Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Video links: Boys just wanna have fun (68)

They say it takes a village to raise a kid. But it only takes one friend to make sure you won't have any.

Here are some more of my favorite videos of guys hitting each other in the nuts for fun.

Let's start with a prank that goes wrong for just one of the two guys involved. I guess it's fair to say that somebody skipped physics classes - and I don't think he'll have to bother himself with biology any time soon...

If you enjoyed that you'll probably like the next clip as well. Rake to the nuts. Classic.

Skip to 4:00

It takes very good marksmanship to pull of the stunt shown in the next video. Bonus points for the innovative use of The Village People.


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The next clip is a complilation of Chinese singer and TV star Wang Yibo getting hit in the - wait for it! - wang. (Sorry, I can't leave a joke like that lying around without using it. You have my permission to hit me in the yibo for it next time you see me...)

Let's finish today's post on a high note: We all know that foosball tables are inherently dangerous for a man's ability to procreate. The handles are at just the right height so that a mischieveous "friend" can use them to ram your nuts into your throat. What I love about the next clip is the technique. Making your buddy bend over to hit him from behind is a clever move. And it looks like that dangling sack got hit dead-on. Great work, bro!


My friend tricked me 😂 ##fyp ##foryou ##comedy ##coldcutz ##funny ##comedy ##lol ##foru ##you

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