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The choice - Option D: Jayden chooses no one (written by Jimmy)

This is OPTION D of an interactive storyline that has several options. At the end of the week you will get to choose how things will go on.

Special thanks to Jimmy for his incredible work!

Previously published:
Option A: Jayden chooses Bill
Option B: Jayden chooses Chase
Option C: Jayden chooses Leroy

Coming up:
Option E: Jayden chooses everyone (Bill, Chase, and Leroy)
Option F: Devil Boy chooses Jayden
The end

Author's note: If this story is chosen the ending of his relationships with both Bill and Chase will stand as will the ending of his relationship with Leroy, which will take place in this section.

After ending things with both Bill and Chase, Jayden heads out of the pool showered and finding the closure of both relationships difficult, but knowing that it is for the best. After all things are just beginning with Leroy, and he can’t wait to see where his relationship with him goes.

Turning the corner Jayden heads to his old cafeteria at the building he used to call his school. Jayden comes across Leroy and he is standing perfectly still staring across the room at Aldo, the Hispanic dark haired teen that is laughing with Shane, Bill, and Adam. Leroy licks his lips, his tray of cafeteria food balance on his unmoving tray sits cooling as he watches Aldo who pulls up his shirt, showing off his well sculpted chest and abs. Aldo started going to the gym first in their group, and his developing muscle groups showcase it and how ripped and firm his torso is. Jayden sees the guys all touching a sharpie sketch of the name ‘Michelle’ across his abs, laughing at a story Aldo is telling.

Leroy looks down at his uneaten food and moves to throw his full tray in the trash. Jayden rushes up catching the tray at the last second, “Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, I’m just not hungry anymore,” Leroy says downtrodden.

“Does it have anything to do with Aldo showing off his abs with Michelle’s name written across?” Jayden tentatively asks.

Leroy shrugs, his shoulders slumping. “I really like him Jayden,” Leroy softly says, his velvety voice laced with emotion.

“I know you do, so let’s go try and lasso him away from Michelle,” Jayden suggests, linking his arm in his and leading him between the cafeteria tables towards the swim team table.

“He’s claimed,” Leroy grumbles.

“Last night he was,” Jayden points out. “He goes through them fast. Wasn’t the last one Nicole?”

“Isabella,” Leroy says. “Nicole was a few weeks ago.”

“My point exactly. Nothing stays permanent with him, and maybe it’s because he just hasn’t noticed you,” Jayden says encouragingly bumping his hip against Leroy’s.

“You really think so?” Leroy asks, hope barely in the undertones of his voice, but his dark eyes alight with the possibility as he eyes Jayden.

“Absolutely, you are a stud. He would be lucky to have a chance with you, I certainly was,” Jayden smiles.

“Was?” Leroy asks.

“Hey everyone! Guess who’s crashing your school today!”

“Jayden!” They all say enthusiastically making room at the table for him and Leroy.

“What are you doing here?” Asks Shane.

“Switching schools, right bro? You miss us!” Nudges Aldo, his foot tapping Jayden’s unhurt ankle.

“I’m just here for a visit,” Jayden says smiling.

Max thumps Jayden on the back and pushing Shane over. “Staying for lunch?” He smiles.

“You bet,” grins Jayden his eyes twinkling. “So…I saw your abs from across the room, who’s claimed you now?”

“No one bro,” Aldo says showing his chest and abs to Max, and now Rex who pushes Adam over, not too gently Jayden notices to sit next to Aldo. “I broke up with her after she did this!”

“Free man again? That won’t last long,” Jayden jokes shaking his head.

“No way, I’m swearing off of women for a good…well at least for one month!”

“But your huevos, who will take care of those?” Asks Jayden digging into his mac and cheese.

“Its simple man,” Aldo does a crude jacking off jester with his left hand making the whole table roar with laughter.

Jayden raises one eyebrow in Leroy’s direction, bumping him with his elbow in his side. “See?” Jayden mouths smiling more widely.

“Of course, you will be doing the same right hombre?”

“Huh?” Jayden asks uncomprehendingly.

“You and Bill. Sorry you guys broke up, you were a cute couple. It’s too bad,” Aldo says shaking his head. The entire lunch conversation so full of life and laughter ends after this declaration. Everyone either staring at Bill or Jayden.

“Er…” Jayden starts.

“What our eloquent ex-teammate is trying to say is that they are both sad about it too,” Chase says sitting next to Bill. “Sometimes love just isn’t enough, we will all be okay Aldo.

All eyes turn to Chase and then back to Jayden, and Shane asks. “We will all be okay…Chase, did you and Jayden?”

“Let’s not go there Shane, it’s too soon for both Bill and I. Although, I hear Michelle is back on the field, Bill we should fight over her next. How does that sound?” Chase grins with his classic Cheshire cat smile making everyone laugh and cutting through the tension, even Bill joins in and quickly shrugs Chase’s arm off of his shoulders.

Shane not quite getting the hint asks. “But wait, you and Jayden…”

But he’s cut off quite quickly with a loud splat that echoes underneath the table. Shane, the guys the team wanted to be captain, just a month ago who’s balls were not quite spectacular enough to beat out Chase’s gets booted underneath the table. Shane yelps, grabbing his junk with a surprise groan. “Fuck! Chase!”

“Wasn’t me,” Chase says laughing holding his arms up innocently.

“It was me,” smiles Bill. “Sometimes you need to learn to just shut up Shane.”

“I was just asking about…”


Shane’s eyes cross this time, and his face crumples in ball crunching agony from the second assault occurring underneath the table.

“Okay, that time it was me! I think that I got him better than you did Bill,” Chase laughs.

“No, you didn’t,” Bill says smiling slyly.

“Wait…Bill…don’t!” Shane yells like a banshee while Bill smiles more broadly as Shane crumples to the ground.

“See?” Bill grins. “My hit was way worse!”

“I’ll give it to you, this time,” Chase laughs thumping Bill on the back good naturedly.

“Did they just…?” Leroy asks.

“I’m in the Twilight Zone,” Jayden laughs. “You okay Shane?”

“Fuck no!” Shane grumbles from the ground, clutching him aching nuts his face a mask of pain as the swim team laughs.

The bell rings, and the whole team groans. Everyone comes around to wish Jayden well, except for Adam who didn’t speak to him at all during lunch. The boys head off to their classes, Bill and Chase help Shane to his feet and continue their ball tagging game all the way to their next class.

Aldo walks next to Jayden, who says it’s his free period next.

“Perfect,” says Jayden.

“What are you thinking,” Leroy whispers in his ear.

“That you should skip your next class and join us,” Jayden smirks with mischief.

Leroy rolls his eyes, but stays with them as they head back outside over to a picnic bench in the sun, the light warming their faces.

“My ass is hot!” Aldo jokes as he sits down on the bench.

“Sure is,” Leroy agrees. Then registering what he said, quickly adds. “Mine too, the sun is awful today!” Hoping no one caught what he said.

Jayden seeing his blunder jumps in, “Yeah, let’s sun bathe in the grass instead” he proposes as he peels off his tank top going behind the bench so they won’t be seen by the school staff near the entrance of the school. Jayden’s muscles ripple in the sunlight, and Aldo and Leroy admire his form and quickly do the same all three laying peacefully next to each other soaking in the hot spring sun, the grass tickling their skin beneath them.

“Oh shoot!” Jayden thumps his head mockingly. “Aldo, you are going to get an awful tan line with Michelle’s name.”

“You’re right bro, I better put my shirt back on!”

Leroy looks at Jayden as if he just took Christmas away.

“No need for that,” Jayden pulls out a container of hand sanitizer he keeps in his bag, handing it to Leroy. “Leroy’s got you covered. Leroy use my gym t-shirt. Help Aldo out!”

“Good thinking bro!” Aldo says back in sun and puts his hands behind his head giving Leroy full access to his body. “Go for it, I really appreciate it.”

“Sure,” Leroy says his voice catching. He closes his eyes in horror at the sound of his own voice and closes his mouth wanting to crawl up and die.

“He needs to get close to your abs Aldo, open up your legs so he can get right in there,” suggests Jayden who also tucks his arms behind his head, and resting his aching foot on the bench elevating it.

“Okay,” Leroy says his voice thick as he crawls on his hands and knees over to Aldo, and placing a large amount of hand sanitizer on his hand and starts to rub it into Aldo’s perfectly smooth ripped abdomen. Leroy goes slow, working Jayden’s old gym shirt into the sharpie signature. Leroy is surprised when the trick works. He has to really use his muscles to rub, so he places his other hand on Aldo’s hip, inches away from Aldo’s plump package that bulges outward barely inches from his fingertips.

“There,” Leroy announces, finishing the job.

“Thanks!” Aldo says.

“Good work,” Jayden compliments banging on Leroy’s back extra hard so he makes Leroy overbalance on his knees and stumble forward landing on top of Aldo. “Oops, my bad!”

Aldo not expecting it, with his hands tucked behind his head groans in surprise lifting up his knees, one of which impales Leroy right in his tight ballsac nailing the twin orbs perfectly. “Ohh shit,” laughs Aldo, “Did I just…?”

“Yup,” Leroy moans getting into pushup position on top of Aldo staring into his eyes, “You got me good, too. Fuuck!”

“Shit, I’m sorry hombre,” Aldo shifts a bit before Leroy’s thigh is tucked in between Aldo’s legs, his bony knee resting at the bottom of his ballsac. “Only fair, I got you. You should get to hit my huevos.”

“I couldn’t!” Leroy says.

“He’s right. It’s only fair, you should do what the man wants,” advises Jayden. “Hit him in the nuts!”

“Well,” says Leroy licking his lips, and thinking. “Could I squeeze them instead?”

Aldo laughs, “Sure, if that’s your pleasure. Thirty seconds enough?”

“Yeah,” agrees Leroy.

“I’ll time it!” Jayden says reaching into his pocket for his phone and remembering that it was destroyed by Sam Hell a few days ago. “I’ll time it with Leroy’s,” Jayden suggests instead reaching into Leroy’s pocket, and gives Leroy’s cockhead through the silky material a few quick strokes, before picking up the cell and taking it out.

Leroy’s breathe hitches and he looks at Jayden with a mixture of pleasure, annoyance and worry.

“All set now!” Jayden beams, knowing full well what he just did to Leroy. Jayden waves the phone the timer app open and ready to go. “Tell me when you are ready,” says Jayden.

Leroy reaches down with both hands placing them on Aldo’s big package feeling around, as if he could not find Aldo’s nuts all along and uses the excuse to rub Aldo’s penis from root to tip, a few times before going below and scooping up Aldo’s nutsac then separating them fitting one into each hand. “I think I finally found them,” Leroy acknowledges.

“You sure, this big one looks like one,” Jayden points out reaching forward with one hand wrapping it around Aldo’s cockhead and giving it a gentle squeeze or two. “Wait…I don’t think this is a nut…” he laughs letting it go as the manipulated cockhead grows in size and starts to rise.

Aldo groans man, “You guys are getting me hard, get this over with before I make a mess!” He laughs putting his hands behind his head again, stretching his midsection making his abs flex, as his erection continues to swell in his shorts.

“Okay…I think I’m ready Jayden, count me in,” Leroy says.

“Okay Leroy. Three, two, one squeeze!” Jayden counts seeing the look of determination on Leroy’s face as he grips Aldo with his fists tight, the muscles in his arms straining.

Jayden turns to look at Aldo, and sees that he should have been looking nowhere else, Aldo is putting on quite a display.

Aldo leans forward, his arms that were tucked behind his head slam on the green freshly mowed grass as he groans clenching and unclenching his abdomen, his muscles straining as the pain that Jayden is imagining is occurring in Aldo’s shorts intensifies. “My huevos!” Aldo whimpers staring helplessly at Leroy’s fists twisting and squashing the contents within.

“Shit…I forgot to start the timer!” Jayden laughs, just now hitting the green button.

Aldo looks over at Jayden in annoyance, but his eyes quickly cross as he whimpers out, “Fucking huevos, shit!”

“Ah, ah, ah, ah!” Aldo chants as the time ticks down.

Jayden not watching the time sees that Leroy has been squeezing Aldo for almost two minutes, and that was after he ‘forgot’ to start the timer.

“Oops! Leroy’s phone was on silent, your good now Aldo you made it thirty seconds…and just a bit longer,” Jayden laughs but sees that Leroy has not let go of Aldo’s nuts, and Aldo didn’t seem to hear Jayden at all as his body trembles, his head falling back twisting side to side, as his hips writhe up, his erection still pointing skyward glistens wet around the tip from the pre-cum soaking around the tip of Aldo’s leaky cock.

“Maybe I should…” Jayden bites my lip and leans forward grasping Aldo’s cockhead once more as Aldo shudders, groaning.

“Fuck, fuck, ah, ah!” Aldo squeezes his eyes shut as he starts to hump Jayden’s fist. Jayden motioning to Leroy quickly switches places with Leroy so that Leroy starts pumping Aldo’s big thick cock through his sweat pants in thankfully the back of the playground behind the school bench, while Jayden picks up Aldo’s plump nuggets which seem extra firm, maybe Michelle and Aldo didn’t have sex last night after all.

Aldo seems to be in the zone as he humps Leroy’s fist, while Jayden holds on tight to his nutsac the pair of them must be doing wonders to Aldo’s senses as he thrusts his erection in and out of Leroy’s hand.

Leroy, tired of touching him through his shorts pulls them down exposing Aldo’s throbbing erection and trimmed black pubes, his ballsac still hairless but lost in Jayden’s tight grip is stretched downward his ballsac snug and taut. Aldo opens eyes briefly to see Leroy jump on his cockhead, swallowing it down. Aldo groans this time in abject pleasure as Leroy bobs his head.

“Fuck Leroy,” Aldo his voice thick and raw swears.

Jayden also tired of over the clothes reach down Aldo’s underwear scooping up each nut tight against the base of his cock and starts to squeezes the bare pair, and can do so  much more firmly. Aldo sensing this lets out a long low grunt, and starts to thrust in Leroy’s mouth, pounding into the back of his throat.

Aldo announces his upcoming ejaculation, “I’m cumming hombres, I’m cumming! I am gonna…”

With one last thrust, Aldo’s ass lifts off of the grass, and strains bucking, his ass cheeks clenching hard as steel as he starts pumping down Leroy’s throat. Jayden feeling Aldo’s cum swirl and propel through the testicle tubes, squeezes and releases Aldo’s nuts over and over. Aldo moans, grunting and drops back to the grass spent, one hand tangled in Leroy’s hair, the other rubbing his own bare chest.

Leroy after another few seconds pulls off Aldo’s cock, looking up at Aldo cautiously.

“Come here bro,” Aldo says his voice husky.

Leroy lays on top of Aldo, and Jayden sensing it’s a good time to make himself scarce releases Aldo’s low hangers which drop back between his legs, red and throbbing.

Jayden stands and stretches, pulling his tank top over his head. When his face emerges from the fabric he sees Aldo and Leroy making out on the ground, he feels a beat of heartache but knows, that this is right and is proud that he helped bring the two together.

Jayden starts to limp away on his crutches, his smile never fading from his face as he heads towards his old schools park gates knowing that now that he has ended things with Bill, Chase, and Leroy there is no real reason to return to this school, that is firmly set now in his past. 


That was
Option D: Jayden chooses no one

Previously published:
Option A: Jayden chooses Bill
Option B: Jayden chooses Chase
Option C: Jayden chooses Leroy

Coming up:
Option E: Jayden chooses everyone (Bill, Chase, and Leroy)

Option F: Devil Boy chooses Jayden
The end


Anonymous said...

Wow, such a great series. I'm hlad Leroy got what he really wanted!

Anonymous said...

So far, the Chase ending is still my favorite, but, it was pretty interesting to see Chase actually bond with Bill while busting Shane's balls and how it seemed like he was way more laid back than his usual short tempered way ... And the way Leroy actually ended up with his man was actually pretty hot which (Hoping that either the Chase or Bill ending becomes canon) Hope that somehow Leroy still manages to stay with Aldo and his big huevos (Which makes me think that Leroy may have a thing for latino boys since he seemed to like Jayden a lot as well)

-Anon Uno

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Reg,

I'm so glad that you liked this one (and the series overall, obvi.). It was great to write Aldo and Leroy getting together. I have been trying to figure out a way to write the scene between Aldo and Leroy for a long time. It's been building since I think Captain Chase, way back in chapter 8. This was a great payoff for so many reasons. Personally I would love Leroy to get this moment and have it be cannon, but I am not voting as I said before it's all in your hands, but it would be really great for this to be cannon. But at least if it does not get chosen everyone will know how it could have been.

Dear Anon Uno,

I am so glad that you liked the cafeteria scene! Chase and Bill have had this rollercoaster relationship over the series and it would be really neat to see the two explore a "friendship" if one can even call it that. Imagine the two of them actually joining forces and actually meaning it?

I was super happy to have Leroy get this moment, and it really shows that sometimes you just have to try to get the guy that you want. It was fun to write Leroy and Aldo together, and Jayden playing match maker was really fun to write.

Wait until you read tomorrows, it's a ton of fun!



Harry said...

This episode was sweet. Props to my boy Leroy for taking care of business:) But I can’t vote for this one and let him get played by Aldo, who only gave up pussy for one month after all.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Harry,

I'm glad that you like it my friend! Leroy certainly did, and he had a good time doing so. Is Leroy getting played by Aldo? If anything I would argue that Leroy was the one in charge. I understand where you are coming from. Maybe Aldo won't stay off females for very long. Neither of them talked long-term, it may also be too early to tell.