Tuesday, August 11, 2020

Poll results: Ball size

Poll results (version 1) - artwork created by Champ

Last month I asked you to tell me how big your balls are. I know for sure that every single one of you told me nothing but the truth, so the following results are highly scientific:

They are huge. Seriously!   7%
Bigger than average. Not "huge", though.   27%
Average-sized. Not big, not small.   40%
They are pretty small, to be honest.   19%
Tiny. My nuts are tiny.   2.5%
I don't have balls. (Or they are so small I couldn't find them.)   1.5%
I am not going to answer that question.   2%

I guess that settles it: About one third of us have balls bigger than average! I guess there's a simple explanation: they are constantly swollen... :-))

441 votes were counted. Thanks to everybody who voted!


Anonymous said...

Aww I was kind of hoping for more of a discussion
Maybe roasting the voters with small nuts

Too bad the poll is anonymous

Alex said...

LOL! I like your thinking! Feel free to roast some small nuts here in the comments section! :-))