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Workout buddies (written by Dominik)

Here is yet another great story written by my friend Dominik, author of several stories on this blog, most recently A very boring Saturday for Cal, Stockpicks and low blows and Room mates. This story features Will without his twin brother Michael, and I thought it would be a perfect bookend to Friday's story that featured Michael without Will: That way both of the twins get their own story. :-)) I'm sure you'll enjoy it just as much as I did!

Featured in this story: Kev and Will (click for pictures)

 The small gym was filled with the low-pitched, regular rhythm of the bench presses and treadmills. It was early morning, and not many people were there. Kev and Will almost had the gym for themselves. Kev was currently sitting on a machine pressing weights together, whereas Will was lying down on the bench and pulling on some weight-attached strings.

168, 169, 170… Kev counted in his head before letting his hands sink down from the weight plates and rest at the sides of his body. His whole body was exhausted, but his arms in particular were killing him. He was hard at work maintaining shape and building up his upper body strength. After a particularly emberassing arm wrestling match with his mates a few weeks ago that had resulted in a very sore crotch for a couple days, he had made the decision to put a particular focus onto training his arms.

He rested for a minute or two, leaning back against the machine while breathing heavily. He peaked over to Will who was still fighting the weights of the machine with occasional grunts. Will was similarly well-shaped as Kev, he was sitting on the bench wearing nothing but his sports pants, putting his well-built upper body that was glistening with sweat to good show.

Finally regaining some of his strength, Kev slowly got up and went over to the table in the middle to drink some water from the bottle. As he drank a few deep sips, he got an idea. Will was still busy with his benchpresses, not paying attention to anything but the ceiling above him.

Kev quickly grabbed a dumbbell from the floor, tiptoed over to Will and then quickly threw it into his friend’s crotch. The weight ring on one side of the dumbbell collided directly with Will’s soft spot, flattening his package with a THUD, whereas the weight on the other side of the barbell smashed against Will’s upper leg.

“Whaaaaa…. Aaargh!“, Will screamed, instantly releasing the weight ropes and bending himself on the bench. “Fuck! What the fuck, Kev!“

“Sorry, must have slipped out of my hand“, Kev shrugged with a mean grin.

“Yeah, sure”, Will groaned, hands clutched in his crotch. “Can’t I have a nice morning without a hit to the balls?”

“Another time, I’m sure”, Kev shrugged. “How’s training getting along?”

“Good until you interrupted”, Will said, slowly pulling himself up until he was sitting on the bench. “And yours?”

“It’s okay. Getting better every week”, Kev nodded. “But very slowly.”

“Yeah, obviously. If you spend your time here dropping dumbbells around the place“, Will chuckled.

“Hey, it wasn’t even a very heavy one”, Kev said. “I’m sure your balls survived with barely a scratch.”

“Oh, because you can’t lift a heavier dumbbell than this, weakling?”, Will remarked.

“Hey, come on. I can gladly drop a heavier one in your balls if you insist.”

“Not exactly looking forward to it”, Will shook his head before rubbing his crotch. “Gonna go back to training, let’s see if I can still hit that goal I set for myself today.” He winked at Kev. “I’d prefer if I didn’t get any dumbbells to the dumb balls during it.”

“Alright. How about a little challenge”, Kev smirked while folding his arms in front of his naked chest. “You try to hit your goal. If you fail, I can throw a couple of dumbbells more into your balls.”

Will made a grimace and was about to speak up, but Kev continued.

“But if you hit your goal, you can take your revenge on me and my balls instead, with whatever dumbbells you like.”

Will looked at Kev contemplatively before rubbing his hand through his crotch again. “I’m confident I’m gonna make it today, so I might aswell accept to get some free ballkicks, right?”, he laughed.

“If you’re that confident, sure”, Kev shrugged.

“Unless you’re getting cold feet?”, he said challengingly.

“I’m up for it”, Kev spurted out, trying not to sound insecure. He gulped. “But I guess if you’re that confident, we could even the odds a little… how about I get to work on your balls while you go about it? No dumbbells, just my bare hands.” He cracked his knuckles and looked at Will expectantly.

“If you get that advantage, what’s in it for me?”, Will asked, leaning forward. He looked stunning, with just the loose, short shorts covering the most important parts and with his sweaty, handsome upper body on full display.

“If you beat me, you get to drop the dumbbells on my balls not just today but the next two times we train together aswell”, Kev retorted, while making a mental note to message Michael about Will’s training schedule in hopes that he could avoid him for a while.

Will frowned and thought about it while opening his water bottle to drink. Afterwards he nodded and reached out his hand. “Alright. Deal.”

Kev firmly pressed his hand without hesitation. “Great!”

“So I was going to do 400 bench pulls today”, Will explained. “I already made my way through 230 of them. If I can manage another 170 without a break, I’ll win.”

“Sounds good”, Kev nodded. “To keep things fair, I’m going to count to ten whenever you can’t go on anymore. If you manage to continue before ‘ten’, you’re still in the game.”


Will laid down on the bench again, sliding backwards before grabbing the two rope handles above him that were connected to the weights. Kev meanwhile kneed down in front of him, right at the end of the bench where Will had his feet.

“I’m gonna need you to spread your legs, bud”, Kev laughed. Hesitantly, Will moved his legs outside, one onto each side of the bench. He usually preferred putting his legs down straight, but with the rules of their little game, he had to take a bit of discomfort.

Now that Will had spread his legs apart, Kev looked straight into his legs; he could clearly see the outline of his balls. He playfully tapped Will in the balls which made him shudder.

“Ready when you are”, Kev grinned.

“Alright. Ready, set, go. One…”

Will pulled down the weights as he had done more than two hundred times already today. Even with the slight break inbetween he was still exhausted, his arms and chest were burning from the exercise before.

Just as he finished his first pull, Kev struck his first hit aswell. His knuckles found their way straight into Will’s balls.

“Ah!”, Will sighed. “Three… four… five…”

Kev had his eyes fixed ion his buddy’s babymakers. He continued working on them, one punch after another, making Will pant and scream with each hit. His punches weren’t anywhere as hard as the dumbbell from before, but they still got him good. The pain slowly increased for Will with each hit, until his crotch was a radiating fire that felt like it wanted to compete with the pain in his arms.

“Twenty-four… twenty-five… fuck, what have I agreed to… twenty-six…”

But Will pulled through. He stared at the ceiling, focussing his mind on getting down one pull after another, trying to ignore the agonising crescendo in his nuts.

“Forty… ugh… forty-one…”

“You’re coming along well”, Kev nodded approvingly, a little worried that things weren’t going to turn out well for him. “I suppose I can turn things up a notch.”

And with that, he changed his punching style from just pummelling Will’s balls mindlessly to more precise, powerful strikes. In wasn’t long until Will’s voice changed along with it.

“Gnnnggh… fifty-one… aaaah…”

“You can give up at anytime”, Kev remarked 30 seconds later before sending his fist flying into Will’s balls.

“Fifty-three… nah man…”, Will panted as he bit his teeth together and worked through the pain.

Right around 70, Will’s strength seemed to leave him for a moment. Exhaustedly and in pain, he slumped down and rested, breathing heavily, his muscular arms limply falling down besides him.

“Oh, man, you’re done?”, Kev asked. “Gonna start the countdown now. One, two, three, four…”

But Will looked up to him with a mean expression before propping himself up, reaching for the bars and pulling them down again just before Kev reached 10.

“Dammit”, Kev mumbled. “Alright, on we go.” And he sent his fist flying straight into Will’s balls in frustration, making his mate scream in pain.

The next couple dozen pulls went relatively smoothly for Will. His balls felt like they were on fire, but he had become a little numb to the pain from all the exhaustion and from powering his body to its limit. For a minute, he was really euphoric that he was going to hit the finish line and then get his revenge on Kev and his stupid balls.

But as he got close to 120, he had to take a break again, though this time it was mostly the pain in his balls that overwhelmed him after a particularly well-placed punch from Kev. He released his grip on the handles and drew his legs together, silently whimpering as he held his hands inbetween his legs trying to alleviate the pain.

“Ah, that’s it?”, Kev asked before starting counting again.

“Nope. Nope. Wait.” Will took a deep breath before shooting his hands back to the handles and pulling them down again, just in time before Kev managed a 10.

“Alrighty”, Kev grumbled. “Fucking hell…”

And so they continued: Will on the bench, pulling the weights again and again, Kev working on his pricy family jewels in the meantime. Even Kev started to get exhausted from all the punches he had to dish out – though all the exercise he had done before that certainly did its part in that aswell.

Will did the best he could, and for another few dozen pulls, he managed to pull through. But his arm muscles were reaching their breaking point and his balls didn’t do him any favours either.

“Hundred-forty-eight, hundred-forty-nine…” He bit his tongue before pulling at the handles one last time with all his strength. “Hundred-fifty… I’m done. Fuck, I’m done.”

“The goal was hundred-seventy”, Kev reminded him snarkily.

“I know.” Will rested his limp, overworked arms alongside his body, breathing heavily. “I’m done. Skip the countdown, I can’t continue anymore.”

“Hell yeah”, Kev cheered. He had gotten really worried towards the end that Will was actually going to make it, so Will’s defeat greatly lifted his mood. “Guess you have to work a bit harder on your goals next time?”

“Guess so”, Will whispered breathlessly. His sore arms slowly wandered down his body to his pants where he slipped them in to feel his balls. “Fuck man, they feel like hell…”

“They are gonna feel a little worse in 10 minutes, I’m afraid”, Kev shrugged innocently. He had gotten up and shaken his arms that had gotten heavy from the workout and all the punches. As Will fumbled his balls while still lying limp on the bench, Kev had had grabbed some of the dumbbells throughout the room and carried them over.

“Hey, come on“, Will mumbled as Kev approached him with a smaller, but very heavy dumbbell and placed it right around his throat so that the left and right weight rested on the bench and the connecting tube rested right above his throat, to the point where Will’s Adam apple could touch the cold metal of the bell. “What’s that for?“

“Holding you in place“, Kev grinned. Then he grabbed another two of the smaller, heavy dumbbells and placed them around his right arm in a similar fashion, before repeating the same with two other dumbbells on Will’s right arm. The dumbbells around his arms probably wouldn’t do much if Will made a serious attempt to get out, but with the nice stud being as exhausted as he was, he didn’t make any attempt to do so.

“Alright, let’s get going“, Kev proclaimed excitedly. He had grabbed yet another dumbbell and placed himself in front of the bench where Will still lied down, legs spread apart. Then he swung the dumbbell forward into Will’s crotch.

Will screamed from the top of his lung as the dumbbell smashed his babymakers flat. He tried to throw himself around but the dumbells that Kev had knowingly placed above his throat and arms restricted him somewhat.

Before he could do anything else, Kev had grabbed the dumbbell again and dropped it once again. The pain in his balls was immense as they were flattened by the cold, heavy metal of the training equipment.

„Instead of increasing the muscle in your arms, they decrease the sperm count in your balls for once“, Kev laughed before grabbing the dumbbell. Will was still busy throwing himself around in pain as Kev dropped it a third time, having it fall into his friend’s testicles with a satisfying THUMP.

Will gasped in pain, his pretty face contorted.

“Let’s turn things up a notch.“ As the previous dumbell rolled from the bench down to the floor, Kev quickly grabbed another one with more weights. He then stepped up to Will again who was still winding around on the bench, not seeing him coming. Kev quickly used that opportunity and threw the heavyweighter down in a nice arc, making it smash down on Will’s poor spot with an even scarier sound.

“Aaaaarrgh! Fuucck!“

Will threw himself around and would have probably rolled off the bench if it weren’t for the dumbbell Kev had placed around his neck. Kev grabbed the dumbell and dropped it again from an even higher height, eliciting all kinds of pain-contorted sounds from him.

As Will pressed his legs together, Kev used the opportunity and quickly grabbed his buddy’s pants, pulling them down his legs and exposing his bare balls. Will didn’t seem to care or even really notice. His balls had swollen considerably to almost three times their normal size, getting beefy-red all around. They had some dark spots and scratches from where the bells had come down and where Kevs fists had caught them in an unfavorable angle previously. The usually proud man’s dick was a poor sight, it had shrimpeled together and also had a few small red spots, presumably from the dumbbells.

“Man, they look terrible, buddy“, Kev grinned. “I really did some work on them. And I didn’t even have my morning-coffee.“

“Are we done?“, Will asked timidly.

“One more“, Kev said, grabbing the dumbbell again. “Onto the naked balls.“

Will whimpered silently.

Kev got into position, holding the dumbbell steadily above Will’s crotch. Then he dropped it, making one of the weights perfectly collide with his bloated, red ballsack and making his swollen balls dance around in it for a second.

“My fucking balls…“, Will cursed. “Fuuuck…“

“Nice making bets with you“, Kev laughed as he grabbed his drink and towel. “I hope I didn’t put your balls out of commission for too long. Or actually – I hope I did.“

“How about you at least help me get these dumbbells off me“, Will complained.

“Nah man. Get them off yourself, you’re strong enough, I believe in you.“

Will groaned in pain and annoyance as Kev straddled towards the exit.


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Dominik,

That was a hot story! Man I feel bad for poor Will. Kev sure did a number on his gonads. Poor guy! Putting the weights on his neck and arms and trapping him was really hot. Great work friend!



Dominik said...

Dear Jimmy,

Thank you for the feedback, I‘m glad you liked the story! I much appreciate it! :)