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Roommates (written by Dominik)

My friend Dominik (author of Pain by the pool, Another competition with consequences, Blind man's balls, Space balls, A very boring Saturday for Cal and Stockpicks and low blows) is on a run lately. Here is another awesome story from him. I'm sure you'll enjoy it just as much as I did!

Neil just approached the door of his second-floor apartment, happily whistling a melody. He looked below the fence in front of his aparwtment door down to the parking lot and out into the neighborhood. He’s been living in the city for a few months now together with his roommate Joseph, being in his first semester at university.

Things were going well for him. His studies in the subject of economies were off to a great start. He found a couple of friends, he didn’t live too far from uni and he liked the new city he had moved to. The only downside was he had yet to find a girlfriend or boyfriend, though he wasn’t in such a hurry about that anymore as he initially thought he would be since he had came to an unexpected arrangement with his roommate.

Joseph studied for a law degree. He was in his third semester and barely a year older than Neil who had just turned 19. He was a hot, nicely-built young man with a much more muscular and trained body than Neil. The only downside was, he was straight – much to Neil’s dismay, or else the two of them might have become more than roommates, or so he liked to think. Neil himself was bi and had made some brief experiences with both genders, but nothing serious thus far.

That was, until he moved in with Joseph – because even though his handsome flatmate wasn‘t interested in him sexually, the two of them had come to a fun agreement that both of them had their joy with, even though in different ways. Neil had a fondness for being kicked in the balls; he was totally into it for a few years now. But thus far, he had barely made any practical experiences in this field – he once convinced two school-friends to kick him in the balls a couple times, but not much had happened since until he met Joseph.

Him and Joseph had quickly grown closer, and so it came that a couple weeks after they became flatmates, he told Joseph about his kink. Joseph was curious and a little sceptical about it at first, but after volunteering to let Neil taste some of that sweet ballpain, he quickly grew a liking out of it, and so it came to be that he kicked Joseph on a regular basis now, usually multiple times per week. Joseph didn’t view it as anything sexual himself; for him, it was more of a sports discipline: trying to score as many goals and make as much of a mess as he could while regularly trying out original new ideas.

He respected Neil’s boundaries and stopped whenever Neil had enough – or not much later, at least –, but as long as Neil was game, he didn’t hold back in abusing his flatmate’s balls to his non-sexual pleasure. He had made it clear from the start that he didn‘t like to be on the receiving end of it, and while Neil wouldn‘t be opposed to dishing out a little himself, he honestly didn‘t care – with Joseph abusing his balls in more and more ridiculous ways, he was already living the dream. The two had made a hobby out of it, and Neil enjoyed the hell out of it.

Neil turned to his door again, the keys in his hand now. He quickly unlocked the door and stepped into their place. It wasn’t a very big apartment, but large enough for the two of them – it had a big community space with a TV, kitchen place and the like in which the two of them liked to hang out together, along with two bedrooms as their more private spaces. For how close to the uni it was, the place was more than decent for its price.

Neil threw down his bag. The door to Joseph’s bedroom was leaned; he heard some rummaging coming out of it.

„I‘m home!“

He figured he might invite his roomie to give him a nice welcome kick which was something he oftentimes did to start their bro-sensual ritual. And so he quickly pulled off his shirt, unzipped his pants and dropped them along with his underpants to the floor before kicking them away.

„Surprise package for you!“, he he called out to Joseph‘s room before placing himself in front of the kitchen counter, facing away from the middle of the room before widely spreading his legs.

A couple of seconds later, he heard the door to Joseph‘s room open and saw a silhouette moving at the border of his view. He smiled as he heard some heavy footsteps behind him. Usually Joseph liked to join the action barefoot or in socks, but judging by the sounds of the footsteps, he had prepared a surprise for Neil aswell.

A moment of silence passed as the anticipation grew larger. Neil felt his dick get hard with sexual excitement and his cheeks turn red as he waited for the action to start in the intentionally emberassing and inviting naked pose he had struck.

Then, an enormous pain exploded in his crotch. He looked down just in time to see the tip of a heavy boot fly into his ballsac before being consumed by the immense fiery sensation in his gonads. It was a hard kick – Joseph usually liked to start out more softly as to not end their fun prematurely, but this time he had truly started with the big cannons first.

Neil fell down to the floor, rolling around stark-naked as he was. He expected to hear his roommate laugh as he usually did, but instead, he heard the door to their apartment open and close after a couple of seconds. He was curious about it, but he didn’t pay much attention to it, still bothered by his jewels and the heavy pain they were in.

„Guess that‘s why you liked to give me such a single hard kick“, he said out into the empty room. „Because you were in a hurry to go. Could have at least said goodbye, buddy.“

He took another minute or two before being able to catch his breath and being able to get up again. The boot had left a nice imprint on the bottom of his ballsac which was already starting to swell slightly from it. Neil groaned and massaged his balls before grabbing himself some orange juice out of the fridge.

With the apartment now being empty, he quickly made himself a sandwich and then jumped in front of the TV in a comfortable pose, still naked as he was. Joseph didn’t mind him being naked, and he figured if his buddy came back soon, maybe the view of him being all naked and exposed might give him lust for more action. He massaged his still sore, swelling balls while taking slow bytes and switching TV channels.

A couple minutes later, Neil‘s phone rang. He stumbled over to his jeans which were still lying carelessly on the floor before jumping back onto the couch. It was Joseph.

„Hey bro!“

The two greeted each other and talked a little about their day.

„By the way, where were you so quickly off to?“, Neil asked jokingly. „Had a hotter date than lil‘ old me with my funky balls?“

„You‘re funny“, came from the other side. „What are you talking about, Neil.“

„Well, you could have at least said a few words“, Neil continued. „Or did you want to make a big mystery out of it?“

„Out of what? I don‘t follow.“

„Well, you just stormed out of your room, kicked me into my big exposed balls that I so nicely presented to you and stormed out without a word. Usually you‘re not so taciturn.“

It followed a few seconds of silence on the other end. Then, Joseph responded in a more serious tone: „Neil, I haven’t been home since this morning.“

„What? No, you just were...“ Neil froze as he was just about to byte his sandwich. „Wait, are you serious?“

„Yeah, Neil.“

Neil swallowed. He suddenly felt goosebumps on his spine. Joseph sometimes did like to mess with him, but usually in a joking manner. He generally knew when his roomie was telling the truth. Even though he already knew the answer, he still asked: „You’re... just messing with me, right?“

„I initially thought you were messing with me.“

Neil gulped again. He looked around the empty apartment. He suddenly felt a little exposed slouching all over the couch bare-ass naked as he was, and he got a very unnerving feeling in his stomach.

„So if it wasn’t you... who was it?“


„When was that?“, Joseph finally asked, his voice still being unusually cold and troubled, something Neil barely knew of him.

„I don‘t know... 20 minutes ago, maybe?“

„Stay home. Look the doors. I‘m on my way home now.“

Now Neil was truly freaked out; the semi-hardon he had been rocking for a couple of minutes had shrimpeled away again. He quickly threw on his clothes and tried to shake off the unsettling feeling that someone was watching him. Then he went to lock the door. He suddenly hesitated, then he opened it just barely and peaked out to see if anyone was there.

That’s when he saw it. The scratch marks near the lock. He was pretty sure they hadn’t been there before, and he hadn’t paid any attention to the door when he came in. The door lock wasn’t broken, but it gave off the impression that someone had been working on it.

Freaked out, he quickly searched the apartment. There was nobody there, but as he looked into his bedroom, he noticed that a couple things weren’t in order. The drawers were all neatly closed, but his desk chair wasn’t standing where it usually was, a couple of things were displaced or spread on the floor...

He quickly rummaged through his stuff, and sure enough, the money that he usually kept in his wardrobe was gone, along with some personal documents. It hadn’t been a whole lot, he fortunately didn’t keep much money around in cash, but the realization of what happened still hit him hard. His computer was still there – for once he was glad he hadn‘t come around to buy a new shiny laptop and was still using the big tower PC from his parents along with that old, dirty monitor.

„Shit“, he mumbled as he sank down on the floor, the unnerving feeling in his stomach turning to sheer panic.

A few minutes later, Joseph finally came home. Neil rarely ever had been as happy to see him as now – even if his limp dick would tell a different story. The roomies briefly hugged before Neil explained to him again what happened and how it played out in quick, sharp sentences.

„Jesus Christ“, Joseph mumbled. „Are you alright? Thank god you‘re safe.“

„Well, my balls still hurt and are definitely a little swollen, but... that‘s nothing out of the ordinary, right?“, he tried to say jokingly, but he definitely heard the terror in his own voice.

Joseph nodded. „As funny as it sounds, maybe exposing your balls to him was accidentally the right call... better that than if he had he done anything worse to you.“ He took a deep breath. „Alright, I‘m still super freaked-out. First things first, we have to call the police.“

As the two of them waited for the officers to arrive, they quickly looked through their stuff again – both of them staying together to be safe.

„He made quite a mess out of my room, more so than it usually is“, Joseph commented. „But as far as I can tell, nothing‘s missing. You must have startled him and caused him to leave just as he was going through my belongings.“

„Well, at least my ugly-ass balls came in just in time to save your valuables“, he tried to dispel the heavy atmosphere.

The two boys decided to step out in front of the door – both to wait for the cops aswell as to check on the neighbors if they had seen anything or been robbed too. That’s when they noticed there was quite a turmoil down on the parking lot in front of their apartment complex. They leaned on the railing as they watched how a couple of people, some of which Neil recognised as their neighbors, held down a big, hunky man in a black leather jacket, a baseball cap and some big, black leather boots.

„Fuck, man“, Neil mumbled and quickly exchanged a view with Joseph who was just as speechless as him.

The two of them watched as two police offers currently rushed over to the turmoil. The man struggled and briefly got free before being tackled and handcuffed by the officers.

„Gotcha, you son of a bitch“, Joseph said triumphantly.

Some of the neighbors screamed obscenities at him, others watched in silence with satisfaction. The man didn‘t say a word, but as the officers subdued him, Neil was able to glance at his face. He was younger than he initially seemed – maybe in his mid 20ths. He had a grim, motionless expression on his face during all of it.

Just as the officers pulled him around to lead him to their patrol car, he glanced across all the people around him without saying a word or changing face. He took the treatment with silence. Just before the offers pushed him forward, his eyes looked up Neil and Joseph as they stood on the second floor of the building.

And for a second, his motionless face changed and he gave Neil a smug and knowing smile full of satisfaction.


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huh good story there

Buster said...

Wow! This story was truly amazing. Not a lot of ball busting stories are genuinely thrilling and suspenseful. :) Thanks for the post.

Dominik said...

Thank you, both of you! I appreciate it!

All the best,