Monday, May 17, 2021

Living the legend - part 5 of 6 (written by Harry and Jimmy)

Yesterday it was Gino vs. Lysander - today it's Jayden vs. Theo in the next part of this spectacular crossover story written collaboratively by Harry (author of the awesome Pankration series) and Jimmy (author of the awesome Gino and Jayden series). Harry and Jimmy - thank you so much, you are awesome! Now enjoy today's chapter!

Previous parts:
Gino and Jayden

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

*** Jayden vs Theo ***

Jayden was ecstatic.

Gino won. Jayden was whooping for joy at his brother’s victory, and the princes surrounding him were less than thrilled. Jayden couldn’t care in the least. Gino put on a great show and he was proud of him. Jayden screamed Gino’s name at the top of his lungs, his jubilation could not be hidden.

Climbing out of the stands Jayden passed by many of the princes, his eyes were on his brother and he managed to bump into Prince Nico completely by accident.

“Oops,” Jayden said blushed, his cheeks reddened. “My bad.”

Nico gripped his shoulders for balance, his eyes finding Jayden’s soft brown ones. “Gino performed…ah…um…well? That was a spectacle.”

“Yeah…he does that,” Jayden smiled, biting his bottom lip, and brushing back his brown wavy hair from his forehead and away from his big soft brown eyes. “I’m going to go congratulate him.”

“You should do that, and prepare. You face Theo next, and he’s an excellent fighter. Good luck! You are going to need it,” said the prince giving his shoulder one last squeeze.

Jayden seemed nonchalant. “Heard that before,” Jayden smiled. “I don’t go down easy.” Jayden felt cheeky and gave the prince a quick wink and spun on his heel heading into the arena, by the time he got to Gino, his brother was helping up Lysander from the ground.

The sand felt so warm on his bare feet, as he kicked up little dust clouds rushing to them. “You guys did great,” said Jayden but he could see from the look that Gino and Lysander were sharing that he was slightly interrupting a moment.

“Yeah, you did do great,” Gino said, his voice husky and thick. “You put on quite a show,” Gino pulled Lysander into a hug pulling him up from the sand his naked body and now dropping cock still dripped onto the sand. “Let’s get you to the showers and cleaned up.”

“Th…thanks,” Lysander grinned back shyly. “I think that I can manage.”

“You sure?” Gino asked boldly, grabbing Lysander by his dropping dong and giving it a little tug making Lysander gasp.

Lysander could only nod.

Gino shrugged his shoulders and released him, but not before he slapped Lysander across his behind, making Lysander jump a bit and wince. “Better get going.”

Lysander did not need telling twice. He quickly, with his head downcast, walked out of the arena to get cleaned up and put on a new white toga as his last one was ruined in the sand from Gino.

Gino and Jayden watched him go, and Gino broke the silence “Man, that was fun.”

Jayden peered up at Gino and the smug expression on his youthful teenage face and rolled his eyes. “I’m just glad that it wasn’t me this time.”

Before Gino could respond, Theo was upon them and he looked furious. Standing in his bright white formal toga, Theo was a sight to behold. His gleaming golden tanned skin was perfect and unblemished. His hard muscles in his tight frame were evident and his masculine stance as he stared at Gino with a mixture of disapproval and righteous anger.

“Well, you certainly learn fast.”

Gino’s smug expression doesn’t change as he turns his attention from Lysander’s retreating naked form to Theo. Gino appraised him and his stance and his smug smile only seemed to widen. Gino’s expression had the expected reaction that he was hoping for: Theo seemed to only grow darker in his feelings as he clenched his fists and starred daggers at Gino. “I only wanted to give everyone what they wanted—a show worth coming to. Too bad Lysander spunked so fast. I wasn’t really done toying with him.”

Theo’s cheeks reddened and he flicked his gaze at Jayden, and back at Gino. “Well, now it’s my turn to play. And as you said, I intend to give everyone a good show too.”

Jayden could feel the light blonde hairs along his neck and arms stand up in warning, and a cold tingle went down his spine. Theo had fully intended on taking him on and he clearly had an agenda planned for their match.

Gino’s smug grin shook for a second, and his right eye seemed to bulge out before he got his composure back. “Jayden isn’t a weakling. He won’t be anyone’s ‘toy.’” Gino emphasized, air quoting his words.

“This is my arena, my home base, and I can guarantee you that your little brother is going to not only submit to me,” Theo said stepping right up to Gino so that the two stared into each other’s eyes. “But he will like it.”

Theo’s brotherly affection towards Lysander was new, and he almost couldn’t believe that seeing Gino knocking Lysander down and making him orgasm got to him like this, but it did. Theo wanted to make sure that Gino regretted how he treated his friend, and he planned to use Jayden to accomplish that goal.

Gino who has been an older brother for almost his whole life immediately saw Theo as the threat. Gino’s brown eyes turned cold, his brow wrinkled in concentration and felt the need to kick Theo’s ass. Instead he coldly starred back at him just as hard, the two entering into a one on one staring contest. Gino knew that he couldn’t fight him right after his last match but he could set him off and he spat at him hitting him right between the eyes. The big glob soared between them and when the juicy thick mucousy spit landed on Theo’s face the crowded arena gasped at Gino in complete shock and revulsion that one could stoop so low.

Jayden and the rest of the crowded princes stared open-mouthed at the incredible rude gesture, could not think of a proper way to respond to Gino’s action. Gino fueled the fire even more as Theo reached up to rub the wet spit off of his face by grabbing his shoulders and giving him a solid and powerful ball shot with his knee hitting Theo so hard between his thighs that even the crowd heard the wet splat of his junk slapping against his taint.

Theo surged forward, bumping into Gino’s broad chest and bounced backwards gripping his crotch in shock, and felt the familiar and unwanted ball pain as the full impact of Gino’s assault hit him and he moaned quietly staring at Gino with unmasked revulsion.

“No one threatens my little brother in front of me, and leaves the way he came,” Gino said.

Behind him, Prince Nico stood up, all joviality about him gone.

“Hey!” he shouted across the arena.

Gino turned his brown eyes only momentarily to Nico as if to ask, ‘What?’ Before he looked back at Theo watched him bend at the waist groaning, as he held his nuts in his hands defensively.

Gino walked over to Jayden grinning, “You got this Jayden. Take out the smug little prince.”

Jayden looked worriedly at Theo and then at Gino. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“He needed to know what I would do to him if he went hard on you, and now he knows. He would have to face me,” Gino smiled his mean little smile and hugged his brother once and whispered in his ear. “Don’t go easy on him, take him out quick.”

“Okay,” Jayden whispered back, not feeling confident in his singlet. The oil that was rubbed all over him and the sweat that poured off of Gino allowed the two brothers to almost glide off of each other, their slick bodies gleaming in the afternoon sunlight.

Gino patted him on the back once, before he turned toward the stands. He passed Prince Nico who looked as if he had more to say to the eldest Gomez brother but he let it pass. Nico sat back down with a flourish of his toga pushing it out of his way and wishing not for the first time today that he was chosen and even more agitated now that he was not picked to perform.

Sitting in the place that Jayden just vacated the other princes regarded Gino unkindly, especially after his recent attack on Theo who was so popular among the warrior princes. Amun cleared his throat once and Gino gave him his full attention.

“You may regret angering Theo,” Amun warned.

Gino’s smug expression returned and he leaned over and said, “I might, but I know that Theo already regrets mouthing off to me.”

Amun didn’t give Gino a response so he shrugged and turned back to see that Theo seemed ready to start. Gino had hoped that Jayden would have used that advantage to attack Theo when he softened him up. But he should have known better than to expect Jayden to do anything of the kind. His brother was good natured, followed the rules and had an unwavering compass pointing him towards always doing the right thing. This both annoyed Gino, and made him think so highly of him. Gino’s love for his brother seemed to be endless and he has to admit that he is a bit concerned for him against Theo; especially after his recklessness angered him. Knowing himself if things seem to be going badly for him, he owed these princes nothing. Gino doesn’t mind jumping back into the arena and finishing Theo himself.

In the arena Gino witnessed Jayden ask Theo something, and even though he can’t hear his little brother he knows what he said.


“Are you alright to start?” Jayden asked, his face concerned.

Theo not used to this type of beginning to an arena fight has to wonder what Jayden is up to. Maybe he is trying to get him to lower his guard, or befriend him before attacking him sneakily. Theo nodded his head once before he raised himself to full height. Theo towered over Jayden being the same height as his older brother, and he slowly approached him giving tit for tat he said, “You know that the match has started, right?”

Jayden nodded, “Of course. I heard the gong. You weren’t ready. You seem to be now.” Jayden gets into his own warrior’s stance his soft brown eyes bright watching Theo as heavy white clouds quickly move over head.

“Looks like rain,” Theo said stalling as he approached. “Hope you don’t mind getting that singlet wet.”

Jayden looked down at his singlet, and said “It’s already covered in oil…I doubt that…”

The ruse had worked and Theo lunged forward at Jayden ready to get in an early hit, but Theo was surprised that Jayden seemed to be ready for that and lifts up his knee planting it exactly as Gino had done a few minutes before.

Jayden smiled up at Theo watching as the recognition and pain set in and he pulled his knee out from between Theo’s wobbly legs before driving it back in even harder a second time nailing his nuts with an audible squelch. “You were trying to trick me,” Jayden tisked, clicking his tongue. “I have an older brother, I am not easily tricked.” Jayden propelled his knee up further squishing Theo’s now tender balls against his pelvis before he spun around him and put him in a head lock. Jayden pulled his arm tight against his opponent’s throat ignoring Theo’s groans until he quieted him with his arm across Theo’s windpipe. Theo used one hand to cup his pulsing nuts and the other reached up to try and squeeze his hand in between Jayden tight embrace. The match had started badly for the prince, and he was shocked that both a younger and smaller opponent had already got him in a precarious starting position.

Jayden pulled harder, and walked backwards making Theo stumble to catch up. Theo’s throat no longer gave him the necessary air into his lungs which trumped him protecting his nuts and he grabbed Jayden’s arm across his neck with both hands and yanked hard. Theo loosened Jayden’s grip enough to get in a full breath of precious air.

Amazed by the sheer strength of Theo, Jayden aimed his third low blow and kicks up hard between Theo’s outstretched thighs. Jayden felt Theo’s nuts catch between his bare toes and sink into the puffy testicles of his rival. Jayden had never kicked a naked pair of balls before and they felt so defenseless in Theo’s loose ballsac. He swears that Theo’s nuts have already started to engorge from the hits below the belt. Not that Theo is wearing a belt in his toga. The simple rope around his waist is already loosening and Jayden doesn’t think that Theo will be wearing the garment for very long. The clouds overhead started to darken and a few large droplets pelt down on the pair.

Theo’s body slumped against Jayden’s chest while he held him in the choke hold. That last kick seemed to have done Theo in, and Jayden releases his choke hold allowing him to drop, which he does in the sand bleary eyed clutching his fat nuggets through his white toga. Taking a deep breath Theo moaned, “My balls.” He looked not at Jayden but to Nico, and sure enough he saw the concern on the face of his friend.

Jayden tried not to gloat, but he still couldn’t believe how well the match was going in his favor. He grabbed both of Theo’s arms from behind, while putting one foot on the center of Theo’s tightly muscled back and pulled. Theo began grunting immediately, Jayden expertly stretched him in some kind of bind that tore at both Theo’s arms and his back as Jayden tried to get the prince to submit.

“Give up?” Jayden asked. His wet singlet had now reached the point that it was plastered to him like a second skin as the rain really began to pour down drenching him and everyone in the arena, but no one looked like they would be going anywhere, anytime soon.

“No,” grimaced Theo clenching his jaw tightly as he dug his toes into the ground and gathering all of his strength propelled both him and Jayden backwards as he threw himself into Jayden. The two crashed into each other and Jayden unable to support Theo’s weight fell backwards Theo landing on top of him.

The risky move stunned both teens who groaned on the sand, Theo resting on top of Jayden. Jayden opened his eyes staring at the darkening clouds as the sky alit with sharp white blinding lightening that seemed to crack the sky and boomed throughout the pavilion making him wince and shield his eyes. Jayden has always been petrified by lightning and the clouds looked dangerous above him with nothing in between him and the trembling sky.

Theo felt Jayden shiver, quaking in fear and he turned around still on top of him and saw the distress in his liquid brown eyes, making him seem childlike and he was instantly reminded of Lysander. His anger at Gino and his win took over as Theo climbed up Jayden’s torso and pinned him to the sand wrapping both hands around the boy’s neck. “You should be more worried about what’s happening here on the ground than the sky,” he threatened. “I am much more dangerous than the lightening from above,” Theo cautioned.

Jayden reached up reflexively grabbing Theo’s muscled forearms feeling the bulging raw strength as Theo tightened his grip. Jayden not panicking shuffled his legs and launched his knee directly between Theo’s thighs on either side of his abdomen. Jayden could swear that he heard a collective groan from the arena from the princes while Theo’s eyes bulged in both surprise and the all too familiar pain from Jayden nailing his most precious family jewels. Theo tried to toughen it out but Jayden kept slamming his knee in and out between his thighs pulverizing and tenderizing his sore nuggets until he could not take it anymore and rolled off of Jayden collapsing on his side. Theo reached down to protect himself but Jayden got their first pinning his hands above his head, preventing him from doing so. He dug his knees into Theo’s thighs trapping him to the sand with his legs so that their groins were touching.

The move was slightly erotic as both boys stared into the eyes of their rival and felt the full measurement of each other as Jayden pressed himself so firmly against Theo that their cocks were pinned together. Jayden realized that in comparison his own penis was larger than Theo’s; at least when they were limp.

“Got you,” Jayden said pressing himself more firmly against Theo holding his arms above his head.

“You keep getting lucky,” groaned Theo his eyes still clouded in pain from the recent assault to his nethers. “Bastard,” Theo moaned, closing his eyes as a whimper escaped from between his clenched teeth.

“Did you notice,” grinned Jayden ignoring the taunt. “That I’m bigger than you,” he said grinding his pelvis into Theo’s causing him to gasp. Even the slightest touch sent his balls pulsing distress signals to his brain. “Can you feel it?” Jayden pressed with both his words and his hips nailing Theo’s smaller left ball to his pelvis feeling it squished underneath Jayden’s bony hip.

“Oooh,” Theo moaned softly.

“Oh I got lefty, right,” Jayden questions and he gives a slight bounce making Theo wince. “Or was that righty?” Jayden taunted in a chuckle. Surprising both of them Theo unwillingly started to chub up. “Hey look who’s peeking out,” Jayden said bouncing again landing on the same nut, his hip digging into the center of Theo’s tough nut pressing it firmly against the pelvic bone. “You still didn’t confirm which ball I’m crunching by the way. I think that it’s your left.”

“Get off of me!” Theo roared rocking this way and that trying to overpower Jayden again and throw him off.

Jayden used his whole body weight to press the squirming Theo beneath him and he started to get aroused as well as their pelvises moved against each other. While Theo moaned in pain, Jayden let out a groan of a different kind, and the Greek teen looked up at him in amazement as his cock lengthened and hardened piercing into his navel and sadly dwarfing his own by at least a full inch maybe more. Theo was full of incredulity that Jayden so clearly younger than he was is actually bigger and maybe more…manly between the legs.

Jayden seemed to guess Theo’s thoughts. “Impressed?” he mocked, grinding against Theo.  “So are all my friends. My boyfriend Chase still can’t admit that I am bigger than he is.”

Theo let out a moan in pleasure, as well from pain as he felt Jayden’s slick body rubbing against his own erection and he couldn’t help but grind back until the two began to hump each other writhing in the sand. Jayden became lost in the feeling of his pulsing erection and Theo’s, feeling himself leaking pre-cum inside of his singlet. He closed his eyes as his body trembled his breath growing more ragged, more desperate to feel more.

Theo waited for his opponent to get lost in his sensations, and when he saw Jayden close his eyes, Theo bucked and rammed his head into his gut. Jayden exhaled all of his air in a gasp and Theo head butted him again in the same place feeling Jayden’s abs contract.

With enough momentum and the loosening of his wrists Theo head butted him again sending him sprawling onto his back, his legs open wide while Jayden huffed in the sand and grabbed his middle groaning on his back. While Jayden groaned Theo took the opportunity and clawed up his thighs. Jayden reared back a fist but Theo launched his own connecting with Jayden’s abs.

Grunting Jayden’s swing hit Theo’s shoulder and was propelled off as Theo punched his abs again and again striking the center mass with each hit Jayden lost his breath. With each gut punching fist from Theo sinking into his abdomen Jayden could feel his abs tenderizing under the assault.

Jayden tried to roll into a protective ball to protect his sore middle but Theo prevented it pinning him in the same move that Jayden did to him so that his knee caps dug into Jayden’s thighs trapping him against the wet sand.

Theo reared back to punch again as lightening crackled above alighting the entire arena. In sheer terror Jayden head butted Theo in the face sending him staggering back on his back while Jayden dropped back to the ground clutching his middle protectively.

Theo rubbed his nose feeling droplets of his own blood running from one nostril and the mixture of fresh rain water dripping into his open mouth as he staggered to his feet and began stumbling towards Jayden, still holding his sore testicles with one hand tasting the metallic taste of his own blood.

When he got to Jayden he grabbed Jayden’s singlet top dragging him to standing the material was stretching and held in his grasp as he dragged him up to stand before him. “This isn’t over yet, I’m just getting started.”

Jayden gazed up at Theo, still clutching his sore bruising abs as Theo raised him into the air with a mighty show of raw strength. Jayden’s feet left the sand and his toes kicked wildly as Theo prepared Jayden’s drop. Jayden kicked hard at Theo’s thighs but he couldn’t prevent his fall onto Theo’s now outstretched knee. He landed hard and gasped as his balls were caught, trapped between his own ass and Theo’s muscled thigh. Jayden groaned as the first nut hit during the match demolished his nutsac.

Theo appreciated the sight of Jayden’s brown eyes crossing before he shoved him back to the ground where he landed with a heavy grunt “Ugh.”

His hands reached to protect his privates, but Theo grabbed his ankles and kicked them away. “I don’t think so Jayden,” Theo said. He felt much more cheerful now that he wasn’t the only one with busted up nuts. Theo dropped his foot straight down between Jayden’s legs ignoring Jayden’s pleading brown eyes, and the shake of his head and outstretched hands pinning Jayden’s nuts right into the wet sand. Theo even more annoyed realized how big Jayden’s nuts were as his toes sink into them and can’t believe that both his rival’s cock and balls dwarf his own.

“My boynuts!” Jayden cried out grabbing Theo’s foot as it twisted in his grasp pressing his nuts even deeper into the wet sand making him see stars.

“Did you call them…boynuts?” Theo laughed. “What an oxymoron. Don’t think I will take it easy on you no matter what foolish thing you have named your testicles.” Theo shook his head hearing Jayden gasp as his toes dig in. Jayden trapped on the ground moaned, feeling his sad sac being squished underneath Theo’s foot.


In the stands Gino knew that he should be breathing, that this was to be a constant event, but he didn’t seem to be able to at this moment.

“Jayden, come on. Get back in it,” he said under his breath as Lysander walked up from getting clean in his shower. He moved to sit next to Amun.

“What have I missed?”

Amun didn’t answer right away, but pointed his chin at the match.

“Jayden’s losing? Wait is Theo standing on his…ouch that looks painful,” Lysander said rubbing his own sore nuts between his legs.

“He was doing just fine, winning in fact!” Gino blurted out, his temper rising as he sees the triumph in Theo’s eyes.

Amun nods once. “He was. He is not any longer.” Amun explained summing up the match neatly.

The quiet monk teen annoyed Gino and he was tempted to find out if he would still be so quiet and even-keeled if Gino wrapped his hand around what Gino assumed would be a very unimpressive set of balls, maybe Bill-sized.

“He will. Never count out my brother.”

Lysander was curious, and moved over a seat to sit in between Gino and Amun. “You are worried about him?” Lysander pondered out loud. “That seems strange, most brothers that I know are always at each other’s throats. Well except for the twins, but they are very unusual.”

“My brother is my best friend,” Gino stated simply as he was forced to watch Theo’s foot move up higher in between Jayden’s thighs and start to rub. Gino knew exactly what Theo was rubbing and he could see Jayden’s composure in the sand shifting and knew that if his brother was not hard, he would be on his way soon enough.

Lysander squinted at Gino and said, “But he’s younger than you, surely you could find someone your own age to…” but at that moment Gino reached down into Lysander’s toga and grabbed both of his naked nuts in his hand and gave a warning squeeze.

“Do you know what I am holding in my hand?” Gino asked baring down hard on Lysander’s nuts enjoying the stillness coming from the boy next to him.

“My…privates?” Lysander offered in a grimace.

“That’s right. Now I want you to stop talking. I am concentrating on Jayden’s match and his doing this to Theo,” Gino said and he squeezed Lysander’s nuts harder. “And if you keep talking I will make things unpleasant for you. Your sore empty balls should have a rest, right?” Gino asked his brown eyes flicked to him.

Lysander nodded quickly.

“Good, now sit still and be silent.”

“Aren’t you going to let…go?” Lysander asked gulping.


“Okay,” Lysander said feeling his nuts being slowly rolled in his sac. Gino wasn’t squeezing anymore but he made sure that Lysander knew where his hand was and what he would do if he spoke, so he tried to stay silent while Gino slowly and methodically rolled his balls in and out between his fingers slipping Lysander's balls around and around his palm.

Lysander gulped, and felt Gino’s thumb roaming over the tops of his rounded spheres gently caressing his silky ballsac. Lysander tried to keep his focus on the match and his friend Theo, but it was so difficult with Gino playing with his testicles so tenderly and gently.

No one was paying any attention to Lysander and Gino except for Amun who shook his head disapprovingly. Lysander wanted to speak, to say that it was not his idea but was afraid that if he did Gino might make him regret it so he said nothing and pushed as far back into his seat that he could go and tried to not get an erection as Gino’s thumb still slick with oil from early roamed around his balls and every so often they brushed against his cockhead fingering the glands. Lysander tried his best, but he was not sure how long he could last. He tried to channel Amun’s energy. Lysander quieted his thoughts and attempted full into the reserve of endless patience and evenness, but he was not sure he was doing it right. His breath started to quicken and he could feel himself starting to be aroused again, which both alarmed and surprised him as he had spectacularly ejaculated not too long ago.

Lysander was about to warn Gino that if he kept going like this he would make a mess in his toga, but just then Jayden cried out causing him to look over at the match paying attention for the first time.


Jayden was a mess in the sand. He was wet, aching and fully turned on. Theo had his cock in between his toes and was seemingly giving him a hand/foot job but with his toes as they squeezed his cockhead while his firm ankle kept a firm hold of his balls in the sand pressing his orbs firmly making the dense object bend and flatten. The oil slick spandex made the action of Theo’s toes extra effective.

Jayden had just cried out, he was getting closer to orgasm, and he remembered that was one of the only ways to lose the match. With his legs in the air and Theo concentrating on annihilating his sex organs, he finally came up with a plan. Jayden gripping Theo’s ankle tightly he dropped his hands away making Theo look at his eyes with a questioning look. “Giving up? Shouldn’t take too much longer now. I can feel it.”

Nodding his head, Jayden agreed. But made a simple request first.

“Help me out of his singlet,” he starts pulling his arms free, and slowly rolling the thin stretchy material from his shoulders, and down his abdomen. The sight of his muscles glistening with rain drops and oil made Theo pause.

The boy on the ground was gorgeous. He was evidently younger than Theo, but his well-muscled torso, and dark dime sized hard nipples gave him pause as he studied the studly boy underfoot. Jayden stared up at him as he rolled the singlet seductively to his waist, but Theo’s big toes clutching Jayden’s cock stopped him from pulling the material further down.

“I don’t want to stain it,” Jayden said smiling shyly, his teeth denting his bottom lip.

Taking pity on him, he removed his foot. Jayden smiled up at Theo and slowly started to roll the material down exposing his hard and still pulsing cock. Jayden’s veined cock stood straight up reaching up to his abdomen and smacked against his belly a bit of pre-cum landing in his innie belly button. Jayden had some hair, but only directly above his penis and the hair was sparse. Jayden seemed to blush staring at his cock and then back up at Theo, his balls were still smooth and hairless.

“Can you pull the rest off?” he asked quietly. Jayden’s voice was so quiet Theo almost did not hear him over the rain.

Theo nodded, his own voice surprisingly thick. “Okay.”

And slowly Theo lowered Jayden’s legs to the ground and reached for the material to help Jayden remove the garment, but Jayden took the momentary kindness and kicked up with both feet planting them in Theo’s crotch. Each foot connected with one of his nuts.

“Oh! Fuck!” Theo swore as Jayden yanked his feet back and climbed back up to his feet, while Theo bent at the waist. Jayden’s sneaky attack really hit home for him this time. Jayden started pulling his singlet up to his waist but not any further. Theo was more angry than anything else launched himself at Jayden and the two, both weak in the knees grappled with each other clutching arm and arm shoving each other this way and that, as they both tried to get the upper hand.

The rain was pouring down harder now making it difficult to get a firm grasp eventually Theo and Jayden locked elbows and dug their feet in the wet sand started pushing hard. Gritting his teeth Theo pushed with all of his might and as he started to gain ground shoving Jayden backwards Jayden hurled his left knee upwards sinking his kneecap into Theo’s bloated balls.

With a grunt, Theo moaned and shot his own knee into Jayden’s nuts striking both of his larger nuts, and because of their size it was difficult to not end up hitting both. Jayden moaned once and kneed Theo again, and immediately afterward Theo retaliated, and so it went. Both teens kneed each other locked in combat, repeatedly.

The audience went wild hooting and cat calling Theo and Jayden. The sheer stamina of the two combatants while they ballbusted each other showcased that Theo and Jayden would do anything to win. In one spectacular knee Theo and Jayden managed to nail each other at the same time while lighting crackled in the shy illuminating the boys and the wounded, desperate expressions on their handsome faces. The last knee seemed to do them both in and together they dropped to their knees still holding tight.

“Give up,” Theo huffed as his balls blazed, ringing with what seemed to be a never ending pulsing sensation that racked up and down his abdomen.

“You first,” Jayden moaned reaching downwards and clamping both hands around Theo’s fertile unprotected balls. “I’ll help,” Jayden growled finding his targets and sinking his fingers deep into the centers.

“No,” Theo moaned also grabbing onto Jayden’s waist first and yanking down his singlet. Jayden’s junk flopped out his balls swinging wildly and his penis stood straight up slapped against his abs, rigid like an unyielding metal spear. Theo scooped up Jayden’s bulbous boy balls and after securing both in his grasp dug in deep, searching Jayden’s expression hoping to see his resistance finally wane.

Jayden would not give up that easily and again the rivals found themselves in a ball crushing contest, leaning against the other with their four balls being mangled and crushed.

Jayden started to shudder, he was not sure if it was the cold rain or the possibility of his boyhood being slowly and methodically squeezed but his body started trembling, and his cock pulsed in the air where all could see. He hated being so exposed so he pressed himself against Theo to hide his cock from view and he moaned when his head came in contact with Theo’s own ragging erection and he rubbed the two together biting his bottom lip and asked as quietly as he could manage, not sure if he wanted to: “Do you like that?”

Theo found himself taken aback as Jayden rubbed against his own hard dagger and he couldn’t help as his hips took over and started to hump him back feeling Jayden’s warmth pressed firmly against his own rigid pole. “That’s not how Pankration works,” Theo protested, but at this he let out a low deep moan, his eyes rolling back. When he could speak again he continued, “We don’t win that way.”

“Are you sure?” Jayden tempted spinning his head to face Theo and got even closer together pressing his chest to Theo’s peering into his eyes as his lips got inches from the prince’s. “I’ve never kissed a prince before,” he admitted unsure and scared at the prospect. “Do you taste different than normal boys?”

Theo’s heart seemed to halt as Jayden leaned in—his dark brown eyes so unreadable that they were almost black—and brushed his lips tenderly across his own. Theo quivered as he clutched Jayden’s balls all the tighter, while Jayden did the same in return.

“You do,” Jayden admitted his voice thick and sweet. “It must be the royalty in your blood, and that you have not kissed another. Am I right?” Jayden asked pressing the prince as he leaned back in his thick lips encompassing Theo’s as he slipped his tongue into his mouth tasting him fully.

Theo did not know what to do. He lacked any coherent idea, he allowed Jayden to kiss him, and he released Jayden’s balls allowing them to fall back between his legs. Jayden did the same and took the initiative, throwing the two of them to the wet sand with Jayden on top grabbing Theo’s head so tightly his fingers grasping at his short hairs holding him still so he could kiss him with passion that he didn’t know he had in him. Theo let Jayden lead as he held the naked boy to him and pressed his pelvis in and up bouncing the two of them together as they made out amid the sand and the rain; the audience temporarily forgotten as the two became lost in the other’s embrace.


Lysander couldn’t help himself, he had to say something. “Amun…what are they doing?” He was so worked up from Gino playing with his balls, and rubbing the stem of his head whenever it seemed to falter that his breathy voice surprised those around him.

“Theo seems to be…umm, well you see Lysander he is kissing Jayden,” Amun said and Lysander thought that he noticed the monk’s cheeks reddening upon admitting this fact.

“But that’s not how you win,” Lysander said. “You can only win by getting your opponent to submit their seed or…oh wait. I think I know what they are doing now.”

Gino leaned over using his other hand to snake up Lysander’s toga grabbing Lysander’s very rigid nail making him gasp. “I see it too,” Gino said flicking his thumb along Lysander’s very sensitive tip slowly peeling back his foreskin and rolling it slowly back and forth while his other hand juggled his balls. “You see Lysander,” Gino whispered into his ear “The first one that cums loses, but honestly is it really a loss if they ended up ejaculating together?” Gino asked looking into Lysander’s eyes loving the feeling of playing with Lysander’s foreskin.

“I…I…” he started his body growing taut and his toes curl. Lysander wanted to say more but he lost the ability to speak. Gino’s grin only grew more pronounced and his dimples indented further while he rolled Lysander’s foreskin back and forth feeling the slow and steady gush of pre-cum coating his fingers.

“Don’t cum yet,” Gino warned. “We wait for them. I want you to cum at the same time as Theo. Hold it in, okay?”

Lysander shuddered audibly and he tried to nod his head but he found it locked in place, his whole body seemed to be tingling and he merely let out a small gasp.

Gino chuckled, “I’ll ease up a bit.” Gino squeezed Lysander’s tip making him almost convulse in pleasure and scream. “Just not yet.”

Amun started getting even more uncomfortable. He crossed his legs and was surprised to see that he was also…feeling arousal. ‘How strange? It must be the wet weather’ he contemplated as he tried not to stare at Lysander and Gino but when he moved his eyes back to the match it was not much better. Jayden and Theo were rolling in the wet sand, Jayden was tearing off Theo’s toga and grabbing Theo’s plump loin cloth that bulged obscenely.

“Is this…okay?” Jayden asked, making Theo’s heart swoon a bit at the tenderness in Jayden’s voice. Theo only nodded as Jayden slipped off his loin cloth, the loose ties at the sides easily falling away. “Wow,” Jayden said licking his lips and leaned in closer. Jayden leaned forward so close that he could extend his tongue and wrap it around Theo’s tip encompassing the brevity of his rival in the arena.

Theo moaned. His plan of making Jayden cum first was slowly being thrown out the window. He leaned back and groaned loud and piercing in the storm and not even the thunder clapping could stop him from being overheard.

Jayden grabbed Theo’s balls gently this time rolling the orbs in their silky oily sac as he bobbed up and down on Theo’s dick making sure to keep his teeth covered like he was taught. When Jayden buried his nose in Theo’s thick blonde pubes he hummed making Theo cry out again, never thinking that he could feel this good.

That’s when a voice rumbled out over the arena stopping the boys in the arena.

“Enough!” Prince Nico ran into the arena, right up to Theo and Jayden. The prince seemed to be shaking with emotions, but the one that he showed most was rage. “What are you doing Theo? This is not Pankration…this is…not….” He tried to find the right word but all he heard in his head is a popping sound as Jayden let Theo’s penis out of his mouth.

“You,” growled the prince reaching down and pulling Jayden to his feet, his erection obscene between them. “This match is over!”

Jayden wild eyed and naked his singlet lost somewhere in the wet sand felt instantly deflated but when he stared into the princes eyes he saw exactly what Nico really felt. He was jealous. Thinking quickly Jayden formulated his next move carefully and said, “You can declare this match over, but that doesn’t mean that it is going to stop.”

Jayden was defiant, as he pushed the someday king in the chest as hard as he could sending Nico back a step or two and turned back to Theo and jumped on top of him resuming their encounter by pressing the Greek firmly into the sand and kneeing him hard in between the legs making Theo gasp.

“My balls!” Theo cried out and Jayden looked up at Nico and kneed him again, his dark soulful brown eyes never leaving the prince’s hazel ones.

“Is that what you want your majesty?” Jayden said, “Or this?” With that he grabbed Theo’s legs pulling his thighs apart and dove onto Theo’s erection sucking it down to the hilt and slurped to draw Theo even further down his throat.

Nico’s right eye twitched, and his hands clamped into fists as Jayden pleasured Theo right in front of him. Jayden pulled off again and asked with more demand than he thought the youngling had in him, “What part am I doing wrong? I think that I can still win this match. Do you dare to let me continue?”

The arena was hushed. The spectators seemed to all be waiting on the edge of their seat for Nico’s answer, no one wanted this match to end here. Nico certainly knew that all eyes were upon his own and he felt the full weight of it. None of that seem to concern him more than Theo who looked up at him at that moment with flashing eyes.

“It’s okay Nico, I have this.” Theo said from below Jayden.

“No you don’t,” Jayden challenged running his hands up and down Theo’s erection making him gasp. “You are going to cum first.”

Theo tore his gaze away from Nico’s and back to Jayden’s. His gaze hardened. “Yes, I do.” And Theo grabbed Jayden’s shoulders and kneed him in the balls, his boy balls. Jayden being on top of Theo gave him a better angle, and when he struck Jayden in his bare balls he could tell that he hit him squarely, his knee sinking deep into Jayden’s very full ballsac.

“Ugh,” Jayden groaned, as he slumped against Theo’s knee and the prince underneath him kneed him again, this time harder hitting him so hard that his teeth clacked together. “My…boy…oh, god!”

Theo kneed him for a third time and Jayden’s resistance fell as he dropped to the side.

The prince climbed to his feet and performed the move that he had been waiting for all day, Theo scooped Jayden up, showcasing his raw power by lifting him into the air by the throat before bending him over one knee so that his abdomen was fully exposed and his erection was pointing at Nico.

Jayden’s heart beat faster from this position feeling how exposed his privates were. He gulped and whimpered, “What are you…doing?”

In answer Theo sent an elbow into the dead center of Jayden’s abs which made him gasp. Theo elbowed him twice more in the same spot tenderizing Jayden’s abdomen again and making the spot red. Jayden groaned and tried to block, but Theo chose that moment to send a flurry of punches in his exposed testicles alternating between aiming for righty or lefty.

Each punch made Jayden gasp until he couldn’t anymore and laid still allowing Theo to do his worst, while his balls sounded and pulsed horribly in his bloated ball sac catching raindrops in the folds of his silky skin.

“I’ve got you now Jayden,” Theo explained unnecessarily, scooping his balls up by the roots. Jayden moaned and felt his cock throb once. Theo watched Jayden’s impressive erection and grabbed the thick boy stick and started to slowly manipulate it, giving his rigidity the full attention that it deserved.

Nico glowered at the combatants darkly. He had declared the match over, but both Theo and Jayden continued. But at least now Theo had the upstart newbie locked in a back breaker, and Nico knew first hand how inescapable that move could be.

Jayden’s blood ran to his head from his precarious position on top of Theo’s knee. Jayden felt Theo turn him so that he not only faced Nico but the rest of the Lost Princes who watched with avid glee their friend get ready to finish the fully exposed Jayden. With both hands Theo worked over Jayden’s groin focusing on his pulsing erection and the plum nuts that hung low in the sac but bunched up around his cock from being hung upside down. Jayden covered in oil was easily manipulated and Theo found that fondling Jayden in this position so lubed up was child’s play.

Theo ran his rough fingers up and down Jayden’s shaft before grabbing it by the root and really built up the pressure of his grip and start sliding up and down from root to tip. His other hand squeezed Jayden’s nuts hard, but the extra large eggs were so hard to squeeze at the same time that one or the other slipped out of his palm. Theo cursed out loud each time and re-gripped Jayden’s nuts only for the orbs to be too much to contain. In complete frustration Theo changed tactics and thumped Jayden’s nuts with his knuckles, his right and then left ball alternating each strike which made Jayden jump until he grew used to the steady rhythm of Theo’s strikes.

Jayden’s whole world seemed to be concentrated between his legs from the thumps to his balls every five seconds to the slow, painfully slow hand job that Theo applied. Theo’s rough grip kept him on the brink and every time he came in contact with the crown of his penis Theo pinched the tip making him squirm. Jayden’s vision blurred from the rain and the upside down position and the faces seemed to meld together as something built up in his loins.

“Oh god,” Jayden cried out his breathing rushed and full of thick desire.

Theo gazed down at his prey and slowed his hand job again to make this last. He didn’t want Jayden to cum yet; he was having far too much fun.

“You almost ready for me?” Theo taunted as he encircled Jayden’s cockhead and squeezed it.

Jayden froze and twitched in Theo’s embrace, he knew that he was close, and that he couldn’t last much longer but he didn’t want this to be over. He didn’t want to cum…not like this. Jayden gathered his reserves and he reared back his fist and with the last of his strength rolled up in the air his abs screaming in pain from their earlier beating and swung his fist right into Theo’s abs.

Theo unprepared for anything but Jayden orgasming was struck in his belly and lost his balance and fell backwards Jayden landing on his stomach.

Jayden groaned because deep down he wanted to cum, and was so close but he pulled himself up to all fours and took the measure of his opponent. Theo was naked and well oiled, his body glistening with dew drops and slick with a mixture of sweat and oil, his muscles gleamed in the lightening light that illuminated above him and he crawled onto Theo spreading his legs open and rearing back to strike but Theo got to him first and grabbed his balls one in each hand.

Jayden let loose an animal whimper from deep within as he sat up on his knees and mewed into the storm, starring up at the darkened forbidding sky. “My boynuts!”

Theo knew he had him, but he still wanted Jayden to give not in submission but with his seed. So Theo knocked Jayden’s legs far apart in a wide arc making Jayden gasp as he slid his body underneath so that he Jayden’s thighs were around his head and he leaned his face forward and licked Jayden’s throbbing penis. Jayden looked back down his eyes unreadable in the darkening day as Theo suckled his cock all the way down, sliding it down his throat until he choked.

Theo didn’t see Jayden arc his back, or throw his head back in a whimper but he felt Jayden’s testicles start to draw up in their silky sac and knew that he was on the right path. Theo deep throating Jayden’s full cock started to bob up and down while his hands crushed Jayden’s balls. And the wrestler mounting him could not evade his growing orgasm or his balls being squeezed from below.

Jayden gazed out into the crowd felt himself start to lose control. “I’m…” Jayden tried to warn Theo but Theo heard his unfinished sentence and sucked harder making Jayden gasp and shudder. Jayden’s blazed with intensity and he could not help but suck in one last breath and felt himself pulsing, his orgasm coming closer to the surface and he trembled as the lightening crackled once more giving him the full light of the blazing electricity from above as he cried out into the arena.

Theo felt Jayden’s nuts rise to the bottom of his rigid erection and quiver and felt the balls gearing up for release and he sung in his throat to add a little something extra as Jayden finally lost it.

“I…I…” Jayden tried to say as his bottom lip quivered and his penis pulsed on last time and began to spout batch after hot blast of semen inside of Theo’s throat. Jayden’s whole body locked into place, his toes digging into the sand and his outstretched fingers twisting in the air like spider legs trying to grab onto the safety of their webs.

Theo hummed taking Jayden’s cum down his throat, from his position beneath Jayden he had no choice. His throat filled and he was forced to swallow again and again. Theo had no idea how much Jayden spewed and continue to spew but his orgasm seemed to go on and on and that’s when Theo felt Jayden’s cock tremble and he knew that even before his first orgasm was finished, he was having a second.

Jayden’s eyes crossed and he trembled again as he came again so quickly after the first time and cried out “My boyballs!”

Jayden cried out for his testicles because Theo in all of this did not loosen his grip. Theo stubbornly held Jayden’s nuts tight and felt Jayden’s flow of cum move through his tubes and seemed to take great joy in both slowing down this process and robbing Jayden of the full pleasure of his orgasms. Jayden’s second orgasm was quicker and he soon collapsed on top on Theo, his chest hitting the sand and his balls bursting with pain.

Finally Theo sucked the last drops from Jayden’s thick cock and felt the pulsing both slow and end, he still sucked on enjoying feeling Jayden losing rigidity in his mouth and Jayden whimpered about, “Too sensitive.” Finally Theo gave in and let Jayden’s cock go, but not before he flipped Jayden on his back.

Theo released Jayden softening pole and squeezed the nuts that he held captive once more making Jayden shake on the ground before he slowly released him. Theo was so hard that when he grabbed his own erection he only rubbed it once before he came onto of Jayden’s chest blasting him with his hot white cum.

Jayden gazed up at Theo in the throes of pleasure and just as Theo was finished kicked his left leg up right into his drained testicles and felt the orbs underneath his toes squish terribly. Theo gasped and dropped to his knees, and Jayden pulled him down to the sand and kissed him once more on the lips.

“You won,” Jayden smiled.

“Fucked, it feels like I lost!” Theo groaned grabbing his nuts. That last kick took everything out of him and he lay on Jayden’s chest breathing hard as the rookie rolled Theo until he was atop of him.

“Want to do it again?” Jayden asked but not letting him answer as he kissed him again. He could taste himself on Theo’s tongue.

Theo, incredulous, is left with nothing but the ability to kiss Jayden back.


Lysander—still in Gino’s grip—watches the rivals kissing in the sand and the crowd of guys around them start discussing the match, wondering if giving head might be a new strategy to winning Pankration battles in the future. Lysander almost quivers from head to foot when he asks Gino, “Now?”

Gino grins. “Yeah. Now I will let you,” and he eases up his hand hold on Lysander’s ball bag and starts to really jack him off. The slow steady rhythm from before is quickly changed and Lysander not wanting to ruin another toga lifts up the material and exposes his head just enough that when he fires he doesn’t hit anything but the dirt.

Lysander groans and shudders as he experiences his second orgasm in the stands and turns his eyes to Amun who is left speechless, this time not by choice.

Gino sucks Lysander’s ear and bites the lobe asking “How’s it going?”

The prince is unable to speak or utter anything but a steady groan as his orgasm spews out the last remnants of his sperm. When he can speak again he turns to look at Gino their faces so close together. “I thought you were going to let me...uh...when….came.”

“Changed my mind,” grinned Gino. “I hate to share anything. I wanted you to cum last.”

Gino squeezed Lysander's nuts again making the boy whimper out, “My nuts, oh my nuuuts.”

Taking pity Gino lets up and releases him and stands up in front of Lysander who goes to thank him but is interrupted with a mean one-two punch, leaving him to curl into a ball. “Something for you to remember me by,” Gino said meanly with a laugh as he ducked underneath the wooden rail and heads to the center of the arena to get his little brother.

“Jayden,” Gino called out the rain finally starting to slow above.

Jayden couldn’t or refused to acknowledge Gino as he walked up to him. Jayden was lost in kissing the prince that he had lost to, but he didn’t care.

“Jayden,” Gino called out again and this time shook his shoulder. “It’s time to go.”

Jayden continued kissing Theo and ignored him.

“Jayden, you need to let go.”

“No,” Jayden came up for air. “Not yet.”

“Jayden,” said Gino.


“Jayden, wake up the movie’s over!”

Jayden felt himself on Gino’s shoulder as his brother shook him. “Movie’s over kid, time for practice.”

“What?” said Jayden groggily. “Where’s Theo?”

“Who’s Theo?” Gino asked. “Man you were out cold! You were kissing and sucking on my neck. You’re such a goober.”

Jayden looked up to see a slight red mark on Gino’s shoulder and what looked like a growing hickey.

“Did I do that?”

“Who else was sleeping on me?” asked Gino standing up and pulling Jayden onto his unsteady feet.

“Okay, pair up!” shouted Logan. “I want everyone to try that last move. If we can sneak that one in on the mats against an opponent it will be devastating.” Logan said.

“Logan that’s not what we are going to do,” Coach Johnson said. “You may be the captain Logan but I am the coach, I call the shots. Now everybody what we are going to do instead is work on kicking. I recently took a new workshop and I find that this would be very productive!”

Coach Johnson smiled out over to his wrestlers and clasped his hands together indicating that he wanted them to all gather. Reluctantly the group did, Gino and Jayden followed suit. Jayden was still groggy he didn’t feel quite right. He knew that something was left unfinished he just didn’t know what that something was.

“Now I want each of you to try this kick,” said Coach Johnson and demonstrated it in the air. “Next I want you to dodge it when I kick back. Then when finished head to the back of the line. We are going to do this for the next ten minutes. Go!”

Jayden kept looking back at Logan, he seemed sullen and did not get in the line. Jayden hated seeing his captain out of sorts and knew that it was Coach Johnson’s fault. It was springtime and Coach Johnson seemed to be taking back control of his team. With this being Logan’s last year as his captain, Jayden knew that they would be separated soon. ‘But Logan told him, ‘Not to worry about it, you trust me right?’’

‘I do.’

‘Then know that this isn’t going to be our last match together.’

Jayden thought back to that conversation trying to make sense out of Logan’s cryptic meaning when it was his turn. Pushing his ponderings aside he demonstrated the kick like the others before him and turned to head to the back of the line. Jayden saw the warning look in Gino’s eyes behind him and heard his brother call out his name as something hard hit him in the back of his skull. Then he saw nothing at all.

Somewhere Jayden heard his brother call out his name and he tried to tell him that he was fine but he’s unsure if he said his words out loud or if he said them only in his head.



Jayden looked around stupidly. He was unsure of where he was, and what was happening.

“You’re up?”

“What?” Jayden asked trying to shake the cobwebs from his brain.

“Pankration, they called you!”

“Gino?” Jayden asked.

“You tired or something?”

“Maybe…I had the weirdest dream…” Jayden grabbed and shook his head. He was wearing a toga. He remembered that he fought Theo yesterday and lost, and Gino fought Lysander and won. They celebrated inside after the matches and agreed to stay one more day. Jayden’s singlet was ruined so he had borrowed the toga from Lysander earlier. He remembered fondly the two of them getting dressed together.

“You wear the loin cloth like this,” Lysander had said demonstrating how to tie it around his own waist at the sides and how it held his private so neatly and snuggly in the pouch.

Jayden fully nude but dry from his shower attempted to tie what looked like simple knots failed again. “I’m so bad at this,” he laughed.

Lysander giggled at his struggles and walked up to him. “Want me to do it for you?”

“Yes, please.” Jayden handed him the soft cloth and Lysander bent down a bit and asked shyly.

“How do you usually position your um….well, how do you like…ah…” he cheeks reddened and Jayden quickly understood.

“Can you position my penis to the left?” Jayden asked just as shyly and turning the same color red as Lysander.

“Okay,” Lysander said as he starts to quickly tie one side, and when he gets to the other he positioned Jayden’s penis as indicated to the left. Jayden sucks in a breath and nods his head in approval but when Lysander went to tie the side Jayden sprung an erection.

“Oops,” Jayden said turning even redder in the face as the cloth pouch pops back open preventing Lysander from tying it.

Lysander chuckled nervously a bit and re-grabs the cords and attempts to tie the side but can’t. Jayden’s erection is so large that Lysander can’t even get the cords to touch. “Could you…?” Lysander tried to ask.

“I’m not doing it on purpose!” Jayden cackled with laughter. “You have soft hands.”

Crimson is not an accurate color to describe Lysander’s face but it is the closet term. Lysander is unsure what to say next when Amun opens the bedroom door.

“What’s taking so long?” the monk asked.

“It’s Jayden’s fault!” Lysander scolds.

“I mean…I guess that’s true.”

Amun glides over his robes swishing back and forth as he peers down at the problem.

“I can’t make it close,” Lysander stated.

“I don’t know how to do it myself Jayden admitted.

Amun gazed at the two of them, and Jayden’s obvious erection and the two turn away, completely embarrassed.

“Simple solution,” Amun gestured from Lysander to move away which he quickly did giving Amun space. Amun looked into Jayden’s eyes and said, “Hold onto my shoulders.”

Jayden did as instructed and felt three blows in quick precision between his thighs and Jayden squeaked as the low blows weakened him in knees and he squeezed Amun’s shoulder’s hard. Amun easily tied the knots a few seconds later and Jayden looked down at his diminishing erection. Amun stood up and shook his head at Lysander, whose wide grey eyes looked guilty.

“Now you are fully covered, the toga is easier to put on. You won’t need help with that, correct?”

“No,” gasped Jayden clutching his painful pouch. “God,” Jayden groaned.

“Oh good, Pankration will begin again today. You will learn from your loss yesterday watching a new battle.”

Jayden nodded, still bent at the waist. “Okay.” His voice was hoarse.

Amun’s lips quivered in an almost smile. “Excellent. See you both in the stands.”

Lysander handed Jayden his robe, and he quickly pulled on the toga, limping next to Lysander wearing a pair of matching leather sandals that wrapped around his ankles.

“Is he always so…serious?”

“Amun? Always.” Lysander explained happy to share some information as he always feels as if he is the newest and most inexperienced prince.

The bright sunlight warms Jayden and Lysander as they head to the stands. Gino greets him with a half hug patting the seat next to him and handing him a hearty breakfast bread with some sort of warm gravy that Jayden quickly devoured. “Looking good in your toga,” Gino grinned pinching Jayden’s exposed brown nipple.

“Ow!” Jayden laughed and slapped his hand away. “Jerk.”

“Don’t you mean to thank me for breakfast,” Gino taunts leaning in to grab Jayden’s nipple again. Jayden dodged the attack and Gino managed to find Lysander’s instead and he didn’t pinch the nub painfully like his brother’s but gave it a flick instead and rubbed it a bit after. “Maybe they will schedule us for a rematch, would you like that Lysander?”

“Uhhh,” Lysander blinked then screwed on his warlike look. “You better hope not! I won’t go easy on you this time.” Gino snickered, considering the possibilities.  

“Rematches don’t happen in Pankration. Always new battles,” Amun said with authority as he scrutinized Gino underneath his gaze. “How long is your visit again?”

“This will be our last one, we have to head home afterwards.”

“Hmmm, it’s for the best. You clearly don’t fit in here,” Amun said closing his eyes and going back into a meditative pose.

Gino had had enough of the monk and went to reach underneath his robes to squeeze what he had been fascinating about a very small and unimpressive set of nuts when Amun struck his nuts three times in quick succession so hard that Gino fell off of his seat and lost the rest of his breakfast in the sand. “My nuts!” Gino groaned grabbing his nuts while his balls pulsed painfully in his ballsac.

Amun was already back in his meditation mode and paid Gino little mind.

“You can’t interrupt Amun when he is meditating. I have learned from experience if you touch him even the littlest bit, he will know,” whispered Lysander standing up and pretending to touch Amun’s shoulder. The slight movement towards his body caused Amun to stir again, and like a snake he reached out and smacked Lysander so hard between his legs that his junk quivered and shook side to side before he scooped up Lysander’s balls and squeezed hard and twisted down pulling Lysander to the sand where he released him and he rolled into a ball next to Gino where the two of them stayed groaning on the ground.

Jayden chuckled and unlike the other two, he did not intend to touch or annoy Amun at all, he remembered how hard he hit from earlier and kept his mouth firmly shut. It took a few minutes for Gino and Lysander to recover, but when they sat up and went back to the stands they gave the monk a wide berth.

That’s when Theo started to discuss today’s activities and how they only had time today for one match. He pulled out a stone and called out Jayden’s name surprising everyone that he was chosen again.

“Shit,” Jayden said out loud. He was still sore from yesterday, and he reached underneath his robes to gently cradle his boyhood as if he could protect himself with such a gesture.

“Lucky!” Gino said thumping him on the back. “I wonder who you will face!”

“Our newcomer Jayden will be facing….Prince Nico!”

The crowd went wild upon hearing Nico’s name and Jayden’s heart about stopped. He was about to face the best fighter in the entire arena.


The final part is coming tomorrow!



Anonymous said...

What a fuckin hot chapter!

I love all the humiliating ways the Greek boys were dominated! The penis size comparison was super hot between Theo and Jayden, I really would like some actual measurements to fully imagine what their sizes are like though!

Lysander being milked again was also super hot, I love the attention to his foreskin and how weak he is when it comes to that.

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Anonymous,

I'll make sure to try and add figures the next time just to help tickle that fantasy a bit more, Anonymous.

Glad that you dug Lysander's role in the past few stories. He is one of my favorites and I made sure that he got to have a role in this crossover, he really deserves it. He's such a fun dynamic character and I wanted him to shine.

Lysanders lack of experience and his little (not really) weakness was fun to explore.

I hope that you liked the finale!



Harry said...

Anon, thanks for commenting man, and I’m happy you enjoyed the story! I’ll try not to take it personally that you were cheering how my Princes got wrecked lol.