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The choice - Option C: Jayden chooses Leroy (written by Jimmy)

This is OPTION C of an interactive storyline that has several options. At the end of the week you will get to choose how things will go on.

Special thanks to Jimmy for his incredible work!

Previously published:
Option A: Jayden chooses Bill
Option B: Jayden chooses Chase

Coming up:
Option D: Jayden chooses no one
Option E: Jayden chooses everyone (Bill, Chase, and Leroy)
Option F: Devil Boy chooses Jayden
The end

Author's note: The ending of "Jayden chooses Bill"is changed to Jayden ending his relationship and not continuing it with him. This story also sees Jayden ending things with Chase, closing that chapter and choosing Leroy instead.

Jayden waits for Chase in the Jacuzzi, he has just ended his relationship with Bill for good, and he plans to do the same with Chase. The Jacuzzi seemed like the perfect place to put closer on this relationship as well. To Jayden, his love for Chase was always one of passion, confrontation, and pain. Jayden has started feeling new feelings for Leroy, and even though those feelings are new he wants to explore those with him and the possibilities that come with starting a relationship with him.

Chase opens the Jacuzzi room door ending Jayden’s train of thought. From the doorway Chase brushes back his blonde hair, rolling his shoulders as he struts purposely towards the warm bubbling water.

“Hey Jayden, funny meeting you here,” Chase grins sitting at the water’s edge putting his feet into the hot foamy water below.

“It’s not a coincidence actually, I wanted to meet with you in person,” Jayden explain, splashing over to where Chase is sitting.

“Been dreaming about me, have you?” Chase asks laughing, then abruptly stops seeing Jayden’s cheeks burning red. “Out-oh. Not good news then. Rip the Band-Aid off Jayden, did you pick Bill?”

Shaking his head, Jayden answers “No, I did not.”


“Yeah,” Jayden says his voice quavering, “I’m sorry.”

“Makes sense, I screwed everything up. I think I even tanked things for you and Bill. I’m kind of a big screw up,” Chase admits lowering himself in the water, going under and coming back up, blinking the hot water away. “Don’t be hard on yourself, you can’t change the past.”

“I want to still be your friend,” Jayden reaches out grabbing Chase’s shoulder. “Can we be friends?”

“I’m not really good at having friends,” Chase grins. “You’ve seen how I treated mine.”

“We could be different.”

“Yeah, we would. Until I fuck it all up, it’s better if we aren’t. I would only end up hurting you again, or ruining your next relationship. You’re better off without me,” Chase brushes off Jayden’s hand and stands up the water cascading off of him down his strongly built golden chest, the water falling in rivulets between his pecs and through his abs. “I’m going to go cool off in the pool, see you around Jayden.”

Chase steps out of the water, and Jayden tries to climb up and follow him, but with his ankle he is too slow. Chase is at the door before he picks up his crutches.


Not turning around he waits for a brief moment, before he strolls out of the Jacuzzi room, his bravado from earlier has been sapped from his fluid movements.

“Shit,” Jayden swears, tucking each crutch under his arm and hobbling to the door to go after him.

The door opens before he can reach it with Doug pushing the door open.

“Jayden, what are you doing here?”

“Doug…I have to talk to Chase, excuse me,” Jayden says trying to move past him, but Doug blocks the exit forcing Jayden to stop.

Doug closes the door firmly behind him. “Just a second, I have to talk to you.”

Jayden wants to cross his arms, but he can’t so he settles for leaning against his crutches, is hurt foot elevated in the air. Raising his eyebrow he asks, “What Doug? I’m in a hurry.”

“You look like you might have to forfeit the match against me in two weeks, poor Bartlet,” Doug says shaking his head.

“I’m sure that they will put someone in to take my place,” Jayden says.

“Can’t, you’re the only other fourteen year old on your team, such a shame.”

Jayden thinks for a minute, “Well my doctor thinks I should be fine in a week or two. I just have to take it easy, and if not I’ll find someone in the school to take my spot. Don’t worry we won’t forfeit.”

“Good,” Doug says. “I was hoping that you wouldn’t wimp out. I have a score to settle with your boyfriend Chase, and I plan on using you to do it.”

Jayden narrows his brown eyes at him, wishing that he wasn’t injured. “I’ll be ready,” Jayden says, his voice dripping with defiance.

“We will see...” Doug says leaning in, his height towering over Jayden.

Jayden glares up at him, and Doug gives him a little shove against his chest. Stumbling Jayden tries to find his balance again but he loses it and tries to step on his bad ankle and crumples to the ground seeing stars.

“Ahh,” Jayden screams grabbing his ankle.

“Ooops! My bad. Sometimes I don’t even know my own strength.” Doug laughs cruelly, “Here let me help you,” offers Doug picking up one of the crutches and uses it like a golf club swinging it in between Jayden’s open legs connecting perfectly with Jayden’s wet speedo bulge.

“There you go! Now you can use that to help you get up!” Doug’s laughter echoes around the small room, as Jayden grabs his aching balls and hurt ankle rolling into a ball as Doug leaves  the Jacuzzi room and Jayden on the title floor. “Turns out that I don’t want a dip in the water after all, I wouldn’t want to sit in the water that you and slimy Chase were just in!”

Jayden spent a long time on the Jacuzzi room floor before he was able to finally get up. That hit to his nuts was awful, but the blow to his ankle was worse, and really unforgivable to Jayden. Going much more slowly Jayden hobbles back to the changing room, and takes an extra-long shower; he didn’t plan on meeting Leroy until his free period which he usually spends reading and doing homework under the school elm trees around the back of the park. The idea of the walk out there seems awful at the moment, but he grits his teeth and endures.

It takes Jayden a half hour to hobble out to the end of the park on his bum ankle, he is glad that he left early it gives him a chance to setup the picnic that he prepared in his house in the morning. When he finishes he sends Leroy a quick text.

Jayden: Meet my by the trees, I’ll be waiting for you.

Leroy:…you’re still here?

Jayden: Come and find out.
Jayden patiently waits for Leroy, spending his time placing out the turkey and cheese sandwiches with potato chips and the fresh cut strawberries between the plates dividing the food evenly. Just as Jayden starts to pull out the sodas he sees Leroy mixed with some of the other students, clearly looking forward to an hour of leisure out in the sun for the free period. Jayden wave’s enthusiastically, and he sees Leroy do the same.

A few feet away Leroy stops admiring the picnic that Jayden has prepared for him, “Is this all for me?”

“Yes, and me. I figured we could share an early lunch together out in the sunshine and away from that stuffy cafeteria,” Jayden says smiling easily. “Come and join me!”

Leroy sits right next to him, leaning in for a kiss. Jayden sighs contentedly, as he pulls away stealing a breath. “I’m so glad that you are here, today was hard.”

Leroy puts an arm consolably around Jayden’s shoulders, “Endings always are.”

“Too right you are.”

“But,” begins Leroy grabbing Jayden by the chin finds his eyes and he leans down. “Beginnings can lead to whole new chapters, even better than the book you just closed.”

“Listen to you getting all philosophical,” Jayden perks his head up his eyes closing as he kisses Leroy back.

The two spend quite a bit of Leroy’s free period kissing, eating, and laughing. By the end of the picnic lunch Leroy didn’t get much time to read, but Leroy concludes; “This was so much better, I can catch up when I get home.”

Leroy helps Jayden clean up, and he turns to him with a questioning look.  “How are you getting home?”

“Gino. He said that he would pick me up and take me home on his break,” Jayden explains as Leroy grabs him hand, his ebony skin soft against his own light brown hand.

“You seem to be limping more,” Leroy says with concern. “Maybe you should have rested some more.”

“It wasn’t that, actually it was…” and Jayden’s eyes flash as Doug leaves the building. He notices Jayden right away and he points a finger like a gun and mouths the word: bang. “Him,” Jayden whispers.

“You ran into Doug?” Leroy asks looking down at Jayden’s ankle and seeing the swelling red skin below his ankle sock.

“Yeah, you can say we had a bit of a run in.”

Leroy looks angry, angrier than Jayden has ever seen him before. Leroy seems to get quiet as the two of them watch Doug joking around with some of his wrestling buddies heading over to the outdoor basketball court.

Helping Jayden to sit at a bench, Leroy stands up glaring at the basketball could with narrowed focus eyes. “I’ll be right back.”

Jayden seeing where Leroy intends to go pleads, “Don’t he would destroy you, and he’s with three of his friends. I’ll face him in two weeks. I’ll get even with him then.”

“Uhuh, no one messes with my guy and gets to just walk away unscathed,” Leroy says, cracking his knuckles one at a time imagining what he is going to do to Doug.

Jayden grasps his wrist, “Please don’t. Let me handle him. I’ve gotten you in enough trouble already.”

“What happened with Bill and Chase the other day isn’t your fault. I wish that you could see that,” Leroy says turning back to him, “You can’t possibly think otherwise. Jake and Sam Hell…they came for me just as much as you. You managed to show them up; with some help.”

“Barely,” Jayden grimaces remembering reaching down and fondling his hefty scrotum, making sure that his boynuts are safe.

“I’m going over there,” Leroy says, he is about to but abruptly stop walking when things get worse. Pulling up in front of the school is Bill’s Dad.

Bill seems to be dragging his feet walking over to his Dad’s car, and it’s more than obvious why.

Sam Hell and Jake step out from the back seat, each of them looks out of place.

“No way,” Jayden mumbles.

“Fuck,” Leroy swears.

Sam Hell’s red eyes do a slow lingering survey around the school yard, and seem to narrow in and find Jayden and Leroy pegging them in his gaze. Like blood in the water, Sam Hell’s red eyes feast on the crutches that Jayden has by his sides, and his lips curl menacingly showing his fine white pointy teeth.

“It looks like he has fangs,” Leroy says mystified.

“I think he does…what did he do to his teeth?”

“Shit if I know,” Leroy shakes his head. “What are we going to do Jayden?”

Jayden turns to Leroy, pulling him down on the bench next to him watching as Bill, Sam Hell, Jake, and Bill’s Dad heads towards the school. “We show them no fear,” Jayden says with confidence and he pulls Leroy against him, gripping his t-shirt strongly in one hand while he kisses Leroy with intensity.

Leroy, almost jumps out of his skin from Jayden’s ferociously passionate kiss, which warms him from the outside in. He laughs a bit as Jayden purrs into his mouth and the two pull away starring at each other laughing, the power of friendship and new beginnings dancing between them.

“Hold on tight Leroy,” Jayden says squeezing Leroy’s hand. “Because I’m going to take you on a magic carpet ride.”

Laughing, Leroy punches him in the arm, and the two scuffle teasing each other. “You are such a dork, you don’t have a magic carpet.”

“Oh yeah? Well, you rubbed my lamp and umm, he’s ready to grant you a wish,” Jayden says seductively, bouncing his eyebrows up and down making Leroy giggle.

“Never change, you are perfect as you are,” Leroy admits. “Even if you are the biggest dork of them all.”

When Bill and his family pass by Jayden and Leroy hardly notice, but Sam Hell elbows Jake in the side. Jake lowers his head down where he whispers in his ear.

Bill’s forehead crinkles with worry, and he taps Sam Hell on the shoulder, shaking his head. “No Sam,” Bill says loudly.

Sam Hell gnashes his teeth, growling at him; which goes unnoticed by Bill’s dad who warmly greets the principal at the schools entrance.

Standing his ground Bill stares up at Hell, and surprisingly Devil Boy shrugs and shakes the principal’s hand seemingly ignoring Jayden and Leroy. It’s not until the group enters the building that Jake hangs back and pauses.

“Hey Jayden,” he calls across the yard. Jake makes a straight line across his throat with one finger. “See you on the mat in two weeks. Tell your brother, and Logan we will see them soon.” The giant seventeen year old standing almost 6’2 turns and heads into the school leaving Jayden and Leroy to worry even more about the upcoming wrestling match in two weeks against his old school wrestling team.


That was
Option C: Jayden chooses Leroy

Previously published:
Option A: Jayden chooses Bill
Option B: Jayden chooses Chase

Coming up:
Option D: Jayden chooses no one
Option E: Jayden chooses everyone (Bill, Chase, and Leroy)
Option F: Devil Boy chooses Jayden
The end


Anonymous said...

Alright, so, this ending was interesting, especially with my boy Chase (I KNOW all my messages so far have been focused on Chase, but... AGH! I JUST WANT THAT DUMMY TO BE HAPPY) and his reaction to Jayden's decision to end things with Chase...

Chase really showed how much he has grown as a person by accepting his loss and not getting mad at Jayden at all... and how he actually admits that he always fucks everything up... I felt really bad for Chase, it's obvious that he really loves Jayden, and sometimes loving someone means letting them go, just like that interaction with him and Leroy on the War story, he didn't fight, he didn't try to bargain with Jayden, he didn't even told him something like "YOU'LL REGRET THIS, JAYDEN, I'LL TURN YOUR BOYNUTS INTO BOYNUT BUTTER!", nope, nothing, he respected Jayden decision and walked away from the jacuzzi, cutting himself out of Jayden's life for his own good... GOD I HOPE CHASE WINS.

And Jayden ending up with Leroy, well... while yeah, their scenes alone together were filled with passion and they were some of my favorite since I love some diversity in bb stories, but I still had Aldo in my mind and how Leroy clearly had a huge crush on him during most of the stories Leroy has been in

It's cute to see that Bill actually manages to somehow kinda control Sam Hell in the car, like, Bill literally just made a deal with the devil, wasted the deal with his plan that backfired and now he's just... stuck with Sam and Jake, which seem to be grateful towards Bill, although, we don't really know how they treat Bill while on the privacy of their NEW HOME, right?

-Anon Uno

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anon Uno,

It's been really great as an author to show Chase's evolution over time, and it would be fantastic to write Chase and Jayden ending up together...but that depends on all of you!

Leroy and Jayden just have it so easy, but as you pointed out there is another guy in the picture: Aldo. Leroy has had this crush for Aldo so long, just like Bill has had for Jayden. It's hard for Leroy to let him go, especially to never really go for it. He might always have that, "What if?" going for him.

We will absolutely see more of the Sam Hell, Jake and Bill dilemma in the future. It's hard for the readers to see all of the characters and know everything because our lens is through Jayden. If Jayden does not pursue the answer we don't usually get to know what happened either. I do promise that that dynamic will be looked in upon, because seriously, "What the heck is happening at Bill's house?!?"