Friday, August 14, 2020

Love hurts - a Gino and Jayden story (written by Jimmy and Reg)

This is the 14th part of the Gino and Jayden series, and it is another epic masterpiece, the result of the fantastic collaboration by Jimmy and Reg. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

Note: This story features underage characters. It goes without saying that it is a work of fiction and fantasy with no relation to the real world. If you don't like reading about underage characters in ballbusting stories please skip this story and move on to another one.

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.


“Hello,” Jayden talks into his cell, trying to interpret the caller’s name on the shattered screen. Just the other day he got a shard stuck in his thumb when he was swiping the screen but he’s still saving money to get it fixed.

“I need you,” a voice responds anxiously on the other end.

“Who is this?” Jayden asks, his forehead crinkling as he tries to place the familiar voice.

“It’s Chase, and I’m in big trouble.” Chase’s audible gulp, comes through the speaker “Please, Jayden, meet me here at school”

Without even hesitating Jayden says, “I’m on my way.”

Jayden doesn’t need any directions, he knows very well the short route to his old school. Jayden answered Chase almost subconsciously, he is still unsure why he is doing this. Every time Chase calls him, he answers. But after what Chase did to him last time, even Jayden is surprised to find himself pedaling his rusty bike to the school.

His cell vibrates in his pocket, and he just now remembers. “Shit, Bill.”


A few days before

“Jayden,” croaks Bill, his left hand massaging his aching testicles from the last devastating kick that Chase delivered before he left for the changing room, his horrible laughter still ringing in his ears.

“Bill,” Jayden groans back. His boyfriend, his rock lays defeated against the diving board, still bound, his cock dripping the last remnants of his semen to the floor after Chase made him orgasm.

The younger boy crawls to Jayden, reaching up and grabbing onto Jayden’s waist with his free hand. “I’ll get you out of that. Just give me a minute to recover.”

Jayden shakes his head, “Take your time Bill. I’m so…” Jayden’s bottom lip quivers. “I didn’t mean to…” Jayden tries again and stops. “Bill, that didn’t mean…it didn’t…”

Bill looks up and finds Jayden’s watery eyes, as he clears his hoarse throat “I love you Bill.” Jayden says almost pleadingly as he gazes downwards into Bill’s eyes.

“You do…?” croaks Bill climbing Jayden’s body, hanging onto him, his skinny legs shaking beneath him.

“Yes,” Jayden simply says, a fraction of a smile coming to his lips. “What happened…between Chase and me…that changes nothing. I. Love. You.” Jayden’s eyes twinkle, his brown eyes boring into Bill’s, as he repeats each word before moving to the next. “Do you still want to be my boyfriend? After everything.” Jayden turns his head not daring to look at Bill, afraid of what the answer might be.

In answer Bill runs his fingers through Jayden’s hair before as he slowly leans into Jayden’s ear, his lips brushing his lobe, tickling the skin as he says, “Since the first day I saw you, I have always loved you.”

Jayden turns back his lips finding Bill’s, almost by accident but not; as he leans in and kisses him. Jayden’s and Bill’s lips are a blur of longing as both boys press into each other so hard that it hurts, and Jayden can feel Bill hardening against his lower thigh.

“I never knew,” Jayden whispers pulling out of the kiss. “How…long?”

“How could I not?” Bill counters. “When I first saw you, I knew that there was something special about you. Your kind, sensitive, not to mention the hottest guys in our school. I just had to have you.” Bill answers simply, brushing lips against Jayden’s throat, biting a bit, loving the breath that hitches beneath the skin, as he gasps.

Blushing Jayden wants to hold Bill, but cannot; his hands still bound from where Chase tied them.

“Oh, sorry,” Bill hastily unties Jayden, and Jayden slumps against him for a moment, as feeling begins to creep back into his limbs; he’s not quite ready to stand on his own two feet. “Better?” Bill asks.

“You have no idea,” Jayden says putting one hand around Bill. Jayden’s other hand travels down Bill’s stomach, fingers gliding, probing, and tickling a bit here and there as Bill squirms against his touch, and loving every moment of that before he comes to a stop and pauses on Bill’s bare pubis, “Can I?” Jayden asks rubbing the sensitive area, wanting to go lower, to touch Bill’s now throbbing member.

Bill shakes his head, “Jayden, not here. Not…now”

Jayden smiles tenderly “Okay. Whenever you’re ready.” Jayden’s hand still rubs the pubis, his fingers tingle and itch to go lower but he denies his primal urges for Bill and resists, he knows that he can wait.

Bills affection is evident, “Big Jayden, how’s he doing?”

“Worn out,” Jayden laughs looking down at his own shrunken cock. “Let’s let him sleep.”

Bill nods and let’s Jayden’s extra sensitive cock go.

The two stand there in the empty pool room, so much to say but not knowing how. The boys look around at the mess and without further ado they begin to clean up the area after putting their speedos back on and head towards the locker room, making sure to not leave a drop of spilt cum for anyone to find.

“Do you think he’s still in there?” Bill asks.

“No,” Jayden shakes his head. “Chase already got what he wanted.”

“He likes you,” Bill states grabbing Jayden’s hand tightly, putting more into that squeeze than he was letting on.

Jayden laughs, “Yeah, right.” Moving his fingers in between Bill’s reflexively intertwining their fingers together.

“I’m serious!”

“I know you are,” Jayden says, eyes twinkling chocolaty brown softening as he looks into Bill’s. “But it doesn’t matter how Chase feels. He’s not a nice guy like you…I don’t really care how he feels about me.”

Bill looks quizzically at Jayden, looking as if he is about to say something, but changes his mind. “Let’s just get changed and get out of here. I just want to put this day behind me.”

“Well, it was not all bad, I guess…” Jayden mutters, trying to lighten the mood.

“Maybe, for you Jayden” Bill interrupts with a scowl as he pushes past Jayden.

“Bill…” Jayden grabs Bill’s slim shoulder and turns him back to face him. “I was not talking about Chase,” Jayden says his voice raw with emotion, understanding why Bill is hurt. “I was talking about us. We said our first ‘I love you’s.’ That’s a big moment, no matter how it came about.”

Bill’s thunderous expression eases, but the rage is still boiling deep within him, invisible from the sweet glint of his royal blue eyes as Bill forces himself to smile tenderly at Jayden “Yes, I guess we did.”

Jayden bites his bottom lip before he goes on, “You mean a lot to me Bill. I’m sorry that I screwed this all up. Chase is still captain, I really blew it.”

Both of them look at the floor and silently head towards the showers, the water spraying cold ice water, but it seems to fit Jayden’s mood completely as the ice bites at his skin.


Back to the present

Jayden stands outside the gym, not sure if he should go in or not. He hovers, indecision starting to creep in as he stares at the door that Chase must have propped open earlier with an old wooden door jam.

He looks down at his phone, chewing his bottom lip as his thumbs fly across his cracked cell phone screen. Jayden answers Bill’s message of “Where are you?” with “I’ll be late. I have to help a friend, explain later.” Jayden put his cell in his pocket, wincing as a piece of glass pierces his thigh. Jayden tosses the fragment, fumbling with the screen and accidently sending Bill a ping of his location. For a moment Jayden’s heart skips a beat, but he soon calms down; after all Bill is used to Jayden’s errant messages since his phone got all busted up. Unceremoniously he hurls his phone into his backpack not wanting to get stabbed by another glass fragment again. He’ll explain it to Bill later, Jayden thinks as he locks up his bike, before he turns back to the red brick school building.

With a quick shake of his head, Jayden takes a deep breath and heads inside, his heart beginning to beat a little bit faster as he passes through the entry way closing the door behind him, leaving the door jam in place.

The corridor is dark, but a single light at the end of the narrow hallway guides Jayden’s path to the gym. Jayden is unsure why Chase asked to meet him here, instead of his house or ever the pool. But Jayden, as usual follows his heart.

Walking into the gym Jayden turns and finds himself at a loss for words. On the mats, under the bright lights stands Chase and he’s wearing a bright sky-blue singlet. It’s the same blue material that Chase usually wears in Speedo form but now hugging his sexy upper body, his nipples protruding through the thin material, while his belly button curves a bit inwards. Jayden’s eyes wander lower, almost instinctually, his eyes resting on Chase’s conspicuous bulge.

Jayden clears, his throat announcing his presence as Chase turns, pulling out his iPod from his ears and placing them in their case. “Thank God you came!” Chase says, his bright smile dazzling his handsome features.

“Yeah but I’m not quite sure why, especially after what happened last time we met up.” Jayden pauses looking Chase up and down before he continues. “But you said you needed help…so here I am,” Jayden walks into the gym his footfalls echoing off the old walls, and bleachers. “So, what do you need help with?”

Chase stands, pulling at the crotch of his singlet, rearranging his rather large nuts. “I may have gotten myself in over my head. I kind of made a bet with Doug…”

“Doug…” Jayden stammers. “The one you made a fool of in front of the swim team, that Doug?”

“Yeah, that’s the one.”

Jayden raises his eyebrows. “Go on.”

“At lunch the other day, he said that the only reason he tried out for the swim team was that it was kind of a dare that his wrestling buddies put him up to because he’s captain.”

“And what does that have to do with you?” Questions Jayden, not seeing the connection.

“Patience grasshopper,” Chase gives his Cheshire cat grin. “I’m getting there. Anyway, your boyfriend is actually what happens next. Bill also must have heard Doug’s story because he marches right up to Doug and says in the middle of the cafeteria. ‘Wow that’s really brave of you Doug. Our swim captain is nothing like that, he’s a coward. Chase would never dare to try out for the wrestling team.’”

Jayden’s eye-brows shoot up hiding underneath his bangs as he says, “Haha, no way!” Jayden laughs for a bit and stops, and then begins to put the pieces together.

“What did you do Chase?” Jayden asks.

Chase loses his smile, a dent in his armor is portrayed as he rings his hands through his blond locks. “What else could I do Jayden? I was sitting with the whole swim team! I stood up and said the only thing that I could: ‘I’ll try out.’”

“Chase,” Jayden tuts.

“And now I have to try out on Monday! I have to face Adam and the whole school is going to show up.” Chase gulps nervously “If Doug gets the better of me, I’ll be turned into a fool!”

Jayden shakes his head in concern and puts his hand on the blond boy’s shoulder.

“Oh man, you’ve really dug a hole for yourself this time. Look, Chase I know you’re a brave fighter and your pretty strong too…” Jayden grins, giving Chase’s bicep a friendly squeeze “But Doug is even bigger than you and he knows how to wrestle…dude you know I can’t turn you into a wrestler in two days!”

“I know Jayden, so I’m going to fight dirty! I want you to show me some of the low blow moves that Bartlet High are so famous for” Chase clarifies.

Jayden shakes his head, “But Chase, it’s against the rules. You’ll be disqualified!”

“Yeah, well it doesn’t matter, this fight is off the record…and anyway Doug’s been telling everyone that he’s going to get his revenge on my big nuts! Jayden, I’m begging you to show a few moves to crush his hairy danglers and how I can escape if he tries the same shit against my junk. If there’s one thing Bartlet High is known for, it’s their excessive use of hitting a guy below the belt. So…that’s why I called you.” he bites his lip and as he looks up, Jayden sees something he’s never seen in Chase’s deep blue eyes before…a look of genuine fear.

Jayden smiles as he gives Chase’s shoulder a reassuring squeeze as he walks around to face him on the mats “Well buddy…we’d better get going then. I’ve got plenty of wonderful ball-busting moves to show you”

Chase smiles back as Jayden stops in front of him, “You have no idea how thankful…”

But that’s all Chase can manage before Jayden fires an unsuspecting kick straight up between Chase’s athletic thighs.


Chase’s jaw drops open, and he moans as Jayden leaves his foot buried to the hilt in the hunky captain’s groin. “First lesson : expect the unexpected and never let your guard down, because that’s when Doug will strike.”

Jayden pulls his foot out from between Chase’s traumatized thighs and Chase doubles over, holding his knees and groaning. “Fuck, right in the nuts!” Chase grimaces as he peers down at his big balls that are throbbing in his singlet then reaches down to cradle his junk “Damn, this singlet really sucks….ugh…my big nuts are so exposed”

“Yeah, you’re right about that! So stay on your guard at all times. Also if Doug does crunch your nuts, you can’t let him know you’re hurting or he’ll really lay into you! So come-on tough-guy, man-up, we’ve got a lot to get through today. Got it?” Jayden asks bending over so he can see Chase’s eyes.

Chase looks up anguishing, “Fuck, yeah okay.”

Jayden drops his backpack to the ground and pulls out his red singlet, the shiny material has been freshly laundered and he immediately strips down to his underwear, giving Chase a much needed moment to recover. Kicking off his briefs he pulls the singlet over his naked swimmer’s frame, the thin material clinging to his skin revealing every twitch of his lean muscles a he tucks his hefty genitals into his pouch. If Jayden is honest with himself, he loves being a Bartlet boy, loves what it represents.

“Now let’s start with the hardest one, the one and only crotch lift! It took me a while to master it but it’s damn effective so let’s get started on that one right away,” Jayden explains, making a final adjustment to his boy bulge. Then he looks over to Chase and chuckles “Now come on stud, don’t slouch!”.

Still nursing his sore nuts, Chase frowns in annoyance then rises up and jumps up and down on his toes to shake-off his lingering ball-pain, listening carefully as Jayden continues, “Remember, those big balls of yours might take a beating on Monday so you’d better get used to it.”

“Don’t worry, I can handle it!” Chase brags rather unconvincingly then he looks up and gulps as he sees Jayden in his red singlet for the first time. “These big nuts have been busted up so many times, but I rarely lose…I mean there was Logan, You not to mention your damn brother Gino! All red Bartlet boys.” Chase snarls poking his finger accusingly into Jayden’s chest, right in the T of the word Bartlet.

“That’s the spirit, Chase! Your opponent is your enemy!” Jayden winks putting a hand gently on Chase’s back then bends him over at the waist. “Now the crotch lift can be applied in multiple ways, but it always ends with the aggressor’s hands over their opponents junk like so,” and Jayden carefully applies the move with one arm wrapped around Chase’s chest while the other reaches between Chase’s legs so that both hands meet together at Chase’s pelvis. Jayden takes a deep breath as he prepares his muscles to lift and suspend the older teen’s body.

Jayden and Chase are locked together now and Jayden can feel Chase tremble in his arms, his vulnerable balls sandwiched between Jayden’s hands. “Now this is when I lift you in the air…”

“Oh God, yeah I remember,” groans Chase, sweat starting to form on his brow.

“Oh that’s right, I did this to you at the pool! Well when you lift your opponent all of their weight is here,” and Jayden gropes and jostles Chase’s beloved testicles a bit. “Now some junior wrestlers don’t have the arm strength for the lift, but I do and unfortunately for you so does Doug. Now I’m going to lift you.”

“Wait Jayden how do I…” but Chase’s words are lost as Jayden lifts Chase into the air.

“Can you feel your balls being squeezed against your pubic wall? See how my hands are trapping your testicles in place?”

“Ugh! Fuck!” Chase moans, feeling the overwhelming pressure between his thighs as he squirms and fumbles helplessly, desperate to relieve his big balls which have no room to escape.

“You feel that, right? Now I expect Doug will also know that jostling you like this…” now Jayden manhandles Chases junk, bumping his body up and down so Chase’s balls are crushed with each bounce “is a good way to break your resistance. It’s a pretty effective technique, wouldn’t you say?” Jayden asks.

“My God damn Big Balls!” shrieks Chase, his face reddening as his balls feel like they are being trampled by a herd of elephants.

“Good, now I am going to teach you how to get out of it,” Jayden lowers him to the ground.

Chase shakes his head trying to resist the urge to collapse and curl up into a fetal position, as he crouches down, gently cradling his mangled balls as they send shock waves of agony coursing through his muscled frame.

Jayden pats him on the back, “They’ll be fine, tough guy. Now. we have a lot of moves to go through, and,” Jayden checks his watch, cursing himself. “well I don’t have all day.”

“What?” croaks Chase with a frown, then he gives a little cough to clear his throat “You have to be somewhere else?”

“It’s saturday night, Chase,” Jayden reminds him.

Chase hauls himself upright and tries to peer down at Jayden with an authoritative sneer, but fails rather miserably as another wave of testicle agony surges from his nut-bag, making him keel over in agony “So what ?” he groans

“I have a date…with Bill,” Jayden states blankly.

“Well cancel it,” Chase frowns as he raises himself again “Tell him that something more important came up.”

“I won’t do that” Jayden says firmly “Now come here and try to execute the same move on me, remember where I put my arms. Now my chest is not quite as broad as yours, and your arms are longer so make adjustments for that, okay?” he advises Chase, guiding the strong arms around his body until Jayden is satisfied “Now before you lift me, I am going to teach you how to get out of this. You either throw a quick elbow like this,” Jayden demonstrates but avoids making harm to Chase’s nose, just giving it a warning tap instead.

“Now your other arm is trapped, so you would have to use your leg…you can try to knock his knee out with yours,” and Jayden demonstrates that with a slight bump to Chase’s lower thigh. “or my personal favourite…a mule kick to the nads!”

Jayden brings his heel up sharply behind him, guided between the Chase’s thighs until his heel slaps into the captain’s beefy nuts with just enough force to make the threat real.

“Oooof!” Chase exhales sharply as his athletic rame lurches forward.

“Now that one is more tricky, ‘cos it’s a blind attack” Jayden explains nonchalantly, then he gives a sly grin “So, Chase, did I get your big balls that time?”

“Ugh! Fuck dude, yeah you got both of them…oooh my damn nuts!”

“Alright, so now you can try to lift me” Jayden chuckles “It should be easy with all your muscles”

“Hell yeah!” Chase grits his teeth, determined not to show any weakness after that heel strike to his nuts “You know, I didn’t think you would really let me get you in the nuts today, Jayden!” Chase manages to grin as he maneuvers his hands around Jayden’s plums.

“Sure, well how else will you be able to perform it on Doug?” Jayden asks.

“Well I know how much you hate it when I attack your Boy-Balls” Chase chuckles, his cock beginning to throb as he indulges himself with a sensual grope of the smaller boy’s over-ripe plums.

“Oh!…well this time you have something you’ve never had before, Chase: my permission,” Jayden whispers then gulps as he looks up at the handsome blond boy through the opening between his wonderfully muscled arms. “Now don’t make me wait here all day, try the crotch lift Chase!”

“You got it!” and Chase does it eagerly, feeling Jayden’s plump slippery balls trying to wiggle or squirm away, but he leaves no such avenue for escape as he smooshed them between his hands in the same way that Jayden manhandled his own just moments ago. Chase feels elated, as he raises Jayden high off the ground and shouts! “Yeah, I did it!”

“Ow! Yeah, you got me,” Jayden groans. “Now see how high, ugh, ugh you can lift me.” Jayden gasps.

“Whatever you say, teacher! Damn look at my muscles!” Chase grins wolfishly, admiring his chiseled biceps as they flex harder, powering Jayden’s higher into the air.

“Damn, you’re so strong now…and don’t forget to…jos…jostle…” Jayden stammers as another groan escapes his throat.

“Oh yeah!” Chase exclaims as he bumps Jayden’s nuts together and they ricochet apart, bumping back into Chase’s squeezing grasp, then slamming into Jayden’s pelvis. Jayden feels his body start to wilt in Chase’s arms as his balls are being pummeled. “You’re right about this crotch lift it’s a real game changer!” Chase laughs.

“My balls…” Jayden squeaks. “You can…ugh…put me down now,” Jayden moans.

“Sure thing!” Chase puts Jayden down so he is on all fours. “You know, I think I got you even worse than you got me.”

“I know you did…ugh! I guess you’re a natural.” Jayden grunts, gritting his teeth. “When a stronger guy does it it’s so much more effective, and don’t forget Doug is even bigger than you” Jayden rubs his balls grimacing as the orbs throb beneath his touch. “Now take a seat in front of me, I’m going to teach you the next move.”

Chase sits on the mat facing Jayden, his big balls barely even hurting now, his boner is trusting up obscenely through his singlet and he’s really enjoying himself now.

“I don’t really need to practice this one on you, but you should know how to execute the move and its variations,” Jayden says as he sits down stretching out his legs on either side of Chase’s body.

“Hmm, I doubt that Doug will get in that position very willingly,” Chase raises his eyebrows sceptically.

“I’ll teach you later on how to get him into these precarious positions,” Jayden says absentmindedly rubbing his groin as he talks. Chase keeps looking hungrily at the big red bulge as Jayden says, “Now grab my ankles like this.”

“Sure! I must say, when your opponent is wearing a singlet it really gives a huge advantage, I can see exactly what I am aiming for,” Chase says.

“I know,” Jayden grimaces as Chase smile grows as he puts his foot down, resting it on Jayden’s junk, slowly rubbing his sole up and down Jayden’s limp shaft.

“That’s not part of the deal,” Jayden says as Chase uses his two biggest toes to slowly jack Jayden’s penis, while at the same time Chase applies pressure in his heel firmly crushing Jayden’s nuts.

“Are you sure?” Chase asks.

“Yes,” Jayden gulps, blushing as he feels his member throbbing between his legs.

“As you wish,” and Chase pulls on Jayden’s ankles and digs his heel into Jayden’s nuts, forgetting about Jayden’s semi-hard cock for now.

Jayden gasps at the intensity of Chase’s onslaught. “Now if I get Doug in this move, he’s going to be screwed!” laughs the blond thug as he powers his leg outwards, locking it then pulling for all his arms are worth. Jayden’s balls are being compressed against his pelvic wall and feebly bangs his hands on the mat, his eyes criss-crossing as he groans.

For a while they stay, stretched in that position until Jayden yells, “Stop!”

Chase thinks about it, then slowly complies, releasing the pressure until his heel no longer digs into Jayden’s nutsac, but rests gently against his big package leaving the threat noticeable.

“Fuck,” Jayden groans. “You can also kick them,” Jayden adds. He gives the suggestion half-heartedly, not really wanting to extend this torture session but wanting Chase to learn as much as he can. Chase grins even wider, excitement stirs in his loins at the prospect as he pulls his foot back all the way to his own big balls nudging them with his heel so they jiggle under his singlet.

“Something like this?” asks Chase innocently and he thrusts his foot straight and true nailing both of Jayden’s balls. Jayden’s frame jerks up rigidly before he howls in agony. “Again right?” Chase asks, but doesn’t wait for an answer as he slams his foot against Jayden’s nuts again, but only finding one target.

“Hmm that’s not quite right,” Chase says.

Jayden spins his index finger and blubbers out loud somehow in ball shattering pain, “Twist your foot.”

“Oh, yeah,” and he does feeling the second testicle now. Chase grins triumphantly, “Good thinking! You’re a great teacher!”

“Thanks,” Jayden squeaks, as his body falls against the mat and Jayden’s body is drenched in sweat as he reaches into his backpack pulling out his t-shirt to cover his face. “Chase?”

“Yes,” Chase replies ready to launch another kick.

“You can also use,” Jayden gulps. “Both feet together” and he covers his face with his t-shirt waiting for the next onslaught.

“Both?!” Chase yells excitedly as he maneuvers both of his legs in-between Jayden’s thighs. “What do I do first, the kick, the press, or…” Chase scoops up both of Jayden’s balls between his own feet and pounders. “What is this move called?” Chase asks as he gently rolls both of Jayden’s nuts between his feet.

“You’ve heard of the ball squeeze?” Jayden asks.

“Who hasn’t?”

“Well, that is the foot version. It’s called… the foot squeeze,” Jayden says, wondering if his nuts will ever recover from these lessons.

“Well I am loving this one but I’m not sure Doug will” and Chase attempts to crack Jayden’s walnuts as his feet become a vice, crushing Jayden’s balls within.

“My boynuts!” Jayden jaw drops wide open and he grabs his hair, his muscles clenching and unclenching as Chase uses this moment to the utmost and pulverizes Jayden’s family jewels.

Jayden’s body is wracked with pain, and he flairs on the matt staring at the cruel blond stud “Chase, please, my balls!” He pleads, gritting his teeth as another wave of pain shoots up from his groin, this one worse than the rest and he manages to twist out of Chase’s ankle grip and shuffle away, trying to crawl away to safety on his hands and knees.

“And where do you think you’re going?” smirks Chase as he stand up, grabbing Jayden’s ankles and wrenching Jayden up into a wheelbarrow position before pulling back with all his strength  so Jayden body crashes with a sickening squelch, nut’s first into Chase’s extended knee

“Ugh!” Jayden body rebounds forward after the impact to his rubbery nuts and falls to the floor then he shudders as he feels each of Chases toes pick up a ball and start to palpitate his shattered testicles. Jayden lays back as he starts to succumb to the pain that is flooding through his hard, young body.

“Come on Jayden, show me how to escape this one, I really need to learn this shit!” Chase chuckles as he bounces his big toes into Jayden’s testicles.

Chase’s pleasure is cut short as the gym door is kicked open and Bill races in then swings his foot up with lethal power aiming at big exposed bulge of his despised swim team captain “Fun’s over Chase!” he roars!


Earlier that day

Bill looks at his text message frowning, annoyed at Jayden’s vague excuse. Then a second message comes through, just a location. Bill is about to ignore it then he looks again and his eyebrows furrow. What the hell would Jayden be doing at his old school? He wonders, intrigued and decides to investigate, it’s only a short ride away after all and, who know, maybe Jayden needs his help. Quickly he packs his speedos and a towel, since they often meet for a swim together then he rushes out from his house.

To be truthful Bill has been upset with Jayden since that incident at the pool between Jayden and Chase. Bill is pretty sure that Jayden harbors feelings for his swim-team captain, even if he won’t admit it to him, or maybe even to himself. Chase’s visual appeal is blindingly obvious, even to Bill, and he wishes he too was blessed with such chiseled muscles not to mention Chase’s admittedly, rather impressive bulge. But the blond bully is a sadistic creep and Bill knows he has to limit any exposure between them, for Jayden’s sake as well as his own.

Bill rides his bike into the school parking, still pondering Jayden’s latest text, when he spots Jayden’s bike, not at the side entrance where the pool is, but at the front of the school.

Bill bites his lips, curiosity burning within him as he looks up at the door and slowly creeps inside. Bill walks down the dark hallway, hearing voices at the end and Bill gets an eerie feeling coming over him. He inches down to the gym and peers inside. What he sees shocks him to the core, it’s Jayden and he in this red wrestling singlet chatting with Chase who is dressed the same, but in blue.

Jayden’s friend that he had to help is…Chase? Bill forces himself to stop watching just as the boys’ limbs begin to entwine and he walks sullenly back to the entrance, about to leave when an idea hits him. Leaping on his bike he pedals furiously round the block to Jayden’s house to seek help from his older brother Gino. Bill realises now that the ping for Jayden’s location was sent to him by mistake…Jayden’s busted phone, no doubt and Jayden didn’t want him here. He wanted to be alone, alone with Chase!

Bill marches up to the front door and knocks on it frantically. Jayden’s mom answers and smiles down at Bill. “Well look who’s here?” she hugs him tightly “Sorry, love, you just missed him…Jayden dashed off just a few minutes ago.”

Bill hugs back out of politeness, then squirms anxiously out of her grasp.

“Actually, I came to see Gino,” Bill answers quickly.

“Gino?” She answers with surprise.

“Er yeah, he’s um…coming to play video games with us!” Bill says making up his story on the spot.

“Well ok honey, I think he’s in his room.”

“Thanks, Mrs. Gomez!” and Bill rushes down the hall, past Jayden’s room that he knows so well, to the dark end of the corridor where he pounds on Gino’s door.

Shuffling can be heard inside as Gino opens the door and looks down in surprise. “Bill? You came to the wrong door, knucklehead. You should know Jayden’s room by now.” Gino rolls his eyes, attempting to close the door but Bill puts his foot in the way.

“Wait, Gino, I came to see you,” Bill whispers anxiously.

“Look, sorry you’re not my type, kiddo!” Gino laughs roughing up his hair.

Bill frowns in annoyance, “It’s your brother! He’s…he’s in real trouble!”

This seems to catch Gino’s attention and he scowls as he leans against his doorframe. “Go on.”

“Let me in and I’ll show you something.”

Gino’s eyes narrow, “This better be good.” Gino walks into his room and beckons Bill to join him. Then Bill whips out his cell and searches frantically in his archives.

“Look, here it is!” Bill exclaims excitedly passing his phone across.

As Gino watches the screen, his jaw tightens and his fists begin to clench and shake by his sides. In the video, he sees Jayden tied up at the pool-side with Bill bound and gagged at his feet while Chase laughs as he jerks his brother off. Bill bites his lip in excitement seeing the anger consuming Gino’s mind and he knows his plan is working. Chase had forwarded the video to Bill and Jayden soon after the event with a warning that he would share it with the whole school if they interfered with his plans. Little did he know it would be used against him!

“See Gino, you have to help! Jayden is with Chase now, he must have lured him to the school somehow and God knows what he plans to do to him!”

“Alright Bill, I’ll sort this out” Gino scowls as he hands the phone back.

Walking towards the wardrobe Gino peels off his shirt. Bill’s audible gulp catches the big wrestler’s attention and he smirks at him. “Like what you see, huh?” Gino bounces his chest muscles and pulls on his well-worn red Bartlet singlet, it has black stripes that must symbolize a different division because Jayden’s singlet doesn’t have them. Gino heads to the door then pauses and closes it shut, then grabs Bill by the throat, pushing him against the door. “Any funny stuff, and I will crush your raspberries, got it?” Gino warns as he reaches down shoving his free hand into Bill’s shorts, past his underwear and grabs his bare balls.

Gino breaks into a wide grin as he says, “Did they get smaller?”

Bill sweats in fear, and shakes his head.

“Huh, maybe they’re just smaller than I remember. Threat still stands, got it?” Gino tightens his grip making Bill yelp and shake his head vigorously.

“You’re not a bottle-head, answer me Bill.” Gino orders squeezing Bill’s testicles, locking them tightly within his palm.

“I promise,” Bill squeaks.

“Good,” Gino releases Bill’s neck and balls. “Now we are going to walk past my mother normally. Get me in trouble and I will make sure Jayden never gets to fuck you again, got it?”

“Jayden doesn’t…” Bill stammers turning red, one hand massaging his throat, the other underneath his cotton underwear feeling his tiny nuts.

“Come on, I know you guys fuck,” Gino laughs, giving Bill a playful shove.

Bill turns even redder as he pulls his hand out saying, “We have never, I swear.”

“Come on! You did that first time, when I brought you and Chase and your other swim pals to the house last Christmas,” Gino says, grinning at the memory.

“I told Jayden I wasn’t ready, I guess I’m still not…I chickened out.”

Gino’s eyebrows raise, exactly like Jayden’s do when he’s surprised “Then what on earth do you two do?”

“I mostly give him hand jobs, sometimes oral…” Bill trails off.

“What’s the matter, is your worm too small for him to want to play with?” Gino looks down actually somewhat intrigued now.

Bill looks really uncomfortable, and Gino takes pity on him. “Come on, spill.”

“It’s personal,” Bill says his eyes growing wet.

“Oh well, you know he still loves you, little guy.” Gino says reassuringly, “Just let things go with the flow.

“I was waiting until he said that he loves me,” Bill says.

“Jayden said you two both said it the other night,” Gino says.

“He told you that?” asks Bill.

Gino rolls his eyes, “Look Bill, there are only like four things Jayden ever talks to me about, wrestling…swimming…his aching boy-nuts” Gino chuckles at the thought and his huge flaccid cock swells noticeably inside his tight singlet “and of course his relationship with you!” Gino winks back at him.

“So Bill, he told you the other night that he loved you so why aren’t you giving up your seed? Er…wait, you can do that right?”

“Yeah of course I can cum,” Bill blurts out defensively, clearly offended by the suggestion.

Gino shrugs, “OK cool, I just figured maybe you needed a certain length, or balls bigger than tic tac’s” he chuckles “but anyway good for you!”

“Even you made me cum once,” Bill mutters glumly in a quiet voice.

“Oh yeah,” and a small smile comes over Gino’s face. “I remember that, and I also remember you fucking my face with your little prawn” Gino laughs again at the memory. “Then I got carried away and chomped on your little boy-beans.”

Bill scowls as Gino chuckles and for the first time Gino notices a steely, determined look in Bill’s piercing eyes and he quickly stops. “OK, maybe I took things a bit too far.”

“We both did,” Bill says, shaking his head to clear the memory “The whole thing put me off wanting anyone to touch my dick again actually.”

Gino looks uncomfortable as he sits down on his bed, “Bill. I’m sorry, I…I guess I have a bit of a ball-busting fetish.”

“Jayden told me,” Bill says, “I kind of have one too to be honest, but I only like giving the punishment, not receiving it.”

“Oh, er awkward,” Gino laughs putting his hand through his hair. “Well I guess it’s good for you that Jayden’s big danglers can handle a bit of punishment! Just kick him hard in the nuts until your pecker is rock hard, then tell him to suck off…problem solved!” Gino laughs.

“But Chase,” Bill whispers. “Jayden’s with Chase.”

Gino’s eyes narrow. “Well not for long, let’s go and sort that out first…I thought that I drummed it in Jayden’s thick skull to leave that dickhead alone.”

“Well they’re at the old school right now, on the wrestling mats…Jayden texted me that he needed to help a friend, so I went to investigate,” Bill sniffles.

“Hey, come here,” Gino says.

Bill looks apprehensive and a bit scared.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I just wanted to give you a hug,” and Gino stands up with his arms outstretched.

Bill tentatively walks over and Gino wraps him up in his large arms holding him against his powerful frame. “If Chase is trying to fuck things up between you two, I’ll put an end to it right now, OK?”

Bill looks up, “You mean it?”

“Yeah, I do.”

Bill gulps and buries his head in Gino’s chest, “Thank you.”

“One more thing,” Gino goes to his dresser and digs within before pulling out a much smaller red Bartlet singlet. “For you,” Gino shrugs.

“For me,” Bill asks, his voice portraying his shock as he gazes at the material.

“It’s too small for Jayden but I was going to force Jayden to squeeze into it next Christmas for a little role-play” Gino chuckles meanly “Anyway it should fit you just fine, so put it on now.”

“But Gino,” Bill shakes his head. “I’m not a wrestler.”

“You will be today,” Gino explains. “You’ll really impress Jayden if you bust up Chase’s balls looking like a real wrestler! And just imagine the humiliation that Chase will suffer!” Gino laughs.

Bill grins sinisterly along with Gino as he strips down to his underwear and grabs the singlet.

“Those too, it’s for luck. The Bartlet team always go nude under our singlets, it’s an old tradition I guess.”

“Bullshit,” Bill scowls, but he reluctantly complies, pulling his boxer briefs down as Gino suggests.

Gino watches him changing, eyeing up the boy as he twists the material on his eyes feasting on Bill. “You may be skinny as a rail, but you’ve getting some nice abs,” Gino compliments him.

Bill blushes, he’s not used to people admiring his looks and he stops pulling up his singlet, leaving one shoulder strap dangling just below his dime sized pink nipple. “Thank you,” Bill blushes.

Gino walks over and rubs Bill’s abs, “Not bad at all! Jayden’s was slim like this a year or so again. You’ll hit your growth spurt pretty soon, don’t you worry.” Gino winks as he helps Bill pull the last strap on and puts his hands on Bill’s skinny shoulder. “Now let’s go fuck up Chase’s day, okay?”

Nodding Bill says, “He’s not even going to know what hit him.”

The drive to the school was quiet. Gino is not a big talker anyway and Bill is too busy contemplating what he will do when he gets his hands on Chase. With Gino on his side, he knows he can’t fail. He has played his cards perfectly and now he will get his revenge. Thankfully he knows Gino’s soft spots all too well: safe-guarding his younger brother’s testicles and a need for total control over who gets to play with Jayden’s impressive junk. Of course Chase is on Gino’s blacklist but, thankfully Bill is not. Excitement fills Bill’s chest, and he bones up just thinking about what Chase’s beloved balls are going to endure when the rescue team arrive!

“Just so you know, Gino” Bill looks up at the older boy with a malicious grin “Chase is always boasting about the size of his tackle…to be fair, he has got the biggest balls on the swim-team, but the cocky jerk seriously thinks he outranks Jayden where it counts…it’s delusional obviously and, well, I was thinking you might want to remind Chase how he stacks up” Bill chuckles meanly “Go on Gino, it will really hurt his pride!”

 “Don’t fret Bill, I’ll make sure to get a really good examination of his juicy young plums, and it won’t be the first time!” Gino chuckles as he parks his beat-up truck next to the bike stand in front of the school “Yeah Chase and I have this little tradition. Believe me, buddy, Chase won’t be bragging about anything when I’m through with him and he’ll never dare go near my brother again!”

“Great! Now Gino we have to be quick, follow me! Before it’s too late!” Bill yells out anxiously, leaping from the truck and racing into the building. He tears down the corridor and bursts into the practice room just in time to Chase grasping his boyfriend by the ankles as he crushes Jayden’s beautiful balls under his toes.

“Fun’s over, Chase!” Bill yells, his blood boiling with hatred as he takes aim at his captain’s big bulging testicles, the two plump orbs present a perfect target protruding with anatomical detail through the stretched blue fabric of his singlet.

“No! Don’t!” Jayden yells up in alarm as he sees his boyfriend swing his foot between the blond stud’s powerful thighs. Bill’s foot whooshes upwards with deadly power but Chase swivels, heeding Jayden’s warning and the boy’s toes strike deep in the crack of his bubble-butt, almost penetrating his sacred hole. Chase shrieks in distress, releasing Jayden’s legs as he jumps in the air clutching his tender ass before turning quickly to face the danger. He drops into a fighting stance with a shocked expression on his handsome face as he recognizes his assailant. He blinks in surprise, raising his eyebrows in disbelief then his lips curl up into a cruel grin.

“Well, well, well! Baby-nuts has come to the rescue!” he chuckles as he cracks his knuckles “Oh boy, what the hell are you wearing, Bill?”

 Bill stands defiantly before him, dressed proudly in his wrestling singlet, the fire-engine red Bartlet colors shining brightly under the spotlights. Standing his ground, Bill puffs up his chest and glares back at Chase before glancing across at Jayden who is now curled up and clutching his boyhood.

“What does it look like?” Bill grits his teeth angrily and snarls back “You’re going to pay for hurting Jayden!”

“Yeah sure! Come on then you little runt!” Chase smirks as he looks Bill up and down. “It really looks like Halloween came early! Let me guess…your Elmo from Sesame Street! You look ridiculous…and dick-less, wow that’s quite a combo!”

Chase chuckles, shaking his head derisively as he points at the modest lumps in Bill’s groin. “Wow, I didn’t know even they made wrestling clothes for girls! Seriously, dude. It’s like you’ve got nothing going on down there! At least in your Speedo’s there’s that little flap that could be…well, something.”

Bill’s face turns almost as red as his singlet as he stares up at the hulking team captain “Screw you, Chase! You’re…you’re just jealous!”

Chase almost doubles over with laughter, “Jealous? What, of you!” He laughs again.

“Yeah! Admit it, Chase! Because Jayden’s mine, and not yours,” Bill points a finger for emphasis at his boyfriend who is still curled up and groaning on the floor.

Chase’s laughter ends abruptly; his eyes narrow and he peers down with a menacing sneer as he clenches his impressive muscles. “How dare you! You’re going to regret interfering in my plans, baby-balls!”

Bill gulps as the snarling blond bully slowly advances on him. He glances quickly around but clearly Jayden is in no position to save him and…where the hell is Gino! Fearfully, Bill takes a small step back, then another, still bravely holding up his small fists. He grits his teeth, eyes frantically scanning for a weakness to exploit but alarm bells are now blaring in his brain as his vision fills with Chase’s powerful muscles and he feels himself choking under the pungent manly scent of sweat and testosterone. With another retreating step Bill finds himself backed up against the wall, shaking in terror.

“Help!” Bill suddenly yells out in terror “Please, someone help me!”

“You’re pathetic, Bill. You really think a dick-less runt like you could take me on!” Chase smirks meanly “And as for Jayden, why would he ever stick with you when he can have me!”

Chase grins arrogantly as he runs his hands over his rippling abs then gropes his bulging basket proudly “You know Jayden loves my big man balls!  So Bill, remind me who’s got the biggest balls in the room and I might let you crawl back to your hovel.”

“Fuck you! Jayden’s balls are way bigger than yours, and you know it!” Bill’s heroic voice cracks as he delivers a sudden snap-kick to Chase’s bulging balls but the shrewd captain is expecting it. Quickly he grasps Bill by the foot, making the smaller boy hop around foolishly.

“Wrong!” Chase shakes his head and smashes his foot into Bill’s tender buds, squishing the two tiny lumps in his tight red singlet. The younger boy groans in agony and slowly falls to his knees clutching himself in pain.

“My balls!” Bill wails as he looks up at his tormentor with hatred burning in his eyes.

“Wrong again! I’m afraid yours are the smallest in the room!” Chase sniggers cruelly as he buries his foot again into Bills groin, smashing the boy’s slim fingers into his tiny testicles and making him howl in pain. “Now, last chance! Who has the biggest balls in the room?”

“Maybe I have!” a deep booming voice calls out from behind him.

Chase turns in shock to see Gino standing in the doorway with his arms folded casually across his chest. Chase gulps and instinctively shields his proud boy bulge as his eyes take in the imposing physical presence of the 18 year old ball-buster, his singlet stretched so tight over his bulging muscles that the well-worn red Lycra looks ready to burst at the seams.

“Gino!” Jayden gasps as he stares up at his brother “What…what the hell are you doing here?”

“You heard him, dickhead! Get lost!” Chase scowls, his eyes narrowing as he stands his ground, trying to hide his fear “This is none of your business!”

“Believe me, it’s very much my business!” Gino scowls as he struts into the room and making his way to the center of the mat.  “See Chase, when you strike at the family jewels you involve the whole family! Once again you’ve shown a complete lack of respect for my brother’s sex organs! Look Chase, I’m sure you’re jealous because they’re so much bigger than yours, well I’m going to teach you never to mess with Jayden’s boyhood again!”

“Wait!” Jayden gasps in alarm as he tries to stand up, but his legs are still weakened from the aching gonads and he soon slumps heavily back on his ass. “Gino, it’s, er, this is not what you think…”

“Quiet Jayden! We’ll discuss this later!” Gino silences him in a commanding voice, keeping his focus trained on the cocky teenager. He hasn’t seen Chase for some time and, despite his thirst for vengeance, Gino finds his eyes feasting on Chase’s exquisite physique, the young muscles looking bulkier and more defined than before. The swim-team captain certainly looks stronger than Jayden now, but then again, Gino recalls, he’s also almost a year older. At fifteen, Chase really looks quite a stud and Gino can hardly keep his eyes off the boy’s impressive bulge; his tight blue singlet revealing every detail of the 15 year olds’ genitalia: a nice juicy cock flopped lazily off to the left above his two plump, oval testicles…the biggest balls on the swim-team! Gino chuckles aloud as he recalls Bill’s words. ‘Well, Chase’ he thinks with wicked grin ‘those pretty balls might be bigger than your little swim pals but I will remind you that you’re still playing catch-up with my little brother!’

“Come on then, stud!” Gino smirks, licking his lips as he decides to put his thoughts into words “You said something about the biggest balls in the room, so why don’t you show me what you’re packing down there!”

Chase scowls and can’t help his jealous eyes from wandering to the huge testicles packing out Gino’s fruit basket. They look even bigger than he remembers, maybe the biggest nuts he’s ever seen but with a 2 year age difference it’s hardly a fair contest. He clenches his fists in anger making his young muscles rippling under the tight blue singlet. Then with a defiant snarl he grabs his proud teenage bulge and peers down as he isolates each of his plump testicles and pulls them apart to show off their impressive size under the bright lights “Alright dickhead, here they are! Look how big my nuts have grown! This is the biggest set on the swim team, and yeah, by the way they’re bigger than Jayden’s! We compared a few days ago and I won! I bet in a couple of years these puppies will be way bigger than yours!”

“Ooh not bad, well at least you’ve finally grown a pair!” Gino raises his eyebrows, more impressed by Chase’s audacity than the size of his tackle. He then chuckles as he rubs his hands together excitedly and beckons his cocky opponents to the middle of the mats “Come on then big guy, I guess I need a proper grope of your boy-nuts to see how they measure up to Jayden’s…I have to say, yours do look smaller!”

“Fuck you!” Chase snarls back angrily at his bigger opponent. He clenches his jaw and shudders at he recalls the last time Gino had his hands around his beloved balls but his bravado prevails.

Chase bravely steps forward and Bill punches his fist into his palm excitedly “Go get him Gino, squeeze his puny nuts into pulp!”

“Shut up, baby-balls!” Chase scowls across at him angrily “You’re fucking pathetic, you know! Getting bigger, stronger guys to fight your battles for you!”

“Well I guess I’m an opportunist.” Bill shrugs his shoulders then laughs meanly “Come on then, Captain, show me how tough the captain’s nuts are!”

Chase growls, trying to ignore Bill’s taunts as he assumes a wrestler’s stance and prowls cautiously around his older and hunkier opponent. His jaw is clenched tightly as he tries to hide the gut-churning terror of getting busted and milked by the older, more experienced wrestler. As he breathes deeply his inner voice spurs him on for the encounter: You’re the captain, Chase! You’ve got the biggest balls on the team! Strike fast and hard! Don’t give him a chance to recover!

In the center of the mat Gino stands casually with his hands on his hips. He wears a bemused expression on his handsome face as he watches the blond boy circling him. “Come on then, Chase! Ooh I can’t wait all day to get my hands on those cute little nuggets!” Gino licks his lip with an excited grin then sweeps his dark hair back and turns to give Bill the thumbs up.

“Not this time, you won’t, dickhead!” Chase suddenly yells, launching himself with lightning speed towards his distracted rival. Before Gino can even blink, the young swimmer is upon him, his bony knee cap buried deep in his older teen’s groin, crushing his overgrown orbs.

“Ugh! Fuck, that’s my goddam balls!” Gino groans, turning away and keeling over, his hands on his knees as he tries to breathe through the searing pain then THUD! Chase’s powerful snap-kick flattens his aching bulge again, folding him over with a deep manly groan. He looks across, ashen faced towards his blond tormentor as he clutches his throbbing man jewels “Damn you, Chase, you got my frigging nuts!”

“Oh really? And I thought that was your foot, moron!” Chase smirks, grinning meanly then charges forward staying low and forcing the winded hunk to stagger backwards before grabbing his throat and jerking his powerful frame upright. Twisting his body he powers his other fist-first deep into Gino’s solid abs with enough force to make older teen grunt in pain. Rearing back he launches another body-breaker to the eighteen year old’s lower abs followed by a high knee to the sternum just as the big stud keels forward, lifting him clean off the ground. Gino groans, shaking his head in disbelief but his trained abs are hard as steel and he lashes out with a vicious hay maker towards the youngster but Chase ducks underneath and counters with an uppercut of his own, aimed meanly between Gino’s muscular thighs, crunching his huge bulging testicles once again.

“Oh God, my fucking nuts!” Gino croaks as his legs finally give way and he slumps heavily to the floor, the multiple nut shots successfully delivered to him, begin to take their combined toll.

Bill and Jayden both gasp in disbelief as Chase single-handedly brings the beefy stud crashing to his knees but his relentless assault is far from over. A wicked toe punt spears the vulnerable dangling targets, discovering a tiny gap underneath Gino’s hands that are desperately shielding them, then a sideways heel strike smashes into his barrel chest, sending the muscular wrestler sprawling in agony on the mats.

“What’s wrong, tough guy? Don’t you have the balls to take me on?” Chase snarls down, now brimming with confidence as he grabs his young but rather well-developed balls with a cocky grin “Bet you wish you had tough nuts like these, huh? God, you wrestlers are all so weak between the legs! Now get up on your feet, loser!”

Before his burly rival has any chance to regain his senses, Chase leans down to grab the suffering stud under the jaw and with a huge effort manages to haul him back upright. His sculpted biceps bulge and ripple until slowly Gino is back up on two feet but the experienced wrestler is not quite out of it yet. Seizing the moment, Gino swings his muscular arm up between the young bully’s legs, his baseball biceps crunching into the two bulging orgs, perfectly outlines in Chase’s tight singlet.

“Oooof! Fuck!...Ugh my big balls! You’re gonna pay for that, fucker!” The swim captain croaks in agony as he doubles over, fighting the crippling pain in his young jewels but still he manages to maintain a strangle-hold on Gino’s throat. With a determined roar he suddenly powers Gino’s body upright and hammers another knee up between the brute’s muscular thighs nailing his beefy gonads and making the eighteen year old gag and retch.

“See! My balls are tough as hell, and now I’m going to finish you off, dickhead!” Chase growls, his resolve hardened even further by the throbbing between his legs. He darts behind his stooping opponent wrapping both arms around Gino’s waist as he plunges his hands deep into Gino’s groin.

“You can thank your little brother for teaching me this move!” Chase sniggers gleefully.

Jayden, still lying in the corner of the room, is now gaping up avidly at the enfolding action. He watches, dumbstruck, as the blond swim-team captain prepares himself to demolish his dominant older brother. The fifteen-year old Adonis is breathing deeply, his blue eyes narrowed in deep focus as he clamps both hands shut around Gino’s overgrown plums. A tragic howl echoes around the room as Gino feels the death grip on his tortured baby-makers but he can only writhe in agony under the youngster’s boy’s torturing hold.

“This is the crotch lift!” Chase roars out and snarls in determination, every muscle flexing in his divine body and Jayden can only gaze and gasp in wonder as the magnificent blond captain lifts his beefy, dominating brother clean off the ground with his full weight suspended on his bull-like testicles.

“Oh God! My fucking balls!” Gino’s howls of despair only confirm the masterful execution of this crippling move. HIs powerful legs now flailing uselessly as his hands paw at the slim fingers that are expertly crushing the life out of his manhood. Chase beams across at Jayden, his determined blue eyes now glinting in triumph, his whole being invigorated by the thrill of avenging the ball-busting hunk that is now suffering in his arms. Jayden can only gaze back in wonder and admiration as Chase’s sculpted muscles flex and ripple as he hauls his older brother ever higher into the air.

“Don’t forget to jostle!” Jayden yells out excitedly and with a devilish grin Chase responds, jerking Gino up and down, letting his body crash down, nuts first straight back into his cruel nut crushing hands. After several agonizing crotch-drops he begins rolling the fat swollen orbs between his fingers and digging his thumbs deep into the rubbery globes eliciting a series of girlish shrieks and yelps from the stricken stud.

“Give up now, Gino or I’ll…”


Chase’s words die in his throat as a sudden unbelievable pain explodes in his nutsac. His jaw drops open and he turns around to see Bill grinning up at him, his foot still buried deep between the crack of his ass-cheeks.

“Or you’ll what?” Bill grins up defiantly “Fall on your knees and cry because your balls are so weak?”

“Fuck you, Bill!” Chase glares back venomously then he groans as a stabbing wave of pain floods his guts and totters slightly, now feeling the immense weight of Gino above him as his knees begin to quiver.

“On your knees, Captain!” Bill chuckles sarcastically, “Your big nuts must be really weak, if you can’t handle a kick from a dickless runt like me!”

“Fuck you, Bill! I’ll show you who’s tough!” Chase grits his teeth and clenches every chiseled muscle and sinew in his body. He growls fiercely, digging deep as he bears down on Gino’s beefy balls as if it might avenge his own testicular trauma. But Bill just laughs dismissively, waiting until Chase staggers a small step forward then fires another brutal snap-kick into the inviting gap between his captain’s smooth, muscled thighs, nailing Chase’s plump pubescent balls once again.

“Oh God! Not my fucking nuts again!” Chase groans tragically, shaking his head in despair as he coughs deeply, then takes a few deep gasping breathes. Slumping forward slightly he is forced to drop Gino to his feet but defiantly maintains his lethal grip on the older wrestler’s mangled junk. Planting his legs wide apart he steadies his frame, holding Gino upright by the ball-sack, as he clenches his jaw, praying for his testicular agony to subside. Adrenalin courses through his veins helping him to fight the pain and he feels proud that his big captain’s balls are proving their resilience. Incredibly he’s still on his feet and he can feel the worst of his agony subsiding. Sadly his relief doesn’t last too long.

“I said get on your knees!” Bill snaps angrily as he punts Chase for a third time in the groin from behind. This time he has clear view of his targets between the boy’s athletic legs and his powerful kick hit’s the jackpot, smashing the young stud’s bigger right ball dead center and crushing it flat against his rock-hard abs. Chase’s eyes cross and his legs finally buckle sending him crashing to the floor, releasing Gino who is sent sprawling across the mat where he curls up, moaning in agony as he clutches his own shattered jewels.

“You stupid…ugh…dick-less…cretin!” Chase growls angrily as he slowly keels forward, groaning in pain until his forehead kisses the mat. One hand gently caresses his aching jewels as the other hand pounds hard against the mat with a clenched fist “Fuck you, Bill! Fuck you!” Chase croaks wretchedly then his face creases up in agony as his face kisses the mat and he continues blubbing incoherently “sniff….fucker! So unfair…nearly beat Gino…sniff… my fucking nuts…ugh!... sniff..gonna puke…”

“Bill, just leave him alone!” Jayden yells out indignantly, feeling a sudden profound empathy for Chase, the beautiful and brave young warrior that had come so close to demolishing his big, burly brother. The fallen blond boy now lies quivering in agony, taken down cruelly by a few cheap shots to his wonderful, dangling boy-balls. As he gazes at the tragic scene Jayden starts to see Bill through Chase’s eyes, a skinny runt, with gonads that would shame a hamster and no respect for his superiors. Jayden clenches his fist as he’s reminded of the humiliation he has suffered himself at the hands of pre-pubescent thugs, like Logan’s cousins, Caleb and Junior. Chase’s plight brings back all the shame of being brought to his knees, clutching his mangled boy-bits and the terrible shame of submitting to a puny, worthless rival. He tries to clamber to his feet knowing he must intervene before it’s too late.

“How are your big balls now, captain!” Bill chuckles excitedly as he leans down and thrusts a hand under the blond bully’s bubble butt until he finds what he’s looking for. With a devilish grin he closes his fingers around the bully’s plump left gonad that is jutting out precariously under the stretched fabric. “Funny, I thought it would be bigger?” he chuckles cheekily.

“Let go of my fucking nut, Bill!” Chase turns to face the younger boy with a threatening snarl but his handsome face suddenly cringes as he feels Bill’s other hand closing around his even bigger right testicle.

“Oh god, my big balls!” Chase groans tragically and begins to writhe as Bill tightens his grip on the captain’s treasures and begins squishing and squashing the virile young orbs.

“Actually, they’re not quite as big as you think, captain!” Bill chuckles as he rolls the blond boy’s tender orbs between his fingers then gives both juicy nads an eye-watering squeeze eliciting a strangled gasp from the blond boy “Poor Chase, you realize your beloved nuggets won’t be the biggest on the team for much longer! Have you seen Aldo and Leroy recently? Those boys have grown some big juicy plums and they’re still fourteen. Pretty soon they’ll both have big hefty man-balls and you’ll still be stuck with these little guys.”

“Fuck you, baby-balls! My nuts are huge and they’re still growing!” Chase grabs Bill’s wrists angrily then yanks them firmly away from his groin to relieve his tortured testes but Bill grip doesn’t waiver. Chase’s face turns deathly pale as his mouth opens in a silent scream as he nearly rips-off his own beloved balls, the fragile nut chords stretched to breaking point. His eyes cross once more and he slumps face forward back onto the mat whimpering in pain. “Ooh my fucking balls!”

“Nice try, Chase!” Bill chuckles “Now stand up, tough guy!”

Bill adjusts his grip hand between Chase’s legs until he has a firm grip on the poor captain’s boy-eggs, his agile finger tips probing deep into the stretchy blue fabric to get to the underside of his nuts then closing around them, trapping one fragile organs in each palm. Then he hauls the boy hollering to his feet, where he staggers around groaning and gasping helplessly.

“Now let’s take another look at these big balls of yours!” Bill chuckles as pulls both balls away from Chase’s body then clamps his right hand shut right around the neck of his scrotum and pulling his testicles back between his legs where they bulge obscenely at the end of his tight fist.

“Well it looks like a severe case of blue-balls” Bill chuckles as he prods his finger into the stretched blue material, right between the two bloated nuggets inciting a animalistic howl from the team captain.

“Get off my big balls, now or…ow…ow!” Chase’s angry snarls turns into a series of pitiful yelps as Bill tugs and twists his trapped jewels “Ugh! My goddam nuts!”

“Let him go now, Bill!” Jayden suddenly yells from behind him, grabbing Bill firmly by the shoulder and spinning him sharply around.

“Oh come on, Jayden, I know you’ve been longing to put this to bed!” Bill laughs as he shakes his captain’s jiggling balls in his hand. “Look at Chase’s puny little danglers! Does this loser really think these puny nuts can compete with a stud like you.”

Jayden suddenly gasps in shock as Bill’s free hand suddenly closes around his still tender gonads, repeating the move he just performed on Chase, pulling the big red globes clear away from Jayden’s body.

“Ugh! Stop it, Bill! Oh fuck, my boy-balls!” Jayden groans as he reaches down towards his stretched nut chords.

“Boy-balls? Don’t you mean bull-balls!” Bill chuckles as he hauls the two boys together rather brutally by the balls until their fat nuts are mashed together. As expected, Jayden’s hefty meatballs have a slight edge in size over the cocky captain’s prized danglers and Bill is quick to put his captain to shame “Wow Jayden! Look how much bigger your nuts are!”

Despite Jayden’s annoyance with Bill, he can’t resist peering down at his, suffering rival. The blond swimmer’s magnificently muscled body is now doubled over with his proud nuts stretched painfully out between his pert butt cheeks. Jayden shudders with desire seeing the sexy, muscular stud in such a compromising position and he soon feels his cock begin to throb hard as his eyes explore the boy’s big curvaceous butt cheeks and those wonderful plump testicles, that are packed so tightly into their blue Lycra pouch.

He moans with desire and can’t resist reaching out to touch Chase’s sexy boy-bulge. He runs his fingertips tenderly over the young stud’s left testicle then caresses the plump orb gently in his fingers, feeling the warm slippery organ slide evasively as he gently squeezes it. Then Jayden’s hand shifts across to feel up its twin and he purrs excitedly as he gets another feel of the 15 year old’s even bigger right testicle which feels incredibly potent and manly under his fingertips.

“Damn, that’s quite a set of nuts!” Jayden moans, his mouth salivating hungrily as he admires the young captain’s delicious assets. Jayden’s meaty cock is now fully engorged, tenting obscenely through his bright red singlet, its shrouded tip thrusting all the way up to the dimple of his belly button.

“What? Stop bullshitting, Jayden and just tell this cocky loser who has the biggest nuts!” Bill frowns impatiently.

“Look Bill, what really matters is we’re both really well hung, especially compared to you!” An angry frown returns to Jayden’s face, his eyes narrowing as he turns to meet Bill’s surprised gaze “Dammit Bill, Chase was going to beat Gino fair and square. He deserved that victory so why the hell did you have to attack his big balls!”

“Huh?” Bill gulps in surprise “But Jayden, he deserves it and anyway your balls are…”

“Enough!” Jayden snaps angrily as he reaches down to massage his sore plums then does the same to poor Chase who moans with relief “See Bill, if you ever grow a big pair like ours you can go around kicking guys in the nuts, but until then you should learn some respect! Now let go of our big nuts!”

“Well screw both of you, and your big balls!” Bill yells, bringing his knee up hard and crushing the four juicy testicles in his hands. Chase and Jayden both howl in agony as Bill finally releases their meatballs then fires another vicious punt deep into Chase’s bulge from behind, sending the captain sprawling forward and crashing face first to the floor right next to the groaning Gino.

“Ugh... my fucking nuts!”  Chase gasps. “Not again!” In despair Chase stretches a hand down to explore the wreckage between his legs “Screw you Bill! Dammit my big balls are fucked!”

Bill grins with deep satisfaction as he watches his despised team captain cursing as he curls up into a miserable, sobbing ball then he turns his focus back to Jayden who stands frozen on the spot, holding his big red bulge with a stunned look on his handsome face.

“Alright boyfriend, I think you owe me an explanation!” Bill scowls, as he strides forward confidently and prods the dumbstruck Jayden in the chest “Why the hell are you siding with that dickhead? Now answer me!”

Bill snarls angrily then slaps Jayden across the face with just enough force to make him stagger sideways in shock.

“Look, sorry Bill, I was just saying, you should respect…”

Jayden’s innocent plea is cut short as Bill knee smashes hard into his bulging fruit basket, crunching his fat plums and making Jayden heave as he slumps forward.

“It’s you that needs to learn respect, Jayden! And since I can’t pummel it into your brain I will have to pummel your overgrown boy-balls until you finally see reason!” Bill snarls and puffs up his small chest as Jayden doubles over “See Jayden, I’m a real man now, not your little play-thing!”

Bill pauses to check out his reflection in the mirror, clenching his slim muscles as he pounds his fist, feeling like a fierce warrior in his bright red singlet. Having already demolished Chase he now stands sneering down at Jayden who is groaning in agony, still desperately fighting gravity after Bill’s nut cracking knee. Bill smirks proudly as he peers down rubbing his hands down his firm young torso, loving how the tight red fabric showcases his small, firm pecs and his slim but defined abs that have really started to pop out recently. He sighs with some relief, as he notices the bulge of his boyhood under the fine red fabric and realizes that Chase’s cruel jibes are totally unfounded. He can clearly see the outline of his swelling boy cock which is now slowly rising upwards and beneath, the unmissable twin bulges of his boy-buds, jutting out like a pair of olives under the stretched fabric.

Encouraged by such a manly sight, he reaches down to fondle his boyhood and sighs with evident relief. His balls really do feel plumper recently and he can’t wait to prove that he’s now more hung than those pesky twins Max and Rex! With any luck his young buds will soon blossom into a huge set of low-hangers, swaying heavily between his thighs just like Gino’s, so he too can humiliate Chase about his inferior assets. Bill’s grin broadens as he touches his young cock, now rock hard and pointing straight up under the tight red Lycra.

“See Jayden, I’m not a little boy anymore, so screw you!” Bill thrusts his groin forward towards Jayden’s face, his young cock thrusting defiantly upwards like a middle finger.

“That’s quite enough, Bill!” Jayden growls angrily “Alright I see I need to teach you a lesson!”

Jayden frowns, still rubbing his aching jewels. He glares angrily at Bill as he drops into a wrestler’s stance, still feeling rather groggy and lead-footed after the assault on his boyhood “It’s my choice if I want to be friends with Chase, so back down, Bill. I don’t want to have to hurt you.”

“I don’t think so, lover-boy!” Bill spits out the words sarcastically as he too assumes a crouched fighting stance “I put Chase out of commission easily enough and now I’ll do the same to you” he brags as he faces his bigger and stronger boyfriend with a fearless expression. Bill narrows his eyes, moves from side to side lithely on his tiptoes, hands raised as he begins to dance around Jayden like an angry scorpion waiting for moment to sting. Jayden growls taking a furious swipe at him as if trying to swat a fly but Bill weaves to the side with astonishing agility before darts forward and firing a lightening snap-kick that nails his boyfriend right in his beefy balls.

“Ooof! Fuck you Bill, oh god you got my boy-nuts again!” Jayden anguishes, protesting about his manhood which makes Chase look up suddenly from his position on the floor. His handsome face hardens in outrage as he sees Bill’s foot buried deep in Jayden’s groin. To Chase’s disgust, the dick-less runt is now beaming down gleefully after wreaking havoc on Jayden’s magnificent young balls and bringing the tough wrestler crashing to his knees.

Chase growls and clutches his big aching balls in empathy, knowing full well the shame and agony that poor Jayden must be suffering as Bill moves in for the kill. Clenching his fists, Chase makes a brave attempt to stand but his legs too weak and he slumps heavily on his ass, massaging his sorry testicles with an infuriated frown.

“What’s wrong Chase. Did Bill crack your little nuts?” Gino smirks as he peers at him across the mats. “I bet you wish your nuts were big and tough like Jayden’s. He’ll be back on his feet in no time.”

The big wrestler laughs meanly but is looking a little worse for wear himself, crouched over as he grimly massages his huge baby makers.

“Screw you, Gino! My nuts are fucking big and you know it!” Chase protests, scowling across at Gino “And they’re way tougher than yours, dip-shit! I bet I really scrambled your eggs with my crotch lift.”

“Yeah alright Chase, you really got me good” Gino acknowledges with a frown but his lips soon curl up into an excited grin “But my big plums can bounce back pretty fast! So what do you say, kiddo? You want to play some more”

“Oh you really want more of me, huh?” Chase scowls angrily, then clambers onto all fours and crouches like a grasshopper gritting his teeth before suddenly hurtling forward smothering the muscular stud and making a sudden grab for Gino’s overgrown love spuds.

“Hell yeah! I got you by the balls now, Gino!” Chase roars in triumph, each hand clutching hard at a fat testicle, his slender fingers squeezing harder and harder until one giant nut slips out of his hand but he quickly reaches deep down and grabs it again making Gino howl in distress “So let’s see who’s a tough guy, now!” Chase grins meanly.

“Fuuuuck! My goddam baaaaalls!” Gino roars in pain, bucking and writhing powerfully beneath him, making Chase’s muscular ass jerk up and down but the blond boy’s thighs are clamped tight around Gino’s legs, binding them together at the waist making it impossible to throw him off.

“Submit to me big guy, or I’ll squeeze these big worthless balls until they burst!” Chase snarls, his boyish biceps jutting out of his arms like billiard balls as his fingers compress the older teen’s mighty man-balls. Seething with jealousy his fingers grope and knead at the fat rubbery organs “OK that’s it, I’m going to turn your weak wrestler balls into mush!”

“Fuck you Chase” Gino shrieks as he thrusts both hands towards his groin “Oh, you’re going to regret that, kid!”

Chase’s torso suddenly rises high above the mats, the muscles straining in his arm, back clenched tight and a furious scowl flashes in his eyes. He hips twist and buck as he tries to protect his private parts from the fingers that are snapping and groping between his smooth thighs.

“Come on, Gino! Grab those little boy balls?” Bill cheers excitedly, totally ignoring his crippled boyfriend who is still doubled over and moaning quietly.

Chase looks up, his lips sneering “Fuck you Bill, when I’m finished with Gino your tiny, sad little nuts will be…. ugh! Dammit! Ooooh no, no, no! My goddam nuts!” Chase suddenly cringes and looks down with a horrified expression to see Gino’s hand has now clamped shut around both of his fifteen year old testicles, trapping them together in a deadly grip.

“Ooh Chase! Well you really are quite a handful these days!” Gino grins through his pain as he gropes and squeezes the boy’s pubescent sex organs “However I have to tell you that Jayden’s boy-balls are still way bigger but at least you outrank Bill, at least for now!”

Sweat trickles down Gino’s brow as he tightens the grip on the swim captain’s plums, his big biceps starting to bulge as they unleash their power. Chase howls in anguish, his athletic body writhing in pain but he still manages to press his fingers deeper into Gino’s beefy nads, trying to disable the macho hunk before his own nuts implode.

“Get off my nuts or I’ll…ugh Fuck!” Chase gasps defiantly then his eyes cross as Gino suddenly bears down on his bigger right testicle. “No! Please Gino…no…ugh…not my big right nut! Fuuuck! You’re crushing my damn nut!”

Thrashing in pain, Chase releases one hand and reaches down to save his beloved testicle, his fingers pawing pathetically at the horribly deformed sex organ, it’s bulbous center is now squashed almost flat between Gino’s expert fingers, forcing its vital contents to bulge obscenely on either side of the emasculating grip. “Ugh, dear God! Oooh my babies!”

The boy howls in despair as he caresses his tortured, mangled testicle, nausea rising in his throat as he feels his virile nut meat being ground into pulp. Digging deep, Chase still manages to tighten his crushing grip on Gino’s fat left testicle making the older wrestler jerk up and bellow in pain. Stunned by the crippling pain Gino loses his grip on the teenager’s slippery gonad but his hand quickly reaches back down and locates the boy’s elusive targets once again, clenching tight to trap the teenage balls and crush them against each other. Chase shrieks in despair as he feels his beloved baby-makers being compressed to bursting point.

Bill watches entranced as the blond captain’s begins to convulse, his young muscles clenching tightly as his dogged resistance finally starts to crumble. Chase’s handsome face gapes, eyes bulging as he finally resorts to begging for mercy.

“I give… I fucking give, you’re breaking my balls!” Chase yells, abandoning his own offensive as both hands now delve to his groin to salvage his defeated teenage gonads.

“Poor Chase, I see your little eggs are still rather easily cracked!” Gino teases as he loosens his death grip on the boy’s aching privates then jiggles them in his hand. Chase can only moan weakly as his fit young body falls limp in the older teen’s arms. With a grin Gino lands a flat palm slap to the boy’s ample bulge making it wobble like jello and yielding a pitiful whimper from its owner. Then he runs his hand up the boy’s thigh and slips his fingers deep inside the blue singlet, feeling the firm ridges of the swimmer’s chiseled abs before sliding down, prodding his small belly button and massaging his smooth pubis.

“Gino please, oooooh no, please not down there!” Chase gasps as he feels the warm fingers smothering his throbbing cock, fondling its sensitive head then wrapping around his aching balls until his entire boyhood is consumed within Gino’s hand. The broken boy shudders as he gazes up into Gino’s sparkling eyes, feeling totally emasculated and subdued by the muscular wrestler.

“Now Chase,” Gino grins and his bright white teeth glint back at the younger boy like a shark “Are you as ready as I am?” Curling his fist tightly on Chase’s balls, he twists them upwards causing Chase’s body to lurch up from the mat as Gino sits on his thighs enjoying the struggle.

Shaking his head side to side, Chase’s blonde hair flops across his brow, still dripping with sweat “Gino, please!…Oh god, don’t make me cum again,” he pleads, hating the desperation in his own voice and knowing that Bill and Jayden are witnessing his defeat.

Gino smile grows even wider as he continues fondling Chase’s impressive nuts while his free hand creeps over Chase’s rigid pole, using his fingers to dance around the head. Involuntarily Chase moans, his hips bucking upwards at Gino’s touch.

“Your body is telling me to keep going, Chase. So sit back and enjoy,” Gino emphasizes squeezing Chase’s balls harder.

“Damn you! Ugh... look, just…ow! Just please take it easy on my nuts, Gino. They hurt so bad!” Chase mutters glumly.

Chuckling Gino starts a slow rhythmic pump, making Chase’s fattening dick throb in his grasp, while his other hand rolls Chase’s plump orbs in their young sac giving a small amount of pressure as he explores their virile contents. “Only if you’re good,” Gino laughs meanly. “Now this works wonders every time on Jayden, and now I want to hear you scream my name when you cum too.”

Chase glares back at Gino with hatred, his blood boiling with rage as he thinks about trying one last desperate maneuver, but finally he acquiesces with a groan as Gino flicks his thumb over his cock head. Chase starts trembling, and all ideas of fight seep out of him as he lays back trying not to scream out in pleasure. Gino’s hands are stimulating Chase’s manhood in a way he’s never experienced before, and the blond teen closes his eyes, picturing Gino doing the same to his brother and imagining Jayden’s load gushing out under such expert finger work.

In a hushed whisper as if reading Chase’s mind, Gino confides “To be honest, you’re the only boy other than my brother that I have played with like this. He usually doesn’t last too long with me.” Gino seems to be reminiscing as he looks over at Jayden being pummeled in the gonads by Bill. “Mmm, maybe I’ll make him cum again after I finish you off. That will really make my day.”

“You can’t,” blurts out Chase his eyes glazy from Gino working over his cock, with a swish, swish, rub rhythm that pushes him closer and closer to the point of no return. “I…er I mean we had plans…”

“What kind of plans?” Gino interrupts him, momentarily easing the pressure on Chase’s testicles. “What were you going to do to my little brother?”

Chase grits his teeth, knowing that he’s already said too much, then he groans as Gino tightens his grip harder on Chase’s throbbing balls, a mean tactic to make him talk and eliminate any risk that he might cum too fast.

“I was…oooh fuck,” Chase grabs desperately at Gino’s wrist, as his breathing hitches in his chest.

“Now listen to me Chase!” Gino growls in a threatening tone “When Bill and I arrived here, you were smashing your foot into Jayden’s much larger balls. So what was your dirty plan this time, eh? Take out his big nuts so you can finish the evening playing with his cock, huh?” Gino scowls, his eyes burning into Chase’s which still show a slight flicker of defiance despite Gino’s total control over boyhood.

With a groan, Chase manages to sit up, his rippling abs clenching and unclenching as Gino pumps harder on his tool. “So what if I was?” Chase gasps out in annoyance, squirming awkwardly but unable stop his pelvis jerking involuntarily as his body craves more of Gino’s sensual touch.

“So you’ve been lusting after him all along, eh? Well I can hardly blame you, Chase, Jayden’s quite a catch after all! I mean he’s almost a year younger than you but his dick must be a good half inch longer!” Gino chuckles, his retort not quite finished. “And as for his balls! Well they really put your little pips to shame, don’t they! And, of course, he’s smoking hot now, with all those cute muscles under his honey-tanned skin, don’t you agree? You know I bet he’s the hottest boy in his class. From your raging cock, I would say you agree.”

“Yeah, and I’m pretty damn hot too! And we had…plans” Chase groans in frustration, sickened by Gino’s unjustified taunts about the size of his manhood. Worst of all, he knows he will soon be forced to scatter all the seeds he was saving up for Jayden.

“Well Chase, I won’t let Jayden go out with a sadistic, narcissistic jerk like you! He needs a decent, kind-hearted guy; someone who will support him through thick and thin! That’s why I won’t let break apart Jayden and Bill. Yeah, Bill may have even smaller balls,” Gino smirks callously as he rolls Chase’s testicles between his fingers “But admit it these little fellows are hardly in Jayden’s league either!”

“Fuck…you…dickhead” Chase gasps out each word, as he clenches his teeth together. “My nuts are fucking big and you know it…Oooh fuck Gino, ugh! God, don’t make me cum now,” an edge of desperation resounds in his voice. “Please! Not in front of Bill!”

“Well that makes it all the sweeter…” Gino grins as his fist becomes a blur of action on Chase’s rigid penis, flying up and down, adding a quick squeeze on the cock-head every few pumps “That you lose your spunk to me again and Bill gets to see it!,” Gino tightens his fist on Chase’s balls knowing how this small change will delay Chase’s rapidly approaching orgasm.

“Not that hard,” Chase moans, his blue eyes plead as they start to cross as he continues to thrusts his hips into Gino’s hand. “Ugh! My nuts hurt so bad! You promised.”

“Say my name!” barks Gino. “Fucking do it. Or else these puny cum shooters will be forced to house their load when I block its exit from the end of your little cock. All I have to do is squeeze the root of your dick like this! Now say my name!” Gino orders.

Chase feels his cum boiling inside of him as Gino bears down ever harder on his big testicles while painfully squashing his urethra flat. The blond boy twists and writhes, desperate to release his pent-up ejaculation and finally gives in, screaming, “Gino! Oh fuck, Gino please!”

Gino grins leering at Chase in triumph as he finally lets up just a bit of pressure on Chase’s cock and balls giving his plump testicles a narrow passage for his cum to flow. Chase hollers in ecstasy, pain, and humiliation as his back arches completely off the mat, his thighs locking as hard as steel, as he bangs his fists feebly against the mat as his penis begins to fire.

“Yes, cum for me Chase!” Gino encourages as Chase begins to shoot in his singlet, his body locked in his orgasm taking over his whole body his balls churning in Gino’s grasp. Chase keeps firing blast after blast of pent up cum onto his abs until his singlet is utterly drenched and dripping with his creamy boy spunk.

“Ugh Fuck!” Chase groans as his body collapses to the mat, utterly spent as aftershocks of cum continue to spew as Gino pumps Chase’s cock. Finally, Gino eases up on Chase’s exhausted testicles and simply holds them marveling as Chase’s cum continues to spurt, the liquid seeping out of the fabric onto the mat creating a small puddle on Chase’s left side.

“Damn! That’s a decent load considering the size of your nuts!” Gino grins meanly as he leans over Chase, his own massive cock now rock hard in his singlet so that both boys packages are rubbing together and Chase feels suddenly horrible inadequate as he feels the seventeen-years old’s massive dong dwarfing his own and worst of all, Chase’s poor, drained balls are being painfully squashed by Gino’s meaty bull-balls. “In a moment, I’m going to play with Jayden and make him cum too while you watch, Chase” Gino grins excitedly.

Chase turns away, his eyes glistening with shame, utterly disgusted with himself now that his body has betrayed him. His plans with Jayden are ruined and he feels totally miserable.

“Come, come, Chase, there’s no use crying over spilt milk!” Gino chuckles as he stands up pulling Chase over one knee so he can taunt him some more. He is now crouched over with Chase stretched over his knee and begins sensually squeezing the beaten teen’s emptied gonads with one hand while he wiggles his still engorged, drooping cock with the other. “A young stud like you should have plenty of stamina, I bet I can get this little twig hard again…then I’ll come back and make you spurt again.” Gino whispers, winking at him and the horror in Chase’s eyes makes Gino’s huge cock begin to leak pre-cum.

“While I go play with Jayden, I want you to watch!” Gino growls, boring his eyes into Chase’s as he releases his cock and grabs the boy’s now empty balls, threatening to squeeze them once again.

Chase nods his compliance, whimpering weakly and feels slight relief as the pressure eases on his nuts but Gino continues to fondle the boy’s sorry nuts, clearly in any rush to let him off the hook “However, before I let you go, Chase, I want you to promise never to see Jayden again!”

While Gino is toying with Chase, Jayden looks on anxiously from his position on the mat. He was alerted moments earlier by Chase’s screaming orgasm and now, enraged, he finds the strength to clamber to his feet and staggers forth like a drunkard, his conscience guided by Chase’s pitiful whimpering. Brushing past Bill, he approaches Gino who is still playing cruelly with the broken young Adonis.

Getting behind his big brother, Jayden aims carefully and launches a mean uppercut right up between Gino’s legs nailing his huge and very familiar family jewels.

Gino pauses mid squeeze on Chase’s balls, turning his eyes downcast starring at Jayden’s fist. “Shit,” Gino groans.

Yanking his arm back, Jayden manages to punch Gino again between the legs then rears back and follow up with a vicious kick, but Bill now breaks from his trance and leaps into action, jumping on Jayden’s back. Jayden stumbles forward bumping into Gino who falls forward dropping Chase hard onto his back then landing on top of him, kneeing him hard in his emptied balls. Chase bumps chests with Gino as his head jerks upwards his bottom lip quivering. “My fucking nuts…not again,” Chase shakes his head in despair as Gino’s buried knee squashes his recently emptied nuts against the firm unyielding mat.

Groaning in agony, Chase and Gino both roll onto their sides, where they lie back-to-back nursing their tender man orbs, unaware of the battle raging above them.

One of Bills arms is wrapped firmly around Jayden’s throat, and he tightens his hold causing Jayden to gasp and choke as he struggles to get air into his lungs. Bill digs his heels into Jayden’s side, kicking Jayden’s lower body until the strong teen falls to his knees. “You aren’t saving Chase anymore Jayden. After everything that he’s done to us he must have knocked the sense out of your head like he knocked the cum out of your big nuts the other day.” Bill says determinedly from above Jayden, grinding him downwards whilst keeping a solid grip on Jayden’s neck.

Jayden goes slightly limp and he falls back on top of Bill whose whole body is pretzeled around his boyfriend. Bill lowers his feet, his heels following the familiar V in Jayden’s lower abs until he comes into contact with his target: Jayden’s overgrown nuts. “Now, if you give up, I will let your balls go,” and Jayden feels, but cannot see Bill squish his nuts in between his feet, his shoes pressing together Jayden’s beaten up balls. Jayden struggles to breathe finally lifting Bills elbow enough to get one good breath in. “Give up yet?” Bill asks, clapping his heels together and trapping the fat boy-nuts bouncing his feet together as if he were clapping, Jayden’s balls lost somewhere in between them.

“Bill…” Jayden gasps in frustration as his ego plummets to an all-time low. “For fuck’s sake, ugh my nuts! Let me go now!” Jayden manages to say

“Nope! Not ‘til you submit to me, stud!” Bill hisses, digging in hard, baring his teeth as he nibbles rather aggressively at Jayden’s ear in emphasis. “Admit it, boyfriend! I beat you fair and square and now I’ll make sure you never meet that dickhead again!” Bill growls with a mixture of lust and aggression “See, we’re going to finish Chase off for good, then I’ll drag you home and finish you off too, big guy!” Bill kicks off his shoes and curls his toes around Jayden’s beefy balls then glides his warm black socks up and down Jayden’s impressive penis, which is soon swelling and throbbing from his incessant toying.

“Bill, no!” Jayden manages to croak in frustration as Bill tickles his shaft with his feet, going up and down Jayden’s shaft, feeling it lengthen under his tough. Bill makes sure to dig his heel into Jayden’s nuts on the down stroke making this foot job, a highly painful one.

Bill’s own penis pierces Jayden’s lower back, and Bill can’t resist dry humping his boyfriend as he jacks him off with his foot, loving how easily his sock glides across Jayden’s stiffy beneath the Lycra singlet. Bill’s eyes wonder over to the other side of the mats and is thrilled to see Gino is now lying next to the groaning swim-team captain, his hands thrust deep inside the boys blue singlet as he fondles the Captains plump but vanquished genitals and Bill’s smile only widens. “Maybe Gino and I can make you both cum at the same time. Would you like that?” Bills whispers seductively into Jayden’s ear lobe, giving him an affection nip with his teeth, and using his tongue to lick the outside ear lobe causing Jayden to squirm and gasp as Bill slurps.

Jayden handsome face is now beet red as he squirms in the smaller boy’s grip, weakened by the lack of air and now thoroughly shamed by the constant abuse of his oversize love spuds. Using all his remaining strength he raises both arms, ignoring the nut-pain that almost, almost makes him give up and elbows Bill in both of his sides. Bill grunts from the assault and tightens his arm around Jayden’s throat, making Jayden’s eyes bulge. “Oh no you don’t!” Bill warns Jayden ceasing the foot rub. “If you won’t give it up that way, maybe you will this way and Bill proceeds to kick his heel backwards knocking his foot into Jayden’s plump bloated balls.

Each backwards kick into Jayden’s testicles blasts his balls against the mat. Struggling Jayden groans, trying to muster enough energy to throw Bill off but failing miserably. Jayden slumps in Bill’s crab-like embrace, and takes his dues. Sensing Jayden giving in, Bill goes back to the foot job with his wet, sweaty socks and Jayden lets out a moan as Bill’s feet tickles his still rigid penis. “Bill…” Jayden tries but stops speaking biting back his moan of pleasure.

Rubbing his tiny erection into Jayden, Bill kisses the back of Jayden’s neck his own climax getting closer as Jayden gives up all resistance. Bill loves the ability to dominate his powerful boyfriend like this. This time, Bill has managed to put Jayden in his place, and he is loving it.

“God Jayden, you are so hot,” Bill whispers into Jayden’s ear kissing the neck, tasting the salt and reveling in Jayden’s murmurs of pain, and pleasure as his feet toy with his boyfriend’s impressive package. Bill looks over at Gino, and the need to do this, to bust a boy in their balls is reflected in Gino’s hungry eyes. They smile across at each other, as they each own their prey loving every moment. Only one thing could make Bill’s evening complete…forcing Chase to spunk himself again!

Pulling Jayden’s neck backwards, Bill proceeds to hickey up and down Jayden’s exposed throat. Jayden’s warrior-like body has already concedes to him but this doesn’t stop him. Bill loves this side of Jayden and wants to explore it further, exploiting Jayden’s utter defeat…but Chase…he has to finish Chase off first!  Bill tightens his grip on Jayden’s plums, digging in viciously, while he grips Jayden’s ear with his teeth. “Stay down boyfriend, I have a job to finish.”

Jayden groans, but doesn’t try to resist as Bill let’s digs into his nuts once more and releases him. Immediately Jayden curls over to his right side clutching his testicles, his fingers poking out from between his thighs. Bill licks his lips, but manages to turn away from him, his erection screaming for more. Bill rubs one hand around the head of his small but rock-hard tool, pre-cum staining his singlet as he walks over to Chase and Gino.

Gino sees Bill approaching and smiles, his own excitement obvious by the massive tent in his singlet but with some reluctance he hands over his prey. “I guess you want a turn?” Gino asks.

“You have no idea,” Bill sneers, narrowing his eyes towards Chase.

“Go for it,” Gino steps back as Chase looks up in despair to see Bill standing over him.

“Bill, no! Please! Not my big balls!” Chase whimper as he nursing his battered testicles, the bruised, throbbing orbs feeling rather swollen under the stretched blue fabric.

Seizing the moment, Bill reaches forward and grabs his despised captain by the ankles, heaving them up into air, and spreading them out wide. With a wicked grin he raises his leg up high, feeling more powerful than ever as his heel hovers over the strapping teenager’s beloved jewels, seeing the terror flash across Chase’s handsome face who is desperately shielding the remnants of his boyhood.

“No, no, no! Bill please!” Chase pleads “Gino already cracked my big nuts and drained them. Oh god! I’m fucking done for today!”

“Come on Captain, I thought you were a tough guy!” Bill smirks down meanly “Oooh, are your balls all swollen up, Captain? Funny, they still look smaller than Jayden’s”

Bill chuckles wickedly as he lowers his toes to poke at Chase’s protective hands making the strong boy grunt and writhe in pain until he finally raises his angry, snarling face.

“Fuck you, baby-nuts! We’ve both got bigger balls than you ever will!” Chase growl in a threatening voice. “Don’t you dare touch my big fucking balls or I’ll make sure your tiny marbles never make a drop of cum in your whole miserable life!”

Gino chuckles “That’s tough talk from your position, Chase but I don’t think you have a ledge to lean on. Get him Bill!”

“Thanks Gino, I think I will!” Bill snarls down at Chase “And by the way, dickhead, I can already cum and I’ll prove it when I pump my huge creamy load over your stupid face!”

Bill smiles as he thrusts his hips forward and peers down proudly at his boy-bulge, “See dickhead, my balls have grown too so don’t you dare call me baby-nuts again! I’m already packing more than your little chums, Max and Rex, in fact I bet I’m bigger than Adam too and pretty soon, Captain, they’ll be bigger than yours too!”

“Ooh nice! I can’t wait to see that creamy load, Bill” Gino urges him, hugging Bill’s slim waist so he can have easy access to both Chase and Bill. Gino grabs Bill’s little erection and rubs it in slow semicircles. “Is this turning you on as much as me,” asks Gino as he admires Bill’s foot work on Chase’s spent nuggets. The deformity of Chase’s bulge underneath Bill’s feet excites him and he rubs Chase’s abs absentmindedly, while jacking Bill off.

Bill looks at Gino and gives him a toothy grin, before he moans slightly humping Gino’s hand. “Yeah, he fucking deserves it.” Bill smirks looking back at Chase, “So much for your big balls! Do you really think these little guys can compete with Jayden’s man nuts?”.

Bill smirks as he pokes the bully’s smaller left testicle with his slender foot, then rolls the vulnerable gonad under his toes, making the slippery orb glide in painful circles under the shiny blue Lycra. Biting his lip with glee he presses down more firmly, watching Chase grimace and squirm under his touch, his powerful muscles clenching tightly but utterly powerless to protect his vital organ from the cruel abuse.

“Ugh…Fuck! Ugh! My goddam nut!” Chase croaks as he writhes under Bill’s small but deadly foot.

“Now I’m going to crack this little egg then I’ll squeeze out the yolk!” Bill snarls, pressing down even harder until he hears a sickening squelch then a loud POP from between the captain’s legs. The sudden explosive pain makes Chase jerk up with a loud wail, lights flashing before his eyes as he stares aghast, pale and blinking at his boyhood. Slowly his vision clears and Chase is relieved to see the tortured, slippery organ has squirted out to the side of Bill’s toes where it bulges, still intact like a tiny balloon under the stretched blue fabric. Any hope for its salvation is dashed as he sees Bill raising his heel for the final emasculating stomp.

Bill beams in triumph as he thrusts his foot down when suddenly Jayden leg sweeps him from behind causing Bill to fall backwards, his lethal heel still crashing down between Chase’s legs but slightly off-target, burying deep into the blond boy’s lower abs eliciting a manly grunt as Chase folds in half, badly winded but with his boyhood still largely intact.

Bill lands hard on his back, his head bouncing off the padded mat, leaving him temporarily stunned.

“That’s enough Bill! I told you to leave those big balls alone!” Jayden snarls tightening his grip on Bill’s neck as his hand slides down towards the boy’s crotch “And now you’re going to pay!”

Gino starts to get up just as Jayden elbows him so destructively between his widely spread legs that bone hits bone. Gino gasps, a horrible feeling of utter agony and nausea overwhelming him as he collapses heavily at Jayden’s feet. “Fuck…” Gino swears his eyes crisscrossing as the testicular agony floods his guts and he groans trying hard not to puke.

Refocusing on Bill, Jayden slips his hand around Bill’s small nuts, clearly visible in his tight singlet. Bill shakes his head frantically trying to pull Jayden’s hands away but Jayden just tightens his grip and pushes Bill down to the mat next to Gino.

Gino’s defeated eyes meet Bills as Jayden applies more and more pressure. Bill’s legs spasm on either side of Jayden, one leg bumping into Gino’s. “Bill, I don’t usually do this to you, I know that you hate it when someone goes after your balls. But after the way you treated by boy balls I’m fighting fire with fire here. You have no one to blame but yourself.”

Bill tries to speak, but Jayden increases his grip on Bill’s neck, silencing him, which allows Jayden to focus instead upon Bill’s olive-sized nuts. Jayden is in a unique situation. Both of Jayden’s targets are quite small but he knows Bill’s anatomy intimately having played with him naked many times and Jayden uses this knowledge to his advantage by targeting Bill’s slightly smaller right ball pinching the delicate orb, while using his thumb to squash the slightly bigger left nut with his thumb.

Bill writhes with pain underneath but uses his superior strength to repositions himself to enjoy full access to the smaller boy’s modest genitalia and Bill gasps, dumbstruck as he recognizes the danger he is now in as he lies, limbs spread apart like a chicken in a butcher’s window.

“Bill, you will go home right now. Otherwise…” Jayden twists his fist clutching Bill’s tiny nuggets for emphasis making Bill pull up his fist into his mouth trying hard not to wail in agony as he stares up at Jayden in testicular agony.

Bill stammers, “My balls…Jayden…let them go.” Bill huffs with a groan, biting on the fist still in mouth.

“Only when you agree, to go home! You shouldn’t have come here and you had no right to involve Gino!” Jayden explains angrily, rubbing one finger underneath Bill’s still engorged dickhead. “Agree now Bill, or I’ll make you cream yourself first!”

Not wanting to give up after all his valiant efforts, Bill digs deep and uses both hands to clap Jayden in the neck on both sides. Jayden’s eyes bulge and his hands grasp his wounded windpipe as Bill thrusts his hips up to shove Jayden off. With balls still pounding within his sac, Bill leaps on top of his boyfriend, grabbing him once again around the throat that Jayden tries desperately to protect.

Jayden tries to groan, but it gets stuck in his throat, his eyes swim with popping fireworks. Using everything he has left, Jayden uses his size and upper body strength to roll across the floor, with Bill still clinging on like a monkey. As Bill land on his back mid roll, Jayden slams his own head backwards knocking Bill’s head into the mat.

The grip on Jayden’s neck loosens, and Jayden gasps fresh air and begins to cough as he throws Bill’s arm off.

“No! Get back in there Bill! You can beat him!” Gino gasps out in despair from his fetal position.

Bill sits up hearing the words of support and shaking his head, seeing Jayden with his head in between his own legs coughing. Getting to his feet Bill marches over and grabs onto Jayden’s left ankle then reaches for the right when Jayden with surprising force launches his free right leg up between Bill’s own legs nailing his tiny balls into his pelvis with an audible thud.

“Oooh damn,” Gino groans “That had to hurt,” Gino shakes his head in sympathy.

Bill groans still holding Jayden’s left leg which Jayden pulls free. Grabbing onto his own testicles, Bill bends at waist, “Fucker! You broke my balls.”

Jayden not replying uses both legs to kick up straight into Bill’s lower abs, making the younger boy grunt as the air rushes out of his lungs.

“Dig deep, kid, take it like a man! And don’t leave yourself open!” Gino cringes knowing his brother’s tactics all too well.

Jayden’s boyfriend is clearly too hurt to hear him and Bill foolishly release his groin to clutch his abs and that’s when Jayden makes his real attack. Still red in the face, breathing hard Jayden punches Bill right in his tiny cum shooters. Bill’s eyes snap open and seeing Jayden’s look of anger and desperation, Jayden punches again with even more powerful using his dominate hand sending Bill sprawling on his back gasping, “My balls!”

“Oh shit!” Gino mutters looking across at Chase whose athletic body is stretched out as the blond stud rubs his shattered jewels. “Now you stay here !” he commands meanly, giving Chase’s firm cockhead a wicked, cruel pinch making the boy yelp and writhe in pain before silencing him with another hearty slap right to his jiggling teenage balls. Chase’s blue eyes bulge as his muscular body convulses, his tongue lolling from his mouth as he rolls over and curls up into a sobbing ball once again.

With immense effort, Gino manages to clamber, gasping to his feel then staggers towards his younger brother but Jayden is ready for him. Alerted by the sound of Chase’s ball-slap, Jayden sees his brother’s looming shadow behind him. He glances in the mirror at the other side of the gym near the stretching bar watching Gino coming closer, waiting to the very last second before drops into a ball and rolls right between Gino’s legs.

“Huh?” Gino says doing a quick turn, as Jayden kicks up with both feet catching Gino at the soft undersides of Gino’s nuts. “Fuck me!” Gino hollers grabbing Jayden’s feet, his raging anger helping his fight through the pain. “You’re going to get it now younger brother.”

Twisting Jayden pulls his slippery feet free and rolls between Gino’s legs again, jumping to his feet his boy-nuts still throbbing in pain, barely breathing Jayden grabs each of Gino’s shoulders and powers a high knee knocking Gino’s own fingers into his oversized orbs.

“Shit bro, my damn nuts are fucked!” Gino whines.

Jayden jumps back and kicks his foot out with all his might right in Gino’s ass and hitting his tailbone.

Screaming Gino comically grabs his backside, as he jumps up and down from the pain leaving himself dangerously exposed. Jayden goes in front of Gino, looks him dead in the eyes and kicks forward sending his socked foot right into Gino’s bulging nuts. Leaving his foot in between Gino’s thighs Jayden drinks in the pain that courses through his older brother’s body as he pulls his foot away letting Gino fall to his knees, grasping his busted man-nuts. “And stay down,” Jayden scowls angrily.

Jayden pauses, feeling mightily powerful as the other combatants lie writhing on the ground clutching the wreckage of their manhood’s. He scowls down at his big brother and then pumps his fist, feeling immensely proud to have brought such a tough stud to his knees. Then he peers across at Bill who is whimpering in pain and clearly regretting taking on such a tough fighter like Jayden! He feels a slightest twang of regret but deep down he knows Bill deserves it for the lack of respect he showed today. He’s pretty sure Bill will remember not to mess with well-hung studs like Jayden and Chase!

Chase! With a sorry gulp his eyes turn to Chase, his beautifully muscled friend whose Adonis-like body is now curled and twisted like a defeated gladiator. The blond stud’s handsome face is now a mask of pain and shame as he tenderly cups his big gonads that have been so viciously abused and drained of their precious milk. The tragic sight is too much for Jayden’s compassion to bear and he walks over to help his poor beaten friend.

“Oh Chase! Your poor big nuts! Are they OK buddy?” Jayden touches Chase tenderly on the shoulder then massages him gently, feeling the firm young muscles roll beneath his fingertips; as he ignores his own ball pain.

“Ugh! Your brother’s such a dick...Oooh! My big balls hurt so bad now! And that fucker made me cum again! Bastard!” Chase groans in frustration then looks up tenderly into Jayden’s eyes and mutters awkwardly “I’m sorry, Jayden…Oh God! I’m covered in my own jizz…I was saving this huge load up just for you.”

Jayden gulps and slides his hands under the blond boy’s armpits as he helps him to his feet. He holds Chase’s hand and gently draws it away from his crotch to reveal his impressive bulge, now drenched in cum, making the thin blue fabric appear translucent under the bright lights. Looking closely he can clearly see the pink hue of Chase’s fleshy genitals; the thick veiny cock slumped, exhausted to the right above his two beautiful oval balls still jutting out defiantly, looking remarkably virile after the horrors they have endured.

“Don’t worry about it, Chase. I’m sure your big balls can reload pretty fast!” Jayden whispers gently, biting his lip as he gazes into Chase’s shamed eyes then reaches deep down to caress the blond teen’s aching boyhood, his fingers closing tenderly around the fifteen year old’s prized testicles that fit perfectly inside his hand. He sighs gently as he fondles the young stud’s plump love-eggs, letting them roll lazily between his fingers, feeling so fragile and yet so incredibly potent under his touch. Chase moans gently and squeezes Jayden closer for comfort until the smaller boy’s face rests against the solid muscles of Chase’s chest.

“Oh god, I really love your big captain’s balls!” Jayden groans with desire as he slides his hand inside the blond boy’s singlet to caress Chase’s naked jewels, rippling his fingers to make the plump danglers glide freely within their loose silky sack. He pants, feeling the blood rush to his head as he watches Chase’s resurgent cock pulsing and swelling under the blue fabric, mirroring his own erection that is now throbbing and tingling in his groin.

“Oooh…Jayden! Mmm…just go easy on my big nuts, man” Chase groans weakly as the occasional ripple of pain disrupts his blissful sea of pleasure.

“Sorry, big guy!” Jayden grins wickedly “I must say your big nuts are pretty tough. After all they’ve been through today, most guys would be curled up and crying like a girl.”

Chase stares back intently for any trace of sarcasm but sees only a seductive smile from the younger boy and slowly a cocky smirk returns to Chase’s handsome face and he chuckles. “Yeah, my man-balls can take quite a beating and you have to admit, they make a pretty huge target! But you know, Jayden, you shouldn’t feel too jealous, your boy-nuts are pretty impressive too, especially for your age!”

Jayden gasps as he feels Chase’s hand gently close around his own plump left testicle, then the strong fingers stretch out and reel in his bigger right gonad too, but as the fingers close, Jayden’s crafty left nut squirts out of Chase’s hand. The blond boy bites his lip as he gropes again for a double-nut hold but can’t quite close his fingers around Jayden’s hefty right nut which eventually slips out of his grasp again.

“Do you think so, Chase? Thanks! You know I think my boy-nuts have had a growth spurt,” Jayden winks back cheekily at the older boy like an excited child. He can’t help chuckling, knowing that his oversized and fast-developing love-spuds are already too big for Chase to handle. “You know maybe we should compare our nuggets again, just for fun! Remember last time we checked? I guess my big boy-balls gave you a bit of a shock huh? I mean even your hefty man-nuts couldn’t put mine to shame!”

“Yeah, whatever but you can feel my man-balls are bigger than…oh!” Chase gasps in surprise as he cops another feel of Jayden’s mighty right nugget, his eyes bulging in shock as his feels the sheer size and weight in his palm. Quickly he releases Jayden’s fat testicles and quickly changes the subject. “Come on, Jayden, let’s just go back to my place, I just need to give a little message to your dickhead brother. You know I would have beaten Gino all on my own if it wasn’t for…” Chase grits his teeth and scowls as his face reddens.

“Bill! Yeah, I know, I saw it all!” Jayden rubs Chase on the back reassuringly “But seriously, dude, you should still feel proud. That crotch lift you did on my big brother was spectacular. You executed it perfectly and Gino was so close to giving up…right until Bill turned up and kicked you! SMASH! Right in your big balls but even then you kept your grip on Gino and took it like a man! I was fuming when Bill punted your family jewels a second time! God, he really mangled your baby-makers yet still you hung on! Incredible, dude!”

“Yeah, until he fucking crushed my big right nut with that final kick! Oh god, I thought my beautiful testicle was destroyed, I almost fucking puked”

“Right buddy, that was really mean of him! Look I’ve already had a little word with Bill. I don’t know what got into Bill but I’m sure from now on he’s going to respect you, and this is the last time this will happen. But you know, before we leave I should make sure Bill apologizes to you!”

The boys squeeze each other tightly then release their embrace. Chase immediately turns his attention angrily towards Gino, grabbing the young hunk by the ankles and raising them high in the air. Meanwhile Jayden approaches his smaller moaning boyfriend and does the same.

Without saying a word Chase stomps down hard, powering his foot into Gino’s crotch, his heel striking the lemon-sized left gonad, flattening it against his rock solid abs.

“Now that was for squeezing my big left ball” Chase roars, to make himself heard over Gino’s screams.

“And this is from my even bigger right ball!” he yells as he brings his foot down again into the eighteen year old’s other beefy gonad.

“And finally, this is for making me cum again, dickhead!”

Chase jumps into the air and lands with both feet in Gino’s crotch. Crushing both of his huge eggs and for a moment the blond teen balances like a surfer with all his weight on the muscular wrestler’s mangled sex organs as Gino’s body jerks up in a silent scream, gagging and thrashing in agony until his bulging eyes cross and he crashes back to the mat, his head landing with a heavy thud on the padded floor.

Jayden lifts his foot to do the same to Bill’s miserable bulge but can’t help exchanging one last look at his treacherous boyfriend. Bill stares back in terror, shaking his head, his eyes glisten with the silent plead and Jayden knows that he is finished. Jayden feels no desire to exert his dominance again.

“Please Jayden, no! My balls are just starting to grow, you can’t!” Bill begs and whimpers and Jayden is suddenly filled with shame, feeling like an evil bully threatening a smaller, weaker boy. Bill looks so sweet and innocent and he suddenly feels a terrible regret that maybe he has misread the whole situation. He glances back at Chase, who is staring back at him intently and pauses with his foot still raised over Bill’s crotch. He takes a few deep breathes as he ponders his next move, anxious not to lose face in front of his peers.

“Bill! I want you to apologies to Chase now for kicking his big balls!” Jayden glares down at Bill trying to sound authoritative.

“No way, Jayden! Come on, please, enough of this charade!” Bill pleads, gazing up with his puppy dog eyes, hoping to channel the regret that is burning within Jayden’s gaze. Nibbling at his lips, Bill whispers earnestly “Jayden! Quick! Just knee him hard in his weak balls, then let’s get the hell out of here!”

Jayden heart pounds in his throat as his eyes flick between his cute, whimpering boyfriend and the sexy, athletic blond stud that is now slowly approaching from the side. Despite his cocky expression, Chase is clearly hurting, limping slowly forward while clutching his aching, drained gonads, and Jayden knows that one hard knee would put the blond, muscular stud out of action for good.

“Look, just apologies, Bill!” Jayden urges him anxiously, feeling deeply uneasy now as he finds himself cornered; his heart-strings wrenched in opposite directions, desperately hoping to find some kind of compromise between his boyfriend, and Chase.

As Jayden hesitates, Bill’s head suddenly jerks up with a blood curdling scream. Jayden looks down in confusion to see a large naked foot has crashed down between his legs and is crushing Bill’s tender tiny bulge. Jayden gapes in dismay, still clutching Bill’s legs as the same foot rises up then stomps down again, mangling Bill’s pubescent buds once again squashing them both against Bill’s pubis. Jayden is horrified to see Bill staring deep into his eyes with an accusing, heartbroken expression but his boyish face quickly contorts as the stabbing testicular pain racks his small body. Then, like Gino, his eyes roll back into his head and he collapses weakly to the mats.

“What a loser!” Chase smirks “And now, Jayden, you can have a real man.”

Chase pulls Jayden towards him and presses Jayden’s face between his solid pecs and embraces him tightly.

“We fucking did it Jayden! Now come on back to my place and we can put some ice on our big aching nuts. My parents are out so we can do whatever we like, relax in the sauna, and maybe play together in the Jacuzzi.” Chase winks down at Jayden cheekily “Oh God, Jayden! I find you so hot! I can already feel my big nuts churning like crazy, mmm, I reckon I’ll manage to blow another massive load soon enough.”

Jayden flops his head against Chase’s chest in resignation, his hands subconsciously reaching up to feel the boy’s powerful muscles, the rippling contours of his back and the amazing bulge of his teenage biceps. Deep down he burns to be alone with Chase, and now, finally he has the chance to explore every inch of the young stud’s Adonis-like body, the soft, fleshy orbs of his manhood and the rock hard cock that is already tenting out of his blue singlet.

A loud sob breaks his trance and he blinks, turning his head instinctively towards Bill’s whimpering voice.

“Jayden, how…how could you?”

“Sorry Bill, Jayden deserves a real man,” Chase chuckles cruelly then grabs the back of Jayden’s head and pulls him back between his defined pecs giving Jayden a good eyeful of his powerful clenched biceps. He licks his lips knowing that Jayden won’t resist the chance to finally get intimate with him.

“Let me go, Chase! Please! It’s Bill, we can’t just…it’s not fair!” Jayden gasps as he writhes weakly to escape Chase’s clutches, but he feels suddenly terribly weak in the blond boy’s muscular embrace. Another pitiful sob from Bill burns his ears and fills him with a sudden, uncontrollable rage of anger and shame.

His hands tighten like claws, fingers burying deep into Chase’s muscled shoulders as he powers his right knee up hard THUD! Right into the two manly bulges in Chase’s groin.

With a terrible wail, Chase doubles over, then collapses on his knees facing Bill. Both boys kneeling and rocking as they clutch their shattered testicles.

“I’m sick of all of you! I can’t do this,” Jayden roars, his voice echoing off the hard walls, raw and at his wit’s end. Jayden slams the door behind him, storming out uncertain how to fix the mess that has just occurred; desperately wanting to take the next step with Chase but knowing it will mean walking away from poor sweet Bill. Making neither decision still seems wrong, but yet it’s the only one that makes sense he just doesn’t know who to choose; and more importantly how.

Jayden passes Bill’s bike, his brother’s beat-up truck, and Chase bright red sports car heading home past the small parking lot outside of the gym. He rubs his eyes briefly, looking back over his shoulder once, but turns and continues onward towards his house, the darkening sky claiming the last dreads of sunlight as he walks home in the dark.


Anonymous said...

This story was amazing like always! Honestly,Bill doesn't deserve Jayden anymore, first he was this cute, kinda insecure, sweet boy, but now he became the thing he hated the most, a bully, especially how he treated Jayden when they fought,i was happy when Jayden put him in his place and i got so glad when Chase actually confessed that he was actually wanted to hang out with Jayden because he had feelings for him! And I know Chase can be a dick some (if not most) of the time, but, I really hope they get together, in the beginning I was here for the ball busting action, but now i am actually invested in these characters! keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I wish you did pop somebody's nuts (or at least one of them)

Anonymous said...

This is amazing, just so fu**ing amazing!! I don't want to continue to praise your ballbusting descriptions because you know I litterally love you and your sublime style in writing ballbusting situations. I agree with the previous comments: it has become a matter of plot. Reading this chapter I am literally impatient to see what's up for the future stories, I want to know especially what will happen between Bill and Jay. I don't consider Bill as a bully, as someone else said! He is defending himself from the real bully of the story: Chase, that I hate more and more because he is moving away Jayden from a gold-heart boyfriend like Bill. We have to try to put ourselves in Bill's shoes: he has seen Jayden jerked off by Chase, he sees his boyfriend with a stud like the rival and at the end Jayden defends Chase too. I think all of us would have wanted to castrate who is destroying our love story. And the rage who burns when Jayden takes the defense of Chase is correctly addressed to the protagonist who should protect his lover. So I don't think Bill has turned into a bad person, he is trying to save his heart from a devastating break. Finally he demonstrates that he has some balls, literally and figuratively. There's a moment in which I imagine a strange situation: when Bill asks for Gino's help and they speak about their passion about ballbusting I imagined Gino bound and Bill who vents his anger and expresses his propensity to ballbusting on his balls. If I remember correctly Gino loves to receive too, so maybe this could be a real suggest ;)
For the future, I expect Jay will understand his errors and fight for Bill because, personally, between the reach asshole stud and the cute, less endowed sweet-heart I prefer the latter!!! We have not to forget how Chase treats people and how many times he tortured Jay, phisically and mentally, so we can't take his side. I like that you used more Gino in this story: we need his big balls, especially when he is busted. And he shares the same opinion of mine about Chase and Bill. I also hope we'll have to wait less time to see the next chapter (I was afraid we wouldn't have read anything this month). As always, I count on the fact you'll find my opinion and advices useful. Kisses

Mickey said...

Despite what others may feel. Personally I LOVE the dynamic between Jayden and Chase, maybe I'm just a fan or rivalries and bad boys.
Also, when I see Doug again, I can't help but imagine him in a match with Logan and the team.

Again, awesome story and always and could not wait for more.

Anonymous said...

From the co-writer:
Anonymous 1: i'm really glad you enjoyed the story, it was so much fun to write with Jimmy and it was great to have Gino joining in too. We really wanted to have Bill man-up a little in this part. I wouldn't really call him a bully, but we did want to show a brave and dominant side to his character that he rarely gets a chance to show. I personally love Chase as a character. Maybe he's not the best partner for Jayden, but he's a hot date for sure!

Anonymous 2: Sorry, these characters are far too precious for that right now! Maybe at the end of this series something precious will go pop, who knows!

X : Firstly sorry it took so long to publish this, it's all my fault. I'm a slow writer amd the story is so long. Fortunately Jimmy was very patient as he waited for me to finish my parts!
I want to thanks so much again for your great feedback. I share your enthusiasm for this series and i feel so lucky that Jimmy let me contribute to these last 3 stories as co-writer. Your observations are spot on as always.
Let me share a little about how this plot came together...this 3 part series was initially all about Chase, how he becomes the evil captain (part1) and how he defends his captaincy against jayden (part2). Then for part 3 Jimmy had a great idea to bring Gino into the mix and we thought a tag-team style, no-rules fight would be really cool.
We thought the best way would be for Gino to help Bill take on Chase and have Jayden come to Chase's defense. This also gave an opportunity for Jayden and Bill to fight each other and for Gino to get his hands on Chase again (which Chase probably deserves haha).
I really like this love triangle of Bill, Chase & Jayden and we will see how it ends up. I love how some readers are rooting for the sexy, bad-guy and others for the loyal, big hearted friend. We really couldn't decide too so we chose to end this in a stalemate.
Mickey : Yeah this 3 part series was all about Chase because he's such a great character, and secretly i really like bad guys too shhhhh!
I also love how Jayden finds himself drawn both to the steady loyalty of Bill and the rugged manliness of Chase.

I know Jimmy has a lot more stories planned for these characters and i hope i can continue to write a few passages into his stories here and there.

Readers : please continue to add your comments. What you love, what you don't and what you want to see happen next. Jimmy writes these stories for you guys and he really listens to all your comments.
Thanks again Jimmy for letting me contribute!

Anonymous said...

A date with Chase sounds like a hot story

Anonymous said...

Oh. I'm crossing my fingers for a pop at the end.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

To the readers comments:

Dear Anonymous,

To start with thank you so much for the kind words, they really mean a lot to both me and Reg! Things are getting messy between the little love triangle of Jayden, Bill, and Chase, with things that are only going to get messier. I think it was really clear in the beginning that Bill was easily the “right choice.” Now that Chase is developed more, and actually verbalizing his feelings Jayden is having a difficult time with not reciprocating those feelings back to Chase. Needless to say, the plot is picking up steam. I’m glad that you are so invested in them (as am I), it’s been a blast and Reg has only made this little world better with being co-writer with me for this arc of Chase.

Dear Anonymous two,
To be completely and utterly honest, ball popping is just not my thing. I will take it into consideration about doing so towards the end of the series, but I don’t want you to get your hopes up to high on that. I will consider it, though.
Dear X,

To start with as always, thank you for taking the time to write back, it really means a lot to me and now to Reg. The Chase three story arc was a blast to write with him, and the series is so much better because of his contributions. I cannot praise him enough. Even the stories that he is not writing with me, he helps me to edit, keep the characters consistent and really makes the stories shine. I can absolutely tell you that Jayden will make a choice, but the decisions that both Bill and Chase will make in the upcoming story arc is going to define how Jayden chooses (sorry to be cryptic, but I don’t want to spoil anything for you or any of the other readers). The next story will come out much faster (it’s already done in fact). This one in particular took so long because Reg and I wanted to get it right, and that was not easy. This story is 43 pages long, it’s a work of blood, sweat, and ball pain; but man was it worth it. Bill absolutely has reasons for being upset X, and he made huge strides to try and win back Jayden. His choices might have been more successful if he had just talked to Jayden, but he’s young, immature, and in love. That combination usually calls for the power of little brain in his pants, and not the one in his head. More to come on the Gino/ Bill situation, stay tuned for that X. And yes, you did remember correctly Gino loves to be busted, but usually he ends up being the aggressor. I’m making a more conscientious effort to bring Gino back to his starring role, and this is absolutely his powerful moment of reentry. I think that you, and the other readers will really enjoy how Gino is used in the next huge arc which I will be announcing very soon. I think Chapter 15 comes out in two weeks, so the wait time will be shortened for sure. I love your thoughts X, and they are always welcomed and appreciated. We just happen to be thinking the same things, so your suggestions are already in motion!



GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Mickey,

Your spots are spot on with my feelings on the Jayden Chase dynamic: it’s a rollercoaster ride. They are so competitive with each other, but yet they have this appreciation for each other in their prowess. You want to see Doug again, huh? Hmm, that might in fact be coming up. Doug is on a rival wrestling team, it’s very possible that the two of them might get pitted against each other in a match. I don’t have that planned at the moment, but I will consider adding that in, in the future Mickey. The next one is coming out soon, so you won’t have to wait too much longer. Thank you for writing Mickey, I enjoy your thoughts and feedback. They are both very welcome indeed.

Dear Reg,

Who’s better than you? You have already answered everyone’s comments, and so quickly. In addition you used such carefully written thoughtful responses, it has been such a pleasure to work with you. I just wanted to add a bit to his words. On the score of Jayden choosing Bill or Chase, in that moment he really didn’t know what to do. He is in love with Bill his very first boyfriend. There is always something tender and sweet about your first, and Jayden is not really ready to see that come to an end. On the other hand, theirs Chase. Chase has always been jealous of Jayden, first in the pool, then on the mat wrestling, and third of his body. Chase always took out his aggression on Jayden physically, but something changed in the way that Chase treated Jayden, and he started to treat him better (sometimes). Plus the attraction between the two has been growing strong, which makes this extremely difficult for Jayden because he is so attracted to Chase.
Also, who doesn’t love a bad boy?

Lastly, Reg this story would not have as good if we didn’t take our time, and I think our readers have shown us how much they are digging it.

Dear Anonymous three,

A date for Jayden and Chase would be a lot of fun, I just don’t know if Jayden is there for that yet. Plus, he does have a boyfriend. But after this story…that’s going to put Jayden and Bill’s relationship to the test, can they fix this and come back together. That’s a big conundrum that will be answered.
Dear Anonymous four,

Another vote for a ball popping? Okay I will consider it, promise.



WaterSpirit said...

The story is sóōõöôöøöõōò góōõöôöøöõōòd. I absolutely loved it. This is one of the best Gino-Jayden stories.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Good morning Waterspirit,

I am so glad that you loved our story! And you saying that it is one of the best stories that I/Reg and I, have written is a huge compliment! Thank you so much for commenting!



WaterSpirit said...

Eagerly awaiting ur next story.....

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Thank you WaterSpirit! I believe it comes out towards the end of the month. Then I have a really big announcement for the series for September.

If this is your first time reading one of the Gino and Jayden stories, you are in luck, there are 13 other parts to keep you entertained until then.



Harry said...

Oh man, what a tangled web these dudes are getting themselves stuck in! Good thing they can sort out their issues in a (fairly) healthy manner by wrecking each others' nads lol.

Jimmy and Reg, thanks for sharing this epic chapter! Looking forward to read where you take this story next. (And in case ur counting, I def vote against permanently damaging any of your awesome characters. Way more possibilities for fun as they are;)

Nud said...

Amazing, Jimmy

I agree with the 1st anon. Bill is an actual bully, he's self-centered, cowardly and manipulative. While Chase is a dickhead, he's not a coward. Chase just didn't know what to do. I guess he noticed how Jay admires Gino and wants Jay to admire him the same way. I love that he opened up and love that Jay received it well. Chase wants to be a man Jayden admires; he wants to earn that spot. Bill just want Jayden for himself, he thinks it owes to him.

Even if they won't ended up dating, I hope they become close. I hope Chase will learn how to better win over Jay's affection and I hope Jay learn that Chase is just doing this out of his feeling for him; a feeling he doesn't know how to deal with, yet.

One scene I'd like to see, even just as a bonus side story, is sensual, mutual busting between Jay and Chase. Chase will still act all tough on the outside but I bet he'd be so happy that Jay is showing him some affection. Maybe, just maybe, Logan noticed what Chase wants and help Jay sees through Chase's crude exterior. Give Logan that nice captain's/big brother's guidance role.

Question if I may. Do you have any other writing background outside of this? Your story and characters are just amazing. Normally I would bitch about Chase getting beating up but you set it up beautifully here. It doesn't take me out of the story.


Anonymous said...

That was exactly what I was thinking, the way Bill treated and talked to Jayden during their fight was not healthy and I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that

-Anon 1

Anonymous said...

Nud and Anon 1,
I'm loving your feedback guys!
In any story there can be different interpretations of the truth... the reader ultimately decides.
It was quite tricky to write the Jayden/Bill fight scene because we needed a motive to bring these 2 sweet loverboys into conflict and we had to bring out another side to Bills character.
I like the idea that Bill thinks he's a badass when he's dressed up as a wrestler. Like some dickless superhero haha.
We had to make him much meaner and braver in this story and if you think it makes him a bully, then that's what he is!
I would love to know how you readers want this love triangle to end... but it ultimately lies in Jimmy's hands!

Anonymous said...

Oh and i love the idea of some consensual, mutual ballbusting between Chase and Jayden.
We will see how the plot unfolds and if your wishes can be granted!

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

More comments!

Dear Harry,

I always enjoy your comments, and the boys have certainly gotten themselves stuck in a tangled web indeed! Plenty more nad wrecking to come Harry.
Good to know that you are against permanently damaging any of the characters, I’m trying to keep track and seeing what you and the other readers think before deciding on doing so. It’s not my thing, but I am trying to keep an open mind.

Dear Nud,

Bill has taken a turn for certain. He’s in a difficult place, he does not want to lose Jayden, and he’s not quite confident in himself to think that Jayden will stay with him. Bill thinks he is doing the right thing, but clearly he is a little misguided in how he conveys his emotions. Usually asking Gino for help is a bad idea in general, and no surprise that didn’t work out too well for him. As for Chase, things are not closed there. Jayden’s very confused, as all guys are when their hormones take over and they have so many options open for them. I have some upcoming scenes featuring the two of them that I think you will really enjoy Nud ; )

I used to be a writing major in college, I back off to go into education, and teach little kids but it’s so good to get back into it, and this is so very enjoyable. Also, I’m glad that you enjoyed the story that Reg and I crafted, it is about 43 pages long. Longest chapter written so far, there may be one that tops but we will see!

Dear Anonymous 1,

Bill absolutely treated Jayden pretty unhealthy in this encounter, and making Jayden feel pretty crappy. That’s not usually how we want our boyfriends to treat us at all! Maybe Bill learned something from this, then again maybe he did not. He figured out that Jayden was not going to put up with it, that’s for sure!

Dear Reg,

Isn’t their fed back pretty awesome? We have the best readers! Even though Bill made some poor choices, it certainly made for an interesting story which is what all of us enjoy. This chapter Bill made some huge character gains, and his confidence in his own body has risen, which is good even if he will always be a bit….smaller than others.
On the consensual, mutual ballbusting front between Chase and Jayden, you have already read some of that in one of the future stories. But there might indeed be more to come with some consensual fun!

Thanks for commenting everyone!



Anonymous said...

Absolutely love these stories! I really enjoy the thought of a cocky bad boy like Chase taking on a bigger and older opponent, with even bigger equipment than his own «big balls». I seem to remember Chase talking about getting his revenge on Logan, that would be a hot scene:-)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

Chase VS Logan? That would be fun...I'm sure that I could make tat happen in a future story ; )
I'm glad that you have been digging the series! It's been a pleasure to write. Bad boys do make the series more fun.



Nud said...

Thanks for the reply, Jimmy and Reg.
It's just that Bill comes of as very manipulative on top of it all. Whereas Chase is simply doesn't know how to act. Being pushed around by Chase early on in the story, sure. Chase seems to genuinely want Jay to admire him. He's always try to get Jay to compliment him or accept that's he's the man. I definitely get that's Bill's afraid Chase will take Jay from him. But his "You'll do what I want because you're mine." struck a very different vibe compare to Chase's desire for Jay approval.

This is one thing I really like about your story as well. It's not just "this is a big bad jock. Nerdy good guy busted him. He loses. The End." I want to see bigger guy winning, Jock winning or something like that. And it's refreshing to read your story. I tried to write my own but I'm not confident with a long story yet.

Looking forward to what you're talking about.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Nud,

Bill was very manipulative this story. He felt like he was out of options, and he crossed some lines; some of which you cannot uncross. This story will effect Jayden and Bill's relationship for sure because of the choices Bill made, and the ones that Jayden made in response. Jayden also made the call to meet up with Chase, after everything that happened at the pool, he made that choice as well.

It's really unappealing to have characters that are not flawed. People are flawed and so should be the characters we read about. This story was different in the "bad guy" is really up to your interpretation.
--Jayden was trying to help a friend, also he's attracted to Chase and he willingly explored that to some degree in this story.
--Chase knows that Jayden is coupled with Bill, he just does not care about that at all, and he is willing to do what he wants to achieve his goals.
--Bill was willing to bring in Gino, which is a low blow to Jayden, and be very manipulative to keep his relationship which he thinks is in danger of losing.
--Gino. He's just always willing to be a dick. He loves it. A reason to bust his brother and Chase in one day, he's signed up for it.

Next week I believe comes out Chapter 15 which is going to be a game changer. Can't wait for you and everyone else to read it!.

Thank you for your comments Nud, it's always fun to read them!



Anonymous said...

Jayden and Chase doing an "Enemies to Lovers" type thing at the end of the story, even if it was a short moment that was ruined by chase himself, was one of the sweetest and most hot part of the story, and I hope that aspect of them, sharing their love for each other's physique, is explored more on some other stories

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Hi Anonymous!

I love that different readers have enjoyed very different parts of this story, and what has looked at to be their favorite part. That was such a tender, raw moment between Jayden and Chase, and naturally Chase ruins it. Chase is not going anywhere for the time being, you will see plenty more of him, and Jayden together. I hope that you enjoy reading what is coming up! Thank you for commenting, I will keep this in mind when I am writing future stories!



Anonymous said...

Hey Jimmy,
You, know, i actually think Gino is, deep down, a nicer guy than you describe him in your comments. He's very defensive of Jayden, especially if he thinks he's in real trouble. Sure, he gets turned on by dominating and busting Jayden but it's more sensual than aggressive. Against Chase, Gino shows a much meaner side but let's face it, Chase has done nothing to earn Gino's respect and Gino is pretty sure that Chase has ulterior motives. Gino will do anything to stop Jayden getting hurt (physically or emotionally) and if he can have some "fun" with Chase too that is a bonus.
It's kinda funny that for Chase to have any real chance with Jayden, he'll probably have to be a lot nicer to Bill and i don't see that happening soon.
I also love the raw physical attraction between Chase and Jayden. Both guys are alphas in their own way yet Chase desperarely wants Jayden to admire, even worship him. Sure he may be a little older, taller and more muscular but he knows Jayden is a real warrior and of course way bigger than average where it counts so when Jayden compliments him, it really stokes his ego!
Behind his cocky, dominating facade, Chase is really quite insecure...i think for this reason, Jayden would make one hell of a conquest...and only the hapless Bill stands in his way. For Jayden, the allure of Chase's stunning body and his fabulous wealth must really be something.
I do sometimes wonder if Chase will ever redeem himself and become a "good guy". Hmmm it would be a shame, bad-boys are so hot!!!
I know there will be plenty more fabulous episodes in this saga and, like all your readers here, i can't wait to read more!

Nud said...

I think Jimmy created a much more complex characters than people give him credit for.

The way I see Chase is that he wants Jay to accept him as someone worthy. It's not a simple insecure and think he's better than everyone. It specifically involves Jay's approval. Very early on he was humiliated by Gino and I think he noticed how Jay admire Gino for it. He probably wants that too. His family is rich and it's possible that his interaction with them are cold, so it'd make sense that he want that from Jay.
I don't think he necessarily want to be Jay's boyfriend(I do think he'd happily take that). Or that he wants to make Jay his conquest and use Jay as a status symbol. He seems to actually hold Jay in high regards, but only express it in his weird way. He doesn't believe the he deserve to have Jay just because; but he believe Jay deserve better and he wants to be that. That's why he always aims for Jay's praise.

Bill does believe he deserve to have Jay. And even Jay have to accept it whether Jay likes it or not. That's why it's always "Jay's mine" with him. So far Jay and Bill's relationship are superficial teenage puppy love. Whereas Jay and Chase's rivalry/relationship has actual bond. Bill has done nothing to earn Jay other than they're boyfriend and that's what boyfriends supposed to do. Bill is the least developed character so far.

Jay, whether he intended to or not, fucks with Chase emotion as well. Holding off compliments even though I think Jay actually does admire Chase. Jay's stubbornness constantly makes Chase feels like he's not enough. But Chase being someone who just doesn't give up keep trying to earn that praise anyway.

Chase doesn't have to just turn good. He can still be a bad boy. I think Chase has become the most complex of the 4. A bad boy who's actually care for Jay, even though he won't admit it so easily. For me that's the most interesting path of him. He's not bad boy only looking for conquest. He's looking for Jay's approval.

I don't think they(Chase and Jay) need to end up a couple. They could become close friends, a best bros. They'll make one of the best duo imo. But right now both of them are attracted to each other in a much deeper level but both are too stubborn to openly admit it to each other. That's why them starting to open up in this chapter is such a big deal.

Nud said...

Oh and Jimmy. I know I can came off as negative(Not having strong English doesn't really help me express my train of thought) but I really do enjoy your story. Honestly even if you wrote this as a story that doesn't sate my love for ballbusting. I'd still really enjoy it. Characters that are wonderfully captivating.

You guy did Fantastic work, Jimmy and Reg.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Reg,

Okay, I didn't give enough credit where credit is due to Gino. Gino is more than just a bully. He has genuine feelings, and like Chase is not quite sure how to express them. In fact Jayden is surrounded by boys that don't have any measure on how to express themselves. Gino loves Jayden, sometimes too deeply. Gino is always willing to "help" Jayden, even if that help is not always necessary.
Bill has a tougher path in this series. He does not quite measure up to the other guys, and that is super hard for him. He's the same age as the other boys, but he's smaller. He's not as strong, athletic, and he's trying but he's just not that good of a wrestler.
The series is far from over, but Gino and Bill are going to have much larger parts to play in the upcoming saga which will change the series.

Dear Nud,

You write very well Nud, and I can understand you perfectly. I'm also a teacher, so my background is trying to decipher the meaning of what people write. I don't have to try with you, your words and meanings are very clear.

I'm so glad that you like Chase, he is very complex. Often with the main characters such as Jayden or Gino, they are our "lenses" if you will to the story, so they don't always get to be the expressive ones because they are our focal points, and they just can't always be the star of the show. Whenever Chase enters a scene, he demands the attention from other characters and the readers are forced to listen to him because he commands the room. Chase has gone through a lot so far, he went as a jock that was slighted by Jayden for a spot of the swim team to the Swim Team Captain, and has become a force to be reckoned with. Chase either knowingly or not, has such strong attractions to Jayden, which on some level Jayden is responding to. This chapter showcases that the two are very much intertwined but outside forces such as Bill and Gino, do not like it and will do everything in their power to put an end to it.
I agree with you Nud, Chase is really not going to reform from being a "bad boy," as that's just part of who he is. Trying to reform him would do the character no justice, he enjoys being a little dark, and he gets eminence pleasure from others when he dominates them.
So far Jayden's been dominated by several boys including Chase, and while he does not like it, this chapter showed a different side to Jayden, one who was willing to submit to Chase even if it was just a bit for a "training session."

Chapter 15 comes out next Monday, and I hope that you, Reg and everyone else enjoys the latest chapter!