Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Living the legend - the final part (written by Harry and Jimmy)

This the spectacular final part of the spectacular crossover story written collaboratively by Harry (author of the awesome Pankration series) and Jimmy (author of the awesome Gino and Jayden series). Harry and Jimmy - thank you so much, you are awesome! Now enjoy today's this action-packed finale!

Previous parts:

Gino and Jayden

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

*** The present ***

Jayden felt his eyelids pulling back, and what he saw both surprised and shocked him. His brother Gino was bent over holding his head, but his brown eyes were drawn to Logan his captain, his friend, the older brother that he never had but claimed a spot in his heart regardless. Logan was in full rage. The blonde, blue eyed warrior always so docile around him that Jayden could barely recognize the teen in front of him. His stance was aggressive, his muscles were tensing, and he was screaming at Coach Johnson. Jayden could swear that he could make out his own name, and that Logan blamed Johnson for kicking Jayden on purpose in the head.

“You knocked him out cold, you fucking asshole!” Logan spat, bits of spit hit the coach in the face as Logan jabbed his finger deep into Coach Johnson’s meaty chest.

“It was an accident, and you know it Krueger!” Coach Johnson fired back, and quickly added in “And don’t you swear at me or you can consider yourself no longer captain of this team!”

“No,” Jayden tried to say but the words were thick in his mouth, his tongue felt big and fat and he couldn’t piece together what he wanted to say, but he knew one thing: he could not lose Logan as his captain.

Logan’s hands were balled into fists, and he was visibly shaking as he growled, “This is my team, and you could never remove me from it Johnson.”

“Wrong. This is my team, and I am the coach. Now fall back in line Krueger or so help me I will strip you of that title of yours and kick your ass right out of this gym!”

The gymnasium was already quiet, but at this pronouncement everyone froze staring, not daring to wonder what might happen next.

“I’ll make a deal with you coach. If I win a wrestling match against you, you quit your fucking job. If I lose, I leave the Bartlet team forever,” Logan said, his voice barely above a whisper. The hardness in his voice made it seem as if he shouted it from the top of the school.

It took everything in Jayden to speak out, “No Logan, I’m not worth it.”

“The faggot is right Krueger, the fairy boy isn’t, But you have yourself a deal.”

“What the fuck did you just call him,” Logan growled.

“You heard me you little punk. I called your fairy boyfriend a fag. Now what are you going to do about it?” Coach Johnson challenged.

Gino slowly turned away from his brother to stare daggers at Coach Johnson. All of the wrestlers did. It seemed that the whole team had lost whatever little respect that they had for him in the past five minutes; and it looked like everyone was ready to fight him but it was Logan who got their first swinging his fist wildly, blinded by his emotions for Jayden and the Coach used that grabbing his fist from the air and elbowing him in return right between his blue eyes dropping Logan to the mat in one brutal strike.

Jayden tried to sit up, but when he did his vision blurred and everything went dark again.


Jayden walked to the center of the ring, at the opposite side of him Prince Nico did the same. The noon sun blazed in an impossibly clear sky, seeming to shower gold over the Greek prince. Nico’s strawberry blonde curls shone under his signature olive laurel, and flecks of sunlight glinted off of his bulging, oil-kissed muscles.  

The Prince was like a wildcat stalking his movements across the arena, and Jayden could not help but feel as if he were the prey and Nico was the predator. Nico walked slower than he so Jayden made it to the center first and was forced to wait as Nico slowly prowled over to him, his movements slow and exaggerated as he spied on him.

Jayden gulped as his opponent came a few feet from him, and Nico’s lips curled at the sound. “I’m going to enjoy this,” he pronounced slowly cracking each knuckle in his right fist as if Jayden were a snack and he was figuring out how best to eat him.

“I hope that you do your majesty,” Jayden said. His voice cracked, but still he plunged on damning the unlucky timing. “I’ve beaten stronger than you before, and I plan on giving your princes something to remember.”

Nico’s grin widened as Jayden spoke, and when he finished he leaned in, “Please surprise me Jayden, because I think you’re going to be on the sand giving up before you even know what has started.”

In response, Jayden cracked both sides of his neck as if to outdo the prince and put up one hand, and beckoned him forward the small challenge obvious to all. “Don’t be frightened your majesty, you aren’t the first prince that I have beaten; and you won’t be the last.” A low Oooooo... sound rippled through the crowd; the Lost Princes were intrigued that the new fighter would be bold enough to rile up Nico.

Nico’s eyebrows slowly rose up as he inched his way forward. “I think you must have gotten hit too many times in the head yesterday Jayden. Theo beat you, not the other way around.”

“Is that why I can still taste him in my mouth?” quipped Jayden, his dark eyes sparkled full of mischief. “Want me to describe it to you?” Jayden taunted, his smile genuine. Jayden drank in the look of shock and uncertainly that crossed Nico’s face.

“What’s the matter, have you never tasted his sweet nectar? If you haven’t then I really shouldn’t kiss and tell. I’ll savor it. I might even do it with Theo again when I am done with you,” Jayden quipped, raising his eyebrows and making a sexual gesture with his hands.

Nico could not stand another word and lunged at Jayden, roaring like a lion. Jayden stood still, with a smug smile and waited until the very last moment when Nico’s hands were inches from him and he cartwheeled backwards his legs firing up together with both feet striking Nico under his chin, clamping his mouth shut and snapping his head back as fell backwards unsure of what hit him to the sand below.

A collective surprised gasp echoed around the arena as Jayden kept flipping and landing on his feet at the edge of the arena in front of Theo, who raised up an eyebrow. From within his white toga Jayden produced a rose so red and vibrant that the color shone around like a beacon. “For yesterday,” Jayden grinned placing the rose on Theo’s lap. “And, for what might happen next.”

Jayden’s cheeky response made all that could hear laugh. Theo went red in the face. He twisted the rose awkwardly in his hands, and his guilty eyes flew up to Nico who stormed across the arena after Jayden.

“Until then,” Jayden smiled blowing a kiss to Theo before turning to face the prince.

Jayden’s cheekiness earned him some laughs, but it also earned him a really pissed off opponent. Nico charged at him again, his intention was clear: he did not want to be made a fool of in front of his friends, nor did he want Jayden anywhere near Theo. Nico lunged when he was close enough. Jayden used his smaller size to his advantage, along with his nimbleness to evade Nico’s grasp. “Can’t catch me,” Jayden taunted as he evaded another swipe from Nico his opponents fingers just grazing his well-muscled chest.

Nico spun to grab him again, and that’s when Jayden attacked. Jayden kicked straight up clipping Nico under his chin again, and heard the click of his teeth slamming against each other. Before Nico could recover Jayden punched him three times in quick succession in his abdomen each fist hitting the same spot. Nico lunged forward to grab the slippery boy, but again Jayden sprang back which caused Nico to fumble on his feet. He managed to stay upright, but just barely. Jayden used that opportunity kick the back of his leg right behind his knee cap bring the larger and more powerful wrestler down to one knee.

Jayden seized upon the one legged standing warrior and wrapped both arms around his thick neck, and applied a choke hold the breathe whooshed out of Nico as Jayden kneed his one upright knee forcing him downward so that he was on his knees with Jayden behind him. From the advantage point Jayden applied extra pressure to Nico’s windpipe stealing his air and forcing his eyes to bug out.

“Like I was saying, catch can’t me, I’m a ballbusting boy,” Jayden teased thinking of the Gingerbread Boy fairy tale.

Flailing against Jayden’s grasp, Nico surged his body and twisted left and right as he attempted to free himself. From this position on his knees was more difficult, but the prince never gave up, and with a show of strength he started to pull Jayden off of his feet leading with his chest and folding forward.

Jayden felt his feet being uprooted, and he strained his hold, tightening it around Nico’s neck attempting to drag him back and to keep control. Nico proved too strong and flipped Jayden end over end so he landed in the sand; his fine white toga instantly covered in dirt along the back. Jayden and Nico both gasped at the same time, Nico his first full breath in what seemed like a long time and Jayden as he lost his senses upon impact.

Jayden gazed up at Nico, and the prince looked down as Jayden sneaked one hand up Nico’s toga and fumbled with Nico’s sac until his fingers sweaty and oily wrapped around each of the royal gems and gave a warning squeeze. “Are these your crown jewels?” Jayden wheezed out, his voice still not fully back from being dropped on his back. “I’m planning on leaving your throne empty after you. You won’t want to try to have sons when I’m done with these.” Jayden threatened good-naturedly, his smile curling at the corners demonstrating that his words had no viciousness behind them; but his grip certainly did. After years wrestling with his brother Gino, Jayden knows how to apply a nut-crunching grasp and he applies that move successfully here squeezing the prince’s balls at his weakest points, digging into the vulnerable areas of his testes, and twisting the plump full sac closer to him as Jayden showed off that he is far from done.

Prince Nico groaned, his most valuable and precious organs locked in Jayden’s hands. How this outsider managed to twist both Theo’s and now his own nuts is unknown. He should have been put down like the pup that he is, and Nico plans to do just that. Ignoring the roaring agony in his ball sac, as his nuggets pulse Nico swung his fist down targeting Jayden’s abdomen, and slammed his fist deep into the center of Jayden’s abs.

Unprepared, Jayden gasped at Nico’s fist plunging into his middle. Jayden held onto Nico’s balls hoping that the prince would start to lose stamina before his abs gave out, and clenched his abs tight straining he abdomen to withstand the coming assault. Nico launched a second hammering blow down feeling Jayden’s abs absorb a second blow making Jayden gasp out, his muddy brown eyes widening.

“Not so tough now,” Nico grimaced through the pain slamming his fist again.

Jayden gasped again, his abs throbbing as he rolls onto all fours, dragging Nico with him and yanking him forward so the two met on their knees. Jayden uses his free hand to wrap around Nico’s neck trying to subdue him by crushing both his windpipe and his most valuables. Inside of his fist, Jayden can felt Nico’s balls blazing an intense heat as he squeezed the two balls together, as he tried to mush the two orbs into one.

Nico felt himself losing ground, so he grabbed Jayden’s shoulder with one hand and swung a mean upper cut right to his center abdomen and Jayden’s whole body shock from impact, and his hand holds loosened. With Jayden’s grip loosening, Nico slammed three more times in rapid succession until Jayden folded his head landing on Nico’s shoulder leaving him gasping and breathless against him. Jayden moaned and released his hand holds, his eyes closed in pain and Nico whispered: “Now, I get to have some fun!”

Nico shoved Jayden away so he landed on his back with a thud. Jayden’s brown eyes fluttered open as he hissed in pain when he landed on the ground his back arched and legs spread open wide. Jayden in an attempt to rescue the situation swung both arms wildly, Nico caught both and pressed himself down on top of Jayden using his full weight to solidify his dominance. “I don’t think so, you’ve had all the fun so far…it’s my turn.”

Jayden’s eyes widen as he bucked his hips trying to throw Nico off, his arms strained from where they were pinned at his side but all his attempted moves proved worthless as his chest and trunk are trapped leaving him straining uselessly. Nico felt his feeble efforts and his smirk widened. Huffing Jayden did what worked the last time with Theo he raised his face inches from the prince locking his eyes the whole time and invaded Nico’s personal space wetting his lips with his tongue so that when they came mere inches from Nico’s they were both glistening and soft.

Nico froze in place, seeing Jayden’s whole demeanor change. His brow unwrinkled in concentration and instead he softened his lips so close to his own that it made Nico a bit uncomfortable. “Have you ever kissed a boy before?” Jayden whispered his breath warm pressed against his face and Jayden ground his hips at the question, his pelvis dug into Nico’s with surprising force and assertiveness that Nico did not see coming. Jayden batted his brown eyes at him, and his face came dangerously closer his lips a hairbreadth away. “If not your majesty, can I be the first to steal a kiss?”

Nico loins stirred, and he felt his heartbeat begin to pick-up in tempo. For the first time he was unsure how to proceed in this match. He knew, at least somewhere in his brain that Jayden was toying with him; and he found that he just didn’t mind it. Not in the least. “No one has dared to kiss me during a match before, and I doubt that you have what it takes to make that move,” Nico challenged holding Jayden still underneath him.

Jayden grinned, licked his lips again and chuckled. “Then you don’t know what I am capable of at all. Let me enlighten you on how wrong you are,” Jayden whispered his voice so low, and different from the powerful deep one of the prince. Jayden leaned forward, twisted his face at the last moment to graze just the corner of Nico’s mouth with his own. Nico trembled against Jayden, his lips were so soft and the deep youthful eagerness so visible in how Jayden molded his body to Nico’s. Jayden lined them up so that they were groin to groin, chest to chest so that when he kissed the other side of Nico’s mouth, he left the prince hungry for a proper one. When Jayden dipped his head forward the third time he was rewarded with Jayden’s full lips pressed against his own and the humming tune Jayden splayed over him made him ache deep inside and open his mouth, wanting to taste Jayden unsure if he wanted to taste him, or the remnants of what remained of Theo, or both. Jayden relented opening for him so that Nico’s tongue swirled inside of his mouth and he met the tune full on and closed his eyes to the pleasures coursing through his open mouth.

Watching the spectacle, the Lost Princes’ mouths gaped at the sight of their studly prince making out with his opponent in the arena. As soon as the shock wore off, the wolf-whistles and catcalls chirped up. Only one spectator was not enjoying the show. Theo’s shadowed eyes were blank, and his knuckles were white, and he gripped the single red rose rather roughly in his hands.  

Meanwhile Jayden rocked his hips hard left, flipping Nico on his back and remembered when he did this to Theo, except this time when he landed on top he brought his knee up to slam into Nico’s groin. Nico mumbled something unintelligible in Jayden’s mouth, but it made him grin and slam his knee again in Nico’s sweet spot. On the second knee, Jayden pressed his knee cap deep within the folders of Nico’s toga squashing his tender nuts against his taint and the soft unyielding sand drilling the two orbs as hard as he could.

Nico shoved Jayden off, so he could grab his aching nutsac that stung in his hands. “You…you…”

Jayden laughed, which shut up the prince as Jayden climbed to his feet and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, “Theo kisses better. Maybe he can teach you some lessons.”

Nico’s face drained of color and he narrowed his eyes at the laughing boy in front of him and lunged forward. Jayden ducked and went to kick Nico from behind his eyes still alit with mirth when Nico caught his outstretched leg.

“No more games,” Nico growled as he pulled Jayden toward him. Jayden had to hop on one foot, his arms spread wide for balance. When Jayden was close enough he tested the distance between the two with a solid kick between the wide legs hitting Jayden smartly in both of his boynuts.

Jayden moaned, his brown eyes crisscrossing as the laughter from earlier was booted out of him.

“Not so funny now, huh?” Nico said kicking Jayden again listening to the wet splat sound that Jayden’s junk made upon impact ring satisfying in his ears.

“On no!” Jayden groaned and cupped himself feeling stupid and slow. “My boynuts, oh shit!”

Nico chuckled and leaned in so that his lips were next to Jayden’s ear. “Remember, you went low first,” Nico chided in a low voice. Then he reared back and booted so hard that his opponent dropped to the ground.

On all fours Jayden laid gasping, trying to gulp in air as his balls throbbed. Nico came up behind him, grabbing him around the middle shaking him this way and that as if he weighed nothing at all. When Nico was done shaking him Jayden was dizzy against Nico’s chest and practically drooling.

Nico put Jayden down on the ground and he barely was able to stand on his wobbly legs, as he swayed side to side, not sure if he was able to stay upright. Grabbing the younger wrestler’s toga, Nico began to strip him yanking the rope cord from around his middle and pulling off the white toga throwing it to the dirt. Jayden looked back at Nico and gulped as he felt Nico’s two strong hands grab both sides of his underwear and tugged up. Jayden had changed out of his wrestling singlet and underwear a long time ago and had worn what the Greeks wore. The simple undergarments were white and soft around Jayden’s junk which was a knotted with thin cords at his thighs. The white cloth itself was just barely big enough to cover and contain Jayden’s large balls and meaty penis and left very little to the imagination. The material held as Nico gave him a wedgie that he would not soon forget.

Jayden grabbed onto Nico’s forearms trying to lift himself up and out of Nico’s embrace but it was no use, Nico’s grip was strong and firm and Jayden was at his mercy. Nico jostled him up and down and the thin cord sliced into Jayden’s right ball and right down the middle plunging deep within his butt crack. Jayden’s eyes bugged out, and he screeched a silent scream as his voice became suck in his throat.

That’s when Nico started to walk him around the arena enjoying the little hiccups of pain, moans, and groans issuing from Jayden. The audience laughed at Jayden, and held their own privates protectively watching the spectacle.


Gino winced, watching his brother being led around by his underwear. Lysander put an arm around Gino’s thick ropy bare shoulders. Gino had chosen to wear a simple white kilt instead of the traditional toga which allowed his chest to be on full display.

“Hey, Gino, your brother did good for a minute at least!” The young Spartan said enthusiastically.

Gino couldn’t tell from Lysander’s toothy grin whether his new sidekick was sincere, or if he was trying to talk shit again. Gino reluctantly turned back to watching Jayden dancing clumsily on his tip toes. “Not his best moment.”

Theo overheard the pair and couldn’t help but add in, “I think nobody will be surprised when Nico comes out triumphant in this match.”

Gino couldn’t help but agree, but he couldn’t not defend his little brother. “People counted him out in the match against you…and look what happened yesterday.”

Theo’s face flushed and he squared his shoulders. “Nico isn’t me. You saw how he reacted. Jayden’s trick didn’t work, now did it?”

 “Oh, I think it did,” Gino grinned. “He did it to ruffle your feathers. I would say mission accomplished there.” Theo raised his hand to retort but noticed that he was still holding Jayden’s rose. He blushed even deeper and threw the token on the ground peevishly.

Lysander laughed, and then stopped, a bewildered expression crossing his face. “Hey, Gino? Theo doesn’t have feathers.”

“Neither do you,” Gino said pulling the Spartan in close, a hand creeping up his thigh. “When this is over, let’s head back to your room.”

“You want to see my room?” Lysander asked.

“Especially your bed.”

Lysander gulped, and Gino leaned in to whisper something dirty but he stopped. Jayden was kicking his legs in the air and a loud ripping sound could be heard as the material that covered Jayden’s boyhood ripped in two.

“Oh shit!” Theo hooted, making sure that Gino could hear. “Somebody’s ‘boynuts’ are gonna get sunburned!” he mocked.

Gino scowled at the Greek and mumbled under his breath. “First time in a while they haven’t been in your mouth...”

“What was that?” Theo demanded defensively.

Gino raised his hands innocently, while Lysander dissolved into giggles next to him.

Meanwhile Jayden fell to the sand on all fours in front of Nico, who held up his shredded undergarments in celebration. Jayden knew that it was now or never if he was ever going to make a comeback and swung a hammering upper cut between Nico’s legs. Nico saw the movement, the flash of flesh before he felt the old familiar ache return to his nuts. Jayden got him, yet again.

Nico went down to one knee and Jayden’s hand snaked underneath Nico’s toga grabbing his nuts and started to squeeze. Sensing danger Nico reached for and cupped Jayden’s bare unprotected balls and was surprised when both of his balls did not fit in one hand easily. So he used both separating the lads eggs and once he had a firm grip started to match Jayden’s squeeze and the two faced off in a nut squeezing contest.

Both boys were hurting from the many blows that they had taken throughout the match, and their red sore balls could not withstand much more but neither Jayden nor Nico appeared to be backing down from this challenge as they squeezed harder, their iron hard grips strangling the essential roots of what made each of them a boy.

Surprised that Jayden could take anymore with those kicks that he gave him, and that wedgie, Nico had to admit to himself that he was impressed by the upstart. Jayden gritted his teeth in defiance, crushing the royal balls in his fist, giving it just as hard as he received it. Jayden might be able to withstand Nico’s ball-crushing onslaught, but he was not as sure about his own. Already Nico’s balls were bloated, red, and aching. The pain creeped and settled into his stomach, and he could feel his resistances failing.

‘I will not lose to this kid.’

Nico on his knees next to Jayden used his free hand and uppercutted him in his abs aiming for his solar plexus. Nico’s fist sunk in and Jayden’s grip slackened, weakened from the blow so he hit him again targeting the same spot. Jayden expunged a huge breath of air and gagged for a moment before he tensed his abdomen, flexing each muscle, clenched his teeth together and applied both hands to Nico’s testicles and dug in.

“How are you…?” Nico tried to say as his voice arched up a few octaves, “Still fighting me?” Nico let out a long low, sad moan: his first sound of weakness.

Jayden tried to smile, couldn’t and settled on a grimace. “My boynuts are tougher than yours Nico. Submit to me.”

The audacity of Jayden brought Nico back to his senses and he slammed his fist so hard into Jayden’s solar plexus which knocked him to the ground and left him breathless and gasping like a fish out of water.

Nico rose to standing, his legs barely able to support him as he confronted Jayden and picked up each of his legs and took aim at Jayden’s naked balls that rested in the sand, his sac dropping down. The pair rolled a bit in their hairless sac and he dropped his foot down. A second before his foot made contact Jayden lurched up and grabbed his foot from the air and pulled Nico towards him. Nico on one foot lost his balance and fell into the sand, all of the breath was knocked from his lungs, and his head ached. Jayden still holding his foot grabbed Nico’s other and pulled. Jayden’s toes hit Nico first, the tiny daggers plunged into Nico’s heavy sac first, skewering the contents within before Jayden’s heavy sole slammed home.

Nico balked at the pain, which only intensified as Jayden pulled his legs and pressed his heels deeply into his ballsac. “Like I said,” Jayden taunted. “My balls aren’t going to be the ones that give out first. Now ask me for mercy!”

“No!” Nico roared, grabbing Jayden’s invasive feet and pushed back with all his might. The force of his shove was enough to move Jayden out of his groin, but Jayden used his other swinging it from above so that it landed on the tops of his nuts sinking into his sac with an agonizing squishing sound that made Nico’s jaw drop open making a perfect “O.” All over the crowd, guys were wincing at their champion’s devastation.  

Jayden giggled, actually giggled at Nico’s expression so he moved to repeat the maneuver but Nico caught his heel and held both one in each hand preventing Jayden from nailing his nuggets again.

The two opponents struggled to get the upper hand, but it was Nico that pulled Jayden’s legs closer forcing him to land in his lap where he wrapped a hand around his throat, the other grabbed his wrists trying to pin the pair to his side. Nico managed to succeed but Jayden slammed his head into Nico’s making him see stars and release his grip. Jayden used the moment to twist around him and put Nico in a headlock, applying pressure with both arms crushing his windpipe with his forearm.

Nico sucked at his teeth, and grabbed Jayden’s shoulders in a feat of pure strength pulled him up and over slamming the teen into the sand. Jayden landed with a familiar hard fall reflecting back to Nico’s earlier move and bit his tongue. He grimaced and tasted the tang of blood in his mouth. His vision swirled he closed his eyes and let out a low moan and when he opened them he found that he was not in the arena anymore...

*** Present  ***

But was staring at Logan and Coach Johnson who had stripped down to a wrestling singlet. Coach Johnson usually who wore a wrestling zip up windbreaker shows off his huge physical appearance, his bulging muscles and thick chest make Logan appear to be a small child. But he’s anything but. Logan is in his element and has total control over the match. Coach Johnson appears to be sweating and is on defense as Logan stalks him like a lion would a gazelle.
Logan, the team captain gazed at Coach Johnson searching for an opening, ready to pounce at any moment. The gymnasium grew eerily quiet, the high school wrestlers followed the match intently. Their collective love of their captain is overflowing and their newfound hatred of their coach is evident in their glares that they fire at him and the looks of admiration shared with their beloved leader.

“The team will be better off without the fairy,” Coach Johnson smirked, with a mean little smile his eyes nasty and unkind. “He’s dragging this bunch down, making you weak. I should never have let him on the team in the first place. You made that mistake, and I plan on correcting it.”

The coach’s comments caught him and held him in place, while Logan’s blood boiled. Never before could Logan remember being so furious, it trickled up and down his muscular frame as if he was caught in a rain storm, leaving him drenched with fury. Logan wanted to dole out pain, and his usual blue warm tender eyes had turned to two blurred ice chips ready to slice into the older man before him.

At 26, Coach Johnson was at his peak, bigger and more powerful than Logan he towered over usually the biggest man on the mat. Not this time, Logan’s sheer raw strength would not be his advantage against the heavier opponent, but Logan had not intended on fighting fair in the slightest.

Logan’s growl carried over to all that surrounded them as his feet hit the mats that squeaked underneath him as he hurtled forward letting out his fury uninhibited with his first strike a wicked punch aimed straight at the Coach Johnson’s face. His knuckled braised Coach Johnson’s nose, and his opponent took it firing his own hitting Logan’s cheek below his eye and the two combatants staggered underneath the blows but Logan barely felt the sting, “You do not get to call him that, he’s my brother on this team. And make no mistake Johnson: this is my team and you don’t get to decide if Jayden or anybody leaves it.”

Coach Johnson laughed and dug into Logan’s wound, “He polishing your knob, is that it? You like his mouth on your dingy?”

“Arrrrg!” Logan yelled grabbing Coach Johnson, bending his knees and pulling him into the air by his sides tossing him over his head in a sheer overwhelming show of raw strength. Every muscle in Logan’s body screamed as he lifted and chucked the coach to the mat, and he shouted out a second before Coach Johnson hit the mat banging his chest with his fist. “First fall goes to me, old man. I’m going to break you.” Logan’s tone drips with malice as he stalks his way over to Coach Johnson.

Coach Johnson managed to get back to his feet just as Logan grabs his right dominant arm pinning it behind his back, wrenching the arm painfully between his shoulder blades so that it sang in agony. “Ugh!” Coach Johnson called out flailing and slamming his free elbow back clipping Logan in his chin.

Logan spat out a glob of spittle as Coach Johnson’s elbow clocked his chin a second time and he spun around to face Logan and locked eyes with him. “On your knees captain,” he said kicking between the fork in his leg managing to slam his foot into both of Logan’s nuts sending him southward, folding him over in a grunt. “Now that must be the position that you take with Jayden,” he laughed grabbing Logan’s shoulders and hammering his knee underneath Logan’s ribcage.

“I’m going to school you boy, and after I break you in I am going to kick Jayden off this team so fast, you will wonder if you ever had any power at all,” Coach Johnson whispered dangerously grabbing the blonde hair arching Logan’s head back so he is forced to stare at Coach Johnson’s smug face. “Then, I will promote Kim to replace you. Your reign in this gym, my gym is over.”

Coach Johnson slaps Logan’s across the face, still holding him by the short hairs.

The wrestlers gasp, some of them itching to move forward, to go to his aid but before they could Logan’s unexpected laugh catches their attention. “Old man, you are out of your league,” Logan chuckled.

“I have you right where I want you!” Coach Johnson fired back, his eyes crazed as he reared back to slap him again.

“Wrong!” Logan yelled bringing his arm straight up, and uppercutted Coach Johnson right in his tight package, his knuckles clinking against the man’s pelvis his balls squished flat momentarily. Logan keeps powering Coach Johnson up lifting him off his feet before he pulls his arm back and out.

When Coach Johnson’s feet grace the mat again, his nutbag is met with a second uppercut that causes the older wrestler to balk, and gag. Coach Johnson screamed “My fucking nuts!” The obscenity shockingly comical coming from a teacher as he dropped to the mat on his knees and swayed, and grabbed his pulsating nuts, a frown of agonizing pain on his face losing the dominance and authority that he held as the teacher.

Logan grinned viciously and slammed his forehead against Coach Johnson knocking him back. Logan grabbed the singlet straps bringing him back up to his knees and growled, “I’m not done with you yet, old man!”

A small trickle of fear dripped down Coach Johnson’s spine mixed with sweat and he gulped and failed to think of something clever to retort but before he was successful in that endeavor Logan started to work on his abdomen, punching him left and right. The coach grunted after each fist is buried into his abdomen, his weakened abs can’t seem to prevent Logan’s fists from pummeling his guts in making him grunt forced to take the blows.

Determined to make Coach Johnson suffer, Logan works over his core until the older man buckled and dropped to the mat on all fours clutching his middle gasping for air. “You want Jayden and me off the team so bad, but you are clearly the weakest member here. I thought you would have been a challenge. I was wrong,” Logan shook his head in disgust as he reached up between Johnson’s legs searching. He didn’t have to for long before Logan found Coach Johnson’s Johnson and the walnuts that rested in his droopy sac beneath.

Logan curled his fingers around Coach Johnson’s pitiful sac and felt the walnuts, and gave them a warning squeeze so that Coach Johnson knew who was in control. Coach Johnson’s nuts were smaller than his own, instantly making Logan smug and feel superior with the knowledge that he was by far the more powerful specimen of the two. “Coach, you certainly talk the big talk with these tiny fruity pebbles. I’m not sure where you get off saying anyone’s undeserving of being on this team with such unimpressive testicles like these ones.”

“You little bastard!” Coach Johnson groaned, Logan’s grip kept him in place as the young eighteen year old sank his fingers into his nether’s. Logan’s grip was iron clad, he wasn’t toying around he wanted him to feel pain, to feel as if his balls might break. Logan could not remember a time when he wanted to dominate an opponent more, and make no mistake about it…Logan saw Coach Johnson as an opponent. Any respect that he earned was lost as soon as he called Jayden “A faggot.”

Coach Johnson felt Logan crushing his balls, pulverizing his manhood, and he gritted his teeth as the waves of agony coursed up and down his abdomen. He would not lose like this, so he mustered his strength and leaped forward from his kneeled position arms wrapping around Logan’s neck, his fingers locking around Logan’s windpipe squeezing it.

“No,” Jayden mumbled. Jayden’s fear for Logan pushed himself up into a sitting position. Immediately a wave of nausea wafted through his system, and his brown eyes rolled back in his head and he fell backwards, his world spinning.

“Jayden, lay still,” Gino said from somewhere above him. A dark shape appeared next to his brother, and Jayden tried to warn him—to say something—but nothing came from his lips. Jayden was forced to watch the dark shape hit Gino across the back of his head. Gino dropped like a stone onto his chest and Jayden felt dizzy again.

“Time to take out the trash,” said Kim grabbing Gino and rolled him off of Jayden. Jayden turned his head slightly seeing Gino’s eyes closed and mouth open. He seemed completely out.

Kim grabbed Jayden’s singlet dragging his limp body to his feet. Jayden’s world spun again but righted itself so he could see that Logan was still in grips of Coach Logan who was continuing to strangle the 18 year old wrestler his face turning red.

“No,” whimpered Jayden, not worried about his own safety, but that of his friend, his captain.

Kim noticed where Jayden’s focus was and grinned meanly down at him as he maneuvered him through the gym his fists clutching at Jayden’s singlet straps. “After tonight, Logan’s reign as Captain of this team will be finished. The same goes for you and your brother. We don’t need trash like you two in our ranks any longer. Everything will be different around here when I am made captain.”

Jayden’s eyes flashed, and he finally adjusted his vision to really look at Kim. Kim’s jaw was set, and a determined gleam in his eyes showed that the Asian wrestler with the thick slicked back hair meant every word he uttered. Jayden’s world still spun, his head ached but that would not hold him back from spitting out, “Logan is the captain of my team, and he is ten times the captain that you will ever be on your best day.”

Kim paused in his shuffle and considered the boy he carried. “Like your opinion matters,” he scoffed. “You would not know a good captain if you saw one, all you have ever known is Logan.”

“Logan led us to victory against Midtown. Logan never abandoned his team and had a hissy fit like you did. Logan’s a better wrestler, and a better man. You think I wouldn’t know what a good captain is…well, he’s the opposite of whatever you are.”

Kim’s eyes darkened and his fists started shaking, “Enough!” Kim yelled seething with rage. With wild eyes Kim powered a knee in between Jayden’s thighs, slipping past his defenses into his most vulnerables. Kim’s muscular thigh slammed Jayden’s nuts home squashing his boynuts against his taint. Jayden’s eyes widened and Kim drank in his pain as it began to register with the boy.

“Well that shut you up,” Kim smiled pulling his knee out, and returned it to the same place felling Jayden’s nuts flatten against his own body. Jayden groaned, his bottom lip quivering as his lower extremities throbbed in hidden in his singlet.

Satisfied that Jayden would not make another peep, he dragged him past Logan and Coach Johnson who by this time was pressing Logan to the blue mat his fingers still around the blonde’s throat enjoying the tiny gasps Logan made, while he squeezed harder.

“That’s it coach, finish him off!” Kim cheered, dragging the limp Jayden in his arms.

Logan’s blue eyes flicked to Kim and what he saw disturbed him. Jayden who had been knocked unconsciousness not mere minutes ago was being dragged out of his gym, with Kim looking sinister in his joy of beating up the younger wrestler. Logan would not stand for this.

He could hardly breathe, but that didn’t stop Logan. Invigorated by his friend’s plight, Logan gritted his teeth, his ocean eyes narrowing to slits as he used every ounce of energy left in him and from his prone position swung up with his elbow catching Coach Johnson in his chin. Johnson not expecting anymore resistance was taken aback by the blow and spat on the mat, the goop sprayed out as his chin sounded from the blow. “You little dick!” Coach Johnson said, sucking the rest of the saliva back in his mouth redoubling his efforts to crush Logan’s windpipe.

Seeing the determination in Coach Johnson’s face, Logan fought harder and grabbed the coach’s shoulders and yanked him towards his own body. Using his sharp reflexes Logan kneed Coach Johnson’s ribcage when he came within range and powered the older man into the air, causing Johnson to loosen his grip and cartwheel his arms as if he could fly to slow down his descent. He couldn’t, and he crashed especially hard on the mat below. Logan’s first real breath was painful going down but it retreated the dark sports that had started to appear in his vision.

“Kim!” Logan groaned out reaching for Jayden theatrically.

Jayden’s murky brown eyes found his crystal clear blue ones, and Logan sprang to his feet, the defeat that he saw invigorated him as he took off after Kim.

The high school wrestlers did not noticed the scuffle with the Gomez brothers and Kim a few minutes prior, or Gino passed out on the floor. But they did notice as their captain blurred red in his singlet sprang up from the floor and charged straight at Kim letting loose a battle cry. Kim was almost at the door, and managed to kick open the metal door and raised Jayden high overhead. Apparently he really took to heart the term ‘throwing him out of the gym.’

Kim whirled around to face the banshee cry just as Logan speared him in the middle sending all three wrestlers to the floor. Kim landed on the bottom with Logan on top managing to land knee first in his abdomen, which caused Kim’s guts to sink inward from the protruding forceful attack. Logan reached up with both arms and caught Jayden Superman style as if he was Lois Lane. Jayden plopped into Logan’s arm’s as his captain cradled him to his chest. “I’ve got you little man,” he croaked smiling at Jayden.

“My hero,” Jayden smiled back with his broken smile, his brown eyes warm catching his captain’s as his arms wrapped around Logan’s neck.

“Let’s finish them off,” Logan said his voice still sounding more bullfrog than boy.

Jayden nodded, rolling out of Logan’s arms on top of Kim. “You’re in trouble now,” Jayden grinned reaching back as Logan stood up and scooped up the two balls in his fist giving them a hard twist and squeeze, giving no warning at all. “You hit my brother, and I really don’t like you not even a little bit. You’re a traitor, a cheat, and a dick head. So… I plan on making you regret ever crossing my path.” Jayden yanks Kim’s balls up, pulling the nuggets to the very end of his ballsac stretching the thin sac making it taut.

Kim’s eyes widened in fear and pain, “My nuts!” he echoed and the rest of the wrestlers covered their own boyhoods from the high pitch that crept in Kim’s voice.

Jayden grinned malicious at Kim’s wounded voice. “You deserve this!”

Logan spun away, a laugh in his chest as he twisted back to Coach Johnson who had not only risen from the floor but had gotten dangerously close. Coach Johnson grabbed Logan’s shoulders and reared back his right leg throwing everything he had in the kick, and was rewarded with the sad ‘thunk,’ from his foot crashing into Logan’s balls.

Logan’s blue eyes crossed and he groaned. Coach Johnson managed to hit both of his balls perfectly, the sneaker driving them into his pelvis like a sledge hammer. Whimpering, Logan reached down to cup his sore testicles but Coach Johnson got their first with a second kick. The second kick was not as accurate but Logan’s left teste took the full blunted blow, his toes snapping the ball up so it smacked sickeningly against his abdomen.

Dropping to his knees in front of Coach Johnson, Logan managed to grab both of his throbbing nuts in his hands feeling the twisting thrumming from within his ballsac.

“I bet you get on your knees for Jayden too,” Coach Johnson whispered cruelly so only Logan could hear him. “Do you like it when he puts his cock in your mouth?” he asked. Coach Johnson’s eyes darkened as he sucked in Logan’s pain.

“Fuck you,” Logan spat back.

Coach Johnson chuckled, “I don’t do that with little fags like Jayden, or his tool of an older brother. I certainly wouldn’t with you.”

Stepping behind Logan Coach Johnson wrapped his powerful, muscular arms around Logan’s chest, squeezing him in a bear hug crushing the younger lad against his chest. Logan growled, his hands dropping to his sides as Coach Johnson swung him side-to-side and tossed him to wooden gymnasium floor.

Logan rolled with the toss and came up gasping on all fours, his friends cheering him on to get back up, to not stop fighting, and to beat the older man.

“He isn’t a man, he can’t beat me!” Coach Johnson yelled, his voice silencing the gym. “He’s a little boy…” Coach Johnson said mockingly coming up to Logan and kicking him in his abs forcing him to roll on his back clutching his middle. “This is my gym, my arena…and I rule here!”

Coach Johnson grabbed each of Logan’s ankles, pulling them apart nice and wide. “Now say it Logan. Tell them that you surrender!” thundered Coach Johnson punting his foot straight into the bottom of Logan’s ballsac his toes sunk deep into Logan’s bulge forcing Logan to sit up gasping.

“Say it!” challenged Coach Johnson, booting Logan again.

“I…give…up! Say it!” Coach demanded dropping his foot straight down until he felt Logan’s balls under his shoe and pressed his foot downwards trying to touch the floor.

Logan was a mess on the wooden gymnasium floor, his balls throbbed worse than ever and were slowly being flattened underneath Coach Johnson’s foot. Logan gazed up at his Coach, his blue wounded eyes reflecting his inner beaten feelings as he screamed out a guttural yell “My baaaaaaaaaaaallls!”

Coach Johnson smiled down, his teeth bared as he twisted his foot feeling the captain’s nuts rolling underfoot as he pressed his full weight down. “Say…it!” Coach Johnson yelled back, making sure that Logan could hear him over his own screams.

Logan’s blue eyes bugged out, his mouth moaning and he knew that if he did not do something, his coach would win.


“I give up!”

Coach Johnson grinned, a wide grin. He had done it…but wait? That didn’t come from Logan. The coach looked up and saw Jayden atop of Kim making him chorus out, “I give up!”

“That’s what you wanted to hear, right?” Jayden smiled standing up and yanking Kim to a precarious standing position behind him. “This is who you meant to be the new captain?” Jayden asked innocently, as his fingers squeezed, and mashed Kim’s nuts in his closed fist making the Asian wrestler turn full soprano screaming out again, “I give!”

“Apparently, this ‘faggot’ is better than who you think should lead this team,” Jayden turned momentarily so Kim saw him as he yanked Kim down to his knees by his scrotum.

Kim put his hands in the air gasping, “No…more!’

“Sure thing,” Jayden swung his knee up and kicked straight out catching Kim in the chest. Jayden’s momentous kick fired him through the open door of the gymnasium and out of the gym. “As long as I am here, he ain’t coming back,” Jayden grinned thumbing a gesture over his shoulder as he strode forward a determined look in his eyes. “Now put my captain down!” Jayden pointed his finger at the floor as he continued marching forward.

Coach Johnson sneered at the boy, at the audacity of him and his attempt to make a fool out of him. Coach Johnson planned on putting him in his place.

“I have beaten your captain, watch as I make him scream!” Coach Johnson lifts up his foot watching as Logan’s pouch seemed to bounce back to full size, and he could have sworn that his bulge appeared bigger from the many strikes that he used against him and dropped his foot again, making eye contact first with Logan, he plunged his sneaker straight down at his double bullseye.

Logan’s eyes widened in fear, making Coach Johnson’s grin even wider as he anticipated the blow that would befall the captain.

At the last second Logan lurched to the right making Johnson’s foot connect with Logan’s hip, which still hurt but not nearly as much. Using the movement to his advantage Logan wrapped his hands around the ankle on his hip, and threw it up over balancing Coach Johnson who tried to hop on one foot but lost his balance and fell backwards landing hard on his back, his head connecting with the wooden floor as he bit the inside of his cheek.

Logan rolled into a protective ball, grabbing his tender, throbbing balls moaning as he found them intact but pulsating viciously in his sac and very much swollen to the touch.

Jayden laughed hard at Coach Johnson’s fall, and he made sure that he heard him. “The bigger they are, the harder they fall. Right Coach, isn’t that what you taught us?” Jayden asked turning his head so that Johnson could see him properly.

“F…” Coach Johnson started to utter as Logan on instinct more than anything else swung a fist that plunged right in between the fork in Coach Johnson’s legs, hammering Coach’s balls to the floor.

Coach Johnson gasped, and rolled into a ball next to Logan while the team cheered.

“Sorry Coach…I couldn’t hear you?” Jayden said coming up next to him. “What are you whimpering about?”

Coach Johnson felt Jayden’s presence and, in his ball pain haze reached up grabbing Jayden’s ankle and pulling him to the floor next to him.

“You punk,” Coach Johnson said climbing on top of Jayden, his knees pinning Jayden’s arms to the floor. “You ruined my team!” Coach Johnson reared back a punch aimed at Jayden’s head, his spittle flecking his cheeks as he screamed down at him.

Logan grabbed the fist before it could make contact, pulling Coach Johnson’s fist back making his torso lurch to the side where Logan’s own fist waited clipping him in the nose. Coach Johnson’s head cracked back and he dropped to the floor grabbing his face.

“You are supposed to be a wrestling coach, instead you fight like you are from the street. Let me show you how a true wrestler acts,” Logan said grabbing a fistful of Coach Johnson’s hair and pulling him to standing roughly, yanking him to his body. Wrapping his powerful arms around Coach Johnson he gave a wicked squeeze targeting Johnson’s abs.

Coach Johnson struggles in Logan’s grasp before he grunts, and head butts him from driving the back of his cranium into Logan’s forehead. Immediately, Logan’s grip loosens and Coach Johnson spins around his eyes filled with raw rage and embarrassment. Coach Johnson grabs Logan’s shoulders, ramping his knee back and forward. Logan’s blue eyes widen, but he manages to clamp his thighs together and gives Coach Johnson a bit of his own medicine and slams his forehead between Coach Johnson’s eyes and the two grappling men fall backwards with Logan landing on top.

The powerful man bucks up but Logan’s knee stays firmly planted. On the descent to the floor, with Logan made sure that his knee followed Coach Johnson’s balls his target locked on. “If you want to be a cheating bastard, two can play at that game,” Logan grins, mischief in his twinkling blue eyes behind hiding the fury that he feels for the man.

Logan presses his knee deep into Coach Johnson’s two small squishy targets digging deep into the wooden floor with his rigid, unyielding knee. Scrambling to save his balls, Coach Johnson tries to flip the youngster off of him but Logan is too quick and lands a heavy uppercut to his abdomen taking the wind out of his sails. Coach Johnson grunts, and for the first time all match he feels his defenses wavering, and the spry young buck getting the upper hand. Logan saw the wavering confidence in the older man fade and he springs his assault with his knee still firmly planted in Coach Johnson’s junk he works on his abs slamming fist after fist into his guts pressing his advantage.

Coach Johnson grunts with each punch, clenching his abdomen tight, but his muscles seem to be failing him fast and his gaze drifts up to the florescent gymnasium lights until the glare blinds him. “My balls,” he croaks into between Logan’s slamming fists. “My goddamn balls!”

Licking his lips, Logan’s grin widens, and he switches tactics. He still rides Coach Johnson on top of him, so he grabs his shoulders and pulling his knee back and takes careful aim at the pulsating basket in his coach’s singlet he drives his knee forward feeling the satisfying splat of Coach Johnson’s nuggets against his tailbone.

“Fuuuuuck!” Coach Johnson cries out. The sound of his scream is greeted with cheers from the surrounding wrestlers, and Jayden sits up grinning at his captain his face full of admiration.

“Finish him Logan,” Jayden whispered. Logan managed to hear him and his blue eyes find his, giving him a firm nod. Jayden climbed to his feet, his legs wobbly underneath him. “Finish him!” Jayden cried out to the gym, and the other wrestlers soon added their voices to his rally cry: “Finish him!”

Logan, pumped up from hearing his teammates like nothing else can he returns fully spirited, gritting his teeth and pounds another knee in between Coach Johnson’s thighs slamming home the two orbs crushing them flat. Coach Johnson whimpers. “Fuck kid…my nuts,” his glazed over eyes roll back in his head but he stays with it to meet Logan’s fearsome gaze. “You can’t finish me off, you don’t have the balls!” Coach Johnson groans. Putting the sentence together took a lot out of him but it did the desired effect. Logan’s demeanor changed immediately. Johnson challenged his manhood, and that was a hit he was not willing to tolerate.

Logan dragged the bigger man to standing, his arm muscles screaming as he pulled him to his feet. Coach Johnson wavered precariously on his unsteady feet and watched with horrified exasperation as Logan reared back his legs and let loose a furious kick that launched in between his legs. Coach Johnson heard the thunk of Logan’s foot, toes first crack his nuts but the pain that followed was like nothing he had ever experienced before. His balls seem to be exploding in his ballsac. Coach Johnson’s mouth fell open and he whimpered with Logan’s foot still planted in between his legs.

“Oh. Oh shit,” Coach Johnson grumbled his eyes lost focus and the throbbing nuts screamed somewhere lost between Logan’s sneaker and his taint.

Logan threw his Coach forward timing his descent so that when he kicked forward he only connected with Coach Johnson’s balls which slapped so hard against his abdomen it resounded like a slap across a cheek.

Coach Johnson screamed out, “No more! I give!” and curled into a ball on the mat.

“Keys!” Demanded Logan immediately. “I want your keys to the gym. It’s no longer yours.”

Coach Johnson pointed at his jacket across the room on the wooden bleachers. Jayden went to fetch them, and rummaging in Coach Johnson’s throat he produced the metal whistle on a silver chain and Coach Johnson’s plastic keycard next to it hanging off a small metal ring.

“Got it!” Jayden said returning with his prize.

“You are to leave here, and never return. We don’t need, or want you as a coach anymore!” Logan said, the steel in his voice resonated like a punch and Coach Johnson shuddered at the sound. “You have 2 minutes to crawl out of here, or I let my team take turns kicking your useless old man balls until you manage to do it.”

Coach Johnson didn’t need to be told twice, he hurried out of the gymnasium his tail tucked between his legs. The team still peppered him with insults, and slaps to his ass since he kept his hands protectively over his genitalia.

“From now on, I’m your coach and your captain!” Logan said his voice proud and powerful echoed throughout the gym. “We beat our state finals, and we are advancing. I will take you there!”

The wrestlers crowded around him cheering “Captain Logan!”

It took some effort, but Jayden managed to squeeze his way through and put Coach Johnson’s whistle and keycard over his head. “For you, Coach.” Jayden said, his smile beaming and wide.

“And one more thing,” Logan eyed his boys making sure they saw the seriousness in his gaze. “Jayden is on this team for a reason. I love him for who he is, and he may have the worst taste in boys, but he is integral to this team’s survival and I would not want to be your captain without him.”

Jayden’s face turned beat red, and he ran a hand through his hair as the other wrestlers awkwardly assessed Logan’s words. But what Logan did next shocked him even more. He pulled Jayden towards him, and swooped him off his feet cradling him against his chest and lowered his lips to Jayden’s kissing him.

Jayden’s eyes never closed, and neither did Logan’s as they stared at each other the wrestlers going wild around them with catcalls.

The night could not have ended any better, and when Logan finally put Jayden back on the gymnasium floor he felt as if he could walk on air.

Logan winked at him, and shrugged his shoulders. “I’m straight, but I have to admit…Jayden’s one hell of a kisser. I can see why his mates always flock around him.” Logan grabbed his shoulder good-naturedly.

Jayden smiled back and said, “Let me know if you ever want to experiment. I don’t date straight guys, but I might make an acceptation for you, Captain.”

“In your dream,” whispered Logan giving him a hug before he broke off to start high-fiving and nut tapping his teammates, ready to celebrate his win.

It was a few hours before Jayden got home, and Gino was pissed that he missed the end of the fight, and swore up and down that he would get even with Kim.

Jayden’s head still throbbed and Gino helped him get undressed, much to Jayden’s annoyance and utterances that he did not need any help.

“Just let me be your big brother,” Gino said tucking him into bed. “I love you, kid.”

Jayden’s heart softened and he let him finish.

“So Logan kissed you, huh? What was that like?”

“Weird. But…sweet. He’s the best,” Jayden yawned his eyes closing, everything ached and he just wanted to sleep, to surrender to the exhaustion that plagued him.

“He certainly is,” Gino said somewhere above Jayden’s head, leaning down and brushing his lips over Jayden’s forehead, the brotherly kiss was tender and sweet and Jayden’s big brown eyes opened to look up at him. “Sleep tight bro, you’ll feel better in the morning.”

“Goodnight Gino,” Jayden whispered, his eyes closing again. Gino rubbed the side of his face and tussled his hair gently. And that was the last thing Jayden felt before he drifted off.


The two opponents lay unmoving on the hot sand. They were so still that a passerby might have thought that the rowdy Lost Princes were cheering for an empty arena. Finally their champion, the popular Prince Nico, propped himself up on his elbows. The handsome blonde tried to wave encouragingly to his friends, but he doubled over instead, cupping his much-abused groin. His smaller opponent had an uncanny (and, from Nico’s point of view, unfortunate) knack for hitting below the belt. Squeeze after stomp after knee had landed between Nico’s legs, wracking him with pain and neutralizing the advantages he had in strength and training.

The prince peeked under the folds of his toga and grimaced at what he saw there. ‘Maybe I can rest just a little longer,’ he thought.    

A few feet away, Jayden lay on his back, blinking to clear his head. The intrepid wrestler had taken a few too many shots to the noggin today, and he was having trouble remembering where he was. The golden Greek sun seemed to expand and take up his whole field of vision. It warmed his bare, honey-colored skin and revived his aching muscles.

‘Maybe I can rest just a little...’ But Jayden’s wishful thinking was interrupted by a shadow blotting out the sun. ‘Oh. Shit.’

Nico pulled Jayden out of his daydream and yanked him back to his feet using one hand. The prince was more cautious now and covered his junk with his other hand. Jayden noticed his defense and recalibrated his strategy. But before he could come up with anything, he was lifted off his feet. Nico’s powerful arms gripped his smaller opponent effortlessly, pinning Jayden’s arms to his sides and crushing him against his chest. Jayden felt the breath and strength being slowly crushed out of his body, but his bare feet kicked the air in futility.


“Uh-oh.” Lysander said. The Spartan loved combat, and his cool gray eyes never left the match.

“What?” Gino turned to him warily. “You can’t just say ‘uh-oh’ like that with no explanation!”

“Nico’s bearhug. It’s sort of his signature move. Nobody can get out of it.” Lysander’s raspy voice was all admiration. “One time, he picked up both of the twins at the same time, and...”

“Sander,” Gino growled in a low voice. “If you keep talking, I’m gonna hug your little twins so tight that they won’t get out either.” The Spartan hushed so fast that his lips were still chattering silently.   


Jayden didn’t need to hear the play-by-play to know he was in a bad spot. Although his ball shots had dented Nico’s strength, the sturdy Greek prince had more than enough brawn to squash him. Jayden just hoped he had the brains to get away before he did.

Feeling firmly in control of the outcome of the match, Nico’s generous nature bubbled back to the surface. “You did well,” the prince complimented sincerely. “You’re tougher than you look. Don’t let the losses get you down...”

Jayden stopped struggling. “Losses?” he asked, genuinely perplexed.

Nico continued his inspirational speech blithely. “...not easy to take on me and Theo back to back. I’m sure you’ll get a win someday soon!”

Jayden snorted. He was having none of it. “You still think I lost to Theo?”

“Well, of course.” Nico cocked his head and forced extra bravado into his voice. “Like I told you before, that’s what it means to submit your seed. You lost.” Satisfied he’d made his point, he jostled his captive and slid him further up so that their chests were slicked together by perspiration.

Jayden leaned back so his face was just inches from Nico’s. He echoed softly but deliberately: “Like I told you before, I just gave Theo a little taste because he asked for it so nicely. He seemed really thirsty. I wonder why?” Jayden was a picture of innocence, and he watched Nico’s confidence crumble before his eyes. The prince’s hazel eyes became dull, and the constellations of freckles on his smooth brow were twisted into furrows. Nico’s fighting spirit struggled under the weight of a complicated and unfamiliar emotion.

‘Mission accomplished,’ Jayden thought. In his distracted state, Nico almost dropped him, but he ended up barely hanging on to the hold. ‘So...freaking...close.’ Jayden pressed his advantage.   

“Mmmhh,” he moaned with his mouth on Nico’s collar bone. He wrapped his legs around Nico’s back and rocked his hips as much as he was able. “You Greek boys sure like to hold on tight. I hope you’re not as...clingy after...as Theo was...” Finally he lost the ability to speak as Nico crushed the last puff of air out of his lungs.  

Nico shook his head at Jayden’s red face. “You little, shit talker!” He was sure Jayden was just trying to get under his skin about Theo. Or, maybe not totally sure. Or, maybe not sure at all, but he really wanted to believe so.

For a minute, neither guy spoke. Chest to chest, they could feel each other’s hearts hammering. Then Nico felt something else, too. Something poking him in the stomach. He shifted his grip again, and the repositioning drew a shuddering groan from Jayden. But the poking sensation returned, hot and hard.

Nico scrunched up his face. “I sure hope that’s not what I think it is...” he warned glumly. Although he was relieved to have a distraction from the preceding subject of conversation. For his part Jayden’s ears turned pink, and he shrugged as much as one could in a bearhug.  

Both teens leaned in and looked down at the same time and clacked their heads together. They looked at each other accusingly, then cracked up at the same time. Apparently they were both interested to see what kind of show Jayden was putting on.

Nico’s familiar smile broke over his face. “Aww,” he mocked lightly, “Does Little Jayden want to wrestle too...” His laugh trailed off as he finally caught sight of his opponent’s erection. Jayden’s mighty tool stood up between them, thick and proud. Nico imagined that the exposed, rosy cockhead winked at him, and he blinked to regain his focus.

When Jayden looked down, even he seemed impressed. “Yeah, he’s not so little like you said,” Jayden replied in a husky voice. “But you’re not wrong that he wants to wrestle with you.”

“Or maybe he just wants to submit to me.” Nico’s voice sounded deeper now, a sign of his returning confidence. He flexed his biceps, forcing Jayden to ride up his front. The younger fighter’s slick cock drove up the crevice of Nico’s abs, sending waves of pleasure to Jayden’s brain. Jayden’s soft brown eyes widened. The ways to lose seemed to be multiplying.     

Nico flexed again, forcing Jayden to arch his back as his hard cock slid over the firm ridges of his abs. Jayden had heard the phrase ‘washboard abs’ before, and he had to grit his teeth to make sure they didn’t wring his spunk right out of him. His head rolled forward onto Nico’s shoulder.

“Last chance Jayden,” Nico commanded, ratcheting down the bearhug with maximum power. “Either you show sense and submit, or I make you submit your seed in front of all these guys.” Nico’s voice wasn’t teasing anymore. It sounded more like a friendly warning.

“Hah!” Jayden scoffed with a shallow breath. “You just want my seed...all to...yourself.”

Jayden’s wide eyes scanned the crowd. The arena was full of guys cheering for Nico to beat him. Guys who would love to hear him say ‘I give up.’

‘Sorry to disappoint you guys,’ Jayden thought. His eyes found Gino without even looking. His biggest fan was bellowing loudly and clearly hadn’t given up on him. And a couple seats away he spied Theo. The Greek brunette was sitting rigidly with his arms folded. Theo watched the match intently, and his eyes were dark and inscrutable. In this desperate moment, it gave Jayden an idea.

“Uhmh...uhmh...uhmh...” Jayden gambled his remaining breath by raising his voice so the audience could hear him. He rolled his hips forward so that the tip of his erection rode up almost between Nico’s pecs. The blonde prince was finding it difficult to remain focused now that his slippery captive was nearly humping him.

“Ni...ico?” Jayden’s voice next to his ear sounded begging.

“What? Ready to submit?”

“Will you...turn around the other way?”

“Huh?” This not the answer Nico was expecting.

“I don’t want Theo to see...I feel bad...that he’s crying.” Jayden’s brown eyes were locked on Theo’s perfectly dry ones.

“Wha...?” Jayden’s feet hit the sand. Before Nico could even ask his question, he had spun around searching the stands for his best friend. ‘Why would Theo be crying? Sure, yesterday had been weird for both of them, but...’ Nico’s eyes found Theo in the audience, right in their usual spot. The brunette looked a little peevish, but that was normal. ‘Not a tear in sight.’ The two looked at each other curiously. Then Theo saw Nico’s pretty hazel eyes cross, and the blood drain out of his face.

Kneeling just behind Nico, Jayden knew that he’d gotten the prince good. He was an aspiring ballbusting boy, after all, so of course he had a wicked uppercut. And he’d gotten a good feel for Nico’s package earlier, so he knew just how the stud was likely to be hanging. The splat of his knuckles against the Greek prince’s naked nuts was a feeling like no other. But he tried to recapture the feeling anyway, and he drove a second uppercut under Nico’s toga, absolutely annihilating the gonads his ropey arm struck. Nico dropped to his knees, reeling as if every nut shot he’d ever endured was looped in a single moment.

Jayden rose to his feet. He surveyed his downed rival and clicked his tongue. “Free-balling, Prince Nico? Naughty. You never know when those crown jewels might get away from you.”

Jayden shook out his hand. He could still feel the sensation of Nico’s firm, warm orbs deflating under his knuckles. Sort of gross, but so erotic too. He tugged on his still-raging boner and decided to investigate something he’d been wondering about.

“Are togas as complicated to take off as they are to put on?” he asked innocently. There were some hoots from the audience, which Jayden took as approval. The Lost Princes were a rowdy bunch, and they always enjoyed a good spectacle, even at their prince’s expense. Jayden grabbed the hem of Nico’s muddy linen toga and began to pull as he walked around his kneeling opponent. Nico’s brief protest was interrupted by a snap kick between his legs. Then Jayden heaved on the garment and Nico tumbled, spinning into the sandy floor. Now both competitors were fully nude. The crowd leaned in; this was starting to get interesting.

Nico was face down in the sand, mooning the bright Greek sun. His ass was monumental. Mounds of muscle, smooth and bronzed by endless days of outdoor exercise. Jayden unconsciously licked his full lips as he approached. ‘He looks just like a statue,’ he thought. From behind Jayden could see that his opponent was still clutching his pummeled testicles. With his hands stuck underneath him, the fat nads poked out from between his legs. Trying to keep up his momentum with the crowd, Jayden put a finger to his lips, indicating silence. Then he darted down and pinched the tender skin at the back of Nico’s loose sac, just where it joined up with his perineum.

“Yoowaaahhahahah!!” Nico’s shrill howl echoed off the stone walls of the courtyard, followed quickly by a chorus of laughter. The blonde prince scampered away on hands and knees, glaring around at the crowd as he held a hand behind him to cover his intimate parts.

Hyped that he was finally winning the audience over, Jayden was eager to show off his own wrestling prowess. He knew just the move to use against a champion wrestler. He’d practiced it for months, and he knew the power that it had to subdue stronger opponents, and even milk them if necessary. Looking over to Gino, Jayden dramatically drew a thumb across his throat and moved in for his finisher.


“Hey, Gino? What’s he saying?” Lysander asked. The Spartan sounded morose as he watched his admired prince getting manhandled.

Gino grinned smugly. “It’s his signature move...nobody can get out of it,” Gino said in a raspy voice, imitating Lysander’s earlier commentary. “Gentlemen, my brother is about to demonstrate the Crotch Lift. I assume none of you were counting on Prince Charming to have functioning gonads after this match, am I right?” Gino cast a meaningful eye toward Theo, who was looking surly. It confirmed Gino’s suspicions that the cute brunette WAS rather counting on Nico having well-functioning equipment.

‘Bummer for you, buddy. Maybe there’s more losers in this match than just Prince Charming,’ Gino mused.        
Jayden stooped behind Nico and clasped his hands between his rival’s legs. After months of practicing the move, his fingers laced together automatically, and his knees spread for maximum stability. Jayden was totally in his element.

But there was one small difference this time, compared to how he’d practiced before: Nico was naked. With his cheek against Nico’s hip, Jayden had a clear view of his junk. The prince’s balls hung pendulous and low, and his royal scepter was at half-mast. Blue veins ran along the slick, glistening shaft, and the pink tip of his cockhead had started to poke out from under its hood. Jayden’s chocolate eyes were momentarily transfixed by the royal treasure. The words ‘YOUR MAJESTY’ echoed in his head, and Jayden really hoped he hadn’t said them out loud.

But another part of Jayden’s mind was gratified to see that Nico was sprouting a boner. After all, he’d practically been dry-humping the guy for the last five minutes; the least he could do was show some appreciation.   

“Stop staring at my dick. You look like you might faint.” Nico’s deep voice was tight but defiant. Jayden growled and tightened his grip. Nico’s heavy balls pulsed against his wrists, and his meaty dong hung down over the back of Jayden’s hand. Nico’s voice cracked, but he continued, taunting: “Don’t forget your own rule. You have to ask nicely if you want a taste.”

Jayden was done listening to this cocky prince throw his own words back at him. He readied himself and heaved. His bare toes dug into the warm sand. He lifted him off the sand...about three inches, then dropped him back down. The Greek stud was heavier than he looked. Determined, Jayden heaved upward again. This time the fibers of his muscles screamed from the effort, but he was able to straighten his legs all the way. Nico squeaked as his balls were squashed between his pubic bone and Jayden’s wrist. His feet thrashed in the air, and he was held aloft longer this time. Nico looked out over the crowd in astonishment, suspended in open air from a single, crippling point between his legs. But after one long, nauseous moment, Jayden dropped him again. Both competitors felt their strength waning.  

“Fuck me,” Nico groaned once his feet were firmly back on the ground. His fiendish opponent seemed to have endless ingenuity for wrecking his manhood. Nico looked down sadly at his bruised, swollen balls and pulled them up from under Jayden’s grip. All the jostling had brought his cock to nearly full hardness, and he petted it reassuringly.

“Fuck me,” Jayden echoed in a whisper. Hunched over for the hold, his eyes were mere inches away from those magnificent inches that Nico stroked so thoughtlessly. He watched a bead of sweat—Is that sweat?—collect under the tip of the prince’s flared head. The bead caught the sunlight, and for a moment Jayden was struck blind.

Like a true predator, Nico’s senses were always heightened in a fight. He could feel his opponent’s ragged breath against his leg. And the rhythm of Jayden’s excited pulse thrumming against his hip bone. Nico leaned backward and put the palm of his left hand on the back of Jayden’s neck. The tender gesture was ambiguous. Jayden took it as a sign of submission. With rapt attention from the audience, Lysander’s trained eye saw something more. His tapping foot thrummed like Jayden’s heartbeat.

Jayden broke his trance and committed all his power, heaving Nico into the Crotch Lift a third time. He was determined to wrench a submission from the cocky prince one way or another. With one arm balancing Nico’s weight, he clawed his other hand around his captive’s balls, pulping the sore gems into an incomprehensible mass. Nico’s mouth fell open in a silent scream. All ears in the arena strained to listen if the prince would beg for mercy, and all eyes fixed on his throbbing cock.

But despite the agony between his legs, Nico’s heightened senses were elsewhere. His foot pushed against Jayden’s trembling knee, making him stagger. His hand on the back of the boy’s neck tightened with purpose. Then a subtle shift of weight sent them both tumbling down into the dust. Under their combined weight, Jayden hit the ground with his forehead first. The force of the epic bulldog face buster made his skull rattle and left him on the brink of unconsciousness. The arena was silent as the cloud of dust settled over the exhausted fighters.

When the breeze cleared the air, one warrior stood tall. The arena erupted in wild applause. They’d nearly all lost hope in their champion, but Nico had fought on to the end. Although, so had his opponent for that matter. Underneath the cheering, some of the Lost Princes were asking their friends about the new guy. ‘What was his name again? Where was he from? What was that move he used? Do you think he’d teach it to us?’

The object of their admiration was currently drooling on himself in a jumbled heap on the arena floor. This last blow to the skull was one too many for Jayden. His muddy brown eyes were still rolling in his head when Nico hoisted him back to his feet.

“Still with us, buddy?” Nico asked, holding on tight when Jayden started to lurch over to the side. “Oh, sorry. Does this count as being too clingy?” the blonde asked cheekily. Jayden gazed at him blearily but didn’t acknowledge the irony.

Nico’s eyes wandered down his opponent’s nude form. “Well, even if you’re done for the day, it looks like Little Jayden is still with us.” As if to echo Nico’s observation, Jayden’s erection pulsed in midair. Whether it was a sign of his undaunted spirit or a symptom of his undisciplined libido was open to interpretation. “And since Little Jayden’s our guest of honor, he deserves a special introduction.”

Jayden mumbled something incoherent, his eyes hidden under a wave of brown curls. Nico grabbed him by the hair, pulling his head up to look at the audience. The sun beating down on him only exacerbated the dizziness he was feeling. The crowd merged together before his crossed eyes in a blur of color and noise. He could still pick out one face though; Gino was still rooting for him. A goofy smile spread across Jayden’s face.


“What’s Prince Charming doing?” Gino tried to speak without moving his mouth, so that Jayden would only see his beaming encouragement and not his anxiety. His brother was naked, beaten, and boned in front of everyone, and Gino was afraid it was only going to get worse.

Lysander’s voice was weirdly solemn. “Uh-oh.”

“What did I tell you about just saying ‘uh-oh’ like that?” Gino was practically screaming out of the side of his mouth and finding it to be a difficult feat.

“Sorry,” Lysander said quickly, cupping the bulge in his toga before Gino could get there. “I didn’t see this coming. Nico’s gonna initiate Jayden as a Lost Prince!”  


“Jayden might not like it. But it’s a pretty big deal.”


Nico noticed Jayden smile at his brother. “Great, looks like we’re all ready.” He held up three fingers. The Lost Princes shouted back:


Nico slashed his hand downward with a thunderous slap, cracking against Jayden’s rock-hard erection. The beaten wrestler barely flinched from the blow, but his phallus bounced wildly after the impact, slapping back against his lower abdomen. The guys watching mimicked Jayden’s listless posture for each other’s amusement.


Nico lifted his knee up between his rival’s legs, driving both his tender nuggets up into the base of his cock, which windmilled recklessly. Jayden wheezed and his eyes bugged out, but he made no sound. His defeat was undoubtable now, but his manhood was defiant.


Just like that, the cheering stopped. The arena became so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Nico tugged Jayden by the hair to keep him upright. With a gentle touch, he pulled Jayden’s engorged cock down, making it strain against its impulse, past perpendicular and pointed toward the ground. Then he released it and watched it spring back and snap against Jayden’s belly button, smearing his smooth abs with a glossy strand of pre.


Somehow the sound of the fleshy slap carried all the way to the crowd. The Lost Princes roared their approval at Jayden passing this bizarre test of manhood—his arousal unconquerable despite the abuse. Gino was caught up in the applause for his brother, bellowing louder than any of them. But he froze when he saw Nico pull Jayden back into another wrestling hold.

“What the fuck? That’s got to be it, right?” Gino demanded. His wide brown eyes darted from Lysander to Theo. Theo was no longer so hostile, but he was smirking in a way that Gino didn’t like.

“What’s wrong, Gino? Jayden’s ‘boynuts’ proved that he’s strong enough to be a Lost Prince. But this is still Pankration. So when you lose, you’ve gotta submit like a prince.” Theo’s face was bright with anticipation. Gino’s shoulders sagged, and he turned grudgingly back to the arena.  


Nico had hoisted Jayden across his brawny shoulders in a torture rack. The slimmer wrestler’s limbs draped listlessly over both sides, and Nico had a firm hold on his head and ankles. Nico jostled his shoulders and pulled down, torquing Jayden’s torso and hyperextending his back.

Once again Jayden found himself staring up into the scorching Greek sun. His rattled brain imagined that this time it might swallow him whole. He’d heard of a torture rack hold before, but he’d never actually seen anybody use it in wrestling. It didn’t seem to leave any options for escape. Each step that Nico took caused a stab of pain in his arched back.

‘Where is Nico going?’ Jayden wondered. The hoots and stomps of the audience sounded very close now, and Jayden figured it out. ‘He’s showing me off to the crowd.’ The shy wrestler closed his eyes. He could imagine how he looked, naked and stretched out over the handsome prince’s shoulders. Jayden didn’t really like a lot of attention, and the idea of so many eyes roaming over his body made him blush.

“Hey Jayden?”


“Remember when I told you you’d regret going low first?”

“Uhm...were you thinking about...” he trailed off, chewing his lip. “When I...accidentally clawed your boynuts?”

“What? No! I was thinking about what you did with Theo.” Jayden gave a small sigh of relief. “But now that you mention that claw...” Nico released his grip on Jayden’s ankle and cracked his knuckles. Without further warning he seized his beaten opponent by his core, wrapping his fingers around his wide-open testicles and digging into the soft nut meat. The heft and heat of Jayden’s nads—his whole virility and pride—was locked firmly in Nico’s hand. It was the ultimate domination.


Just a few rows away from the spectacle, Gino held his hand over his eyes. To all the world he appeared to be in distress at seeing his brother getting worked over.

“Hey, Gino?” Lysander asked, watching him sidelong. “If you don’t want to watch, then why are you peeking?”

“I’m not peeking!” Gino replied hastily.  

But Lysander also noticed that Gino was tenting the front of his toga, and a toothy grin was plastered over the Spartan’s face. He stood up, stepping in front of Gino and blocking his view. “Then since you’re not watching, I guess it’s okay if I stand here for a better view?”

Gino growled and tackled his nemesis from behind, dragging him squealing back into his lap. Lysander felt Gino’s hardness underneath, and he squirmed. Naturally, all that squirming didn’t alleviate the situation. “Hey Gino! You’re poking me!”

Gino’s hot breath was against his ear. “No. Poking you is what I’ll be doing as soon as this match is over. For now, sit still. We’re...meditating.” Somewhere nearby, the monk Amun snorted.

Lysander, Gino, Amun, and the rest of the audience were treated to an eyeful. Each time Nico pulled down on his nut claw, Jayden’s engorged cock rose skyward. And each time Nico adjusted his grip, his bone fell back against his abs with an audible thwap. After several repetitions, Jayden was leaking and shuddering as the sensations pushed him inexorably closer to the edge.

Nico caught his best friend’s eye. Theo winked back, and Nico ran his palm up over Jayden’s contracting balls and along his slick shaft. That nudge was all it took to push the moaning boy over, and he submitted his seed in an explosive fountain of jizz. His cock twitched madly, spitting in all directions, while the crowd clapped its cacophonous approval. Jayden shot so much that their hands hurt from clapping for so long. Nico squeezed until the last sad dribble told him that his rival was completely spent. Then he knelt down and gently laid the aching, emptied wrestler on the soft sand of the arena floor.


Two silhouettes against the sun-drenched sky. One victorious and one conquered, but both heroic warriors. The scene reminded the Lost Princes that every admired hero is forged by others, who may yet beat him in the future. Or, rather it might have reminded them that. If they weren’t already too drunk on wine and cum and combat to notice the lesson.

Jayden’s eyes felt sticky. Whether from sweat or something else, he wasn’t sure. His head was still swimming, and he felt like he’d had this same pounding headache for hours. ‘Whatever. This sand feels amazing. I can doze a little longer.’ Eventually, the soft tickle of sweet breath on his face drew him blinking into full wakefulness. Just inches away the blonde prince’s cheerful smile pulled freckles into orbit around his bright hazel eyes. “You were incredible!” he beamed, slapping Jayden’s chest enthusiastically.    

‘I would never get tired of waking up like this,’ Jayden acknowledged, gasping from the slap but melting against the prince at the same time. ‘Not in two thousand years.’

Another shadow fell over Jayden, and a second prince knelt down on his other side. The brunette prince seemed less enthusiastic than the blonde one. “Not bad,” he said. “You sure are tough. If you ever grow into those freak boynuts, you’ll be a real catch.” But despite his teasing, the brunette was smiling, and he gave Jayden a conspiratorial wink.

“Hey!” the blonde prince objected. “He’s a Lost Prince now. Of course he’s a catch.” He pulled the dented olive laurel off of his head and put it over Jayden’s sweat-matted hair. It was a little too big and sat askew, but to Jayden it felt just right.

The brunette flashed Jayden a genuine smile. “Yea. He did well.” He turned back toward the blonde. “Actually, he reminded me of something I was meaning to tell you.”

The blonde prince looked up curiously, just in time for the brunette’s mouth to close over his. The blonde almost pulled back, but the brunette wrapped a strong hand around the back of his head, gripping his tangled curls tightly. Soon, their pink tongues were vying for dominance, and their lips were fighting bruising battles in which there would be no losers.

Reclining on the sand, Jayden watched the two princes making out over him. Suddenly he realized that he couldn’t remember their names. But the sense of familiarity remained, as if he’d known them in a past life. He shrugged off the sense of deja vu and propped himself up on his elbows. He ran his tongue over his chapped lips, looking for the right time to lean in and join the fun.

Without breaking their embrace, the princes each held up a hand. They covered Jayden’s eager mouth and pushed him back into the pillowy sand. Weariness overcame him suddenly, and he didn’t even protest.   

“Good night, sweet prince.” He thought he heard them say, as Jayden closed his eyes the warm sun heating his eye lids, which flashed a blinding white across his vision and he fell into oblivion.


That was the final part. Wasn't that amazing? Once again: Thank you so much, Harry and Jimmy - you are both absolutely fantastic!


Y1ddo said...

What an utterly amazing series of stories you guys have created, Harry and Jimmy!
Bringing your two universes together made for an epic ballbusting spectacle:-)

Jayden seems to be a natural ballbuster, and he has an intriguing ability to get his hands on his older counterpart's meaty nutsacks. The princes proved to have some tough pairs though, and Jayden was forced to submit his seed (I'm sure he didn't mind it that much to be fair, haha!).

I am a big admirer of both you guy's story writing, and I'm really looking forward to see what else the future will bring inside your universes. Keep up the good work!

Sincerely, Y1ddo

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Y1ddo,

Thank you for writting in! You know that I always love your responses and engagements with my writing, and I am sure that Harry feels the same. This was by far the biggest endever that I have taken since the Deplacement storyarc. It took Harry and I about three months, and we worked hard to give you and everyone else a story to be remembered. I am so happy that you enjoyed it!

Jayden really got to shine in this series, and even though he lost he got to become a prince in his own right and never failed to give those fights his all.

Harry and I don't have any plans to write another crossover, but this will not be the last piece of work that he and I do. In fact there is already something that is scheduled to come out.

Thanks for taking the time to read this six part adventure!



Unknown said...

I enjoyed the part of trying to Humiliating the old coach from his testicle bag, trying to destroy his eggs to force him to pull out by a little guy.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Unknown,

I am glad that you enjoyed the coaches humiliation! He really deserved it and really had it coming. Logan got to shine and do his best in taking him down.



Harry said...

Y1ddo, thanks for your kind words bro! Totally agree that Jayden is a natural. And I’m guessing he didn’t mind any part of the ordeal, since it was all his dream after all.

Jimmy, as you know I couldn’t agree more about the Coach. Got what he deserved no doubt.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely loved this series and especially the last 2 stories. The transitions between past and present were so well done and the dialogue was really entertaining, especially from Lysander! There was also some nice SBH (small ball humiliation lol ...is that the official name for this fetish?). There was so much testicle bashing in past and present i wondered if it would ever end...and felt kinda sad and exhausted when it did! Awesome work, you guys make an awesome writing partnership.
Sorry for the late reply

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

My dearest Reg,

We both knew that you would write in. I am stoked that you loved the last two, and it was a pleasure to write with Harry (I'm not sure if I can say that enough).

You have forever dubbed SBH (Small Ball Humiliation), I love the term.

Alex should also be praised, he cut the story up into these six parts and that was a stroke of genius!

Harry and I worried how it would come across melding the two worlds together, and would it make sense. Luckily, everyone got it and enjoyed it. Sadly it did have to end but I was happy that we got some more Pranknation stories out of this, Harry has made such a cool little world.

Thanks for writing in Reg!