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The fall of Gai Tendo - part 4: Raising money (written by Mickey)

This is the fourth part of an awesome story written by Mickey, with a artwork by NikkuRikku. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Gai was still reeling with fear a week after the debt collector visited his house. The groin injuries he’d received from the visit had mostly healed aside from some minor bruising, and he couldn’t help but thank all that is divine that his manhood was still usable. His problem however, was in regards to raising the much-needed money – he didn’t dare imagine what the collector would do to his plums if Gai still doesn’t have the money by his next visit.

However, after his shameful defeat to Hinako and his embarrassing school debacle which turned viral, he truly couldn’t find a job.

All job applications he’d sent were rejected on grounds that he was now an example of public indecency and any association with him would bring a bad name to the company.

Luckily for him, after scouring his mostly empty room, he’d found a crumpled up $100 bill inside his wrestling shorts stash.

Seeing the chance, he got out a marker, a pair of scissors, a cardboard box and got to work.

A few minutes later, a cardboard placard to help him raise money was born.

Arriving at the populous area of the city, he’d lay the placard on the floor, on it writes ‘Fight me for $10 >>> Get $100 If you win.”

Stripping down to his wrestling shorts. He got to his battle pose.

Some passerby seemed to recognized him, if the wat they giggled as the pointed at his still usable and prominent crotch was any indication.

It wasn’t long before a man clad in classy black dress shirt and pants approached Gai with a busty blonde clinging on his arms in tow.

“So Michelle, you want to see me take down this clown?” Said the skinny man, wearing an equally black pair of shades.

“Definitely. I want to see him clasping his balls as he wriggles on the floor like in those clips!”

“Sure, a guy who got beaten up by a girl and a bunch of kids can’t be so tough.” The man said. His words got Gai’s temper burning, he clearly did not know how horrible Hinako and the brats were.

“It’s $10, and you can try to beat me with those skinny arms of yours. Gai said gritting his teeth in annoyance.

The man threw a $10 note at Gai before he immediately sent a kick towards Gai’s well-endowed nether region. Unfortunately for him, Gai was a professional (who had been attacked there too often for him to be taken down by a low blow so obvious).

He grabbed hold of the man’s leg before sending a punch pummeling straight into the man’s solar plexus, instantly sending him crumbling down, grasping his injured body.

“Darling!” The girl screamed and ran towards her pathetically downed boyfriend.

“Hahaha! Seems like a win for me. Too bad you’re too weak.” Gai bellowed.

“You’ll pay for this.” The man in black said in pained gasps as he got back to his feet.

“Sure. Come back when you’re wayyyy stronger. Maybe in 10 years or so? Hahaha!” Gai laughed at the threat and pocketed his money.

The man in black did not come back in 10 years. In fact, he came back with his girlfriend in tow just around 30 minutes later – the time which Gai had taken to bear around 9 other men who thought his bulging balls were easy target – allowing him doubled the money he’d started with.

“Back for some more beating already.” Gai said happily, the euphoria of finally winning clouding his head along with the prospect of receiving more money.

“Here’s your $10. The man said as he threw the bank note at Gai’s feet.”

Always the magnanimous one to give handicaps to opponents he easily defeated, Gai smiled as he took on a fighting position.

“Hit me with anything you got. I’ll give you a free hit.” He said smirking.

“You’ll regret those words then. Get him boys.”

“Wha- ahhhh!” Before Gai could ascertain the meaning of those words, a punch from behind had pummeled into his gonads.

In a murmur of pain, Gai body crumbled down to clutch his hurt groin.

“You had someone punch me in the groin.” Gai gasped in pain.


“That’s not fair! You can’t have someone else punch me in the groin!” Gai whimpered weakly, still on the floor, clutching his family jewels.

“Well, you didn't write any rules. So I guess the $100 is mine.” The man said and Gai could only watch in dismay as his precious $100 was taken.

“Tell you what. I’ll be kind and give you another chance. This time my men won’t even be punching you in the groin.”

In greed, Gai immediately got up. He couldn’t afford to lose the money he’d already gained.

“You better be ready, I’m gonna pummel you so hard for thta dirty attack!” Gai said as he once more got into his battle stance, trying his best to ignore the stinging sensation in his pants.

“Maybe it’s better to keep those thoughts to yourself. Get him boys!” The man in black screamed.

“Wha—ahhhhh!” Was all Gai could say before a kick from behind pancaked his manpouch to his body.

Gai’s manly orbs which had already been tenderized by the earlier punch could not withstand the impact of the much stronger kick, causing his body to immediately collapsed onto the floor. His hands immediately made their way to nurse his pummeled manhood and his butt wriggled in hopes of easing the pain.

“Y-you said you wouldn’t hit me in the balls.” Gai wheezed out.

“I said I wouldn’t punch you in the balls, that was a kick you muscled brained idiot!”

“Seeing that you can’t fight anymore. I suppose victory is now mine. And since you lost twice, I’ll be taking the other $100 as well.”

“I-I haven’t lost yet.” The man threat at taking all of his money scared Gai into standing, despite his tired body and damaged spuds.

“Alright, come get me then.”

“Taking down this kind of skinny flamboyant man would normally be a piece of cake for someone of Gai’s caliber. But the two strong hits to his weak points drained much of his strength and speed.

So when his weakened high kick was used, the mean easily sidestepped and intercepted it with his knee crashing into Gai’s bulging manhood, deforming the pouch in his pants.

“Gyaaaa!” Gai screamed from the top of his lungs before he returned to his groin clutching and drooling position on the floor.

“Look like this is my win then.” Gai heard the man voice as he lightly massaged his hurt babymakers.

“What an unsightly thing, boys! take care of this trash.” The man and before Gai knew, he was being lighted up by a group of men, and a few moments later, found himself dumped headfirst into a trash bin.

The stench was overwhelming, and whilst Gai did want to escape the stinky contraption, all he could do was let out muffled screams as his leg scrambled about.

“You cheating fuckers. I’ll get you for this. I’ll fucking get you for this!” He screamed out, uncaring that some trash might make its way into his mouth from the unnecessary movement.

“How noising, $100 for anyone who hits the target.” Gai heard

“Okay boss!” was the replied made by the group.

“You fuckers! You better give me back my money or I’ll teach you-ahhhhhhh!” Gai wailed in great pain when something hard and cold impacted his nether region.

“Gyaahhhhhh!” Before he could make other intelligible sound, another hard object impacted his bulginh balls.

“Ieeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhh!” Then another object was slammed into his vulnerables. And despite Gai’s effort in flapping around his legs in order to evade the impacts, the flying objects aim stayed true and the many barrages continued to deform his much prized manpouch.

The continuous pain proved too much, and before long, Gai’s screaming stopped as he escaped into his unconsciousness.


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Ouch poor Kai again xd. Maybe in a future he can TRY to win a fight using a cup. 😂

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