Friday, January 8, 2021

On the count of three (Stan meets Ben, Leo and Logan)

Special thanks to Stan for the idea for this story! If you (yes, I mean you, the one who has been following this blog in secret for years!) would like to meet the Ballbusting Boys and see yourself in a story please read this post for more details.

Artwork created by Champ

Warning: Can contain traces of cum.

Featured in this story: Ben, Leo and Logan, with guest appearances by Chad, Erik and Alex (click for pictures)
“Who is that?” Erik asked me, scratching his head.
He was eyeing the stranger who was standing in the hall, a cocky grin on his face.
Erik was my assistant, a talented young man that I had met in Europe. He was 19 years old, smart and ambitious, handsome and funny. On a previous job, he had lost one of his testicles, a fact that Erik was undoubtedly reminded of when the stranger in the hall unceremoniously kicked him the remaining one, making him double over in pain.
“My nut”, Erik coughed, grabbing his crotch and stumbling backwards, allowing the stranger to enter the studio.
“So that’s the uniballer?” the stranger chuckled. “Sorry about that.” He didn’t look sorry at all.
He looked around like a prospective tenant inspecting an apartment, peaking into the kitchen and into the bathroom, walking across the spacious center area that we used to shoot our videos, having a look at the camera equipment and the leisure area with the pool table and the couch. I was sitting at the desk, watching him, shifting uncomfortable. My cameraman Chad was sitting next to me, a huge question mark on his face.
“Alex?” Erik whispered, his face contorted in pain. “Who is that?!”
I cleared my throat. “That’s Stan.” I grimaced. “He---” I sighed. “He might be our new boss…”
Stan was 31 years old, well built, handsome and hot.
Looking back, it’s pretty obvious that he played me. But when I met him I thought I was the one pulling the strings.
We met at a bar.
Running a fetish site like meant that I was always looking for new talent with good looks, an adventurous attitude and a big set of balls, both literally and figuratively.
Stan fit the bill. In fact, his big, bulging package and his cocky smile made me rock-hard the moment I first saw him.
I immediately envisioned several plots for this hot, well-endowed thirtysomething. He could be a hot step-dad getting busted by his barely legal twink step-sons. He would be a perfect subject for a hot, nasty milking machine skit. He would look hot showered in cum in a ballbusting bukkake video. Maybe I could even get him to give up his holes in a hot ballbusting fuck session.
I was so busy writing scripts for him in my head that I didn’t realize that he had his own plans.
By the end of the night, I was drunk and horny - and incredibly stupid.
He had tricked me into a bet.
His hand was in my pants, fondling my balls and jerking my dick, as he whispered into my ear: “If I beat Ben, Leo and Logan one after the other, I will own the studio with all the contracts. Deal?”
“Deal”, I whispered, drooling, ready to shoot my load any second, right then, right there in the bar.
Stan smiled at me, his fingers tightening around my nuts. Instead of the happy ending that I was yearning for, Stan crushed my berries in vise-like grip, crushing my hopes for an orgasm that night in the process.
He left me unsatisfied and in pain, blue-balled and humiliated. But worst of all, I had endangered the future of my business, of everything that I had created and built.
He had played me like a fiddle.
Needless to say, Chad and Erik were mad at me.
Hell, I was mad at myself!
“Believe me”, I sighed, shaking my head. “I could kick myself for that!”
Chad looked at me. “Let me help you”, he dead-panned.
A split-second later, his foot connected with my nuts.
“I guess I deserved that”, I managed to say before the pain hit and I went down, screaming in pain.
Both Chad and Erik went to town on my nuts, and I couldn’t blame them. They had to take their anger out on something, and I guess my balls were the right target. After all, if I hadn’t been horny, I wouldn’t have agreed to all of this. So my balls, in a way, were responsible.
I spent the next few days preparing for the day of the fights, persuading Ben, Leo and Logan to fight for us, and icing my swollen nuts.
When the day came, we were ready.
Ben was wearing tight fitting shorts, Leo and Logan were wearing wrestling singlets.
They were ready to rumble, and so was Stan who looked very hot in a pair of speedos.
The sight of his package made my dick grow hard instantly.
I blushed when I saw him smirk.
Erik looked down at my crotch. “Alex”, he said with a disgusted expression on his handsome face, slowly shaking his head.
Then he grabbed my shoulders and kneed me in the nuts.
“I guess I deserved that”, I managed to croak before the pain hit and I went down, screaming in pain.
Stan vs. Ben
When he met Stan, Ben laughed. The 20 year old stud was confident and cocky, convinced that nobody could defeat him. In Ben’s mind, his balls were the toughest, his muscles were the biggest, his brain was the brightest, and his body was the best.
“Are you sure, old man?” Ben chuckled, ripping his shirt off to reveal his impressive, in an almost ridiculously dramatic display of masculinity. “Are you sure you can take THIS?” Ben flexed his muscles, a goofy grin on his handsome face. Then he grabbed his crotch, playfully squeezing his bulging package. “Are you sure you can compete with THIS?”
“Pretty sure”, Stan replied.
“I’ve got news for you, old man!” Ben roared with laughter, flexing his muscles. “I’ve got the biggest balls in the roo---”
Stan snap-kicked him in the nuts, making Ben choke mid-sentence.
His eyes crossed as the wind left his lungs in a wheezing groan.
“Oooumpgh”, Ben squeaked in a comically high-pitched voice.
Stan made short work of him, taking advantage of his cockiness and wreaking havoc on his ego and his nuts. He crunched his nuts, humiliating Ben in front of his peers.
And since Ben was way too proud to admit defeat, the humiliation went on and on.
Stan took great delight in Ben’s humiliation, expertly using the stud’s ego to increase the entertainment value as the lopsided match went on and on.
In the end, Ben was bare naked, his balls swollen and bruised, his fat dick shriveled up like a pitiful little slug, dwarfed by his huge testicles. Ben’s eyes were glassy and wide open, his jockstrap stuffed in his mouth as Stan sat on his chest, pounding his balls into oblivion.
“Biggest balls in the room, huh?” Stan smirked, smacking Ben’s bloated balls with the palm of his hand, eliciting a miserable moan. “Sounds about right.”
I took pity on Ben and ended the fight, throwing in the towel.
“Why did you do that?” Ben whimpered when I handed him an icepack to cool down his bruised and bloated balls. “I would have won.”
I let out a deep sigh.
Stan was another step further to owning my studio.
Stan vs. Leo
After witnessing Ben’s defeat, Leo decided to forgo any distractions. No introduction, no grandstanding, no nonsense.
The skinny 19 year old skater had an obvious disadvantage: It was obvious that Stan was more muscular, more athletic, more experienced and just plain stronger than Leo.
The skater tried to make up for it by fighting dirty, letting out a blood-curdling battle cry as he lunged at Stan, wildly punching and kicking and kneeing, trying to land a hit.
Unfortunately, this approach wasn’t met with success.
Stan managed to grab Leo by the throat and the nuts, lifting him high into the air before slamming him down to the ground.
It was like watching Goliath defeat David, and as much as I was rooting for some divine intervention on behalf of David I had to admit that Goliath’s confidence and his undoubtedly superior physique were pretty amazing to watch.
Stan’s large, strong hand was crushing Leo’s manhood as he was gasping for breath, in mid-air, his legs kicking, his arms flailing.
“My nuts!” Leo croaked, his voice shaky, his face a mask of pain.
Stan had a confident smile on his face, showing off his muscles for the camera as he held Leo up, squishing and squashing his nuts with all the force he could muster.
It was shocking and humiliating, a grandiose show of pure strength.
The bulge in Leo’s crotch was manipulated by Stan’s hand, and it looked like Leo’s dick was growing hard as Stan crushed his nuts.
Leo’s muffled, choked groans became more and more urgent as Stan squeezed his balls, his biceps flexing as he squished and squashed the life out of the skater’s bean bag.
Leo’s dick was throbbing and twitching inside his singlet, and I bit my lower lip, averting my eyes as Stan wreaked havoc on Leo’s manhood.
“Oh no,” Leo moaned. “No! Oh no! No!”
“Give up or I’ll make you spill your seed”, Stan grinned, looking straight into the camera, a cruel expression on his handsome face.
“No, please!” Leo groaned. “I give up.”
Naturally, Stan didn’t stop right away. He continued crushing Leo’s nuts for another few seconds.
Those few seconds of additional stimulation were enough to trigger a violent orgasm. Leo moaned in pain and pleasure as his dick released jet after jet of sticky cum that created a large wet patch on the front of his singlet, drenching the fabric with his sperm.
As soon as Leo’s orgasm started, Stan slammed Leo to the ground where he writhed and squirmed in the throes of a violent, involuntary orgasm.
Stand had a cruel smile on his face as he flexed his muscles, showing off for the camera as the skinny skater was lying at his feet, spilling his sperm into his singlet.
I let out a deep sigh.
Stan was another step further to owning my studio.
Stan vs. Logan
“You are our last hope”, I said. “You are…” I shrugged my shoulders. “You are our last hope.”
Logan looked at me. “That’s it?” He chuckled. “That’s the big speech? You know, you should get a better writer…”
I smiled weakly.
“Lighten up”, Logan said. “I’m a wrestling champion. I will win this.”
It was true. 18 year old Logan was a great wrestler who had won several trophies with the Bartlet High wrestling team. And he was a team player, popular and kind, straightforward and honest.
I looked deep into his stunning blue eyes and bit my lower lip. “You---”
“I know”, Logan smiled, running his hand through his blond hair. “I’m our last hope.”
The start of the match was competitive.
Logan was a better fighter than Ben and Leo combined, and it showed.
Stan landed a few good hits, but Logan retaliated, strategically weakening his opponent with several wrestling holds and moves that looked like he had practiced them hundreds of times.
But Stan held his own, throwing in a few hits and kicks that would have been illegal in any other circumstances but not overdoing it.
The fight mostly stayed above the belt, mainly because both of them guarded their most precious possessions very competently.
Chad and Erik were operating the cameras.
Leo and Ben had recovered from their humiliating defeats. They had joined me on the sidelines, watching the match.
As the fight went on, it became clear that despite Logan’s best efforts Stan was the better fighter. Both were strong, both knew wrestling, and both fought great – but maybe it came down to a few more years of experience.
“Fuck, he’s winning”, Ben mumbled.
“Nonsense!” I muttered nervously. But saw it, too.
Logan was getting weaker and weaker, and Stan was gaining the upper hand.
“Shit, Alex, he’s winning”, Leo mumbled.
I shook my head.
“Why doesn’t he go for the nuts?” Leo mumbled. “Go for the fucking nuts and end this.”
I grimaced. “Logan is a fair fighter.”
“Too fair”, Ben muttered before raising his voice. “Go for the fucking nuts!”
“Yeah!” Leo chimed in. “Crush his fucking nuts!”
Both Logan and Stan ignored the shouting from the sidelines.
I shook my head. “Logan is a fair fighter. He won’t go low unless Stan does it first.”
Logan and Stan were grunting and groaning, their bodies wet with sweat as they wrestled in front of us.
“Go for his nuts!” Leo yelled. “He’s an old man. He has no use for them anyway!”
Stan’s and Logan’s grunts and groans filled the studio.
Finally, Stan got Logan in a submission hold. Overpowered and exhausted, Logan tried to get out – to no avail.
“You should have listened to your friends”, Stan taunted him, intensifying the hold. “You should have gone for the nuts. Fair fighters lose. Dirty fighters win.”
Logan let out a muffled grunt. He was struggling, with only a few seconds left to turn things around.
I let out a deep sigh.
Only a few seconds until Stan was the owner of the studio.
“Logan is a fair fighter”, Ben said slowly. “But you are not.”
He looked at me.
I raised my eyebrows.
“Do what it takes”, Ben said, putting his hand on my shoulder as he looked me deep in the eyes. “Do what it takes to win.”
I blinked.
Then I stepped onto the mat, brought my foot back and kicked Stan’s nuts from behind with all the force I could muster.
Stan let out a surprised, anguished yelp as his body was lifted off the ground and he lost the submission hold on Logan.
Logan rolled to the side, catching his breath as I went to town on Stan’s nuts.
Ben and Leo held his arms and ankles, spreading his legs apart as he lay on his back, his bulging package at my disposal, unprotected, defenseless.
I brought my foot up and looked down at him. “The studio is not for sale”, I announced with the appropriate sobriety in my voice.
Then I stomped down on his balls, crushing them under my foot.
I can’t begin to describe the satisfaction that ran through my body when I flattened his nuts under my sole.
The look on Stan’s face was priceless.
The cocky smile was replaced by sheer pain, and he screamed from the top of his lungs as I stomped down on his balls again and again and again.
Logan watched from the sidelines, panting, as we switched positions.
“It’s only fair that you get a go at his balls, too”, I said as I made way for Leo. “He made you cum in your singlet.”
“Yeah”, Leo mumbled sternly. “Thanks for reminding me.”
Then he brought his foot down on Stan’s manhood as Ben and I spread his legs apart.
Again and again and again, Leo stomped down on Stan’s nuts, brutally busting his balls.
David got revenge on Goliath.
And he was working on making Goliath pay in sperm.
Watching Leo stomp a load out of Stan’s balls was awesome. He stomped his balls until his dick got hard. Then he continued stomping his balls until they released their loads. And he didn’t stop until every last drop was stomped out of those pumping, pulsing nuts.
Stan’s face was a mask of pain, and his speedo was drenched in his cum. His dick and balss had slipped out of their tight confines, swollen and bruised, beet red, battered and beaten.
Now it was Ben’s turn.
“I won, you lost!” Ben declared before bringing his bare foot down on Stan’s spent, tortured testicles. “I won!” He repeated with another stop. “You lost!” Again, he stomped Stan’s nuts.
It was declaration of victory, a re-writing of history, a powerful repudiation of Stan’s power, delivered with the strength and the vigor that only a humiliated jock can muster.
“I won! You lost! I won! You lost! I won! You lost! I won! You lost! I won! You lost! I won! You lost! I won! You lost!” Ben yelled, marking every phrase with a devastating stomp to Stan’s nuts.
When Ben was done, Stan was a mewling mess.
“Time for the formalities”, I said with a smile, turning to Logan.
Logan shrugged his shoulder and applied a submission hold that formally ended the match.
We kicked him out, wearing nothing but his speedos.
I expected him to protest, but he didn’t.
“Thank you guys”, I said as I smiled at Logan, Ben and Leo. “I don’t know what I would do without you.”


Anonymous said...

For a moment i thought it would be an end to Ballbustingboys as we know it. So glad your guys were up the the challenge.
Clearly the real star was Ben, he really softened up Stan and made it easy for Logan to finish him off��
I only regret that you didn't give more description of Ben's heroic battle. But at least you threw in the towel so Leo and Logan could get stuck in too.

Anonymous said...

I liked the ideas for future videos for Stan, and most the idea of being busted by his step-sons. And the story was great, with Logan saving the day.

Anonymous said...

I would definitely love a big muscle hunk being ball busted by his step son

Alex said...

Thanks for your comment, guys! I'm glad you enjoyed the story! :-))

GinoJaydenAuthorJimmy said...

Dear Alex,

I just finished your story!

What a really fun story Alex, start to finish! You included so many characters but they all had a valuable place in the story that made sense. I too was worried about the studio, but luckily you saved the day!

Really fun, you knocked it out of the park my friend!



Alex said...

Thanks for your feedback, Jimmy! I appreciate it! :-))