Monday, August 24, 2020

Worst babysitter ever - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy)

This is the 15th part of the Gino and Jayden series written by our reader Jimmy. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.


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In a daze Jayden walks along his crumbling street on the broken sidewalk, back and forth and around the block again, the sun slowly descending from the sky. The spring air is warm on his face, night is falling but Jayden notices none of it. Bill. He can’t stop thinking about Bill, and what he can’t take back but he wishes he could.

Jayden has strong feelings towards Chase, he tried to deny them but something is happening between the two, and wishes to explore it but…Chase can be so mean to Bill, who interrupted their wrestling session bringing along his own brother to use against him. Gino too advantage of the opportunity to make Chase cum again in his clutches, Jayden barely was able to stop the combined forces of Gino and Bill. Now Bill won’t answer his calls, and he is ignoring Chase’s. In addition, Jayden and Gino’s relationship has been severely strained the two fighting worse than ever before.

His phone buzzes in his pocket, causing him to jump interrupting his thoughts.

Jayden reaches into it fumbling the device open, his cracked screen glowing as he swipes right turning the screen on: “Hello, Bill?”

“Do I sound like your boyfriend?” Logan asks with a chuckle, his rich voice coming through the other end.

“….Logan…I thought…”

“That I was Bill. I got that. You on your way? You’re kind of late.” Logan emphasizes the word: late irradiation is evident in his tone.

“Late for…shit. I forgot,” Jayden slams his fist against his forehead.

“Don’t worry about it. I always show up late. Best offence is defense, you got the directions, right?” Logan asks.

Jayden breathes out, “Yes.”

“Great! You will have a blast! Caleb and Junior love you.”

Jayden meanders home, grabbing his rusted up dinger of a bicycle and climbs on, strapping his helmet in place. Jayden starts pedaling when he asks, “Logan?”

“Yeah, buddy?” Logan asks.

“I messed things up with Bill the other day. Real bad,” Jayden’s voice gets thick, and he can feel his Adam’s apple jumping up and down, heat rushing to his face. “What do I do?”

“Whenever I fuck with Ashley, and believe me when I say, it’s often. I just tell her, it’s all

1). All my fault

2). I love you

3). Here’s a big present. And that usually works,” Logan says.

“Have you ever…cheated on her?” Jayden asks shyly. “I kind of did, but not really. I don’t know…and Bill knows. I don’t know how to fix this, I think I broke his heart.”

“Oh man. Just suck his cock that should…”

“Logan!” Jayden looks back and forth as if people were watching, or listening in. “Bill’s not…we haven’t…”

Logan laughs, “Really?”

“I want to!” Jayden groans.

“Clearly,” Logan chuckles. “Bill will get over it. Do my three step method: apologize, say “I love you,” and…”

“Let him kick me in the nuts!” Jayden says.

“Ummm…okay. Sure, a little revenge scenario could work too,” Logan smirks.

“He’s really into ballbusting, I hardly ever let him do it to me.”

“You have a plan then! Great!”

“Thank you Logan!” Jayden smiles comes shining through the phone.

“Anytime buddy, and thank you for tonight. Ashley is letting me tie her up, I brought these special hand cuffs…”

“Eww,” Jayden laughs, “Straight people sex is gross. I don’t want to hear anymore.”

“You are such a kid,” Logan says. “I got to go.”

“Me too,” Jayden comes to a stop outside a white picket fence, the yellow ranch house with a stone step walkway is before him, ruby red rose bushes on either side of the path his bike tiring screeching as he pulls to a full stop. “Bye Logan,” Jayden drops his phone in his pocket disconnecting the call as he swings one leg off of the bike, and rolls the bike slowly up the path staring at the storybook house. Jayden can see Bartlet Harbor over towards the left through a thick thicket of trees, and he smells the salty sea air, which is thick and intoxicating, as Jayden parks his bicycle next to Caleb and Junior’s front step remembering to click his helmets strap over one of the handlebars. “Wow, what a cool house,” Jayden whispers walking toward the front door in amazement at the luxury and wonder of the home that Logan’s cousins occupy.

Jayden reaches forward tapping the glowing white doorbell set curiously in the center of the door. A melody begins to play, and Jayden recognizes the musical tune of “Hush Little Baby,” as the door opens.

A harassed looking woman wearing an elegant black designer strapless dress appears in the door way, with hanging pearl drop earrings screaming over her shoulder, “And put your shirt back on, you’re not an animal!” The woman’s bleach blond hair is cut dramatically short, her hair framing her 40 something year old face as she looks down towards Jayden. “Thank god you’re here. Come in, come in!” She says beckoning.

“Mrs. Bru…”

“I’ve told you, it’s Janet. Now they have had their supper, two actually. They never stop eating, and dessert. They should be in bed by 7:30, but since it’s a Saturday night they can stay up until 8:00. Not a minute longer…I know Caleb’s thirteen but it takes them forever to go to sleep. Look at me going on, you know the drill!” Janet leans down kisses him on both cheeks. “It’s good to see you back, the little rascals always scare away the babysitters.”

Jayden gulps. “I made it through the last time, right?”

“True, but that was during the day, and with me here. You are on your own,” and she dutifully hugged him. “I wish you the best of luck!” She quickly escapes past Jayden, just in case he decides to do the same.

Janet hurries out the door, shoving a handwritten note into his hand of all the important contact information, including Bartlet Emergency room and the Police Station, which Jayden hopes he is not going to need tonight. Jayden hears her locking the door from the outside as she shouts, “They have been in the pool all day, and it’s new. The rascals should be tired!” And she clicks down the walkway, her high heels powering towards her Lyft waiting to take her out to dinner to meet her husband, she hurries as if she is worried that Jayden might change his mind, and flee.

Jayden turns away from the door spotting Caleb in his wet bathing suit, trailing water down the hallway a puddle growing underneath him as his lips twitch into a shit eating grin, reminiscent of Logan’s. Caleb’s changed since Jayden last saw him shirtless in the hot tub after his first wrestling match with Logan. Caleb’s chest muscles seem bigger, his flat stomach is changing into a six-pack, and his hips have a distinguishable V shape pointing down to his wet bathing suit, which he notices is sticking out a bit. Logan’s cousin has certainly gone through a growth spurt, and with the blonde hair and blue eyes, he looks almost like a more rugged clone of Logan, just a few years younger.

“You came back?” Caleb’s smile growing larger as he looks Jayden up and down. “You bring your Bartlet Red Speedo’s?” Not noticing Jayden, checking out his growing body and assets.

“Ahhh,” Jayden gulps trying to find his footing and reaches into his backpack. “I’m sure that I got a pair in here somewhere.

Caleb strolls up to him, the boy’s thin arms reaching for Jayden’s zipper on his backpack opening it wider, “There they are, can’t miss those.”

“Your voice…” Jayden says looking up hearing the hitch in it. “It’s starting to change.”

“Yup,” Caleb says. “I’m growing up. I’m thirteen now” he says proudly his blue eyes sparkling, as he grabs Jayden arm tugging him “Go change. Junior is still in the pool.”

“Aren’t you supposed to wait 30 to 45 minutes after you eat before you swim?” Jayden asks with trepidation.

Caleb smirks, “In this house, rules were made for breaking.” Caleb reaches down and thumps his open palm once against Jayden’s boynuts causing him to jump back in alarm, knowing how deadly the boy can be.

Smiling Caleb rolls his eyes, “So dramatic. See you in the pool.” Caleb turns, pulling the glass slider open and running towards the pool Jayden assumes as he drops out of sight.

Jayden hears a loud splash and both Caleb and Junior laughing. “Is he here?”

“He’s changing bro,” Caleb yells after his brother as Junior rounds the corner of the yellow house and runs right into Jayden’s arms knocking both of them to the floor.

“Ugh,” Jayden groans as Junior’s knees land directly on top of his boynuts.

“That was a soft landing,” Junior says giggling, as they ten year old hugs Jayden tightly. “Did I get ‘em?”

Jayden groans again, “Yup, you certainly did.” Jayden pushes Junior to the side as he sits up clutching his groin.

Still giggling Junior punches Jayden on the arm, “Hurry up and get changed already!”

“Not in front of you,” Jayden says getting to his feet.

Junior jumps up to his, “Not like I haven’t seen them before.” Junior says matter-a-factly.

Jayden grabs him around the middle making the boy squeal as he puts him over one shoulder and marches him out to the pool, Junior laughing and thumping his back trying to get down. “I think you need to cool off!” and Jayden heaves the boy and tosses Junior who thrashes in the air screaming with laughter.

Jayden hears the splash as he pulls his now wet shirt overhead, tossing it to the ground and unbuckling his pants, stepping out of those as Junior comes up for air.

Jayden looks left and right as he steps out of his shoes, standing in only his underwear which are blue boxer Captain America briefs, “Where’s Caleb?”

“Behind you,” says Caleb shoving Jayden in the center of the back sending him sprawling into the pool. “No red speedos?”

Jayden come sup spluttering. “Never made it to the changing room. Besides, I’m off swim duty, these are more comfortable anyways.”

“Suit yourself,” and Caleb dives effortlessly into the pooling coming up to the front of Jayden, while Junior swims behind sandwiching him between the two boys, the two act as if they are sharks surrounding their prey. “It’s been awhile since we have gotten our hands on these,” and Caleb shoots his hands under the water to get a hold of Jayden’s goods.

Jayden manages to fight him off as the two struggle, testing their strength. Jayden might have prevailed if not for Junior from behind. Junior grabs him around the middle, using each hand darting towards Jayden’s most sensitive parts.

“No,” Jayden pleads, as he feels Junior grab a ball in each hand and start squeezing them.

“He’s got you, huh?” Caleb asks smirking.

“Junior,” Jayden tries to reason his voice straining, “Let my boynuts go, please.”

Junior laughs coming up for air, water spurting from his mouth all over the back of Jayden’s neck “Nope!” He declares, squeezing Jayden’s nuts harder with emphasis.

Jayden laughs, then grimaces as his nuts are being worked over. Struggling with both of the brothers at the same time the two slowly over power Jayden pushing him against the side of the pool.

“Grab one of his arms Junior that way. Then I will have a free one,” Caleb suggests slyly as he struggles against Jayden’s superior upper body strength. Jayden who in normal circumstances could easily overpower Caleb struggles against them as he tries to stay afloat, and suffers from weakening strength from his balls being crushed underneath the water his wet boxer briefs giving him no protection from Junior’s assault, and the wet cotton very easy to grasp and hold onto. Jayden curses himself for not putting on his red Speedo’s, which would have been an advantage in the pool.

“Sure bro,” Junior agrees grabbing one of Jayden’s arms and pinning it on top of the pool wall like Caleb is. “I have to use both of my hands to hold onto him, he’s really struggling,” Junior says frustration creeping into his voice.

“Not for long!” Caleb cheers as he looks Jayden in his dark chocolate eyes and knees him between his thighs.

“Guys wait…!” Jayden scrambles to find an excuse to stop the youngsters and prevent things from getting worse as Caleb’s bony kneecap plunges into his boynuts sending them crashing into his pelvis. “Shit,” groans Jayden. “Who just kneed me?”

“Me!” says Junior kneeing Jayden next.

And for the next minute Jayden finds himself kneed every few seconds by either Caleb or Junior, his boynuts screaming in pain, as the boy’s laugh at the devastation occurring in the pool and eating up all of Jayden’s reactions as they take turns.

“Okay…I give. My boynuts need a break,” Jayden groans trying to laugh it off.

In answer Caleb knees him again, bouncing him out of the water a bit before he slumps back down against the pool wall, squealing.

Seeing that neither Caleb nor Junior are going to let up he makes a last ditch effort and uses his last amount of strength to put both feet against the pool wall and propel himself forward head first, slipping out of both boy’s grasp as he dives underwater.

“Don’t let him escape!” Caleb yells, diving under the water after Jayden’s feet, missing them by inches.

“He’s too fast,” complains Junior swimming on top of the water watching Jayden swim like a fish underneath him all the way across the length of the pool before coming up for air, holding his nads finally.

“There you are,” Caleb dives for Jayden, who grabs the propelling boy around the middle and hurls him over head back to the center of the pool showcasing his raw power and strength.

Caleb comes up spluttering as Junior swim pasts him trying to get to Jayden next. Jayden dives underneath Junior swimming upside down so he can tickle the younger boy in both of his outstretched armpits.

Junior starts laughing under the water, chokes on pool water and grabs onto the side of the pool watching Jayden already emerging at the other side of the pool through his blurry eye lashes, “So fast.” Hiccups Junior in amazement burping up pool water.

Caleb lets out a yell of frustration and swims aggressively at Jayden who mimics going left before diving again this time he elbows Caleb dead center in his abs, making the boy suck in pool water before he too is clinging to the side, coughing holding his abs where Jayden hit him.

“Done?” Jayden taunts. “I thought you two were supposed to be destroying my boynuts?” Jayden taunts swimming to the pool steps and grabs his nuts in mock pain. “Or are you two, too slow?”

Caleb and Junior look at each other and both start swimming towards Jayden, angry at Jayden’s jabs. Jayden just smiles and easily climbs out of the pool, the water dripping down his lithe body, his chest heaving air in and out of his lungs as he causally walks along the pool edge and dives over both boy’s heads into the water behind them swimming to the other side. When Jayden emerges he sticks out his tongue, and says “Nanana booboo, you can’t catch me!”

Tired, but determined Caleb and Junior take back to the water swimming across the pool again; Jayden’s plan of tiring the two boy’s out of commission seems to be working as he watches them struggle, their swim speed slowing as they swim slower towards him.

Jayden is an excellent swimmer, moreover he could do this for hours. Caleb and Junior both a little pink from the sun, being in the pool all day, and now exerting all this extra energy the brothers begin to work on using their reserves which are getting closer to empty. Still, Jayden keeps up with the game of cat and mouse, taunting them when they look as if they are going to give up when finally after twenty minutes later Junior drags himself from the pool throwing himself onto the hot ground and lays on the ground belly-up huffing and puffing, completely drained of energy. “I’m…tired…” Junior whines.

Caleb, seeing his brother giving up, which seems to give him new energy as he makes one last dive attempt to get to Jayden and he manages to grab one of Jayden’s ankles. Joy flurries in his chest as he tries to pull Jayden back, but all he gets for his effort is Jayden kicking him right in his abs, same spot Jayden caught him earlier.

Caleb groans, his mouth taking in water as he loses touch of how to get to the top of the pool from where he lays clutching his abs at the bottom.  Jayden grabs him around the middle, seeing his distress and drags Caleb to the surface as the boy coughs and chokes in his arms, laying limp as he drags him to the stairs, sitting Caleb down.

“Give up?” Jayden whispers so only Caleb can hear to not hurt his ego any more than necessary.

Caleb coughs in answer and nods his head. Jayden pats him on the back and moves past him, ruffling up his wet blonde locks as does. “Let’s head to your house,” says Jayden picking up his discarded clothes. “Get you guys some water, and watch some TV before you two need to head to bed.”

Junior holds up his arms, “Carry me. I can’t move an inch!” Junior pleads, giving Jayden the puppy eyed look.

Jayden laughs rolling his eyes, as he walks over to him throwing his clothes over one shoulder and tickles Junior up and down his taut smooth stomach sending him into hysterics as he picks him up carrying him to the house. “You coming?” asks Jayden still tickling Junior, digging into the boys left arm pit.

“Stop…haha, I surrender!” Junior cries, laughing hysterically in Jayden’s arm.

Jayden stops tickling Junior, as his eyes travel back to Caleb. “Caleb?”

“I’m coming…in a minute,” Caleb grumbles not meeting Jayden’s eyes.

Nodding, Jayden turns back to the house, “See you in a minute then.”

Once inside, Junior climbs out of his arms, slippery as a fish and runs to his room to change, “Set up the TV in the den, make popcorn!” Commands the youngster.

Jayden laughs, giving him a one handed salute as he gets the popcorn ready, with some fresh lemonade that he finds in a pitcher in the fridge that tastes divine. While he is in the kitchen Jayden also heats up some gooey left over craft macaroni and cheese, knowing that the boys might want a third dinner.

Junior streaks past him in a fresh t-shirt and gym shorts, in red with Bartlet Wrestling scrawled on the front jumping on the couch and stuffing his face with popcorn and downing his lemonade in three large gulps.

“I knew that you guys would be thirsty,” Jayden refills his glass as he pulls his own t-shirt on over his head and steps out to change into shorts and take off his wet briefs.

“Follow me,” Caleb says as he appears in the kitchen dressed in sweat pants, and a white ribbed tank top. “I’ll show you where the bathroom is.”

Jayden smiles, “Thanks Caleb. I would appreciate that.” Jayden follows Caleb up the stairs, admiring the painted portraits of the family. A huge portrait of Logan and his two cousins sitting underneath a shady apple tree at the top of the stairs, and Jayden can easily see the love between them. “That’s a great picture,” Jayden says admiringly.

“Bathrooms in there,” Caleb says shrugging ignoring the comment. “Want to borrow one of Logan’s pair of underwear? He keeps a few changes of clothes in my room.”

“Do you think he would mind?” Jayden asks, eyebrow raising.

“What he does not know can’t hurt him,” Caleb smirks heading into his room.

“You two share? Your house is so big, though,” Jayden says with a puzzling look directing it at Caleb.

“He gets nightmares, most of the time he ends up in my bed, so we never really stopped sharing one,” Caleb says with a shrug.

Jayden puts a hand on one of Caleb’s shoulders, “I know that you two fight a lot, but I can tell you’re a really great big brother. I wish Gino did that kinda stuff for me. He is lucky to have you.”

Blushing red Caleb goes to a dresser draw, pulling the wooden maple handle open and looking inside. “I know you usually go red because of Bartlet, but blue used to be your color right?”

Smirking Jayden asks, “Yeah, how did…?”

“I’ve seen you swim, they mentioned your team color,” answers Caleb.

“Watching me swim?” Jayden asks taking the blue boxers from him.

“I am hoping to get on the team myself, that’s why my Mom bought us the pool,” Caleb jerks his thumb backwards.

“That, and other reasons I’m sure. It would be great to have you on the team next year,” Jayden says honestly, “I bet you would be a ferrous competitor.

“I’m thirteen Jayden,” Caleb rolls his eyes. “I’m trying out on Monday. Like I told you earlier, I’m not a kid anymore.”

This surprises Jayden, as the season is almost half over, “Well that’s cool then.”

“Yeah,” Caleb says.

Jayden heads to the bathroom to change, “See you downstairs.”

“One more thing,” Caleb says, awkwardly rubbing his wet hair, pushing it back away from his eyes as he stares at the floor. “I want you to be the one to give me my first kick.”

Jayden almost splutters in the doorway, “What?”

“I’m thirteen now, I want to know what it feels like,” Caleb says looking sleeplessly at Jayden. “I know that I promised it Junior, but he will never know. It’s a right of passage. Come on, kick me.” Caleb spreads his legs open wide, putting his hands above his wet blonde hair preparing himself for impact, his skin glowing from being sun kissed the wet bulge sticking out evident in his bathing suit, the material wraps around it still soaking wet from the pool, water dripping onto the floor.

Jayden gulps, “Your cousin, my wrestling captain, would kill me if I did that. We just recently made a truce, this would blow it out of the water.” Jayden makes a kicking motions with his hands.

“Like I said, no one has to know; least of all Logan,” Caleb rolls his eyes. “Come on, do it already.” Caleb says challenging him, spreading his legs a bit wider so his junk is more accessible of a target.  “Or are you scared?”

Jayden stares at Caleb thinking that he is being crazy. Caleb’s been kicking people in the nuts for what, almost a year now and he did not put two and two together, and figure out that it hurts? Jayden shakes his head, “No Caleb. I won’t do it.”

Smiling, Caleb cajoles Jayden, “Come on, you know that you want to get me back for early, and all the other times that I have ever busted your boynuts. Here’s your chance, just do it already!”

“Do what?” Junior asks banging the door open. Understanding crosses his face as he takes in his brother’s stance and posture, arms behind his head, legs spread open wide. “You’re letting Jayden kick you in the nuts!? No fair! You promised me!” Junior stomps his foot in abject outrage.

“Perfect solution!” Jayden says, breathing normally for the first time since he came into Caleb’s room. “He wants to kick you, and you Caleb want to be kicked. Problem solved!”

Caleb throws his arms up in annoyance, “Arg! He’s just a little kid. I want it to be you!” Caleb groans in frustration, very similar to his brother a moment ago. “He’s too weak to really show me what a real kick is like. I know that you can. Cousin Logan told me all about you.”

“Really?” Begins Jayden thoughtfully. “That was really nice of him to say.”

“You don’t think I can kick good, huh? Well let me show you!” Junior rushes up to Caleb trying to kick him. Caleb easily blocks the kick and shoves his younger brother to the ground with a big push.

Junior lands on his butt, “Ow!”

“Caleb!” Jayden scolds him bending down to help Junior up. “Be nice to your brother, he was trying to give you what you want.”

“You sound like my Mom,” and while Jayden is bending over helping Junior to his feet he sees a perfect opening that he just cannot let pass but. Jayden is still in his wet blue briefs, not having the opportunity yet to change into dry clothes. Caleb sees Jayden’s nuts roll a bit between his outstretched thighs in Jayden’s underwear the large bulbous balls perfectly outlined calling to Caleb to mess up his day, “Maybe I just have to make you then.” Caleb challenges.

Jayden turns at the sound of Caleb’s voice and sees the arcing foot just as it curves beneath him striking his balls from behind. “Oh no!” Jayden gasps, his eyes bulging as he drops to his knees next to Junior on the floor with a groan emerging from deep within his gut.

“My balls,” Jayden mumbles grabbing himself and falling to his side, the pain from earlier which was nothing but a dull throb in the pool transforms and intensifies between his legs as he grasps his boynuts, feeling the orbs pulse beneath his touch.

Caleb laughs at Jayden openly, holding his side. “You should see your face! Want to hit me in the nuts now Jayden? Or do you need a few more kicks to be convinced that giving me what I want is the best action that you can do right now.”

Junior climbs to his feet, “That was a mean thing to do!”

“Since when?” Challenges Caleb, looking defiant as he crosses his arms turning away from his kid brother. “We do this all the time.”

“It’s different this time, you are being all mean about it. It’s not fun anymore. I’m calling Logan!” Junior yells.

“No!” both Jayden and Caleb say at the same time.

Junior’s face spreads in a wide smile at the reaction he got. “Got to catch me first,” and with that he swipes Caleb’s silver cell off of his desk and takes off running down the hall.

“He’s so going to get it now,” Caleb yells and takes off after Junior running through his open bedroom door.

“No,” groans Jayden trying to grab Caleb’s ankle, missing it by mere inches. “Fuck,” Jayden’s balls are exploding in his sac, pain coursing through him like tiny fireworks blasting his nuts apart. Jayden knows that he can’t stay on the ground. He’s in charge. He has to stop this, before it gets anymore out of hand.

Staggering, Jayden slowly crawls to his feet, damn Caleb’s foot was devastating. His wet underwear gave him no protection, the thin material still clings to him must have given Caleb a perfect outline of where to hit him. He quickly drops the wet underwear off of his hips, the wet splotch of his drawer’s lands next to his bare foot as he picks up Logan’s borrowed boxer brief’s pulling them on. The underwear swags a bit on Jayden’s hips, sagging so low on his frame that his bare pubis is exposed but he fills out the pouch quite well. Maybe Jayden went through another growth spurt down there recently. He does not have the time to contemplate it.

A loud bang echoes from down the hallway which causes Jayden to spin in that direction, as Caleb yells, “I’m coming in there!” and Jayden hears fists pounding on a wooden door in the distance.

Jayden quickly pulls on his grey sweatpants, leaving his shirt on the floor and takes off after the boys.

When Jayden turns down the corner after the staircase he sees Caleb bust open the door, hears Junior scream falling to the floor. Caleb picks up both of Junior’s ankles opening his legs wide as he says, “You are going to regret calling him!” Caleb lifts his foot high into the air, taking aim and sending his barefoot downwards towards Junior smaller bulge in his red Bartlet gym shorts.

Jayden barely processes what he is doing as he tackles Caleb to the ground, saving Junior’s nuts from what would have been a devastating stomp. All three of them are in a pile in what must be the master sweet bedroom. A luscious lurid pink bedspread covers a King size bed, luscious pale pink pillows lay soft as clouds on top with green painted walls giving the room a spring garden feel. Jayden sees nothing but a mixture of pink and green as he tumbles.

The kids roll, and buck like wild cats until Jayden rolls underneath the bed dazed coming to a stop on his back.

Caleb gets to his feet first, “This all could have been avoided!” He yells seeing Jayden’s legs sticking out from under the bed, a wicked idea coming to him. Caleb ignores his younger brother and grabs each of Jayden’s ankles, making sure that the bedpost is firmly between them. “If you won’t kick me in the nuts, I bet Logan will after I beat you up!” and Caleb yanks Jayden’s legs back so that his balls hit the bedpost with a sickening thud.

Jayden yips in pain, tries to sit up and bangs his head underneath the bed. All the while, Caleb is yanking on Jayden’s legs slamming his ballsac against the post over and over again.

“I’ll get him!” Junior says bravely climbing up the bed and taking to the air leaping on top of his brother’s back.

“Ah!” Caleb screams turning in circles as Junior covers his eyes with one around, while wrapping the other around his big brothers throat.

Caleb drops Jayden legs, allowing Jayden to mercifully curl up into a ball underneath the bed. He’s a mess now, covered in dirt from underneath the bed but his balls are on fire, the previous explosions from Caleb’s last kick were nothing to this pain. The wooden bedpost rearranged his boy balls, and Jayden swears that he can feel the dents in his right and left testicle. “My fucking nuts,” Jayden whispers. “Fuck!” he moans quietly so Logan’s cousins can’t hear him. “I’m so fucked!”

Logan puts his phone down, he’s almost naked. His bulging white jockstrap is the only clothing still on him. Ashley, his beloved girlfriend is tied to his bed, he’s been using a pleasuring wand between her legs for the better part of an hour. He was just about to pull down his jockstrap and enter his bombshell of a girlfriend.

“What’s wrong?” Ashley says in a husky voice, the wand still sending vibrations through her body.

“It’s my cousins…”

“Fucking hell!” Ashley moans. “I’m so close baby.”

“Umm Ashely…I have to go.”

“Go?” Ashely’s eyes so full of pleasure begin to squint. “You are going nowhere. Not if you ever want to have sex with me again. You have been teasing me for over an hour. I need to cum baby.”

Logan gulps, “So do I!” he points down needlessly, his ragging bonner clearly evident. “I was about to enter you!”

“Then do it!” Ashely yells. “My parents are only going to be gone for another hour, if you leave now you won’t be getting back in time to get to this bedroom, and you certainly won’t be getting in me!”

Logan closes his eyes tight, “It was Junior. Caleb is going to hurt him. I have to go.”

“I thought that they had a babysitter,” Ashley groans. “That Jayden kid, one of your new wrestlers.”

“You know what they do to babysitters,” Logan shrugs.

Ashley clicks her tongue. “Fine. Untie me.”

“You’re mad.”

“You have no idea. You are going to go fix this,” she explains as Logan unties her. “It’s Caleb right? The ringleader? You need to put him in his place.”

“I can’t he’s my little cousin!”

“He’s not that little! And this is not that first time that he has took you out of action from all the times that he has kicked you in the balls!” Ashely grabs Logan fiercely by the nuts. “Either you show him what it’s like, or I will, and you know I can.”

Logan moans as Ashely increases the pressure. “Got it?”

Logan shakes his head up and down trying not to cry out, he’s the man after all, but his balls are so full of cum he’s been saving up all week for this; as per Ashley’s request.

“Good, and makes sure to all give the same message to the babysitter. He has to learn how to do his job. Or else…?”

“You will, I got it.”

“Good boy,” Ashley picks up the wand turning it up. “Make sure when you are done that you do not relieve any pressure. I want them nice and full for tomorrow, or saving up all week for you will be for nothing!” Ashely uses the wand to enter herself as she watches Logan begin to pre-cum, soaking his jockstrap as he pulls up his pants. “Make sure that they don’t drain you, or you will be in even worse trouble.”

“Yes, honey,” he leans in and kisses her on her pink lips. “I can’t wait to finish this tomorrow.”

“Hmmph!” Ashely lays back spreading her legs giving Logan a look before she pulls the sheet over herself, the wand vibrating against the sheet making it jump as he forces himself to turn away, and head out the door.

“Jayden, you are in so much trouble,” Logan says as he gets into his car and drives off to his cousin’s house.

Jayden’s curling up under the bed, still nursing his batter and bruising gonads. But, he’s the babysitter, he has to stop the fight that he can hear happening on top of the bed.

Standing, is difficult but Jayden manages to crawl up to the top of the bed leaning on one of the bed posts for support, one hand deep inside his underwear clutching himself, and feeling quite stupid. Jayden let Caleb get the best of him with a bedpost…how infuriating.

On top of the bed Caleb is struggling against Junior who still manages to have the upper hand. Junior is on his back squeezing Caleb’s throat with the inside of his elbow pressed firmly to Caleb’s windpipe, while Junior uses his other hand pull on the first making the hold spectacularly effective. Junior even manages to have wrapped his legs around Caleb’s waist holding him firmly in place. Meanwhile Caleb struggles to get free and is pulling on Junior’s arm, trying to make a space to shove his head through to escape. Jayden can tell that Caleb is getting closer in doing so, so he aims at Caleb’s midsection and punches Caleb in his abs for the third time tonight. Caleb groans in pain, and he struggles a bit less, and Junior appears to notice as he lifts both of his little legs and brings them back in kicking Caleb with the souls of his feet in his lower abdomen.

Caleb’s eyes bug out at the assault, and Jayden making sure that Caleb does not forget this moment sends another gut wrenching blow to Caleb’s abs causing him to jerk in place against his brother, and losing more steam. His struggle are sluggish and futile as Jayden says, “Give up?”

Not able to speak, he gives a curt and feeble nod.

Junior lays in another double footed sole kick to Caleb’s lower abs, scrambling them as he shoves big brother to the side. “That will teach you to mess with me!” Junior says triumphantly, and turning to Jayden, “High five!”

Jayden high five’s Junior, happy to have the younger kid on his side, rather than against him for once.

Caleb rolls into the fetal position clutching his throat and abs having a mini coughing fit.

“Let’s kick him in the balls now!” Junior shouts with glee.

Jayden using both hands to express to Junior, “Settle down. I think that it’s bedtime. We’ve all had enough fun for one night,” exclaims Jayden rubbing Junior’s shoulders. “Now go brush your teeth.”

“No way,” Junior pushes Jayden’s hands off his skinny shoulders standing up on his parent’s bed. “Caleb wants a kick to his nuts, and I have been waiting forever for this to happen.”

Jayden puts his hands on his hips, and gives what he hopes is the parental death stare, “Junior. Bed. Now!”

Junior still standing on the lurid pink mattress cover, ignoring his groaning brother Caleb just as he gets his breathing back to normal tilts his head to the side, and kicks out at Jayden.

Not suspecting a betrayal, or at least a betrayal so soon into the partnership Jayden did not even have time to cover himself, or block the incoming blow but was left to watch the foot sail through the air in horror as Juniors toes sink deep into his boynuts, drilling them to the back of his sac where they have nowhere to go as Junior stretches out his foot all the way. Jayden feels his balls explode with fresh pain, as his eyes cross comically and he sinks down to the floor as Junior pulls his foot away.

Landing on his knees Junior drops down to eye level with the babysitter, clarifying “If you just let me kick Caleb’s nuts, you would not be on the ground with your eyes looking at your nose.” Junior flicks his finger between Jayden’s eyes and the tiny thump is enough to send Jayden backwards where he curls up into the fetal position thinking, ‘Little kid kicks are literally the worst.’

Junior rolls big brother over onto his back and climbs atop him grabbing each of Caleb’s arms and pinning them above his big brothers head. “I’m going to kick you in the balls now!” Junior smiles as he bounces one right above Caleb’s lower abs where Junior kicked them moments ago. Caleb groans, and Junior smile widens. “Any last words?”

“Yeah,” says Logan peering into the bedroom. “Where’s Jayden?”

Jayden’s eyes burst open and he rolls onto all four, putting his hands on the pink bedspread and looking above it, “Here.” Jayden croaks.

Logan shakes his head in shame, “They got the best of you, huh?”

“You have no idea,” Jayden says groaning, his eyes still cross.

Junior thumps his brother again with a bounce, using his full weight to rebound into Caleb’s lower abs as Junior stands up, legs spread over Caleb’s beaten form. “Looks like I didn’t need you to come save me after all Logan, I saved myself.”

From below Junior, Caleb groans. Junior looks down in delight at his brother’s bruising abs, which he is now clutching. “Now I am going to kick him in the…” but Junior never finishes his sentence. From below Caleb reaches up with one hand, and carefully wraps it around the front of Junior’s gym shorts making sure to fully encompass Junior’s equipment, squeezing the sizeable lump that protrudes from the front of his shorts, his hand full with the contents.

For a beat, no one does anything about this. Logan’s jaw drops open, Jayden groans in sympathy, and Junior just looks down at his brother Caleb, who looks back at him with eyes that sparkle alight with mischief.

Then, things begin to happen quickly. Both Logan in the doorway, and Jayden on his knees shout, “Let him go!” simultaneously.

While Junior tilts his head to the side still gazing downwards at his brother he mutters, “Ow,” Very softly feeling for the very first time pain from his testes.

Caleb chuckles saying, “Got em.” His hand clearly squishing the contents of his younger brother’s nuts and enjoying every second of it. Caleb is surprised to feel how big Junior’s own boy balls are, and if he is not mistaken they might be the same size as his own. Big balls must be in the family line.

Logan rushes forward, his blonde hair pulling away from his forehead as he grabs Caleb’s shoulders shaking them, “Let go of him!”

Still clutching his wounded boyhood Jayden crawls from the floor reaching for Junior around the waist, trying to get him away from his older brother.

“No,” Caleb growls. “He has had this coming,” and he twists his wrist a quarter turn causing Junior’s eyes to bulge out comically as the contents within pulse with flashing fresh pain.

Growing angrier by the moment, Logan’s eyes narrow, “Oh yes you will!” and Logan shoves his hand downwards reaching for Caleb’s balls. “You have gone too far!”

Caleb sees Logan’s intentions and uses his right knee to dissuade his favorite cousin, and buries it to the hilt in between Logan’s outstretched thighs. The bony kneecap finds Logan’s left testicle and crushes the big nut as Caleb releases his younger brother who falls into Jayden’s grasp. Caleb uses the momentum of his knee, still stuck between Logan’s thighs, which have closed trying to stop the agony happening below. Caleb shoves his cousin making them both fall to the floor with Caleb on top, his knee slamming both the injured left and now what used to be uninjured  right family jewel against the floor, flattening them both.

“Ugh!” Logan groans, the fresh wave of pain both surprise and nauseate the wrestling captain of Bartlet team as he pushes forward and casting Caleb to the side as he rolls into a ball his nuts spasm in his delicate grip.

Caleb laughs climbing to his feet, “That will teach you to mess with me Logan!” Caleb points at his bare chest. Turning away from the wounded older cousin, whose ball pain almost bores him at the point he marches around the bed seeing Jayden comforting Junior. “Calling Logan was a big mistake bro.”

Gently Jayden lays Junior on the ground, as the younger boy is still processing his first testicle trauma. Jayden stands up, still half bent in pain, “You have taken things quite far enough young man…”

“Who are you trying to fool with the young man bit?” Caleb laughs tilting his head. “Huh?” and points his smile dropping from his face as warns “Oh shit! My parents are home!”

Jayden turns to the window with wild heart pumping like a jackhammer in fear, “Oh no!”

With the babysitter distracted looking for headlights Caleb rears back and aims a perfect kick that slams into Jayden’s boynuts from behind. The testicles above Caleb’s foot retract, as Jayden’s momentary distraction allows Caleb another free shot. “Dammit,” Jayden moans falling to his knees in front of Caleb grabbing his nuts.

“Man, that never gets old,” Caleb grins watching the destruction carryout on Jayden’s face.

Jayden lets out a breath that he did not know that he was holding as he groans again, “My boynuts…oh god.  My nuts…”Jayden keels over to his side staring but not seeing Logan in the same position as Caleb steps over the babysitter reaching down and pulling Junior, his younger brother to his feet.

“How are your nuts feeling Junior? Did you enjoy your first experience?” Caleb asks genuinely curious.

Junior looks up at Caleb as he raises him above the carpet, his toes barely touching so Junior is eye level. “They feel good?”

“Not so much,” Junior squeaks out, wetting his lips with his pink tongue. “But way better than a minute ago.”

Caleb’s blue eyes alight and dazzling with mischief again, “Then let’s see if we can make fix that.” Caleb slams Junior to the bed, and sees the bulge poking out from his brothers shorts again. “This is them right?” Caleb asks already knowing the answer as he slams his fist into the protuberance from Junior’s shorts. Junior’s body gives a little jerk, as he makes contact with his young brother’s balls. “Got ‘em again!” Caleb announces to the room as he rears back and follows it up with another punch.

“My boys!” Junior shouts as the pain every male fears rocks him. With a mighty roar of desperation Junior socks his brother in the middle of the chest, punching with everything he has.

Caleb groans, “Ugh.” Stopping his onslaught and wrapping his one arm around his chest, while he coughs into his hand.

Junior grabs his young nuts feeling them still intact and punches Caleb again right in his lower belly, his fist connecting with Caleb’s abs. A big whoosh of air is forced from Caleb as he grabs both of his brother’s arms pinning them above his head.

“No more of that,” growls Caleb as he positions himself correctly so his hard bony knee is in between Junior’s smaller thighs.  “This should finish you off,” and Caleb begins to press his leg down, his knee knocking against the twin balls in Junior’s nutsac. Junior freezes in terror as he feels Caleb ready to assault his nuts again as both Jayden and Logan haul him off of him each wrestler grabbing one of Caleb’s beginning to develop upper arms.

“No!” Hollers Caleb trying to break free. In desperation Caleb tries to kick out at Jayden, but Logan hooks the leg with his own preventing the hit, and Jayden seeing this does the same to Caleb’s other leg keeping Caleb’s body stretched and trapped between the two. “Let me, go!” Orders Caleb snarling looking left and right between his babysitter and cousin. “Or else when I get free, I’ll really smash both of your balls in.”

“No I don’t think so,” Logan’s deeper baritone cuts in. “Because after tonight’s little stunt I think it’s high time that you learned a lesson, right Jayden?”

“I have an older brother, and I have to say that after what you did to yours I think that Junior deserves to teach it to you,” Jayden says agreeing with Logan with a grim nod.

“You can’t be serious!” Caleb turns back and forth, staring at his two idols as Junior gets to the end of the bed grinning at him, although the pain in his eyes is still obvious.

“Can I really bust his balls?” Junior asks standing up and slowly walking over to Caleb. Struggling to get free, Caleb pulls with everything he has, but Logan and Jayden do not let him go.

“Yes,” says Logan. “We will let you have five free shots. That’s how many times he go you.”

“I only hit him four times!” Caleb scoffs. “Five is unfair, and my balls are bigger than his! I bet he hardly even felt it.”

Junior’s eyes narrow, as his eye brows furor. “My boys are plenty big!”

Caleb laughs openly and cruelly now, “Yeah, sure bro. They are about as big as the peas Mom served us for dinner tonight.”

Junior rushes forward and shoves his hands beneath Caleb’s shorts his fingers searching inside his brothers underwear.

“Hey get out of there!” Caleb yells with alarm.

Junior sticks out his pink tongue chewing on it a bit until his eyes grow big, his blue eyes so much like his brothers and Logan’s gleam as he turns his sparkly blues on Caleb’s, “Found em.”

“Don’t you dare,” warns Caleb.

Junior only smiles as he rolls the fleshly family jewels belonging to Caleb between his fingers. “So these are the nuts that you think are so big?” Junior asks, one eyebrow rising in question. “No wonder it took me so long to find them, they are…what’s the word you were using to describe my boys? Oh yeah, tiny as peas.”

Caleb’s face reddens, his body slightly deflating as he is being manhandled by his younger brother. “I’m the biggest guy in the locker room. I’ve checked!”

“Not bigger than Logan’s,” Junior declares. “Or Jayden’s,” continues Junior. “I think that mine might even be bigger and I’m younger than you by two years.” Junior’s grin deepens as his words cut deep into his brother. “When you grabbed my boys earlier, you knew.  Now so do I, I’m the big brother where it counts the most.”

“Not true!” Caleb says, a sob catching in his throat. “You little shit.”

Juniors smiles disappears, and he digs into Caleb’s nuts for the first time using his smaller fingers to really penetrate deep into his brother’s ballsac.

“Huh?” Caleb whispers as his face slackens. “What’s…what…wait…oh. Oh no!” Jayden and Logan watch on grimly, but resolutely as Junior begins to extract his revenge and squeezes Caleb’s balls, the effects of his efforts already unmistakable in Caleb’s body rigidifying as his younger brother toys with him.

Caleb stops struggling in their arms and instead starts to slump, Junior clenching his teeth as he works on squeezing the Caleb’s balls notices, which makes him happier. “You started this Caleb, remember that. It was not me.”

Groaning, Caleb says, “God, does it always hurt like this?” He asks the room at large, staring at each of them who nod their heads.

“I’ve been trying to tell you for years,” Logan acknowledges.

“I warned you,” Jayden says grimacing seeing the look on Caleb’s face as Junior twists the nuts inside of Caleb’s shorts the boys bare balls being rearranged by his kid brother. “Why don’t you kick him a few times and we can call it a night Junior, it’s been one long night already and its past your bedtimes.”

Junior looks up at Jayden, “Okay. But I have been waiting to do this for a long time so hold him steady.” Junior gives Caleb’s nuts one last squeeze, loving the power that he has over him as he pulls his hands free, causing Caleb to yip in pain.

“Junior wait!” Caleb pleads as Junior backs up to the bed and begins to run forward. “I’m your brother!” Caleb tries again, but Junior ignores him clearly in the zone as he rushes him sending his foot toes first deep within in young package rearranging everything; while managing to catch the back of Caleb’s most sensitive testes. “Oh fuck!” The wet smack from Caleb’s wet swim shorts splats against him.

“Watch your language,” Jayden scolds as Caleb leans forward, his balls singing in pain as Junior kicks out twice more, each blow knocking his nuts against his pelvis. The last move might have been the most devastating. Just as Jayden and Logan were thinking about calling it quits, lesson learned Junior grabs Caleb’s shoulders and powers an Earth shattering knee straight up crushing Caleb’s balls flat.

Caleb manages to cough and then wheeze out a simple, “Fuck.” Caleb slumps further leaning against Jayden’s frame and with a nod from Logan Jayden takes Caleb’s full weight as the boy turns into a moaning mess in his arms.

A few minutes later with each boy holding a bag of ice due South, Jayden turns off the bedroom light.

“I got to go Jayden,” whispers Logan. “Ashley is going to kill me.”

“I hope not,” Jayden says leaning against the door frame. “I kind of like having you around.”

Logan grins and punches Jayden’s shoulder, “Ow!” Jayden grimaces.

“I feel bad about tonight. Now they know how it feels, I feel like we just told them Santa’s not real,” Jayden says turning to look back at the closed bedroom door as he rubs his shoulder.

“It was time. Besides neither of us actually busted them. They did it to each other. Although after tonight, I say both of them are fair game especially if they go for my nuts,” Logan says grabbing his own balls.

“Yeah…maybe,” Jayden agrees halfheartedly.

Logan can see that he doesn’t really mean it. “You deal with them however you like, you have my blessing. I’m almost looking forward to getting Caleb.”

The wrestlers give a brief hug as Logan slides out through the front door, Jayden overhearing. “Listen Ashely, I can explain…”

Chuckling Jayden closes and locks the door, heading to the front of the house to clean up when he hears one of the boys calling for him. With a heavy sigh Jayden turns back to the closed boy’s room and opens it a crack and seeing bright blue eyes staring at him.

Jayden quietly tiptoes past Junior’s unconscious body spread across his bed snoring slightly in sleep. Putting a finger to his lips Jayden asks, “What Caleb?” The fresh smell of toothpaste still in the air from the bedtime ritual.

Caleb reaches out towards Jayden’s shorts but the move is quickly and firmly blocked the advance to continue the night’s activity denied. Jayden shakes his head. “No more tonight.”

“I just want to hold them one more time,” Caleb whispers softly. “Please?”

Jayden shrugs, “Next time Caleb.” He leans over and kisses Caleb on the brow. Caleb tries to use his other hand but Jayden catches that one pinning both of the boy’s hands by his sides. Caleb struggles a bit but Jayden is half leaning on Caleb and he places his elbow directly over Caleb’s icy nutbag rubbing the contents a bit, feeling Caleb’s balls roll around in their shrunken icy sac. “You don’t want crushed ice cubes do you?” Jayden warns tapping the tip of his elbow against Caleb’s groin. Caleb goes instantly still, and shakes his head vigorously. “I didn’t think so.” Jayden rubs the elbow a bit more feeling the icy nuts stewing as Caleb’s heart beats faster. Jayden lifts himself off of Caleb’s body off releases him turning to the door and leaving Caleb to simmer in his bed.

A few hours later Jayden leaves Logan’s cousins house, his pocket full of twenties in an envelope and heads home. Once there Jayden sees all the lights still on. Jayden thinks that’s a bit funny, and the unknown sedan in his driveway are even more peculiar. Jayden parks his bike, the evening sky starless with only the pale moonlight to guide him. Starting to worry Jayden runs up the stairs, his sneaker kicking up at the peeling paint and opening the door.

Sunday night is always Gino’s night to cook dinner and he sees the hamburgers and fries uneaten, dinner clearly forgotten, and cold the door closing behind him forgotten.

“Gino, what’s wrong?” Jayden asks seeing his brother clearly in distraught, his head in his hands and then the unknown woman sitting across from him causes Jayden to stop in his tracks. “Who’s that?”

Gino’s head shoots up and his wet eyes find his brothers, “Jayden. Your home,” and he stumbles to his feet and grabs him in a very tight hug unlike any he has ever felt before. The need to hold his younger brother is evident on how tightly Gino wraps his beefy arms around Jayden’s much smaller frame. “Don’t worry, everything is going to be okay. I promise.”

Jayden looks up quizzically at Gino worry creeping into his voice as he asks, “What happened?” fear making his voice pitchy, his younger years shining through.

“I’ll explain,” the woman stands up. “My name is Barbra Birr, and your mother has been deported back to Mexico.”

“Deported?” Jayden asks. “But…”

“Say nothing,” Gino warns with a whisper, “We can’t trust her.”

Jayden closes his mouth. Then immediately asks, “Where’s Dad?”

“Your father willing went with her to get her papers in order down in Mexico so she can return; if that’s possible. More than likely she will face some serious time for coming into this country illegally. That leaves you Jayden without a guardian I’m afraid. Gino is eighteen years old, you are a minor. You’ll be coming with me. I will be placing you in an emergency foster family until…everything gets sorted out. Please go to your room, and pack a bag. Only the essentials please.”

“I want to stay here,” Jayden pleads, grabbing onto Gino’s arm for support.

“That, unfortunately is not an option,” Barbra Birr says clasping her hands in front of her. “Hurry along now, the Sullivan’s are waiting. Very nice family. I can always count on them to take in boys an emergency. Eric Sullivan is very strict, so you will make sure to follow all of the rules. Now hurry up.” Barbra Birr picks up her hand bag swinging it over one shoulder.

Gino grabs Jayden’s shoulders, “Do as she says. Don’t worry I will come get you as soon as I fill out the necessary paperwork. I’ll bring you home Jayden, I promise you.”

“Gino?” Jayden’s eyes fill with unwanted tears, burning with fire as he tries to process what is happening and he rubs his arm across his eyes feeling like a little kid.

“I’m going to get named as your temporary guardian, until Mom and Dad come back,” Gino tries to explain, but nothing is sinking in for Jayden. It’s as if Gino is speaking another language. “But you have to go with her. There are consequences of not going and I don’t want anything to happen to you. Just be good, I packed your things already.”

Jayden sees the overnight bag that he usually takes with him to sleepovers packed full to bursting next to the uneaten dinner. “It will only be a day, or two at most. I promise.”

Jayden looks at the bag and then at Barbra and drops his head in defeat. He picks up the bag walking morosely to the door. Gino follows him, his hand on Jayden’s back guiding him as the three of them stepped out of the house into the starless night which seems appropriate to Jayden.

Gino puts Jayden’s duffle bag carefully into the trunk and hugs Jayden again. Jayden could not remember the last time that Gino has hugged him this much, but his arms are numb he barely feels it as Gino directs Jayden into the car and buckling him in.

“I’ll get you,” Gino reiterates his promise. “I will bring you home. You have your phone. Call me when you get their safely. I packed your charger.” Jayden can only nod morosely, his mouth has gone dry and he can’t possibly think of what to say to his brother. Gino closes the door.

Barbra Birr pulls out of their driveway, as she starts to take him away from his home, the only one that he has ever known. Looking over his shoulder, Jayden sees a sight that frightens him the most, and he presses his face against the window pane unable to believe the sight that grows fainter from his front porch. Gino is leaning against the doorframe of the empty house crying openly, banging his fist against the peeling woodwork.

Jayden hits the button on the car door as the window glides down, Jayden calls out his brother’s name, realizing that he didn’t get to say goodbye. “Gino!” making Gino look up but as Jayden tries to catch his brothers eyes they turn the corner and are too far away for either boy to see each other at all. The tears that Jayden has been trying to hold in burst out, a sob catches in his throat as his hands open and close his brain on autopilot stuck between flight or fight mode.

“There, there,” coos Barbra Birr “Eric Sullivan will take good care of you. You’ll be with him potentially for a long time, so try to be good. Remember what I said, he is a tough disciplinarian.”

“My brother will come get me, he promised,” Jayden says his words blurring as he tries not to cry anymore in front of this stranger, but his voice grows with confidence as he says, “I know he will.”

“Your brother is barely eighteen. No judge will let you stay with him. Don’t let him get your hopes up, and as for your mother she won’t be coming back to this country. Once your father wraps his head around that, I am sure that he will come back to collect you and Gino and well; then a decision will be made.”

Jayden’s heart thumps wildly as he tries to take in her words.

“One thing is for certain Jayden, your mother will never be coming home.”

to be continued


Anonymous said...

Okay, so, first of all, it's cool that Logan's cousins can be busted now, I wanted those brats to get some payback after some of their stories together with Logan, so that was cool, second, that ending got me to shout WHAT THE FUCK?!? THAT PLOT TWIST WAS SO WILD, DUDE!!! I SERIOUSLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT STORY!!!

Anonymous said...

Wait wait wait...whaaaaaat???
My heart is still sobbing from the last plot twist I didn't expected!!
But, let's go in order. I love when Logan's cousins bust balls, they always find original ways to hit people between legs. Unfortunately, I didn't like the moments in which the babys are busted. I can appreciate when fourteen and fifteen years olds are busted because they start to have sensitive balls, despite I prefer to read grown people wrecked below the belt. It's because they have biggerand more sensitive balls, I can imagine they fit bodies in pain because hurted to the nuts. But I find hard to think about a ten years old boy in pain for the same reason. The best moment is when Ashley threaten Logan squeezing his balls: I'v always wondered how could be a story focused entirely on a night between the two lovebirds. I think Logan's balls would be tortured without mercy (I hope Alex will write something like this :).
I was sure that the next chapter would have been about Jay and Bill and I anticipated a long and painful ballbusting session for Jay (I am expecting that moment for a while). But the final twist pulled down my expectancy. I don't know what to think, I only fear that this is a Chase's wicked plan. If this is true, I hope Jay will kick that asshole's ass. I hope you have the next chapter ready becaise I don't think my mind can bear the waiting. Kisses

Anonymous said...

That can't possibly be part of Chase's plan, right?! I mean, yes, Chase can be a dick and a big bully, but he wouldn't do THAT, WOULD HE?! Was it Bill?! Was it Kim?! Oh God! I'm honestly incredibly invested on what's gonna happen next, so many things HAPPENING! New CHARACTERS! I thought that the next episode was gonna be Jayden and his love triangle dilemma, but then, BOOM! MY POOR HEART CRIES! POOR JAYDEN! AND POOR GINO! I can't wait for the next story! Keep it up! (also, it's neat how the twins start getting they "boy nuts" busted the same age Jayden started getting busted by Gino) I CANT WAIT!!!

Nud said...

There's a good chance that it's Bill. He's shown in the last chapter how emotionally manipulative he can be and how little he regards Jay's feelings compare to his own. And with Jay came to Chase's defense in the last chapter, Bill was kind of a "losing party". Bill is already getting desperate in keeping Jay. And Jimmy did tease that Bill and Gino are going to have a bigger part in the upcoming chapters. And here Gino set his goal to getting Jay back.

It'd be really cool if it was Bill, actually. I don't see much potential for characters development if it was Chase. Chase started as a villain that slowly let his sensitive side slipped out. Chase and Jay had just start to confront their own feeling about each other, if this is Chase, Jay will simply write him off completely, and it's a bit counterproductive to the mentioned development.
Bill, I wouldn't say he's developed into a villain, it's just that he's afraid and is getting desperate; feeling like he's out of options.

I feel this is a great opportunity for Bill to make this big mistake and grow. For Gino and Chase to be more upfront about how much they care for Jay, especially Chase.

Another focus is Eric Sullivan, "a tough disciplinarian." Are we going to have a authoritative daddy coming in the scene, Jimmy?

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Let’s start with the comments right away…

Dear anonymous 1,

I’m so glad that you enjoyed the story! Yes, the ending was meant to set up the next big storyarc in the Gino and Jayden says. If you look across the top of the website Gino and Jayden Displacement 1-6 are all coming out during the month of September. You will get to read the whole arc of Jayden leaving his home and the adventures he will go on as Gino tries to bring him home all in one month. I’ve been working on this the whole summer, I hope that everyone ends up liking it!

Dear X,

Hi X, I changed the ages of Logan’s cousins to Junior 12, and Caleb 13. I think that they were younger, but I wanted to make it work for the story.
I think a night of ballbusting between Ashley and Logan would be great! I don’t think it has been done yet, and maybe when Alex reads this it might spark his interest to write a story focused on the two of them!

You won’t have to wait too long, in fact as I told Anonymous up above you will get the full 6 part storyarc called Displacement in September. It’s going to be an epic and wild ride! I have been working on it all summer, because as a reader I would hate to wait too long to find out what happens between the two main characters Gino and Jayden.
During those six parts, the Jayden, Bill, Chase love triangle will also get resolved so an answer to what will happen between the boys is coming.

And you think Chase could be behind something so evil! Could he do that? You will get answers soon. As always, thank you for your comments, you and the other readers X are what kept this little story going. Everyone kept wanting more so I thought in big swooping arcs to keep the story interesting and the characters developing. Thank you for being with me for the ride!

Dear Anonymous 2,

Another reader thinks Chase is behind this terrible plot twist! Chase can be a dick, and a bully, but could he be that much of an asshole? Time will tell. But then you think it might be Kim or Bill, you will absolutely get your answer over the next six parts that all come out in September!

There will be a lot of new characters over the next few issues, and some surprises will come back into the fold as well, I hope that you enjoy them all!
I agree, Caleb and Bill have made it through so many stories not being busted. Someone had to change that. And I think it’s really symbolic that their brotherhood is echoed back to Gino and Jayden’s relationship. I think that makes it kinda special.

Gino and Jayden’s relationship comes back to the forefront of the series in a big way as the two try to figure out how to reunite and put this terrible problem behind them. You won’t have to wait too much longer as six parts are coming out in September, by the end you might be on Gino and Jayden overload.
Thank you for adding your comments, they mean a lot to me!

Dear Nud,

Hi Nud! Thank you for taking the time to write to me. Everyone seems to think so far that someone is “behind” this revelation that Jayden’s mother is being deported. Could it be Bill? Is he desperate enough to do something like that? You will get your answer very soon on that score as Displacement 1-6 will all be running during the month of September. I can’t say if it’s Bill or Chase, or if anyone is behind this but I love hearing about your thought process. I hope that you will enjoy it!

Eric Sullivan is something else, I’m pretty sure that no one will end up liking this Daddy, but you never know!


Nud said...

We should've also consider a completely new player coming into the story, you're right. Most people prefer simple story where everything is black and white so they immediately attached Chase to all the bad thing that happened. Meanwhile I like Chase's complexity so much that i'm afraid he'll lose all that character building if he just turn completely bad. So I try to think of another possible path.

This could just have nothing to do with Bill or Chase, and it just something else entirely. Considering the last event(Love hurts) happened not that long ago judging from the fact that they still haven't talk to each other yet. If this event will bring in a common enemy for Gino, Chase and Bill to put their differences aside and help Jay.

By the way, I find myself neglecting to mention the ballbusting part but I blame you for actually writing such a great cast of characters that get me so invested in them.

shrews12001 said...

And that's where I check out.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Nud,

It is my own fault that I wrote the characters in such a way that you find them so enduring, I will take that blame. ; )

You have great skills of comprehension, which is why you can look so deeply into stories, and search them for their hidden truths. You can’t fool you very often my friend!

Again, I don’t want to spoil things but I can tell you that Chase’s story is far from over, even after this six issue arc that comes up in September. There is plenty of room for him to grow in that time, and evolve as a character.

You not mentioning the ballbusting scenes hopefully means that you enjoyed them! But I dropped such a huge bomb at the end of this story that it really forces the reader to consider what is going to happen next. I believe that my next story comes out in two or three weeks. When that happens it will go bi-weekly for September so you will have plenty of reading material!

Dear Shrew,

Thank you for sticking with the story so long. I am sorry to see you go, but I am glad that you stayed for such a long time. Thanks for reading.



Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I can't accept the accusation of being too simplistic because it's absolutely not true! I thought about Chase because, despite what someone can think and continue to adfirm, I consider him the real antagonist of this saga and, starting from what we have seen, he is wicked and rich enough to cause something like that. When I wrote that could be Chase I was thinking about all the times he has made life impossible to all the characters in this saga, I was thinking about how he is grumpy, overbearing, arrogant, selfish and hypocritical. I haven't considered him because I like "simple story where everything is black and white" but because it's the most logical and immediate position a reader can pick if he knows the plot and considers it in an objective way. I find absurd to think that Bill could be the responsible: why a boy in love should cause such pain in his lover and in his family, only because they had some disagreements. Why Bill should have wanted to move away Jay from himself too, for what purpose? And, to be honest, no one has deleted the possibility that all of this is caused by other characters, they were only suppositions, not possible motives to be pointed out as superficials!!!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear X,

So far in the story, I would agree Chase seems like a logical choice for the villain to be behind Jayden being forced from his home (if someone made this occur). Chase has shown in the past that he has taken great leaps and bound to get his revenge upon Jayden and his brother Gino, but others are wondering if he could go that far.

Bill’s character has changed a bit in his evolution in the Love Hurts story, and some readers think it could be logical that Bill would want to make Jayden suffer for his indiscretions with Chase. Is that motive enough, we will see.

X I think there are two very strong camps with the readers and some cheer for Jayden and Bill, while others are cheering for Jayden and Chase. The story of the three of them is far from over, and this next upcoming arc will absolutely impact the three characters and their relationships with each other. Love makes people do stupid things, and that is especially true with this love triangle that has developed.



Anonymous said...

I understand what you say and I agree when you says that there are two schools of thought: someone want that Jay stays with Bill (including me) and some other think Jay should stay with Chase. I respect what people say and think, but I can't stand that someone consider me superficial only because I expressed my opinion. This is reason why I added that comment. For the rest, I can't wait to see the next arc in september ;)

Nud said...

X i'm sorry you felt that way and take this personally but I did not said that you are superficial. That comment is in no way directed at you. I stated before that I do not feel that Chase need to ended up with Jay as a boyfriends. Nor did I ever state that the thought of Bill being with Jay is superficial. Only the thought that "Chase is always bad" is superficial because that's the fact. I was approaching this from a story telling perspective, not from an audience pov. So I do disregard personal ship when I analyzed that and that could hurt fan's feeling. I do understand why you would feel slighted because I was the same way in an earlier chapter with how Logan was treated, but sometime it is necessary for the story to progress and character to developed.

Bill has been starting to make life difficult for Jay and Chase as well. He just has his first taste of power and power can get people drunk. Bill is still very underdeveloped compare to the others. But he's shown to be someone who use emotional manipulation as a tactic, against Jay and Chase. I've said that I don't want Chase to just be a good guy. But I also don't want him to simply just be a bad guy and everything blamed on him. This stunt is something very heavy that anyone who pulled this will understandably be written off by Jay. Everyone except for Bill. Jay loves Bill and in that teenage love way; and that teenage infatuation would allow Jay to still listen to Bill if it was him. Imagine how teenage lover always get back together after a serious fight. There will be strain but at least with Bill, They will be able to work through it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, i see there's a lot of passion from the readers about this story and i can understand why.
I was lucky to get a sneak preview of this story and that ending just blew ny mind. Such a brave and tragic twist, only Jimmy would throw a spanner like this into such a well-oiled machine.
It's good to hear that the Jayden, Bill, Chase saga has got more miles in it, regardless of who, if anyone, is to blame for the deportation.
I can't wait to read more in this series and i'm sure the emotional roller coaster will continue.
As much as i love Chase as a character
I'm not convinced he's the knight in shining armour that Jay is looking for, but there's always fireworks when they get together!
Great writing again, Jimmy


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear X,

I spoke with Nud, and English is his second language when he was using the word superficial I believe that he was trying to use the word ‘predictable’ and that was not directed at you but rather the character Chase would be predictable if he was the villian in Jayden being torn from his home.
I can’t wait for you to see the upcoming stories!

Dear Nud,

You have great insight into the dynmaics between the characters Nud. Everyone who reads your comments can see how much you care about them and the story. I’m sending you an email in a few minutes. I tried to convey what I think you meant to write to X and in general. Hopefully that helps, if I got it wrong please correct me.

Dear Reg,

Thank you for your kind comments my friend, you know that they mean the world to me. I really did throw a monkey wrench into the machine, but it’s going to make for some great story telling, and room for the characters to breathe and grow. Chase may not be a knight in shining armor, nor does he want to be but he is infatuated with Jayden and that has already lead to some fireworks. I expect more to follow suit!
I see Bill as wanting to be the knight in shining armor, but he does not have the strength, nor the forethought to be that for Jayden. At least at this time. Maybe somethings will finally click into place for Bill, and he will get the direction he needs to stay on the right path. As of now he took a wrong turn, and got all screwed up.



Anonymous said...

Great so far and then a hard left turn into a completely unnecessary plot development. And from where it appears to be going that is a very hard No. I'll suspend disbelief pretty far but setting up for what will surely be just straight up child abuse I dont think so. Not interested.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Hello, and thank you for your comments. I can guarantee you that's not where the story is headed. The displacement of Jayden leaving his home is a plot device, and nothing more. I can understand if you are done reading my story as a reader. I thank you for coming along with me on the journey up until now. I'm glad that you check in, as that was never my intention; and if it was implied. Jayden is absolutely not going to be abused by any caretaker in his foster placement.



Anonymous said...

I know things are gonna change drastically after this point in the story, but, I just wanted wanted to ask you a few question about the future

1. Are we gonna see more brotherly mutual ballbusting from Logan's cousins

2. Have you ever considered adding more characters from the cast of the ballbusting boys?

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Let me answer your questions fully, and most likely to your liking:
1. Yes
2. Yes, and I can't wait for their introductions.
I do have things pretty planned out for the series, and I tried to think of what everyone would like to happen, and I tried to include that in my plans. That being said, I can still at this point take suggestions and add that to the series. Requests are absolutely still possible! The displacement story arc has to be done really soon (all six parts as Alex is going away and they need to be set out to come out while he is away so those will be set in stone soon). If their is a request for something to happen during that timeline let me know sooner, than later. Although those stories are already pretty jammed full of bb action, plot, and drama.

Thank you for writing in!



Anonymous said...

Something funny that pops into my mind everytime I read Chase gushing about his big balls and how he has "the biggest balls in the room", I always imagine Ben on a completely different building SUDDENLY getting a mysterious urge to pummel somebody's balls to dust to defend his title of having the "Biggest balls in the room" lol

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Chase and Ben both love to discuss that they have the "Biggest Balls in the room!" That never occurred to me until you pointed it out, how funny!

It would be funny if the two met, because they would both feel inclined to discuss how their set was bigger than the other!



Anonymous said...

I have a small confession to make. When i wrote some of the scenes with Chase in the previous stories, i was certainly inspired by Ben. He is one of my favourite characters on BB boys, and although Ben and Chase are very different characters, they are both very proud of the size of their gonads and a little insecure when they come up against guys that might outrank them!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Reg,

I never saw that connection until someone posted it! I think that it works great for Chase's character, and it makes for some funny story telling. It really makes me think that the two of them should meet, it would be quite an interesting story to tell!