit up, Chase gently but firmly pushes him back against the fluffy pillows.

“Nonsense. Besides Esmeralda already left, I don’t think the guest bedroom is fully prepared. Go on, rest those beautiful brown eyes of yours, there’s plenty of room for two” Chase murmurs, gently closing Jayden’s eyes with his hand.

“Stop it, you’re treating me like a little kid!” Jayden protests weakly giving Chase a friendly shove.

Laughing Chase pushes him back, and the two begin to grapple playfully on the bed, neither really trying, and for the first time Jayden allows himself to concede to the blond boy’s beautifully muscled body. Chase bites his pert lips, as he slowly grinds Jayden down until he’s lying spread-eagled beneath him, both boys are panting excitedly as Jayden bends his neck up to check that his towel is still covering his private parts. Chase is on top now, grinning like a Cheshire cat as he pins Jayden’s arms against the bed, they gaze at each other, both a little breathless and Chase leans down testing the waters with a gentle peck, his lips just grazing Jayden’s. The sweetness of minty toothpaste wafts from Jayden, mixed with the scent of fresh soup and clean skin.

“Chase…I thought you liked girls; just girls,” Jayden says his brown eyes, searching Chase’s blue ones.

“You’re a special exception to the rule,” Chase says as he begins to grind his hips against Jayden’s, the small thin towel is all that separates the two lusting teens.

Gasping, Jayden looks up at the handsome blond stud, his full chestnut-brown eyes burning with desire, his pupil’s dilating. He gulps “But Chase I can’t, I promised Bill...”

“Oh Jayden, I thought you knew…” Chase pauses, his hips stop their gyrating motion and the blond boy bites his lips, unsure how to continue. Their pelvises are still pressed together and for a moment, the only movement is the gentle throbbing of their swelling cocks against each other, separated only by the thin layer of soft cotton. Both boys let out a tiny moan, their eyes locked together, trying to ignore the gentle, eager nudging of their engorged teenage cocks. Finally Chase breaks the silence “Jayden it’s about Bill. He’s dating someone else. I’m sorry, I thought you knew.”

Jayden mouth opens, his eyes flicking between Chase’s but he sees only a look of deep concern, even sadness “But Chase, who?”

Chase turns his face away sitting up, releasing Jayen’s wrists and rests his palms gently on Jayden’s chest rubbing his slim pecs gently as he says, “It’s your brother Jayden, Bill’s dating Gino; I’m, I’m so sorry. I thought that you knew. Everyone at school is talking about it.”

Jayden stops breathing for a quick second, forgetting how. The moment passes before he utters a croaking, “What?” his voice laced with raw emotion “You must be wrong.”

“Apparently they had a thing for each other. There’s a video of them going around school…apparently they were in your bed,” Chase says gravely. He stops his movements leaving his hands on Jayden’s naked, finely muscled chest, their bodies sinking further into the mattress.

“I…I need…oh fuck,” Jayden crumples under Chase, throwing his hands over his face as he can’t help two hot tears boil over, rolling down his cheeks leaving little traces of tiny empty riverbeds behind.

“Hey it’s okay,” Chase says, “Don’t cry.” Chase shushes, leaning down.

This latest revelation puts Jayden over the edge, from losing his home, his mother, to the foster family from hell, and now Gino his own brother betraying him by dating what he thought was still his boyfriend. All of this mixes together and he can’t help but weep, hating every moment of the weakness.

Chase tenderly pulls Jayden’s face towards his chest and Jayden openly cries losing control, his body shuddering against his friend.

Jayden stays in Chase’s arms for some time until he can’t cry anymore. Utterly spent Jayden turns away from Chase and buries his face in the pillow feeling the dampness from his own tears.

Chase rubs his back soothingly, wrapping himself around Jayden until he feels him falls asleep, “Everything will look better in the morning,” Chase whispers into Jayden’s ear. Chase keeps rubbing Jayden’s tight muscles until he feels them give in, and the slow steady breathing takes over in Jayden’s chest with his heart settling into a slow methodical beat indicating to Chase that Jayden has gone into dream land.

Sitting up slowly, Chase covers Jayden with a sheet, tiptoes to the door, eases it open and closes it behind him.

Chase opens up his phone, hitting send to the first contact in his list.

“Adam, it’s all going according to plan,” Chase looks over his shoulder at the closed door. “I have him exactly where I want him.”

*** Chase (A few hours before) ***

Chase sits at his desk his fingers laced behind his head, elbows pointing out sidewise, and his chest puffed out with a satisfied look upon his face. Adam sits on the corner of Chase’s desk watching his friend, especially the slip of bare skin around his midsection that is exposed from the position that Chase is now in.

“So that’s it. Barbra Birr made your family eligible for fostering, and she’s going to bring Jayden’s things here. Wow, I can’t believe that you pulled it off,” Adam says.

Chases blue eyes sparkle up at Adam, “I always get my way Adam, you know that.”

Adam laughs, “Sure do! You even made the charges disappear that were filled disappear. You really do have some good connections.” Adam says admiringly.

Chase grins, “And with that video going viral around our school that we made of Gino and Bill, Jayden is as good as mine. No matter what baby nuts or his brother say; a video is more powerful than words. Nice edit by the way, even better than the last one Adam,” Chase says.

“It was pretty easy to edit in Bill’s tiny bare cock in Gino’s hand. I just used some of the videos from our locker room,” Adam grins wickedly. “And with the rest of Gino and Jayden’s house wired we can easily get more videos of Gino if necessary” Adam adds grinning wickedly.

“Pure genius of you,” Chase puts crosses his feet putting them up on his desk one of his toes grazes Adam’s thigh, Chase sees Adam blush at the touch, loving the effect that he gets from his friend. “What could I do without you buddy?” Chase asks.

The compliment, so rare and perfectly timed makes Adam’s mouth go dry as he turns scarlet. Chase is aware of how sexy he is, and the crush that Adam harbors. Chase rubs his foot along Adam’s shorts line inching his toes between the skin and fabric, “This is only going to work because of you. I’m off to pick up Jayden. The rain is an added bonus. Devil boy sent me a text that Jayden’s on the move on the burner phone you gave him; make sure to drop off the payment that I owe him on your way home, okay?”

Gulping, Adam nods staring at Chase’s foot, his own erection on the rise. “Pay attention!” Chase yells slamming his foot in between Adam’s open legs, the heel crushing Adams tender balls into the hard wooden desk.

Adam lets out a low groan as he bends over at the waist, pain gripping his lower stomach as Chase recoils his bare foot, making sure to drag Adam’s balls across the wooden desk top, squashing them flat. “The nights not over yet, so stay on task, Sam Hell says that Jayden left his house and is heading East. I’ll take the corvette so it’s easier for Jayden to spot in the storm.”

Chase stands up heading to the door leaving Adam clutching himself stupidly on top of his desk, groans out a “Fuck,” making Chase chuckle. Chase begins to whistle imagining Jayden in the same position, and very soon indeed.

*** Jayden ***

Jayden wakes the next day, his eyes feel crusty as he sits up hearing voices outside of Chase’s bedroom.

Looking across, Jayden sees Chase sleeping quietly right besides him, his beautifully sculpted chest gently rising and falling with every breath, each gentle puff warming his skin. Chase is wearing a pair of boxer shorts and nothing else. The blue plaid displays Chase’s impressive bulge, and Jayden is sorely tempted to reach out and caress his sleeping friends manly assets but he restrains himself, not wanting to abuse his friends trust and instead he just gazes, admiring his unexpected savior, his strong arms resting behind his head on the soft luxurious pillow. Jayden settles back against Chase, sliding one hand over his firm chest muscles until his index finger reaches the right nipple which he circles playfully, gently rubbing the nub, Chase’s skin is so smooth and firm under his touch as he closes his eyes, his morning wood now resting heavily against Chase’s bare thigh craving for him to do more. The towel that he wore the night before slipped off during his sleep and his bare, rigid cock leaks against Chase’s thigh.

Sometime later, Jayden awakes again. His body is intertwined with Chase’s and he’s still hard as a rock, it’s almost painful a yearning deep within his loins begging for more. A moan slips from between his lips and Chase murmurs against his ear, “Someone’s happy to see me. Are you trying to stab me with that weapon of yours?”

“Mmm,” Jayden purrs back. “Maybe,” he answers with a grin, his eyes becoming moist as he thinks of Gino and Bill but he pushes the thought aside as he rolls on top of Chase wanting to get lost in the moment, craving to forget what he learned the night before and the horrible days that have befallen him since babysitting Caleb and Junior when he was ripped from his home.

Both boys begin to open their sleepy eyes, gazing at each other. Jayden’s heart dances wildly doing flip-flops in his chest as he leans down, keeping eye contact with Chase, his former nemesis and one of the most beautiful boys that he has ever encountered. He bites his lip, wondering if this is some fucked-up dream that he will suddenly awaken from and return to his horror of his foster home. Well then, better enjoy it while it lasts, he thinks, as he puts his mouth against Chase’s, bravely taking the initiative.

Jayden kisses Chase slowly, his soft lips brushing against Chase’s slimmer firmer mouth. Chase kisses Jayden back just as passionately, the boys testing the waters as they let out groans from deep within their chests. Jayden slips one hand behind Chase’s neck, feeling the bare skin and the slight hairs along Chase’s hairline. Then he glides his hands over the powerful shoulders of the young Adonis, admiring the delightful curvature as his fingers stray further tracing the subtle vein that runs down  his strong upper arm. Chase just lies back and grins; his quest for physical perfection now paying dividends as Jayden lies beside him, worshipping his sexy body

“Yeah, feel my muscles” Chase grins proudly as he clenches both arms behind his head, making his firm rounded biceps jut up out of his arms like billiard balls and Jayden gasps, clutching them hungrily in his hands, his head flopping against the blond stud’s chest, overwhelmed by the boy’s beauty and power.

Then Jayden slips his hand under Chase’s neck, gently pulling him closer until their foreheads meet while his other hand brushes the boy’s sculpted abdomen tickling him with the gentlest swish of his fingernails against Chase’s smooth skin.

Chase thrusts up making Jayden gasp, as Chase’s mighty rock-hard penis pierces into his bulbous right testicle causing Jayden’s mouth to open in surprising flash of unexpended pain. Chase uses the opening and slips his tongue in Jayden’s mouth, thrusting once again into Jayden’s right testicle, and he feels the dampness of Jayden’s cock leaking on his abdomen.

Jayden is lost in pleasure and closes his brown eyes, the pain of Chase’s thrusting into his right nut keeping him firmly in the moment, but wanting nothing more than for Chase to continue.

Rolling over so he’s on top, Chase pins Jayden’s arms forcibly above him enjoying his dominating role.  Chase stares into Jayden, ordering him: “Now keep these here.” Chase presses Jayden’s wrists tightly into the fabric of the mattress.

Jayden nods in agreement and Chase locks his lips with Jayden briefly showing to the younger boy that he is in complete control. Chase bites Jayden’s lip, making him whimper as Chase kisses down Jayden’s neck, tingling the skin with each nip. Once he reaches the collarbone he leaves a painful hickey biting Jayden’s throat making Jayden thrust upwards his dick flaming painfully hard into Chase’s hip. “Oh Chase,” Jayden groans, the name raspy escaping his throat past Chase’s teeth.

“Stay still, you have not seen anything yet,” Chase says grinning up at Jayden, who keeps his arms in place as ordered. Chase kneels over him, licking his tongue all the way down Jayden’s chest, nipping playfully here and there until his sucks deeply against Jayden’s navel.

“Fuck!” Jayden whimpers. “Yes please, do it,” Jayden says, a note of pleading, dripping with desire in his voice which only makes Chase harder as he dips his head down to Jayden’s throbbing, obscene erection . The tip of Jayden’s dick is clear and exposed leaking pre-cum down the shaft and Chase leans forward putting the topmost half of Jayden’s dick, into his mouth and sucks.

“My god!” Jayden groans thrusting into Chase’s mouth, needing, wanting, and desiring more.

Chase chuckles as he slurps, both hands reaching downwards grasping both of Jayden’s balls in each fist and closes them, rolling the virile cumshooters in their sac.

Jayden’s breath hitches in his throat his eyes springing open as he thrusts deeper into Chase’s throat, “More Chase,” Jayden pleads. “Keep going.”

Chase grins, as he cruelly releases Jayden’s meaty cock and balls, which flops out of his mouth, his dick slapping against the bottom of his abs, clear goo splashing into on his belly button. “No rush, my little friend. Oh god, I’m so hard right now, Jayden.” Chase gasps “Now do you want to feel a real man’s cock? Go on, Jayden touch me, I know you want to.”

Jayden grins excitedly as he complies, peering down as he sliding his hands along the blond stud’s sculpted torso to grab his rock-hard tool. He gasps in excitement as, for the very first time, he gets to explore Chase’s manhood in it’s fully erect glory and it feels incredible, as if sculpted from warm, polished marble it thrusts upwards, straight as a rod. It’s the most beautiful specimen he’s ever seen and so perfectly proportioned; neither obscenely large like Gino’s nor as long and skinny as Leroy’s. Despite being fully erect the bright pink head is barely peaking out of Chase’s long, silky foreskin and Jayden can’t resist peeling back the smooth cover to get a full unrestricted view.

“Damn Chase, you’ve got a such a beautiful cock!” Jayden gushes excitedly as his slides one hand further down to cup the blond boy’s big dangling gonads.

“Yeah, it’s almost seven inches and still growing” Chase grins down proudly “and as you can feel, I’ve got a big manly set of balls to match. I know how you admire my big nuts and I bet you can’t wait for me to drench you in cum, my little friend!”

Jayden grins back, finding all Chase’s domineering and rather exaggerated bragging strangely exciting but his grin fades as Chase suddenly takes a firm grasp on Jayden’s horny young testicles.

“You know I really like your balls too, Jayden! They’re certainly big enough to play with and such tough little suckers! You know I got really turned on every time I managed to crack these sturdy nuts ” Chase’s grin turns into a playful snarl, turning the playful aggression up another notch as his grip tightens on Jayden’s bare nuts, rolling the big, juicy gonads between his fingers with just enough force to make the younger boy gasp and whimper gently.

“Damn Jayden, your boy-balls are seriouly big…for your age” Chase cocky grin fades slightly as his eyes and fingers examine and secretly admire Jayden beefy young testicles. In close up they seem even bigger than Chase remembers, two plum-sized organs weighing down heavily in his hands. With a grin he tightens his grip on Jayden’s spuds as if trying to deflate them.

“Well I guess we’re both rather well hung” Chase smirks as he squeezes a little harder “But now you’ve had a good grope of my junk, you know I’m bigger, right?”

“Fuck! Chase, I, I don’t care!” Jayden gasps in pleasure and pain, thrusting his hips upwards his cock demanding more.

“But I do, admit it Jayden. I’ve got the biggest balls in this bed!” Chase grins, his fingers probing and twisting Jayden’s boy balls.

Jayden can feel his testicles pounding in Chase’s hands and he finally gives in, “Yeah, OK Chase your balls are bigger. So what are you going to do with them, big boy?” Jayden challenges.

Chase grins as he licks his tongue from root to tip along Jayden’s engorged erection, making Jayden want to scream.

“You get the idea,” Chase says as he dives on top of Jayden’s dick, not needing to add any more words and tastes him down to the root filling his mouth with the entirety of Jayden’s length and girth. When Jayden’s penis hits the back of Chase’s throat Jayden arcs his back and grabs the bedposts, one hand tangled in Chase’s sheets as his toes curl.

“Oh god,” Jayden moans. His eyes staring up at Chase’s ceiling as Chase begins to bob his blonde head up and down, the tips of which brush Jayden’s pubis as Chase buries his nose against the skin groaning with desire his mouth full of Jayden.

Jayden can’t help but scream in pure pleasure and pain as he shoves his fist in mouth biting down hard on his flesh, to end the sound as Chase deeply takes him back into his mouth to the hilt once more. Thrusting Jayden feels his orgasming approaching, but with his fist in his mouth he tries and fails to announce himself.

Chase happily suckling Jayden’s dick begins to feel Jayden’s nuts descending towards his cock, as usual Chase halts their descent, keeping them firmly as far away as possible driving Jayden crazy as he skewers each nuts with his thumb making sure to aim for the dead center to disrupt the reproductive organs churning as much as possible, delaying the sweet release that Jayden craves.

Jayden’s body rigidifies as his orgasm approaches, he feels ready to shoot… but can’t. Chase holds his balls so low, and with so much pressure that he…is unable to shoot his sperm.

Jayden thrusts his orgasm beginning to occur, but the cum held in place for an agonizing ten full, and very long seconds. Jayden’s whole body arcs, trembling as his back comes off of the mattress, his ass muscles clench locking in place as he seems to float in the air, his thighs supporting him, his whole body rigid, and spasming with desire. Jayden pops his fist out of his mouth gurgling, “Chase!” Spit leaking down his cheek.

Chase finally releases Jayden’s nuts finally making the orbs swing upwards as if they were pulled attached to a light shade string and bounce against him as Jayden finally begins to spurt.

Jayden’s eyes cross, he groans in the throes of orgasm, shooting glob after glob of goo down Chase’s throat. Chase manages to suck down seven very full volleys of the white potion before he pops Jayden’s cock out of his mouth, his throat full to the brim and begins jacking him off to finish the next three volleys, the cum running down Jayden’s thigh.

Chase scoops up the mixture rubbing it between his fingers as he divots his hand between Jayden’s thighs going deep, and tickling to opening of Jayden’s entrance.

“Can I?” Chase asks as he rubs semicircles over Jayden’s virgin hole. “I want to have sex with you,” Chase says encouragingly pushing one finger into Jayden.

Jayden squirms with the unfamiliar feeling, and he shakes his head. “Not yet, but can I?”

Jayden reaches between Chase’s legs grabs Chase’s penis, the hardened steel feels so powerful in his hand.

“I was hoping that you would,” Chase grins.

“Bill never let me…”

“I’m not Bill, Jayden. Do whatever you please,” Chase grins only widens as Jayden slips his hand beneath Chase’s elastic underwear strap.

“Anything?” Jayden questions.

“It’s your first time, I’m happy that it gets to be me. Go for it Jayden, make me cum.” Chase’s blue eyes are electric with yearning, and seem to be sparking with energy.

Jayden looks over at the clock, “We are late for school.” He groans, hating that time forces him to end this session.

“No school for us today, fuck that, we aren’t going. We have different lessons to learn today,” Chase leans forward kissing Jayden at his neck wear he gave him the hickey that is starting to bruise, making Jayden groan. “Or else I’ll make you cum again.”

Jayden smiles back shoves Chase backwards. Chase flops against the mattress, his finger slipping free from inside of Jayden, as Jayden presses his knee between Chase’s thighs, nestling it up against Chase’s bulging nutsac.

Chase gulps at the danger, looking back up at Jayden with worried blue eyes. “You did say anything after all,” Jayden grins.

*** Gino ***

Gino did not sleep a wink that night, but he paces up and down the hallways staring at his phone. As the sun rises, Logan blessedly calls.

“I had to send the team home to bed,” Logan says.

“Nothing?” Gino asks, his tired red rimmed eyes staring out the window still hoping to see Jayden turning down the corner and heading home.

“No, not yet. We will find him,” Logan says. “Let’s get some sleep and try again in a few hours.”

Gino nods his head, his body pulsing with endorphins and a lack of sleep. “Call me when you wake up.”

Gino and Logan say there departures and Gino walks back into his kid brother’s room sitting down on his mattress. Where could he be, god he hopes that he is okay.

Gino wakes up hours later, his phone buzzing. Gino flips it open and listens after he gives a very groggy “Hello?”

“I know where your brother is. He’s staying with a new foster family. Their names are David and Cindy Connors,” Logan says checking the name that he wrote down earlier. “They live in Bartlet, further uptown near my cousins, actually…right next door.”

“Uptown…the Connors…wait. You don’t mean the Connors that give large donations every year to all the sports teams?” Gino asks.

“Maybe,” Logan says shrugging. “Jayden has been there all night, so he is safe. We still can’t visit but…”

“They have a son,” Gino’s heart thuds in his broad chest, which begins to pick up speed. All the salvia in his moth dries up. “Chase is their son. Jayden is with Chase!”

“That kid that beat up Kim that one time with Jayden at Bartlet High? That’s weird, at least we know that…”

Gino cuts him off again. “You don’t know him Logan. Chase is infatuated with Jayden; always has been. And Jayden just happens to end up at his place? They don’t foster kids. Never have. Chase was looking Jayden and he found him. I’m going to him. This changes everything,” Gino says.

Logan “No, Gino. If this is a plan against Jayden, it might also be against you.”

Gino says “I can’t stay here and do nothing.”

Logan “You don’t have to do anything. I have a plan to check in on Jayden, and get him to call you.”

Gino asks “How?” as he begins to pace the room.

Logan says, “He’s neighbors with my cousins Caleb and Junior. They love your brother, they will go. Plus as neighbors to Chase, it would not seem weird if they happen to show up.”

Gino says “Can I make one suggestion?”

Logan answering quickly “Of course!”

“Tell the kids to be wary, I don’t trust Chase.”

“Apparently Jayden does, and that’s the dangerous part. I’ll make sure that they get the burner phone to Jayden,” Chase goes to click end up hears Gino still speaking.

“Thank you, I don’t know how I could have gotten through this without you at my side,” Gino says tenderly. “It means the world to me.”

Logan shuffles the papers in front of him, preparing to call text his cousins the plan, “Anything for Jayden, and Gino…you turned out to be a pretty decent guy. Talk later,”

Gino and Logan disconnect, and Gino can’t help but to feel hope again. He knows where Jayden is, and if Caleb and Junior are successful Jayden will get a phone, and he might finally hear from his brother tonight.

*** Jayden ***

“Oh fuck, I’m going to…” Chase huffs as Jayden devours him. Still not able to deep throat all of Chase’s man-sized dick he sucks on the top half constricting his lips, sliding down as far as he can until he splutters. Jayden’s grip on Chase’s shaft rotates, and squeezes as his lips constrict to give Chase more pleasure when suddenly they hear a downstairs bell chime, and a moment later, a voice calls up “Chase, you have guests!”

“Fuck,” Chase moans as he cannot hold back a second longer and cums in Jayden’s mouth.

Jayden is not surprised by this, he knew that Chase was going to shoot at any moment, but the heat and flow of Chase’s jizz overwhelms his senses and he can only take in so much of Chase’s sperm, before he spits a large glob out of his mouth. Chase’s cock popping out of his mouth echoes through the bedroom and Jayden uses his hand to jack off Chase until completion, Chase in the grips of his orgasm huffs and whimpers in pure pleasure, Jayden finally touching him.

Chase’s blue eyes stare into Jayden’s darker ones as he thrusts his cock in and out of Jayden’s tight grip.

“Chase!” calls the housekeeper again.

“Fuck,” Chase moans as his orgasm finally relents. Jayden falls back next to him spent, his hand still rubbing Chase’s deflating penis slowly, with little drips of cum still appearing at the top.

Chase picks up his cell and calls downstairs. “What?” he growls.

Jayden hears the woman as Chase put her on speaker. “Your friends Caleb and Junior have arrived sir, they say that you are to help them with their homework.”

“Caleb and who?” Chase asks with a curious look of unrecognition that crosses over his brow.

“Caleb and Junior?” Jayden smiles. “I babysit them!” Jayden smiles in delight at the thought of seeing them again.

“Oh yeah, the brats next door with the pool. Tell them that…”

“I’ll be right down!” Jayden calls into the phone, interrupting Chase. “And thank you Esmeralda for the grilled cheese last night, it was delicious and the tomato soup was ro die for!” Jayden adds as he leaps off naked, his long schlong wagging in the air as he rushes around the bed throwing clothes on, and giving his pits a quick swipe of deodorant from Chase’s bathroom. “It will be good to see them. I’ll help you with them. I’m really good at homework,” Jayden pulls his clean t-shirt over his head.

“I don’t remember signing up to be a homework buddy,” Chase says scratching his head. “I will take a shower and meet you downstairs in a bit, but I would much rather continue what we started.”

“Sure,” Jayden kisses the naked boy in the bed before turning to leave. “As soon as we are done helping Caleb and Junior.

“Jayden,” Chase calls to the retreating boy.

Jayden looks back over his shoulder, his smile growing, “Yeah?”

“Nothing, I’ll be quick.” Chase watches Jayden leave, wondering how he could have forgotten that he signed up to be a tutor at his school.

Jayden says nothing in return and rushes from the room. Jayden takes the stairs two or three at a time as he comes down the heavily carpeted staircase his feet making no sound on the lush carpet.

In the entryway stands Caleb and Junior in matching sleeveless shirts, Fortnite logos and characters from the popular free game on their chests. Caleb’s shoulders look a bit more filled out than his younger brother Junior, and he is a bit taller as well. The twelve and thirteen year old’s are both so excited to Jayden. Both siblings have their mysterious mischief grins on their faces, their blonde hair messy on top, with blue eyes staring at him as they wait impatiently by the front door.

The housekeeper is nowhere to be seen, but two plates of toast with jam sit by the front door.

“Hey guys,” Jayden smiles. “It’s so good to see you both!” He holds out his arms and hugs the boys, putting each one under his armpits. The boys complain and shove him off.

“Gross you smell!” Junior sticks out his tongue.

“Yeah, you really do. Come on, our homework is at our house. I told Esmeralda that we would study there,” Caleb explains.

“Okay, sure,” Jayden follows the two out of the house, making sure to grab some toast to munch on along the way. The three begin walking towards the luscious home of Logan’s cousins. Their house is even more spectacular in the full afternoon light with the pool reflecting the trees in the background and the harbor not too much further past with the ocean waves crashing along the shore can be heard.

Jayden goes to follow the path but the kids steer him towards the wood line.  “Our homework is in the treehouse,” Caleb explains.

“Yeah,” says Junior. “But be careful going up the rope ladder, Caleb crunched his berries the other day,” Junior grins.

“It was not that bad,” Caleb says making a face. “They are more resistant to pain now.”

“We have been doing all kinds of games now that we have been hit in the nuts. Roshambo is our favorite, maybe we can play it later with you!” Junior smiles.

“Whatever that is, I will pass,” says Jayden with a laugh. “Thanks for the invite.”

Caleb and Junior smile at each other knowingly, “I bet we could change your mind.” Junior says reaching forward making an attempt to grab Jayden in the nuts. Jayden manages to fight the two boys off as they run to the treehouse. Jayden gets their first and starts climbing the tree first up the rope ladder to gain the high ground, and escape the cousins clutches.

Jayden pushes the opening lid of the latch at the top of the tree house and climbs inside. It’s not until he stands up, with the open windows, blowing in the sea air from the harbor and the trees all around him casting their brilliant green light through their leaves splashing through the open windows; that Jayden realizes that he is not in fact alone.

Covered in shadow Bill stands awkwardly looking at him. “You,” he looks down at the both and Caleb and Junior waving up at Jayden; neither boy trying to climb rope. Clearly this was their plan all along.

“What are you doing here,” Jayden crosses his arms, his forehead wrinkling.

Bill taking back by this response was thinking an apology might come forth, or maybe a declaration of love. Bill even thought that Jayden might tell him of the hardship that has occurred over the past several days. Open hostility was not what he was expecting. Fumbling for a second Bill manages, “I came to see you Jayden. I missed you, I was worried.”

Jayden’s brown eyes seem to puff up as if Jayden is allergic to something in the air, and Bill thinks that maybe Jayden might cry.

“Are you…okay?” Bill asks tenderly.

“Okay? Yeah, sure Bill I’m great. Especially with you fucking my brother, yeah I’m super okay with that. Thanks for asking!”

Bill takes a step back, “What?  You are not making any sense.”

“Don’t lie to me!” Jayden steps forward crossing the steps until he is directly in front of Bill. “I saw what you two did! The video is all over school. How could you, he’s my brother!”

“Jayden, nothing happened,” but then Bill thinks back and remembers presenting himself in front of Gino offering him relief in some ball busting action. But how could Jayden know that? Bill wonders. “I wouldn’t!”

“Really so you didn’t ask him to do this,” and Jayden reaches down and grabs Bill’s balls in his hand, finding them easily. The two small marbles are easy to squeeze and Jayden does so making Bill gasp in surprise and pain.

“Jayden!” Bill groans, “My nuts!”

“Then I think you asked him to play with your…what did he call it your little worm? Want me to play with it to?” Jayden asks squeezing Bill more firmly, not moving up to touch Bill there.

Bill latches onto Jayden’s arm with both hands as Jayden squeezes his small testicles. “Jayden! It’s not like that, I just…” Bill ends his sentence lamely and Jayden looks at him with complete, and utter disgust.

“I loved you,” Jayden screams his voice raw with rage and releases Bill before grasping his tiny shoulders and hammers his knee as hard as he can into Bill’s groin. The thud of the crunch of Bill’s balls being demolished fills the treehouse with an audible sound of his boyfriend’s wracking balls being crunched against his pelvis. Bill crumbles to the tree house floor, with a groan, “My nuts!”

“And you broke my heart,” Jayden is seething completely at his wits end, his voices hitches squeaking out the last word and hating how his voice cracks. Jayden watches Bill grab his junk on the ground, holding his pain filled little acorns.

Jayden suddenly can’t stand to look at Bill and turns to leave.

“Don’t go…wait,” Bill fumbles in his pocket for his phone handing it over to Jayden as he presses send. The name on the phone reads Gino. “He can…explain.”

“I don’t want to hear it,” Jayden turns and moves forward to the tree top entrance and starts to take the rope ladder down.

Gino’s voice stops him with, “Jayden, are you there? Please tell me that you are okay!” The urgency in Gino’s voices causes Jayden to pause.

“How could I be?!” Jayden yells into the treehouse. Birds taking flight away from the noise, Caleb and Junior looking at each other with incomprehension of what is happening above.

“With a brother like you!” Jayden is too angry to cry, and he has no tears left to shed as he moves down the ladder wanting to escape.

Gino’s voice is lost to the overwhelming immensity of the thoughts struggling to find purchase, the main one is the over whelming feeling of retreat.

At the bottom of the rope ladder both Caleb and Junior look at him, neither are smiling.

“What’s wrong Jayden?” asks Caleb.

“Yeah, did Bill do something to you? Are you crying?” Junior asks.

“I’m not,” Jayden moves in between them heading away from the tree house that was most likely built with love from Logan. Leaving the cousins behind, but the two continue to trail after him until they get to the sidewalk.

Chase is standing there freshly showered, wearing a Swimmers for Life sleeveless t-shirt. “That was a fast study session.”

“Yeah, it was. Let’s go home,” Jayden says not looking back.

“But Jayden, I forgot to give this to you!” Caleb fumbles in his pocket and rushes up to hand Jayden, handing him the black disposable phone.

“Jayden doesn’t need that!” Chase laughs, knocking the phone away. “He has his own phone.”

“No, he has not used it in days. Your brother’s been trying to get in contact with you,” Caleb says.

“I have nothing to say to him,” Jayden says, “Nothing at all.”

Caleb stops looking skeptical. “But he’s your brother.”

Junior stops next to Caleb, “If my brother needed me I would be there.”

Caleb smiles at Junior, “Same. You taught me that, Jayden. And you were right, blood is stronger than I gave it credit for.” Caleb wraps one arm around Junior’s shoulders pulling him towards him. “Don’t forget your own lesson.”

Jayden turns back, “There are some things you just can’t forgive.” Jayden wipes at his eyes.

“Glad I don’t have a brother,” Chase says meanly staring at Caleb and Junior. “Just you wait, I’m sure one of you will turn on the other too.”

Caleb looks Chase up and down, quickly taking note of the fifteen year old’s imposing physique without show any fear, he knows a few tricks for taking out older guys especially with his little brother’s help. Junior snarls and cracks his knuckles threateningly, even though both of them are at least a foot shorter than Chase it’s clear  both boys are ready to fight.

“Don’t you talk about my brother that way,” Caleb says.

“Yeah,” adds Junior. “Otherwise you’ll be on the ground asking for your mommy to come get you.”

Jayden sensing danger steps quickly in between the three, “Caleb, Junior, look he’s my friend. He didn’t mean it. Now just go home.”

“Sure he did, he’s clearly a jerk. Can’t you tell?” Caleb asks.

Jayden looks at the two of them, “You wouldn’t understand. I’ll talk to you two later. You have no idea how he helped me, what he’s done.”

Junior looking puzzled asks, “If is helping you so much, why isn’t he bringing you home?”

“Everyone is looking for you Jayden, your all anyone is talking about,” Caleb says.

“He is going home,” Chase grins behind Jayden’s back, the curl of his lip shows his bright white perfect smile. “He’s coming home, to live with me.”

“You can’t take him from his home,” Junior says with surprise. “Or his family.”

“Yeah!” Caleb looks at Jayden and then at Chase. “We won’t let you!”

Chase laughs out loud, leaning down with his hands on his knees so he’s at eye level with the smaller brothers “And who’s going to stop me, you two munchkins? Go solve a mystery somewhere else, we don’t need your Scooby doo gang routine.”

“That’s what the monsters always say,” Caleb yells rushes up and tries to kick out at Chase, aiming for the gap between his legs. Chase growls and turns at the last moment blocking the low blow and gives Caleb a shove knocking him to the ground, where he lands in the grass on his butt.

“How dare you! No one kicks me in the balls!” Chase yells down enraged.

“Chase stop!” Jayden yells.

“He started it,” Chase says locking arms with Junior a moment later as Junior rushes to his brother’s defense. The size comparison is ridiculous and before Junior knows whats happened, he too is on the ground, lying next to his brother. “See Jayden, I’m just ending it.”

“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?!”

Chase turns just a moment too late as Bill’s shoe punts him in between his legs. The smack of his nuts getting flattened gives him a sickening feeling before the pain even hits.

“Get on your knees creep” Bill yells angrily.

“Fuck you, Baby-balls! What the hell are you doing here!” Chase gasps, trying bravely to retaliate but after just orgasming and getting crushed, his big nuts are now screaming in pain “Ugh! You’re gonna pay for that! Oh no, my fucking nuts!” Chase croaks as he starts to sinks to one knee.

This causes both Junior and Caleb to giggle as they climb to their feet. “Baby nuts?” Junior smirks at Bill. “Is that true? How small are they?”

“Did they even drop yet?” Caleb joins in with a cheeky smile.

Bill turns red, causing the cousins to laugh some more.

Jayden walks over with a concerned expression and rubs Chase’s shoulder, “Bill! How dare you kick him in the balls, I thought I made myself perfectly clear, we are over. Go have fun with my brother. You two deserve each other.”

“Your brother?” asks Caleb and Junior. Then a light bulb seems to click with both of them. “You were cheating on Jayden with Gino?”
“No,” Bill shakes his head. “I wasn’t and I’m not.”

“Liar,” growls Chase angrily, getting back to his feet. “We all saw the video. We know what you did and that was fucking low Bill. Anyway I don’t know Gino sees in you, I mean you’re built like a girl, with the genitalia to match. Your fucking worthless.”

Flushing scarlet, Bill heads towards Chase ready to fight again. Jayden intercedes standing in front of Chase, “No, Bill.”

Bill looks from Chase, and then to Jayden and back. “You two are together now,” he whispers, his lower lip trembling his greatest fear happening before his very eyes.

“Yup,” says Chase. “He’s all mine.”

“Gross,” says Caleb, “He’s not your property. He can do so much better than you.”

Chase turns back to Caleb and he moves directly in front of the kid staring down at him. “Say that again, and see what happens Kruger boy.”

Caleb gulps, his knees shaking.

“That’s what I thought,” Chase laughs means giving Caleb a hard shove to his chest sending him sprawling to the ground again.

“Leave my brother alone you big bully,” Junior hurtles himself towards Chase who lifts up his knee making Junior bump right into it. Junior’s eyes widen as his nuts are crunched against Chase’s bony thigh. Bending at the waist, Junior moans his eyes crossing. “You got them both!” Junior says sinking to the grass next to his brother.

Caleb kicks upwards trying to connect with Chase’s nuts, but Chase sees Caleb’s telegraphed move and grabs his leg and then picks up the other. Caleb shakes his head saying, “No, wait!” but is ignored as Chase stomps down into Caleb’s wide spread legs feeling the squishy nuts beneath sink into the grass. “Ugh!” Caleb moans looking over at his brother, the two commeasuring in a shared agony.

“Now this is for trying to kick my big balls!” Chase snarls, keeping his foot firmly planted in Caleb’s groin squishing the Kruger family jewels, imagining that Logan was on the ground instead. Caleb groans, feeling his nuts sink even further into the grass until they meet a harder surface, which is jagged and pointed, and Caleb thinks his testicles have come across a rock. Caleb hollers in agony as Chase twists his foot, as one would do putting out a cigarette making Caleb jerk up, his body wracked while fresh waves of ball pain course through his body.

Jayden preoccupied with Bill hears scuffling in the background but he keeps his eyes on him, and him alone. “Bill, we are done. I can’t see how you could possibly think that we would still be together after you had sex with my brother.”

“I didn’t Jayden, I swear to you!” Bill yells.

“I don’t believe you!” Jayden fires back. “Just leave me alone,” Jayden turns to head to back to Chase’s house and sees Logan’s cousins on the ground. “Chase, get off of him!”

Jayden pushes Chase hard so he releases Caleb’s legs, and he curls into himself, with his fingers poking out groaning, “My nuts, that big bully got me in the nuts!”

“Chase, what’s wrong with you?!” Jayden says going down on one knee between the Krueger boys.

“They started it, Jayden. He went for my nuts.” Chase replies, brushing the hair out of his face. “I just taught them a little lesson.”

“They’re just kids! You can’t go around beating up  kids,” Jayden shakes his head in dismay.

“Yeah, well that what all bullies do, pick on kids smaller than them. Right Chase?” Bill says advancing towards him.

Just as Chase is about to fire a comeback, a car rolls down the street with music blaring from the open window. The blue Honda Civic is new, and shiny. Dew drops of moisture still cling to the vehicle that has gone through a car wash recently. It pulls right up in front of Chase, the twins Max and Rex fighting to stick their heads out the same back window sing-songing, “Their’s our captain, Captain Chase!” they chant bringing a grin to Chase’s face, and Bill halts his advance towards the swim captain.

Adam turns the volume down, and peering from the driver’s window lowering his shades, “Chase, you have company?”

“It’s just a few brats and baby nuts, but I’ve put them in their place. They’re all leaving now,” Chase declares flexing his biceps across at Bill to emphasise his superiority “Right?”

Annoyed by the new arrivals, Jayden stands up and confronts Chase, “Apologize to them first,” he points at Caleb and Junior.

Chase raises his eyebrows, trying not to scoff,  but his telltale smirk and the twinkle of humor in his eyes shows what he thinks of the order “Seriously, you have got to be joking.”

“Do I look like I am?” challenges Jayden, with not at ounce of humor in his dark eyes as he stares daggers at Chase.

At this point Adam and the twins exit the Honda, getting in their flanked positions behind Chase, just waiting for the chance to go after Jayden.

Junior is also able to get up and he comes to Jayden’s defense, mimicking rolling back his sleeveless Fortnite shirt. Caleb is still firmly on the ground clutching his testicles, moaning every now and then. Bill goes to move near Jayden to flank his other side but a scowl from Jayden stops him immediately from proceeding.

“Look we’re not going to fight now,” Chase says to Jayden, wrapping an arm around his shoulders  and pulling his closer. “We just made up, think of all the fun we can have later after you ditch these…*cough* losers,” Chase grins. “You know how this night is going to end.”

“Well that’s not going to happen until they get an apology. So it’s up to you, Chase,” and Jayden pokes him in the chest. “What’s more important, your pride, or me?”

Rex and Max look at each, with the same mischievous look planted upon their faces, as they smirk at Adam and then stare ahead, facing Jayden. Adam leans forward to whisper in Chase’s ear, but Chase blocks it with a hand.

“Okay,” Chase smiles warmly. “I’ll be nice,” he leans down on one knee coming face to face with Junior and says, “Sorry, little boy that you were so dumb that you thought you could take me. I hope that you didn’t pee your pants when I hit you in your tiny ballsies.” Chase stands back up, smirking ear to ear. “Better?”

Adam, Rex, and Max laugh meanly behind him. Junior is livid literally shaking with anger. Bill gasps at the comment looking at Jayden.

Even Caleb can’t take that blow and stands on wobbly legs coming up next to Jayden, one hand deep within the confines of his underwear holding his aching nutsac.

“See every dog can learn new tricks,” Chase laughs, his boys joining in.

Jayden begins to smile back, and Chase delights in Jayden’s submission opening his arms to him. Jayden walks toward him, still smiling but as he gets closer Chase can see the smile is not reflected in his eyes, but as he notices that too late Jayden has already knees him as hard as he can in his bulging nuts.

Groaning Chase echoes “Fuck Jayden, not my big nuts!” he tries to bend over but Jayden straightens him up then hammers a second knee right in the same spot making an imprint of his knee bone in his nutsac, his penis which was beginning to harden quickly deflates as Jayden shoves him to the ground.

Adam is the first to react running straight at Jayden. Jayden watches and waits as Adam swings his fist towards his face. At the last moment Jayden catches it, and twists his arm behind his back and using Adam’s body as a human shield twists him to face Chase and drops him right on top.

Floundering Adam accidently knees Chase as he falls, making the blonde swim captain gasp, “Shit, you idiot!”

Adam says, “I’m sorry, I…”

Jayden slams his foot right between both swimmers legs managing to kick four balls all at once. “Maybe no one taught you how to say ‘Sorry I was a dick,’ here’s your first lesson: stop being an asshole!” Jayden kicks once more, both Adam and Chase have covered their nuts with their hands at this point but the impact still sounds in the boy’s lower extremities.

Rex and Max rush forward to assist their fallen bros, Jayden physically has to hold back Caleb and Junior and says, “I’ve got this.”

Jayden steps on top of Adam and Chase, who groan under his weight, “If you’re going to fight me, you have to do so while I am on top of these two. Come on Max, Rex show me what you got!” Jayden challenges.

Rex gulps, and pushes Max. “You go first man, I’ll back you up!”

Max turns to face his brother, “No you do it!” And shoves him backwards. Max accidently steps on Adams leg, making him yelp. The noise surprises Max and stumbles backwards into Jayden who lifts him high in the air.

Rex yells, “Not his nuts, Jayden not his nuts! Those are my future nephews!”

“You mean nieces now,” Jayden says as he drops Max onto his knee. Max’s eyes bug out, making him moan mouth open.

“Nuts!” Max groans as Jayden shoves him off. Max lands on the ground his legs splayed open, his legs half in the air on top of Adam and Chase.

“Good idea!” Jayden leaps in the air.

Max screams.

Jayden lands with both feet planted firmly in Max’s tiny package. Jayden feels the tiny balls flatten as he looks at Max with a mixture of pity and amusement. “I warned you,” Jayden says stepping on Max’s shoulder and walking off of the pile of boys.

Max whines, “He neutered me! Don’t let him end the family line, bro!”

Rex throws his hands in the air surrendering, “I give up!”

“Good,” Jayden says reaching forward and into Rex’s underwear scooping the fourteen year olds gonads into his fist and closing it.

“You, are going to do exactly what I say, or these little things,” Jayden rubs the boys modest testicles between his fingers “Are going to be in the same place as your brothers, all messed up. Got it?”

“Fuck! Yeah Jayden, I…I got it,” Rex says as he stares sadly into his underwear at Jayden’s torturing hands.

“Why are you three here?” Jayden asks.

“Chase called us to hang out but we’re all going now, just let go of my nuts” Rex says looking over at the guys in a pig pile holding their balls.

Chase shoves Adam off, and making Max roll off. Chase is getting on all fours and is slowly rising to his feet.

“I don’t believe you,” Jayden says squeezing his hand really tight as if he were trying to squish a pair of grapes, which in Jayden’s mind would actually be an improvement to Rex’s nuts. “Try again,” Jayden stresses with another quick squeeze.

“Okay, okay. I’ll tell!” Rex pleads. “Just don’t neuter me!”

“Rex…take it like a man,” Chase groans stumbling towards Jayden. “Don’t you dare give the game away.”

“What game?” Jayden asks quizzically giving Rex’s sac a squeeze and pulling it upwards so Rex has to balance on his tippy toes. “What is he talking about?”

“It’s nothing!” Rex groans. “God, let go Jayden! My poor berries!”

Chase is getting closer moving slowly, “Jayden let him go.”

“Funny, isn’t that what I told you to do to Caleb and you didn’t listen? Funny how that only applies to you and your friends,” Jayden twists Rex around and putting him in a head lock and still holding his tiny pebbles. “Now unless you want me to make jam out of your berries Rex, you will tell me what this surprise is!” Jayden squeezes hard making sure that his thumb digs into Rex’s left nut, and driving that one into the right so the nuts are crushing each other.

“My….fuck…I can’t take it…Chase is…” Rex is about to spill as Chase slams his fist right into Rex’s diaphragm knocking all the air from his lungs ending his ability to talk.

Rex goes into a coughing fit trying to remember how to breath, as Jayden squeezes his balls some more, pulling him backwards. Rex is dead on his feet and crumples in his arms, and Chase seizes Jayden wrist pushing his own hand into Rex’s underwear grabbing Jayden’s fist and attempting to help him squash Rex’s nuts.

The added pressure makes Rex let out a low moan, he shakes in the double fisted ball squeezing, his dick starting to rise, brushing the side of Jayden’s closed palm.

“My berries!” Rex shouts staring at both Jayden and Chase who continue the onslaught of his poor tiny pips.

“Why don’t you just tell me Chase, what’s this really all about?” Jayden asks.

“Jayden, it’s really nothing,” Chase growls, “Let it go.”

“No way,” Jayden says leaning forward so their foreheads touch. “Tell me what the hell you did, I know that this is no birthday surprise Chase.”

“Guys,” Rex pleads. “My berries, leave me out of this! Fuck, Max. Help me!”

Max rolls over but does not get up to help, much to the dismay of his brother.

Finally tired of it all, Jayden pushes Rex into Chase’s arm.

“Fine don’t tell me you’re secret,” Jayden challenges giving Rex one last squeeze and with his other hand slips it into his shorts grabbing the phone and pulling it free. “I’ll get it myself.”

Jayden turns and walks back to Max and says, “Hey Max!” Max looks up at the iphone lock screen and the phone blinks to open to the home screen.

Turning back to look at Chase he says, “I bet that it’s in here, don’t you think?”

Chase drops Rex to the ground, and Chase looks genuinely fearful. “Jayden don’t do that!”

“I bet it is in his messages, oh look the four of you have a group chat. Let’s see what it says!” Jayden threatens.

“Jayden, don’t, I can explain,” Chase says.

“Now or never Chase, what’s your secret?” Jayden says looking into the blue eyes. “What don’t you want me to know?”

Bill, Junior, and Caleb stand near each other all eyes are on Chase.

Adam shakes his head, “Don’t tell him.”

“It’s too late Adam, it’s time that I come clean,” Chase takes a deep breath and begins to confess to Jayden.


Anonymous said...

I had decided to post a comment at the end of the six chapters to give you a complessive opinion. But I can't exempt myself to say something. I'm curious to know if there is still someone who wants to try to protect and even praise Chase's character, now that we have another demonstration on how Chase is so cruel, mean, soiled and wicked. And, most of all, now that we know how he maneuvered al the situation to deceive Jayden. He doesn't love Jay, he wants to win him like a trophy, exactly as he considers a success to hear that he has biggest balls. And he is ready to do everything he can to obtain this trophy.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi X,

First of all, I am so glad that you did not wait until the end, you always have such great feedback, and I enjoy reading and corresponding with you! Chase was very underhanded recently, I agree with you, and we will see how that plays out in next weeks story called Chases Secret, which comes out on Monday. I think that we have both Bill and Chase who want Jayden, and his affection but go about it in all the wrong ways. Too bad they don't teach, "How to be a good relationship partner" in their school.



Hi Reg,

I'm so excited for the arc to be published, I can't wait to see what all of you think. I have worked on it all summer and it was a blast to write. Reg, you have been a huge help and more than likely the parts that you enjoyed the most he was a part of, thank you for that Reg. I don't know what I would do without you! After the next two parts come out Reg is going to rejoin the Gino and Jayden series for a huge story (like 50 pages I imagine), and I am going to be asking all of you what you would like to see in the story and I and Reg will try to add your desires and ideas in it. The story is only 25% finished so we can absolutely add in everyone's thoughts.
After that story I am going to announce something here which I think is going to be really neat. Jayden will finally make a choice on who he dates; and what's more it's going to be completely up to the readers. I have a story for each of the boys to be with Jayden, and I also have storylines for each boy that does not get to be with Jayden.



Anonymous said...

Personally I don't consider Bill a bad partner! Yes, we have seen him in anger against Jayden but we can't forget he was in front of his boyfriend who was too busy defending an asshole as Chase, someone who is trying to steal his fiance. This has been his only sin and, according to me, we can understand and forgive him. For the affair with Gino, he was desperately trying to cheer up a boy who has just lost his brother in the only way he knows, exploiting the common ballbusting passion. He hasn't done anything comparable to a cheating. And in any case, admitted and not granted Bill had a bad behavior, nothing can be compared with the chaos spread by Chase and all the pain he caused to all characters we read about, Jay in primis. I don't know if it's clear but Chase has cameras in Jay's house to use his greatest weak points to gain his trophy. And we have to add what we have discovered today about his deal with Sam Hell and what we'll discover on Monday!! Nothing can justify his badness...NOTHING.

P.s. I know we excanged a lot of interesting ideas through the comments of the stories, but I have to be sincere: the first chapters of this arc didn't satisfy me, I couldn't understand where the story was directed, so I decided to wait to know how you'll bring the things to an end before giving my opinion :)

Anonymous said...

...I'm sorry, but I still have hope for Chase...

Yes! I know he's a horrible guy! I know he's a fucking egotistical asshole and that he's caused a fucking mess with everything he's done, but... I still won't give up hope for, maybe, a redemption arc for Chase...?

It's funny, I think I'm like Jayden when it comes to Chase, the moment he shows genuine love and admiration to Jayden, he is super cute (Ps. That scene where the two of them playing with each other is one of the best parts of the entire arc, and I had hopes that they would of had resumed their "Play session" like they wanted... But then the twins came) but then he makes it so hard to love him when he punts somebody in the balls shortly after... Or it's revealed that he knew where Jayden had stayed or the cameras in he had on his house... Or basically gets back to being a fucking dick without self control, And I'm getting scared that's its gonna be revealed that Chase actually called for Jayden's mom to be deported himself... But he wouldn't do THAT... Right?

I know Chase can change, maybe a dog CAN learn new tricks, even if this dog is a fucking ASSHOLE.

Anonymous said...

Ps. Now that you mentioned you had two stories written for the boy Jayden chooses to love, when one gets picked, will you post the other alternative story too? It's not gonna be the real ending, but every story you write is a fun read, plus it's would be nice to see what would of had happened

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous one,

I’m sorry that you did not like the beginning parts of the arc, it was a very abrupt change from the usual; and I get that it was not for everyone. The gang is back together as it were with the buildup to the grand finale of the story arc vast approaching. I am glad that you liked this one better, and I hope that you enjoy the next two that come out next week! After the next two parts I look forward to hearing your full thoughts on the six part story. Unlike any of the other ones in the past, the story was not finished at the end, there were a lot of To Be Continued…aspects to them which is a big change than how I usually write.
Bill has a really good heart, he just started making some poor choices, and those choices affected his relationship with Jayden; but as I said earlier I am leaving it up to the readers to decide who Jayden ends up with. I’m excited to see who everyone picks!

Dear Anonymous Two,

Chase is complicated, and he’s not out of the running for getting back together with Jayden but it’s going to be difficult, that’s for sure! We find out just how difficult in the next story.
Chase showed some real growth in finally admitting his feelings for Jayden after all this time. On Monday you will get your answers in Chase’s Secret on that score. He may always be an asshole, but he is still our little sometimes loveable, sometimes infuriating little asshole; as you say. It’s not over yet, and I can’t wait to see what you think next week!

If everyone wants me too, I could do an alternative ending for the Choice story that could also be fun! There is more than one option, so maybe I could do a what if… for them. I will absolutely consider that! The choice story is not the end of the series. I have one last big arc left after that, which I think will be a lot of fun (it will not be as dramatic and raw as this one, much more light and funny). In addition Alex even made some suggestions which I am really considering doing!



Anonymous said...

Loving all these stories but I really miss the Riley stories :( is there any place I can read the latest ones? ty ty keep up the wonderful work :)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anonymous,

I'm so glad that you are liking my stories! I'm not the Riley author, but I hope that we get another one of those soon too!



Anonymous said...

Seriously, i was looking forward to seeing Leroy today. I hope Jayden ends up with him. Love his character.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anonymous!

Leroy will be back! I can guarantee that one for sure! He has certainly grown on me as well!



Harry said...

Jimmy, this story series is wild! Really picking up speed now that the different plots are coming together. Chase is cold as they come. (That scooby doo line was funny as shit.) Thanks for sharing it!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jimmy, could we link up and talk more??

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Harry,

I'm still laughing at your comment about Scooby doo and the praise of being "funny as shit." I loved writing that line. Chase really gets a lot of the best lines. Chase's secret was revealed, in the next chapter out now; but I will say this on his behalf; sometimes people do do stupid things for love. But goodness has he ever done some dumb things! Always glad to hear from you Harry. I hope that you like the next chapter as well. Last part of the arc comes out on Wednesday.

Hi Levelz,

Please send me an email I would love to talk!