Monday, December 7, 2020

Pankration - match 8: Cat and mouse (written by Harry)

This is a new part of Harry's epic series Pankration that is set in Ancient Greece. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I did!

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Much to his own disappointment, Theo woke up alone in his own bed.

What a shitty way to wake up, he thought.   

His wide brown eyes traced the familiar pattern of tiny cracks in the ceiling, but he didn’t move otherwise. The events of the last night flickered gradually over the surface of his mind. Minus the wine and the adrenaline, his prior evenings’ escapades often felt different, and last night was no exception.

“Ugh. Did I seriously let that snobby priest tuck me into my own bed?” he muttered. He rolled his head over and inhaled deeply from his pillow. But Amun’s warm, spiced scent was not there.

“Hmm. Good. He’d probably have gotten the wrong idea.” Theo glared at the pillow, daring it to challenge him. “Prude.”

Suddenly Theo remembered Lysander. The precocious Spartan had taken a brutal beating last night, and even though Theo and Amun had broken up the fight, their buddy had been in pretty bad shape. Before even being aware of it, Theo found himself on his feet and heading down the common hall. Although he would never tell Lysander—because he’s so fucking annoying, Theo thought—the Athenian had never felt such blind rage as when he saw his friend bleeding on the ground. He gritted his teeth and pushed open the door to Lysander’s room.

But Lysander wasn’t there. His simple sleeping pad was rolled neatly in the corner, and the spare furnishings were arranged just as they had been the previous night. Not again, Theo thought in a panic. Then he remembered Amun saying something about treating Lysander’s injuries. That he had learned medicine when he was a priest of the sun god, or something boring like that.

But where are Amun’s rooms? And, come to think of it, why have I never been invited there before?

Theo roamed the halls of the Princes’ Palace with growing desperation, wondering what had happened to his careless Spartan friend. Until he turned a corner, and a familiar warm, spiced scent tickled his nose. He sneezed loudly and scowled.

Maybe I’m allergic to that snobby Egyptian? he wondered, feeling salty.  

Nevertheless he put his hand against the smooth door, but as he was about to push it open, he was arrested by the most unexpected of sounds. Someone was giggling in Amun’s room.

Giggling? What the fuck? Theo listened closer.


“I’m trying, honest,” whispered a familiar raspy voice.

“Try harder. And spread your legs wider.” The calm, quiet baritone made Theo’s hand freeze on the door handle.

“But that’s as wide as I can go,” the first voice replied, innocently. “Maybe if you lean in closer…”

Theo had heard enough. He threw his shoulder into the door and stumbled forward. Shaking the brown curls out of his face, he glared around the bright room. The morning sun was streaming in the window, and two familiar pairs of eyes regarded their unexpected visitor with surprise.

“Hey, Theo!” Lysander said cheerfully, smiling up at the Athenian. The Spartan’s short black hair stuck up in a colic, and a goofy grin was plastered across his face, defying his attempt to look cool in front of his older friend. Considering the brutal beating he had taken the night before, Lysander appeared remarkably well. Only faint, dark circles under his eyes hinted that he may not have slept much.

“Hey, buddy,” Theo replied gently. For once there was no teasing or exasperation in his voice.

Theo’s eyes traveled down Lysander’s lean torso, and he grimaced. Lysander’s ribs and abs were mottled with purple bruises. The brave teen might never speak a word about it, but the bruises spoke plainly of the suffering he had endured. Theo looked into his friend’s cool gray eyes with sympathy, and Lysander’s cheerful front faltered for just a moment. Theo looked away quickly out of respect.

But Theo was unable to look away as quickly from Lysander’s crotch. The warrior’s rigid cock was jutting proudly toward his navel, tapping gently against his smooth, tanned abs. His excitement had drawn his hood down slightly, just over the tip of his brownish knob, which glistened in the morning sunlight. Theo blinked rapidly. He had to check to make sure his mouth was not hanging open.

But just inches away from Lysander’s rampant maleness was an even greater surprise. Amun was crouched between Lysander’s spread legs and regarded Theo from behind dark eyes. The Egyptian was perfectly still, like a cat who wished not to be seen. Theo’s wide brown eyes pointedly traversed the mere inches separating Amun’s face from the Spartan’s throbbing erection.

Recovering from Theo’s surprise entrance, Amun rose swiftly to his feet and cleared his throat. The shy prince’s cheeks flamed under his smooth copper skin; embarrassment radiated from his face.

“You slept in rather late,” Amun observed briskly, turning away to avoid making eye contact. He busied himself with mixing an herbal smelling ointment on the table next to the bed. Sensing the Egyptian’s discomfort, Theo stepped up to the bedside.

“Hmm. Well, I figured you would need plenty of time for this…treatment. I’m sure it’s really complicated,” Theo nodded toward Lysander’s shameless boner. His voice had a teasing edge to it. “Very complicated. Don’t bother trying to explain. I’d probably have to be a priest of the Sun God to understand it.”

Amun’s jaw clenched, but he said nothing. His wiry shoulders were rigid, but his posture softened when he noticed the impish curl in Theo’s smile.

“He’s bouncing back remarkably fast,” Amun said, keeping his eyes on the medicinal ointment. “His…ahem…testicles were traumatized, but the bruising is already diminished with the help of this balm. His gonads are uncommonly resilient.” Amun’s deep voice was as neutral as if he was commenting on the weather.

Theo and Lysander both stared at Amun, not fully comprehending.

The Spartan teen tried to sound out the meaning. “Uncommon…gonads…” He squinted. “Hey, Theo, ‘uncommon gonads’ sounds pretty good, right?” He gazed down optimistically at his goods where they nestled below his unflagging cock.

Theo put on a sympathetic face, turned around, and shook his head sadly. “No, it means you’re a freak. I’m sorry.” Lysander looked abashed, like he wanted to cover himself. His movement made Theo notice something odd about Lysander’s posture. He leaned in closer and noticed that his friend’s wrists were wrapped in thin cords that disappeared over the edge of the bed.

“Holy shit!” he breathed, pointing and gaping at Amun. “You tied him to the bed?” Theo’s eyes twinkled like he’d made the best and worst discovery of his entire life.

Amun’s face was melting off his head by now. “No…well, sort of. But he kept fidgeting, and the treatment requires…”

By this time Theo was doubled over laughing and couldn’t hear the medical explanation. “Oh man, never mind, Sander! You’re not a freak. This phony prude of a priest is freaky enough for all of us.” Lysander laughed along loudly. He wasn’t sure he understood what Theo meant, but at least the cool Athenian was talking to him.

Amun’s dark eyes were totally offended. He shoved the ointment into Theo’s hands. “Very well. You try. Apply the balm to his scrotum and see for yourself.”  

Theo wrinkled his nose at the herbal smelling slop. Then he looked at Lysander’s drooping, bruised ball sac and winked his nose even more. As he moved toward the bed, Theo pretended to trip and caught himself by grabbing hold of Lysander’s bare foot.

“Oops, my bad. I’m pretty clumsy. Hey, Amun, remember never to let me near anything fragile.” He arched his eyebrows and stared into Lysander’s gray eyes. The Spartan bit his lip and smiled weakly as Theo scooped up a handful of the minty balm.

“Listen buddy, bear with me if I need to try extra hard to get the technique right.” Lysander gulped. His fettered arms strained and his fists opened and closed nervously. Theo brought his sticky fingertips up behind the underside of Lysander’s sac, smearing his sensitive, wrinkly skin with the frosty heat of the medicine. Lysander virtually thrummed against the bed, rasping incoherently to himself. His stretchy sac tightened around his round testicles, revealing them in high relief as they danced over Theo’s fingers. Even his toes spasmed where his feet dangled over the edge of the bed.

Despite his threats, Theo was gentle and restrained as he massaged his friend’s most precious parts. He knew that the Spartan had taken a serious beating, even though Lysander would never say so. And however he might mock Amun’s methods — and I will never stop mocking him, not after this! — Lysander’s injuries appeared vastly better than they had last night. A balm for the balls? Theo never would have guessed. Lysander’s balls bobbed and bounced in Theo’s palm as he giggled and spasmed uncontrollably. The round organs felt full and warm and altogether manly. Massaging them made Theo feel funny.

Theo looked over at Amun and found the Egyptian looking rather self-righteous for somebody who had tied an injured teen to a bed. But judging by Lysander’s reaction to the balm, Theo couldn’t disagree with the binding. After the remaining medicine had been carefully rubbed in, Lysander collapsed against the bed, his breath heaving. Sweat glistened over his smooth chest and ran down the ridges of his abs. But Theo wasn’t quite done. He scooped one last smear of balm onto his finger and looked over at Amun. The serious priest shook his head urgently, but that didn’t dissuade Theo from pushing down between Lysander’s legs, brushing over his taint and pressing against his entrance.  

Theo’s exploratory mission didn’t get far before Lysander positively flew up from the bed, straining at his bounds and giggling like a maniac. His screech echoed down the corridors of the Princes’ Palace. Theo barely had the first digit of his finger inside Lysander’s hole before he went wild.

Oh shit, he is ridiculously tight.

Theo was shaking in silent laughter, almost as breathless as Lysander was. Even the somber Amun allowed himself a bashful chuckle at the Greek boys’ rude behavior.

“Whew. Medicine is hard work. Well, that was my good deed for the day,” Theo commented, standing and wiping his hands on his toga. “Amun, can I have a word with you outside?” The two of them started towards the door.

“Hey…hey, Theo!” Lysander called after him. There was a hint of desperation in the black-haired teen’s raspy voice.

“What’s up?” Theo asked.

“Uhmm. Could you…” Lysander nodded rapidly at his bound wrists, trying to be subtle and totally failing. The young man’s cock was at the absolute maximum hardness, punching the air. A gossamer smear of precum drooled over his smooth lower abs.

“No sure what you mean, buddy?” Theo played dumb but soaked up every detail.

“Can you maybe untie my hands? Or even just one?” Lysander’s eyes flickered back to the aching pole between his legs, as if he was making the request on its behalf.

Theo shook his head stoically and ruffled the boy’s spiky black hair. “Sorry, pal. Doctor’s orders.” Theo followed Amun out of the room and shut the door, while his patient stared at his begging erection. Lysander bit his lip aggressively, unable to give himself the relief that he needed most.


No sooner had he pulled the door closed than Theo collapsed against Amun in silent laughter. After a late, stressful night, they both felt a little numb and were grateful for the relaxation. For a moment they leaned against each other comfortably. Then at the same time they noticed how close they were and stepped apart awkwardly.

Amun cleared his throat and looked at Theo expectantly.

The brunette became suddenly serious. “So what else did he tell you about the fight?” he asked in a hushed tone.

Amun shrugged. “Nothing. Same story. They were training and got a little carried away.”  

“Bullshit.” Theo snapped in annoyance. “Sander just happened to be beaten bloody and covered in splooge while that other dude looked like he was having a picnic?”

“I agree. But Lysander is proud. I don’t expect him to say anything more about last night.”

“Look, I give Lysander more shit than anybody, but that kid can fight, no joke. Whatever happened was not right. Lysander definitely said that the guy was Nico’s brother?”

Amun nodded. His black eyes were inscrutable.

“Something’s not adding up. He says he’s Nico’s brother, but Nico acts like he doesn’t exist. Nico of all people. If the neighborhood drunk started calling himself Nico’s brother, our boy would welcome him into the family, no questions asked.”

Amuns’ mouth twitched, but he stifled the smile to preserve his dignified demeanor.

Theo continued passionately. ”Now Lysander looks like he accidentally walked into a war after casually sparring with that asshole?”

Amun was as mute as a stone. The more Theo got worked up, the less capable the shy prince was of formulating a response. Not that that ever stopped Theo from forging ahead.

The brunette lowered his voice. “I’m gonna find out more about him. But if Alexander is who he says he is, Nico probably should’t know about it.” The words didn’t feel right in his mouth, but Theo gritted his teeth and committed to them. If his hunch was right, and if Alexander was really Nico’s brother, the cheerful prince did not need to know about what happened. It had killed Theo to find Lysander so roughed up. He was not about to let his best friend get hurt too.

“I don’t suppose you have any idea where I might find him?”


Theo wandered in a remote wood far to the north of the palace. He guessed it was early afternoon. As a lifelong city boy, he assumed that every craggy gully was hiding snakes or worse; so progress was slow. But as he made his slow way, Theo made a point to step on every fallen branch and kick every stone that crossed his path. He wanted to be heard.

And before long he got his wish. As he knelt next to the stream, loudly splashing cool water over the back of his neck, Theo was not surprised to find a pair of cool blue eyes watching him from the brush just a few feet away. He scanned around. As expected, just across the stream a matching pair of blue eyes regarded him with curiosity.  

Theo stood and stretched loudly. The clean water streamed over his olive-brown shoulders. “What’s up guys? Nice day for…uh, whatever it is you do out here. Where there’s literally nothing to do…”

Castor and Pollux stood up from their camouflage and moved forward silently. The hunters had been AWOL since they were defeated in their last Pankration match, but Theo had a hunch that he might find them here. Or they find him, rather, which was way, way easier.

The fresh air must have agreed with them because the twins looked magnificent. They were dressed simply in soft loin cloths made of some kind of gray animal hide, and their arms were decorated with bands of the same material, bunching under their impressive muscles. Silvery hair hung just over their eyes, and their alabaster skin reflected the sunlight leaking in from the leafy canopy. Their hair was adorned with exotic feathers, but of a different pattern than Theo remembered. They must have had some success already on their hunting expedition.

“Funny coincidence running into you here,” Theo chatted on. The twins were not great conversationalists, so the repartee was one-sided. “How did you possibly find me?”

The twins glanced at each other, communicating silently. They didn’t really mind Theo, but the twink always talked too much in their opinion.

“You’re noisy,” Castor said.

“You smell like the city,” Pollux observed, wrinkling his fine nose.  

“A bear is probably already on his way,” Castor guessed. The brothers locked eyes again, obviously excited at the prospect of using Theo for bait.

Theo glanced around and lowered his voice. “Well, no better time to get going back to the palace then,” he said brightly. He turned around but the hunters didn’t move to follow. Theo sighed. When he turned back to face them, he was fully serious.

“Listen guys, there’s a problem back at the palace. A prince is going rogue, and I need to find out more about him.” The brothers cocked their heads, listening with interest. Theo continued, “And if it shakes out how I think it will, you might see a curly-haired blond prince get his ass kicked.” He was careful not to specify which prince that might be.

The twins simultaneously nodded, then smiled for the first time. They were in.


Two days later, Theo woke up alone in his own bed. He glowered at the ceiling.

What a shitty way to keep waking up, he thought.

But he was not quite as alone as he assumed. From the foot of the bed, two pairs of cool blue eyes regarded him neutrally. Neither one blinked as Theo first hollered, then scrambled away, then blushed, then returned again looking chagrined.

“This better be good,” he grumbled, pulling the sheet back over himself and cursing his luck for choosing the wrong night to sleep naked.

Castor and Pollux rolled their eyes ever so slightly and waited for Theo to compose himself before divulging the dossier. They had found Alexander. And not only found him but tracked him back to a shabby, second floor apartment in the trading district, which he shared with an old woman.

“Huh,” Theo shook his head curiously. “Some prince this guy is.”

But despite his humble address, the twins had observed that Alexander visited the palace daily. The guards and staff all recognized him, but they didn’t interact much, so he kept a low profile. Most interesting of all, every time he visited, Alexander found a reason to walk through the Princes’ Palace. He did so surreptitiously, making sure that he was not seen. On both days the twins had observed him trailing along behind Ali, while the scrawny Persian boy was unaware of his presence.

“Son of a bitch,” Theo whispered, drawing the obvious conclusion. “He’s coming after another of the Lost Princes! And of course a bully like him would pick on a skinny guy like Ali.” Theo clenched his jaw and listened with simmering intensity to the rest of the twins’ report.

The last point of interest was Alexander’s combat training. Apparently he preferred to pick fights at random. He would skulk around the dockyard until somebody caught his eye, then he would goad them into fighting him. Castor had watched him pick a fight with a much brawnier guy a couple years older than himself, not seeming to care about the mismatch. But the next day Pollux had observed Alexander harassing an elderly man until he swatted at him with his walking stick. His aggression seemed completely erratic.

Theo mulled it over. Then he drew the bedsheet up over his bed-styled curls, making a crude hood. “Well, the dockyard wasn’t really high on my bucket list. But anything goes in the Pankration, I guess.”


By the river port in Thebes’ bustling trading district, a blonde teenager leaned against a dry-docked barge. Despite his slouching posture and nondescript, threadbare toga, the teen sniffed at his dingy surroundings disdainfully. The locals who recognized him walked in a wide, indirect path around him, cautious not to meet his eye. So the teen’s sharp hazel eyes followed after the strangers, sizing each of them up.

Of interest on this particular day was a solitary, hooded figure making his slow way by holding onto the ribs of the same barge on which the blonde teen was leaning. The man limped heavily on a bandaged foot. His face was downcast as he picked out a smooth path, but he stumbled occasionally even so.

Alexander cocked his head as he watched the injured man’s progress. His tongue ran over his smooth, white teeth, appearing predatory. When the man limped across Alexander’s path, he callously kicked away his crutch, sending him tumbling into dirty lane. Alexander stood straight and cracked his knuckles, biding his time while the limping man struggled back his feet.

Unexpectedly, the man straightened and threw away the crutch. Next he dragged the hood off of his tangled brown curls and faced Alexander undisguised. As recognition washed over Alexander’s face, his brawler’s swagger vanished and he dropped back with his hands in his pockets.

“My bad,” he said half-heartedly, slouching over to brush the dust off of Theo’s hood. “I didn’t see you there.”

Theo didn’t buy his apology. “Were you expecting someone else?” he asked. It was only his second time meeting Alexander face to face. Unlike their first encounter when Theo had been caught off guard by Alexander’s familiar looks, this time he was prepared for his duplicity. Theo noticed that the teen’s left eye was still bruised and purplish from when Theo had cracked him a few days earlier.

“Not at all. It’s just a rare treat to have a prince from the palace visit us here at the docks,” he said, mustering a semblance of sincerity. “Were you looking for anyone…anything in particular?”

Theo looked around speculatively. “I’d heard this was the kind of place where…rarities are sometimes found hiding in plain sight.”

“Oh, you’re here to shop!” Alexander willfully misunderstood. His friendly tone sounded forced and just a little too cheerful. “In that case, can I interest you in a pearl from the deepest ocean? Or a potion that makes any boy you desire fall in love with you?” Alexander rummaged around in his pockets, winking at Theo to let him know that he was in on the joke.

“Actually, I don’t trust salesmen,” Theo said acerbically. “You never know what their agenda is.”

Alexander heard the cool edge in Theo’s voice and his smile faltered. “Maybe what you’re looking for is just more precious than you can afford,” he countered sourly.   

“Perhaps. If it’s genuine,” Theo mused. His lively brown eyes never left Alexander’s. “But I’m guessing it’s just a cheap imitation.”

Alexander’s square jaw clenched, and a vein throbbed on his temple. But something checked his aggression.  

“Well, I’d love to help you find out,” he growled. “But I have a terrible feeling that you’re all talk and no teeth.” Alexander looked him up and down once more and then turned to walk away.

Theo looked briefly offended, then he grinned impishly. “Actually,” he called, “the teeth were just running late.”

Immediately Alexander was seized by both arms. Before he could protest or defend, he was thrown back against the rough wooden rib of the docked barge. His breath whooshed out from the impact, just in time for him to be pulled forward and thrown back again. The blonde staggered against the beam, glaring around furious and dizzy. His left arm was held fast by a boy about his own age, with alabaster skin and cool, deep blue eyes. His right arm was pinned by the mirror image of the boy on his left. Castor and Pollux held Alexander loosely, as if daring him to fight back. He thought about it for a moment, but he reconsidered when he noticed the twins’ hard muscles.  

“Alright.” Alexander relented, glaring at the three of them. “Let’s talk.”   


In his shabby, second floor apartment a block away from the dockyard, Alexander held court. The handsome teen leaned back in his chair, resting his head on his fist. The shade of his strawberry-blonde curls matched Nico’s exactly; but unlike the rambunctious leader of the Lost Princes, Alexander was carefully groomed, with not a hair out of place. Theo marveled at the similarities between the two teens, and also the differences. The same broad shoulders, but such different postures. The same lively eyes, but such different ways of seeing things.

There wasn’t much furniture in the apartment, so Castor and Pollux stood while Theo occupied the only other chair. Though they were increasingly curious about each other, neither of the seated men wanted to speak first. The twins moved restlessly through the room, unaccustomed to being in such a confined space.

“You’re the big talker, right? So why aren’t you talking?” Alexander broke the stalemate petulantly.

Theo raised his eyebrows. “What makes you think I’m a big talker?” he asked, surprised.

“Hmmph,” Alexander sniffed. “Everybody knows that.”

“Everybody…who picks fights in the dockyard? Or everybody who spies on the palace?” Theo’s brown eyes glittered. Before asking even one question, he’d learned something about Alexander.

What does he think he knows about me?

“Hmmph. I’ve seen you at the palace,” Alexander looked away dismissively. “Or maybe others who look like you. You’re all the same. Rolling around in the mud with my brother.” Alexander’s fingers dug into the arms of his chair, making the muscles of his smooth forearms dance. The way he emphasized the word ‘brother’ was not lost on Theo.

“Oh, you have a brother who hangs out at the palace? Have I met him?” Theo knew he was pushing his luck, since Alexander surely guessed by now that he had talked to Lysander.

Alexander sat straight up in his chair now. “You’re so clever. Always playing ‘princes’ but having no clue what a real prince looks like.”

Theo changed tactics to keep the surly teen talking. “Woah, no offense, man. We punk each other all the time at the palace, no big deal.” Theo’s tried to keep his tone light. “Sounds like you’ve watched some of our Pankration matches?”

Alexander rolled his eyes and looked bored. “Only when I happened to be passing by.”

Theo raised his eyebrows. Nobody would just ‘happen to pass by’ the remote courtyard of the Princes’ Palace. He wasn’t buying it.

“That’s cool. Do you like wrestling?”

“Wrestling is garbage. I don’t mind fighting though.” Alexander’s eyes flashed with true passion now.

“Sweet. So why don’t you try your luck? Come put your name in.”

Alexander laughed bitterly. “No, no. My brother treasures me far to much. He’d lose sleep if he knew about this,” he said sarcastically, pointing at his blackened eye.

Theo didn’t bother to call out that obvious lie. He was getting to the heart of the matter. “So what’s the deal with you and Nico anyway?”

Alexander opened his mouth as if to speak, then snapped it shut. The muscles along his chiseled jaw clenched, rippling up toward his earlobe.

“What did he tell you about me?” Alexander asked. He tried to sound brash, but he listened intently for Theo’s answer.  

The Athenian blinked. “Uhh…nothing actually. As long as I’ve known Nico, I never knew he had a brother.” Theo’s genuine curiosity was evident in his tone.

And with that, Alexander deflated before his eyes. Underneath his good looks and his muscles and his arrogance—the young man sank back into his chair and even seemed physically diminished compared to the cocky bully who had occupied that seat moments before. Theo watched the change unfold. Some intangible part of it made him sad.

After a minute, Alexander spoke. He poured condescension over Theo, and the twins, and himself.

“What’s the deal, you asked?” he mumbled, more to himself than to Theo. “There is no deal. Not for me and Nico. Maybe there was a deal between my mom and his dad. Maybe there still is. She’ll never talk about it.” He paused and stared earnestly at Theo. “Does a deal make a difference? You’re his lackey. Are you here to broker a deal?”

The unexpected display of emotion caught Theo off guard. It bubbled up from behind Alexander’s cold and cultivated demeanor. After Alexander fell silent, both young men seemed a little embarrassed.

“Actually,” Theo said honestly, “I’m here because I was curious about you.” Alexander rolled his eyes but sat up a bit more proudly in his chair. And although it was true that Theo was fascinated to learn more about Alexander’s story, a raspy, annoying voice kept babbling in the background of his thoughts.

“Hey, Theo…”

Shut up, I’m busy.

“Hey, Theo…”

This guy hurt Sander. A kid who didn’t care anything about princes or pride. Who just wanted to be friends.

“But mainly I’m here because you hurt my friend,” Theo stated bluntly. All the cards were on the table now.

The accusation caught Alexander off guard. He looked like he wanted to defend himself but wasn’t sure how. As Theo watched the damaged, mysterious young man squirm in his chair, he decided that there were way more important things than assuaging his curiosity.

“Never mind,” Theo said. “Actually I don’t care. Whatever beef you have with Nico, just leave the rest of the Lost Princes out of it. Especially…” Theo was thinking of one prince in particular, but other faces flickered across his mind. “Actually, just all of them.”

Alexander’s eyes flickered with suspicion and protest, but Theo had already stood up to leave. He’d almost reached the door when he was stopped by Alexander’s deep voice.

“Does that include you?”

The question hung in the air of the small apartment. So did the implications. Above all Theo understood that this conversation would not deter Alexander from hurting Lysander again. Or his other friends. Or maybe even Nico. He didn’t turn around, but he felt the intensity of Alexander’s eyes on his back.

“Maybe we should make a deal after all. What do you want?”

Alexander laughed. For the first time in their conversation, his joy sounded genuine. “Just a match. A real one. I’m a huge fan, you know.”

Theo scowled. He thought of Lysander’s reaction, if he saw Alexander at the Pankration. And Nico’s. Then he heard the jaded snicker of the young man behind him.

Somebody has to put this guy down.

“You’re on. Tomorrow at dusk.”

Theo stepped out of the apartment and pulled the door behind him. Just before it shut, Alexander raised his voice.

“I’m curious, too, though,” Theo paused to listen. “You chase around a privileged party boy who pretends to be a ‘Lost Prince.’ Now today you’ve found a true lost prince who is ready to be found. Are you sure you’re picking the right side?”

Theo shut the door firmly.


Theo looked around the Princes’ Palace with satisfaction. Everything was going according to plan. Today was not about the fanfare, or the competition, or surprise names drawn from the urn. Today was about protecting his friends, nothing more. Several of the Lost Princes lined the colonnade, but much of the usual crowd would be absent, since this match had been arranged behind closed doors.

One absence in particular weighed on Theo. He couldn’t pretend not to miss Nico’s ever-present laughter. The two best friends loved grappling more than anything, and their matches were the inspiration for the Pankration. But it’s for the best that you don’t see this one, Theo thought glumly. You’re happier not knowing that your brother is an asshole. If he is your brother.   

Ali was absent also. He was on strict orders from Theo to keep Nico occupied. The Athenian didn’t pretend to understand Ali’s methods, but he knew that the Persian trickster could be very persuasive. He just hoped that Ali hadn't led Nico far from the palace. A forceful wind was kicking up dark clouds in the west, and a storm was coming.

To Theo’s surprise, Alexander was chatting with some of the Lost Princes on the sidelines. The blonde was all smiles as he shook hands and introduced himself. He even bumped fists with the twins. So unlike the aloof, jealous boy Theo had met the day before.  

What kind of guy has so many faces?

Confused by the chameleon demeanor of his opponent, Theo jogged into the center of the arena. He tucked the drape of his toga into his waistband and massaged some oil into his smooth, olive-colored skin as he waited for Alexander to come meet him. He didn’t wait long.

“That’s a good idea,” the blonde observed, trotting forward too. “Better for wrestling. Will you do me next?” Alexander’s tone was light, and he smiled brightly at Theo, as if they were buddies preparing for training. Theo rolled his eyes skeptically.

“You know some of the guys here?” Theo asked, nodding toward the crowd.

Alexander cocked his head. “Of course. Did you think I didn’t have any friends at the palace?” He chuckled to himself.

Theo found something troubling in Alexander's tone. Is he boasting? Or just talking shit? Theo’s eyes scanned the crowd. He squinted at Castor and Pollux. Had they known Alexander before? But the fair-haired hunters were hard to read.   

Alexander followed Theo’s lead by rolling his toga into his waistband, revealing impressive muscles in his chest and quads. He noticed Theo staring and winked at the gawking twink. Theo grimaced. No matter how sly he tried to be, hot guys always caught him checking them out.

It’s not like he’s as sexy as he thinks he is anyway.

After wrestling with Nico dozens of times, Theo was well accustomed to the sight of stunning abs and swelling pecs. Definitely not bored by it, merely accustomed to it.  Reluctantly, he poured the warm oil into his palm and applied it to Alexander’s shoulders. The strands of his delts rippled under Theo’s touch, and his back roiled with pockets of bunching muscles. As his palms caressed Alexander’s smooth, bronzed skin, it was obvious to Theo that the guy was flexing to make himself seem bigger.

“Not bad, man,” Theo cooed, feigning admiration. “If you train a little harder, you’ll be in the same league as your brother.”

Of course comparing Alexander to Nico was a low blow, and it hit home as predicted. Alexander’s confident look melted away, and he jerked away before Theo was finished massaging him.

“Thanks,” he said icily. "Let’s not waste any time then.” He dropped into a wrestling stance.

The toned, athletic brunette and the brawnier blonde circled tentatively. It felt like they’d been circling each other for a long time, in one manner or another.

“I’ve watched you fight before, you know,” Alexander said. “You think you’re clever. That I’ll make a dumb mistake.” His hazel eyes fixed on Theo as he scanned for an opening in his defenses. “But I’ve already won. Just being here. No Nico. No Spartan douche bag. Just you and me.”

Alexander’s words hung in the air. The gathering clouds had drowned the evening sunset, leaving half of his face in shadows. Theo cocked his head, then he stood up straight and his body relaxed entirely.

That’s it. He wants undivided attention. And he’ll say or act however he thinks will keep our eyes on him.

Theo’s laugh rang out over the courtyard, pure and genuine. Alexander didn’t know what Theo found so funny, but he understood that he was the object of his opponent’s laughter, and he seethed silently.

“Shit man, are you kidding me? Like this has nothing to do with Nico? Or Lysander? I should be blushing if you’re that sweet. But you’re just a poser and a bully, and today is the last time you’ll ever want to show your face in the Princes’ Palace, handsome.” Theo said the last word dismissively.

Without another word Alexander dove forward for a takedown. His grasp came up empty as Theo sprawled backward nimbly. The competitors tied up by gripping each others’ forearms, and their bare feet sought purchase in the warm sand. Theo could feel that his opponent had an advantage in strength and weight. Even though he didn’t quite match Nico’s heroic physique, Alexander was able to push the lighter Athenian backward from the tie up.

But after months of roughhousing with Nico, Tallus, and rest of the Princes, Theo had learned to counter bigger opponents with clean technique and quick feet. Whenever Alexander tried to shoot in, Theo was able to leverage the collar tie hold and sprawl neatly out of reach. When he sensed Alexander becoming impatient, Theo pressed forward closer and lightly faked a shot of his own. Alexander skipped backward. Theo faked another shot, but more aggressively this time, and Alexander took the bait. He sprawled before Theo actually let go of his wrist, leaving himself precariously off balance. When Alexander’s feet were fully extended, Theo jerked down on his captured wrist, using his opponent’s momentum to snap him hard into the ground.

Alexander hit the floor face first, tasting a generous mouthful of sand. His chin stung, but his pride stung far worse. The match was sparsely attended but, the laughter that echoed back and forth off the walls of the courtyard was magnified in the proud teen’s ears until it sounded like thousands of spectators. He pounded the ground in rage and popped back to his feet, spitting sand.

As soon as he rose, Theo clasped him around the waist from behind. His hands twined just under Alexander’s navel. Demonstrating his own strength, the brunette lifted his opponent and dumped them both over backwards, with Alexander getting the worst of the impact. The throw wasn’t hard, but the pivoting, circular geometry of Theo’s wrestling left the bigger teen reeling. Maintaining his clasp and keeping the momentum spinning, Theo rolled his hip upward until he was again positioned behind Alexander, who was hunched in a turtle position.

Frustrated by his poor showing, Alexander threw his elbow backward. Theo took the blow off his chest, but he was able to absorb the hit and seize hold of Alexander’s arm. Scooting forward quickly, he wrapped his legs around Alexander’s upper arm and locked his ankles together. Theo heaved forward with abandon, and his momentum pulled Alexander forward, flipping him onto his back. As soon as Alexander was over, Theo tightened his quads and pulled Alexander’s wrist, digging in a textbook armlock hold..

“Got you,” Theo said quietly. He settled back and stared up at the gathering clouds, waiting for Alexander to submit.

“Got him!” Lysander shouted, pumping his fist. Watching from the side of the courtyard, the Spartan sounded way more stoked about the performance than even Theo himself was.

“Who got whom?” Amun asked cautiously, squinting at the wrestlers. The Egyptian was less enthusiastic about combat than most of the other Princes. To him it looked like the match was even so far.   

“Theo got him! Alex has got to submit now, there’s no way out of that hold.”

“But why would he have to submit?” Amun asked.

Lysander shook his head and addressed the older teen as if he was speaking to a baby. “If Theo pulls here,” he grabbed Amun’s wrist. “Then pushes here,” he pushed up the underside of Amun’s elbow, “then he could break Alexander’s arm like a twig.” Lysander leaned forward at the prospect of something so exciting, but Amun was not moved.

“But Theo wouldn’t do that.”


“Theo wouldn’t just break somebody’s arm like that.”

Lysander grunted in annoyance. “Duh, I know. You don’t actually do it. You just show them you could, and then they give up.”

Amun watched Lysander from behind dark eyes. The young Spartan had only ever fought among his friends, as part of training. His straightforward take on submission was a reflection of his innocence. Amun turned back to the blonde teen struggling on the sandy floor.

“But does Alexander think that Theo would actually do it?” Amun asked. He doubted it.

And the middle of the courtyard, Theo had begun to wonder the same thing. He had Alexander’s right arm locked tight. The veins stood out so sharply across his forearm and bicep that it looked like they were ready to burst. And the tendons in Alexander’s elbow stretched visibly below the skin, already at their limit.

Theo leaned back just the slightest bit farther. A scream was strangled in Alexander’s throat, as if the struggling teen was fighting against his own instinct for survival. A sheen of sweat had broken out on his forehead and glistened down his strawberry-blonde curls.

He looks just like Nico from this angle.

The observation was enough to cool Theo’s adrenaline. He released the hold. He’d started Pankration for competition, not permanent injury. Alexander rolled away gingerly, clutching his strained elbow as he lumbered to his feet.

“Very cute,” he spat accusingly. “Did you think I’d tap out? That you could beat a prince as easily as you could a virgin priest or a pubescent boy?”

Alexander’s disdainful voice carried to the sidelines, where Amun and Lysander scowled darkly. Theo began to recalibrate his strategy. If Alexander was too proud to tap, this match would become something else entirely. Possibilities flashed through Theo’s head. All of them seemed riskier than he had expected, but exciting too. He wondered what his friends would make of Alexander, and his almond-shaped brown eyes glanced sidelong toward the audience.

The momentary distraction was unfortunate. Really unfortunate. Theo’s focused expression crumbled as Alexander’s foot drove up between his legs, massacring his junk with an epic punt. Theo’s knees swung together automatically and he folded over like a blanket, wrapping around the twin points of pain between his legs.

“Oh fuck,” Theo croaked. “My balls.”

The direct kick was far, far worse than the nut taps he was used to exchanging with Nico when they horsed around. But he didn’t have long to dwell on it. Alexander’s fist cracked across Theo’s jaw that sent him spinning onto one knee. He gritted his teeth and wobbled but didn’t fall.

“Go down, bitch,” Alexander growled, stepping forward and swinging his foot up between Theo’s legs a second time. This time his instep smacked the underside of Theo’s ball sac, driving his nuts up into his pelvic bone. Theo froze like he’d been turned to stone. The pain ran down the insides of his legs like a web of tiny fissures; his upper body felt far too heavy to support on such legs. He tumbled forward onto his knees, roiling slowly and clasping his battered testicles.

“That’s better,” Alexander said quietly. “You look like a guy who belongs on his knees.”

There was a mix of booing from the Lost Princes under the colonnade. They all accepted that low blows were allowed in Pankration, but Alexander’s kicks seemed gratuitous and unsporting. Moreover the Athenian was well-liked, and the young males sympathized with Theo’s nut pain. Lysander’s gray eyes flashed a worried look as he cupped his own tender balls in solidarity.

But all their good wishes and solidarity didn’t help Theo much. If anything, the booing only hardened Alexander’s determination to make a statement. He hauled Theo back to his feet by a handful of brown curls. With Theo’s knees still buckling, he was slow to defend himself, and Alexander took the opportunity to drive a series of uppercuts deep into his abs. His knuckles dug in just below Theo’s diaphragm, making the slimmer fighter gasp for breath. And when Theo finally tried to put up a guard, Alexander swung lower and pounded his lower abs. The smooth belly just between Theo’s hips—where the V of his abs tapered into his draped toga—made a perfect target. Alexander’s fist sunk in over and over with satisfying thwaps.

Theo twisted and managed to evade a few blows, but he had to eat the lion’s share of them. After a while he drooped so that the only thing keeping him on his feet was Alexander’s firm grip on his hair. The blonde leaned in close. Theo could feel his breath.

“Thanks for inviting me, this is a good time,” Alexander bragged. “So now I can return a favor.” He tapped his cheek just below his left eye. A bluish bruise was still evident from where Theo had knocked him out a few days earlier. He hadn’t forgotten. Alexander socked Theo directly in the eye, making his head jerk back. His vision swam. Alexander released his hold on Theo’s hair and fired off a rapid cross and hook combo, making Theo’s pretty pink lips explode in blood while knocking him onto his ass.

“An eye for an eye. Now we’re even.”

While Alexander flexed at the crowd, Theo rolled onto his elbow and dragged himself back onto all fours. He sucked shallow breaths to get his wind and tried to banish from his mind the throbbing nausea that roiled in his guts and balls. He ran his tongue tentatively over his busted lip. It tasted metallic.

This is not going well.

As Theo pulled himself laboriously back to his feet, his luck stayed on the bad side. Loosened by sweat and combat, the toga around his waist untwisted itself and dropped limply into the sand. Theo quickly bent over to grab it just as Alexander turned around. The blonde was surprised to find—instead of a beaten opponent— Theo’s ass waving in his face. Mocking him, or so he assumed.

“What the…”

Theo spun around to find fury in Alexander’s hazel eyes. Led by the Gaul warrior Tallus, the Lost Princes in the audience howled with laughter at the accidental mooning.

“Fuck it,” Theo muttered, stepping out of his sodden garment. Now his toned and trained body was fully displayed to the crowd and to his opponent; every inch of his smooth, olive-colored skin shone with sun and sand and oil.

Alexander had trouble pulling his eyes away from a few of those inches in particular. As he usually did when combat involved close contact, Theo had sprouted a rock hard boner. It waved proudly in front of him, framed by closely-groomed brown pubes. He knew from previous experience that any attempt to hide or cover it in the middle of the arena would only make him look ridiculous, so Theo acted as if nothing was amiss.

“Just own it, man,” he remembered Nico telling him once when he tried to hide his body’s natural reaction. “It’s not a crime. It’s not even that bad of a boner…” The first time he’d heard Nico say that and snicker, Theo’s face had nearly melted off his body. But as both his wrestling prowess and their intimate friendship grew, Theo gradually became okay with people seeing his…um, full figure.

The laughter from the crowd turned into appreciative whistles, and the positive reaction made Theo stand a little taller. As it would for any guy. Alexander didn’t seem impressed though. After his initial surprise at Theo’s erect manhood and the brunette’s cavalier attitude about it, Alexander sniffed dismissively.

“Wow,” the blonde deadpanned, “Fighting a prince must be really exciting for you.” He gave a poisonous smile. “I’d say it must be a ‘big deal,’ but that doesn’t seem to be the case, exactly.”

Although the superficial dig pissed Theo off, the strategic part of him tried to keep Alexander talking as long as possible. He’d taken a lot of damage and needed some time to recover his strength and breath.

“Let’s see yours then,” he dared his rival. “You haven’t really measured up to Nico so far. Please don’t disappoint me when it comes to the really important stuff.” Theo always knew how to get a reaction from a crowd, and he was not disappointed when the Princes began hooting and pointing at Alexander. For once the surly blond looked unsure about how to proceed.


“Hey Amun…” As usual Lysander’s whisper was somehow louder even than a normal tone of voice.

“Yes, Lysander?” Amun replied, sounding distracted.

Lysander had to scramble for something to say. He was so used to being ignored by the other Princes that he usually started speaking before forming a thought. It was a thrill when Amun answered politely every time.

“Uhh…what do you think they’re talking about?”


Amun’s eyes were glued Theo’s bare ass.

“Did you see the funny look on Alex’s face when Theo was waving his…mrphg….”

Amun clapped a hand over the Spartan’s mouth. “Ssshh. Don’t distract Theo.”

Lysander nodded enthusiastically. Nobody wanted Theo to win this match more than him. But after Amun released him, he whispered:

“Actually Theo had a…um…a boner when he fought against you, too. Like, the whole time. Did that make you mad?”

“Of course not,” Amun said hurriedly, not liking the direction of the conversation. “It’s perfectly natural.”

Lysander giggled and said to himself, “He sure didn’t look mad about…”

“What did you say?” Amun could sound very imperious sometimes.



Lysander scratched his head, remembering something. His colic bounced back up as soon as he smoothed it over. “Now that I remember, during your match with Theo, both of you got bo…mrpghgh…”

Lysander was forcibly shushed again. Amun's black eyes flashed warningly. “It’s…perfectly…natural,” he repeated in a strained voice.  


Meanwhile, Theo’s ploy to buy time to recover had worked to his advantage. By time Alexander attacked, his focus was shattered. Being mocked by a common teen like Theo was a completely new experience for the blonde bully, and he dashed forward recklessly. It was a poor strategy against the scrappy Athenian.

Alexander’s rash lunge was stopped cold when Theo simply raised his knee. Alexander felt like he was watching himself in slow motion as his momentum straddled him across Theo’s bony kneecap. He felt his precious bulge smush and distend around the seemingly rock-solid knee. Both his balls and his meaty cock were dented, and sickening pain took root in his guts. With his face just inches away, Theo could see his opponent’s eye twitch in frozen agony.

Having his balls smacked around was another new experience for Alexander. Usually the guys he bullied were too intimidated to resist him, and none would ever dare to strike him between the legs. He was learning the debilitating nature of this unique pain for the first time. To make it worse, Theo had barely moved. His brown eyes twinkled with knowing insouciance. Alexander staggered forward, cupping his crotch as wave after wave of novel, horrendous sensations washed over his teenage body.

Not only was the blonde’s tempestuous nature a liability as a fighter, it also revealed his petty character. Theo was determined to show the Lost Princes who Alexander was with his mask off, but to do that he would have to get his hands dirty. Looking straight into Alexander’s wide, hazel eyes, Theo hoisted his knee a second time, connecting remorselessly with the boy's balls. Alexander’s handsome features distended in shock; he rose up onto his tip toes to reduce the pressure. Theo pursed his lips in mock-sympathy, jostling his knee and smushing Alexander’s sturdy nads until the stud dropped inevitably to his knees.

The Lost Princes were silent for a moment, then their applause echoed through the Princes’ Palace. The sympathy that they’d had for Theo after he’d been busted had vanished without a trace. Prince or not, Alexander had gone below the belt first, so he deserved to suffer an eye for an eye. Or a gonad for a gonad, as the case may be.

The low blow gave him a temporary advantage, but Theo was still punching above his weight, and he knew that he would have to rely on leverage and submission wrestling. No sooner had Alexander collapsed than  the Athenian scrambled around behind and hooked his feet inside his rival’s knees, locking him in a grapevine. The hold pried apart Alexander’s muscular groin and quads, dulling his strength advantage and outraging him at the same time. Once again he was face down in the sand, and this time Theo’s weight drove him down from behind.

Comfortable in the top position, Theo released his waist clasp and propped himself up on one arm. With his other hand he grabbed Alexander’s strawberry-blonde curls from behind and yanked his head back roughly.

“I know I’m the one who belongs on my knees,” Theo mocked his struggling opponent. “But it’s not every day that I get to wrestle against a real prince, after all.” The sarcastic emphasis on the words real prince was not lost on Alexander.

“So let’s clear up a few things while we catch our breath.” Theo was holding Alexander’s head in the direction of the Lost Princes in the gallery, and he raised his voice so that they could hear him. “Why did you ambush Lysander?”

The crowd quieted and leaned in. Like Theo, they were curious about this mystery prince. But Alexander wasn’t in the mood to play along.

“Because my brother Nico asked me to,” he snorted disdainfully.

There were murmurs in the gallery. Rumors had circulated about Alexander being Nico’s brother, but whatever their curiosity about his origins, none of the Lost Princes was willing to believe that the cheerful and warm-hearted Nico would set up one of their number.

Theo pushed Alexander’s face deep into the sand. The arrogant teen thrashed but had no leverage to resist. When Theo pulled him up, he was no less hostile. The booing of the crowd twisted his chiseled features around into a sneer.

“Care to revise your answer?” Theo demanded.

“Actually, I just did it because he’s a pussy.” Alexander spat out the words together with the sand. In the gallery, Lysander flushed red and several of the others scowled at the unwarranted insult. “And I’ll do the same to…” Theo had heard enough and pushed his face back into the sand.

Theo nodded apologetically to Lysander. But now everybody knows what kind of guy this is, Theo thought. He won’t be able to fool anybody else.

With his eyes tightly closed against the stinging grit, Alexander realized that he had been fooled. He had wanted so badly to join the Pankration. To show off his prowess. To demand the respect he was owed. To make Nico acknowledge him. But now? Booing echoed in his ears, not respect.

And he was becoming aware of a further humiliation. Theo’s crotch pressed up against his ass each time he torqued down the grapevine. Theo’s…enthusiasm…for the fight was hard to ignore. Tussling with a muscular guy always made the brunette bone up, whether in a fight or in a more intimate situation. It may as well have been a law of nature. Today was no exception. But as he felt Theo’s firm rod wiggle its way between his cheeks, Alexander decided that this was one offense too many. He reared back defiantly, arching his back to topple his opponent. Theo was a savvy enough wrestler maintain control from the top position, and he broke down Alexander’s attempt by controlling the bucking fighter’s elbow and driving him back into the ground.

“Who’s the pussy now?” came a random voice from the crowd. Alexander heard and vowed to kill whoever said it. But his struggle to escape didn’t work. As Theo clamped down on the grapevine, he inadvertently ground his crotch even deeper into his opponent. It felt hot and very, very hard. If it wasn’t for the single layer of gauzy cotton around his hips…Alexander didn’t want to think about it. His face and neck were flushed purple from rage and shame. He threw his head back recklessly, imagining that he would crack into Theo’s chin or nose.

But Theo was ready for this, too. He’d observed Alexander’s mounting anger, and he was happy to exploit it. Releasing his hold on the thrashing teen’s elbow, Theo reversed his wrist and leaned way forward. He wrapped his left arm across Alexander’s throat and twisted his forearm back around his head, locking in a reverse choke hold. He simultaneously dug into the grapevine, using Alexander’s own strength against him. As he bucked and floundered for release, Theo just transferred his momentum into the pressure choking his own neck.

“And…I have no further questions,” Theo hummed into Alexander’s ear. He had taken away all of his opponent’s leverage and was confident that the choke hold could not be broken. Yet Alexander struggled.

Theo frowned. “Seriously,” he urged. “Time to tap, big guy. You’re not getting out of this one.” Alexander’s free hand pawed at the sand below. Yet he didn’t tap.

“Fuck…you…pussy…” was all Alexander was able to gurgle before passing out.

Theo felt the tension leave Alexander’s body, as abruptly as if a taut string had been cut. He immediately released the choke and dropped his opponent to the ground. Obscured under his strawberry-blonde curls, the grimace of pride and envy slowly melted away from Alexander’s face.  

Theo stood up, wiping the sweat and sand off his hands. A lecherous whistle from the audience reminded him that he was still very nude and very erect and very much the center of attention. Theo sighed and looked at his cock stoically. There was absolutely no use in trying to hide it. (He knew; he’d tried before.) Aside from the cat-calls, the Lost Princes cheered their friend’s victory with enthusiasm. Theo smiled at them, but he knew the match was not yet over. Alexander had not submitted.

He braced his heel against the ko’ed prince’s shoulder and rolled him onto his back. Alexander’s strong arms slapped dully against the ground, his palms open toward the stormy sky. His eyes were closed and his lips parted; he was as serene as Theo had ever seen the surly would-be prince. His chest heaved with slow breaths. His smooth, reddish-brown nipples were identical to Nico's, Theo noticed for the first time. He leaned down and brushed his thumb over the nub.

“Finish him!” came the impetuous voice from the crowd. It pulled Theo out of his private reverie. A small, vengeful part of him had wanted to hear the proud boy submit. To force the words ‘I give up’ from his arrogant mouth. But an altogether different part of the Athenian twink was excited by the opportunity to make Alexander submit his seed. Their rivalry had become personal, and it was about to become more so.

The toga wrapped around Alexander’s waist left little of his studly physique to the imagination, but it concealed just enough to keep Theo’s mouth dry with anticipation. He untucked one end of the garment and pulled it firmly, rolling Alexander over and right out of his clothes. The spent fighter sprawled in the middle of the arena, fully exposed. A long, thick cock draped over a juicy-looking pair of testicles that drooped low in their pink sack, dragging all the way to the sandy ground.

Theo blinked slowly. In the back of his mind he had assumed that somebody as mean and vain as Alexander must be overcompensating for personal inadequacies. But his equipment looked almost as impressive as Nico’s. He grinned slyly and decided that his initial appraisal needed to be verified…

With an eager hand he plucked up Alexander’s flaccid cock, testing its weight against his palm. He wrapped his fingers around the warm tube, squeezing gently. Theo watched Alexander as he gave his cock a couple teasing, tentative tugs. His handsome face showed no reaction; he was completely out. Theo grinned, imagining how furious Alexander would be if he were awake. This treatment would surely take his ego down a few notches.

“Do you need me to show you how it works?” a voice offered from the audience.

“Don’t be shy, it won’t bite you!” another one called.    

It seemed that the rowdy Princes were impatient for the grand finale. Theo stuck his tongue out at them, but acquiesced by rolling down Alexander’s foreskin and polishing his soft, pink helmet with a rough palm. The circular action, followed by a few slow wanks drew the inevitable reaction, and his defenseless manhood reacted to the stimulation with a mind of its own. Despite himself, Theo gaped at his rival’s growing erection.  A blue vein zig-zagged along the underside, and the root seemed impossibly thick. Everything about Alexander’s tool indicated power.

“Asshole,” Theo muttered, pulling his eyes away. “Welcome to the Pankration.” He held the majestic cock upright with two fingers, waving it at the crowd. With his free hand Theo slapped Alexander’s naked testicles with a loud thwap, making the juicy organs bounce in their sac. The unconscious teen’s body jolted from the impact, but he didn’t wake. A second slap made Alexander’s face spasm and brought a glistening drop of precum to the tip of his erect cock.

“Can’t wait to submit, huh?” Theo bragged. He looked around the courtyard, savoring the moment of dominance over his rival. It would take nothing now to bring him off and drown him in his own useless cum.
Just then Theo felt an uncomfortable tightening around his unguarded scrotum. Horrified, he looked down to find Alexander’s hazel eyes open and alert. The eyes bored into him with pure hatred. From where Theo had been kneeling over him, Alexander had barely had to move to get a nice handful of his package. The brunette gulped.

“My nuts…” he groaned as his organs were roughly ground together. To get even, he reached down toward Alexander’s assets, but the blonde rocked him with a right cross to his jaw. Theo reeled back, allowing Alexander to sit up, using his grip on Theo’s nads for leverage. The Athenian bent forward again to ease the pressure, only to be met with another punch.

“Your…pathetic….nuts…are…history…” Alexander grunted. Theo ricocheted back and forth, with each tug on his groin pulling him into another punch. His left eye was swelling, and blood trickled from his nose over his chin and splattered onto his bare chest. He was still in the same kneeling position, but by time Alexander released him, Theo’s head swung dizzily and drooped against his collarbone.  

Alexander stood. He glared around the courtyard, wiping the blood from his knuckles on Theo’s curly hair. The spectators were stunned into silence by the reversal. Alexander noticed Lysander in the crowd and sneered at the Spartan’s dismayed look.

Pussy, he mouthed silently.

Alexander pulled Theo to his feet. The groggy Athenian swayed and threw a sloppy punch, but Alexander brushed it aside. Alexander scooped up the slimmer fighter and held him for a slam. He paused to show off his strength, pacing in front of the gallery. Then he dropped Theo over his knee in a gut-buster. Theo’s abs had already been softened up, and this move destroyed them. He retched and gasped for breath, pawing to pull himself off of his opponent’s knee. Alexander lifted Theo again, holding him perpendicular to the ground for several long seconds. Then he dropped him across his knee in a shattering backbreaker. While Theo arched backward in shooting pain, Alexander flexed for the crowd. He was drawing out the inevitable, and he wanted them to know it.

“Oh no,” whispered Lysander. “I know what he’s doing.”

“What do you mean?” Amun asked. Both teens felt sick watching their brave friend hurtle toward defeat.

“It’s his finishing move,” Lysander said. His normally loud voice was hushed as he remembered the helpless feeling of Alexander owning his balls from that position. “He called it something weird. I can’t remember.”

Amun scowled as Alexander scooped up Theo’s defenseless nuts. The bully seemed to relish weighing them in his palm. He was saying something to Theo, but Amun couldn’t make it out. Amun wished for Theo’s sake that he would just submit and spare himself any more pain.

Had Theo been thinking rationally, he might have agreed. But bent backwards with his rival’s fingers clawing deep into his testicles, Theo’s mind was anything but rational.

“Not…not…my nuts…” Theo shook his head desperately as his precious stones were compacted in a vise-like grip. Alexander smiled viciously as he felt the teen’s sturdy testicles bend and compress under his fingers. The quaking hitch in Theo’s voice was music to his ears; it told him that his rival’s manhood fully belonged to him now.

“You should have heard how that Spartan bitch cried when I used The Kingmaker on him,” Alexander gloated. “His little beans gave up their pathetic spunk too quickly though. He was very eager to please.” He paused and looked over Theo’s trembling boner. “But it looks like you might be even quicker. What a loser.”  

Theo groaned. “Oh no…”

“What’s that?” Alexander snapped. He reached down and grabbed Theo by the hair, pulling his head up to look him in the eyes. “Do you submit? Let them hear you!” He gestured to the Lost Princes in the gallery. “Or do you prefer to give me your seed?” He flicked Theo’s erection dismissively.

For a hushed moment, Alexander stared into Theo’s warm, brown eyes. He found them dulled with pain but still defiant. What an odd chain of events that had brought the two of them to this moment, he thought.

Theo must have noticed the other boy's hesitation, because he gave Alexander a wry, weary smile. Then he spat blood into his face and sat bolt-upright, clattering his head into the blonde’s square jaw. Alexander reared back, squinting against the burning in his eyes and dumping Theo unceremoniously to the sandy floor. The grit stuck to Theo’s bleeding lip, and he was barely able to raise his head to spit it out. He wondered if he had the strength to continue fighting. Everything below his neck hurt. But everything above his neck hurt too, just not as much.

Fuck me.

Against the pain and against his own better judgement, Theo pushed himself first to his elbows and then eventually to his feet. Above the wind that howled through the courtyard,Theo could hear the cheers of the Lost Princes. They were in full voice again, united behind him.

When Alexander cleared the blood and sludge from his eyes, he was appalled to find Theo standing. Even worse the crowd was cheering for the loser, which simply didn’t make any sense to him. Yet they never cheered for him, the stronger one? His jealousy fixed on the Athenian. Theo was on his feet in name only; in reality, he was a tottering wreck. Alexander pushed himself forward, both feet leaving the ground in a full sprint as he speared Theo’s bruised abs, tackling him right back to the ground. Theo barely knew what hit him. Alexander, on top again, pinned his arms above his head. The blonde hovered above him, holding his body parallel to Theo’s, wary of another counter attack.

“Do you hear that cheering?” Alexander spat, glaring around the courtyard. “That’s what losers sound like.”  

Theo’s voice was hoarse, but he replied, ”No, that’s what friends sound like. You must not know the difference.” Even his blackened eye and bloody teeth couldn’t obscure Theo’s proud grin.  

“We’ll see how friendly they are after you disappoint them today,” Alexander concluded. He brought his knee up between Theo’s legs, crushing his swollen nuts into his crotch. The pinned fighter gurgled and jolted but could not move to curl up to protect his aching jewels. The pulsing pain seemed amplified with every beat of his heart.

As Theo squirmed Alexander felt something poking at his abdomen. He was amazed to find that the resilient teen was still hard, despite the punishment he had taken. In fact his own unwanted erection had not subsided either, and his fat dick hovered over Theo’s. Theo raised his head and followed his opponent’s eyes down between their bodies, where his drooling manhood was dwarfed by the blonde’s brutish weapon.

“Speaking of disappointing…” Alexander mocked, lowering his hips and draping his heavy, extra-large eggs onto Theo’s, completely blanketing the Athenian’s more average package. Theo blushed and looked away. It was not a flattering comparison for any guy, and his ego stung as much as his bloody lip.

With his superiority confirmed, Alexander’s strong fingers in his brown curls pulled Theo back to his knees. Theo was aware of Alexander’s presence now like a rushing stream is aware of a large rock; he had no expectation of moving him anymore. The fingers in his hair rocked his head back and forth, panning his view over the faces of his friends lining the courtyard. Their faces were blurry.  

Hopefully they can’t really see me either.

Theo’s wishful thinking was interrupted by a sharp slap across his aching erection. His disloyal manhood sprung back and bobbed in front of him like a maniac. It bounced off his abdomen, as hard as ever. He could feel Alexander leaning over him, the fingers of his left hand digging into Theo’s scalp while his right hand pinched his trapezius until the skin was sickly white. Sweat streamed down Theo’s back. Alexander’s body put off an incomprehensible heat.

Theo’s head was wrenched back roughly. He squinted up into the swirling storm clouds and yelped when the soft skin next to his adam’s apple was nipped by Alexander’s flashing teeth. Thankfully, the un-manly sound vanished up into the clouds without an echo. But the heat remained. Alexander’s mouth was right next to Theo’s ear.

“Nico is right,” His deep voice was lazy with sarcasm. “Pankration is a lot of fun. No wonder he didn’t want me to take it from him.” His voice disappeared into a growl and was lost in the wind. He knelt behind the pinioned twink. Theo was bent partway back, his neck and front exposed, his arms waving uselessly. His soft brown eyes were glossy, reflecting the overcast sky.

“But I’m going to take everything that was his. Everything.”

All at once Theo’s insides erupted, and Alexander’s heat exploded inside of him. The blonde entered him in a single, devastating thrust, filling Theo to his limit. And then beyond. Theo’s spine snapped straight and his fingers webbed outwards. It was as if the abundant fullness of Alexander’s thick cock in his ass had forced the brunette to straighten and grow and expand. His mind—always active and analyzing—was utterly blanked.

Not so, Alexander. The blonde remained firmly in the moment, savoring every detail of his domination. The short gasping sounds that Theo was making were delicious. The gripping pressure of the boy’s tight ass on his cock was dizzying. The sweat between his abs and Theo’s back bound them like a viscous glue. Ever so slowly he withdrew his cock, then he drove home again until both warriors saw stars. As he built a rhythm, Alexander moved his right hand down to cup Theo’s crushed nuts, rolling them in his palm in time with his thrusts.

“This is what a prince feels like,” Alexander murmured. It wasn’t clear whether he was talking to Theo or to himself.  

The handful of Lost Princes who were present watched the spectacle in appalled shock. It was like the blackening sky had already broken open and struck them with lightening. Amun’s head was in his hands; he didn’t want to see Theo’s moment of utter humiliation. Lysander stared open mouthed. For once the happy-go-lucky Spartan was not curious or excited by the action. He felt his friend’s pain fully, and his gray eyes glittered with unshed tears.

As Theo was fucked with increasing speed, his moans were lost on the swirling winds.

Oh god oh god oh god.

With each thrust, Alexander hit something deep inside of Theo, something he’d never even imagined was there. And knowing who was touching him there—not to mention who was witnessing it—was more than the proud teen could get his mind around. The heat coming from behind licked its way through his body and ran in pulses down his cock. Theo was crazed with a desire to touch himself, but he couldn't reach, since his neck and shoulders were still being wrenched awkwardly.

Then Alexander thrust into him one more time, and it no longer mattered whether Theo could reach his cock. His begging erection began to spew hot white cum in all directions, splattering indiscriminately as it bounced in perfect rhythm with his vanquisher’s wishes. Alexander gave a literal helping hand by cupping Theo’s nuts from below and squashing them to expel the maximum load. The crushing hold only magnified the deep pleasure of Alexander’s unflagging, deep fuck. Not once had the blond paused, nor had he sped up. The rhythmic bliss turned Theo’s muscles to jelly. His head lolled except when Alexander tugged on his hair.

“That’s right, don’t hold back,” Alexander’s deep voice growled in his ear. “I want every drop of your pathetic spunk. Submit to me completely.” Theo moaned feebly in reply. It was not clear whether he was resisting or submitting.

Alexander didn’t care. And he didn’t care that by the rules of Pankration, he had won as soon as Theo submitted his seed. He had a point to make, and making it with his dick buried in a tight ass was his right as a prince. He continued fucking Theo well after the brunette’s orgasm had stopped. The defeated teen remained shamefully erect, the last smear of his cream oozing from his slit as his sex was commanded by his victor to remain hard. Alexander stopped kneading Theo’s emptied nads long enough to flick his raw cock with a mean finger. Theo twitched and screamed silently.

Alexander laughed. “You don’t want me to stop, do you? Probably pretending that this is Nico fucking you, ha ha…” He paused and cocked his head, considering his own jibe seriously. The mask of gloating confidence slipped down his face slightly. Jealousy and insecurity simmered just below the surface.

“Is that true, you little slut? Are you daydreaming about him? About him!” Alexander was screaming now, unbalanced by the prospect that Nico might overshadow him even here, even in his moment of indubitable triumph. His hazel eyes were wild and vulnerable. Gone was his smooth rhythm and seductive whisper.

Hearing Nico’s name helped Theo discover a final reserve of strength. “Don’t feel…bad,” he panted. His voice was raw and ragged. “You might be…smaller…but you’re still…better than…nothing.”

Unhinged, Alexander bred Theo like a wild bull, and the impact of each thrust made the brunette’s whole body jolt forward. The unrestrained victor wrung Theo’s ball bag with iron fingers, heedlessly mashing the beaten teen’s testicles until they gave up a couple more pitiful globs of jizz. For Theo any pleasure from the contact had long since passed; he plummeted ever deeper into a bottomless sea of pain that flooded his balls and ass.

Then he heard a sharp crack. Alexander’s cock plopped abruptly out of his raw, gaping hole. Theo collapsed forward into the sand, totally spent. Somewhere up above a deep, familiar voice was shouting, but Theo couldn’t make out the meaning. He rolled onto his side and saw two tall silhouettes struggling against the ominous purple clouds.

Amun was throwing wild punches at Alexander, who looked overwhelmed by the sudden furiousness of the onslaught. The solemn Egyptian prince was shouting with uncharacteristic emotion. Then a strong arm wrapped around Theo’s shoulders, easing him up to a seating position. It was Lysander. The boy winced apologetically when Theo hissed from the weight on his sore ass.

“Hey, Theo.” For once Theo was happy to hear the Spartan’s raspy voice. Lysander stroked his sweaty, matted hair awkwardly.

Then lightening flashed in the distance, lighting another figure who had entered the courtyard.

“What’s going on?”

The deep voice was curious and quiet, but it had an edge that caused the rest of the teens to stand still. Amid the rage and lust and tumult, everyone present held their breath. Four pairs of eyes stared at Nicomachus, the Prince of Thebes. The prince’s hard eyes swept over Amun and Alexander until they released each other and stood apart sullenly. His posture softened when he noticed Theo on the ground, and his hazel eyes widened as he took in his best friend’s injuries. Without hesitation Nico dropped to his knees and pressed Theo’s matted head to his strong chest. The two embraced. Nico’s mouth was pressed to his best friend’s ear, but no one could hear what he said. Together Nico and Lysander raised Theo back to his feet.  

As the three of them limped slowly toward the colonnade, Nico paused. Between the rolling thunder, he stared at Alexander and spoke with a voice rich with royal authority.

“Don’t move. This ends tonight.”


Anonymous said...

So good. The perfect blend of story telling and ballbusting. Please keep making new entries for a long time to cum.

Harry said...

Yo man, I'm glad you enjoyed the story! Thanks for taking the time to comment.
- Harry

Anonymous said...

Harry. This story is just astounding, your best yet!
All your stories are so wonderfully inventive. After your first episode, we all expected a simple fight competition between the original princes but i love how you bring in these external factors.
You description of life around the palace is also very nicely done and helps to bring the reader into the scene.
I have to say your first stories were beautifully written but the ballbusting action seemed like an afterthought. With your latest stories that has all changed and it seems you really listen to your reader's comments and address any minor critiques.
I have to say i really love this Alexander character and I'm really glad he won this battle. Bad boys are so hot and, with 2 wins behind him now, he is getting a reputation as a real badass!
I love his arrogance, all the posing and flexing but i also really dig the little insecurities you highlight, especially about how he measures up compared to Nico. I really hope to see more of his bragging in future, and taunting his defeated foes about their inferior assets haha.
I guess we all expect Nico to bring his evil brother to justice now. I am intrigued about the rapport between Alex and the other princes, especially the twins...perhaps another little surprise awaits us. I can't wait to read more, this series is awesome.

Harry said...

Reg, thanks so much bro! I’m happy that you like the direction of this story. It took a while to build to the action, so I wasn't sure how it would go over. And you’re exactly right about reader comments. I’m trying to improve each time, so the feedback and critiques I’ve gotten have been super helpful.

Lol about Alexander. He’d be stoked to have a rep as a badass! I imagine that a lot of the guys would line up to fight him after this one, if they got the chance.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,

It took me three days to read this story. Three...days. I didn't want it to end, so I spaced myself out. A fellow reader wrote to me and asked me to comment (I usually do on all writer's posts).

I thought that you out did yourself with your last story, but I was wrong. This one has everything that the last story had but this one brought your series to another level.

As a writer I appreciated your buildup, the careful and purposeful language that you used to articulate the drama as it unfolded. Moreover, you kept the readers on the edge of their seats the whole time.

Well, done.

Don't mind me, I'm just going to go back through all of my own stories to try to bring them to this type of caliber. What a bar you have set for us all.

I claim this as story of the year.



Harry said...

Jimmy, man you are WAY too kind to me! Huge thanks for your amazing compliment and feedback. I’m especially glad that you enjoyed the slower parts of this story. To me they make the action more exciting.

Btw I’m eager like everybody else to learn about Gino & Jayden & Company’s next adventures. Now that we've all had our say in the Choice, I suspect that the boys will be making trouble for each other again soon…


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,

The comments that I made were well earned. You knocked it out of the park. Sometimes the slow parts of the story are the best part, and the most meaningful.

Gino and Jayden rewrite of The Choice comes out on Monday, with two more this month. It's a packed month. As always you can expect trouble with the boys. I have a Christmas surprise that I am looking forward to sharing on Christmas. It marks my one year mark writing for the blog and my 25th story for the Gino and Jayden series comes out that day. In the year I published 25 stories total.

I hope that you like what's coming next! And I can't wait to see the brother on brother fight that you built up. It's going to be great I am sure!



Harry said...

Jimmy, that sounds wild. Your master plan for a years' worth of stories is some Davinci Code level shit lol. I'm looking forward to it!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...


Hahaha. It's something alright! I hope that you end up liking it Harry.