Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The B Factor - Season 2: Item No. 192 (Elimination #9)


In our ninth elimination round of The B Factor - Season 2 we asked you to answer the following question: If these guys would offer their nuts to the highest bidder, whose balls would be most expensive? 189 votes have been counted, and since there are only four contestants left (in alphabetical order: Chris Hemsworth, Dave Franco, KJ Apa and Nick Jonas) we won't disclose the bottom two. We'll move right on to the loser. It was a very close race this time: Only three votes separated fourth place from third place.


Dave Franco with 26% of the vote.

(More than one answer per vote was possible, so the total percentage adds up to more than 100%. The full, unredacted results of the elimination rounds will be published before the final episode of The B Factor.)

Close or not - Dave is out, and here's his story.


Item No. 192

Featured in this story: Dave Franco
Warning: Can contain traces of cum.
“Oh, come on, guys!“ Dave Franco looked miserable. “Anybody?”
“Anybody?” the handsome actor repeated, desperately looking at the audience. “Seriously?”
Some people snickered, some chuckled, some rolled their eyes. Nobody raised their hand.
With an annoyed sigh, Dave pulled down his pants. “Guys, please!” He was freeballing. “These have to be worth *something*!” His fat, limp dick was dangling in front of his low-hanging balls. Dave looked down at his crotch, a miserable expression on his face. “These nuts are flawless. Big and fat. Clean-shaven and well-groomed. Filled with cum.” He looked up, and his voice took on an almost pleading tone. “They have to be worth *something*!”
The auctioneer cleared his throat, fumbling with his hammer. He was standing behind a wooden lectern, a slender young man in his late twenties, wearing an ill-fitting suit that was supposed to make him look mature, serious and respectable. It looked like a costume, achieving the opposite effect: He looked even younger than he was.
“Fair warning”, the auctioneer announced.
“Guys!” Dave sighed.
This was getting embarrassing.
Dave’s nuts were the last item for today’s charity auction. The other celebrities who had volunteered their genitals for the cause had made some serious money for the charity organization. Nick Jonas’ nuts had brought in a few thousand bucks. KJ Apa’s as well. Chris Hemsworth’s had broken the record for most expensive testicles ever sold. But it looked like the market value of Dave’s nuts had been seriously overestimated.
“Please! anybody?” Dave mumbled.
The auctioneer cleared his throat. “Okay, seeing that there are no bids, and considering that this is a charity auction…” He looked down at Dave’s exposed testicles. “This is a little unorthodox but I’ll jost do it.” He inhaled. “Ten bucks. Ten bucks for the lot.” He smiled weakly. “Do I hear twenty?”
Dave looked up. This wasn’t getting any less embarrassing.
“Going once, going twice, sold. Item No. 192 sold for ten bucks to…” He smiled. “Me.”
The applause from the audience was less than enthusiastic.
Dave looked at the auctioneer. “Thank you, sir.”
The auctioneer looked at his watch. “Okay, I have another five minutes. Get your nuts on the table and let’s get this over with.”
Dave coughed. “Umm. I--- Well---“
The auctioneer sighed, raising his hammer. “We don’t have all day, you know.” He tapped the hammer on the lectern in front of him, motioning for Dave to come forward.
Dave bit his lower lip, standing on his tip toes as he places his fat, meaty nuggets on the lectern. “Sure, I---“
The hammer came crashing down on Item No. 192, flattening the two meaty orbs like pancakes.
Dave let out a piercing squeal, and some people in the audience cringed in sympathy while others laughed at Dave’s funny face. Most of them didn’t pay any attention, though.
The auctioneer slammed the hammer down on the two trinkets, mercilessly crunching Dave’s almost worthless jewels without any regard for the actor’s emotional or physical well-being.
Dave was screamed and squealing, wailing in agony as his nuts were trashed by the young auctioneer.
It was a steady rhythm of nutcrunching blows. The hammer came down again and again, making Item No. 192 swell rapidly.
In a funny twist, the item adjacent to the brutalized balls came to life, rising and hardening and fattening. The auctioneer wasn’t distracted, though. He continued hammering Dave’s nuts, ignoring his throbbing, twitching cock.
Suddenly, without warning, a huge spurt of cum sputtered out of Dave’s dick, hitting the auctioneer right in the face, splattering his glasses and covering his young face with a thick layer of creamy cum that ran down his face and dripped down from his chin in thick drops, forming a puddle on the floor.
The auctioneer let out an annoyed grunt, realizing that he would have to change his shirt and possibly his suit before the next auction which was in – he looked at his watch – one minute.
He picked up the pace, hammering Dave’s pumping, pulsing balls as spurt after spurt of cum came gushing out of them.
Dave was screaming from the top of his lungs, his face a mask of pain, as his tortured balls released their precious load, coating the auctioneer in celebrity cum.
After Dave’s orgasm stopped, the auctioneer hammered his empty balls a few times for good measure.
Then he adjusted his tie, took off his cum-stained glasses, and left the room to change his shirt, leaving Dave with a pair of damaged nuts and a seriously damaged ego.
When he returned a moment later, he was wearing a new shirt, and only a little cum stain in his hair indicated the previous episode.
Dave pulled up his pants, groaning and moaning as he limped off the stage.
“Item No. 193”, he heard the auctioneer announce. “This pair is special. An A list actor, an A list item.”
Immediately, the room came to life, and people started raising their hands.
“Starting bid is 1,000 bucks. Do I hear 2,000?”

Nine down, three to go. The B Factor - Season 2 continues!


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Poor Dave!

I would have gladly went up to fifteen. : )

Great little story, with the final three next!



Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Jimmy! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))