Monday, December 14, 2020

The choice - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the 23nd part of Jimmy's amazing Gino and Jayden series - and this one is special: It is the result of an interactive experiment. Find out all about this story's genesis by clicking here. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.


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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Jayden decides to skip going to Bartlet High School today, he’s on a mission. Yesterday he spent the night with Leroy and it was deliciously wonderful, almost like a dream. Leroy is so easy to get along with and the two of them connect so well, but Leroy has always had a crush on another boy: Aldo. Jayden can relate because he is in love with two different boys, but he is finally ready to make a choice between the two. Leroy on the other hand believes that there is almost no chance with Aldo due to him dating exclusively only women; but Leroy intends to try all the same.

Gino, Jayden’s older brother drives the three of them to school in his beat-up pick-up truck, the color of which is mostly rust. Jayden can’t ever remember what color it was to begin with, but it’s old and familiar and he finds that comforting. The brothers have been in better shape. Gino’s face shows two distinctive black and blue shiners from yesterday’s battle with Sam Hell and Jake, and Jayden’s bum ankle from yesterday still throbs. For the next two weeks the doctor told Jayden to stay off of it. Jayden elected to use crutches and a sleeves shirt; much to Gino’s wide-eyed astonishment: “How is that going to be on the pits, bro?”

Jayden him pointed out the soft tops of the crutches and that he hates his shirts getting stuck underneath. “So uncomfortable,” he complains.

Shaking his head, he agreed half-heartedly to the idea, as long as Jayden packs an extra t-shirt in his bag, which he did in case his underarms get sore. After Gino pulls into the turn-around at their old school, weaving around the morning traffic Jayden and Leroy wave goodbye to him as he heads out to Bartlet High to start his school day.

“Thanks for letting me crash at your place again,” Leroy says with a wide grin, carrying both of their backpacks on his shoulders.

“You don’t have to thank me every night that you stay at my place. My casa is your casa. Since you are staying with us for the foreseeable future and it would be silly of you to thank me each and every night. I love you staying with Gino and I. The house is already empty with my parents not there, you help keep the silence at bay. So stop thanking me for it already!” Jayden says, grinning back at him trying to concentrate on walking on crutches, Leroy slows his walk to match his pace.

“Okay, sure.” Leroy laughs. “Hey look, it’s Max and Rex. Hey guys!” Leroy calls over to the twins.

Max and Rex, twins and identical in every way that Jayden can tell walk over to greet them, and he’s seen them plenty of time in the swimming pool wearing Speedos. If there was a difference Jayden believes that he would have spotted it by now.

“What are you doing here?” asks Rex his eyes narrowing at Jayden.

Max, turns and slugs Rex on them upper arm, “Be nice!” he chastises.

“Ow,” Rex grabs his arm, rubbing the spot his brother struck as he glares at Max.

“What Rex was rudely trying to say was, how come you’re back at your old school Jayden? Did you transfer?” Max asks.

“How is that different than how I asked?” Rex asks in annoyance as he eyes the bulge in his brother’s shorts telegraphing his next move.

Max just rolls his eyes, not paying him a bit of attention.

“I…well, I wanted to talk to some of the guys today and I couldn’t wait until school was over so I skipped today. Really I’m not going in for the rest of the week. My teachers were cool with it. I’m doing all my work from home,” Jayden explains as he hobbles along with Leroy, Max and Rex heading along to the school entrance. “I’m going to start with talking with Bill.”

“Bill and I have a free period together,” Max explains, tucking his brown bangs behind one ear. “We always meet in the pool and practice…not usually together, but after yesterday I think that will change.”

“That’s cool! Can I join you?” Jayden asks.

“Sure, see you later Rex! Bye Leroy!” Max calls over his shoulder.

“Don’t forget this!” Rex calls after his brother, skipping up to him landing lightly in front of his brother.

Max turns a questioning look on his face, “What Rex?”

“This!” Rex grabs his brother’s shoulders and pounds a hefty knee lift perfectly between his thighs. Max’s mouth falls open and he groans bending over, grabbing his knees but managing not to fall in the hallway, or hold his groin in front of the crowded on lookers.

“And don’t forget it!” Rex laughs, skipping away into the crowd.

Jayden waits by Max’s side, putting a hand gently on his shoulders and rubbing soothingly between his shoulder blades as Max recovers from the devastating hit to his family jewels.

“That was a rough one,” Jayden says sympathetically judging Max’s reaction and the squish that he heard from Max’s equipment smashing against his pelvis.

“Yup, it was,” squeaks Max standing up. He does a few jumps in the air saying “Shit, he always gets me so good when he wants to, they feel like they are in my stomach,” Max groans.

“I’m sure that it doesn’t help that he knows your body as well as his own,” Jayden offers.

“Yeah, our bodies are almost the same.”

“Almost?” Jayden asks, eyebrow raising. “You two have differences?” Jayden asks in surprise.

“Well, of course,” Max answers ready to walk to the pool. “Firstly, we style our hair differently,” Max ruffles his curly brown locks which fall down lazily over his eyes, and just past his ears. “Then I have freckles here that almost look like a shooting star,” Max pulls up his shirt taking Jayden’s index finger and running along his left nipple and down his small pec. “See?”

“I never noticed that before,” Jayden answers honestly cupping Max’s left pec.

“And,” Max comes real close to Jayden and whispers, “I’m an inch bigger than Rex.” He points down theatrically at his own crotch.

“Really?” Jayden grins, “You sure?”

“I measured,” Max says confidently. “I got him hard once when he was sleeping, because I noticed when we…well” Max pulls Jayden close again. “Sometimes we jack each other off. I started to notice that Rex was a little bit smaller than me.”

Jayden pushes open the pool room door not able to keep from smiling, “Is this recent?”

“Started this month,” Max says confidentially entering the pool room and taking off his shirt. Max looks similar in build to Bill, light, thin, and with a great six-pack. And now Jayden can’t stop seeing the small shooting star along one of his nipples, it’s cute. Max hold himself more confidently his upper body while slight, shows signs of growth and potential in a few short years. Max’s nipples are dim sized and pink poking out and hard.

“I can’t stop starring at it,” Jayden admits with a laugh, shaking his head. Jayden slowly begins pulling at his shirt hem having to sit down to finish the job. His tank top tickles his chin as he pulls the fabric over his head.

“Yeah?” Max asks, grinning dragging down his underwear and shorts.

Jayden can see that Max’s nuts look a little red, clearly from where Rex hit him earlier. In fact Jayden can also see that Max is bigger than Bill, and he feels kind of bad about that. Bill always boosts that his cock and balls are bigger than the twins, and that’s not true. At least, not anymore in Max’s cause. Maybe Bill is bigger than Rex, but he’s not too sure about that either, and size matters so much to Bill. Max’s cock is thicker hanging down over Max’s nutsac which looks as if his nuts have dropped recently.

“Will you be okay swimming,” asks Max pulling up his blue speedo with a snap of the fabric, wincing a bit. “Shit I got righty,” and Jayden can tell that he did. The fleshy orb is caught in between the fabric and his thigh.

“You better be careful,” Jayden advices, “Not the best start for your nuts today.”

“You’re telling me,” Max moans tucking his robin’s size egg back inside of his speedo.

While sitting Jayden slips his own shorts and underwear down, Max immediately locks eyes with Jayden’s impressive cock and balls.

“Damn, you are so lucky,” Max compliments Jayden walking up to him, his small mound barely sticking out from his own Speedo’s as he rubs it. Max crouch’s down in front of Jayden, taking the fire engine red speedos from the bag and offering, “May I? You look like you could use a hand.”

“Sure, getting dressed is such a pain on my ankle” Jayden says quickly agreeing to the help, thankful for Max to take over. Jayden watches as Max lifts up one leg and then the other, the sprained one more carefully slipping the thin material through the openings.

“Here, stand up and lean on me,” Max offers.

Jayden does, heavily leaning on Max to stand his hands on Max’s slender naked shoulders for support. Jayden’s heart starts to pick-up in rhythm as Max lifts the fabric slowly up his well-muscled calves and then thighs. Max pauses by Jayden’s obviously obscene balls and scoops the orbs in his hands. “I always give mine a good squeeze before putting them in,” Max informs Jayden. “For luck. That okay?”

Jayden only nods, his tool just above his nuts starts to plump up, and he gulps as Max squeezes the nuts in each hand, testing their durability. “You have one fine set here Jayden,” Max compliments tucking them into the bottom of the speedo pouch. “And what do you do with this?” Max asks comically giving Jayden’s penis a shake. “Do you point it this way? To the side? Or down?” He jokes pointing Jayden’s dick in the different directions that he suggests.

“To the side,” Jayden moans, giggling a bit “Usually he goes to the left.”

“I don’t think that’s possible,” Max grins looking at Jayden’s dick which is completely erect and pointing to the ceiling.

“How should we fix it?” Max asks innocently.

“Fix it?” Jayden asks, his brow stitching together in confusion as he bites his bottom lip.

“Yeah? Like this?” Max asks, sac tapping Jayden, making him yelp.

“Or?” Max asks as he opens his mouth, and careful of his teeth puts his mouth over Jayden’s penis crown giving it a suck.

“Fuuuck!” Jayden swears.

Max pops off, making sure that Jayden’s dick swings up to smack against his pubis. “Thoughts?”

“I’ll be okay as is,” Jayden laughs, pulling the speedos up with one hand over his obvious erection. “But I know who to go to, to have it fixed.”

“Yes, you do,” Max grins standing up and passing Jayden his crutches. “Shall we?”

Jayden nods, his breathing still a little jagged, “To the pool.”

Max opens all of the doors, leading Jayden inside.

Bill is already in the pool. Jayden admires his powerful and confident strokes as he glides up and down his lane, his movements synchronized and fluid. “This is the one place that Bill feels the most comfortable,” Jayden says admiringly watching him fly down his lane his back muscles moving freely and with purpose as he flies down the lane and back.

“Yeah, he looks great out there,” Max thumps Jayden on the back. “Good luck in talking with him…maybe we can hang out later Jayden?” he asks tentatively pausing by the pool.

“I sure hope so Max, I really like being your friend.”

“Me too,” Max smiles, his eyes twinkling as he dives into the water starting with a back stroke to warmup.

Jayden walks over to Bill’s lane still admiring him from afar. Walking to the water’s edge he lays his crutches down along the pool watching Bill as he flurries back to his end where he waits for him his feet dangling freely in the cool pool water.

Bill emerges, letting out a breath of air and looking up at Jayden water dripping off of his light white alabaster skin as his pale blue eyes finds his own.

“Hi Bill,” Jayden smiles.

“Hi,” Bill answers sheepishly.

“Can I swim with you?” Jayden asks.

“Sure,” Bill agrees, brushing the water from his face and running his hand through his thick brown hair pushing it back away from his face.

Jayden slowly lowers himself into the pool, and Bill asks. “Need any help?”

“Not yet,” Jayden grins as he dives under the water and through Bills legs, the toes of his good leg purposely scrap Bill’s inner thighs as he pops up standing on one leg.

“Walk with me,” Jayden says, holding out his hand.

Bill swims up to meet him, and holds out his hand. “Okay, Jayden. I will walk with you anywhere.”

Jayden grins shyly the color draining from his cheeks now dreading this conversation. The two make slow walks up and down the pool as Jayden tells Bill that the doctor wanted him to practice his walking in the pool every day to strengthen his ankle backup.

Bill listens, asking questions as Max two lanes over gets into his swim rhythm.

Sometime passes and Jayden finally tells Bill what’s he been meaning to all morning. “Bill,” Jayden’s shoulders sag, his breath hitches, and his heart seems to be more insistent pounding in his chest. “I need to stop for a second,” Jayden gasps heading over to the side.

Bill goes with him feeling Jayden’s body slumping against the pool wall, as he visibly starts to shake.

“What’s wrong?” Bill asks concern in his pale eyes as he holds Jayden’s trembling shoulders.

“I…Bill,” Jayden’s words fail him as he rubs up and down the slick smooth side of the pool cement wall needing the solid unmovable object for what comes next.

“Bill,” Jayden starts again his brown eyes softening as he tries again, blinking back the pool water from his eyes mixed with his own tears. “I love you so much. And some part of me always will. It’s just…it’s not the same. I’m so sorry Bill, but what you did hurt me so, so much. The way you turned against me…” Jayden closes his eyes hating himself down to his very core. “I know that that’s over now, and I want us to move past it.” Jayden turns his head his soft brown chestnut eyes imploring his intentions. “You aren’t the same person, and now neither am I.”

Floating near Jayden, Bill bobs up and down the water hitting his light blue eyes reflecting the crystal clear water all around him as he gazes at Jayden. “I thought that you might say that, or well something like it” Bill confesses shoulders drooping. “Did you…I mean, did you pick…Chase?”

Jayden freezes for a moment his heart refusing to beat but he manages to whisper: “Yes.”

Jayden wants to go to him, the need to touch him, to comfort him, to reassure him is so deeply ingrained in him that it takes everything in him not to go to him putting his arms around him;  instead he lamely hugs the smooth pool wall, his fingertips turning white from gripping it so hard.

“Chase’s free periods next. He usually spends his in the pool too,” Bill looks away his eyes looking at the boy’s bathroom, “You can wait for him here. I’ll tell him that you’re waiting for him.” Bill’s bottom lip quivers.

“Bill?” Jayden reaches for him, forgetting himself.

Bill reaches back taking Jayden’s hand. “It’s okay Jayden,” he smiles, and it’s forced. They both know it too. “I’ll always love you,” Bill owns up looking away as he turns to swim away but asks over his shoulder instead, “Can I ask you for a favor?”

“Anything,” Jayden says too quickly.

“Can I have one last kiss?”

Jayden’s heart threatens to shatter, and he can’t stop the tears that run down his face, but he nods as Bill swims back to him. The slender boy bounces up to eye height grasping Jayden’s tight shoulders his own eyes as moist as Jayden’s. Jayden goes to say how sorry he is again as Bill leans into him and Bill slowly presses his lips against his own. The kiss is soft, tender and utterly devastating. Jayden and Bill shutter against each other and the two pull away at the same moment neither daring to look at the other. Bill swims away leaving Jayden trembling trying to take a breath, and not being able to as Jayden dives under the water sitting at the bottom of the pool, squeezing his eyes shut; the feeling of weightlessness feels right as he waits for oblivion to claim him.

Warm hands wrap around his own, and when Jayden opens his eyes he sees Bill, sitting on the bottom of the pool with him, his brown hair hovering around him in the water. Obviously Bill had swum back to check on him, and the kindness from his simple act overwhelms him. Jayden knows he is crying, and he guesses that Bill does too.

The two stay like that for as long as Jayden can hold his breath and when it threatens to burst from him, his lungs achingly painful and vibrantly alive he swims up, Bill by his side guiding him and his bum ankle to surface where they crash through air pouring into their lungs hungry and raw. Jayden after catching his breath turns to face Bill and he can’t help but him close the distance between them and kisses him again already knowing that this will be the last one.

They part at the same time, starring into each other’s eyes before swimming to opposite sides of the pool. Bill climbs out, his bare feet slapping against the surface, the sound echoing around the pool walls back to Jayden. Jayden can tell that Bill is running. He puts his head in his arms and weeps against the pool wall, Max seems to materialize next to him and Jayden hugs him fiercely leaning heavily against his small flat chest and wishing that Bill was still there.

It takes Jayden the rest of the period to get his emotions under wraps but Max’s question still goes round and round his head, “Are you sure Jayden? Is this what you really want?”

Jayden is still unsure of both answers. Max has to head to class, but he helps Jayden out leading him to the Jacuzzi; which sounds amazing right now. Another donation from Chase’s family.

Laying back in the hot water Jayden feels the energies within warming his ankle and he sighs contentedly, completely cried out he feels raw and drained as he waits for Chase.

Jayden does not have to wait long. Chase opens the Jacuzzi door and his fiercely blue eyes finds his own, and Jayden sucks in a breath, waiting to see what will happen.

Chase swaggers confidently into the room. Dressed only in his blue speedos that match his eyes, Chase lowers himself before Jayden, his perfectly formed muscular swimmers body slips beneath the bubbling froth as he dips his legs first into the hot water until he is at waist height standing before Jayden his blue bulge looking plump on full display. Chase’s bulge threatens the skin tight Speedo’s to hold up properly, and Jayden notices that this is a well-worn pair and the fabric gives even more definition to the outline of his fat cock and balls.

Chase not saying a word climbs on top of Jayden’s lap, a leg on either side of him as he lowers himself in the water until he sits on top of Jayden’s thighs.

Jayden let’s out the breath he didn’t know he was holding  since Chase entered the room and his hips bounce once almost in a knee jerk reaction making Chase chuckle.

Jayden opens his mouth to talk but Chase lays one finger across his lips, shushing him and shakes his head. “No words, they are not needed.”

Not sure he agrees or disagrees, he tries to talk again but Chase reaches into the Jacuzzi and grabs Jayden’s nuts, one in each hand leaning forward his lips brushing Jayden’s as he gives a tentative squeeze. “What did I say?” Chase asks his blue eyes dancing with mischief and temptation.

Jayden tries to speak but Chase silences him by placing his lips against Jayden’s, his tongue skipping into his mouth as he digs into Jayden’s nuts with his fingers. Annoyed, Jayden does the same to Chase reaching for and grasping his large fat nuts.

The two stare into each other’s eyes as they kiss, growling with tenacity and passion as their tongues dance, and their hands squish and squash each other’s nutsacs. Underneath the water a warzone occurs as both crush each other’s balls in tight vice like grips, each boy trying to outdo the other.

Both swimmers stay stubborn crushing the nutsac of the other in their tight grips, the warm Jacuzzi water making it even easier for Jayden and Chase to hold onto the ballsacs and the squishy contents within as their balls hang low.

Jayden and Chase stay like that for a few minutes until Chase finally relents unable to keep going and let’s go of Jayden’s bigger nuts, even though he will never admit it, and pulls off of Jayden’s lips putting his arm’s in the air surrendering.

“Fuck man, I surrender!” Chase groans with a laugh.

Jayden smiles too, moving his hands to Chase’s waist.

“Where’s my treasure then? I only take prisoners if I get treasures!” Jayden’s eyes twinkle with trouble.

“You are the treasure Jayden, but I am still your prisoner,” Chase grins, his cheeks coloring red.

“Chase,” Jayden whispers in surprise.

“I’m ready now, I wasn’t before.” Chase comes off of Jayden’s lap sitting next to him grasping his shoulder. “Jayden Gomez, would you do me the greatest honor and be my first boyfriend?”

Jayden breaks into a beaming smile and looks Chase in the eyes, and says, “Yes.”

“Really?” Chase asks. “You mean it? You want to?”

“Absolutely. I’m glad that I get to be your first.”

“Well…” Chase grins. “My first boyfriend. Everything else for firsts are pretty much covered I’m afraid,” a sheepish smile spreads into a wide smile.

“That’s too bad,” Jayden says dramatically laying across Chase’s chest dramatically. “I was going to suggest that we have sex in this very Jacuzzi. Too bad that’s already covered.”

Chase’s eyes open in surprise, “The Jacuzzi?” He looks around nervously, “At school?”

“We have ten minutes left. Think you can spew before then?”

Chase’s mouth drops open.

“I thought that you said that you had all your firsts?” Jayden tisks clicking his tongue regretfully. “That’s okay, let’s take another one off of your list.” He lowers himself below the surface, pulling down Chase’s speedo’s his heart thundering madly in his chest.

“But what if someone comes in…” Chase stops talking as Jayden pulls him into his mouth, and lifting his butt in the air so he can breathe as he sucks Chase down to the hilt, his lips sucking deep. “Fuck, Jayden!” Chase groans holding Jayden’s wet head, as he starts to bob up and down.

Chase’s mouth goes dry, as his eyes stare frantically at the door, “Someone’s going to…oh, shit!” Jayden swirls his tongue, and uses one hand to grab the root of Chase’s dick and pumps along with bobbing of his head, his mouth sucking deeply buried in Chase’s blonde pubis.

Chase tries to spout off another reason to stop when Jayden closes his fingers, making a fist and powers a punch into Chase’s underwater pouch striking Chase’s Speedo bulge with such power and tenacity. Chase lurches up, plunging his cock even deeper down Jayden’s throat as the pain bursts in his low hangers. “Fuck Jayden,” Chase moans. “Did you have to…” but Chase’s words get stuck in his throat with his nuts as Jayden still sucking deeply throws another punch at the same spot feeling the orbs smoosh against Chase’s pubic bone.

The blonde swim champ digs his fingers into Jayden’s scalp, his blue eyes crossing comically as he humps Jayden’s throat, his hips shifting back and forth underwater his balls still blazing from the raw impacts south of the border. “Jayden not so…hard!” Chase squeals as Jayden changes tactics and pounds his fist from above so that the hammering blow bursts from the surface giving Chase the view of his gonads impending doom before it slams straight down.

The splash of the water hits Chase full in the face and that seems to do the trick making his erection throb. Jayden sensing Chase’s upcoming orgasm clamps both Chase’s dick firmly between his lips, sucking at the tip; while his other hand grabs Chase’s tenderized testes and giving them a friendly squeeze.

Chase opens his mouth to announce his upcoming eruption but gets the surprise of his young life as the door to the Jacuzzi room opens.

“Fuck!” Chase groans as he starts to spew as Doug, a towel around his waist pauses in the doorway, the wrestling star stops to glare at his rival as he orgasms down Jayden’s throat.

“Chase are you…shit!” Doug covers his mouth aghast as an uncomfortable laugh escapes from him at the stupid look on Chase’s face as he orgasms exploding down Jayden’s throat sending volley after volley spouting from his pulsing dick. Jayden manages to swallow all of it, and pops Chase’s cock out of his mouth with a small ‘pop’ sound that echoes around the small room, as he turns to stare at the intruder that interrupted the fun.

The last time that Doug saw Chase he lost in a spectacularly embarrassing fashion in front of almost the entire school. Now that the surprise has worn off Doug looks ready to start the next match. Jayden puts up his hands in the surrender position. “Doug, remember me. It’s Jayden, I was the one that helped you get a spot on the swim team before I left. I saw a lot of good potential in you. I’m sorry that it didn’t work out. But you’re a wrestling star at the school, that’s pretty cool and we have that in common. I wrestle at Bartlet High…”

“Do you ever stop talking?” Doug says interrupting and silencing Jayden.

“I was just trying to…”

“Fuck in the schools Jacuzzi, yeah I got that,” Doug glares.

“Hey, we are a little busy,” Chase says pulling up his speedo, tucking his cock and balls gently back inside. “Take a hike buddy.”

“Chase!” Jayden warns.

Doug narrows his eyes to slits then a thought comes to him. “We face your team in two weeks Jayden.”

“Oh, that sounds nice,” Jayden says trying to move onto more pleasant topics.

“Yeah. I’m going to kick your ass while your boyfriend watches. See you in two weeks!” Doug turns, but before he leaves he adds. “You better be out of that Jacuzzi by the time I get back or I will personally make sure that your expelled Chase for fucking in a school!”

Doug lets the pool door slam on his way out, letting out some of the hot air. But Jayden is sweating more now than ever before, and it has nothing to do with the heat.

“We better go,” Jayden gulps.

“Fucking prick,” Chase growls climbing out.

Chase sees Jayden struggling, slipping back under the hot water and helps him up.

“My crutches are over there,” Jayden points.

“I see them,” Chase walks over, picks them up and brings them back to Jayden. “Don’t worry, you will beat Doug’s ass. If I can, you certainly will. He will rue the day he challenged you.”

Jayden tries to smile, but it does not quite make it to his eyes. Chase notices and leans into him, “Hey, look at me.”

Shuffling down the corridor to the changing room he does, and sees Chase’s blue eyes glitter, his warm smile and his ragged good looks and confident swagger infuse Jayden with a sense of confidence as he says, “I love you, and you love me. Let Doug be angry. He can’t take that away from us or spoil this moment.” Chase leans in his lips brushing Jayden’s tenderly, before he kisses him sweetly. Pulling back, Chase gives his trademark Cheshire cat grin, “See? He’s just jealous that he can’t kiss you like that.”

Jayden shakes his head laughing, “You are such a dork! But tell me again…what part of me do you love the most?”

“Oh that’s easy,” Chase smiles, he leans forward kissing Jayden on the mouth. “I really love your lips, and here,” Chase kisses Jayden’s collar bone at the nape of his neck, giving the skin a little nibble. “Oh, and here.” Chase kisses Jayden’s right nipple, biting the tip his teeth clenching around the nub.

“Mmmm,” Jayden hums as Chase kisses his left nipple right afterwards sucking at it deeply.

“Can’t forget about that one. Oh and right here,” Chase kisses Jayden belly button making Jayden giggle.

“And here,” Chase kisses right above his speedo making sure that his chin rubs the top of Jayden’s very rigid erection that has not gone down since the Jacuzzi.

“Then here,” Chase kisses Jayden’s head through the fabric, licking the wet spot where Jayden’s pre-cum soaked.

“And these,” Chase kisses each of Jayden’s through big nuts in his speedos. “I love these most of all,” Chase grins watching the testicles swing back to their previous positions.

Jayden smiles warmly at Chase from his positon below him lines up an uppercut, “Especially,” Chase grins. “When I do this!” And arches back his arm and drives it forward with amazing speed and accuracy slamming his fist deep in Jayden’s bulging sac, the wet splat echoing off the walls.

The impact was so forceful that Jayden loses his footing and drops, the crutches skitter across the wet tile in the changing room but Chase catches him in a classic pose, cradling him tightly against his chest as Jayden lets out a breath of relief. “See, I got you. And I’m not planning on letting you go.”

Jayden heads out of the pool freshly showered with Chase, both appearing giddy as they walk side-by-side. Ending his relationship with Bill and finding closure was one of the most difficult things Jayden has ever had to do, but being next to Chase right now and being in a relationship with him makes Jayden feel that his journey was worth it even the painful parts.

“One more thing,” Jayden starts biting his lip, “and this is really important.’

“Shoot,” says Chase lazily.

“Bill. You have to fix things with him,” Jayden implores stopping in the hallway leaning on his crutches.

Chase stops too, pushing his wet blonde hair out of his face, which falls right back into place as if Chase never moved the lock at all. “I know Jayden. I will.”

“You mean it,” Jayden asks his eyes searching.

“Absolutely. Bill and I had a long talk after we left your place…we decided that no matter who you picked, we were going to fix things between us.”

Surprised, but happy Jayden grins. “Good, that makes me happy. The beginning will be the hardest for him, and for me. Ending things with him was really…hard,” confides Jayden.

“How about this…you can get one pass with him. Do whatever you want. He can be your freebie,” Chase proposes.

“Chase…” Jayden’s brown eyes grow insistent to make sure that he understands. “I don’t want a pass. I’m with you. I don’t need anybody else.”

“It might help…”

Jayden shakes his head. “No Chase, it will make it harder. Severing the relationship cleanly is important. For both of us, besides I’m with you and that is what I want to explore, okay?”

“Sure, but Jayden I see how everyone looks at you. If you kiss someone or fool around with anyone…I want you to know, I won’t be mad.”

“I’ll…keep that in mind and we can talk about that later, but right now I only have eyes for you,” Jayden leans against Chase his lips brushing against Chase’s his eyes locked on the blonde swim captain daring him to keep his eyes open. Chase never backing down from a challenge does, but as the sweetness of Jayden’s lips presses more firmly against his own he can’t help it and he loses the battle with his lids as they slide close Jayden’s warmth keeping him firmly in the moment.

When Jayden pulls away Chase fights his instincts to pull him back, “God I could do that all day.”

“Me too,” Jayden admits as people around them “Ooooo” as they pull apart shyly.

“You do realize that we are going to be the talk of the school,” Chase says smiling, unable to stop.

“Yup,” Jayden winks.

Turning the corner Jayden heads to his old cafeteria at the building he used to call his school. Jayden comes across Leroy and he is standing perfectly still staring across the room at Aldo, the Hispanic dark haired teen that is laughing with Shane, Bill, and Adam. Leroy licks his lips, his tray of cafeteria food balance on his unmoving tray sits cooling as he watches Aldo who pulls up his shirt, showing off his well sculpted chest and abs. Aldo started going to the gym first in their group, and his developing muscle groups showcase it and how ripped and firm his torso is. Jayden sees the guys all touching a sharpie sketch of the name ‘Michelle’ across his abs, laughing at a story Aldo is telling.

Chase laughs seeing Aldo’s stomach. “Man, he got tagged.”

“Chase, that’s not the important part of the scene. That is,” Jayden points to Leroy.

Leroy looks down at his uneaten food and moves to throw his full tray in the trash. Jayden rushes up catching the tray at the last second, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m just not hungry anymore,” Leroy says downtrodden.

“Does it have anything to do with Aldo showing off his abs with Michelle’s name written across?” Jayden tentatively asks.

Leroy shrugs, his shoulders slumping. “I really like him Jayden,” Leroy softly says, his voice velvety laced with emotion.

“I know you do, so let’s go try and lasso him away from Michelle,” Jayden suggests, linking his arm in his and leading him between the cafeteria tables towards the swim team table.

“He’s claimed,” Leroy grumbles.

“Last night he was,” Jayden points out. “He goes through them fast. Wasn’t the last one Nicole?”

“Isabella,” Leroy says. “Nicole was a few weeks ago.”

“My point exactly. Nothing stays permanent with him, and maybe it’s because he just hasn’t noticed you,” Jayden says encouragingly bumping his hip against Leroy’s.

“You really think so?” Leroy asks, hope barely in the undertones of his voice, but his dark eyes alight with the possibility as he eyes Jayden.

“Absolutely, you are a stud. He would be lucky to have a chance with you, I certainly was,” Jayden smiles.

“Was?” Leroy asks.

“Yeah,” Jayden points over at Chase standing respectively a few feet away.

“Chase?” Leroy asks.

“Yeah,” smiles Jayden, “Chase.”

Leroy waves him over, and Chase joins them. “Hey, Leroy.”

“Congratulations man.”

“Thanks!” Chase smiles.

“Don’t fuck it up, this is my boy. He’s too good for that kind of shit.”

Chase puts his hands up surrendering. “Agreed, I’m done fucking things up with Jayden.”

“Fucking finally,” Leroy says.

“Leroy!” Jayden says.

“What, you know it’s true!”

“He’s right Jayden. Leroy,” Chase looks at him sternly. “You have my word, I’m going to worship the ground that he walks upon. I’m so goddamn lucky that he forgave me and is giving me another chance. I won’t fuck this up.”

Leroy nods his head, “Maybe a leopard can change his spots after all.”

“Don’t change too much,” Jayden says leaning against him. “I love so many aspects of who you are already.”

Blushing Chase puts his arm around Jayden’s shoulders and giving him a quick shy kiss on his lips. Leroy watches in amusement at Chase’s struggles. “Man, things are going to be different around here.”

“Let’s go eat,” suggests Jayden.

“Hey everyone! Guess who’s crashing your school today!”

“Jayden!” They all say enthusiastically making room at the table for him, Chase and Leroy.

“What are you doing here?” Asks Shane.

“Switching schools, right bro? You miss us!” Nudges Aldo, his foot tapping Jayden’s unhurt ankle.

“I’m just here for a visit,” Jayden says smiling.

Max thumps Jayden on the back and pushing Shane over. “Staying for lunch?” He smiles.

“You bet,” grins Jayden his eyes twinkling. “So…I saw your abs from across the room, who’s claimed you now?”

“No one bro,” Aldo says showing his chest and abs to Max, and now Rex who pushes Adam over, not too gently Jayden notices to sit next to Aldo. “I broke up with her after she did this!” He scoffs.

“Free agent again? That won’t last long,” Jayden jokes shaking his head.

“No way, I’m swearing off of women for a good long while…well at least for a month!”

“But your huevos, who will take care of those?” Asks Jayden digging into his mac and cheese with gusto.

“Its simple man,” Aldo does a crude jacking off jester with his left hand making the whole table roar with laughter.

Jayden raises one eyebrow in Leroy’s direction, bumping him with his elbow in his side. “See?” Jayden mouths smiling more widely.

“Of course, you will be doing the same right hombre?” Aldo asks.

“Huh?” Jayden asks uncomprehendingly.

“You and Bill. Sorry you guys broke up, the news is all over school. You were a cute couple. It’s too bad,” Aldo says shaking his head. The entire lunch conversation so full of life and laughter ends after this declaration. Everyone either staring at Bill or Jayden.

“Er…” Jayden starts. “Actually, part of that story is true. But I’m not alone. I’m with someone else now,” he clears his throat smiling conspiratorially across the table at Chase.

“What our eloquent ex-teammate is trying to say is that he and I are together,” Chase clarifies nudging Aldo.

All eyes turn to Chase and then back to Jayden, and Shane asks. “Wow…wait. Hold up, Chase. Jayden are you trying to tell us that you and Chase are together?” he looks aghast. “You picked him over Bill? Are you crazy?”

Jayden starts to open his mouth to reply, but Chase gets there first.

“We all know Jayden is crazy, he left our school and started wearing Bartlet red Speedos,” Chase begins and the tension evaporates as everyone laughs at the joke. “Red does look horrible on you, all of us can agree about that!” Smirking everyone looks at Jayden.

“Plus, the big dummy picked me over Bill who’s the sweetest. Clearly, somethings wrong with him. When he goes to the doctor next after his foot has healed we will have the lovely lady doctor check his brain.” The group laughs again at Chase’s cheekiness, “Besides now that Michelle is back on the field, Bill might as well scoop that girl up. Aldo you lost out, everyone’s going to be won over by Bill’s charms now that he is back on the market. How does that sound?” Chase grins with his classic Cheshire cat smile making everyone laugh and cutting through the tension, even Bill joins in and quickly shrugs Chase’s arm off of his shoulders.

Shane not quite getting the hint asks. “But wait, you and Jayden were such a cute…”

But he’s cut off quite quickly with a loud splat that echoes underneath the table the familiar sound of a sneaker squashing a pair of balls. Shane, the guy the team wanted to be captain, just over a month ago who’s balls were not quite spectacular enough to beat out Chase’s gets booted underneath the table. Shane yelps, grabbing his junk with a surprise groan. “Fuck! Chase!”

“Wasn’t me,” Chase says laughing holding his arms up innocently.

“It was me,” smiles Bill. “Sometimes you need to learn to just shut up Shane.”

“I was just asking about…”


Shane’s eyes cross this time, and his face crumples in ball crunching agony from the second assault occurring underneath the table.

“Okay, that time it was me! I think that I got him better than you did Bill,” Chase laughs, “Sis you hear that splatt?”

“No, you didn’t,” Bill says smiling slyly. “I’ll prove it!”

“Wait…Bill…don’t!” Shane yells like a banshee while Bill smiles more broadly as Shane crumples to the ground as Bill’s forceful toe kick crashes into his balls against the bottom of the wooden table.

“See?” Bill grins. “My hit was way worse!”

“I’ll give it to you, this time,” Chase laughs thumping Bill on the back good naturedly.

“Did they just…?” Leroy asks.

“I’m in the Twilight Zone,” Jayden laughs. “You okay Shane?”

“Fuck no!” Shane grumbles from the ground, clutching his aching nuts his face a mask of pain as the swim team jeers and laughs.

The bell rings, and the whole team groans. Everyone comes around to wish Jayden well, except for Adam who didn’t speak to him or anyone else for that matter at all during lunch. The boys head off to their classes, Bill and Chase help Shane to his feet and continue their ball tagging game all the way to their next class. Shane walking just as funny as Jayden does.

Chase looks over his shoulder mouthing, “Later?”

Jayden nods.

Aldo walks next to Jayden, who says his free period next.

“Perfect,” says Jayden.

“What are you thinking,” Leroy whispers in his ear.

“That you should skip your next class and join us,” Jayden smirks with mischief in his big brown eyes.

Leroy rolls his eyes, but stays with them as they head back outside over to a picnic bench in the sun, the light warming their faces.

“My ass is hot!” Aldo jokes as he sits down on the bench, and jumps back up.

“Sure is,” Leroy agrees. Then registering what he said, quickly adds. “Mine too, the sun is awful today!” Hoping no one caught what he said.

Jayden seeing his blunder jumps in, “Yeah, let’s sun bathe in the grass instead” he proposes as he peels off his tank top going behind the bench so they won’t be seen by the school staff near the entrance of the school. Jayden’s muscles ripple in the sunlight, and Aldo and Leroy admire his form and quickly do the same all three laying peacefully next to each other soaking in the hot spring sun, the grass tickling their skin beneath them.

“Oh shoot!” Jayden thumps his head mockingly. “Aldo, you are going to get an awful tan line with Michelle’s name.”

“You’re right bro, I better put my shirt back on!”

Leroy looks at Jayden as if he just took Christmas away.

“No need for that,” Jayden pulls out a container of hand sanitizer he keeps in his bag, handing it to Leroy. “Leroy’s got you covered. Leroy use my gym t-shirt. Help Aldo out!”

“Good thinking bro!” Aldo says back in sun and puts his hands behind his head giving Leroy full access to his body. “Go for it, I really appreciate it.”

“Sure,” Leroy says his voice catching. He closes his eyes in horror at the sound of his own voice and closes his mouth wanting to crawl up and die.

“He needs to get close to your abs Aldo, open up your legs so he can get right in there,” suggests Jayden who also tucks his arms behind his head, and resting his aching foot on the bench elevating it.

“Okay,” Leroy says his voice thick as he crawls on his hands and knees over to Aldo, and placing a large amount of hand sanitizer on his hand and starts to rub it into Aldo’s perfectly smooth ripped abdomen. Leroy goes slow, working Jayden’s old gym shirt into the sharpie signature. Leroy is surprised when the trick works. He has to really use his muscles to rub, so he places his other hand on Aldo’s hip, inches away from Aldo’s plump package that bulges outward barely inches from his fingertips.

“There,” Leroy announces, finishing the job.

“Thanks!” Aldo says. “I meant to do it this morning in the shower but I woke up late.”

“Good work,” Jayden compliments banging on Leroy’s back extra hard so he makes Leroy overbalance on his knees and stumble forward landing on top of Aldo. “Oops, my bad!”

Aldo not expecting it, with his hands tucked behind his head groans in surprise lifting up his knees, one of which impales Leroy right in his tight ballsac nailing the twin orbs perfectly. “Ohh, shit,” laughs Aldo, “Did I just…?”

“Yup,” Leroy moans getting into pushup position on top of Aldo staring into his eyes, “You got me good, too. Fuuck!”

“Shit, I’m sorry hombre,” Aldo shifts a bit before Leroy’s thigh is tucked in between Aldo’s legs, his bony knee resting at the bottom of his ballsac. “Only fair, I got you. You should get to hit my huevos.”

“I couldn’t!” Leroy says.

“He’s right. It’s only fair, you should do what the man wants,” advises Jayden. “Hit him in the nuts!”

“Well,” says Leroy licking his lips, and thinking. “Could I squeeze them instead?”

Aldo laughs, “Sure, if that’s your pleasure. Thirty seconds enough?”

“Yeah,” agrees Leroy.

“I’ll time it!” Jayden says reaching into his pocket for his phone and remembering that it was destroyed by Sam Hell a few days ago. “I’ll time it with Leroy’s,” Jayden suggests instead reaching into Leroy’s pocket, and gives Leroy’s cockhead through the silky material a few quick strokes, before picking up the cell and taking it out trying to prepare Leroy for some fun.

Leroy’s breathe hitches and he looks at Jayden with a mixture of pleasure, annoyance and worry.

“All set now!” Jayden beams, knowing full well what he just did to Leroy. Jayden waves the phone the timer app open and ready to go. “Tell me when you are ready,” says Jayden.

Leroy reaches down with both hands placing them on Aldo’s big package feeling around, as if he could not find Aldo’s nuts all along and uses the excuse to rub Aldo’s penis from root to tip, a few times before going below and scooping up Aldo’s nutsac then separating them fitting one into each hand. “I think I finally found them,” Leroy acknowledges.

“You sure? I think you missed one!” Jayden points out reaching forward with one hand wrapping it around Aldo’s cockhead and giving it a gentle squeeze or two. “Wait…I don’t think this is a nut…” he laughs letting it go as the manipulated cockhead grows in size and starts to rise.

Aldo groans man, “You guys are getting me hard, get this over with before I make a mess!” He laughs putting his hands back behind his head again, stretching his midsection making his abs flex, as his erection continues to swell in his shorts.

“Okay…I think I’m ready Jayden, count me in,” Leroy says gazing at Aldo displaying his fit chest, his arms back displaying his assets.

“Okay Leroy. Three, two, one squeeze!” Jayden counts seeing the look of determination on Leroy’s face as he grips Aldo with his fists tight, the muscles in his arms straining.

Jayden turns to look at Aldo, and sees that he should have been looking nowhere else, Aldo is putting on quite a spectacle.

Aldo leans forward, his arms that were tucked behind his head slam on the green freshly mowed grass as he groans clenching and unclenching his abdomen, his muscles straining at the pain that Jayden is imagining is occurring in Aldo’s shorts intensifies. “My huevos!” Aldo whimpers staring helplessly at Leroy’s fists twisting and squashing the contents within.

“Shit…I forgot to start the timer!” Jayden laughs, just now hitting the green button.

Aldo looks over at Jayden in annoyance, but his eyes quickly cross as he whimpers out, “Fucking huevos! Shit, shit, shit!”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!” Aldo chants as the time ticks down.

Jayden not watching the time sees that Leroy has been squeezing Aldo for almost two minutes, and that was after he said he ‘forgot’ to start the timer.

“Oops! Leroy’s phone was on silent, your good now Aldo you made it thirty seconds…and just a bit longer,” Jayden laughs but sees that Leroy has not let go of Aldo’s nuts, and Aldo didn’t seem to hear Jayden at all as his body trembles, his head falling back twisting side to side, as his hips writhe up, his erection still pointing skyward glistens wet around the tip from the pre-cum soaking around the tip of Aldo’s leaky cock.

“Maybe I should…” Jayden bites my lip and leans forward grasping Aldo’s cockhead once more as Aldo shudders, groaning.

“Fuck, fuck, ah, ah!” Aldo squeezes his eyes shut as he starts to hump Jayden’s fist. Jayden motioning to Leroy quickly switches places with Leroy so that Leroy starts pumping Aldo’s big thick cock through his sweat pants in thankfully the back of the playground behind the school bench, while Jayden picks up Aldo’s plump nuggets which seem extra firm, maybe Michelle and Aldo didn’t have sex last night after all.

Aldo seems to be in the zone as he humps Leroy’s fist, while Jayden holds on tight to his nutsac the pair of them must be doing wonders to Aldo’s senses as he thrusts his erection in and out of Leroy’s hand.

Leroy, tired of touching him through his shorts pulls them down exposing Aldo’s throbbing erection and trimmed black pubes, his ballsac still hairless but lost in Jayden’s tight grip is stretched downward his ballsac snug and taut. Aldo opens eyes briefly to see Leroy jump on his cockhead, swallowing it down. Aldo groans this time in abject pleasure as Leroy bobs his head.

“Fuck Leroy,” Aldo his voice thick and raw swears. “Man…that’s awesome,” he whimpers his eyes rolling back in his head.

Jayden also tired of over the clothes reach down Aldo’s underwear scooping up each bare nut tight against the base of his cock and starts to squeezes the pair, and can do so  much more firmly. Aldo sensing this lets out a long low grunt, and starts to thrust in Leroy’s mouth, pounding into the back of his throat.

Aldo announces his upcoming ejaculation, “I’m cumming hombres, I’m cumming! I am gonna fucking cum!”

With one last thrust, Aldo’s ass lifts off of the grass, and strains bucking, his ass cheeks clenching hard as steel as he starts pumping down Leroy’s throat. Jayden feeling Aldo’s cum swirl and propel through his testicle tubes, squeezing and releasing Aldo’s nuts over and over trying to time it with each fresh burst from Aldo. Aldo moans, grunting and drops back to the grass spent, one hand tangled in Leroy’s hair, the other rubbing his own bare chest.

Leroy after another few seconds pulls off Aldo’s cock, looking up at Aldo cautiously.

“Come here bro,” Aldo says his voice husky.

Leroy lays on top of Aldo, and Jayden sensing it’s a good time to make himself scarce releases Aldo’s low hangers which drop back between his legs, red and throbbing.

Jayden stands and stretches, pulling his tank top back over his head. When his face emerges from the fabric he sees Aldo and Leroy making out on the ground, he grins so happy that Leroy has this moment with Aldo and hopes that it develops into something more. Leroy deserves that, and Jayden muses Aldo always keeps dropping girls. Maybe there is a reason why.

Jayden starts to limp away on his crutches, his smile never fading from his face as he heads towards the school bench to wait out the rest of the day and for his older brother to pick him up and take him home.

Jayden is watching the people walking around his old school, not having a phone to entertain him as he watches Bill’s Dad pull-up in front of the school.

Bill seems to be dragging his feet walking over to his Dad’s car, and it’s more than obvious why.

Sam Hell and Jake step out from the back seat, each of them looking out of place.

“No way,” Jayden mumbles to himself as Leroy and Aldo plop down next to him.

“Fuck,” Leroy swears.

“There you guys are!” says Jayden.

“We decided to skip the rest of the day,” Aldo grins. “I saw the state that my amigo was in and I could not let that go.”

“Really?” Jayden asks.

Aldo raises one eyebrow perfectly, “What do you take me for? I finished my Leroy.”


“Yes,” says Leroy smiling bashfully. “We are seeing each other, it’s early but…”

“But nothing,” Aldo smiles kissing Leroy on the mouth.

Jayden looks away as Aldo puts both hands up Leroy’s shirt twisting his nipples. Leroy yelps and slaps his hands away.

“I’m horny all the time, I hope that Leroy can handle that. I like to cum a lot!” Aldo whispers in fake confidentiality.

“I can hear you!” Leroy rolls his dark eyes.

“Good, I am going to fuck you later. You still living with Gomez, we need privacy. I intend to make you scream.”

Jayden and Leroy look at each other and burst into laughter, “You best be ready bro. I’m coming at you.” Aldo adds.

Leroy moves to pull him back against him kissing him.

When Bill, Sam, Jake and Bill’s father get in front of their vision Sam Hell’s red eyes do a slow lingering survey around the school yard, and seem to narrow in and find Jayden, Leroy, and Aldo pegging them in his gaze. Like blood in the water, Sam Hell’s red eyes feast on the crutches that Jayden has by his sides, and his lips curl menacingly showing his fine white pointy teeth.

“It looks like he has fangs,” Leroy says mystified pulling out of Aldo’s embrace.

“I think he does…what did he do to his teeth?”

“Shit if I know,” Leroy shakes his head. “What are we going to do Jayden?”

Jayden turns to Leroy, pulling him down on the bench next to him watching as Bill, Sam Hell, Jake, and Bill’s Dad heads towards the school. “We show them no fear,” Jayden says with growing confidence.

When Bill and his family pass by Jayden, Leroy, and Aldo watch, but Sam Hell elbows Jake in the side. Jake lowers his head down where he whispers in his ear.

Bill’s forehead crinkles with worry, and he taps Sam Hell on the shoulder, shaking his head. “No Sam,” Bill says loudly.

Sam Hell gnashes his teeth, growling at him; which goes unnoticed by Bill’s dad who warmly greets the principal at the schools entrance.

Standing his ground Bill stares up at Hell, and surprisingly Devil Boy shrugs and shakes the principal’s hand seemingly ignoring Jayden and Leroy. It’s not until the group enters the building that Jake hangs back and pauses.

“Hey Jayden,” he calls across the yard. Jake makes a straight line across his throat with one finger. “See you on the mat in two weeks. Tell your brother, and Logan we will see them soon.” The giant seventeen year old standing almost 6’2 turns and heads into the school leaving Jayden dry mouthed at the prospect of seeing all of them again on the mat.

Aldo and Leroy look over at Jayden cautiously trying to a gage his expression. “I’ll be fine,” Jayden says confidently. “We will be ready for them.”

After Bill and his new foster brothers head inside and don’t make any other appearances Leroy and Aldo depart to enjoy the rest of their skip day, Leroy confirming that he would see Jayden later on at his place.

Jayden moves to stretch arching his arms overhead as he starts to head toward the parking lot to avoid the end of the day rush as the school bell rings. Moments later, Sam Hell appears, like a whisper in the dark even though it’s midday and sunshine emanates, warm and pleasant. The wind picks up around the boys as Sam gloats “Well, well, well look who I found,” bumping into Jayden.

Jayden staggers on his crutches but manages to stay upright. “What do you want Hell?” demands Jayden his eyes icy.

“I still owe you for yesterday,” Sam Hell says clinking his leg bracelet against Jayden’s crutch.

Looking down Jayden sees the police ankle monitor, and grins. “Maybe you should stop breaking the law then,” Jayden suggests smugly.

“That’s the last time I can, or I go to big boy jail.”

“Better watch your step then,” Jayden advises narrowing his eyes.

“Oh, I will. Unlike you who really needs to, how’s your ankle? Looks all sore. I’ll make sure that you get crippled in two weeks, and even though it won’t be me who faces you sadly. I will guarantee that Dougie boy makes you beg for mercy,” Sam Hell growls, spit flying as he leans threateningly into Jayden. “Doug has it in for you Jayden, not as much as me but…he has heard about you and Chase. We all have. You will regret breaking Bill’s heart.”

“Get bent,” Jayden says and starts to walk away. Sam Hell grabs one of Jayden’s crutches.

“Where do you think you’re going? We aren’t done yet,” Sam Hell snarls his red eyes even brighter in daylight flashing warningly. “I owe you a beat down, and I plan on filling up a little flask to give to your brother with your juices inside.”

Jayden’s heart skips a beat, and he licks his dry lips thinking fast. “There’s teachers…”

“Too far away, and they will never hear you. Besides, don’t you remember who my bunk mate is? Your ex little Bill, who’s heart you crushed today.”

Jayden pauses considering, “It’s complicated, and not something I am going to discuss with you.”

“Well, I get to have that discussion with him, and every day moving forward. I live with him, and if I don’t get to get even with you Bill might just have a little accident too. How does that sound Jayden, should Bill have a little accident?”

“You wouldn’t!” Jayden protests.

“Accidents happen every day, but they can be devastating. You don’t want to Bill to get hurt, would you?”

Jayden closes his eyes, praying for internal strength. “Okay, where are we doing this,” Jayden asks.

“Nowhere,” Chase comes up behind Sam Hell, his fists clenched.

Sam Hell spins around eyes flashing dangerously. “Well if it isn’t the Logan pretty boy look-alike,” Sam Hell cracks his knuckles threateningly. “This does not concern you.”

“The hell it does! When you threaten my boyfriend, who’s on crutches you better believe I’m going to be there,” growls Chase dropping his book bag to the ground.

Sam watches it fall in amusement. “You aren’t any match for me, neither of you are.”

“Problem Sam?” Jake asks putting one huge hand on Jayden’s shoulder making him jump.

“Jake!” Jayden gasps as Jake runs his other hand along his abs his lowering hand’s direction is clear.

“Let him go,” snarls Chase.

“Why would we want to do that?” Doug asks flanking Jake on the other side of Jayden putting his arm on Jayden’s other shoulder threateningly.

Jayden’s heart thunders in his chest and he looks helplessly over at Chase who sees the odds and they aren’t in their favor, even if Jayden was not injured.

“Let’s save this for the match in two weeks,” suggests Jayden taking a deep gulp of air.

Jake’s fingers tickle his sweat pants juggling his balls and making them bounce. “I kind of want to see them dance, don’t you Sam?”

“Yes, right before I crack them on my foot that is,” laughs Sam meanly.

“Hey!” Bill comes running up, his backpack flopping on his thin frame. “We are going to be late,” Bill says starring at Sam and then Jake. “Let’s go.”

Jake pauses in bouncing Jayden’s nuts, “But we are making such good friends here.” He implores with a chuckle. “See?” Jake twists and pinches Jayden right nut between his fingers making Jayden yelp.

“Let him go,” Bill says, grabbing Chases arm as he moves to rush in to help. “Now.”

Jake stops laughing and whispers in Jayden’s ear, “You aren’t worth it anyways.” And pushes past Chase, Sam Hell glares at Bill for a long moment, before he shrugs his own shoulders.

“Sure thing bro, if you insist,” Sam Hell says. “Let’s go Doug.”

Doug looks lost but follows as the pack leaves with Bill in the lead.

Chase is dumbfounded but quickly moves over to Jayden. “Righty, okay?”

Ignoring his question Jayden wonders out loud, “They listened to him. Chase, what’s happening at Bill’s house?”

Chase not knowing himself says nothing as the watch them head to Bill’s Dad car.

A few minutes’ later Jayden jumps into Gino’s truck smiling at his older brother.

“Good day?” Gino asks.

“The best,” smiles Jayden throwing his arms overhead grabbing the seat cushion yawning.

“I’m so glad,” Gino says running his hands through his brother’s hair and giving his cheek a gentle pat.

Gino turns the key and sadly the truck doesn’t turn.

“Shit,” Gino curses climbing out of the truck, slamming the door behind him.

“Want some help?” Jayden offers, as Gino pops the hood and grabs a wrench from the back of the truck.

“Not even a little bit. Go rest your foot in the passenger seat. I’m sure that you overexerted yourself today and this might take a while,” Gino comments knowingly tucking his head under the hood again, and getting a face full of smog.

“You have no idea,” Jayden says with a grin. “Tell me when you are done,” Jayden says grabbing his brother’s phone he puts in his brothers password sending Logan a message:
Jayden: Gino’s truck shit the bed. He might be late, I’m going to rest my ankle. ~Jayden

Logan: Please do! Tell Gino to get here for practice when he can. Let me know if he needs a ride. Kim can pick him up. He lives close by.

Jayden: Ugh, okay.

Logan: You and Kim need to kiss and make up.

Jayden: Not likely to happen.

Logan: Haha okay. He’s not that bad of a guy.

“Yeah right,” Jayden says yawning.

Putting the phone down he props his leg up on the dashboard, and closes his eyes a minute. It’s not until Gino pulls into the driveway that he stirs awake with a jolt, yawning deeply, “I was just resting my eyes,” Jayden says sleepily.

“Sleeping beauty has awoken!” Gino laughs making a mess of his little brothers hair.

“Hey! Also, what happened to your shirt?” Jayden asks spying on Gino’s shirtless chest, wishing that his own chest looked as masculine and well defined as his older brother.

“I was covered in exhaust from being under the hood,” Gino explains holding up his wet shirt. “I used it to clean-up a bit.”

“Gross!” Jayden sticks out his tongue at the smell of fumes.

Grinning, Gino walks around to his brother’s side of the car and opens the door and carries him to the house in his manly arm, his body warm and hard against his own.

“I’m not helpless,” Jayden yawns again, as he puts his arms around Gino’s neck, tucking his head against Gino’s chest nuzzling his head against the Gino’s skin.

“You did too much today, it was against my better judgement to let you go spend the day with your friends. How did it work out?” Gino asks putting him on the living room couch and elevating his foot.

“Funny you should ask,” Jayden says, his heart beating fast in his chest as his brother flushes his pillow and goes to get him some ice to put on his ankle. “I finally made a decision. I’m going to date Chase.”

“Jayden…you…really?” Gino’s disappointment is clear as sits on the table in front of his brother.

“I love him Gino. Can you give him a chance?” Jayden asks before adding quickly, “Please, for me?”

Gino grunts non-committal.

Jayden gives him his best puppy dog expression.

“How about this…I won’t kill him when I see him? That sounds like a good starting point.”

“I guess,” says Jayden unconvincingly.

Gino looks Jayden into his soulful brown eyes, seeing Jayden for who he is: a kind, loving, compassionate boy who’s also fearless, strong, and brave. When it comes to his heart Jayden makes some mistakes, but Gino just sighs saying none of the things he is thinking and says, “I’m skipping practice and staying here in case things go south between you two.”

“Thank you big brother, I love you. But you needn’t worry.” Jayden wraps his arms around him squeezing him. “You’re my favorite.” He gives him a messy smooch on his neck, ending with blasting a wet raspberry against his skin. “I’ll take what I can get!”

“Now who’s gross?” Gino laughs wiping the spit from his neck. “Somehow you are still my favorite too little brother, watch some TV. I’ll make dinner.” Standing up Gino wipes the Jayden’s spit on his tank top, digging his fingers into his sides until Jayden screams in a fit of laughter. Satisfied he heads into the kitchen.

“Hey Logan, about practice today…” the door swings shut and Jayden tries not to spy, flicking the television on with the remote.

Grinning Jayden eagerly awaits Chase to come over and hoping all goes well between him and his brother.

Gino answers the door, Chase is still wet from swim practice his hair plastered to his scalp and his shirt sticking to his wet chest. Gino opens the door letting him in.

“Miss me?” Chase asks cheekily with his Cheshire cat grin leering at Gino.

“Like herpes,” Gino replies, making Bill and Leroy laugh.

“I’m over here,” Jayden waves enthusiastically from the couch, an old grey PlayStation one controller in hand.

“Where did you get that thing, a garage sale or a museum?” Chase asks smirking.

“Not everyone can afford all the latest game consoles Chase,” Jayden defends, his cheeks reddening.

“Shit I didn’t mean…”

“Rich boys, right?” Gino rolls his eyes. “I will call you when dinners ready.”

“I didn’t mean…” Chase starts but the door to the dining room swings shut. “Shit. That didn’t go well.”

“I was not expecting it to, I knew shots would be fired. It’s going to take Gino some time to get used to this. To…us,” Jayden explains.

Chase takes Gino’s spot spreading his legs on the coffee table in front of Jayden. “I brought you something,” Chase digs in his pocket pulling out a rectangular box wrapped in white and gold wrapping paper.

“It’s not my birthday,” Jayden says smiling as he gently takes the box from Chase.

Slowly, Jayden folds back the little gold wrapping, after untangling the perfectly wrapped silver bow. The stiff gold paper unfolds and tucked inside is a brand new cellular phone; the very latest apple model.

Jayden’s jaw drops open, and he looks up with misty eyes, “I can’t…” he tries to say but is quickly interrupted.

“Yes you can. It’s my fault that your last one broke,” Chase says bending down next to the couch.

“How else will you get in touch with me?” Chase asks smugly running his hand across Jayden’s cheek and tangling his fingers in his brown hair at the nape of his neck.

Jayden redder in the face than ever wipes his eyes, but his smile is wider than he has ever had. “I have never received anything this expensive or thoughtful before. Thank you Chase.”

Chase leans into Jaden carefully sitting on the edge of the couch as he lays down next to him, one hand still gripping his neck. Jayden’s breathing gets thick as he feels Chase’s weight against him, and both appear to start boning up at the same time. Chase presses himself firmly against Jayden starting to kiss him at his ear lobe and slowly working his way across Jayden’s cheek before their mouths meet. Jayden hums in excitement making Chase chuckle as his kissing increases in both ferocity and intensity.

The two stay like that for a long time their bodies tangled together kissing, and thrusting into each other both wanting more but waiting to take it to the next level. Finally Jayden breaks the kiss trying to catch his breath his lips head and soft saying “Dinner is ready I think.”

“Is your brother’s food edible?”

“He hasn’t killed me yet.”

“Not an answer to my question,” Chase comments nipping him on his neck.

Jayden sucks at his cheek. “Help me up?” he states.

“That means I have to get off of you, I’m not sure I’m ready for that,” Chase says, his tongue licking Jayden’s neck, scraping his teeth along his neck.

Jayden’s eyes roll back in his head and he thrusts his pelvis forward moaning deep in his throat.

“Ready!” Gino calls from the kitchen.

Unwillingly Chase let’s Jayden up, both having to readjust.

When they walk into the kitchen, Chase holds the door open for him meatball pizza and salad greet them and already cooling on the dining table. The pizza sliced with four plates.

“This looks so good,” Jayden says.

“Yeah, not too shabby,” Chase complements.

Gino stares at Chase a while before sitting down. The three sit at one end, the table meant for more people.

Leroy comes in moments later, his shirt is a mess, grass stains on his knees but his smug smile tells Jayden all he needs to know.

“You got laid?” Gino asks bluntly.

“Yup,” Leroy cheekily answers, causing the others to laugh.

Jayden reaches for Chase’s hand giving it a squeeze. The boys start asking Leroy for details but Jayden hardly hears as he takes a moment to reflect that finally after all this time he can take a breath of relief. He’s home, he’s with Chase and all is well.

After dinner Chase takes Jayden out for a little walk, Gino forbid Jayden from ever driving with Chase in his car since he does not have a license. Jayden quickly agrees with Gino and the two walk around the block. Jayden tires quickly and they head back to his house holding hands. Jayden kisses Chase goodnight by Chase’s car promising to use his phone to text him after he figures it out.

Walking back into the house, Jayden can’t help but smile. Things have turned out well for him today, despite the hard goodbyes Jayden is happy with his choice. The old front door creaks upon opening and what he sees inside gives him a welcome surprise.

“You’re home!”

Jayden’s mother and father are sitting at the dining room table finishing laying out a meal, takeout containers on the counter with Gino by their side. His parents look exhausted, but happy. When the group turns to see him his mother gets to him first, followed by his father. Jayden and his mother instantly start crying tears of pure joy at the sight of each other. Jayden’s father doesn’t cry, but the sight of his wife and youngest son so happy does bring tears to his eyes.

“Mi Hijo,” Jayden’s mother coos. “Mi pequeno, I am so glad to see you,” she cries.

“Mom,” Jayden’s voice trembles. “I missed you so much.”

“And I you,” she says.

“Thank you papa,” Jayden says to his Dad. “Thank you for bringing her back home.” Jayden grips his Dad back just as tight.

Jayden’s Dad in his mid-to-late forties grasps his son’s upper arm tightly. “It was all a misunderstanding. It’s cleared up now.” Both of Jayden’s parents are taller than he is, but his Dad is still even taller than that. Mr. Gomez, Marco is full foot and a half taller. His Dad has a wide chest, chestnut brown eyes closer to Gino’s and a wide smile with crinkles around his eyes. His hair around his temples is going grey, but his powerful build even bulkier than Gino’s shows that he is still a formable athlete and uses the gym in the garage as much, or more than his two sons.

Gino finishing setting up the table comes over to all of them, “Don’t worry Jayden, they aren’t going anywhere, and we should eat while it’s hot.”

“We just ate pizza, but I can squeeze a few more slices in,” Jayden says rubbing his abs. “The company is worth it.”

“Good idea son,” their father says giving Gino a pat on the back.

The family begins to head over, as Leroy exits the bedroom that Jayden and he have been sharing. Jayden just now realized that he was not in the same room, but he’s not alone either. Leroy’s Mom, dressed in a black suit, with matching black heels walks beside her son, both seem to be just as tearful as Jayden and his Mom.

“Your Mom is here too!” Jayden says excitedly.

“Yeah,” Leroy beams, his smile huge on his face. “Turns out that they made a mistake with my Mom as well,” Leroy adds.

“It’s all cleared up, and that’s what matters. Stay for dinner?” Gino and Jayden’s Dad asks.

“I wouldn’t want to impose on your family reunion,” says Leroy’s Mom.

“Nonsense Virginia, please stay,” Jayden’s mom smiles.

“Please Mom,” Leroy asks.

“Well, alright,” Virginia says “As long as I get to sit next to this one.” She pinches his cheek.

Jayden whispers into Leroy’s ear his eyes giving him a questioning look, as the two families jostle around the table finding their seats. Leroy only grins saying, “Later. Oh wait, you have a phone. I’ll text you.”

“How did you know?” Jayden asks.

Leroy says nothing, but his secretive smile informs Jayden that Chas clearly spilled the beans.

Eagerly awaiting the text Jayden sits down and as soon as his but hits the chair his mom starts in on him, “What happened to your leg? Gino was telling me all about the bike accident. You must be more careful! No more silly tricks!”

Jayden about to say something stupid is kicked under the table in his upper thigh. “Oh yeah, that was stupid of me.”

“I’m glad that it was only bruising, but honestly it could have been way worse, were you wearing your helmet?” She asks, her brown eyes fierce.

“Yes, but…”

“Well, thank heaven for that! And you! She rounds on Gino, you were supposed to be watching him!”

Gino knowing better than contradicting her that he is fourteen, a teenager and getting closer to adulthood placates her, “Your right Mom. I should have been doing a better job.”

“Too right you are! But honestly Jayden your fourteen, you should know better!”

For the rest of dinner Jayden’s Mom lectures the whole group on bicycle safety, the importance of wearing a helmet and that if Jayden is not careful she will take his bike away and make him walk to school. Gino and Jayden give their mother the line “I am so sorry,” when appropriate but really they are both happy that she is buying into this story, and are more than happy to have her back, so they let her go on and on.

After forty-five minutes Gino and Jayden’s Mom seems satisfied in her lecture on safety as they move into dessert. Jayden finally can stop paying attention as they move on to safer topics, school, the wrestling and swimming teams.

Jayden’s eyes widen as he reads screen shot sent to Leroy’s phone.
Chase: Your mom had a horrible first year defender lawyer. I made a few phone calls, she was actually arrested by mistake and misidentified. A quality lawyer would have caught that in an instant. She’s in the clear.

Leroy: I don’t know how I will ever thank you enough, you put my family back together. Thank you man!

Chase: Hey, what are friends for?

Leroy: We are certainly friends now Chase!

Chase: Hahaha. By the way, work on your backstroke in the pool and cut down on that turn in the end, it’s disgraceful.

Leroy: You got it captain. Although you should really work on your dive, that guy that you lost to last week only won because of your poor start.

Chase: True. But at least I don’t look like I’m having a seizure underwater when I turn around, I thought the lifeguard was going to in after you to save your life.
Jayden stops reading, he looks up grinning at Leroy. Chase has really started turning around, and Jayden is proud of him. He hopes that this new change lasts.

Sometime later after the plates are being cleared away Jayden goes into his bedroom to help Leroy pack up his things.

“I’m going to miss you sleeping here,” Jayden says.

“Sleeping?” Leroy asks his eyebrows going up and down, “That’s not what you will miss.”

“Guilty,” Jayden says blushing. “But looks like you and Aldo will have a lot of fun together.”

“I think so,” Leroy agrees.

“All set honey,” Leroy’s mom asks coming into the room.

“Yes, I got everything. I still have some stuff in the drier,” he adds, throwing the rucksack over one shoulder.

“You don’t have to come get that, I will bring it to you,” Jayden says.

“Not on that leg, he will come pick it up. Won’t you?”

“Yes, Mom,” Leroy laughs.

“You won’t have to come very far, we had to move again. This time by choice, we are renting the house a few doors down the street from you actually,” Leroy’s Mom informs him.

“Really?” Leroy and Jayden ask at the same time.

“Mmmmhmmm, now let’s go. We have some packing to do.”

Gino comes in, “I’m coming to help.”

“Thanks man,” Leroy says. “I’ll call the swim team, see who’s around.”

Jayden watches them go, no one wants him to come on his bum leg. Wishing them well he heads back into his bedroom, his Mom coming in and giving him a goodnight kiss, something that she has not done in a long time. He rather enjoyed it, and kissed her back. She decided to go to bed early, and Jayden thinking about doing the same. His parents told him that he was skipping school tomorrow, which he was planning on doing anyways. Better to start fresh on Monday.

His Dad enters as he is changing into his sleep shorts, and tossing his clothes into his dirty laundry. Bare chested, Jayden turns to see his Dad looking at his foot.

“Let’s take a look at that shall we?” Mr. Marco Gomez says.

“Sure,” Jayden says shrugging his shoulders and sitting down on his bed.

Jayden’s Dad is also shirtless ready for bed. Marco Gomez chest puffs out, his muscles huge compared to his youngest son, which makes Jayden seem a bit inferior but he remembers the size of his Dad’s downstairs equipment and feels only shame for thinking of his thoughts of inferiority.

Carefully he looks at the ankle holding it carefully turning it this way and that. Marco Gomez says carefully “So this does not look like a bike accident to me.”

Jayden looks up with worry in his eyes, “Ummm…”

“I don’t need to know the details, but I do want you to know how to defend yourself.”

“Dad, I have an older brother that I have had plenty of practice with. Not to mention that I am on the wrestling team,” Jayden says rolling his eyes.

“And that helped you stopped getting your ankle from almost getting busted up?” His Dad asks raising his eyebrows.

“Well…no, I guess not.”

“Exactly my point! Now I have always taught you to be fair, but sometimes Jayden, and only in emergencies now; it’s okay to not fight fair. It’s not dishonorable to defend yourself with using less than gentlemanly tactics. Okay?” He says.

“Sure, okay Dad.”

“Do you know what I mean by that?” Marco Gomez prods.

“I’m not sure…” Jayden says his voice trailing.

“When you are fighting a guy bigger than you I want you to remember, because this move is not legal in wrestling, but you can hit a boy between his legs. The testicles are actually very sensitive, and if you hit them, and it does not even need to be hard, that move can be quite destructive to an opponent, and can give you a chance to run away,” Jayden’s Dad informs him.

Jayden tries to keep from smiling as his father’s explains how “low blows work.” Clearing his throat Jayden manages to get out, “I am familiar with how hitting a guy below the belt is effective.”

Patting his sons shoulder, Jayden’s Dad says, “That’s good son. I want you to practice these types of moves more thoroughly.”

“Sure Jayden,” Jayden grins.

“This is not a joke son,” Jayden’s Dad says looking shocked.

Shaking his head, Jayden tries to get his serious face plastered back on, but fails and lets out a laugh.

Standing up angry and red in the face Jayden’s Dad says, “You need to take this seriously. You are in crutches for God’s sake! What happens if you are attacked again?!” Marco Gomez warns him.

Jayden stops laughing at the look that comes from his Dad’s eyes, and how he towers over him. Suddenly Jayden can’t remember what he found funny anymore and looks down at the ground ashamed.

“Better, now stand up,” Jayden’s Dad commands handing him his crutches.

Not sure what his Dad is on about now, he does so, but with a questioning look. Taking his crutches from him he comes to full standing, with one foot still in the air.

“Good, now I want you to practice your low blow moves on me, you’re in crutches so it will be different than before,” his Dad explains.

“Wait,” Jayden puts up a hand, “You want me to hit you in the groin?”

“Yes son, right in the old buckaroos.”

Jayden lets out a snort, “Bucka—what?” and what little hold he had on himself on maintaining his composure is lost again. “You can’t be serious! I’ll hurt you.” Jayden says flabbergasted by the notion.

“That’s the idea. Now show me what you got,” Jayden’s Dad spreads his legs out wide, and mentally prepares himself for the blow.

Looking between his Dad’s legs Jayden sees a moderate bump in his father’s pajama shorts. Jayden has only had one experience kicking a man that was older than him, but Jayden has hit plenty of sets of hanging testes that were smaller than his own. His father is no exception. Both Gino and Jayden knew that their father did not measure up to either of them, and they both had hoped that he never learns of his shortcomings in comparison to his own sons.

Taking a deep breath, Jayden takes aim and lifts up his knee. He does not want to hurt his Dad, but he is also slightly a teacher’s pet so he feels like he wants to do his best. Jayden feels the impact of his knee in between his father’s thighs and the moderately sized bump squishes beneath his knee bone. Jayden cringes in sympathy pain for what he just did to his own Dad.

Jayden’s Dad gives a jerk, stumbling back with a slight exhale and an, “Ah.” His Dad stays standing, and when he looks up his father says. “Is that all that you got? Put some muscle into it!”

Jayden’s jaw drops a bit, and he shakes his head in disbelief. “Okay Dad, if you want me to…” Jayden takes aim once again the bulge in his Dad’s short sways a bit from the last hit. He uses his good leg, rears back kicking with everything he has as he swings it forward his whole body swinging with it. When Jayden connects with his Dad’s balls this time he jumps a bit in the air and lands hard on one knee on his sons bedroom floor.

This gets a reaction from his Dad that he expects. Jayden’s Dad keels over on one knee, one hand on the floor for support, the other clutching as his nutsac. “Not bad son,” Marco admits.

“Did I get em that time Papa?” Jayden questions, smirking a bit.

“Yes, yes you did,” his Dad groans still rubbing between his legs, fingering his ballsac.

“We good now?” Jayden shrugs looking down figuring that his Dad must want to be done by now.

“Not quite,” his Dad says getting back to his feet with a grunt. “Let’s pretend that your attacker gets in close and you can’t use your legs. I want you to be able to reach up locate and find his testicles, and give a good long threatening squeeze. Try it.”

Jayden just stares at him. “You want me to grab your balls?” he asks bluntly.

“Yes son, grab your Dad’s buckaroos, see if you can now. Remember to be quick!” Jayden’s Dad says encouragingly and he’s beginning to see the family resemblance between Gino and his Dad, if only Gino knew!

Jayden reaches up easily scooping, and grasping his Dad’s nuts in one hand. Making a fist, Jayden squeezes his Dad’s scrotum in one hand, they are a bit larger than some of his friends. He thinks that they might be the same size as Leroy’s, he will have to tell Gino this fun fact later.

Standing still Jayden’s Dad watches his son proudly crunching his nuts into a small mound, rolling the contents with his fist. “Oh man, it’s been a long time since someone has worked over your old man’s buckaroos,” he sighs, his legs starting to tremble. “Good technique,” Marco adds with a groan.

“Thanks Dad,” Jayden grins focusing on squeezing his fathers balls..

“Add your thumb,” he instructs.

“Like this?” Jayden asks, still grinning as he presses his thumb deep into his Dad’s left nut, the hard orb bends at the pressure.

Groaning a bit more Jayden’s Dad whimpers out, “A bit more and I won’t be able to stand anymore. Ugh,” he groans louder his hands griping his son’s waist now for support.

“Tell me when to stop,” Jayden says giving the small sac a twist to left making his Dad’s eyes bulge.

“Good…form,” he moans as he slips down to his knees Jayden releasing his Dad’s nuts letting him fall to the floor. “You did good boy,” he reaches up to pat his son’s leg but his hands bump his son’s balls which are plump, full and heavy. “Is that your?” Marco looks up and seems to see Jayden’s fat nuts for the first time. “They are huge!” he acknowledges in astonishment.

Jayden blushes, always hating being the center of attention, especially when it comes to his groin. “They are a little big for my age,” Jayden admits grudgingly.

“Let me see,” his Dad says standing up.

“Are you sure Papa?” Jayden asks, not believing his ears.

“Absolutely son.”

Slowly, both father and son watch as Jayden lowers his shorts down to his knees. Jayden’s Dad gasps as Jayden’s large cock swings down between his legs, his balls below. “I…that’s an impressive set of genitals son.” His Dad says proudly. “I have to admit that you’re a lot bigger since I helped bathe you last when you were six.”

“Yeah…I guess I grew up,” Jayden says proudly looking up at his Dad.

His Dad reaches forward and asks, “May I?”

Jayden just nods as his Dad grabs a ball in each hand. “Wow,” he chuckles. “These are impressive.”

Both Jayden and his Dad are quiet as Marco rolls the balls in their silky smooth ballsac. Slowly Marco tucks Jayden’s nuts and cock back into Jayden’s underwear before pulling up his shorts. “You have a fine specimen there Jayden, you’re going to make Leroy really happy with him when you two are ready to have sex.” Marco says patting his son’s balls, before dropping his hand.

“What?” Jayden says his mouth dropping open in utter surprise. “Leroy and I are just friends…now anyways. I’m actually dating this really great guy named Chase.”

“I saw the way the two of you looked at each other across the table, I must have misjudged that a bit” Jayden’s Dad pats his cheek affectionately. “I want you to know that I love you son. You being gay does not change that. I look forward to meeting Chase, I’m sure that he’s a good kid just like you. Just remember what I taught you about sex, and how to use protection, and be safe.”

Jayden’s Dad pulls in his son to him hugging him, and slowly lowering him to the bed, giving him a kiss on each cheek as he takes his crutches and leans them against the wall.

“You’re a good kid Jayden, follow your heart, and have fun. You’re only young once,” he says knowingly as he heads towards the door.

“Dad,” Jayden calls after him. “You’re not…mad at me?”

“No son, why would I be?” His Dad’s brow crinkles as he looks down at him laying in bed.

“Because I’m…gay?” Jayden gulps, his heart thudding wildly in his chest, goose bumps running up and down his arms.

“I’ve known that you and your brother gay since you were little, and I’ve never been anything but happy to be a father to my two gay sons,” he says paternally, flicking off the light switch his brown eyes shining with love.

Jayden’s brown eyes slowly adjust to the darkness of the bedroom as his Dad closes the door, and he can’t help but get teary again as he says, “I love you Dad.”

“And I you,” his Dad says as the door lock clicks into place.

Jayden lays in bed awake for a long time waiting for Gino to come home. He has so much to tell him, but he finds his dropping eyelids pull down and settles on telling Gino all about it at breakfast the day, well most of it anyways.

He does remember to send Chase a quick message,
Jayden: Tomorrow?
One part he plans on keeping all to himself, at least for now. He is about to fall into sleep when his phone flashes, it’s Chase.
Chase: Count on it. I can’t wait boyfriend.
Smiling into his pillow, Jayden turns to his side, yawns and falls blissfully asleep.


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear readers,

I want to thank all of for indulging me on this little story experiment where you go to choose your own adventure. I always knew that this was going to be a close race for our little stars heart and it certainly was. So many of you voted (some more than once, but those were removed). I understand being heavily invested in characters and all of you have shown me how true that it here.

When I rewrote this story with Chase in mind winning over Jayden and writing the two of them together I made sure to keep that as my focus, as that is what this one story is all about. When I first created Chase and Bill back in chapter three I had no idea that the two were going to stick around. All of you fell in love with both characters, and for different reasons. We will be seeing a lot more of Chase and his new relationship with Jayden. I am not convinced yet myself if the relationship will last the rest of the series, I guess that will be determined. But I have a lot of great moments and storylines for the pair.

For all those that love Bill, he will not be forgotten. In fact as hinted in this story Bill has another plot brewing with our villains Sam Hell, the Devil Boy and Jake. I hope that you enjoy what I have brewing. I guarantee all of you Bill's character is far from finished.

Doug was a surprise for me, and to be truthful I did not create him. When Reg and I teamed-up Reg really wanted another adversary for Chase and he created Doug. We both agreed that we only really wanted him to be in the one story. I used him later on to kind of close that story off, but so many of you have wrote to me both on here and in email that you want more from him. Doug will be spotlighted next chapter along with Sam Hell and Jake, which comes out next Monday. The championship wrestling match will be filled with combat, so be ready for a wild ride.

Also, in 9 days is a little date called December 25th. Gino and Jayden started off 1 year ago today, and I have prepared a very special Christmas special for the occasion on the 25th chapter. Although it is spring in the storyline this chapter that I have been creaming of writing since I started the series has been one in the making and will forever change the series. It's going to be good, I think you will all love it.

I was planning on ending the series at chapter 30, but at this moment I don't think that will be possible. I am having far too much fun, and there is a lot more to tell.

Please let me know what you think of the storyline that you voted for here. Us writers love feedback, and I think that you all know how much I try to write in to your specifications, interests, and desires.

Happy reading everyone!



Harry said...

Jimmy, thanks for keeping this storyline going. It’s been amazing how the narrative developed over this year, to the point where so many peeps are invested in your characters. This final edit killed it, since each of the main characters got to shine in some intense moments. The end of this one was special, for Jayden to come out to his dad. I was curious about what the dad said about “two gay sons” though. Even though it’s clear to us readers, I never thought of Gino as being out? (Altho now as I think about it Gino rarely keeps his hands off of other dudes’ junk, so I guess its obvious lol.)

Personally I voted for Chase because even when he’s charming, he’s still a little bad. It makes him a good foil for Jayden, and sets up opportunities for their relationship to mature and (eventually, probably) explode. Chase will make for good drama, and he’s way funnier than Bill.

Prob no surprise to you that I’m totally hyped for the combat in the next section. I love how you work wrestling into your stories. And laying down a big surprise at the One Year mark is gonna be a baller move!


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,

Aww thank you so much, your words mean a lot especially coming from a stellar writer such as yourself! I packed this story with a lot of character development, and tried to give all of the main cast a chance to really shine. The big plan was to reunite the Gomez family back together, and bring in Jayden and Gino's Dad. I've noticed that their is a lot of Dad/Son fans out there for mutual ballbusting so I wanted that as an option and there was a request a while back to bring Logan's Dad into the story and this gives me an option where it makes sense storyline wise. Gino certainly does have that "problem," doesn't he ; )

Chase is super charming when he wants to be, and there is every possibility that their relationship will explode. I have some interesting places that I want their relationship to go into, so I am excited to pursue those avenues!

I think that you'll really get a kick out of the next two stories Harry, they are both a lot of fun with lots of ball busting of course! It will be a fun way to end the month!

For me, I can't wait to read what you have instore next for us with your series. When does it come out next?



Harry said...

Jimmy, not sure on eta man. Actually tbh my job has been kinda nuts and I haven't started writing a next story yet. But prob bang one out after the holidays.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hey Harry,

That's fine with me, take all the time that you need. It takes a while to make a story!

I hope things at your job die down soon enough!



Anonymous said...

Great story, Jimmy.
I'm really glad that Chase won, he's far hotter than Bill and he's got this casual swagger and slightly cruel humour that has it's own special charm.
I was a little disappointed that Chase's arrogant, dominant side seems to have melted away but i guess he's just in love... I would like to see him act in future as if he's the dominant partner, maybe reminding Jayden that he's older and stronger and offering to protect him if he gets in trouble. Also, Chase should believe that Jayden picked him because he's such a well hung stud and continue bragging about his big balls!
For sure their relationship should not last forever. I don't think Cbase has given up on girls completely and i doubt if loyalty is his strong point. This relationship will be fun but i see a big meltdown coming and Chase could be in for another humiliating beating from his young, hung boyfriend.
There are other really cool scenes iin this story, especially Max showing off his birthmark and bragging about how he's grown where it counts. I would love to see him bragging more about his junk and getting in big trouble for it. Maybe Max's growing nuts are now hyper sensitive and Rex enjoys putting him in his place with just a simple tap!
I can't wait to read more from this series and i don't see any reason for it to end soon unless you stop enjoying writing it. Keep up the great work, Jimmy. It has been one hell of a year on this site.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dearest Reg,

Who leaves comments so filled with love better than you?

Chase no longer arrogant? Doubtful. He is on his good behavior, after all he recognized that he screwed up really badly recently. We will see how long that lasts for. He's bound to mess up eventually! We all know how explosive Jayden and Chase can be together, this could either be a match made in heaven or as the saying hell.

Max and Rex are going to have a great little story coming up with Jayden and this will in fact come up! Max and Rex have both really grown on me, and they will get to shine in an upcoming story very soon in the future!

Reg this has been a great year at ballbusting boys, and I'm looking forward to the following year and what's going to come out next! We have a lot of fun stuff planned!



As always, thank you much for comments and being a part of this series Reg. It would not be as great as it is without your contributions!

Anonymous said...


Now, how will he fuck this up!?

I've already told you my opinionon every story on this... Arc? I know they aren't technically an arc since they are the same story but with different endings, but boy did it feel like one!

Now, that "How will Chase fuck this up" comment was a joke, but I can see that a couple of these comments actually expect to see him fuck it up and then go back to dating other girls (Or maybe other BOYS? To be honest, I never thought Chase was that into girls to begin with, I always thought his insecurity with his balls was because he was in the closet, and all the girls he showed off were Adam in drag, like he was on the Boyfriend Debacle story), maybe to something similar to how he fucked it up when Jayden was briefly staying with him in the whole foster house fiasko, where Chase does something that Jayden doesn't like, he calls him out for it, Chase will get defensive about it and then the two of them will end up in an intense and ball-shattering battle that will leave both Jayden and Chase with 2 pairs of bruised, swollen and red balls and 2 broken hearts... But I don't see that happening, I mean, yeah Chase does have a tendency to fuck his opportunities with Jayden a lot, but, this time he seems to be determined to make this work, I mean, we saw him bond with Bill instead of rubbing his victory all over his face, when he made the joke about Jayden's old Playstation he was ashamed of his joke after he was called out for it (Will he buy Jayden the Playstation 5 too?!) and something more important, in the other stories where he wasn't Jayden's choice, he seemed to actually be respectful and accepting over Jayden's decisions with no intentions of going back to his old tricks and bringing all his friends together to plot a scheme to ruin Jayden's love life, he just said okay and let Jayden go, now THAT'S character development, and especially when he told Jayden, when they left the jacuzzi, that he would give him a freebie with Bill, Which took me a bit off guard, I mean, yeah its fine if you wanna give Jayden some room to breath and not be as abusive, but don't cuck yourself, Chase! I can see that Chase REALLY wants to make this work, and I love it! I've been rooting for my boy since... Well, I'm not gonna day since day one since he was a real prick on his first stories, and he's still sorta of a prick, but I still love him! Yeah, I know relationships aren't forever (Especially since the two of them are so young) but I'm happy he's finally with Jayden!

And Gino will have to get used to it too... I can't wait for the two of them to interact like Gino interacted with Leroy! except that maybe he won't be as gentle with him as he was with Leroy, like, instead of how he measured what Leroy was packing by teasing his bulge with his foot under the table, I can see Gino squeezing the life out of Chase's big balls under the table while Jayden is completely oblivious of what's happening! And then Chase returns the favor by squeezing Gino's balls under the table! And the two of them enter a ball squeezing competition under the table, trying to disimulate that everything is fine while Jayden is "So happy you two are getting along!" Hahaha!

And I can't wait to see what Jayden has planned for "Tomorrow" with that message he sent Chase at the end of the story! Since Jayden broke up with Bill and he promised he would be his first time, does that mean Chase will take Jayden's first time?! (and Jayden will take Chase's first time with a boy!)

So in conclusion, I know Chase will still be a prick and i know Jayden will be there to knock some sense into those big balls of his (hopefully ending up with them busting each other's big balls until the two of them end up making out lol) I can't wait for their next story together as lovers!

Yours truly, Anon Uno!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anon Uno,

It's so good to hear from you my friend!

Will Chase fuck things up? I mean, it's Chase; of course he will. Unlike the past the two of them are working together. Jayden knows that Chase is a screwup and the simple fact that both of them are aware of Chase's limitations will work in their favor here: it will always be Chase's fault!

In all seriousness, thank you for always shinning a light on aspects I miss sometimes in my own writing; ie the Bill freebie or not rubbing it in Bill's face that he and Jayden are dating. Those are things that Chase would not have done when we originally met him. In all fairness though, Chase's ego is so large that he does not really realize that he even had competition. Deep down, Chase always knew that Jayden was going to pick him over Bill and Leroy. Chase realizes that Bill means something to him. He's still unclear on "what" that something is. I have a really cure story coming up with him trying to figure it out though.

Chase knows that he has to be on Jayden's good side, he messed up and he is really trying to be good (not an easy thing for him to accomplish).

As for the "goon squad" Chase is going to soon realize that his relationship with Jayden has impacted Adam, Max, and Rex quite a bit. We will see that play out soon enough.

After Chapter 24, the story is going to change focus for a bit onto Gino. Gino's really going to get a chance to shine. I have brought him back more into the series and this going to be a chance for him to really stand out. The hardest part of that is that Jayden is our lens, how we see the world most of the time so we get to see this really great opportunity to bring Gino back to the spotlight. Chapter 25 comes out on December 25th and that's when we will get into some major fun with Gino. Get ready for another twist!