Monday, December 21, 2020

The wrestling tournament - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the 24nd part of Jimmy's amazing Gino and Jayden series. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Logan (click for pictures)

Awareness came in slowly for Jayden this morning of his biggest wrestling match of the spring. He felt warm, safe and snug underneath his sheet and blanket, and really didn’t want to get up. A boy was curved up next to him and he swung one arm over his chest pulling into him against his morning wood which is aching and pulsing against the boys back as he mumbles sweet nothings into his ear breathing in the smell of the two of them intertwined together. Jayden nibbles gently on the earlobe of his boyfriend Chase and whispering a raspy “Good morning.” His breath tickling Chase’s ear lobe and he can feel Chase smiling, the skin of his cheek stretching as he takes the skin between his teeth and starts to nibble.

“Good morning to you too,” answers a deeper voice across the room.

Jayden and Chase seem to freeze together, locked in their sweet embrace. With a wildly beating heart Jayden opens his liquid brown eyes traveling over the ridges of the pale sculpted abs of the boy next to him, his eyes move down his lengthy frame until they see his father sitting in his desk chair.

Jayden’s father Marco Gomez has his arms crossed over his bare developed chest an air of impatience in his gaze as he stares at his half naked sleeping son and his boyfriend. Naked son. Naked boyfriend. Jayden’s mind swirls. He and Chase must have fell asleep together before Chase could have slipped safely away without his parents knowing, but all of that seems far too late now.

“Ummm….Dad?” Jayden tries, his voice hoarse and tongue sticky and fat in his mouth. He tries to run his lips together to smooth out the skin over his chapped lips, but to no avail as the cobwebs of sleep begin to clear from his mind.

“I’m going to give you five minutes to get dressed and meet me at the dining table for breakfast. You are lucky that your mother left early for work,” he pulls out of his son’s desk chair his long baggy sleep shorts hang low, thread bare and well-worn showing off a very small bump between his father’s tree trunk thick thighs.

“Okay,” Jayden manages watching his Dad leave his room, but not before he throws two sets of underwear at the boys.

“Wear clothes at the breakfast table,” he adds before he slowly closes the door.

Hurriedly both Jayden and Chase leap out of bed, hearts hammering, dressing as quickly as possible. The two boy’s switched undershorts, but neither stops to fix this as they pull on t-shirts and head out of Jayden’s bedroom.

Barely dressed, hair a mess Jayden leads the way to the kitchen saying, “Let me do all the talking.”

“Deal,” mumbles Chase quietly. “I have no intention of stopping you.”

The pale early morning light filters through the white blinds casting lines of perpendicular even lines of bright sunlight up and down the floors of his house. The house is so silent, as the kitchen door open Gino strolling out and bumping into his younger brother.

“Watch where you are going squirt,” his older brother laughs good-naturedly. “You want a ride to school in the….” Gino spots Chase and his eyes flash with recognition before he turns his eyes back on his little brother.  “Well then, someone had a good night. Sleep well Chase?”

“Ah….” says Chase.

“Don’t start Gino,” warns Jayden.

“Jayden, I’m waiting,” his father calls out.

“Better go,” Gino grins pushing past him, giving his younger brother a slap against his ass as he passes by. Jayden gives him a shove back and wants to do more but his brother is out of reach sticking out his pink tongue teasingly heading for the door.

Feeling childish Jayden opens the swinging kitchen door, holding it open for Chase who glides in on bare feet quietly tip toeing into the closest seat to the exit. Jayden sits next to him the two waiting on his father who pours himself a cup of coffee from the pot, the rich familiar smell of roasting beans lingering in the air. A small plate of toast and jam sit on the table next to two bowls of oatmeal.

Not hungry, or too nervous Jayden is unsure which he feels, he takes neither but manages to pour a small glass of bright orange juice for Chase and himself.

Finally, after what seems like forever his father sits down at the head of table, his steely gaze omitting no emotion. His father has put on a brown robe, his metal spoon clinking against the porcelain mug as he stirs the liquid within. “Let’s start off with this, did you have sex last night?”

The question cut Jayden to the bone, and his heart feels as if it freezes solid in his chest. “No, sir.” He manages, a small look passes between the boys before they turn their gaze back to Jayden’s dad.

“Really?” Jayden’s dad asks. “Then why where you naked in bed with Chase?”

Jayden starts to open his mouth, but quickly closes it again, his face burning red with embarrassment.

“That’s what I thought.”

Jayden reaches underneath the table for Chase’s hand, but Chase jumps at the touch and pulls away.

“Son, we have to have a long talk about sex, but you have to go to school and you have a big match wrestling match. I will save most of this until after the match, but you have been formally warned. No more sleep overs with your boyfriend without permission.”

Jayden only nods.

“I have done you the service of calling your mother and father Chase. Their um… secretary Diana said that she was going to let them know. I know that if it where me I would want to know why my son did not come home last night.”

Jayden looks over at Chase seeing the bemused look on his face.

“What…what did you tell her?” Chase asks softly, putting his half-finished glass of orange juice down.

“That you slept at my house and forgot to call home. That is at least part of the truth. I am leaving the rest up to you. Be honest with them Chase. They love you.”

Chase says nothing but the room seems to be waiting for him to make the next move. Finally Chase relents under Marco’s continuous scrutiny. “More than likely Mr. Gomez they won’t be getting the message. Diana hates giving them…unpleasant news.” Chase finishes with a shrug.

“I see,” says Marco, tapping his fingers against the table. “I will have to make sure that they get the message myself then. Diana says that you parents are in Eastern Europe on business. When will they be home?”

Chase seems to be thinking on Marco’s question, taking a bite of toast that he slathers in butter, the bread soaking in the creamy rich substance. “No idea. It’s really difficult to get a hold of them.”

“I’ll try next week,” Marco says.

“They won’t be here by then.”

“Two weeks then.”

Chase just shrugs, “Knock yourself out.”

Letting the topic drop Marco says “Eat up, and take a shower both of you…separate bathrooms. I will drive you to school,” his Dad pulls away from the table leaving Jayden and Chase in silence as they manage to eat a little bit more before heading to take separate showers each boy conflicted about the mornings events.

By the time they are done, Chase is wearing yesterday’s clothes, Jayden’s clothes were too small for him as the three of them drive silently in his father’s car, Jayden’s dad at the wheel. Marco drops Chase off first.

“Bye,” Jayden says half-heartily, wanting to touch him needing reassurance that the episode between his father and Chase didn’t disrupt their new relationship in any way.

“See you after school. I’ll be at the match,” Chase says. “Good luck Jayden.”

“Thanks,” Jayden manages watching his boyfriend leave the car, wanting to kiss him but not daring him to under the watchful eye of his father.

Neither speaks until they get close to school, his Dad clears his throat and puts a hand on Jayden’s shoulder giving it a squeeze. “Jayden,” Mr. Marco Gomez starts. “You’re growing up. I just want you to be careful. You will always be my little boy, and I’m not as ready as you may be for what you are doing,” he admits sighing. “You’re my youngest. Please, be careful and know that you can ask me any questions, okay?”

“You’re not…mad at me?”


Relief floods Jayden and he breathes a sigh of relief.

“But I am disappointed. Disappointed that you didn’t plan that date better. Chase’s family was worried sick…I’m sure…once they get my message. Have you met Chase’s parents before?”

“No…well…maybe once at a swim meet. But I’m not positive,” Jayden tries to recall but he is unable to.

Feeling bad Jayden looks down at the floor.

“I need you to think with this head,” Mr. Gomez taps Jayden’s noggin roughly and then drops his hand in between his sons thighs ball tagging his nuts roughly in a quick slap ending with, “and not with that one. Got it?”

Jayden moans, the unexpectedness of the ball tap surprising him. Nodding his head he manages to grunt out, “Okay, Dad. Ugh, you got it.”

“Let’s keep this between us boys, your mother does not need to know. Luckily she went off early to clean a house, thank God for that. If she saw the two of you like that,” Mr. Gomez makes the sign of the cross, mimicking a familiar ritual of his mother perfectly making Jayden laugh, rubbing quietly at his surprisingly sore nuts.

His Dad’s large fist really made an indent in Jayden’s plump basket. “You really got my family jewels good Dad,” Jayden admits, after a beat trying to make his Dad smile.

Marco Gomez lips twitch a bit, “I’m sure I did. Now get to school before you are late.”

“Okay,” Jayden smiles back, grabbing his backpack between his legs, swinging it over one shoulder before departing his Dad’s car.

“Don’t forget your snack!” His Dad calls.

Jayden turns back and sees a flash of red fly through the air, and feels a dull thud as an apple is lodged between his thighs connecting perfectly with both of his boynuts. Jayden tries to speak, but ends up gasping grabbing the apple and clutching it stupidly in between his legs. He looks up at his father, his eyes slightly cross as he slowly sinks to his knee in the grass. Marco Gomez is smiling fully now, “An apple a day son, always a good way to start the day.”

His Dad peels away from the sidewalk, but not before Jayden can hear him snickering, “Bullseye.” Marco leaves his youngest son with his balls more than likely, Jayden thinks, the same color as the red apple he now holds in his hands.


The day passes slowly to Jayden as he anticipates his match against Doug and seeing his old school; this time cheering for their champions, in which he won’t be one of them. The surreal feeling that his old school, Midtown High will be cheering for him to lose doesn’t sit well with him. Unfortunately, that seems to be the least of his worries. Although his ankle is feeling a lot better and he was able to return to training last week he can’t feel as if he is a target today.

Several boys that Jayden thought attended Midtown High kept bumping into him in the hallways, and those confrontations always seemed to leave Jayden with a pair of sore balls. An elbow here, a fist there. In one instance a metal water bottle was swung so hard in between his legs that he crumpled right to the floor his nuts singing in agony, leaving him gasping. When he plopped down at the wrestler’s lunch table later on he was in a foul mood. Looking around the table Jayden saw that he was not the only one. Logan, Gino, Kim and a few others were all in the same boat. No one was eating much until Logan clears his throat, trying to uncross his eyes. “I’ve been having a terrible day.”

“Me too!” Jayden adds glumly.

Gino looking around narrows his eyes, “I smell sabotage.”

“That’s what I was thinking,” Kim says in agitation pounding his fist into his hand.

“Looks like the Midtown Warriors sent some of their friends to our school,” Logan says gnashing his teeth together. “They don’t know this about us Bartlet Boys, but our nuts are made from stronger stuff!” He pounds the table for emphasis standing on his cafeteria chair, pounding his chest screaming out throughout the café, “Who’s going to win today?” He demands, his voice both loud and defiant challenging his whole school.

The wrestlers around him perk up their ears answering his call, “Bartlet!”

“I said…” and Logan flicks his blonde locks out of his eyes, “Who’s going to win today’s championship game?”

“Bartlet!” The wrestlers and kids throughout the cafeteria chorus back.

“Then it is your duty,” and he points around the room his one finger holds the attention of the entire room. “To protect us today. Midtown warrior’s supporters are in our halls and they are after us! They want these!” Logan grabs his crotch obscenely for added emphasis, a single pointer finger just wouldn’t do.

“Whose balls will you protect today?” He roars starring up at the ceiling his arms outstretched, his chest wide open and daring.

“Bartlet!” The crowd roars with approval and mirth.

“Sit down Krueger,” Calls a teacher half-heartedly from the front of the cafeteria.

“Your mission! Is to protect us for the rest of the day. I want that trophy. My brother’s want that trophy. And god dammit you want that trophy! It belongs here in this school, and it’s up to each and every one of you to do your part!” Logan smiles at the crowd as he ends with, “Because who’s balls are better, a Warrior or a Bartlet Boy?”

“BARTLET!” The kids scream as he plops down next to Gino satisfied that the rest of the day would go better. The wrestlers around him look at their captain, in his senior year of glory and can’t help but to admire him. He wears that glow of High School majestic gold, with blonde hair to match, and shinning blue eyes as he smiles across the table to the wrestlers roaring out, “Today is ours!”

Jayden could not help but join in the chorus, and the chaos. But something did not sit right with him and out of the corner of his eye he sees Kim cheering, but he can almost feel that his heart is not in it. Jayden and Kim never really repaired their relationship after his rocky start coming the wrestling team. Mostly the two put up with each other, but Jayden has to wonder what the future will look like when Logan graduates. He is the pinnacle of the team, their champion. Logan leaving will mark an end of an era at Bartlet and Jayden can’t stand the idea of him leaving.

Leaving his seat he moves over and sits next to his older brother snuggling into his side, not saying a word. His brother is old and familiar the smell of his cologne, mixed with his scented sandalwood shaving balm and the unique smell all his own.

“What?” Gino asks looking down in surprise.

“I love you.”

Rolling his eyes he puts Jayden in a headlock. The two brothers battle it out, play wrestling until the end of lunch. Neither managed to finish their food, and both cram in the rest of their pizza heading in opposite directions mouths full to end their days separately. Jayden has a double math lab which is a perfect place to take his thoughts away from the upcoming match, when he turns the corner he comes face to face with an obscene sight: the wrestling trophy case is completely destroyed. Their golden trophies lay broken in metallic pieces all over the floor, the team photos ripped and burned lay in ashes. Against the back splayed across the wall is a simple message: Warriors Rule.

Anger swells in Jayden’s chest, but he looks on at the boy on the floor before the case and sees the golden blonde hair of Logan. Jayden runs to him crouching down on his knees amongst the rubble as Logan holds the pieces of the wrestler of the year award he was given last year. “We can fix this,” Jayden says comfortingly. “These are just things, and things can be replaced. Don’t let them take your spirit Logan that is irreplaceable.” Jayden gives him a firm squeeze around Logan’s middle.

Logan turns his gaze to him and he nods solemnly, tears are in his royal blue eyes but when he closes them they don’t fall. Logan gets to his feet, ready for battle. “Whoever did this,” his voice eerily quiet in the hall, everyone is watching. “Is desperate. It won’t work, because we are Bartlet.”

“Bartlet,” the other students say in comradery.


Leaving the locker room a few hours later, the Bartlet students, family and community in the stands erupt in cheers chanting “Bartlet!” The attacks on the students and their prized trophy case was enough to make the whole school turn out to support the boys. Jayden knows in the audience somewhere is his boyfriend and friends, his eyes search for them and when he sees the familiar faces of Logan, Leroy, and Bill he manages to lift his lips up a bit to smile. But his heart can’t stop thumping in his chest as he anticipates his match against Doug, never facing him before but knowing that he has to win. A lot is on the line, and as he stands united with his fellow wrestlers. Jayden takes a gander across to the other side of their gym and he seems the blue uniforms, blazers and singlets of the Midtown High Warriors.

The Devil Boy stands prominent among the rivaling wrestling Warriors. Sam Hell is overtly confident, his red eyes scanning the crowd, sneering at any who shoot a glance his way. When he turns back from his crowd observations Jayden gets a chance to see him in his singlet. The low swooping neckline of the stretchable material covers his torso as if it was painted on, his erect manly nipples in his well-developed chest showcase his raw physical power. Below his waist Sam’s large singlet pouch barely contains his ample devil coins and arching pitchfork. The obscenity of his half-cocked dick poking outward demonstrates how ready he is to start his match against the captain of the wrestling team Logan.

At Sam Hell’s side standing almost two full feet taller is the giant Jake. He looks to Jayden if anything larger than the last time he encountered him. Jake is bent towards Sam Hell, whispering and laughing in his ear. Devil Boy’s red crackling eyes seem to alight with a burning fire within and find Jayden staring at him. Jake and him glare threateningly, Jake flexing his gorilla arms and mimicking snapping him in two pieces. Jayden gulps, goose pimples rising on his bare arms but his older brother comes up next to him glaring right back. With Gino next to him, Jayden’s confidence rises and he starts to relax. Together the Gomez brothers can do anything.

“This ends today,” Gino says to Jayden. “One way or another, our final battle against them will settle the rivalry between us.”

Jayden only nods, his thoughts of next year when he has to face the warriors alone without Logan terrifies him. “Your right, it will.”

“So which one is Doug,” Gino asks taking in the rest of the opposing team.

Raising his shoulder Jayden points across the gym, “Him.”

Both Gino follows Jayden’s pointer finger as the brothers take Doug in together. He’s a star athlete. Everything about him reeks of his self-confidence in his abilities, from the easy way he jokes around with the other Warriors, to the simple way he walks with purpose in his singlet. Doug’s body is thicker then Jayden, he’s taller too, his chest more sculpted. Out of everyone in Bartlet Jayden is the smallest member, and he is out classed by Doug in almost every respect. The boy is a year older, been wrestling longer, and the dark haired youth seems to revel in his role and his big smile showing off his perfect straight white teeth and sparkling eyes intimidates Jayden.

“You can take pretty boy,” Gino says in his self-assured older brother tone. “You’re about to make him look bad.

Jayden nods not trusting his voice, which has been cracking lately with him in the throes of puberty.

Gino puts one arm around his shoulder pulling his younger sibling close to him whispering, “You can beat him. I know you can, and more importantly you know it too. You told me that Chase took him out, and if he can, so can you.” Gino taps his brother’s shoulder and runs his fingers through his hair good-naturedly his infectious smile brings out a small one out of Jayden, he can’t stop his lips turning upwards at the corners.

The wrestling arena in the gym has two matches that will play out at the same time to start, with the last three following after. There will be five matches played over the evening and the team that wins three or more of five bouts will be declared the winner, bringing fame and glory to their school as champions. A lot rides tonight, and Jayden is full of nervous energy is stomach bursting with queasiness as he watches Kim and Gino each taking the floor ready to start the battle.

Kim and his opponent, a burly seventeen year old named Warren circle each other while a few dozen feet away Gino faces off against Jake. Knowing that Jake can’t cheat like he did in the cage wrestling match a few weeks ago Jayden tries to take comfort in that. The only area that Jake lacks any real advantage over Gino is between his legs. Jake’s small penis and tiny set of marbles looks ridiculous on the massive wrestler but otherwise Gino is outclassed in Jake’s overall size. Jayden only concentrates on his brother’s match and is surprised when Kim’s match is already called in victory barely moments later.

All attention, is transferred to Kim as he is pinned successfully three times in a row. Jayden’s mouth drops open, not understanding how Kim could lose so easily until it’s apparent. While Warren’s hand is held up giving the first victory to Midtown High, the match between Gino and Jake is instantly more important. A second loss in this match would result in Bartlet having to win the next three in a row. Kim heads over looking downtrodden until he comes right up to Logan.

“What happened?” Logan asks as he puts a hand on his friends shoulder consolingly.

Kim knocks Logan’s hand aside, casting the gesture of kindness given to the wayside as if it meant nothing.

Grabbing the front of his singlet Kim pulls the fabric tight in each hand and pulls. The red stretchy fabric of his singlet rips at the seam and flies off of him in two big clumps. Underneath the word Warriors is embedded in the sky blue fabric.

The Bartlet wrestlers pull in a collective breath at the betrayal as Kim leans into Logan, starring at him in the eye, “I quit.”

Kim tosses his broken singlet into Logan’s face and kicks him for an added insult right in the baby maker’s. Kim’s shoe laces arch and splatter Logan’s plump, full hanging basket all around his sneaker as Kim powers his kick up into his ex-captain as hard as he can making Logan lose his footing and fall to his knees clutching at his shattered nutsac that begins to sting and throb from the intense blow.

Logan groans, holding his pulsing nuts looking up at Kim. “Kim?” he asks not registering what just happened.

Jayden rushes over to his captain, the only one on the team able to shake off their shock from Kim’s betrayal. Giving Kim a mighty shove he shouts at him, “Why? How could you do this?”

“It’s your fault!” Kim jabs at Jayden’s chest his index finger burying between his growing pectoral muscles.

If anything Jayden did not think this moment could surprise him anymore but Kim’s sudden intensity and finger-pointing him as the reason he left the team leaves Jayden both speechless and dumbfounded.

“You took my place!” Kim growls and kicks Jayden just as hard as Logan, if not harder making Jayden see stars at the stabbing blow between his young thighs.

Jayden sucks in a breath and drops next to Logan on his knees starring up at Kim who smirks with a self-satisfied grin, his balls throbbing smartly between his fingers. “Now both of you will lose, and I get to watch! Last year was Bartlet’s final chance for a championship win!” with that declaration Kim turns on his heel, a smug look plastered on his face matching perfectly with the blue mocking singlet Warrior uniform clinging to him as he storms off leaving both Jayden and Logan reeling and in pain, while the match between Gino and Jake goes on.


Gino before

Gino hears the groan from the crowd, and looks over along with everybody else as Kim is pinned three times in a row in such rapid record breaking swiftness that Gino is almost certain that he must have broken a record. However his opponent did not lose focus and that was to Gino’s detriment. With the crowd, and more importantly the referee not looking Jake gets to a crotched position and fires up an uppercut right into Gino’s soft exposed gonads, smothering the two spheres against his bony pelvis. Gino swears out a “Fuck!” which is lost in the crowd’s collective groan from the Bartlet side because of Kim’s failure. Jake feels around Gino’s singlet pouch with his large right hand gripping all of Gino’s equipment somehow crushing all within one might fist. Gino has always been large downstairs and the concept of both balls and dick being locked inside of one hand makes his head spin as he feels his masculinity being severally used against him.

Jake, with an almighty roar lifts Gino in the air, mushing his groin into one large mound of pulverized meat with his gigantically large rough right hand annihilating Gino’s most tender sensitive organs. Gino kicks in the air lamely with his legs no one paying any attention to Jake’s object cheating. “My…balls…oh…no!” Gino groans, his rich brown eyes losing focus as the florescent lights impale him his hands gripping Jake’s forearm trying to get free.

Sam Hell, the devil boy gives Jake the signal as the referee who is supposed to be watching the match begins to turn back. Quickly Jake slams Gino to the ground pinning him in place. Being dropped to the floor from such a height makes him see stars, the breath held in his lungs is expunged, and his vision sways. Vaguely, the first round is called in Jake’s favor as he lays motionless on the mat everything aching especially between the legs.

The coach of the Bartlet team comes over to Gino after Kim walks away from his losing match, his head down to rejoin his teammates, Logan goes to greet him.

“You alright?” he asks bending down on one knee next to the athlete.

“Awww coach, he got my balls. Ahhh,” Gino shuts his eyes tight as another wave of pain mixed with nausea riddles through his lower midsection and groin.

Coach Johnson helps him to sit-up a bit. “Can you go on?”

“Yeah…I have to, right?” Gino asks, climbing unshakably to his feet.

“Just do your best, he’s a monster!” Coach admits.  

“You can say that again,” Gino moans bending over at the waist gripping his nuts tightly. His low hangers seem to be rapidly swelling and stinging with fresh tingling agony as they knock against his thighs.

Gino takes all the time allotted to recover and when he is ready to face Jake he notices Kim walking across to the other team wearing a blue singlet. Confusion makes Gino ponder what has happened but he can’t lose focus again. Gino can feel the eyes of every Bartlet crowd spectator on him, the combined weight of their stares follows him as he gets ready to face Jake once again. Jake’s beady eyes seem to be laughing at him and Gino clenches his teeth.

The referee hand gestures for the match to begin and Gino and Jake collide into each other, both wrestlers trying to get the upper hand against their opposition. Gino struggles to get the advantage against the formidable Jake whose towering form pushes him further backwards, Gino having to take a second step getting him closer to the end of the circle. Sweating profusely at the temples Gino fights on trying to keep himself from being shoved out of the circle.

Meanwhile, Jake glowers at his physical strength over Gino, and watching him use all of his raw power to try and combat his own and still coming up short. That’s when Jake whispers out a small but effective taunt, “You should see Bill struggle against me. His muscles quaver…just like yours, but worse.”

Gino’s eyes widen in surprise, his brown eyes twitch thinking of Bill and his new foster brothers Sam Hell and Jake living with him. While Bill turned on Gino a few weeks ago in his raw anger at his younger brother Jayden and his utter frustrations at Chase, Adam and the twins Max and Rex; Gino always intended to try and mend the broken bridge between them. Gino is swept up in the idea that Bill is being mistreated by the two bullies in his own home now that he is trapped with the two monsters in the confined space.

The effective taunt throws Gino off, just as Jake suspected it would. Taking a quick step sideways, Jake changes his stance causing Gino to stumble losing his footing his momentum making him stumble. Gino tries to right himself, his thighs quiver to hold his body weight firmly in place to combat Jake but the giant kicks out his ankle knocking Gino’s feet from under him and using that force to propel Gino skyward. Gino sucks in a breath as the arena spins around him in a blur until he crashes into the mat, a moment later Jake twists his body landing on Gino.

“Ugh!” Grunts Gino, the sheer weight of Jake against his abs knocks the air from his midsection and it’s enough to get a second fall.

“Fuck!” Logan swears pacing as he stars at Gino’s match.

Jayden bites his lower lip, “If he loses one more time…”

“Then he’s done. Fuck,” Logan curses again, still pacing in circles.

Gino gets up, the coach coming over to him, along with Logan the team captain.

“He’s so strong,” Gino says winded.

“Then don’t let him use that,” Logan answers. “Use his strength against him.”

“Great idea,” the coach clasps Logan on the back enthusiastically.

Rolling his eyes Logan continues, “He’s bigger, use his bigger size against him. He won’t be great on the mat, use that. Get him to the floor.”

Gino nods solemnly, his sweaty red singlet clings to his chest, as he huffs air in and out. He takes a towel gratefully from the coach and wipes his face. When the coach moves away, he tells Logan. “Don’t tell Jayden, but the foster situation is not going great for Bill. Apparently the two are torching him. Logan, we have to do something about this.”

“God, you sound just like your brother. Hero complexes both of you. Keep your head in the match, don’t let Jake fake you out again. Besides, he could be lying. Focus Gino,” Logan implores his blue eyes shining in intensity. “He is trying to trip you up, don’t let him. Ignore whatever he tells you. The team and I are counting on you.”

Logan offers his fist up and Gino bumps it.

Gino gets slowly back to his feet, he can’t afford another fall. Clenching his teeth he locks his jaw in place ready to face Jake once again. He can’t wait to knock the smug look from his beady eyes face. As the two get closer Jake rolls his eyes and the black contacts he wore a few weeks ago come into place giving him the demon look that he loves so much.

Jake sneers matching the maniacal glint in his pitch dark soulless eyes as the ref counts in the wrestlers. Lurching forward Jake tries to take Gino down swiftly, Gino feints to the left shifting his body but instead moves to the right. Stumbling Jake corrects his stance and swirls to face Gino. Gino is ready for him and tackles him in the center of his body bringing him to the ground in a wave of arms and legs. While tumbling Gino makes sure to get a quick punch into Jake’s tender walnuts remembering how small and fragile the giant’s nads were. Gino’s fist sinks right in pinning the tiny balls in place with his hard knuckles feeling the small orbs squishing against Jake’s body.

The two land hard on the mat, and Gino sneaks in with a quick pin giving him and the Bartlet team their first sign of hope. The Bartlet team erupts in cheers, and Gino stands up a big grin on his face as he faces them his smile bright. His eyes find his brothers. Jayden beams with proud at him mouthing “Good job.”

Gino spins around heading to his corner backwards, the match is far from over and he can still lose this and his team cannot afford that loss. Jake coming to his feet scowling, holding his pebbles his dark black demon eyes fixed on Gino as his anger raw and on the surface pulls his lips back from his teeth that gnash in his direction. Sam Hell is in his corner and whispers something into his ear and the two smile evilly across at Gino enjoying keeping their secret from him.

“Nice pin,” Logan acknowledges placing both hands on Gino’s shoulders. “You can take him.”

“We can’t afford for me not to,” says Gino unable to keep the concern from his voice as he sighs deeply under Chase’s strong hands.“Don’t worry Gino, you can beat him. Don’t let him in here,” Logan taps his temple. “And remember that we are in here,” and he taps Gino’s chest right above his heart. “And we are rooting for you, win or lose. We stand as a team.”

“After what Kim did, there is only one way I want this to go. We need this win.”

Logan grins giving Gino one last squeeze between his shoulder blades. “Go get ‘em!”

Gino stands up, and across from him the giant Jake does as well. If anything he seems to have gotten taller as he cracks his knuckles on each big fist. Gino grits his teeth hearing the bell clang as he rushes in to meet Jake head on.

The two crash together, scrambling for purchase Gino sucking his teeth as he uses all of his strength against the monster that he faces. Jake appears to withstand his full out assault and easily lifts him into the air and sending him crashing into the mat below. Gino bounces up, rolling onto all fours and is about to get up as Jake comes at him from behind mounting him. Jake wraps both arms around Gino’s trunk pressing his small package firmly against Gino’s backside feeling the small outward protuberance of Jake’s little member. He barely has time to take that in as Jake squeezes him as hard as he can. Gino’s air whooshes out of him as Jake squeeze intensifies as if he is trying to crush his lungs.

“Sam says I got to humiliate you before I beat you,” Jake whispers as Jakes thumb locates Gino’s head and pins it to his rock hard lower abs rolling it slowly while he squeezes Gino harder. “I told him that I bet I can make you spew in front of everyone before the match ends. You going to squirt for me boy?” Jake teases twisting his knob, carefully making sure to keep his antics from the referee. Gino shudders unwillingly his cock starts to bloat, filling up his singlet as Jake works him over.

“No,” Gino groans, his cock pressing against Jakes large thumb as he circles around and around his slit pressing the large digit hard against him. Gino can barely breathe as Jake squeezes his middle, he is not able to get in enough air and he knows that he can’t let himself be pinned. Not again.  His thoughts are swimming, and Jake’s tiny little worm begins to poke him hardening between his cheeks and it’s enough to bring him back to his senses. Gino twists and elbows Jake right in the neck sending him spiraling onto his butt releasing his hold as he coughs and gags.

Gino fully erect and realizing how ridiculous he must look spins and launches himself through the air at Jake moving for a pin. Jake catches him and uses him momentum to his advantage and flips him over his head. Gino lands hard against the mat and what little air was able to get into his lungs is expunged as he lays dazed staring up at the florescent lights. Jake moves to pin him one last time but Gino fights with a swing of his hips sending the two rolling, end over end with Gino landing on top.

Gino somehow makes sure that his left knee is between Jake’s thighs and he presses his advantage deep into the tiny pebbles in Jake’s unimpressive ballsac. Jake’s eyes go wide as he feels the intrusion and he moans as Gino shoves his shoulders down pinning him for the second time in a row.

The Bartlet team and side of the gym erupts in cheers going crazy jumping up and down. Gino has managed to tie now with Jake. One last fall separates either team from winning, and he tries to cover his obnoxious erection as he moves over to his side Logan grinning at him foolishly.

“Hold the monster in,” he chides smiling. “You are almost there.”

“I’m trying,” Gino laughs. “It was close a moment ago.”

Logan presses a cold ice pack against his groin making Gino tremble, “Ahh, fuck,” he curses.

“You can finish what Jake started later, let’s use our few remaining moments to bring you back to reality, yeah?” Logan grins, his white teeth matching his blonde hair shinning in the gym florescent lights.

“Okay,” Gino manages to say, his teeth clattering in his jaw.

Standing back up he hands Logan the ice bag which seems to have done the desired effect. With his dark hair falling straight down low on his brow tickling his forehead Gino moves forward. Jake, menacing as ever appears to be in no joking mood. His piercing beady eyed gaze fixes Gino in place.

When the bell rings this time Jake is first to act, Gino waits for the blundering force to reach him before he reacts. Gino uses Jake’s force and moves with it, not against letting Jake swing him to the mat below. In the flight downward Gino maneuvers his chest slightly grabbing Jake and attempting to flip him overhead using Jake’s momentum against him like Logan taught him using Jake’s size to his advantage. It almost works. As Jake is being flipped he holds tight to Gino’s grip and the two go tumbling together in a mass of legs and arm rolling to the outskirts of the mat where Jake pins Gino to the floor on his belly.

The two huff and puff trying to regain oxygen, Gino is first to move and try to force the immoveable bulk off of his back. Gino struggling lifting from the mat a little allows Jake access to his most vulnerables. Jake slips one hand underneath reaching for Gino’s goods. Gino tries to bring his body back to the mat for protection but it’s too late one of Jake’s massive paws covers his navel his forefinger and thumb pinching the tips of his dick once again, which never fully went down.

Gino’s eyes go wide as he shudders, the other arm Jake reaches across Gino’s neck pulling him in a head lock. The referee focus on Gino’s neck and his breathing while far underneath Gino a war rages in Gino’s spandex as his massive schlong rigidifies, plumping up under Jake’s probing two fingered grip.

The referee asks, “You give?”

Gino shakes his head moaning.

“I need an answer.”

“No,” Gino moans his plump cock filling with blood, and pre-cum staining the front of his singlet.

Struggling Gino twists and turns using his legs to try and get away, each time he does Jake gives a jerk, jerk motion giving him a quick hand job before re-grabbing his cock by the head and pinching it. The constant pressure on his loins makes Gino start shaking bucking more wildly in an effort to escape. Gino was able to escape once and he tries with all his might to do so again. But this time Jake fights with him as he flops until Gino starts to feel the familiar inevitable build-up deep within his loins. Gino’s soft brown eyes bug out and he tries to turn his head and look up at Jake but just as his own eyes meet the monster astride him he can feel himself pulsing.

“Jake?” Gino manages to croak.

Jake only watches, his black eyes hungry as Gino’s whole body quivers. He tries everything to hold it in, to stop his eruption but the few seconds he buys himself only builds up the growing eruption. Gino takes in one last breath trying to keep from spewing but it’s too late. With one last swoop of Jake’s thumb nail along the underside of his cock Gino grits his teeth, let’s out a breath, and releases his cock vibrating. Gino’s first blast of cum rides up his stomach until it stops at first contact with the mat. Gino fires a second, then a third blast as Jake flips him over and pins him down. Jake can feel Gino still spewing as he pins him making sure to dig his elbow into Gino’s nuts that have pulled up below his rigid dick.

The ref declares Jake victorious as Gino’s cock throbs sending more and more cum up spreading to his chest in a gooey mess. Jake looks down at him in triumph, smiles once digging that elbow down making sure to really slow down Gino’s orgasm so that it lasts longer. Gino’s body rigidifies as his cock pulses once more his balls screaming as they try to churn out their last drops. Jake recognizing that Gino is finally done stands up and walks away.

Jayden gets to him moments later covering him in a white towel, his brother must have seen what was happening and tries his best to keep it from the crowd but enough people notice and one in particular screams. “Shit! He fucking came! Look at his erection!”

“Get me out of here,” Gino grunts still spewing, the remnants of his orgasm still filling his singlet.

Jayden helps him up, making sure to keep the towel firmly around him as he leads his brother to the locker room leaving the mat behind with a small stain of wet cum. When they pass the Bartlet team the group of boys appears speechless as they pass by.

Gino heads straight to the showers peeling off his singlet, yanking the wet sticky material away kicking off his shoes as he moves to stand underneath the stream shivering as the cold jet sprays him with water. “Fuck,” he cries out grasping is limp dick and squeezing out the last remnants of his watery cum.

“Gino,” Jayden starts and stops words failing him.

Gino’s brown eyes find him and he says, “Make them pay Jayden. We need three wins in a row. It’s the only way now. I fucked everything up.”

“Jakes a jerk!” Jayden goes to hug Gino, but his older brother holds out his arm.

“Not now,” Gino seems to almost beg him to stay back. “Go,” Gino encourages closing his eyes in shame. “Hug me later, win this Jayden. I’ll be up in a minute...I need to finish,” Gino admits his cock still hard.

Reddening Jayden tries not to smile as he looks at his brother, and he slowly nods. “I love you Gino, I’ll beat them.” He turns and heads back upstairs his sneakers bouncing on the cement stairs, the sound of running water and the flap, flapping of Gino jerking his erection follows him until he reaches the entrance and sees that the next match is going much more favorably in Bartlet’s favor.

Logan cheers along with the rest of them as the second pin goes to Bartlet. Facing Midtown on the Bartlet side is the spunky Dash. Dash seems to be on a roll. He is ready to face his opponent rolling his slender shoulders, freckles peppering his upper arms and the bit of chest visible above his red singlet. Dash has been on Logan’s team for a while. At sixteen the wavy haired brunette is in his element as he stares across at his opponent. Jayden is happy to see his ex-swim teammate Aldo, even if he is wearing a light blue singlet. Aldo has looked better. In one hand the light dark skin boy clutches his crotch, bending over slightly. The young 14 year old dark haired Latino boy jumps up and down a few times causing his junk to flop around, his rich dark eyes are awash in nut pain and his lips are open moaning as he tries to regain his composure.

Aldo heads over to meet two years old Dash. The boys bump fists as the match starts. Dash goes in to finish Aldo off quickly. Aldo blocks the maneuver and sends a knee into Dash’s midsection and follows it up with a full nelson dragging Dash to the floor. The Bartlet side groans, wondering how their first win could be messing up. Dash manages to keep from being pinned but just barely. Wiggling out of Aldo’s hold the two tussle on the mat, Dash both older and more experienced veteran in wrestling lends itself well here as he grapples with the younger spry Aldo. The two are locked in position moving on sheer strength, muscles straining in their young formative frames as Dash with one last push hits Aldo square in the chest with his own shoving Aldo to the floor pinning him perfectly.

The referee calls the match giving Bartlet their first win, but the team is far from winning this championship match-up. Aldo groans from underneath Dash and the two stare at each other briefly, before Dash gets up offering his hand. Aldo takes it jumping to his feet and the two shake hands.

“Good match,” Dash says.

“You annihilated me, but it was a learning experience for sure,” Aldo smiles shyly making eye contact with Leroy over Dash’s head who winks at him. “I had a friend who dared me to try out.”

“This was your first match?” Dash asks.

“Kinda,” laughs Aldo shyly.

“You did great!”

The two part and Dash’s whole team envelopes him in a hug.

Aldo walks back to his own team and does not get any fanfare in fact Sam Hell pulls him aside, and much to Jayden’s surprise puts an arm across his shoulders consoling him on his loss. Looking up at Sam Hell, Aldo nods his head at something the seventeen year old says. Aldo moves to grab a drink of water but Sam pulls him back. Aldo stares at him with a questioning expression as Sam buries his fist deep into Aldo’s singlet pouch raising him into the air.

Jayden’s mouth falls open, “Oh no, Aldo!” he whispers staring across helpless to intervene.

Aldo’s eyes bug out of his handsome face, and the teen groans inward, his body collapsing around Sam Hell’s fist. Aldo grabs Sam Hell’s one wrist tightly trying to alleviate some of the building pressure in his loins. The tyrant turns his knuckles around and squeezes the poor boy adding to his humiliation as his team watches on not moving to so anything to stop Devil Boy enacting his punishment.

Jayden’s hands curl into fists, and he moves to go confront Sam, but Logan grabs his singlet straps pulling him back easily.

“Let me go, he’s hurting him!” Jayden grimaces as Aldo’s eyes roll back. Jayden can see that he is not the only one. In the stands the whole swim team is up in arms, and Chase and Bill barely can contain Leroy who desperately tries to fight them off and get to Aldo. He’s screaming his name, and Sam Hell first looks up at him and then finds Jayden his red laser eyes flashing as he twists his hand crushing Aldo’s tender sensitive nuggets. Aldo balks and starts to rise off the floor, his toes dancing searching for purchase as Hell holds him in the air by his testicles his ball cords straining and on fire.

Sam Hell leans in whispering into his victim’s ear and Aldo is nodding his head desperation in his dark eyes that plead for mercy, his face awash in testicular agony. Sam hold him for awhile longer enjoying the mewing sounds that Aldo makes and watching him dance on his tip toes squishing his nuts in his fist. Aldo’s whole upper body trembles, his back is painfully straight his upper body straining as his hands grip Sam Hell’s arm firmly.

“My huevos,” Dash says groaning.

Sam Hell enjoys Dash’s struggles and his dick continues to rise his pitchfork is so hard as he gives one last squeeze to Dash’s trapped nuts before he lowers him to the floor and shoves Dash away from him now playing with his toy. Aldo stumbles backwards and then falls to his knees grabbing his balls before keeling over to his side his face expressionless as he seems to be contemplating the agony happening within his sad ballsac.

Jayden is furious, his anger fuming and he grinds his teeth.

“Can I let you go now?” Logan asks.

“Not yet,” admits Jayden.

“He wants to start you off on the wrong foot. He wants you to lose to Doug. He’s too scared to face me with the championship on the line. Don’t give him the satisfaction.” Implores Logan giving Jayden a squeeze against his chest. Jayden nods grabbing Logan’s arms feeling the strength of his captain around his chest.

Jayden’s body starts to relax and he pulls out of Logan’s grip. “Doug’s going down. I have a score to settle.”

“He’s going to go for your ankle, I would bet anything.”

“I know. We have practiced for it.”

“And your balls.”

“Obviously,” Jayden rolls his eyes. “Everyone does,” he says smirking up at his captain.

Logan grins, “He is going to rue the day that he messed with you buddy.”

Jayden agrees, but says nothing as he heads to the center of the wrestling mat Doug doing the same. Watching each other warily the two wrestlers who have never wrestled each other before seem to be waiting for the other to start the match. It’s an interesting tactic it would limit the amount of rounds the two would need to do meaning that it one of them got a few pins in a row that would be the end and one would win. Jayden’s team can’t afford for him to lose here, and he does not intend to.

Both sides are screaming at them to begin their match, everyone is staring at the clock worried and full of concern.

“What are you waiting for?” Doug asks quietly his voice barely above a whisper, his deep baritone voice cutting through the tension.

“At this rate, I will only have to pin you once.”

Doug seems to consider this, “Unless you fail to before the time runs out. We win in a draw.”

“I won’t,” Jayden says simply leaking confidence.

Doug’s eyes narrow. “You’re still limping, you’re not as healed as you portray.”

“Keep telling yourself that.”

“One minute left!” the referee shouts.

Doug still does not move, but Jayden does. Jayden lunges forward, his body graceful and fluid streaking at his opponent in red blur. Doug ready to meet him moves to grapple but Jayden dodges at the last moment his body swooping around Doug knocking him out at the knees where he falls comically on his back with Jayden landing on top pinning him easily.

The Bartlet side goes nuts as Jayden stands up with thirty-five seconds left in the match. Both fists pumping the air! The smile on his face is jubilant and his brother Gino hair wet in a new uniform is screaming his name like the rest of his team. Jayden sees that they are not cheering but shouting warnings at him. Jayden moves to turn back, but it’s too late.

Doug stomps as hard as he can on Jayden’s ankle. Jayden seems to take forever to fall, the pain blinding and building as he stumbles to the floor crying out in pain. His shoulder hits the mat, but Jayden barely feels it. His ankle explodes, raw and piercing the old wound still recovering bursts with undeniable torture. Gino, Logan and the whole team surround him and Jayden does his best not to cry.

The coach asks, “How bad is it?” he can’t seem to get through the throng of boys checking on their youngest teammate.

The referee berates Doug, who at least has the good sense to look downtrodden. The referee givens Jayden another point meaning Doug would have to earn three falls in 35 seconds. But none of that will matter if Jayden can’t continue. Somewhere within his pain filled mind he knows that he has to. Chase is applying ice, and Gino is clutching Jayden’s shoulder so hard that it hurts.

“You can’t go back in!” Gino yells over the noise.

“He’s right,” says Chase. “It’s not worth it.”

Jayden shakes his head and slowly sits up, managing to grunt “I’m not done yet.”

“No!” echoes the team in unison.

“We aren’t going to lose because of my bum ankle. Now help me up!” Jayden orders. “They can’t win, not after everything. I won’t let them!”

“Logan,” Gino pleads.

“I’m not letting you in,” Logan says, agreeing with Jayden’s older brother.

Jayden find’s the coach and says, “You make the final call.”

“Are you alright to wrestle?”


“Then let’s do this.”

Everyone groans around him, glaring disapprovingly at their coach. Logan moves next to him. “I will personally hold you responsible if anything happens to him. You know that this is wrong, and that he is too stupid to back down because of his sense of loyalty and love for this team.”

The coach shrugs, “He’s old enough to make the call. Besides, what can happen in 35 seconds left?” he asks walking away.

Jayden is helped to his feet by Gino and Logan and the team give him space assessing the damage. Jayden’s foot is raised up off the floor, he looks unsteady and sweaty. Everyone knows that he should not be doing this, just as everyone knows that Doug can’t possibly pin him three times with the short amount of time left. But no one thinks Doug is trying to win this anymore, he’s trying to break Jayden instead.

The high schoolers move away, leaving only Gino and Logan.

“It’s not worth it,” Gino tries again.

Jayden gives him the best smile that he can manage. “I’ll get him.”

“None of us care about that,” says Logan regretfully. “There’s always next…”

“There is no next year!” Jayden growls, and this time he looks pained. “I only have this one year left with you being my captain Logan. Only this one. And I’m fucking bringing that stupid trophy home!” He’s breathing as if he ran a race, his chest is heaving. “This one season was not enough. Not by a long shot.” Tears falling from his eyes, he swipes at his face hating that he let them fall, and hating that he never met Logan sooner.

“Hey,” Logan says moving forward and hugging Jayden. “We are lucky that we got this one season. And this won’t be goodbye. I’ll still see you. You’re my friend Jayden.”

Jayden can’t help the tears that flow now, “But it won’t be the same. Who will lead us now? Kim’s gone, your graduating. Who will be our captain? No one is left! You are the heart of the team, the very soul!”

“Oh Jayden,” Logan smiles, his own eyes tearing up at the fearsomeness within Jayden. “I used to be the heart, but man that’s changed. I will always be their leader, the best wrestler, but you’re the heart Jayden.”

Jayden can’t help but cry even harder. “You may not be ready to be the captain now, but you better believe that you are going to be one. Those boys, they will gladly follow you when I leave. You will be the youngest captain that we have ever had and that won’t matter.”

“I can’t do it without you!” Jayden says his voice cracking.

“Who says that you will have to?” Logan smiles, wiping at his own eyes. “I have a plan. You trust me, yes?”

“With everything I got, you know I do,” Jayden says earnestly digging his hands into Logan’s forearms staring determinedly into Logan’s bright blue eyes.

“Then trust me when I say, I am going anywhere. Okay?”

“Okay,” breathes out Jayden trying to steady himself. “I have a match to win.”

Logan grimaces inwardly at the very idea, but finally relents. “Be as safe as you can, you little idiot.”

“I will captain.”

Gino can’t speak, he hates that he failed the team and that emotion runs rampant on his face. Jayden would not be in this position if he had won, he could have bowed out and let Logan finish it. Now they need the win.

“I hate this more than I can every express,” Gino scowls. “I will kill him after this.”

The two mentors pat him once more on the back, Gino runs a hand through his hair before they leave him.

“You ready?” asks the referee staring at him with concern.

Jayden nods. The gym is quiet as Doug approaches. No one speaks. The referee calls for the match to begin, and Doug runs at Jayden full force. The room seems to be on the edge of their seats as Doug bounds towards Jayden and he aims low, right for his ankle.

The crowd gasps, but Jayden is ready and knees him hard in the face as he lowers himself for the kick. Jayden and Doug both fall, Doug’s foot hitting nothing but air as Jayden crashes into him. The two tumble to the mat Doug landing on top dazed. Jayden forces him off onto his back and moves to pin him, but Doug throws Jayden off. Jayden bounces on the mat and senses Doug reaching for his injured ankle, rather than seeing it. Jayden yanks it back, so Doug grabs the other one and yanks him forward. Doug’s foot crashes in between his thighs as Doug pulls again gas pedaling Jayden, pumping his foot deep in the nuts pressing them firmly against his pubic bone. Jayden groans for a different reason as the referee awards Jayden another point for the illegal move. But that does little to rise Jayden’s spirits as his balls burst with fresh ball inducing agony, the old familiar pain to his boynuts resurfacing.

Doug let’s up trying to frame innocence, “I didn’t know that was an illegal move!”

Jayden grabs his junk moaning with one hand as he moves to stand up. Both Logan and Gino are by his side helping him.

“15 seconds left, you are almost done,” says Gino.

“It’s okay if you can’t make it,” Logan adds.

“It’s going to take more than one cheap low blow to keep me out of this,” Jayden grimaces.

“Ball of steel,” laughs Logan.

“I’ll see you two in a sec, I’ve got this.”

Reluctantly Gino and Logan move back to their side. Doug grinning wolfishly approaches. “I’m going to break you,” he growls.

“You wish,” says Jayden. “I’m unbreakable Doug, you were never able to break my spirit to begin with.” Jayden takes another hobbling step getting into position. “And I finally see that Chase made the right decision in kicking you off of the swim team. You would have destroyed them from within. You’re a poison, and you deserve to be on the same team with Jake and Sam Hell because you are just like them.”

Doug’s face turns scarlet and he rushes forward before the bell rings, but Jayden doesn’t care in the least he knows that Doug is no match for him. Using Doug’s anger to his advantage, he feints to the left as if to escape and Doug falls for it and Jayden powers into him sending him sprawling to the mat below where he pins him successfully for the final time the referee finally calling the match with Jayden on top of him shoving grinning at him.

“Told you,” says Jayden as he climbs off of him. Doug jumps up and swings his fist aiming at Jayden’s head. Jayden blocks the blow but not Doug’s left which clips him on the chin sending him to the mat below. Doug moves to stomp on his hurt ankle but Gino gets there first with fist connecting with Doug’s eyes brow which sends him spiraling to the mat knocking him out cold blood splattering the matt coloring it red from where Gino split his lip.

“Nobody messes with my fucking brother!” Gino yells glaring at Midtown.

The crowd goes nuts, along with both teams which rush to attack each other. The referees have their hands full as they separate the boys. The coaches yelling at their teams to stop acting up and behave. It seems to take forever to calm both sides down.

Gino cradles Jayden in his arms carrying off to the side where he applies ice to his ankle, Jayden’s chin is cut and bleeds a little but he is all smiles saying, “You knocked his block off! Lights out!” Jayden’s shouts to be heard over the chaos admiration coming through as blood drips from his chin.

“He deserved it,” growls Gino.

“I love you big brother.”

“I love you too. God I was so worried. Never do that again.”

“I promise.”

“You’ll break that.”

“More than likely. I mean it right now, no more risks.” Jayden says putting a towel to his chin to stop the flow of blood.

“You gave us a fighting chance.”

“I know. Logan versus Devil Boy. The two best wrestlers.”

“Logan will win.”

“I hope so.”

The two grow silent as the team gets back together and the full attention moves from congratulating Jayden to the final match: Logan’s.

The buildup to this match has both teams on high alert, the crowd is restless. Parents are screaming about cheating. The gym has turned ugly. Everyone just wants this to be over.

Logan walks to the floor, Sam Hell is already there. His light blue singlet looks wrong on him. His flashing red eyes and dark hair throws it off but Sam Hell looks formable. Sam Hell is shorter then Logan, but he’s stockier well-built his muscles bulging and for a year younger then Logan quite a sight to behold. Unlike most of the wrestlers Sam Hell, the Devil boy has the outward appearance of darkness. His high cheek bones, pale completion and leering body give Hell the guise of a horror movie villain. Sam Hell hides his expression well, allowing his red eyes to do the talking that flash his conviction that he wants to destroy Logan. The last time that the two titans met, he succeeded in milking Logan, humiliating him in front of his teammates Gino and Jayden. Tonight Jake, his second in command did so to Gino. Sam hides his goal well but it’s clear that he intends to win and to humiliate Logan as much as possible.

Sam Hell speaks first as the referee goes over the rules, making sure both of them know that low blows to the groin are not allowed. Neither are listening. “You will lose tonight Logan, this will be your last professional wrestling match for Bartlet High School. Your legacy ends here with me in defeat.”

“Did you rehearse that speech?” Logan says blows out a wet raspberry at him. “You wish that you could beat me.” The blonde, blue eyes usually easy going guy is none of those things right now. His bright blue eyes are electric, his face is locked in concentration and his easy going swagger is gone. Instead Logan is ready to face Sam Hell and to finish him.

The air in the gymnasium is nauseatingly thick with sweat, body odor, and heat from the crowd. Logan’s singlet sticks to him, perspiration covers his forehead and he’s wants this match to be over. Tonight Logan has been betrayed by his friend and ally Kim, seen one of his best wrestlers almost crippled in front of him and the other older brother made to spunk in front of the crowd. Logan can’t imagine not winning against Sam Hell, who looks cool as if the air does not bother him with his superhuman crimson eye glare.

Logan is quickly pulled back into the match as the bell rings. Sam Hell wastes no time in confronting Logan, rushing up to meet him. Sam Hell telegraphs his sneak attack to the right, Logan prepares for that but Sam goes left at the last possible moment instead. Sam Hell’s heavily muscled arms twist around his waist encircling him like a snake pulling his snuggly against his chest and constricting Logan’s abdomen digging with two fists deep into Logan’s guts.

Grunting, Sam Hell yanks Logan side to side before tossing him to the ground where Logan lands and rolls, getting back up as quickly as possible. Logan’s blue eyes find Sam’s piercing red ones and deep smirk waiting as he spears him in the middle targeting his lower abdomen again sending both of them to the mat below. Devil boy lands on top of his fallen foe and Sam Hell uses the confusion to dig a quick one, two punch into Logan’s abs right below his rib cage.

Logan grits his teeth, sucking in air as the pain in his glorious abs roars deep in the center of his guts. Trying to over throw Sam, he grips his sides tugging with all his might his arms straining and Sam rolls but not before he grabs onto Logan taking him with him. In a whirl of blue and red color swirls through the air as the sweating teens roll until Logan winds up on top, but Sam makes him quickly wish he hadn’t as Logan settles in on top Sam’s swift knee finds its way to get past his defenses and punctuates his attack by slamming against Logan pelvis his nuts sandwiched in between. The devil, his white teeth appearing in a cruel smile whispers, “Got yah.”

Logan losing stamina moans against him as his offensive attack drains from him and Sam chuckling quickly rolls again so that he is on top, but more importantly he digs his right knee down flattening Logan’s balls, squashing the spheres into the mat as he pins Logan to the mat, the referee calling the first round in Midtown’s favor. “This is how you lose Krueger, beneath me where you belong!” his murmurs spittle spraying Logan’s face as he stands up victoriously raising his arms in early triumph.

Logan slowly gets up, his team rushing to support him but he waves them off who try to come to his side and he stands up alone moving silently to the center of the mat awaiting Sam Hell his middle and nuts throb but he is too proud to hold onto either. He blocks out the roaring of the crowd, the pulsing deep ache that he knows so well that swells in his nutsac and abs and instead concentrates on doing what he came to do: beating Sam Hell.

“Hey Hell!” Logan calls out over the noise.

Sam slowly turns his red eyes delighting in hearing Logan’s voice.

“We aren’t done yet, get your ass over here.”

The challenge is deafening, and seems to silence the crowd and Sam Hell still smiling nods his head in agreement. “No Logan, we are not done. I have not won yet, but I am eager to do so.” Sam swaggers over to Logan his fists clenching and unclenching as his red eyes look nowhere but at Logan feasting on the pain that he knows he has caused to Logan’s guts and nuts.

The crowd is on the edge of their feet as the two titans crash together the second after the match begins, Gino, Jayden and the rest of the Bartlet team are right there with them cheering Logan on. The noise means nothing to Logan as he searches for an opening as he grapples against Sam Hell who seems to be toying with him, blocking him at every turn as he struggles on his smile sneering at him at each turn, his red eyes alert and menacing. In complete frustration Logan kicks out as the two are grappling against each other, their muscled arms slipping and gripping for the upper hand. Logan’s foot flies forward sinking into Sam Hell’s devil coins knocking them against his abs as the referee yells out the disqualifying move awarding a point to Midtown.

Logan smirks taking in the referees call but it’s Sam he watches who grimaces once, moving to grab his testicles but refuses and comes back up to full standing the crowd in awe of him taking the blow so easily. “I’m not built like any other man Kruger,” Sam Hell grunts. “My devil coins can withstand your girlish tantrums!”

Speechless the crowd seems to be gawking at Sam Hell as he moves back into position. Logan quickly follows hoping to capitalize on Sam Hell’s ball pain…if he feels any, which Logan knows he must but something is different about the little devil, he seems to register pain less than any other boy. That instep should have floored him, but it barely registered instead. Logan licks his lips, ready to do whatever it takes to win even if it means cheating; it’s not like the other team hasn’t been this whole time.

For the third time Logan and Sam Hell confront each other, both a little sore as Sam Hell grips Logan in a headlock dragging him to ground, wrapping his legs around Logan’s bruising abdomen squeezing hard, digging his ankles into Logan’s abs. Finding Logan’s belly button Sam digs in with his heels, while the other foot moves lightly lower. Sam Hell’s hip blocks the referees view as Sam Hell locates Logan’s bulbous bloated nuts and presses the right one against the mat his toes locating it and pinning it in place.

Logan’s blue eyes widen, the assault on his lower midsection and trapped right ball cause him to gag, but he can’t seem to get a breath in as Sam Hell yanks his curved arm against his throat. Gagging, Logan moves further back against Sam Hell’s chest trying to find a way to escape as Sam Hell digs in deep his feet puncturing both his abdomen denying him air and his poor sad right ball, which is starting to resemble more and more like a flattened piece of play dough. “I’ve got you now Logan,” Sam Hell whispers provokingly in his ear, his voice dark and forbidding. “Submit to me and you can still have two balls at the end of the match,” he threatens rolling the orbs underfoot making Logan see stars bursting in his vision punctuating his point.

Sam Hell is in his element as he tortures the blonde wrestling captain, finally after all this time he is righting the wrong in which he lost to him so many months ago. Not only that, this victory will steal Logan’s thunder giving him a defeat that will forever haunt him. Rejoicing early Sam Hell digs his foot downward digging into the center mass of Logan’s right nut feeling it warp around his toes while Logan trembles struggling against him. Hell can feel himself hardening as Logan’s nut gives underneath the onslaught and he knows that Logan can feel his erection ploughing against his lower back, and it gives Sam Hell such pleasure to dominate him like this. The Devil boy knows that he is not leaking but that’s only a matter of time and he can’t wait to cover Logan in his juices.

The referee keeps checking in to see if he is going to tap out, but Sam keeps giving him enough air space and freedom of movement so that he can shake his head and answer firmly “No.” Logan is fading and he knows it, he can feel defeat creeping in on him and as he looks over at the time and he realizes much to his disappointment that if he stays like this he won’t be able to have time to beat Sam Hell…at best he would tie him. That is not an acceptable outcome, so Logan rocks backwards, forwards and then backwards again his right ball exploding in pain as he does so as he finally has enough momentum to throw himself back to the mat.

Sam Hell grunts as Logan throws the two of them back, landing hard on his back his body still wrapped around Logan who is cushioned him completely. Slightly staggering Sam Hell tries to keep the hold but Logan purposely slams his head back between Sam’s eyes and he blinks stupidly his hold relenting. Logan capitalizes grabbing both of Sam’s legs and warping him into a quick pin. Staggering to his feet, Logan bends at the waist gripping his tender sore right ball that flashes with pain that rips him in two, he gasps as he clutches it feeling that his right is almost half a size larger compared to his left one.

Launching himself back up, Sam Hell no longer seems to be laughing. His outward demeanor of jovial antagonizing ridicule has dropped, instead Sam Hell seems to be seething in raw rage as he draws quietly inward moving to his starting placing waiting for Logan who is still bent at the waist grasping himself feeling his oats in his lithe fingers.

“We don’t have all day Logan,” Sam Hell taunts. “Stop playing with yourself and face me,” he growls as his red eyes rake Logan for his flaws and how he might take him down again.

Logan’s team is going horse from cheering his name, Jayden included. “There’s still time, if Logan pins him we can win. A minute and a half left.”

Gino does not say what he is thinking, that if Sam Hell pins him in a minute and a half the chances of them winning will shrink to almost zero. Instead he replaces the ice pack on Jayden’s ankle with a fresh one, the cold ripping through his fingers the same way that he wishes Sam Hell would be if only he could get him alone.

“Come on Logan,” Gino encourages silently from the sidelines. “You can do this.”

Jayden nods, his ankle still throbbing as he says, “Of course he can, he’s our captain. Sam Hell can’t win against him.”

Gino wants to agree but images of the cage match a few weeks ago fills his head with images of Logan defeated by the devil boy spewing his spunk uselessly all over himself.

“Time is ticking away Logan Kruger, your fans are eager for you to reclaim victory, but not today,” Sam Hell claims getting into a wrestling stance his body rocking side to side quivering with anticipation. Barely, Logan manages to get into his own wrestling posture as Sam is upon him, the bell ringing is a distant memory for both of them as Logan is grabbed, lifted and thrown to the flown to the mat. Logan lands in a heap groaning, as Sam Hell turns to face him. Logan swipes Sam Hell out at the knees and the two go down together rolling for advantage sneakily punching each other’s ribs wishing that they could go lower.

Finally, Logan finds purchase grabbing Sam Hell in the middle and slamming him against the mat his back landing perfectly. Logan moved to pin him but Sam rolls taking Logan’s hands underneath him and Logan tired of playing fair reaches downwards hand between mat and Sam Hell’s body searching for the indestructible devil coins.

Sensing where Logan is going, Sam puts up a fight struggling, writhing underneath him but Logan leans in digging an elbow deep into Sam Hell’s back pinning his upper body as his fingers slip around Sam’s cock sliding down its length using the long half-hard tool as a road map leading to the treasure hidden below. Sam Hell grits his teeth his arms and knees slowly rising, pushing Logan into the air but the extra now open space allows Logan to end his search finding the root of Sam Hell’s penis and more importantly the tucked in Devil coins beneath. Sam Hell’s balls are smaller than he expected, and by no means where his orbs small more on average size. The two walnuts feel to Logan to be nothing note-worry and completely average.

“Are these the famous Devil coins that you have been boasting about?” Logan challenges his voice soft and velvety as he rolls the nuts in Sam’s tight sac. Sam Hell freezes momentarily nervous.

“Do your worst Krueger. My Devil coins are made of superhuman strength and can withstand anything that you can do,” Sam Hell challenges his body straining to flip Logan off.

“I’ve met balls of steel before,” Logan whispers. “Turns out he was wrong too.”

Logan stops rolling Sam Hell’s nuggets and feeling the ball cords digs in at the weaker points in all men’s testicles the softer underside and sides. Logan’s grip is vicelike and unlike previous opponents Logan bares down on the indestructible coins that Sam Hell proclaims are incapable of experiencing pain, his arm muscles straining, and his veins bulging in his forearm as Logan tries to destroy the balls in his dominant right hand. Logan shakes his hand yanking the tightly packed ball mound side-to-side, stretching the thin sac membrane while Logan’s fingers attempt to pierce deeper into Sam Hell’s devil coins. The formable testicles in Sam Hell’s ballsac prove to be denser, fuller, and sturdier than Logan has experienced before but he is sure that he can wipe that confident smirk from Sam Hell’s face and his stance that his balls are immortal.

The referee bending over to check on Sam Hell asks, “Do you…” but looks for the fist time into Sam’s face for the seeing his penetrating red eyed glare and quickly back up landing on his butt, rubbing his eyes thinking that his eyes are playing tricks on him. If he was still gazing at Devil boy he could see that his eyes reflecting pain, registering full the depth to which Logan’s ballgrab is affecting him.

“My…coins…” Sam Hell moans, trying to turn his deep voice back to his usually gravel tone. He is unsuccessful as he takes a breath and moans low in his throat his trapped balls being forced together gives the sensation that Logan has turned his nuts into mush.

The referee shaking his head once again moves over to Sam Hell watching as his supernatural fiery red eyes cross, his jaw becoming slack. “Do you…” but he is interrupted by Sam Hell slamming his fist up and back fitting him underneath his chin sending him spiraling into Logan who topples off of him with the referee bouncing up and onto his back appearing dazed and stupid.

Sam Hell freed spins on his hands and knees, his red eyes crazed as he sees the referee not being watchful and pounces on Logan slamming him right in between the legs with a flying fist. The bony knuckles in Devil Boy’s fist crash thunderously against Logan’s nuts squashing them against the mat. Logan lurches up with a groan, his blue eyes showcasing his nut pain as a fresh wave rolls through his sac and into his guts. Sam Hell punches him with his left hand sending him spiraling to the mat below the deafening crack of his knuckles against Logan’s skull is heard throughout the gymnasium and the crowd starts jeering out boos as Logan’s blonde haired head falls to the mat.

Grabbing each of Logan’s ankles, Sam Hell stands up pulling Logan’s legs apart widening the opening between his legs as he positions his foot above Logan’s obvious plump bulge in his tight red singlet roaring down at him. “Look at me,” Sam challenges.

With a groan Logan unwilling to stop himself looks up his blue eyes clouded in the fresh hell that the Devil boy has inflicted in his loins. Sam Hell’s eyes pierce his and he drops down holding eye contact with Logan the whole time as his knee bone comes booming downwards connecting with both of Logan’s large nuts smooshing his sac against his pelvis.

Logan opens his mouth in a silent scream his whole world unable to process the knee that is thrusting deep into his nutsac forcing Logan’s nuts to squish horribly into his pelvic wall.

Finally the referee stands shouting at Sam Hell for cheating, awarding Bartlet a point bringing the match to a tie.

Sam Hell stands up, but not before he rolls his knee crushing Logan’s nuts in a perfect circular motion that warps and distorts Logan’s precious contents in his ballsac. Logan unable to stop himself grabs his pulsing manhood legs kicking in the air as his body starts to fully register the devastation between his legs.

Logan’s coach is next to him offering him an ice pack, “That looked like it hurt. Here, put this on.”

Regarding the ice pack, Logan moves his hand away so that his coach can place the cold gel pack on his throbbing nutsac. The cold sensation sends a shiver through Logan and he lets out a low moan.

“Your almost there, all you need is one more pin and the championship is ours!” Coach Johnson rubs his hands together and presses the ice pack a little too firmly against Logan’s icy balls. “So make sure that you get it Captain,” he grins his fingers pressing the cold pack a little none too gently against Logan’s groin.

Logan grits his teeth pulls the ice pack away and slams it up right into Coach Johnsons bulge in his red Nike athletic shorts his icy fist covered in the cold pack smacks against the Coach Johnsons assets making him cringe. “I’m all done with this,” Logan adds icily rubbing the ice pack with his closed fist. “I have a match to finish.”

Slowly Logan gets to his feet, as Coach Johnson drops to his knees holding the icepack against himself, the coolness working in his favor now. Logan meanders over to Sam Hell the referee again reminding the boys of the rules.

“No more low blows. Low blows are allowed, nothing below the…”

Logan interrupts him, “Like this?” and he kicks the Devil Boy between the fork in his legs making sure to fully connect with his half-erect pitch fork and devil coins hanging below.

Sam Hell attempts to show no reaction, but even he after such a direct hit cannot stop the groan that comes out or the twitch in his red eyes as he reaches down instinctually to pry Logan’s foot out from between his butt cheeks.  

“Point for Midtown!” the referee roars.

“I just wanted to make sure that I understood the rules, that’s all,” Logan grins slyly pulling his foot away from Sam Hell. “You heard him Hell no more low…”

“…blows?” Logan yowls as Sam Hell kicks him just as hard back his dark black sneaker smacking his nuts up against his abs. The sound of Logan’s flopping nutsac echoes around the gymnasium making the Bartlet boys cringe along with Logan who groans folding at the waist grabbing his junk.

“Point for Bartlet!” The referee roars, turning red in the face. “Now you two had better cut-it out! Or….”

Whatever the referee was going to state was lost as both Logan and Sam Hell at the same time launch a punch simultaneously each swinging fast and low. The two teens slam against each other’s nutsacs, their bodies intertwined knuckles deep in the pouch of their revival.

“That’s it!” the frustrated makes a hand signal ending the match in a disqualification. He storms off yelling for the coaches to end this insanity berating both coaches for their wrestler’s lack of grace and rule following.

The match may have been declared over but Logan and Sam Hell fight on. With their hands deep into each other’s manhood’s they turn their fists around clasping onto the nuggets and start squeezing. The devil and blonde battling, digging into the soft testicles and start a ball crushing competition that neither will walk away from easily.

“Hell,” grimaces Logan his grip iron tight leaning against Sam Hell, the boys chest to chest. “That’s one little pitchfork, I forgot to mention.” Logan points out swiping the end of Sam’s crown with his thumb before he plunges it back into the mound of nut meat in his fist. “Your underworld friends must be disappointed when they finally see it.”

Sam Hell turns red, his eyes matching his skin tone as he plunges his fingers deeper searching for the dead center of Logan’s nuts. The invasion and intensity in Sam Hell’s grip intimidates Logan a bit as he redoubles his efforts as the two slowly sink to their knees, sweating, breathing hard and groaning.

The Bartlet and Midtown wrestlers begin to get antsy.

The crowd is deafening in their combined screams for justice, and for the match to finally end.

Jayden is at the end of his seat, the ice pack falls from his hands as Jake, pacing wildly cannot take it anymore and charges straight ahead. Bartlet getting to their feet collectively besides for Jayden moves to intercept and protect their captain but he isn’t aiming for him instead he runs full tilt to meet the full Bartlet team. Gino rushes forward to intercept still heated from his loss he meets Jake who plows him over, Gino landing hard on his back on the wooden floor.

The move was all it took for both teams to rush in creating absolute mayhem. The wrestlers fight for dominance, all rules of the mat are forgotten as the teens go low. Jayden sitting on his seat, attempts to stand up, he can’t see Logan’s match and once standing he can see Logan his blue eyes are beginning to glaze over as Sam Hell twists his captive nuts, yanking his own out of his hands.

“No,” Jayden breathes standing on his good foot. He starts to hobble over to help Logan seeing his captain being overtaken by the devil his red eyes smiling now that he has the upper hand again.

Logan’s blue eyes cross, his jaw hanging open with a groan with his hair matted to his forehead he manages to croak out, “Devil boy…” before his eyes roll back in his head and he slumps unconscious against Sam.

Sam smiles in victory and he still crushing Logan’s nuts even though he has passed out slumping to the mat. Sam Hell gets in close using both hands now on Logan’s testicles separating them in each fist digging in harder as he stares into Logan’s closed eyes. “I win Krueger, you have lost!” Sam Hell grinning manically down gives one last squeeze and tosses the balls to the mat. Rising to his feet he rolls Logan onto his back and places one foot on top of Logan’s abs his hands lifting into the air as he screams out, “I have won! All fall before the devil!”

Utterly disgusted Jayden moves to swing his fist into Sam Hell’s face, but Gino gets their first spearheading him from the side knocking him to the ground. Gino rolls Sam Hell onto his back and sucker punches him, before reaching back and grabbing the devil coins.

Grinning Jayden moves to lower his arm and help but it’s yanked behind his back. His arm screams as he is spun his other arm is held tightly at his side as Kim whispers in his ear, “This is for ruining my team!”

Jayden struggles against Kim, his bad ankle still in the air as Kim holds him tight. Doug approaches Jayden and before he can call out for help Doug kicks him as hard as he can his foot plunging into his nuts, which smoosh between his thighs. Jayden slumps against Kim groaning his call for help lost with the strike as Doug grabbing his shoulders plows his knee cap in the same spot. Jayden’s large boynuts are perfect targets held in place by the thin singlet pouch which bounce against his abs and he groans yet again this one deeper as the dull throb from his previous match intensifies.

“I’ll make sure that Chase can’t play with these,” Doug says reaching forward and grasping Jayden’s nuts one in each hand. Jayden let’s out a breath of surprise at the new invasion as Kim holds his arms now folding the other one up and against his back keeping him locked in place unable to protect himself or shield his precious cargo.

“Let me go,” Jayden implores his dark brown eyes before he groans again as Doug applies his grip.

“Not going to happen Jayden,” Doug laughs wickedly separating Jayden’s nuts, pulling them apart as wide as Jayden’s sac allows and tightening his grip on Jayden’s boynuts before crushing them completely. The weighty orbs are the biggest nuts that Doug has ever held, and while squeezing the balls with his hands Doug reflects that he could not use one hand to do the job: Jayden’s nuts are too big for that. This revelation only annoys Doug more as he redoubles his efforts feeling Jayden’s thighs tremble as his ball cords send pain messages mixed with danger warnings.

“My balls…you’re crushing them,” Jayden groans biting his bottom lip in his attempt to not scream.

“Heh, yeah I am.” Doug acknowledges staring into Jayden’s brown eyes, loving the look of defeat mixed with pain in his expression as a low whine starts to develop with Jayden.

“Ugh, ugh, ugh,” Jayden groans his voice raspy and loose his breathes staggering coming in between each moan. Jayden’s boynuts are pulsing in his sac as Doug’s fingers crush each ball. His boynuts begin to warp twisting and bulging between Doug’s thick rough fingers and Jayden looks back for his brother to help him Kim head butts him from behind making his vision cloud for a moment.

“Don’t even think calling for help,” Kim warns lifting one foot and placing it one Jayden’s sore ankle the threat obvious and real.

Jayden nods, “Okay. Just go easy on my nuts!” He tries to reason making the two bullies chuckle.

“Oh Jayden, did you see how your captain passed out from having his balls squeezed, that’s how this night is going to end for you. Say nighty-night!” Doug says his grip firm and unyielding.

“His boynuts are tough,” laughs Kim his breath tickling his ear. “Up the hand hold, he can take it.”

“No,” Jayden shakes his head.

“Want me to go harder?” Doug asks, giving Jayden’s nads a shake.

“Only I get to ask that!” Chase yells kicking his foot up between Doug’s thighs hitting a homerun as he connects with both of Doug’s hairy nuts.

“Fuck!” Doug curses letting Jayden go dropping to his knees before Jayden.

“Not so fast!” Warns Kim tapping Jayden’s ankle making the boy scream at the contact.

“Shut up Jayden!” warns Kim kneeing him from behind his thick thigh blasting apart Jayden’s closed together legs his nuts slapping against his lower abs. Jayden’s mouth falls open and Chase watches the pain registering on his boyfriends face.

“You wouldn’t want me to stomp down would you?” Kim’s threat hangs heavy in the air.

Chase narrows his eyes staring at Kim. “You don’t want me as an enemy Kim.”

“Too late for that don’t cha think?” Kim states plainly bringing back his knee and plowing it up between Jayden’s thighs for the second time rising him off of the mat. Jayden concentrates on landing on his good foot trying to ignore the fresh and intense new wave of ball agony that floods his system. He almost makes it but both feet instinctively land on the mat and Jayden cries out making Gino look up hearing his brother’s voice.

Gino has Jake in a head lock and he is raining down kicks to Sam Hell at his feet, “Chase! Save my brother!” he calls out.

“Working on it,” Chase whispers. Doug is on all fours and attempts to stand up but Chase ends that thought with a vicious kick to the back of Doug’s hairy balls. Doug yelps, cursing him again and falls to his side curling into the fetal position. “Listen…Kim. That’s my boyfriend, and if you don’t let him go I will make you sorry that you ever laid a finger on him. Now put him down!”

“Rich boy you don’t make the orders here,” Kim scoffs kneeing Jayden again. Jayden manages to stay on his tippy toes this time, but his nuts are so bloated that he can barely stand. He slumps back against Kim, and if Kim wasn’t holding Jayden up he knows that he would fall. “Now back up, and let me finish what I have started.”

Chase is seething, and his worry for Jayden is both obvious and adorable to Jayden. Even busted, ankle throbbing his heart soars that this boy has likes him back. Jayden can’t move his upper body, his arms arm so incredibly sore as Kim pulls his arms along his back so far up that the seething pain there floods the senses. Unsure what hurts worse or how to give Chase the opening he needs he uses the only thing left to him. “He’s jealous,” Jayden rasps his voice thick.

“What?” Kim challenges. “Jealous?!”

Jayden leans his head back seeing the angry, frustratingly striking stare of Kim as he says, “Yeah. Jealous. It’s so easy to see, you’re in love with Logan.”

Kim speechless stares at Jayden aghast that he would make such a claim. Angrily he drops Jayden’s arms and puts him in a headlock reach down he grasps the young nuts in his hands and begins to pulsate the large boynuts, his hand struggles to keep both of Jayden’s large nuts in one place. Finally he settles on Jayden’s right ball and squeezes that.

Chase waiting for his opening sees the look on concentration and agitation on Kim’s face as he repositions Jayden and trying to get both of Jayden’s nuts in one hand, Chase smiling knowing how futile that type of move is on boys as large as he and Jayden, who is almost as big as he is quietly moves in and when Kim finally has one Chase strikes punching Kim in stomach.

The unexpected strike causes Kim to falter and he loses his grip on Jayden. Chase strikes him in the same spot palm open against his diaphragm knocking Kim back.  Kim staggers clutching his chest and Jayden falls with no one keeping him up. Jayden sees the mat coming but Chase grabs him in a swooping dive grasping him and pulling him up in both arms his arm muscles tensing, “I’ve got you.” Chase says his midnight blue eyes twinkling.

“My hero,” rasps Jayden grabbing his nuts.

“Hang on, I have to finish this.” Chase kicks out as hard as he can nailing Kim in his inferior set of nuts his toe crunching against Kim’s pelvis. Kim’s dark brown eyes bulge, he coughs once and drops to his knees wheezing out a moan.

“Finished,” Chase says looking down into Jayden’s eyes, his smile tugging at his lips. “Nothing left for me to do,” Chase grins holding Jayden easily, as he moves Jayden away from the intensity of the mayhem.

“Yes there is,” Jayden says.

“Oh yeah?”

“Kiss me Chase.”

In answer Chase lowers his lips to meet Jayden’s and throughout the gymnasium the two of them get lost in their embrace as Chase and Jayden’s lips touch, the delicate sweet kiss that they never go to share in Jayden’s bed this morning is corrected as Jayden hums connected to Chase. Chase ferociously kisses Jayden, his hunger for his younger boyfriend is undeniable as he moans into Jayden’s mouth.

Jayden is so aware of Chase’s muscled chest against his own, his heartbeat picking up in tempo and his flaccid penis lowly on the rise. Chase can feel Jayden hardening and he picks up on kissing him harder, needing more of him his own erection straining painfully in his jean shorts.

Kim starts to stand and lumbers towards the young lovers but Chase still lip locked with Jayden raises his foot again and launches a second one up and into Kim’s nutsac the smaller balls squishing between his ass cheeks as Kim immediately drops back to the ground. Jayden giggles into Chase’s mouth as Chase carries him away.

Slowly Chase lowers Jayden to the chair that he was resting in before watching the championship matches. The metal is cool against Jayden’s back, as Chase knocks Jayden’s thighs apart, and crawls over to him on his hands and knees pulling Jayden against his chest so Jayden’s head is above his own and he kisses up from the ground below. Jayden leaning down still humming his pleasure down Chase’s throat as he opens his mouth, his pick tongue searching, testing the waters. Chase does the same and their tongues meet sending an electric charge between the two boys and Jayden’s eyes open meeting Chase’s blue ones and they laugh pulling apart.

“Thank you for coming to my rescue,” Jayden says again his lips puffy and fat, aching to resume.

“You already thanked me,” Chase says leaning forward not able to keep himself from touching him. “I like being your white knight.”

“It’s a good look on you,” Jayden agrees running his hands through Chase’s blonde hair.

As the two move to kiss again the whistle is blown repeatedly everyone breaking up. Chase turns his head to listen but Jayden doesn’t care, and pulls him back ignoring the referee as he finally gets the wrestlers and crowd under control.

It’s not until everyone is cheering does Jayden look up confused as his team pours in around him.

“We have one more chance,” Logan says groggily.

“What?” Jayden asks. “The referee disqualified us,” he states.

“Everyone but you and Aldo did. He says that you are the only two that didn’t cheat. We will have another go in a week for the championship. One match only, you versus Aldo. Think you will be better by then?” Logan asks hopeful.

Jayden takes one last look at his brother, Logan and the other wrestlers before he answers “I’ll bring it home captain.”

“I know you will,” Logan grins.

“Thank you Chase,” Gino says. “I couldn’t get to him. I was too bust fighting both Jake and Sam.”

“I’ve got Jayden covered from now on,” Chase says cheekily. “You don’t have to worry about him anymore. And if no one minds, I am going to take him to my house to help him…rest up,” Chase laughs.

Gino shakes his shoulders, “Fine. But I’m driving. You still don’t have your license.”

“I have my permit man, lighten up.”

“Not on my brother’s safety, I only have one and I’m kinda attached to him,” says Gino, his keys jangling by his side.

Chase shrugs, “Fine. I’ll send the help to get my car home.”

“Can someone get me a pair of crutches, I think they are still in your car Gino,” Jayden asks.

“Unnecessary,” Chase says lifting Jayden back up in his arms. “I’ve got you.”

“Yeah, you do,” Jayden smiles leaning his head on Chase’s shoulder kissing his neck gently below his earlobe as Chase proudly carries him out of the gym, Gino following behind.

Jayden is aware of no one in the gym as Chase cradles him close as he is lost in the euphoria of a second chance against Midtown, and more importantly that Chase was there as his boyfriend saving the day. Jayden slightly remembers somewhere in his memory that he promised his Dad that he would come home to have ‘the talk,’ but Jayden pushes that idea away. He wants to be in Chase’s bed tonight and he doesn’t care how much trouble he gets in to make that happen.


Harry said...

Jimmy, this story was rad. Back and forth between action and more tender scenes, and the clash at the end was epic! Props to your boy Jayden for going full Daniel LaRusso on one leg. Badass.

Anonymous said...

Awesome story, Jimmy. I loved all the wrestling action and Chase coming to Jayden's rescue.
Sam Hell winning the ball crushing contest was really hot but i still loved Sam Hell's fear when Logan grabbed him by his "invincible" Devil Coins.
I do wonder how it ended up for Sam...last i recall, Gino had a hand around his balls but did he manage to squeeze out a submussion? Haha i hope not, but i think Sam's downfall is coming soon.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,

I knew that you would love all of the wrestling Harry! And I swear that I was channeling you during some parts of the story because you tell such great stories yourself! Also, I might have been pulling a karate kid moment, just a bit, lol.


Dear Reg,

Chase rescuing someone? Who would have thought? Chase indeed had a great moment of kindness there Reg towards Jayden his new boyfriend and it provided a great opportunity for him to react to Doug again. Since the two have so much history it was nice that they got to have that moment.
Sam Hell heading for a downfall, huh? He has been pretty successful thus far, he has had some losses but usually he gets what he wants. He's a smart villain and I only see him continuing down that path. However he is up against some strong adversaries and it's only a matter of time before one of them gets the upper hand on over his so-called "indestructible devil coins."
Thank you again Reg for providing me with feedback, as you can tell you made the story even better!