Monday, May 3, 2021

The fall of Gai Tendo - part 3: Unpaid debt (written by Mickey)

This is the third part of an awesome story written by Mickey, with a artwork by Ocigart (coloring by by Mickey). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Ever since Gai had accidentally got himself pummeled by the group of brats and got himself literally tied up by the balls, his already low reputation plummeted further.

No thanks to social media, his disastrous defeat had gone viral, compilation of his balls being busted by the brats got over a million views, and memes of him were seen everywhere. Worst was the fact that he’d got zero money from all that views, and was still swimming in unpaid debt.

No gym wanted him as a trainer and no class wanted him as a teacher – leaving Gai with no source of income.

But vain as he was, he loved his beautiful muscular body too much, leading him to borrow money from questionable loan sharks to fuel his daily doses of protein shake.

But the highest quality of proteins was expensive, and after accumulation more debt, he had no choice but to sell his training equipments and furniture, leaving his house with nothing but a few weights, a punching bag and a training ring.

Deep down he knew he should sell the training ring, but it was a prize he got when he won his first tournament, it reminded him of the time when his future was glorious, a time before Hinako and the brats busted his balls along with his reputation.

Gai was in his wrestling gear, deep in thought about how to pay the rest of the debt when the bell rung.

Opening the door, he saw a man in a pristine dress shirt and equally pristine pants donning a fancy pair of shades and Gai knew immediately what he was here for.

“You must be Gai right? I’m here for your debt.”  He said uncaringly and Gai, in his stressed-out state couldn’t help but shout in return.

“I’m broke, go away! I don't have anything to give you!” He shouted, trying in intimidate the debt collector, but it only seemed to anger the collector further as he drowned Gai’s shout with his own.

“Don't give me that bullshit! You have a fucking ring stadium in your own house!”

Before Gai could give a retort, the debt collector pushed his way into the house before he browsed the house with an unimpressed look – perhaps due to the lack of furniture other than the stadium, punching bag, a few weights and empty cardboard boxes.

“Hmmm, even though there is a lack of furniture, I’m quite sure you have the money somewhere. How about you bright it out Gai? Unless you’re fine with us taking the stadium ring as compensation.” The collector said threateningly as he eyed the stadium as if to discern the price.

The action sent Gai into a rage, the stadium was his only leftover source of pride, a remembrance of a time when he was winning, a time when his balls weren’t solely targeted for comedy purpose. To take his stadium away, Gai couldn’t accept him, he decided then, the collector was gonna go.

“I told ya!” He said lifting his lefts “I have no money! Nothing! Haah!” He screamed aiming for his kick to knock the debt collector out.

He did not expect the pristine looking collector to block his attack, grab hold of his leg, took out a taser in a swift motion and jabbed the thing directly into his bulging pouch, before electrifying his body from the groin.

“Gahhhhhh!” He screamed as he tried to jump and move away, but the collector followed his movement and kept the taser stuck to his balls, the thin material of she shorts providing no defense to the painful shock.

“Uwahhhh! Urkkk!” He didn’t know how long it was, but by the time jolt subsided a little he was wailing and he was jumping around fondling his electrified babymakers.

The debt collector who took no notice of Gai’s pained plight, walked up to him, grabbed him by the back of his shorts and yanked.

It was a powerful yank and Gai could feel his body being lifted up by the wedgie.

“Ugahh!” He screamed as his already tenderized balls were compressed and squeezed by the tight material of his shorts.

“If you want this to stop, you better tell me where you put your money.” The debt collector said, yanking Gai’s pants further to emphasize the threat.

“Gahhhh, I have no money!” Gai screamed between tears, but the collector ignored his answer, changed his hold on Gai’s pants to a way where the material continued to squeeze his precious orbs and flossed deep into his buttcrack.

Then ignorant of Gai’s squeals, he dragged Gai’s body around like a used cloth, before throwing the once proud wrestler to the floor.

“What about now?” The debt collector asked once more.

Even though Gai’s balls was feeling intense pain and his buttcrack was suffering from piercing sensations, he was a world classed wrestler of great stamina. Getting up from the floor he faced the collector, “I’m serious here! I got nothing for you, Shithead!” He said, snarling and gasping.

Gai’s reply clearly did not pleased the debt collector.

Before Gai could have manage any form of defense, the collector’s knee smashed itself into his groin, paralyzing him with pained goosebumps.

Before Gai could scream from the impact of the knee, and jabbed a strong punch directly into Gai’s bulbous crotch, turning him into a tearstained and gasping mess.

Before Gai could cover his hands over his groin to protect it from any more harm, the collector smashed it with a devastating kick, lifting his body from the impact. Before he realized it, he was on his knees in a confused and hurt state.

Then a kick the sailed to his head collapsed him onto the floor in a spread eagle position.

“Now tell me, where is the money.”

“Uwghhuhhhhhhhuhh” Was all he could mumble out.

It did not please the collector who walked over to get a piece of weight and held it over Gai’s crotch.

“Uwnuuuuuuuunuuuuuunuuuumuuneeee” Was all Gai could murmur in his scared, pained and confused state.

“Your choice.” The collector said before he let the weight be guided by the nefarious forces of gravity.

A loud ‘TONG’ later Gai was screeching in pain, his upper body automatically lifted itself from the impact but to no avail, the weight was still exerting it’s strength only his injured orbs.

In despair, hurt and much foaming in his mouth, Gai’s gave himself to Morpheus embrace.

When Gai came back to his senses, he’d hoped that what happened was a dream, but the stinging pain in his manhood told him that it was not so.

Opening his ears, he saw the nightmarish figure of the debt collector. His body automatically tried to get away before he realized he couldn’t. He realized then that his body was tied to his favourite red punching bag, and there was no way to escape.

“I see you’re back to your senses. This is your last chance, you better tell me where the money is or this is going to hurt.” Threatened the debt collector as he raised his fist.

The motion alone sent Gai into a shivering fit. But the fact remained that he currently has no money.

“I-I really have no money.” He pleadingly whimpered.

“So that’s how it’s going to go.” The debt collector said.

“W-Wait. D-don’t Doooooahhhhhh!” Gai’s words morphed into pained symphonies when a punch crashed into his manpouch, rearranging its contents and caused his eye to bulge out in great pain.

Yet before he could even articulate any cries or pleas, the collector’s feet mashed into his plums, causing him to froth from the inexplicable pain.

More vicious punches and kicks followed and Gai was screaming himself hoarse.

Each impact seemed to lower his chances of fathering any descendants and Gai junior seemingly knew this to be the case. And in its last struggle for survival, it erected to its full size before it spurted its hopes of future generations in desperation and surrender.

Unfortunately, the attempt failed as the spurted seeds dirtied to debt collector pristine clothing causing great annoyance and much greater pain to Gai’s manhood.

Gai didn’t know when the impacts stopped, but when it did, he was lying in his pile of sticky cum murmuring sad noises. His face coated by tears and his body dirtied by bodily fluids.

“You better have the money ready next time we come.” The debt collector said as he looked at Gai’s dirtied and battered body in scorn he for he slammed the door and left, leaving Gai to wallow in shame and pain in his sticky mess.

His hands immediately went to nurse his bloated a bruised balls once they regained their much needed strength – and even with all the beating it received, it was okay, red and bloated and bruised, but still okay.

Remembering the pain he just experienced, Gai couldn’t help but shiver as he imagine what would happen if he still have no money when the debt collector again visit.


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Mickey,

We got another one, and it came so fast after your last one! Gai is really fun to read about, plus the artwork with your words make such a great pairing. Poor Gai, he's not doing so hot. Hopefully the poor guy gets a break!

If not, that would be okay too. It's great reading about all of the trouble that he gets into.



Buster said...

Excellent work! The pacing, the characters, the crazy amount of busting and of course the illustrations. Well done! looking forward for the next chapter and I agree with Jimmy: Poor Gai haha

Mickey said...

Hi Jimmy,

Thank you for you kind words. It's true that Gsi isn't doing too hot now, but unfortunately there're no rest for the arrogant.

Hi Buster,

Thank you :)) I do love these bustings and ocigart makes such amazing works

danny perkasa said...

I love it.. I cant wait more stories about gai who will not able to having kids