Monday, December 28, 2020

Video links: Frenchbuster is back!

My friend Frenchbuster has been among the victims of pornhub's video purge: His videos have been deleted from xtube (which belongs to the pornhub universe) - which is a shame, because they are absolutely awesome.

Frenchbuster has found a new home on ThisVid: Check out his channel and have a look at his awesome videos. (And while you're at it: Follow him on twitter.)

Here are some of my favorite videos created by him.

The first one is a classic: A genital inspection on a hot twink. Where do I sign up, doc?

I don't know if you can call the next video an "examination". The title of the video is "Balls tested" - and it involves a wooden spoon. Ouch!

Here's another ball test. The test subject is a cutie called Leo - I think he passed that test with flying colors!

Do you enjoy seeing a twink tied up and ballbusted on a bed? Then the next video is for you!

Finally, Frenchbuster plays a little game of Rock Paper Nuts with two young men. It's pretty obvious who won that game, right? It's us! :-))

Make sure to follow Frenchbuster on twitter and check out all of his ballbusting videos on ThisVid!


Anonymous said...

A lot of the videos come up with the message “video file not found” when you click on them. Same thing happens on the website too :/

Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback! I have notified French Buster so he can check the vids and see where the problem lies. :-))