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Blind man's balls (written by Dominik)

This is another wonderful story written by my German friend Dominik, author of Pain by the pool and Another competition with consequences, and co-creator of German language story blog Jungs mit Eiern. I hope you enjoy Dominik's story as much as I did! :-))

Featured in this story: Ben, Kev, Leo, Phil and Zach (click for pictures)

"Alright. Sounds like a decent enough idea", Kev said and burped.

He sat together around a garden table with Ben, Leo, Phil and Zach in the backyard of Zach’s house. They were sipping beer making themselves a nice Friday evening after an exhausting week. It was a warm autumn evening with some occasional cold gusts of wind, but the boys didn’t seem to freeze. Zach and Kev were dressed in T-Shirts and shorts, Ben wore some long sweatpants and a tanktop and only Phil and Leo were dressed in jeans and long-sleeved shirts with Phil even wearing a thin jacket on top.

They had been talking about their days for a while now, but getting increasingly excited and drunken, they were looking for a way to spice up their evening a bit.

That’s when Ben and Zach had suggested a game they had played a while ago in their soccer group after an exhausting match to bring up the mood: they would blindfold one of them and put him in the middle. Afterwards, someone of the others would hit him in the balls with a means of his choosing, and the blindfolded player would have to guess which one of them did it. Guess correctly, and he’d be freed and the one who hit him would become the new blindfolded one. If he guessed wrong, someone else could hit him and he would have to guess again, with the amount of hits increasing each round.

"Yeah, sounds fun", Leo agreed. "I’d be up for it."

"I was hoping not to have to put my balls on the line this weekend", Phil exclaimed, but then let out a sigh when his friends looked at him expectantly and took a deep sip of his beer. "A, whatever."

"Great. Let’s play, then?", Ben asked.

"Sure. I’ll look for some blindfolds", Zach nodded and stood up, straddling to his house.

He returned a minute later, a big, black scarf in his hands.

"That should do", Kev nodded.

"So, who wants to first?"

The boys looked at each other expectantly.

"Any volunteers?", Zach inquired.

Nobody wanted to be the first to get hit.

"Alright, pussies", Ben said. "Let’s drink up our beers at the same time and whoever finishes last has to start." With these words, he grabbed his half-empty beer bottle and put it to his mouth.

"Fine with me", Zach nodded and grabbed his almost-empty bottle.

"But… that’s not fair… I’ve just had a new bottle", Leo complained, but his buddies had already grabbed their bottles and were sipping beer down their throats. "Fine, I’ll start", he sighed as Ben already put down his bottle again.

"Tough luck", Ben shrugged grinning.

"Don’t worry, I’m sure it’s not a huge disadvantange", Phil said as Leo drunk up his bottle aswell.

Leo took it with sportsmanship. He finished his bottle and then got up from his chair.

"I suggest you stand in front of the table", Zach pointed on the grass, a few meters away from the table, as his buddies watched with amusement. "Not too close."

Leo took up the spot and grinned nervously as Zach put the blindfold around his head.

"Ready to Rambo", Zach tapped his shoulders and then got back to his chair. There Leo stood, with his jeans and buttonless, slong-sleeved shirt that covered his muscular, sleek body quite well but still gave an outline of his most priced posessions between his legs.

The boys looked at each other.

"Come on, don’t make this too exciting, guys", Leo said, putting his arms behind his back and stepping from one foot to another.

Kev stood up from his chair slowly and silently, hoping Leo would only hear the brief scratch from the chair across the floor, but not where it came from. Then, Kev creeped around the table and stood in front of Leo. He took a moment to observe his body and look at the bulge between his legs, then he shot his foot forward and kicked him from below right between his legs.

"Ouch!", Leo screamed and stumbled backwards. "Right on target."

Kev grinned and snuck back to his chair.

"So, who was it?", Ben asked.

"Oh, right, I have to guess", Leo said as he cradled his privates. "Well, it was a pretty tough kick. Could have been Ben?"

"Nope", Ben grinned. Kev gave him a triumphant smile.

"Well, shit. That means someone else gets a shot aswell?"

"Yeah. Two shots, actually."

"Damn. Better get it over with."

The boys looked at each other again. This time, Ben got up and quickly flounced over to the blindfolded skater boy. Unlike Kev he didn’t hasitate but quickly yet precisely rammed first his right, then his left foot into Leo’s nuts.

"Oh man!", Leo laughed bending forward, his face contorted in pain. "Good ones. Well, I once again have no idea. Kev maybe?"

"Nah man", Kev grinned.

"Damn. So I get three fucking kicks now?"

"Yeah", the others said in unison.

"Alright", he sighed.

This time, Phil felt his calling. He quickly got out of his chair and tippled to Leo. He took aim, then he snap-kicked Leo in the balls with all the force he could muster. Leo screamed, but Phil quickly followed up with two more kicks. Leo fell down on his knees while Phil turned around, giving his mates on the table a thumbs-up.

"That got me good", Leo wheezed. "But wait. I’m pretty sure the kicks this time were barefoot."

Phil’s grin disappeared from his face. Ben raised his eyebrows.

"I’m pretty sure Zach is not wearing shoes since we’re at his house", Leo deducted, "but I think Phil also left his shoes inside the house… so I’m gonna go with either of them. I don’t know… I’m gonna go with Phil?"

"Fuck", Phil exclaimed angrily. "Yeah, it was me."

"Finally!" Leo ripped the blindfold off and looked up to Phil who was still standing in front of him.

"Seems we have our next victim", Zach grinned.

"No need to sit down, you’re good where you are", Kev mocked him.

"Alright. There go my weekend plans, I guess", Phil joked. He waited patiently as Leo got up again, still nursing his balls, and put the blindfold around his eyes.

"Ready to go!"

As Leo said down, Zach got up. He took his empty beer bottle along with him. He grinned at the others as he placed himself in front of Phil. He held his bottle by the neck like a golf club, then he drew it back and afterwards hit it into Phil’s balls.

The boys cheered silently as Phil doubled over. "Fuck, what even was that? Was that a beer bottle?"

Zach tiptoed back to his chair. Leo said: "Maybe. But who was it?"

"That fucking hurts!", Phil groaned. "Alright, I have no idea. My best guess is Leo, as a revanche for the three kicks from before?"

"Nice idea. But nope", Leo cheered.

"Alright. Someone else then."

Ben got up and snuck in front of Zach. He didn’t bring his bottle; instead, the muscular stud fired his knee into Phil’s balls twice in rapid succession, flattening the bulge in his jeans.

"Aah!", Phil screamed as Ben triumphantly walked back to the boys. "Whatever that was, it got me good. Could have been Zach, I suppose?"

"Wrong", Zach laughed.

"Fuck. Alright, someone go ahead for and give me three hits."

Now it was Leo who got up. Following Zach’s example, he took a new beer bottle from the crate. Then he placed himself in front of Phil strategically and hit the bottle right into the bulge in Phil’s pants.

"Fuck no!" Phil screamed. "Not the bottle again!"

But Leo mercilessly drew the bottle back and swung it into Phil’s balls a second time. This time, Phil bulged forward and pressed his hands on his knees which made his balls harder to access, but Leo swung the bottle from the side this time, hitting him decently well for a third time. Phil, not expecting the hit, screamed and fell back on his ass.

"Fuck me", he mumbled.

"I doubt anyone’s gonna do that this weekend", Kev grinned as Leo cracked open his beer bottle. "So, who do you think it was?"

"I don’t know. Gonna go with Ben?"


"Ah, fuck."

"Not your lucky day, eh?"

Phil was still sitting blindfolded on the grass a couple meters away from the table, crading his balls. Kev used the opportunity and quickly crept up to him without Phil even realizing that someone had approached him again. Then Kev drew his foot back and rammed it deep between Phil’s legs like he was kicking a soccer ball.

"Oooh", Phil mumbled. But before he could properly react to the assault, Kev quickly sent the tip of his shoe into Phils balls another three times.

"Oh man", Phil gasped as he rolled around on the floor. "Fuck, I don’t know. From how hard these kicks were… I’m guessing Zach or Kev. Maybe Zach?"

"Nope, it was me", Kev chuckled.

"I knew it was one of you two!", he complained. "Damn!"

"Better luck next time!"

Kev took a new round of beers from the crate and cracked them open while they waited for Phil to recover. Two minutes later, Phil was standing on his legs again, albeit a little shaky.

This time it was Leo again who wanted part of the cake. He grinned as he walked in front of Phil, then he got down on his knees. He focused on the bulge in Phil’s jeans, then he rammed his fist into Phil’s poor, tender babymakers.


Phil doubled over, but Leo quickly followed up with another four precise, hard hits into his groin region that rudely flattened his dick and balls.

"Man, fuck… and I planned to wank off later tonight", he mumbled. "Ben, was that you?"

"Nope, it was me", Leo grinned.

"Wow. I don’t remember your hits being that hard, skater-boy."

"Well, I can think of something that won’t be very hard tonight", Leo cheekily replied as he danced back to the table.

Now it was Zach who took his chances again. He placed himself in front of Phil, then he kicked Phil six times in quick succession with all the force he could muster. His foot and lower leg smashed into his babymakers and bashed them wildly against his hip and legs.

"Fuck, man", Phil mumbled, his face contorted in pain. "I’m done making educated guesses, I’ll just pick someone at random from now on. Zach?"

The pretentious grin vanished from Zach’s face as he heard his name.

"Hah, Zach!", Ben laughed. "It’s your turn!"

"Don’t tell me it actually was him!", Phil laughed and ripped the scarf from his face. He smirked as he saw Zach stand in front of him, and despite the pain between his legs, he cheerfully snap-kicked Zach in the balls.

"Hey, that was uncalled for!"

"Tough luck."

As Phil was still in too much pain, Leo offered to place the scarf on Zach’s face. Phil meanwhile limped back to his chair, sat down with a pain-struck but still somewhat satisfied face and took a deep sip from the open, but yet untouched beer in front of him.

Zach’s round went by quickly. Kev started off with a hard uppercut into his balls that made Zach gasp for air, but he guessed incorrectly. Next, Kev shot his knee two times into Zach’s balls. Through the thin fabric of Zach’s shorts, he felt as if the knees that hit him didn’t have a layer of clothing, and the only one besides Zach who also wore shorts and therefore exposed his knees was Kev. Zach guessed correctly, and so he was allowed to return to his comfy chair from the exposed spot on the grass after just two rounds already.

"You’re pretty deductive for the three beer that you already have in your system", Kev said with a sour expression as Zach put the blindfold on him.

"Four, actually", Zach burped.

Kev got unexpectedly lucky, though. Leo strolled up to him and gave Kev’s balls a good hit with his fists – or so he thought.

"That was actually pretty tolerable", Kev said. "More like a hickup than a proper hit. What was that; an elbow?"

"Nah, a fist", Leo said nonchalantly – while still standing right in front of the blindfolded Kev.

Then he froze and looked in terror to his friends at the table who grinned at him, and Zach even facepalmed.

"Leo, right?", Kev inquired, realizing what had happened.

"Yeah, it was me…", Leo said with a defeated voice. "Sorry guys, I’m already kinda drunk…"

"I don’t think anyone’s mad at you for the free chance to bust your balls, buddy", Kev grinned as he took off the blindfold and gave Leo a pitying pat on the chest.

Leo didn’t have to suffer too long this time, though. Ben and Zach both introduced his balls to their knuckles in a not-so-soft way that made the other boys cringe, and he guessed wrong both times.

"How long will we play today?", Kev asked inbetween. "Probably should head home while the busses are still going."

"How about one more victim after this?", Zach asked.

"Sounds good."

"And to make it fair, when the loser of the final round guesses correctly, he can give the one who hit him last another 10 free hits to the balls to top it off", Ben added. "Otherwise there’d be no stakes for getting detected in the final round."


"And how about the victim of the next and final round has to take the hits naked, just like his victim afterwards", Kev threw in as a suggestion. "To switch things up and raise the stakes a little."

"Fair enough", the boys shrugged.

"You guys are gonna continue?", Leo asked inbetween. The last hit had floored him but he had stood up already in the meantime while his friends were talking.

"Sure", Ben laughed. "Leo’s waiting; let’s first finish this round, shall we?"

This time, Phil took the courage to get up. He had been very restrainted over the last few rounds, mostly watching the action unfold, as he was still suffering from his own balls that were most definitely a little swollen already and didn’t want to risk putting them on the line again. But he also wanted to get in on the action a little, so he took his chances.

He placed himself strategically a meter in front of his slender friend, then he rammed his knee three times into Leo’s balls.

"Ah, fuck", Leo shrieked and jumped briefly in the air. "But I know who it was. Phil, right?"

Phil frowned. "Damn. Yeah, how did you know?"

"You’re the only one wearing a jacket, and I heard it rustle when you walked up to me", Leo grinned as he ripped off the scarf. "I didn’t pay attention to it last time, but this time it was very clear."

"Fuck", Phil mumbled and looked down at his jacket.

"That means you’re on the spot once more", Kev grinned. He was satisfied with himself – the one time he had been on the receiving end today, he had gotten off practically free. Similarly, Ben had been enjoying the evening a lot – despite dishing out frequently, he had not been the victim a single time today.

"I guess so…"

"And as we all agreed, you have to do it naked!", Ben threw in.

He sighed as he started opening the zipper of his jacket. "But I’m already cold…"

"Tough luck!", Leo quipped.

"If you don’t make a correct guess quickly then that will be the least of your problems", Zach laughed.

Phil started stripping in front of his friends. He was an athletic, trained soccer player with a slim body that he had mostly concealed below his thick clothes today. He first took off his thin leather jacket – the one that had given him away moments ago – to reveal a red, long-sleeved shirt. Off came the shirt to expose his slender, handsome upper body. He had a sixpack and a very nice, muscular but still small chest and his similarly shaped arms.

Off came the socks with he threw carelessly onto his shirt and jacket that were lying next to him in the grass. Then he opened his jeans and exposed his underpants and muscular legs. He was more trained in his lower body thanks to his regular soccer games. Finally, under the cheers of his pals, he stripped off his boxershorts and revealed a medium-sized, limp dick and his already slightly reddened and swollen balls.

"Nice", Kev commented.

Phil blushed; he wasn’t usually very shy, but standing butt-naked in front of his fully-clothed friends who were comfortably chilling on the chairs and were eager to have his balls crushed was a little embarassing. He stumbled as he stepped out of his boxershorts and almost fell, much to the laughter of his friends.

"Alright, ready to be blinded?", Ben asked. He had snapped the scarf and stepped behind Phil to blindfold him, not without giving him a nice pat on his bare arse that made Phil flinch.

"I guess so…"

"On the upside: at least you’re not completely naked if you’re still wearing a scarf", Leo laughed.

Ben quickly got back to his seat. The four boys cheered to each other and drank from their beers while waiting for someone to take the lead.

Finally, Kev got up. He didn’t immediately go to Phil, though; instead, he walked back to the back entrance of Zach’s house. A moment later, the boys saw why: Kev had snatched the skateboard that Leo, the skater boy of the five, had arrived with.

Kev walked up to Phil who was still standing there blindfolded and in silent anticipation. Then he drew back the skateboard and rammed the short end of it right into Phil’s dick and balls.

"Auuu!", Phil yelped as the hard board crushed his genitals which made his friends cringe. "Fuck, my balls! That was the fucking skateboard, wasn’t it? Leo, you bastard, you crushed my balls with your skateboard!"

"Actually, it wasn’t me!", Leo grinned.

"For real? I thought you just gave yourself away. Damn."

Kev gave Leo a high-five as he walked back to the table and placed the skateboard on the floor.

After taking a good sip of beer, the boys got silent again and looked at each other expectantly.

Next, Leo got up. He figured since lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, he had the best chances of getting away with it after Phil had just mistakenly accused him.

He placed himself in front of Phil. Then he raised his foot until it was at the same hight as his balls and kicked it forward in a horizontal motion, hitting Phil’s balls and dick right from in front.

"Fuck!", Phil mumbled, but before he could react, Leo struck a second time. "Aaah!"

The boys laughed as Leo quickly tiptoed back to his chair.

"Man, I don’t know anymore. Zach, was that you?", Phil guessed while holding his most priced possessions.

"Nah man."

"Well, fuck me, then. Hope you all have a great time furiously wanking off this weekend while I sit in my bed fumbling my swollen balls."

"Oh, you bet we do", Ben laughed.

"No better way to start a weekend than to ruin someone else’s with sore balls and a limp dick", Zach agreed.

Figuring he had already gotten lucky once, Kev decided he would go again next. This time, to the amusement of his friends, he grabbed the partially filled crate of beer bottles that was standing next to them and started carrying it in Phil’s direction.

"Whatever you’re doing, I don’t like it", Phil said. He very-well heard the rumbling of the beer bottles in the crate but had no idea who was carrying them.

The crate was heavy, but also unwieldly. Kev gave it his best try to ram one of the upper corners of the crate into Phil’s red swamp, but he mostly missed and scraped it over his inner thigh, leaving a faint scrape.

"Fuck, my leg!", Phil said. "That’s not what we agreed to… ahhh!"

The next hit missed again, and the hard corner of the beer crate scratched over his upper groin area and belly.

"Man, I’m not sure if I should be happy or mad at your bad aim…", Phil said.

With the third and final hit, Kev finally landed the cumbersome crate right into his balls. Phil shrieked as the full weight of the crate crashed into his babymakers and smashed them against his pelvis.

"That… hurt…", Phil whispered in pain as he cradled his genitals. Meanwhile Kev had put down the crate and high-fived his buddies at the table. "I’m gonna… man, it hurts… I’m gonna go with Zach?"

"Why do you always pick me, man?", Zach laughed. "Nah, you’re wrong again."


Zach jumped up and walked back to his house. He quickly returned with a pair of firm winter boots that he had quickly grabbed from his shoe rack.

He didn’t use them himself however, he gestured his buddies. Finally, Ben stood up and put on one of them.

"Someone’s putting on shoes", Phil assessed as he heard the velcro fastener of the boots. "Not good."

Ben walked up to Phil. Then he kicked him into his exposed, bare balls with the winter boots four times in quick succession.

"Aaaah… Aaahh…" Phil pressed his teeth together and clawed his hands into his knees. It was moments like these were he regretted always agreeing to these fun ball games with his friends – to he admitted to himself that he’d be equally enjoying himself when it was his buddies’ balls that were on the line. "Huh, these didn’t seem like shoes that any of us came here with, more like winter shoes… so since we’re at Zach’s place, I’m gonna go with him?"

"You think the third time’s the charme?", Zach laughed. "Nah man. Still not me."


He carefully massaged his balls that had swollen to considerable size by now. He wondered if the shoes and beer crate had left any imprints on his balls as the skin at the spots where they had landed was particularly sore.

Feeling lucky, Zach got up and decided to get a bit more action in aswell while he still had the chance today. He kneed in front of Phil and focused on the big, ripe ballsack dangling between Phil’s legs and the limp dick that, while not exactly small, didn’t have anything on Zach’s own cock in terms of size.

Then he boxed Phil in the balls five times, taking a brief break inbetween each time to watch Phil’s reaction. Phil howled and shuddered and stepped from one foot to another as Zach made his balls and dick dangle between his legs time and time again.

"Brutal", Phil panted. "Hope I won’t be walking funny next week by the time I’m at my next soccer training…", he joked, much to the laughter of his friends.

"Alright. I’m not choosing Zach another fucking time. I bet it was Ben, right? Gotcha, Ben."

"Haha, good one", Ben laughed.

"Are you serious? Gnrrr…" Phil growled as he held his balls. "Alright, let’s get on with it, I want to get it over with."

This time, it was Ben that got up for more action. Figuring he could give the beer bottle another try, he picked one up from the crate.

"Oh no, that’s not what I think it is… aaaah!" Phil screamed as the bottle collided with his genitals. "That’s just mean… aaah!"

Phil panted and suffered as Ben swung the bottle into his exposed, poor balls six times. Since the bottle hit him from in front, it usually collided more with his dick first, flattening his best piece of meat a couple times and also giving it a good beating.

"Did you… have to hit my dick so much…", Phil panted. "Alright, I’m going to go with Kev this time?"


Phil let out a deep sigh as his friends laughed.

"Man, I’m so glad when I lay down to sleep tonight…"

Next, Leo got up, figuring he’d give it another go. He kneed down in front of Phil. This time, he gave Phil uppercuts: seven times in a row, he smashed his hard fist into Phil’s weak, mushy ballsack from below, compressing them into unhealthy shapes and smashing them against his pelvis and thighs.

"My balls", Phil meakly said afterwards. "My poor balls. I’m gonna go with… Leo this time?"

Leo froze as he was already walking back to the table. His mates started laughing.

"Wait. It actually was Leo, wasn’t it?"

Leo turned around in embarassment as Phil took off the blindfold.

"Ugh, so it’s finally over", Phil sighed and stumbled to the table, grabbing his half-empty beer and fishing it in one move.

"Man, I was looking forward to punching your balls again, bro", Ben laughed and gave Phil’s bare ass a playful slap.

"Fuck you." Phil tumbled down on a chair and panted heavily. His pretty chest and face were sweaty. "They already hurt like hell."

Indeed, his balls looked pretty bad. They were considerably swollen and red as tomatoes, and they had some bruises and scraped skin at a few spots. His dick was also slightly bruised, and there were faint scrapes on his thighs and belly where the crate had scratched over it.

"Good luck getting one up tonight", Ben laughed.

"So, since you’re so exhausted from that action, I bet you don’t even want to give me those then hits anymore, right?", Leo timidly asked.

The sore, worn-out soccer-player looked up, a sparkle in his eyes. "Not so fast, skater boy, I intend to get every last one of those ten hits."

"Man", Leo mumbled.

"Rules are rules", Zach said shrugging. "Get naked, Leo."

Leo groaned, but did as he said. He quickly took off his shirt, revealing his fine, slender upper body, before pulling both his jeans and his underpants down in one go, pulling his shoes off along with them.

To the surprise of the others, his balls were swollen aswell, though not as much as Phil’s. His dick was hanging down a little stiffly aswell, though the others didn’t pay much attention to it – all that excitement had made him a little aroused.

"Do they still hurt from your rounds?", Ben asked.

"A little, yeah. It’s just the sack, though, not so much the balls. I think one of you hit me in a bad spot and popped some blood vessels when I was blindfolded."

"Then we gotta do better next time", Kev laughed. "‚Just the sack’ is not enough."

"Very funny. Do we still put the blindfolds on?", Leo asked.

"We better, right? Stops you from flinching."

Phil was already on his legs, making some menacing moves, while Zach put the scarf over Leo’s eyes again from behind. It was a funny sight – two stark-naked, handsome young men with swollen balls, one of them blindfolded, surrounded by their fully even if summerly dressed buddies.

"Spread your legs, buddy. Come on, a little more."

As soon as Leo was ready, Phil began with the price he earned. He started with three full-force kicks to Leo’s balls that made him quiver, lean over and pant heavily.

"The force of a soccer player", Zach nodded approvingly.

"I gotta be more careful since my leg rubs over my swollen balls during these kicks", he said. He switched it up and kneed Phil three times next, making him scream each time.

Zach, Kev and Ben watched as Phil got down on his knees next, making a fist and sending it flying into his gonads twice. By his count he had two more hits left. He got up and walked around Leo, kicking him with all the force he could muster from behind, making him yelp in pain. For the final hit, he picked up Leo’s skateboard and smashed it from in front into Leo’s mushy meatsack.

Leo yowled with a shriek voice, making his buddies cringe and laugh, then he fell to the floor and rolled around groaning, hands between his legs.

"That was an awesome finisher", Zach laughed and bro-fisted Phil who stood triumphantly over Leo.

"Yeah. Beautiful", Ben nodded.

Phil sighed and then looked down at the mess that were his own balls. He had briefly forgotten the state they were in, but once the euphoria of crushing Leo’s balls had subsided, the pain in his own genitals was back.

"Alright. Who is up for another bottle of beer before we call it a night?", Kev asked as he got up. At the mention of a beer bottle, Phil instinctively twiched and covered his balls, which made his friends laugh.

Half an hour later, the friends had emptied their bottles and were slowly getting ready to head home. They were all pretty drunk by this point. Phil and Leo had both dressed up again, though Phil had put on his shirt the wrong way around, but he didn’t notice.

"Well, that was a fun evening", Ben chuckled.

"Yeah", Phil groaned. Phil felt like his swollen balls even bulged his jeans a little more than usual, and they uncomfortably rubbed against his legs with every big step. Leo’s balls also had increased in size since the last couple kicks from Phil, much to his dismay.

"One more surprise!" Zach just came back out his house where he had disappeared a minute ago. He held two identical, big cups of liquid in his hand. His friends turned around. "Leo, Phil, since your balls suffered the most today, I figured the two of you could use a little cooldown with some refreshing, cold ice water from the fridge.

Phil and Leo looked at each other hand shrugged.

"Except only one of those cups contains ice water and the other one contains some very stiff baking oil that will make your balls all sticky and itchy on your way home."

"Oh", Leo said. "And I put on my nice jeans today…"

"Phil, since you suffered the most today, I’m gonna let you pick whether you want the left or right cup poured into your pretty pants. You won’t know which one’s which, though. Leo will get the other one."

Tipsy as they were, neither of them thought of saying no to Zach, and Phil even figured getting his pants soaked with ice water for the way home was a great idea. Maybe it even was, sore as his balls were.

"I’m gonna go with the left one", Phil shrugged.

"Alright. Then close your eyes and hold your pants and boxershorts open for me, please, both of you…"

They did as he said, shutting their eyes and pulling their pants away around their belly. Kev and Ben watched with amusement.

Zach quickly emptied both of the cups into their respective pants.

A moment later, Phil felt a warm, sticky fluid flowing down his balls.

"Ah, icy!", Leo screamed laughing.

"Fuck, that was the oil, wasn’t it?", Phil mumbled while his buddies laughed. He felt the gummy, gluey fluid slowly spreading out in hits pants and flowing down his legs.

"Yeah, buddy."

"The ice water wasn’t so bad", Leo laughed as he looked down at his water-soaked pants. "I mean, it looks like I pissed myself, but other than that… it actually was very refreshing on my balls."

"Now I have to walk 30 minutes with these oil-soaked pants", Phil groaned. His swollen, aching balls felt even more uncomfortable rubbing over his legs with the sticky oil all around them.

"Always a pleasure!", Zach laughed and gave everyone a brief bro-hug. "Have a great weekend, everyone!"


OMB Stories said...

Really great story Dominik! I loved the casual atmosphere of it all and how much fun the guys had busting each other ;)

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Dominik,

I love a good playful story, and you really delivered here. We have not seen some of the boys that you featured in a while and it was so good to see them! The skateboard to the buts was clever, but the beer bottles sound hellish to take and they must hit a guy squarely. No room to escape a smack from one of those. Great work!



Dominik said...

Thank you, both of you, I really appreciate the feedback and the nice words! :)


GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

You earned them Dominik!