Saturday, December 26, 2020

Video links: David's favorites

Our reader David sent us an email, sharing some of his favorite videos. Thank you so much, David! You are awesome! Now over to you - tell us about your favorite videos!


My name is David and I am from Russia.  I want to show you some awesome videos.

I really like it when someone gets beat on nuts more than once, especially when straight people do it without sexual connotation.  They understand how painful it is, but they still enjoy it.  It looks like breaking a couple of balls is the most versatile entertainment.

Here the guy loses a blow to the balls and his friend apparently thinks that the blow was not strong enough and meanly hits him from behind again. This time the blow definitely hits the target and the guy is just in agony, and the reaction of their friends is amazing.

Here, for a reason unclear to me, the guy allows the other to hit him and he gladly accepts the offer.  The third guy clearly likes it and instigates his friend by saying "double click".

Surprisingly, the victim himself asks to repeat the blow and voluntarily develops his legs.  Whether he likes getting kicked in the balls or is he just having fun, I don't know, but it's very cool.

This video makes me difficult.  The hot guy clearly has a weak pair of balls and takes a very long time to recover after being hit.  But his brother (?) thinks that this is not enough and insolently removing his hand from the bulge, strikes another blow, finally incapacitating him.

What if not true brotherly love?

And the last video.

It consists of two parts and I also really like it.

The guy loses his balls (in general, it's insanely fun when someone bets on their balls) and gets hit.  But all the friends decide that it didn't hurt enough.  They don't have enough formal punishment and they really want the guy's balls to be broken, so they force him to spread his legs again and he agrees!  I'd be interested to see how they get him to get hit three.

I hope that you have not seen at least some of this and these videos will seem interesting to you.

May I ask you to translate the last video?  I, unfortunately, understood only part of what they say, but I'm very interested.


Thank you so much for your contribution, David!

Now, would anybody like to help David and translate the last video? That would be awesome!

If you want to see your favorite videos featured on this blog, let's talk:


Anonymous said...

these are so hot, especially the third vid. great picks!

Nuto said...

These videos are very hot!

Alex said...

Thanks for your comments, guys! Maybe David will be back with another batch of video links? Let's keep our fingers crossed... :-))

Anonymous said...

Hot clips! The last one is hard to hear. Anyone remember a video where a guy gets kicked twice by his friend? They were in an alley, or behind a building. If I remember correctly, the guy was wearing tight jeans and didn't appreciate getting hit.