Monday, November 16, 2020

The choice - Option A: Jayden chooses Bill (written by Jimmy)

This is OPTION A of an interactive storyline that has several options. At the end of the week you will get to choose how things will go on.

Special thanks to Jimmy for his incredible work!

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Jayden decides to skip going to Bartlet High School today he’s on a mission. Yesterday he spent the night with Leroy and it was deliciously wonderful, almost like a dream. Leroy is so easy to get along with and the two of them connect so well, but Leroy has always had a crush on another boy: Aldo. Leroy believes that there is almost no chance with Aldo due to him dating only women; but he intends to try all the same.

Gino, Jayden’s older brother drives the two in his beat-up pick-up truck. Gino’s face shows two distinctive black and blue shiners, from yesterday and Jayden received a bum ankle from yesterday’s fight. For the next two weeks the doctor told Jayden to stay off of it. Jayden elected to use crutches and a sleeves shirt; much to Gino’s wide-eyed astonishment: “How is that going to be on the pits, bro?”

Jayden him pointed out the soft tops of the crutches and that he hates his shirts getting stuck underneath. “So uncomfortable,” he complains.

Shaking his head, he agreed half-heartedly to the idea, as long as Jayden packs an extra t-shirt in his bag, which he did in case his underarms get sore. After Gino pulls into the turn-around at the school, weaving around the morning traffic Jayden and Leroy wave goodbye to him as he heads out to Bartlet High to start his school day.

“Thanks for letting me crash at your place again,” Leroy says with a wide grin, carrying both of their backpacks on his shoulders.

“You don’t have to thank me every night that you stay at my place. My casa is your casa. Since you are staying with us for the foreseeable future and it would be silly of you to thank me each and every night,” Jayden says, grinning back at him.

“Okay, sure.” Leroy laughs. “Hey look, it’s Max and Rex. Hey guys!” Leroy calls over to the twins

Max and Rex, twins and identical in every way that Jayden can tell walk over to greet them, and he’s seen them plenty of time in the swimming pool wearing Speedos. If there was a difference Jayden believes that he would have spotted it by now.

“What are you doing here?” asks Rex.

Max, turns and slugs Rex on them upper arm, “Be nice!” he chastises.

“Ow,” Rex grabs his arm, rubbing the spot his brother struck as he glares at Max.

“What Rex was rudely was trying to say was, how come you’re back at your old school Jayden? Did you transfer?” Max asks.

“How is that different than how I asked?” Rex asks, looking annoyed as he eyes the bulge in his brother’s shorts telegraphing his next move.

Max just rolls his eyes, not paying him a bit of attention.

“I’m here to see Bill, I skipped today. Really I’m not going in for the rest of the week. My teachers were cool with it. I’m doing all my work from home,” Jayden explains as he hobbles along with Leroy, Max and Rex along to the school entrance.

“Bill and I have a free period together,” Max explains. “We always meet in the pool and practice…not usually together, but after yesterday I think that will change.”

“That’s cool! Can I join you?” Jayden asks.

“Sure, see you later Rex! Bye Leroy!” Max calls over his shoulder.

“Don’t forget this!” Rex calls after his brother, skipping up to him.

Max turns a questioning look on his face, “What Rex?”

“This!” Rex grabs his brother’s shoulders and pounds a hefty knee lift perfectly between his thighs. Max’s mouth falls open and he groans bending over, grabbing his knees but managing not to fall in the hallway of crowded on lookers.

“And don’t forget it!” Rex laughs, skipping away into the crowd.

Jayden waits by Max’s side, putting a hand gently on his shoulders and rubbing soothingly between his shoulder blades as Max recovers from the devastating hit to his family jewels.

“That was a rough one,” Jayden says sympathetically judging Max’s reaction and the squish that he heard from Max’s equipment smashing against his pelvis.

“Yup, it was,” squeaks Max standing up. He does a few jumps in the air saying “Shit, he always gets me so good when he wants to, the feel like they are in my stomach,” Max groans.

“I’m sure that it helps that he knows your body as well as his own,” Jayden offers.

“Yeah, our bodies are almost the same.”

“Almost?” Jayden asks, eyebrow raising. “You two have differences?”

“Well, of course,” Max answers ready to walk to the pool. “Firstly, we style our hair differently,” Max ruffles his curly brown locks which fall down over his eyes, and just past his ears. “Then I have freckles here that almost look like a shooting star,” Max pulls up his shirt showing, taking Jayden’s index finger and running along his left nipple and down his small pec. “See?”

“I never noticed that before,” Jayden answers honestly.

“And,” Max comes real close to Jayden and whispers, “I’m an inch bigger than Rex.” He points down theatrically at his own crotch.

“Really?” Jayden grins, “You sure?”

“I measured,” Max says confidently. “I got him hard once when he was sleeping, because I noticed when we…well” Max pulls Jayden close again. “Sometimes we jack each other off. I started to notice that Rex was a little bit smaller than me.”

Jayden pushes open the pool room door not able to keep from smiling, “Is this recent?”

“Started this month,” Max says entering the pool room and taking off his shirt. Max looks similar in build to Bill, light, thin, and with a great six-pack. And now Jayden can’t stop seeing the small shooting star along one of his nipples.

“I can’t stop starring at it,” Jayden admits with a laugh, pulling slowly sitting down and pulling his tank top overhead.

“Yeah?” Max asks, grinning pulling down his underwear and shorts.

Jayden can see that Max’s nuts look a little red, clearly from where Rex hit him earlier. In fact Jayden can also see that Max is bigger than Bill, and he feels kind of bad about that. Bill always boosts that his cock and balls are bigger than the twins, and that’s not true. At least, not anymore in Max’s cause. Maybe Bill is bigger than Rex, but he’s not too sure about that either, and size matters so much to Bill.

“Will you be okay swimming,” asks Max pulling up his blue speedo with a snap of the fabric, wincing a bit. “Shit I got righty,” and Jayden can tell that he did. The fleshy orb is caught in between the fabric and his thigh.

“You better be careful,” Jayden advices, “Not the best start for your nuts today.”

“You’re telling me,” Max moans tucking his robin’s size egg back inside of his speedo.

While sitting Jayden slips his own shorts and underwear down, Max immediately locks eyes with Jayden’s impressive cock and balls.

“Damn, you are so lucky,” Max compliments Jayden walking up to him, his small mound barely sticking out from his own Speedo’s as he rubs it. Max crouch’s down in front of Jayden, taking the fire engine red speedos from the bag and offering, “May I?”

“Sure,” Jayden agrees thankfully watching as Max lifts up one leg and then the other, the sprained one more carefully slipping the thin material through the openings.

“Here, stand up and lean on me,” Max offers.

Jayden does, heavily leaning on Max to stand his hands on Max’s slender naked shoulders for support. Jayden’s heart starts to pick-up in rhythm as Max lifts the fabric slowly up his well-muscled calves and thighs. Max pauses by Jayden’s obviously obscene balls and scoops the orbs in his hands. “I always give mine a good squeeze before putting them in,” Max informs Jayden. “For luck. That okay?”

Jayden only nods, his tool just above his nuts starts to rise, and he gulps as Max squeezes the nuts in each hand, testing their durability. “You have one fine set here Jayden,” Max compliments tucking them into the bottom of the speedo pouch. “And what do you do with this?” Max asks comically giving Jayden’s penis a shake. “Do you point it this way, to the side or down?” He jokes pointing Jayden’s dick in the different directions that he suggests.

“To the side,” Jayden moans, “Usually left.”

“I don’t think that’s possible,” Max grins looking at Jayden’s dick which is completely erect and pointing to the ceiling.

“How should we fix it?” Max asks innocently.

“Fix it?” Jayden asks, his brow stitching together in confusion as he bites his bottom lip.

“Yeah? Like this?” Max asks, sac tapping Jayden, making him yelp.

“Or?” Max asks as he opens his mouth, and careful of his teeth puts his mouth over Jayden’s penis crown giving it a suck.

“Fuuuck!” Jayden swears.

Max pops off, making sure that Jayden’s dick swings up to his pubis. “Thoughts?”

“I’ll be okay as is,” Jayden laughs, pulling the speedos up with one hand over his obvious erection. “But I know who to go to, to have it fixed.”

“Yes, you do,” Max grins standing up and passing Jayden his crutches. “Shall we?”

Jayden nods, his breathing still a little jagged, “To the pool.”

Max opens all of the doors, leading Jayden inside.

Bill is already in the pool. Jayden admires his powerful and confident strokes as he glides up and down his lane, his movements synchronized and fluid. “This is the one place that Bill feels the most comfortable,” Jayden says admiringly watching him fly down his lane.

“Yeah, he looks great out there,” Max thumps Jayden on the back. “Go get em, make him yours again,” Max smiles, his eyes twinkling as he dives into the water starting with a back stroke to warmup.

Jayden walks over to Bill’s lane still admiring him from afar. Walking to the water’s edge he lays his crutches down along the pool watching Bill as he flurries back to his end where he waits for him his feet dangling freely in the cool pool water.

Bill emerges, letting out a breath of air and looking up at Jayden water dripping off of his light white skin as his pale blue eyes finds his own.

“Hi Bill,” Jayden smiles.

“Hi,” Bill answers sheepishly.

“Can I swim with you?” Jayden asks.

“Sure,” Bill agrees, brushing the water from his face and running his hand through his thick brown hair pushing it back away from his face.

Jayden slowly lowers himself into the pool, and Bill asks. “Need any help?”

“Not yet,” Jayden grins as he dives under the water and through Bills legs, the toes of his good leg purposely scrap Bill’s inner thighs as he pops up standing on one leg.

“Walk with me,” Jayden says, holding out his hand.

Bill swims up to meet him, and holds out his hand. “Okay, Jayden. I will walk with you anywhere.”

Jayden’s grin widens as his cheeks color. The two make slow walks up and down the pool as Jayden tells Bill that the doctor wanted him to practice his walking in the pool every day to strengthen his ankle backup.

Bill listens, asking questions as Max two lanes over gets into his swim rhythm.

Sometime passes and Jayden finally asks Bill what’s he been meaning to all day, “Can we try again?”

“Try what again?”

“Dating, I want to try dating you again. I think that we got it wrong. I want to try again, and this time be completely open. No more secrets. How does that sound to you, are you still interested?”

Bill smiles his thin lips curling at the corners as he leans into Jayden’s muscly firm chest, his arms wrapping around his waist saying, “Yes.”

Jayden leans in, kissing Bill and pulling him underwater their lips still pressed together as he pushes him down to the bottom of the pool as the world fades away around them and only this exists; each other.


That was
Option A: Jayden chooses Bill

Coming up:
Option B: Jayden chooses Chase
Option C: Jayden chooses Leroy
Option D: Jayden chooses no one
Option E: Jayden chooses everyone (Bill, Chase, and Leroy)
Option F: Devil Boy chooses Jayden
The end


Felix said...

Loved it! My personal choice would have been this :)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Felix,

I am so glad that you liked it! Bill might win, he is both loved and hated by our readers so I think that it will be a close race!



Anonymous said...

Great story Jimmy. Actually the hottest part was the encounter with Max,maybe he could be a back up if all else fails for Jayden! I love these cheeky twins and i never really saw them as bad guys, just opportunistic and easily led astray! Max "bragging" about his boy-eggs was so hot especially in the presence of Jayden. Poor Bill will be mortified if he finds out about Max's growth spurt!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...


I agree, Max is turning into a neat character, and I'm glad that you enjoy him and his brother's antics. Only one way to find out for certain if he went through a growth sport...they will have to measure and compare! I'm so glad that you enjoyed it friend!



Anonymous said...

Are we ever gonna get a Gino and Jayden Spinoff story with the twins measuring each other or mayybe playing with each other's family jewels?

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

We should! I have been thinking of planning a story around the two of them for awhile. I can tell you that it is absolutely going to happen. I have not written it yet but as you can tell so far I have been dropping bread crumbs that I intend to follow up on! I love the two of them and they deserve to have a great story written about the two of them, consider your voice heard!



Anonymous said...

That's a great idea. It would be fun to see some of the Unhung Heroes comparing their modest assets in the shower (loser gets their nuts busted of course). The twins and Bill have a score to settle after all, even if they are now almost friends. I would love to see Max win and start bragging to the others about how big his nuts have grown. Maybe he gets a bit cocky and challenges some of his other classmates...maybe starting with Adam

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

I almost think the rivalry between the twins and Bill deserves a second story, albeit an important one as well. The brothers have had a lot of great little moments in the series. It would be neat to see the two together for one big story which I think that the two of them deserve.

I like your idea about the twins and Bill getting their own story or moment as well. The swim team locker room is a great place for just that!